HCO Policy Letters/Bulletins

The impulse to believe the absurd when presented with the unknowable is called religion. Whether this is wise or unwise is the domain of doctrine. Once you understand someone's doctrine, you understand their rationale for believing the absurd. At that point, it may no longer seem absurd. You can get to both sides of this conondrum from here.

HCO Policy Letters/Bulletins

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HCO Policy Letters/Bulletins
by Hubbard Communications Office

Table of Contents:

• Amprinistics, HCO Executive Letter, 27 September 1965
• Attacks on Scientology, HCO Policy Letter of 15 February 1966, by L. Ron Hubbard
• Enquiry Rumour UK, 9 February 1966, by L. Ron Hubbard
• Keeping Scientology Working, HCO Policy Letter of 7 February 1965, by L. Ron Hubbard
• Leaving and Leaves, HCO Policy Letter of 7 December 1976, by L. Ron Hubbard
• Operations Digest, Flag Order 652, 29 April 1968, by L. Ron Hubbard
• Penalties for Lower Conditions, HCO Policy Letter of 18 October 1967, by L. Ron Hubbard
• Routine 3: Heaven, HCO Bulletin of May 11, AD 13, by L. Ron Hubbard
• What is Greatness? by L. Ron Hubbard
Zones of Action, Flag Order 1890, 26 March 1969, by L. Ron Hubbard
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Re: HCO Policy Letters/Bulletins

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by L. Ron Hubbard
September 27, 1965

HCO Executive Letter: Amprinistics




Over the past 15 years we have seen a lot of groups splinter off from Scientology and beat the drum for some off beat use of the technology. We call them "squirrels" because they are so nutty. They come and they go. We're still here and will continue to be.


The latest squirrels are a group headed by an ex-employee in England who was sacked for homosexuality and theft. Promptly joined by an American who was once deported for 2nd Dynamic reasons and who ran off from his wife and children to join the band, this group is having a rough time of it.


They are quite violent on the subject of ethics as you ordinarily expect a criminal to be and are savage about organizations, having stolen money and lists from ours. They are being careful not to attack me publicly in the hopes people will think them noble and inspired. They're inspired all right — by the "buck". But we wish them no bad luck. We don't have to. It's punishment enough just to be themselves and live with what they are.


Treatment — They are each fair game, can be sued or harassed. Horner can be barred out of any Commonwealth Country or England as he was the subject of a deportation order from England and his file has come alive again in the Home Secretary's Office. Harry Thompson's wives and victims are always looking for him to have him arrested. Watson is a set-up for arrest as a homosexual. Any meeting held by them should be torn up. The names of any persons attending should be collected and they should be labelled SP as they have left Scientology. These people are SP because they are seeking to avoid auditing and retain their withholds. Once labelled, these persons will not then be covered by amnesty and will never be admitted to further training or processing. Persons messing themselves up with Amprinistic self audit and restim should be refused any assistance. If these persons move into your area act through any agency you can to have them deported or arrested on whatever grounds. England is currently too hot for them so they may tour about. Horner's UK deportation order, Thompson's police record and Watson's homosexuality make them very vulnerable to deportation or arrest.


(2) Harass these persons in any possible way.

(3) Label publicly "ideas which preach no-auditing as simply Suppressive Actions to deny people case gains".

(4) Tear up any meeting held and get the names of those attending and issue SP orders on them and you'll have lost a lot of rats.

— L. Ron Hubbard

HCO Executive Letter 27 September 1965
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Attacks on Scientology
by L. Ron Hubbard
© 1966

(ii) Doubters outside the fold

181. The attitude of the Scientology leadership - and especially Mr. Hubbard - to those outside Scientology who are unconvinced of its excellence - which must include most of the population of the United Kingdom - is in my judgment the key to the relationship between Scientology and the rest of society. It is therefore worth quoting at length from the internal Scientology documents which lay down policy on the subject, and I do so here: -


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex.


LRH Comm


Exec Sec Hats
HCO Sec Hat
Legal Officer Hat
LRH Comm Hat
Dist Sec Hat
Press Hat
Sect 5 Dept 3

Anyone proposing an investigation of or an "Enquiry" into Scientology must receive this reply and no other proposal:

"We welcome an investigation into (Mental Healing or whoever is attacking us) as we have begun one ourselves and find shocking evidence."

You can elaborate on the evidence we have found and lay it on thick attacking the attackers only.

NEVER agree to an investigation of Scientology. ONLY agree to an investigation of the attackers

This was the BIG error made in Victoria. I Okayed an Enquiry into all Mental healing. I ordered evidence on psychiatric murders to be collected. Non-compliance with these orders brought on the loss of Melbourne and the law in Victoria against Scientology. This was the non-compliance that began it. The original order I gave was relayed as "we welcome an Enquiry into Scientology . . ." or it was changed to that in Melbourne.

This is correct procedure:

(1) Spot who is attacking us.

(2) Start investigating them promptly for FELONIES or worse using own professionals, not outside agencies.

(3) Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them.

(4) Start feeding lurid, blood sex crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press.

Don't ever tamely submit to an investigation of us. Make it rough, rough on attackers all the way.

You can get "reasonable about it" and lose Sure we break no laws. Sure we have nothing to hide. BUT attackers are simply an anti-Scientology propaganda agency so far as we are concerned They have proven they want no facts and will only lie no matter what they discover. So BANISH all ideas that any fair hearing is intended and start our attack with their first breath. Never wait Never talk about us - only them. Use their blood, sex, crime to get headlines. Don't use us.

I speak from 15 years of experience in this There has never yet been an attacker who was not reeking with crime. All we had to do was look for it and murder would come out.

They fear our Meter. They fear freedom. They fear the way we are growing. Why?

Because they have too much to hide.

When you use that rationale you win. When you go dishwater and say "we honest chickens just plain love to have you in the coop, Brer Fox," we get clobbered. The right response is "We militant public defenders of the freedom of the people want that there Fox investigated for eating living chickens!" Shift the spotlight to them. No matter how. Do it!

