Mrs. Kay Griggs on How the Government Works

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Re: Mrs. Kay Griggs on How the Government Works

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Part 4 of 4 (Tape No. 1)

[Pastor Strawcutter] We can probably say to conclude that these are oral sex acts on this guy, or something like that.

[Kay Griggs] Yeah. Oral and anal.

[Pastor Strawcutter] But what's the significance of the coffin?

[Kay Griggs] I don't know. But what’s interesting is now the young SEALs, Delta Force, the ones who go from army to buds, buds training SEALs –

[Pastor Strawcutter] Buds?

[Kay Griggs] Buds are the emerging SEAL group; they are budding SEALs. And they have to break into houses. Their training exercise is to break into civilians’ houses for practice. They broke into my house.

When George and I were first married, I had many underwear. This is terrible to say, but lingerie. I had lots of lingerie -- I didn’t buy much -- but it all disappeared. And then when the psyching was beginning, I had white blouses, but they would all have black dots on them. I said, “George, here’s another blouse with a black dot.” This was somebody’s message. Or after George left, it was batteries in a drawer. You know, you can’t tell the police, “I opened up a drawer where I had six batteries, and now I have 50 batteries.” They’ll say, “Well of course you’re crazy.”

And I started my little Saab with a screwdriver. And I was always looking around for screwdrivers. Well, one day I come home and there are about 12 screwdrivers on the table, neatly placed. Well, you can’t call the police and say, “I’ve got 12 screwdrivers.” You can’t tell people you’ve got black dots on all your white blouses. Your shoes are disappearing.

And then I call the police after the first break-in, which was the night of March 4th, 1996, the night before I went to see General Joy at the Marriott. Well, I had already called the police when I was battered, because I was just bruises. I made OJ’s wife look like Marilyn Monroe. And I was doing this because I thought it would help him. I had a .45 put to my head, and he’s laughing. He’d strangle me and put his finger on my jugular vein, and he’d say, “Now don’t you dare move.” Or I’d be lying in bed, and he’d do a jab where he’d just push me off the bed. You can’t believe what horror I went through to try and get this man to understand what Christ’s love is about. And people say, “Oh, you should have left.” Well, I took my marriage vows seriously. I knew he was injured psychologically by the war, and whatever he was made to do. So I’m fine. I just sacrificed a lot. It was a big wrestling match with a crazy guy. But I still love a little boy within. He’s very troubled.

But anyway, I called the police after a number of little break-ins. And guess what? The policeman they sent was a little short guy with a short haircut whose name was Shorty Satterwhite. And Shorty Satterwhite was saying, “Oh now, Ms. Griggs, now you’re just making this up. You’re just traumatized because your husband is gone, blah blah blah.” I found out he was a 20-year marine. And not only that, but there’s another part of his life. But that’s okay. He’s a nice guy. But he was a marine. And he takes orders. He’s still reserve.

So I think, “Okay, I’ll call the FBI. I’ll let them know what’s going on.” I heard about the FISA court, and because I’m talking about William Colby, maybe they think I’m a threat, because I know all these international people. So I’m just going to call them and tell them what’s going on. So I call Torrance, who is the head of the FBI, and he’s too busy.

So he sends this guy, Dan McNally, out. And Dan McNally is a very nice guy. And he has this girl interview me. And I type up something about George’s history and what I know. Guess who else is a 20-year marine? Dan McNally. And it just so happens that Dan McNally is the best friend – and he’s not married either, but that’s alright – his best friend who is from North Carolina and never married, is a best friend of Fred Hentz [sp?] who is the one who took me to this place Mahi Mah’s, where I had the two death threats. He graduated from college in 1959; he was intelligence; his father was German high command, part of the Kaiser’s elite group; he was a NATO colonel, which I thought was pretty neat, and that’s why they knew the profile: “Kay likes NATO people because she’s going to learn a little bit about another culture.” And he was also an existentialist.

[Pastor Strawcutter] “Existentialist”?

[Kay Griggs] An existentialist, according to my husband who is one; Fred Hentz, all of these people are existentialists; they believe in doing whatever it takes. It doesn’t matter what the law says, they will do anything necessary to get what they want politically and economically and whatever. In other words, killing a leader, killing 5 people, killing 20 people, according to George is a lot better than war. This is the way they rationalize it. You didn’t use to kill women and children in war when the British army, when they were “pure” kind of, you didn’t go out and kill. I think at Dresden they did do some of that, but that was Walt Whitman Rostow and his crowd. And he's a very dangerous man. Because Walt Whitman Rostow is a Communist.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Okay, in what capacity is he?

[Kay Griggs] Oh, he was one of the wise men in Kennedy's administration. I think he was probably responsible for the movement that got Kennedy murdered. I believe it was an Israeli group that did it, with some of these rogues. Kennedy’s wise men were guys like the Harvard crowd. And he was trying to bring them in to change things around a lot.

Walt Whitman Rostow was the one who got us into the Vietnam war, because he wanted to sell the weapons and stuff. He and Victor Krulak, who is the present Commandant's father. Krulak was his lackey, Walt Whitman Rostow’s lackey. Walt Whitman Rostow went with General Taylor and wrote the report that got us into the Vietnam war. And all the time that the Pentagon was saying, "No, no, no, no," he was a cheerleader for the weapon sales. He and Henry Kissinger. He and Henry. Walt Whitman Rostow, Eugene Debs Rostow, these were Communists, names for Communists. Eugene Debs Rostow, and, it's either his son or his other brother, runs the big Boston mob, the Port there -- his name is Nicholas Rostow -- with William Weld. They’ve done all that drug business in Mexico for years. They had that Russian [Trotsky], you know the one who was murdered by the assassin, Ramone. He was like Stalin’s competitor and he escaped. Very famous. Trotsky. Trotsky became a Christian at the end. And you can’t become a Christian, because that’s a death warrant. So they killed Trotsky because he was becoming too, I think.

