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Postby admin » Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:05 pm

1. Nicholas Weaver • Apr 13, 2013 @7:04 am

Don't celebrate yet. Charles is amazingly judgement proof: His house is within the limit and his car is a dented door away from Arizona's bankruptcy protections for personal property, and given how badly he is at paying his bills, it is doubtful he has any other assets.
In fact, even the $8K for ducking service and refusing to pay for it when asked is probably unpayable. And that was a bulletproof motion.
Thus his decision to go "Full Carreon" in objecting to fees in the way he did rather than just say Your honor, the letter may have been a douchebag move, but its not an exceptional douchebag move makes sense: $8K, $80K, $800K, its all unpayable. So why not make the unpayable amount as big as possible?
Thus my bet ($100, payable to public citizen. Any takers? No?): Charles will attempt to delay and appeal. The only thing which might limit his appeals are bond requirements, and he's going to move that he can't afford any such bond.
2. Nicholas Weaver • Apr 13, 2013 @7:06 am

Oh, and if anyone gets a threat from Charles Carreon in his capacity as an attorney for someone else (like said SEO dude): His office is in his house in Arizona. Which, according to the Arizona Bar, means he is probably practicing law without a license.
3. Nicholas Weaver • Apr 13, 2013 @9:14 am

Ken, it's like Tara isn't trying anymore. I was hoping for at least .2 Cox of craziness here. Instead we get this millicox of weaksauce. Where is the photoshopped penises? Where is the bad song?
4. Nicholas Weaver • Apr 13, 2013 @5:24 pm

The Prius won't be repo-ed: AZ bankruptcy protects a 5k car which sounds about right for an abused 10yr old Prius if Charles puts a couple dents in the doors accidentally.
1. Nicholas Weaver • Aug 4, 2013 @2:31 pm

Of course, however, Charles has other work he should be doing rather than ranting online.
Like writing a declaration explaining why his law practice isn't unlicensed practice of law. He also needs to find a new attorney in Oregon, because apparently the one currently representing him wants to run away, run away!!! from the Charles and Tara Crazy Show.
Perhaps Craigslist? It works for Prenda…
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