You can elaborate on the formula. Let's say some other branch of government wants to investigate us via the press Just apply the formula:

"We welcome a public enquiry into (that branch activity) as we already have begun to investigate their (...)."

It will always work. It even would have worked on the U.S. F.D.A. when they first began five years before their raid on DC. They run! And that's all we want.


The way we will eventually stop all attacks from there on out is by processing the society as follows:

(1) Locate a source of attack on us.

(2) Investigate it.

(3) Expose it with wide lurid publicity.

You see the same thing in a preclear. He has a rotten spot in his behaviour. He attacks the practitioner. The spot is located on a meter. It blows and the preclear relaxes.

Well this is just what is happening in the society. We are a practitioner to the society. It has rotten spots in it. Those show up in attacks an us. We investigate and expose - the attack ceases.

We use investigators instead of E-Meters. We use newspapers instead of auditor reports. But it's the same problem exactly.

So long as we neglect our role as auditor-to-the-society we will be attacked.

Society is pretty crazy. It's a raw jungle. So it will take a lot of work. We must be willing to put in that work as a group or we'll be knocked about.


Therefore we must act like a reform group.

The way to seize the initiative is to use our own professionals to investigate intensively parts of the society that may attack us. Get an ammunition locker full. Be sure of our facts. And then expose via the press.

If we do this right, press, instead of trying to invent reasons to attack us will start hanging around waiting for our next lurid scoop.

We must convert from an attacked group to a reform group that attacks rotten spots in the society. We should not limit ourselves to mental healing or own line. We should look for groups to investigate and blow the lid off and become known as a mightly [sic] reform group. We object to slavery, oppression, torture, murder, perversion, crime, political sin and anything that makes Man unfree.

The only error we can make is disperse our investigation. We do a preliminary look, then we must select a target and investigate it until we have the cold facts and then BANG, fire the salvo.

Don't worry about libel if our facts indicate rottenness. The last thing that target will do is sue as then we would have a chance to prove it in court, which they are terrified of our doing.

Remember - the only reason we are in trouble with the press or government is that we are not searching out and exposing rotten spots in the society. We must practice on the whole group called society. If we do not it will attack us just as preclear will attack a Scientologist that won't audit him.

To get wholly over to cause we must select targets, investigate and expose before they attack us.
We have at this writing a long way to go. But we might as well start somewhere. Begin by investigating any attacking group, find and expose the dead bodies. Then work on to our selecting the targets.

And that will handle it all.


LRH: ml

Copyright © 1966
by L. Ron Hubbard
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Re: HCO Policy Letters/Bulletins

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Enquiry Rumour UK
by L. Ron Hubbard
February 9, 1966

(ii) Doubters outside the fold

181. The attitude of the Scientology leadership - and especially Mr. Hubbard - to those outside Scientology who are unconvinced of its excellence - which must include most of the population of the United Kingdom - is in my judgment the key to the relationship between Scientology and the rest of society. It is therefore worth quoting at length from the internal Scientology documents which lay down policy on the subject, and I do so here: -


Office of LRH

9th February 1966

SECED 45 WW & 310 SH
Exec Secretaries and
Secretaries and Legal Officer


1. The "news" that some lord [Lord Balniel] is "going to ask a question in the House as to why the Health Minister here does not conduct an Enquiry into Scientology like in Melbourne" as published in the "News of the World" which we are suing gives us this planning.

2. First, it isn't anything to worry about.

3. Melbourne went awry because it was a non-compliance. Hemery gave the Melbourne Office permission to agree to an Enquiry. I okayed only this: That we agree into an Enquiry into all mental Health services and activities. This was the order. Hemery or Williams narrowed it to Scientology only.

4. Obviously we could have had a ball and put psychiatry on trial for murder, mercy killing, sterilization, torture, and sex practices and could have wiped out psychiatry's good name.

5. That went wrong and Melbourne wouldn't follow any other order either. So it was a mess.

6. If we are ever so involved again we demand one or all mental healing activities including psychiatry and demand it loudly. And lead them up the path to slaughter.

7. Planning would be If any more is heard of this:

(1) Mary Sue will write a letter for the Chaplain to all members of Parliament and have it photolithioed and if it hots up mail it to all members of Parliament.

(2) Get a detective on that lord's past to unearth the tid-bits. They're there.

(3) Stress sex and blood in psychiatry and collect data and mount an all out attack in the press on psychiatry, so that "Mental Health" sees that they are going to get hurt and will cool off.

(4) If an Enquiry after all OCCURS and we are pulled in, we try only Melbourne's illegalities all over again (not their transcript) and try psychiatry only. We refuse to discuss or describe Scientology. As near as we come is "Well Scientology isn't like Psychiatry. In psychiatry they think adultery is a cure for ..............". You get it. Curve every answer with answers that MAKE LURID PRESS TO PSYCHIATRY'S COST. Papers by policy only want blood and sex - so give them Psychiatry's and they'll print it. Further couple the words Psychiatry and Capitalism - allege that Psychiatry is the Capitalist tool (a Conservative opened the attack in the UK) and found the press beating the drum for us.

(5) Refuse to let the enemy introduce Melbourne transcripts as suits are in progress - "sub-judice". Use only Melbourne illegalities.

8. Remember these things - we won against the FDA. We are winning on US tax. We have caught the ball on UK tax. Part of our trouble is that we're an up statistic and governments are SP and strike at all rising statistics. (See Income Tax scales of tax; as your wage rises the penalty percentage rises.)

9. The Melbourne staff set up a nice new org in Adelaide and other states in Australia are revolted at Victoria.

10. The US is clean operating ground.

11. And England's Parliament is not about to pass or even introduce law barring religion or philosophy. After all these aren't ex-convicts.

12. These flurries can be expected. Plan for them and handle.

13. This is nothing compared to what will happen when we start taking SPs out of the government. They are rightly afraid.

14. So don't you be. Tomorrow belongs to us. Inevitably there are bumps in the road.

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Re: HCO Policy Letters/Bulletins

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Keeping Scientology Working (KSW)
by L. Ron Hubbard
February 7, 1965

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex

(Reissued 28.1.73 to correct a word [page 8, para 5]. Change in this type style.)