Now maybe I don’t know the whole story. There’s probably a lot more to it, and maybe I see completely the wrong picture there. But Trotsky was murdered by the same Parisian-Spanish-Czechoslovakian-Georgian-Russian group, which are all part of the former Abwehr.

This group, which was run out of Paris, and is still being run out of Paris, this revolutionary terrorist group which is controlling these marines and army, [General Carl] Stiner’s group, they all operate together. The man who started this program during Vietnam used Communists who were in the Spanish Communist movement. They actually promoted Communists in the OSS, which was started by William Donovan. So they were promoting and using Communists, who were actually wanting to get rid of our form of government as a stepping stone to world domination. So this group now in the army and in the marine corps has communists at the very top who are existentialists, which means they don’t believe in God, they don’t believe in Christ, they live for the moment, they believe in sort of one world, which has no religions in it. They are the ones who put Napoleon in power. They are the ones who put Oliver Cromwell in power. They are the ones probably who actually were behind the Roman empire, and maybe the Egyptian empire. They put puppet people in power, and they actually run it from behind the scenes.

Now, Trotsky as I understand it escaped from Russia. He had become a Christian I understand, and was working with agents in the United States, and Israel. And he was considered a threat, so he had to be silenced, killed. There is an excellent book which I have called, “The Mind of an Assassin,” which is about the background of Trotsky’s assassin, a young man named Ramone, who was trained, he was Soviet-paid, I think he had experience in Spain. They organized it in Paris I believe. And of course, up to the present time there have been assassins operating out of Rome, and Milan in particular, Naples and Paris. And these are all anarchists, all mob-related. They use mob funding. And of course drug money to pay for the weapons, which are brand-new weapons.

This is the reason why we had the war in Bosnia. The war in Bosnia is simply a stage to train assassins, to be a market for brand new weapons, and to be a marketplace so the drug money can be used. And the Army runs the whole show. It's totally run by the Army. The CIA is a bogus thing, you know. It's training in doctrine command; it's NATO; it's SHAPE: Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, started by Eisenhower. It's a totally independent corporation. It's main function is to sell weapons and launder money.

[Pastor Strawcutter] You're talking about the CIA?

[Kay Griggs] No, I'm talking about SHAPE. The CIA is kind of bogus. It's just there.


“The Americans had gone beyond the infiltration and monitoring of extremist groups to instigating acts of violence.” -- General Gianadelio Maletti, Director of Italian Counter-Intelligence 1971- 1975.

Operation Sword (“Gladio/Schwert/Glaive, etc.”) was an outgrowth of Dulles’ “Operation Stay Behind.” Initially, this program served to recruit high ranking Nazis and SS Gestapo agents into the OSS and the CIA after the close of WWII. By 1952, Dulles and his CIA had created a secret guerrilla terrorist army whose primary mission was terrorism and assassination—often of random targets who might be murdered by snipers, as they shopped or walked down the street. Dulles believed that through random acts of terror, left-wing governments could be overthrown, or prevented from ever coming to power if the blame for those terrorist acts could be placed on leftists (20). Right wing governments are always the beneficiaries of terrorism.

Operation Sword was first put into operation in Italy, in 1947. Italian citizens were gunned down by snipers, trains were derailed, and buildings and planes were blown up by CIA-Nazi agents, and then blamed on “communists.” The purpose of this terrorist campaign was to prevent a communist electoral victory in the 1947 Italian elections. This CIA orchestrated terrorist campaign was a success (21).

These and other acts of random terror (Operation Stay Behind), although directed by the CIA (in conjunction with British Intelligence) were administered under the protective umbrella of the Clandestine Coordinating Committee at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe “SHAPE” (22). SHAPE would later became the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

-- America Betrayed (Excerpt), by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D.

[Pastor Strawcutter] That's just a trade name for the media to use.

[Kay Griggs] It's just to confuse us, to get us off the track. It's all being done by Army people who are now JOINT. Because the word “JOINT” comes from the group who brought over – and a lot of good people came over – but they came over illegally to escape Nazi Germany and stuff. I don’t know that much about it, but I do know that the funding organization, one of the funding organizations, was out of New York, and it was called "The JOINT." And Meyer Lansky -- see, our Mob, the organized crime, the Jewish Kabbalahist group who don’t believe in God – well, really, they do. They look at God as a Kabbalah kind of thing. And the opposite of good is bad. And they have to get rid of all the good people and kill them. They really do this. They are killing people who are good on purpose. And they get brownie points with their little cult.

But this funding group in New York, they would pay for passports which were illegal. In fact, my grandfather was involved with that. That's how I know so much about it, because my grandfather was told to keep silent and not tell anybody. And of course he told my grandmother, and my grandmother told me, and I've told my children. Everybody knows they brought in probably more than 200,000 Nazi soldiers, and SS, and you know, whacko scientists and psychologists. And all of them, most of them, had "The German Disease." You know, because it was their culture.