Sthil Students
Assn/Org Sec Hat
HCO Sec Hat
Case Sup Hat
Ds of P Hat
Ds of T Hat
Staff Member Hat
(issued May 1965)

Note: Neglect of this Pol Ltr has caused great hardship on staffs, has cost countless millions and made it necessary in 1970 to engage in an all-out International effort to restore basic Scientology over the world. Within 5 years after the issue of this PL with me off the lines, violation had almost destroyed orgs. "Quickie grades" entered in and denied gain to tens of thousands of cases. Therefore actions which neglect or violate this Policy Letter are HIGH CRIMES resulting in Comm Evs on ADMINISTRATORS and EXECUTIVES. It is not "entirely a tech matter" as its neglect destroys orgs and caused a 2-year slump. IT IS THE BUSINESS OF EVERY STAFF MEMBER to enforce it.



HCO Sec or Communicator Hat Check on all personnel and new Personnel as taken on.

We have some time since passed the point of achieving uniformly workable technology.

The only thing now is getting the technology applied.

If you can't get the technology applied then you can't deliver what's promised. It's as simple as that. If you can get the technology applied, you can deliver what's promised.

The only thing you can be upbraided for by students or pcs is "no results". Trouble spots occur only where there are "no results". Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are "no results" or "bad results".

Therefore the road before Scientology is clear and its ultimate success is assured if the technology is applied.

So it is the task of the Assn or Org Sec, the HCO Sec, the Case Supervisor, the D of P, the D of T and all staff members to get the correct technology applied.

Getting the correct technology applied consists of:

One: Having the correct technology.

Two: Knowing the technology.

Three: Knowing it is correct.

Four: Teaching correctly the correct technology.

Five: Applying the technology.

Six: Seeing that the technology is correctly applied.

Seven: Hammering out of existence incorrect technology.

Eight: Knocking out incorrect applications.

Nine: Closing the door on any possibility of incorrect technology.

Ten: Closing the door on incorrect application.

One above has been done.

Two has been achieved by many.

Three is achieved by the individual applying the correct technology in a proper manner and observing that it works that way.

Four is being done daily successfully in most parts of the world.

Five is consistently accomplished daily.

Six is achieved by instructors and supervisors consistently.

Seven is done by a few but is a weak point.

Eight is not worked on hard enough.

Nine is impeded by the "reasonable" attitude of the not quite bright.

Ten is seldom done with enough ferocity.

Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten are the only places Scientology can bog down in any area.

The reasons for this are not hard to find. (a) A weak certainty that it works in Three above can lead to weakness in Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten. (b) Further, the not-too-bright have a bad point on the button Self-Importance. (c) The lower the IQ, the more the individual is shut off from the fruits of observation. (d) The service facs of people make them defend themselves against anything they confront, good or bad, and seek to make it wrong. (e) The bank seeks to knock out the good and perpetuate the bad.

Thus, we as Scientologists and as an organization must be very alert to Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten.

In all the years I have been engaged in research I have kept my comm lines wide open for research data. I once had the idea that a group could evolve truth. A third of a century has thoroughly disabused me of that idea. Willing as I was to accept suggestions and data, only a handful of suggestions (less than twenty) had long-run value and none were major or basic; and when I did accept major or basic suggestions and used them, we went astray and I repented and eventually had to "eat crow".

On the other hand there have been thousands and thousands of suggestions and writings which, if accepted and acted upon, would have resulted in the complete destruction of all our work as well as the sanity of pcs. So I know what a group of people will do and how insane they will go in accepting unworkable "technology". By actual record the percentages are about twenty to 100,000 that a group of human beings will dream up bad technology to destroy good technology. As we could have gotten along without suggestions, then, we had better steel ourselves to continue to do so now that we have made it. This point will, of course, be attacked as "unpopular", "egotistical" and "undemocratic". It very well may be. But it is also a survival point. And I don't see that popular measures, self-abnegation and democracy have done anything for Man but push him further into the mud. Currently, popularity endorses degraded novels, self-abnegation has filled the South East Asian jungles with stone idols and corpses, and democracy has given us inflation and income tax.

Our technology has not been discovered by a group. True, if the group had not supported me in many ways I could not have discovered it either. But it remains that if in its formative stages it was not discovered by a group, then group efforts, one can safely assume, will not add to it or successfully alter it in the future. I can only say this now that it is done. There remains, of course, group tabulation or co-ordination of what has been done, which will be valuable -- only so long as it does not seek to alter basic principles and successful applications.

The contributions that were worthwhile in this period of forming the technology were help in the form of friendship, of defense, of organization, of dissemination, of application, of advices on results and of finance. These were great contributions and were, and are, appreciated. Many thousands contributed in this way and made us what we are. Discovery contribution was not however part of the broad picture.

We will not speculate here on why this was so or how I came to rise above the bank. We are dealing only in facts and the above is a fact -- the group left to its own devices would not have evolved Scientology but with wild dramatization of the bank called "new ideas" would have wiped it out. Supporting this is the fact that Man has never before evolved workable mental technology and emphasizing it is the vicious technology he did evolve -- psychiatry, psychology, surgery, shock treatment, whips, duress, punishment, etc, ad infinitum.

So realize that we have climbed out of the mud by whatever good luck and good sense, and refuse to sink back into it again. See that Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten above are ruthlessly followed and we will never be stopped. Relax them, get reasonable about it and we will perish.

So far, while keeping myself in complete communication with all suggestions, I have not failed on Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten in areas I could supervise closely. But it's not good enough for just myself and a few others to work at this.

Whenever this control as per Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten has been relaxed the whole organizational area has failed. Witness Elizabeth, N.J., Wichita, the early organizations and groups. They crashed only because I no longer did Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten. Then, when they were all messed up, you saw the obvious "reasons" for failure. But ahead of that they ceased to deliver and that involved them in other reasons.

The common denominator of a group is the reactive bank. Thetans without banks have different responses. They only have their banks in common. They agree then only on bank principles. Person to person the bank is identical. So constructive ideas are individual and seldom get broad agreement in a human group. An individual must rise above an avid craving for agreement from a humanoid group to get anything decent done. The bank-agreement has been what has made Earth a Hell -- and if you were looking for Hell and found Earth, it would certainly serve. War, famine, agony and disease has been the lot of Man. Right now the great governments of Earth have developed the means of frying every Man, Woman and Child on the planet. That is Bank. That is the result of Collective Thought Agreement. The decent, pleasant things on this planet come from individual actions and ideas that have somehow gotten by the Group Idea. For that matter, look how we ourselves are attacked by "public opinion" media. Yet there is no more ethical group on this planet than ourselves.

Thus each one of us can rise above the domination of the bank and then, as a group of freed beings, achieve freedom and reason. It is only the aberrated group, the mob, that is destructive.

When you don't do Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten actively, you are working for the Bank dominated mob. For it will surely, surely (a) introduce incorrect technology and swear by it, (b) apply technology as incorrectly as possible, (c) open the door to any destructive idea, and (d) encourage incorrect application.

It's the Bank that says the group is all and the individual nothing. It's the Bank that says we must fail.

So just don't play that game. Do Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten and you will knock out of your road all the future thorns.

Here's an actual example in which a senior executive had to interfere because of a pc spin: A Case Supervisor told Instructor A to have Auditor B run Process X on Preclear C. Auditor B afterwards told Instructor A that "It didn't work." Instructor A was weak on Three above and didn't really believe in Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten. So Instructor A told the Case Supervisor "Process X didn't work on Preclear C." Now this strikes directly at each of One to Six above in Preclear C, Auditor B, Instructor A and the Case Supervisor. It opens the door to the introduction of "new technology" and to failure.

What happened here? Instructor A didn't jump down Auditor B's throat, that's all that happened. This is what he should have done: grabbed the auditor's report and looked it over. When a higher executive on this case did so she found what the Case Supervisor and the rest missed: that Process X increased Preclear C's TA to 25 TA divisions for the session but that near session end Auditor B Qed and Aed with a cognition and abandoned Process X while it still gave high TA and went off running one of Auditor B's own manufacture, which nearly spun Preclear C. Auditor B's IQ on examination turned out to be about 75. Instructor A was found to have huge ideas of how you must never invalidate anyone, even a lunatic. The Case Supervisor was found to be "too busy with admin to have any time for actual cases".

All right, there's an all too typical example. The Instructor should have done Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten. This would have begun this way. Auditor B: "That Process X didn't work." Instructor A: "What exactly did you do wrong?" Instant attack. "Where's your auditor's report for the session? Good. Look here, you were getting a lot of TA when you stopped Process X. What did you do?" Then the Pc wouldn't have come close to a spin and all four of these would have retained certainty.

In a year, I had four instances in one small group where the correct process recommended was reported not to have worked. But on review found that each one (a) had increased the TA, (b) had been abandoned, and (c) had been falsely reported as unworkable. Also, despite this abuse, in each of these four cases the recommended, correct process cracked the case. Yet they were reported as not having worked!

Similar examples exist in instruction and these are all the more deadly as every time instruction in correct technology is flubbed, then the resulting error, uncorrected in the auditor, is perpetuated on every pc that auditor audits thereafter. So Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten are even more important in a course than in supervision of cases.

Here's an example: A rave recommendation is given a graduating student "because he gets more TA on pcs than any other student on the course!" Figures of 435 TA divisions a session are reported. "Of course his model session is poor but it's just a knack he has" is also included in the recommendation. A careful review is undertaken because nobody at Levels 0 to IV is going to get that much TA on pcs. It is found that this student was never taught to read an E-meter TA dial! And no instructor observed his handling of a meter and it was not discovered that he "overcompensated" nervously, swinging the TA 2 or 3 divisions beyond where it needed to go to place the needle at "set". So everyone was about to throw away standard processes and model session because this one student "got such remarkable TA". They only read the reports and listened to the brags and never looked at this student. The pcs in actual fact were making slightly less than average gain, impeded by a rough model session and misworded processes. Thus, what was making the pcs win (actual Scientology) was hidden under a lot of departures and errors.

I recall one student who was squirreling on an Academy course and running a lot of off-beat whole track on other students after course hours. The Academy students were in a state of electrification on all these new experiences and weren't quickly brought under control and the student himself never was given the works on Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten so they stuck. Subsequently, this student prevented another squirrel from being straightened out and his wife died of cancer resulting from physical abuse. A hard, tough Instructor at that moment could have salvaged two squirrels and saved the life of a girl. But no, students had a right to do whatever they pleased.

Squirreling (going off into weird practices or altering Scientology) only comes about from non-comprehension. Usually the non-comprehension is not of Scientology but some earlier contact with an off-beat humanoid practice which in its turn was not understood.

When people can't get results from what they think is standard practice, they can be counted upon to squirrel to some degree. The most trouble in the past two years came from orgs where an executive in each could not assimilate straight Scientology. Under Instruction in Scientology they were unable to define terms or demonstrate examples of principles. And the orgs where they were got into plenty of trouble. And worse, it could not be straightened out easily because neither one of these people could or would duplicate instructions. Hence, a debacle resulted in two places, directly traced to failures of instruction earlier. So proper instruction is vital. The D of T and his Instructors and all Scientology Instructors must be merciless in getting Four, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten into effective action. That one student, dumb and impossible though he may seem and of no use to anyone, may yet some day be the cause of untold upset because nobody was interested enough to make sure Scientology got home to him.

With what we know now, there is no student we enrol who cannot be properly trained. As an Instructor, one should be very alert to slow progress and should turn the sluggards inside out personally. No system will do it, only you or me with our sleeves rolled up can crack the back of bad studenting and we can only do it on an individual student, never on a whole class only. He's slow = something is awful wrong. Take fast action to correct it. Don't wait until next week. By then he's got other messes stuck to him. If you can't graduate them with their good sense appealed to and wisdom shining, graduate them in such a state of shock they'll have nightmares if they contemplate squirreling. Then experience will gradually bring about Three in them and they'll know better than to chase butterflies when they should be auditing.