[Pastor Strawcutter] “German Disease”?

[Kay Griggs] "The German Disease" is what the Pink Triangle Boys were. Colonel Ron Ray [Ronald D. Ray] writes about this. He's a Marine Colonel who's a Christian who's writing about the "cherry marines," the homosexuality, and the group sex orgies, and so forth, which brought down the German government. Because Naples, which is where all of the Navy is doing their playing, I mean today, in Naples, these orgies are going on. It was where Krupp, the weapons manufacturer, used to take the German High Command. And they would go onto the Isle of Capri into the Blue Grotto. And they would have big orchestras, and they'd bring in little Italian boys who would be raped. They'd give them trinkets.

And of course the mothers gradually found out, and just like me, it was one thing when there was just one of me, now there a lot more of us wives who are talking and telling truth. And those Italian women went to newspapers in Italy. They wouldn't listen. But when they went to the wives of these guys in Germany, it brought it all out. It brought the German government down, because they were duplicitous in it. But what they were doing was pedophilia. They were raping, bringing in little boys. They involve the Catholic Priests, you know, who were bringing in ...

Anyway, but what happened was this whole group came over to the United States. And it's an old culture. But it's the reason there are a lot of things going on with children these days. And it explains why it's all being covered up. Because if you've got police officers who are playing these games, and they're going into the woods, like what is that place where even Eisenhower played these games, even Mike Kemp, out at it's called "The Hermitage" in California, where they all get drunk and they run around nude in the woods and stuff. Bohemian Grove.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Bohevian Grove rather than Hermitage?

[Kay Griggs] Bohemian Grove. That's the name of it. My brain's tired. And there was a big one in Washington called Rush River Lodge where they used to all go. And there are lots of places now.

But the problem, as I see it, is that I think they are trying to destroy America, and the basic Protestant-Christian culture. Because when you have a militaristic society where the rules are only for those people, and keep in mind that Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano and the other man, they chose to go to Italy. Luciano went to Milan. He wasn’t banished to Naples and Milan. The two top Mob families went there because of the weapons industry. They are selling weapons. That’s what the military is doing. It's totally controlled by the Mob.

Look at this. Weinberger spied on General Douglas MacArthur in Korea. Who was MacArthur's nemesis, albatross? It was none other than little old intelligence, "I'm-going-to-tell-every-move-you-make" Weinberger. He was young. But he did it. He brought down MacArthur. Every move MacArthur was going to make, he broadcast it through the Chaplain, his little intelligence network. And he got brownie points with the group, because he brought down the big lion. When you get rid of a big lion like that, you get a big job. You've done good work. And they needed to get rid of MacArthur because he didn't want to keep the wars going. He wanted it over and, you know, it's like General Truffey (sp?) who took over after the Vietnam War was over. And he was on C-Span in August 1996 with former Ambassador Whitehead, and a few of the other State Department Vietnam people, and General Truffey had been holding this in for years. He was on C Span. This man let it all out. He said, "I took over at the end of the Vietnam War. I was in control, right? Big general in charge. So I say, 'Cut off the shipment of weapons.' So I tell the Pentagon, 'Cut off the shipment of weapons.' I got a phone call from Henry Kissinger saying, 'The weapons are going to continue at the wartime rate.'”

Now that’s when all this stuff with China started. It started before then, because already the Communist agents, the New York, Brooklyn, New Jersey Mob, were already training Mao. Mao was trained in Paris. So was the one in Cambodia. What's his name? I can't think of his name. The one who was Pol Pot. They were homosexually [molested] -- bless their little hearts -- by priests. They were wonderful little boys, sent there, you know, "turned," which is the word when they believe their mothers, and then all of a sudden the world's horrible, and then they have these wonderful friends who are going to make them leaders. They are turned psychologically. And it's a pattern.

And so this is why it's so important to know what they are doing to innocent little boys in the Army and the Marine Corps today. Why are they having them go together in groups and strip nude when they are brand new inductees? Why do they do certain things in public in front of the group? But they also turn them around the other way after doing that. The other way and they are upside down, and they do this [makes pointing gesture going sideways] anally. Now why do they do that in public? Why are the urinals all out in public without separate stalls if they are not promoting this? And why is it that the ones who are this way rise up faster than the ones who don’t?

[Pastor Strawcutter] Because there is someone there noticing the ones who are vulnerable?

[Kay Griggs] They are called “rising stars.” That’s the word the State Department uses for those who are controlled. And when I was volunteering with the State Department as an escort in Virginia, I had this group called -- I thought it up myself -- “VIVA,” Virginia International Visitors Association. And I tried so hard to get to be a part of the State Department family. Because you know I’m a protestant Christian. And they don’t want Christians in there! My goodness! And I would have guests, and I would let them know I was a Christian, and I love them, and Virginia is a wonderful place. But I couldn’t be a part of that. They sent me people, but I never was a part of it, even though I had lots and lots of dignitaries.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Did you have any contact with Madeline Albright?

[Kay Griggs] No. I lived with Sarah McClendon for about six months, and Sarah is a democrat. See, I was a republican all these years. I was married for 21 years to a democratic governor’s grandson. It was an arranged marriage. So I knew a lot of the high-level democrats who were really sort of conservative. It’s hard. In Virginia, there really conservative. So when I stayed with Sarah McClendon, I had become a republican. And Sarah told me a lot of the things that were going on in the White House from her insider perspective, which totally challenged my perspective on everything. You know, Ron Brown was murdered for example. Vince Foster was murdered. [James] Forrestal was murdered.