When somebody enrols, consider he or she has joined up for the duration of the universe -- never permit an "open- minded" approach. If they're going to quit let them quit fast. If they enrolled, they're aboard, and if they're aboard, they're here on the same terms as the rest of us -- win or die in the attempt. Never let them be half-minded about being Scientologists. The finest organizations in history have been tough, dedicated organizations. Not one namby-pamby bunch of panty-waist dilettantes have ever made anything. It's a tough universe. The social veneer makes it seem mild. But only the tigers survive -- and even they have a hard time. We'll survive because we are tough and are dedicated. When we do instruct somebody properly he becomes more and more tiger. When we instruct half-mindedly and are afraid to offend, scared to enforce, we don't make students into good Scientologists and that lets everybody down. When Mrs. Pattycake comes to us to be taught, turn that wandering doubt in her eye into a fixed, dedicated glare and she'll win and we'll all win. Humor her and we all die a little. The proper instruction attitude is, "You're here so you're a Scientologist. Now we're going to make you into an expert auditor no matter what happens. We'd rather have you dead than incapable."

Fit that into the economics of the situation and lack of adequate time and you see the cross we have to bear.

But we won't have to bear it forever. The bigger we get the more economics and time we will have to do our job. And the only things which can prevent us from getting that big fast are areas in from One to Ten, Keep those in mind and we'll be able to grow. Fast. And as we grow our shackles will be less and less. Failing to keep One to Ten, will make us grow less.

So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It's our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.

An Instructor or Supervisor or Executive must challenge with ferocity instances of "unworkability". They must uncover what did happen, what was run and what was done or not done.

If you have One and Two, you can only acquire Three for all by making sure of all the rest.

We're not playing some minor game in Scientology. It isn't cute or something to do for lack of something better.

The whole agonized future of this planet, every Man, Woman and Child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Scientology.

This is a deadly serious activity. And if we miss getting out of the trap now, we may never again have another chance.

Remember, this is our first chance to do so in all the endless trillions of years of the past. Don't muff it now because it seems unpleasant or unsocial to do Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten.

Do them and we'll win.


LRH:jw.rr.nt.ka.mes. rd
Copyright (c) 1965, 1970, 1973
by L. Ron Hubbard
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Re: HCO Policy Letters/Bulletins

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Leaving and Leaves
by L. Ron Hubbard
December 7, 1976

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


It has occasionally happened in the past that a staff or crew member has used the fact that he or she was leaving an org to spread upset.

It is a common make-wrong in children to threaten to run away. And it is a common action of suppressives to spread upset and dissatisfaction by saying they are leaving.

There are some people who leave wherever they are obsessively and the most casual check reveals they have seldom remained anywhere; committing continual overts, they are routinely running away from any job, any post, any group and from themselves and life.

As the actual reason behind blows is overts and withholds, the excuses for leaving are usually simply justifications and are actually a third-party action of associates, usually false reports.

Therefore, informing fellow staff members and others that one is leaving is hereby properly labeled a suppressive act.

Where it is found that this is occurring and if the person concerned does not report it to the proper terminals, HAS and Staff Chaplain, departure will be followed by a declare.

If one is going to leave an org, the proper action is to report it only to the HAS and Staff Chaplain and not to fellow staff members.

Where a person is secretly planning to leave and making private preparations to do so without informing the proper terminals in an org and does leave (blow) and does not return within a reasonable length of time, an automatic declare is to be issued. Should any monies or organizational property be found to be missing in consequence, action is to be taken on criminal charges.

All persons whose contracts expire without renewal and all persons who wish to leave are to be security checked by an auditor who is qualified in Qual to make prepared lists read. This will remove the overts and withholds inevitably connected and so relieve the person and the org of the usual justifications and false reports.


All persons before going on leave must be given a Security Check by an auditor qualified to make prepared lists read. Final pay before departure is to be withheld until this action has been done.

All persons returning from missions or leave must be security checked.

Any staff or crew member falsifying the reasons why a leave is needed or requesting a leave when in fact blowing is to be the subject of an automatic declare.

There is no intention of holding on to people who do not want to be where they are.

There is every intention to use our tech to prevent false reports and suppressive actions from occurring, both to the detriment of the person himself and to an organization.

There are enough lies in the world without generating more as to the "reasons" one is leaving or seeking to use the fact to damage an org or its staff.

The vast majority of staff want to be there and are NOT leaving and they don't need third-partying SPs around. The vast majority are good guys.



Adopted as official

Church policy by


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Re: HCO Policy Letters/Bulletins

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Operations Digest: Flag Order 652
by L. Ron Hubbard
April 29, 1968


Flag Order 652

29 April 1968


SITUATION: Currently we at Sea Org have the job of keeping the Sea Org and all Scientology Orgs on their purpose line. The Sea Org is to get ethics in on the planet. The outer orgs are to get people in and apply STANDARD TECH and get all on this planet up to Clear.

We are faced with a society in which governments aren't governing, SPs are fighting imaginary Martians, and a planet whose inhabitants must have an engram to run out on the 4th Dynamic.

This is briefly the situation at this time.

Our approach to this is developed from establishing our political objective, legislation, and programmes.

Consider the problem of the 4th Dynamic engram requiring an auditing session, then you have the political objective.

POLITICAL OBJECTIVES: Political objectives -- Set up those conditions under which the session can occur and can continue on the 4th Dynamic.

Political objective depends on research on 7 and 8. This objective is important, as it is a true objective. Viet Nam has no political objective which can be executed. Hence this country is locked in a senseless battle. Future is not planned in terms of battle. Future is planned in terms of objectives obtained without exciting horror of populations. Our political objective is not the re-establishment of the Galactic Confederacy.

Question: What auditor will the fourth Dynamic accept?

Answer: It will accept that auditor or regulator which it had and who had confidence in even though betrayed.

This then explains why the S.O. symbol of the Confederacy works.

The Confederation's political objectives were not perfect. Any force without a social objective is far out.

The technology and force had a political objective with a social objective.

So our job as the Sea Org is to make the environment in which the engram of the fourth dynamic can be audited out.

The recent Mission No. 'Hill 10' was an example of what happens when there is not an environment in which the auditing can occur. The RS is the Sea Org fell down down down in ensuring this environment was available. Flubs like this have far reaching effects as it detracts from the purpose line. Flubs out into and delays research.

LOGISTICS: The logistics we are concerned with are the where-with-all and enough of it available to safeguard the environment, to allow auditing to occur and the engram to be continued to be run.

This is assisted by the fact that the PC has to pay, as it has been discovered that if the PC doesn't pay the auditing is not valuable.

The logistics necessary are those necessary to carry out the steps of the political objective as they appear.

Logistics are what it takes to bring about the political objective.

The planning on this line is without public violence. The future is not planned in terms of battle. What we have to do on this line is to get the basics in.

Disasters occur when mistakes are not planned for. Patrol of actions then are necessary. Other points of control are vital to pick up the ball and run with it. This was seen in the failure of Mission AO UK. The ball was then given to OTL HW who has done an excellent job and the Mission is going into the final phase.

So planning must take into account for the leader of patrol 6 to meet a native girl and hold up the action for a week while he "cements public relations."

So adequate records of all activities must be kept so that the ball can be picked up and given easily to another control point.

GRADIENT APPROACH: The approach to the political objective is to get planning done on a realistic line. Get the orgs to produce standard ethics, tech, and admin and keep them delivering STANDARD TECH. Keep on the purpose line. Do proper evaluations of situations. Intelligence must be effective and smartly done.

How a situation deteriorates

Orgs failed with ethics and tech

Intelligence failed.

Nothing done about the situation thereafter.

The Sea Org comes in on number three.

The orgs do the auditing and audit out the engram.

The Sea Org brings about the conditions by which the engram can be run.

Logistics are what it takes to bring about the political objective.

This then is a digest of operations at this time.

(Data taken as notes from a talk by the Commodore.)

Bill Howey
Staff Operations Officer

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Re: HCO Policy Letters/Bulletins

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Penalties for Lower Conditions
by L. Ron Hubbard
October 18, 1967

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex

HCO Policy Letter of 18 October 1967,
Issue IV



(Applies both Orgs and Sea Org)

LIABILITY Suspension of pay and a dirty grey rag on left arm and day and night confinement to org premises.

TREASON Suspension of pay and deprivation of all uniforms and insignia, a black mark on left cheek and confinement on org premises or dismissal from post and debarment from premises.

DOUBT Debarment from premises. Not to be employed. Payment of fine amounting to any sum may have cost org. Not to be trained or processed. Not to be communicated or argue with.

ENEMY SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.

Copyright (c) 1967
by L. Ron Hubbard

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Re: HCO Policy Letters/Bulletins

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Routine 3: Heaven
by L. Ron Hubbard
May 11, 1963

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


Central Orgs,
Well, I have been to Heaven.

And I've found that Scientologists have been to Heaven.

And that everybody has evidently been to Heaven.

The Goals Problem Mass implants, which are the apparent basic source of aberration and human travail, which begin with the goal To Forget, were cynically done "in Heaven".

For a long time, people have been cross with me for my lack of co-operation in believing in a Christian Heaven, God and Christ. I have never said I didn't disbelieve in a Big Thetan but there was certainly something very corny about Heaven et al. Now I have to apologize. There was a Heaven. Not too unlike, in cruel betrayal, the heaven of the Assassins in the 12th Century who, like everyone else, dramatized the whole track implants - if a bit more so.

Yes, I've been to Heaven. And so have you. And you have the pattern of its implants in the HCO Bulletin Line Plots. It was complete with gates, angels and plaster saints - and electronic implantation equipment. So there was a Heaven after all - which is why you are on this planet and were condemned never to be free again - until Scientology.

Before you went to Heaven you were not really very bad or very good, but you didn't think you had lived only once and you had a good memory and knew who you were and enjoyed life. Afterwards ---

The symbol of the crucified Christ is very apt indeed. It's the symbol of a thetan betrayed.

Additional work and possible corrections need to be done but this is the gist of the matter:

The implants are electronic in nature and follow the pattern of the G.P.M.

The implant station existed on the order of magnitude of 43,000,000,000,000 years ago. (The dates may be part of the implants but do not appear so at this stage. However, a possibility of correction of dates is reserved).

Some have been through it once, some more than once.

The first time I arrived and the moment of the implant To Forget was dated at 43,891,832,611,177 years, 344 days, 10 hours, 20 minutes and 40 seconds from 10:02½ PM Daylight Greenwich Time May 9, 1963. The second series was dated to the moment of the implant To Forget as 42,681,459,477,315 years, 132 days, 18 hours, 20 minutes and 15 seconds from 11:02½ PM Daylight Greenwich Time May 9, 1963.

There are no earlier such implants. There are no later such implants.

I evidentally have a goal of my own at 305 Trillion (U.S.) years and an actual GPM, all of which pulled into this 43 Trillion year implant.

Five goals in all may be common to both sequences. The first 3 of the 5 are the same. There are no implants as to time according to the meter. There are numbers in any implants, but dates rocket read. Implanting was done on a non-visible thetan, but arrival was in a ship in a doll body accoding to the meter. Star of Bethlehem, Pearly Gates, The Way out of the Universe, all of which RR on the meter, give a clue to recruitment actions.

There was no purpose in giving a particular thetan a particular goal. Planning had no individualization.

A preclear's overts should be scouted as to why these implants keyed in, Fac 1, hypnotism, etc. But doubtful if any preclear did this type of implanting.

The mood is set that thetans are evil, treacherous and bad but this is all part of the implant, not factual.

The earliest point of the series is not known at this writing but possibly contains a recruitment through advertising. The departure point from the series is not fully known yet but probably just abandonment.

The implants were not done in a box or in some trick manner of projection. The scenery is actually there, common Mest Universe, space and matter and in the Mest Universe.