[Pastor Strawcutter] I think Foster had a marine corps background.

[Kay Griggs] I think so. He may have. I bet he did. That would fit right in. Oh yes, oh yes. That would fit right in. Because Nussbaum’s office was right across the hall.

End of Tape 1
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Re: Mrs. Kay Griggs on How the Government Works

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Part 1 of 2 (Tape No. 2)

Interview with Kay Griggs
by Pastor Strawcutter
Full Transcript
[Transcribed from the video by Tara Carreon]

Tape No. 2 of 4

Start of Tape 2

[Pastor Strawcutter] Let’s talk a little bit about your husband. He would get into these drunken stupors, and he would start running his mouth, and tell you everything he knew. What did you find was some of the most stunning revelations that came from him?

[Kay Griggs] Besides the fact that he admitted that he couldn’t be a Christian, and was an existentialist, and explaining what existentialism meant to him, which was startling to me, the other parts of some of the things he told me which really startled and frightened me, was his attitude toward murder. He said it was not murder because emotions are not involved. And he had a cold, calculating view of the destruction of innocent human beings meaning nothing to him. He had absolutely no feelings about ordering others to do that.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Now, did he ever carry out some of these murders himself?

[Kay Griggs] Of course! In fact, he told me about Malcolm Kerr’s murder. Malcolm Kerr was a British double agent who worked in California. He was one of these JOINT intelligence operatives who worked for both sides. And he had been in California. But he was doing intelligence work in Beirut, undercover. He was the head of the American University of Beirut, AUB, which is in Lebanon.

Now, my husband was the liaison between the White House and President Gemayel, the brother of the first president who was murdered. My husband was involved with assassinations and operations. He was very upset with Malcolm Kerr, because Malcolm Kerr refused –the marine sniper assassins, who were under my husband and General Joy and Al Gray were already there, of course, and were hiding in the dormitory at this university. And General [Alfred M.] Gray, General [Charles C.] Krulak, General Charlie Wilhelm was there -- he is my husband’s special boss -- they were undercover there. And they had Malcolm Kerr murdered simply because Malcolm Kerr would not allow the marines to stay in the dormitory. Had I been Malcolm Kerr, I wouldn’t have wanted rowdy marine assassins living in a dormitory with children, essentially adolescent young children, having sex, with their perversion and some of their behaviors. So he was put away for that very reason, George told me. He told me that he had to be gotten rid of because of that.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Did he give you any details about how he was killed?

[Kay Griggs] No, he told me that he had to be gotten rid of because of that. He then said that – and this is interesting – my husband is handled by Mary Clark Yost Hallab. She is an American double agent who was put on my husband’s case, because she could handle him. They had an affair while my husband was first married. I found out about it because she called the house after we were married, and wanted to talk to him. And I found in his papers a photograph of her, and her bio, and all kinds of interesting information on her, and her address in his address book. And I want you all to see that in this movie, because I have a photograph of her. They had a long-term affair the whole time he was in Beirut while she was married to an Arab intelligence double-agent who was underneath Malcolm Kerr, and who took over when Malcolm Kerr was murdered by them.

So what you have here is a favor, essentially, done to Yost – she was from Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

[Pastor Strawcutter] How did she enter the intelligence picture?

[Kay Griggs] She was an English major. She’s written books on British literature. She’s Phi Beta Kappa. She went to the American University in Beirut. She married an administrator there who became, because of her position – you know, they LOVE the mixed marriages for the double agents. If an agent marries an agent from another country, the intelligence community loves that. The State Department loves that.

When I was living with Sarah McClendon, and helping her in 1986, I went everywhere she went, because she’s the senior national White House correspondent. And I went to the State Department one day because I was curious about why there isn’t peace in the Middle East. And I wanted to go to what I thought was the Middle East Department. There was a group of students, and I got a press pass ostensibly to go in and interview them. So I left them, and meandered up to the Near East section. And I had quite a few hours. I thought they were going to say, “What are you doing here?,” because all the doors were open. They had these little buttons on each door that they could have closed, and you could have had to have known somebody to get in, which I think is terrible to have the American people not know, and not be allowed in to the State Department without a special Sarah McClendon. If I hadn’t been living with this senior White House correspondent, I as a citizen would not be welcome at the State Department. Now, if they are interested in peace, and they are interested in that kind of thing, they are certainly not showing it by the closed-door policy.

So I went in, and there were about 8 or 10 offices. I went in every single one. I was looking to find out who the leaders were. I knew about Aaron David Miller. I knew about David Satterfield, who really wasn’t David Satterfield. His family were Zionists, who changed their name to David Satterfield, who was a Virginia senator back in the ‘30s, who had a wonderful name. Like Jonathan Pollard who took the name “Pollard,” which wasn’t his name, because of Governor Pollard. I was married to Governor Pollard’s grandson for 21 years. They take the names of honorable people, and then they’re not honorable.

[Pastor Strawcutter] What was his name previous to Satterfield?

[Kay Griggs] Now Aaron David Miller, I think that is possibly his name. It might have been Muller. But I’m not saying that just because they change their name they are bad. But what I am saying is that there is this idea that, “go ahead and change it, and be somebody else.” Kind of like a snake, changing colors for the moment; not being honorable and truthful. Saying, “my family is Brzezinski” – heck, I’d be “Brzezinski,” I’m the 8th Katherine in a row from Scotland! It’s ridiculous. But my daughter’s Katherine, and my granddaughter’s Katherine. It’s a family tradition -- weird -- but we’re happy with that.