The first (43 Trillion) series consists of 29 implanted goals.

The second (42 Trillion) series consists of 21 implanted goals.

The first three goals in both series are the same, To Forget, To Remember and To Go Away. The last goal and one other in both series are the same. The remaining goals are not the same for the two implants.

The pattern of RIs is different for the two series, consisting in the second series of added RIs below the To Have a Goal-ivity and with a different dwindling of adjectives and adverbs, but are otherwise similar.

Both series have the Gates of Heaven visible. The last implant of both consists of "entering" Heaven. The last goal of both is To Be In Heaven.

The gates of the first series are well done, well built. An avenue of statues of saints leads up to them. The gate pillars are surmounted by marble angels. The entering grounds are very well kept, laid out like Bush Gardens in Pasadena, so often seen in the movies. Aside from the implant boxes which lie across from each other on the walk there are other noises and sounds as though the saints are defending and berating. These are unimportant to the incident.

The second series, probably in the same place, shows what a trillion years of overt acts does (or is an additional trickery to collapse one's time). The place is shabby. The vegatation is gone. The pillars are scruffy. The saints have vanished. So have the Angels. A sign on one (the left as you "enter") says "This is Heaven". The right has a sign "Hell" with an arrow and inside the grounds one can see the excavations like archaeological diggings with raw terraces, that lead to "Hell". Plain wire fencing encloses the place. There is a sentry box beside and outside the right pillar. The road "leading up" to the gates is deeply eroded. An effigy of Joseph, complete with desert clothing, is seen approaching the gates (but not moving) leading a donkey which "carries" the original Madonna and child from "Bethlehem". The implanting boxes lie on either side of this "entering" path at path level.

These are the actual ends of the two series. One backs out the gates, of course, from top oppterm down, as this is the end. The last two RIs after this last goal say "it is the beginning", "Not the end".

The place, by implant and inference, was supposed to be in the sky like a floating island. Actually it was simply a high place in the mountains of a planet and the gates pathway falls away into a gorge, very eroded and bare by the time of the second implant, but heavily forested and rolling at the time of the first.

The beginnings have not at this writing been so well explored by myself. I have not viewed the second beginning (which says it is the end). However I do know that the second series was done in long square tunnels with the implant boxes, not unlike small P.A. speakers with fretwork fronts, on either side.

The first series actually begins with arrival in a "town" (as everything is backwards to upset the time sense). This "town" consisted of a trolley bus, some building fronts, sidewalks, train tracks, a boarding house, a bistro in a basement where there is a "bulletin board" well lighted, and a BANK BUILDING.

The bank is the key point of interest. It is interesting that we use the work "bank" (taken actually from computerology) to indicate the reactive mind.

This bank building was the on-the-corner old-fashioned granite-like construction, two or three stories high, with the door in the rounded front - even a revolving type door. Inside to the left of the entrance door is a rounded counter. Directly across the room are THE stairs.

The top oppterm and terminal of To Forget are at the top of these stairs. The implant then proceeds on down the stairs, step by step, terminals on one side (the left if one were coming up the stairs) the oppterms on the other. The first series (43 Trillion) has all its implant impulses at step level. In the second series the boxes are ear high to a man. By the time the gates are arrived at in the first series, the terminals are on the left as you approach the gates, the oppterms on the right, having been reversed at some point.

The first (43 Trillion) series had very fine marble stairs. The same stairs can be seen in any big well kept railway station. They were complete with a white ball held in a wrought iron stand.

The thetan was taken along apparently on a pole trap to which he was stuck. It does not proceed step by step throughout the whole of the implant series, but after the first flight of stairs, goes a ways, stops while several pairs of RIs fire then goes to a new location.

The place seemed to have people in it. But they are all effigies. These seem radioactive. Contact with them hurts. No living beings. But effigies that look like humans are performing sudden, repetitive actions with long halts between. In the "basement" such dummies are seen operating machinery.

The boarding house at the actual beginning has a dummy guest and a landlady in kimono and wrappers, reading a newspaper.

There are no devils or satans that I saw.

There is a passenger getting on the trolley bus, a "workman" halfway down the first stairs of To Forget "eating lunch" and in To Be in Heaven a gardener or electrician adjusting an implant box behind a hedge and periodically leaping up and screaming.

The place, so long as the implants remain only partially discharged, seems to swim in while and black electronic masses, but these dissipate as the implants are run out by pattern.

One actually "enters" the "town" as the first action. The implants, however, were rigged to make the gates seem the entrance to the incident. One backs through from the town, into the bank, down the steps and eventually out the Pearly Gates, down the hillside and is there let off and abandoned. One might have had a body or its remains at the town but has none when abandoned.

"TO BE IN HEAVEN" is the last goal implanted in both series. The goal may be slightly differently worded in the second series.

This is not a body building implant, though running it gives somatics to chest.

This is not a GE implant. It is the person's own. Running it, particularly badly, brings it down on the body. There are body somatics on it, however, particularly eyes, face, chest, bones.

It apparently only can be run by 3M listing and Rocket Reads. One must have the goal to get the RIs.

The place is so full of lies by implant that the preclear becomes quite confused and this review of the actual data is necessary to a successful navigation. However, it is very easy to read more treachery into it than there is in it - which is enough.

However, as the place existed so long it was in a varying state of repair and some change. (This data on time is subject to review). But in 1.2 Trillion years only some of the implant pattern and mock up had shifted. However, there may have been other stations. Only time and research will really tell that.

One must date the preclear's first (earliest) goal to forget, find out how many times the preclear went through it, or some such implant station, date the other times and be careful to run only the first of the first series. As this is basic, as in Prepchecking, Sec Checking and old engram running, it tends to ease up the remainder of the implants. But running the implants later than basic is very much harder on the pc even though it can be done. Wherever one misses an RI in an early implant, that repeated RI when found in a later one tends to be very much more heavily charged.

Re-running any implant that has only been partially run tends to rough up the whole implant and make it hard to run.

I think we are lucky. It could have been much worse. This Heavenly dream of destruction could have been current, not so long ago. It could have happened often, not just once or twice or three times per pc. But apparently it didn't and is unique in itself.