So David Satterfield, the reason I went there is because in the Spring I went to a dinner or luncheon that the World Affairs Council had in Norfolk. And he was speaking. And I’m very interested in peace, because as a Christian I want it. I know it’s possible if people are reasonable. And this talk that David Satterfield gave, there were probably twenty mentions of Israel to one of the Palestinians. He was extremely biased and arrogant. The arrogance is what bothers me. Because you can’t have peace or justice where there’s imbalance.

And even that comes from the Greek furies, the female who holds the justice [scales]. Women understand balance and justice. And mothers know that if you show favoritism towards one child, the other child is not going to be normal the rest of its life. So a wise mother is fair, and tries to be balanced, as most families do that are balanced. Well, after having heard the bias and so forth, and seeing other people who were involved at the State Department in Norway when I was there and my husband was doing some weapons deals with Newt Igum [sp?] and some of the State Department people under the table when we were supposedly going to Moss for the mayor – her husband and George were doing some deals. He’s sort of a pilot, and there’s a lot going on between Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Norway and weapons deals and so forth now, because of what they set up in the Spring of 1995.

So I went into the State Department Near East section, and found there was not one single Palestinian, not one single Moslem, Saudi, Jordanian, and not one Christian protestant, or one Roman Catholic. Not one plain old American, whatever, from Cornpoke. Every single person in all of those offices were either Zionist, Israelis, whatever.

And they had pictures all over the walls of Israel, Israel, Israel. They had magazines: “Israel Today.” I was given a copy of one. And there were yarmulkes and the Israeli writing. And I asked one of the women, after having gone through four or five of these offices, because I was pretending to want to know where the Palestinian office was. She said, “Well, we handle all of that.” This is the Near East section, the part that handles Israel, Jordan, Egypt. And at that time, the spokesman for the whole State Department – I can’t remember his name – he was a Zionist. And I’m not saying that Madeleine Albright is doing a bad job, because I feel that being a woman she is definitely a lot more balanced than Caspar Weinberger when he was there; [Lawrence Sidney] Eagleburger, [George] Schultz, or any of them. Because I feel as if she is trying to do it. But she’s not strong enough. There needs to be fairness in the State Department. Because all of the weapons sales under the table are going through the State Department.

That’s why Ron Brown was murdered. Ron Brown tried for the first time to take away the unfair State Department monopoly on illegal weapons and drug deals. Because the drug money is paying for the weapons. Brand new weapons are sold by agents of Israel or –

[Pastor Strawcutter] This is a conclusion you’ve drawn based on your knowledge of this?
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Re: Mrs. Kay Griggs on How the Government Works

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Part 2 of 2 (Tape No. 2)

[Kay Griggs] Yeah. [Manucher] Ghorbanifar, my husband worked with him. My husband was chief of staff under Al Gray when [Oliver] North was moved from the Atlantic Command to the National Security Council. And when you work in the White House, you work under the Army. The Marines have no overlord as such. They can float. They can be truck drivers, and still be 4th Marine. But they are run out of New Orleans, just like Oswald was.

See, Oswald was homosexually recruited by Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, and the New Orleans Meyer Lansky guy, Jack Rubenstein, who was Jack Ruby. All the funding for these operations go through the JOINT, the mob. And Oswald’s mother had moved to New York. And he had gotten under this Zionist psychiatrist -- I can’t remember his name. But he came down to check on him. He was brilliant, but he wasn’t motivated. He wasn’t told he was “special.” His dad died, whatever. And his father was, I believe, a German soldier. But the point is, Oswald was a loner -- brilliant -- and a perfect candidate. He and my husband’s psychological profile are [practically identical]; in fact they almost look alike.

This is interesting. You see, my husband, when I saw him in June, after him having lived with me that Fall – he was different. He had a different facial everything than the man I married. The man I married, and the man I saw in June, were one and the same. They had a full face. The mouth was fine. But the man I was with, I felt it wasn’t the same person. Now, I don’t think he could have gained that much weight in just a few months. Because he was very thin. Maybe I’m [mistaken.] But women sense things. I don’t know how to explain it.

And I talked to a good friend of Marina Oswald’s who knows that her husband was a patsy. And I talked to another woman in El Paso who was in the book, “The Widows,” whose husband was a Czechoslovakian, whose father and two brothers had come over here as mercenaries, like all of these young men are still doing today. And the father sent for the little boy and his sister, leaving the mother back in Czechoslovakia. Evidently, she had had an affair or something, and she was banished.

I think they do this on purpose, though. Because I’m finding that the boys identify with their mothers. They don’t bond so much with the fathers. And they are their mother’s keeper in that country.

Now I’ve talked to an Indian who had this situation; a little boy from Haiti; and a young boy from Romania. Each and every scenario was the same: the mothers were back there. They were given five years to become an American citizen, and as they were mercenaries, they had to do things that made one of them cry on the bus. And he told me what was done when they did a hit. There was one man who did things that were just horrible. And he said, “I want to get out, but I can’t.”

And this is horrible, to put young men who are strict Roman Catholics – they’ve got that background – and bring them over here and make assassins of them. In other words, to “turn” them in a five-year period, and for the taxpayers to pay for this. These young men are training with SEALs. They may have a mother who is an American, and a father who is French, so they can go both ways. And therefore, they are not under the laws of the U.S. So they can go do the actual murders or whatever.

In Oswald’s case, he didn’t have any problem getting into the Soviet Union. And he went into the State Department on a Saturday. The man who saw him was a Zionist. He didn’t even meet anybody else. “Special.” “Elite.” Then he went to this town where there was a Zionist intelligence elite group, a Georgian-Russian, because most of the intelligence group for a long time were Zionists in the Soviet Union and in Germany. I know that they recruited a lot of boys homosexually at Eton and places like that, in England, and then a lot of them went to the Soviet Union after the Doctor’s Plot or something. I think Stalin thought the Jewish doctors were after him or something. So in 1952, a lot of them had to go away. And they had some sort of a change.

But what’s interesting is, a lot of this played into George, my husband, because he was in the Mecca for Jewish intelligence, or the Zionist intelligence people, in Princeton. All of the movie moguls started out in Princeton. The psychological operations crowd, the Nazis, whatever, they came to Princeton. And some of them went to Harvard, and spread out from there: [J. Robert] Oppenheimer. That’s where a lot of them were, in Princeton.

My husband was born in 1937, in Atlantic City, and then moved to Lawrenceville. But his grandparents lived outside of Princeton. So he had a tie with his grandparents. His grandparents ended up moving out to California, so he was really abandoned from the time he was 13. And being under the influence of Charles Caddock, who was the bodyguard for the Saudis, “teacher.” And he controlled the power in the school. Headmaster Chesebro gave Charles Caddock carte blanche. Because the Saudis bought a big mansion called Russell House. Caddock was there with the Saudis all alone, and my husband was there part of the time. They would go on outings using Saudi money. My husband was taught to fly a plane. He was taught to shoot. They would get nude and run in the woods. Even at Princeton, his roommates told me, he would go out with these men. And his first roommate said, and he really likes George, and George is really handsome, I think, older now, but in those days he was very handsome, and his roommate for the first two years, who had been at the Hun, said that he had a relationship with a French teacher, who was a count or whatever, from Paris, who was kind of a teacher’s aide, who helped him write his paper. And he knew Camus. In other words, there was a group – this young French teacher who liked my husband a lot, and helped with his thesis, was also a friend of an older French teacher who was a very good friend of Albert Camus. And Camus was coming over to see him when he was married.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And Camus is?

[Kay Griggs] Albert Camus is an existentialist writer who believed in murder and sabotage. And he was also an Arabist. See, Lawrence of Arabia – this group stuff – was started by this small group of Kaballahists who were trying to take over the oil. So they would find these sheikhs, and find whichever one would go along with whatever. The Brits were more interested in finding somebody who was fair, and not necessarily like that.

Then there was a guy named [George Edward] “Moose,” who was in the American State Department, and the Americans ended up poisoning this Caddock, got in with the Saudi Royal Family, the other brother who ended up getting it. They had a house in Switzerland. The Saudi Royals had big mansions on the Isle Rose. Isle Rose is the place where Charles Caddock died, I understand. And my husband, according to the roommates, one in particular, said that George never lost track. He always kept up with Charles Caddock.

Well, Charles Caddock only died in 1994, 1995. I only heard of him as a teacher in the first three years of marriage. But when was he writing Charles Caddock? And Alexander Robinson was a marine, very handsome, young, went to the Hun School, and was in Saudi Arabia, in these places, and came fresh from there to the Hun School. He went to Columbia University as a history major. Columbia is an intelligence school. Columbia is a school where, for example, [Bernard] Nussbaum went, who was across the hall from Vince Foster. I believe Ezra Pound went there. Ezra Pound knew too much, so they just put him in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. And it was a wonderful Virginian who got him out.

[Pastor Strawcutter] In the movie JFK, there was a scene involving David Ferrie and Clay Shaw where they were in complete drag -- a real weird thing. I’m sure that struck a lot of people as very odd that these people would be homosexual like that. The movie very frankly brought that across.

[Kay Griggs] Clay Shaw was OSS. He was also in intelligence, and he was homosexual.

What’s interesting to me is this book, “The Widows,” has four spies, double-agents, who worked for the U.S. and Soviet satellites, or whatever, who were murdered. And they worked for the Navy and the Army. And one of them was a man [Ralph Sigler] who was murdered outside of the Army’s intelligence headquarters outside of Washington in a Holiday Inn, I think it was. And just before he was murdered, he called his wife back in El Paso and said, “The Army is going to kill me.” Well, he was murdered, and the Army did kill him. The book, “The Widows,” is not fiction; it really happened. The spy [Anatoliy] Golitsyn was in there. [John Arthur] Paisley, who was murdered almost like this other man. Paisley was murdered like William Colby. Paisley was also hanging around homosexuals. He went to the Rush River Lodge. So did Bob Woodward, the reporter.

Henry Kissinger was a well-known, totally a homosexual. Not even both ways.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And so his wife is a marriage of convenience?

[Kay Griggs] Oh, it’s just a convenience, yeah. I mean, maybe he's discovered women in his late age. I don't know. But I heard through a very well grounded German that Henry's best friend's father told Henry to stay away from him. And that's why Henry left. The family was embarrassed. And Henry went to Britain where they did this, and then changed his name from Heinz to Henry.