This is the core of the Reactive Mind. It is all the way South. For here, just once on the whole track, somebody discovered the mechanism of purposes and RIs and utilized them to install religious mania and pin thetans down to "one life" and planets.

The thing was done so well that it has hung up ever since. There are other implants, there are other goals and GPMs, but these are minor and easily found and listed once this key implant series is out of the way.

We were in a position of having an infinite number of pieces to the puzzle. Now we have a finite number which even though very tough are still finite in number. Further, every processing step taken, every RI discharged is a positive gain toward a definite finite result in processing.

Further, we have our hands on an apalling piece of technology where the world is concerned. With rapidity and a Mater it can be shown that Heaven is a false dream and that the old religion was based on a very painful lie, a cynical betrayal.

What does this do to any religious nature of Scientology? It strengthens it. New religions always overthrow the false gods of the old, they do something to strengthen man. We can improve man. We can show the old gods false. And we can open up the universe as a happier place in which a spirit may dwell. What more can you expect? This actually places us far beyond any other beings that are about. It puts us, through increased beingness and a restoration of life, in control of much destiny.

We have now only a few unsolved problems about life, huge though they may be, such as the construction of bodies and how does one establish the character of and communicate, if feasible, with beings who are making trees and insects. There are a few things like these. But I imagine when we finally manage to communicate with beetle under rocks and free them, we'll no doubt find the Creator of Heaven who 43 + Trillion years ago designed and built the Pearly Gates and entrapped us all.

Good Lord, I'd hate to be guilty of that overt. But never mind - you aren't either. That guy is GONE (I hope!)


(Note: This HCO Bulletin is based on over a thousand hours of research auditing, analyzing the facsimiles of the reactive mind, and with the help of a Mark V Electrometer. It is scientific research and is not in any way based upon the mere opinion of the researcher. This HCO Bulletin is not the result of the belief or beliefs of anyone. Scientology data reflects long, arduous and painstaking research over a period of some thirty years into the nature of Man, the mind, the human spirit and its relationship to the physical universe. The data and phenomena discovered in Scientology is common to all minds and all men and can be demonstrated on anyone. Truth does not require belief to be truth any more than water requires anyone's permission to run down hill. The data is itself and can be duplicated by any honest researcher or practitioner. We in Scientology seek freedom, the betterment of Man, and the happiness of the individual and this comprises our attitude towards the data found. The data, however, is simply itself, and exists whatever the opinion of anyone may be. The contents of this HCO Bulletin discover the apparent underlying impulses of religious zealotism and the source of the religious mania and insanity which terrorized Earth over the ages and has given religion the appearance of insanity. As the paper is written for my friends it has, of course, a semblane of irreverence).
(Note: All our data on the whole track remains factual and is not taken from any implant. The only data released earlier was the time factors involved in GPMs).


Copyright © 1963
by L. Ron Hubbard
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Re: HCO Policy Letters/Bulletins

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What is Greatness?
by L. Ron Hubbard

The hardest task one can have is to continue to love his fellows despite all reasons he should not.

And the true sign of sanity and greatness is to so continue.

For the one who can achieve this, there is abundant hope.

For those who cannot, there is only sorrow, hatred and despair. And these are not the things of which greatness or sanity or happiness are made.

A primary trap is to succumb to invitations to hate.

There are those who appoint one their executioners. Sometimes for the sake of safety of others it is necessary to act. But it is not necessary also to hate them.

To do one’s task without becoming furious at others who seek to prevent one is a mark of greatness — and sanity. And only then can one be happy.

Seeking to achieve any single desirable quality in life is a noble thing. The one most difficult — and most necessary to achieve — is to love one’s fellows despite all invitations to do otherwise.

If there is any saintly quality, it is not to forgive. “Forgiveness” accepts the badness of the act. There is no reason to accept it. Further, one has to label the act as bad to forgive it. “Forgiveness” is a much lower level action and is rather censorious.

True greatness merely refuses to change in the face of bad actions against one – and a truly great person loves his fellows because he understands them.

After all, they are all in the same trap. Some are oblivious of it, some have gone mad because of it, some act like those who betrayed them. But all, all are in the same trap — the generals, the street sweepers, the presidents, the insane. They act the way they do because they are all subject to the same cruel pressures of this universe.

Some of us are subject to those pressures and still go on doing our jobs. Others have long since succumbed and rave and torture and strut like the demented souls they are.

To resave some of them is a dangerous undertaking.

We can at least understand the one fact that greatness does not stem from savage wars or being known. It stems from being true to one’s own decency, from going on helping others whatever they do or think or say and despite all savage acts against one; to persevere without changing one’s basic attitude toward man.

True greatness depends on total wisdom. They act as they do because they are what they are — trapped beings, crushed beneath an intolerable burden. And if they have gone mad for it and command the devastation of whole nations in errors of explanation, still one can understand why and can understand as well the extent of their madness. Why should one change and begin to hate just because others have lost themselves and their own destinies are too cruel for them to face?

Justice, mercy, forgiveness, all are unimportant beside the ability not to change because of provocation or demands to do so.

One must act, one must preserve order and decency, but one need not hate or seek vengeance.

It is true that beings are frail and commit wrongs. Man is basically good but can act badly.

He only acts badly when his acts done for order and the safety for others are done with hatred. Or when his disciplines are founded only upon safety for himself regardless of all others; or worse, when he acts only out of a taste for cruelty.

To preserve no order at all is an insane act. One need only look at the possessions and environment of the insane to realize this. The able keep good order.

When cruelty in the name of discipline dominates a race, that race has been taught to hate. And that race is doomed.

The real lesson is to learn to love.

He who would walk scatheless through his days must learn this.

Never use what is done to one as a basis for hatred. Never desire revenge.

It requires real strength to love man. And to love him despite all invitations to do otherwise, all provocations and all reasons why one should not.

Happiness and strength endure only in the absence of hate. To hate alone is the road to disaster. To love is the road to strength. To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.

L. Ron Hubbard
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