And I interviewed a man named Bob, who's an army enlisted person, who told me about Henry in Cambodia. So up through Cambodia, he was actually raping young men. And of course, that experience destroyed the lives of these five young men, according to the source. I mean, he was crying. And this man was a perfectly wonderful, functioning young married man who worked for a newspaper on the Eastern shore, and had three young children. He went to Vietnam as an enlisted man, was put in Cambodia -- which he said it was a lie living there -- and then ran into Henry Kissinger, or Henry Kissinger ran into him, and did certain things to him. He invited him into his tent with some other men. It was horrible. But he said, "It's wartime," and so forth. But he said, "You know, I could have taken it mentally if it had been a bunk-mate or something, but when it's someone like Henry Kissinger who does it to you, you're ruined." He said he came back home – Oh, and this is interesting. And I really believe that Bob's right. He said Kissinger said to him, "If you ever tell anybody, if you ever mention to a soul, it's the end of you. Don't you ever tell anybody." Well, when Bob got back, he went to a special hospital, and they were going to keep him locked up forever. A lot of the other boys just ... my feeling is that he was flagged the way I was flagged when General Gray and Wilhelm had me flagged because I broke up the go-go dancing in the Officers’ Club. I was labeled a troublemaker because I thought it was wrong for married men to be going out with topless go-go dancers in the Officers’ Club Dining Room. And I took pictures of it. And my husband got really mad, and so forth.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And these pictures are still with you today, or are they missing?

[Kay Griggs] Oh, no. What happened is, I had the pictures. I risked my life, because he tried to grab the camera from me. I hid it in the women’s bathroom. And he tried to get it from me. We had a terrible fight that night. He wanted the pictures, and I prevailed. I developed the pictures, and wrote a very nice Southern letter to the club manager, saying I didn’t think it was proper. I had four sets of the three photographs I took made. And I sent a copy of the letter and photographs to the base commander’s wife, and to the commandant’s wife. And it stopped.

But I was flagged. But this was before tailhook. And yet instead of being congratulated for helping family values, for standing up for the wives, for showing the marine corps the proper place to have nudity and debauchery is not in the dining room of Camp Lejeune, my husband said, “Well, this is nothing compared to Okinawa; you just have to get used to it.”

Now I was a colonel’s wife. These were young majors, and they were seeing me being talked down to. What do you think it did to them? It demoralized them. The marine corps was demoralized. The wives were demoralized. And I did what was right, what Jesus Christ would have done. How can Al Gray, and Wilhelm, and Cook, and my husband condone this kind of behavior and flag me as a weirdo? And that’s where I’m standing. I’m standing on what I know Jesus Christ would have done. And if they want to continue to hound me because I’m telling the truth, well that’s just the way it is, because I’m not going to lie and develop a different kind of personality just to please them.

And I contacted this woman from “The Widows” – there was a detective who had to be hired. She knew he’d been murdered. The Army covered everything up. She had an independent investigator. And the interesting thing which happened was that she worked in a toy shop. This isn’t in the book -- she told me this over the phone. This is Mrs. [Sigler]. But she worked in a toy shop, and they were scoping her out. And this was before he was murdered, because she said she told her husband about this. George Bush and his wife came into her shop and were looking at her.

Now I don’t know what that means, but the Bushes don’t live in El Paso. And he [Ralph Sigler] was doing all of the Russian-Mexican-Trotsky kind of work for George Bush. I believe Bush was CIA director then. But the interesting thing to me was, why would he bring Barbara in? Did Barbara know? Was he just using Barbara as a --? But she was being observed. And it was shortly before [Ralph Sigler] was murdered.

And I know that T. Parker Host, my husband’s friend, had dealings with George Bush. I know it has a lot to do with oil, and Aramco, and Texas, and all that. I know it’s very complex. But where I draw the line is murder, and assassination, and corruption, and lies, and deception, and cruelty to innocent women and children and families, just because they are not “elite.”

Now Mrs. Bush is in the Colonial Dames – so is my mother. Colonial Dames is a very elite group of women – they think they are – who are descendants of George Washington’s aides. And they own George Washington’s ancestral home, Sulgrave Manor, in Great Britain. They have Wilton in Richmond, which is an old house where Lafayette visited. I know there’s a connection with Lafayette and the Masons. And I know there’s a big mason contingent in the warfare selling group, because the head admiral in Norway, not Newt Igum, because he’s in charge of the prisons which have the drug lord; he’s running the drug lord out of his prison, and he’s a friend of George. They were talking about this as if I would know about it. And he has a house or cottage outside of Kolsas, Norway, which is where they have one of their underground bunkers. They have one in Narvik, and NATO does a lot of the cold weather training there. But I know they are doing weapons shipments out of Norway.

End of Tape 2
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Re: Mrs. Kay Griggs on How the Government Works

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Part 1 of 4 (Tape No. 3)

Interview with Kay Griggs
by Pastor Strawcutter
Full Transcript
[Transcribed from the video by Tara Carreon]



Tape No. 3 of 4

[Pastor Strawcutter] We’re having a fascinating conversation talking to the wife of the former –

[Kay Griggs] Chief of Staff, Marine Atlantic; and head of the intelligence group that went to Beirut before the bombing. They were already meeting there. He is the NATO intelligence wet operations guy, psychological operations guy.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Wet operations?

[Kay Griggs] That means murder, assassination groups. NATO has a group of assassins and psychological operations specialists who work in combined operations to destroy targets. My husband tried to explain to me the first three years of marriage how it all worked. I was assistant director of the Chamber of Commerce. I was the first woman on the board of the Foreign Commerce Club in Norfolk. He thought that I was a worldly woman. I had dated a number of guys who were high level, like Jerry Unruh, who was captain of the Saratoga, a man who was very high up in Army intelligence in Richmond. I had been married to a governor’s grandson, whose family were all in intelligence. His father was a Harvard economics professor.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Years ago you dated John Engler.

[Kay Griggs] I’m sure it’s the same John Engler if he was in the Navy. I dated a John Engler who was in the ROTC in Norfolk, because Norfolk is the largest military complex in the world. We have Langley: the Air Force Base which does intelligence work; we have Camp Perry, which is an international intelligence spot; all of the naval bases: the master jet base, Training in Doctrine and Command which is Army, Fort Story. And in fact, Fort Story was where the recent Secretary of the Army was told he had to leave. I have intelligence guys who tell me truth, because they know they can’t talk. And I get a lot of scoops. Togo West was basically honest. And like Colin Powell, most African-American men are not going to condone murder and assassinations and so forth when they find out about it.

[Pastor Strawcutter] So you feel that Colin Powell is a different cut of general than these other guys?

[Kay Griggs] Oh, absolutely! The wonderful thing about some of the African-American men I’ve met is that they’ll tell truth.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Why would they allow these guys to rise in rank?

[Kay Griggs] As puppets, thinking that they will be able to make them do certain things. Because psychologically they are innocent. They are naïve. They cannot believe that our government has got hit squads, that they are having group sex going on, that they are giving people money in exchange for their services. Mercenary training is going on in the Army and the Air Force at the highest circles.

And I called Dr. John Ryman. They have him targeted as a kook. Colonel John Ryman lives in California. He was on the high track, the rising star track. He was in Great Britain. He found out about a murder over there. He reported it. He also had the CRAZY idea that there ought to be a peace college in Cambridge, that you know, we ought to really start working towards peace. Well, the minute he got back, he gave a synopsis of his peace college idea to Colin Powell and his wife. Colin Powell took it to the National Security Council. When Ryman got back – and I’m not sure the logistics and the chronology of all of this, but I’m in contact with him – he was put in a funny farm. I think he was put in either a place in New Orleans, or St. Elizabeth’s hospital where they put Ezra Pound, and where they’ve got Reagan’s assassin. St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, like the Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, has Army intelligence people in there. People who have decided to tell truth are targets. In other words, people who believe in the American dream; who are Christians; who are trying to get things straightened out. If they transgress that line and upset somebody in the high command, just like in Germany, they all of a sudden move from being a person, to being a target; from being a human being, a Christian, a loving, wonderful soul, to being a target. Therefore, they are the enemy.

This is also what happened in Germany. God makes us all wonderful and beautiful. Those of us who have the courage of our convictions, and who believe in what Christ did, who stand tall, why should these leaders not be able to speak and tell truth? Because it’s in the rainbow of truth. They are the rainbow of individuals who are God-fearing and love truth, in which we can build a better world. So why are good people silenced? Why are their papers gone through?

What’s happened to me, what’s happened to people like Mary Ann Poores, Debra von Trapp, Colonel Sabow’s wife –

[Pastor Strawcutter] Let’s talk about Debra von Trapp. I’ve heard the name, but I somehow associate her with something negative, or some discrediting of something she said. Is she the same Debra von Trapp that alleged that the Oklahoma City bombing was somehow Japanese related? Or is that a different person.

SHERMAN SKOLNICK: So you are of the opinion that, from what you know, that there's a tremendous fight between the Washington government and the Tokyo government -- sort of a financial fight, having to do with the Yen/Dollar ratio, and so on?

DEBRA VON TRAPP: Yes. And that's derivative of the fact that Robert Goetzman, when he approached me on behalf of Xerox in 1991 to dissuade me, by threat, to get out of court with them, he did not identify himself as FBI. He introduced himself as being from the Executive Office of the President, under Mr. Bush. And ultimately, [he] persuaded me, by threat, as a trade-off to not having my son killed, to cooperate with them in introductions to CEOs and chairmen within the computer industry to be able to view their, what we would know as their "black hole technology", which was technology and development that was very advanced, that was not released to the public and was well-ahead of the government developments in various projects, in many cases. And that introduction, and that project that we were on, was actually a national network surveillance project that was partially based out of an Air Force base in Alabama, and was related to the officers from the Air Force that were in the downed aircraft in Alabama, two days before the Oklahoma...

SHERMAN SKOLNICK: Yeah. In other words, a day-and-a-half before, on Monday, April 17th, 1995, there was a high-level military group on a military Lear Jet, that crashed -- apparently... Well, the story in the press said that they were on their way from Andrews Air Force Base to San Antonio. But, apparently, the plane blew up, or something happened to it, as they were over Alabama.

DEBRA VON TRAPP: Yes. Because the same, the Special Ops team that was under Goetzman, contracted by he and his team, and paid for with Japanese government funds through MCA Universal and administered through the Embassy of Japan, in Washington... Some members of a Special Ops team out of Alabama are responsible -- both for the downing of that craft, and for taking down the Oklahoma federal building.

-- Interview with Debra von Trapp, by Sherman H. Skolnick

[Kay Griggs] I do not know. I’ve met her on the phone through Sarah McClendon, when I was staying with Sarah. Everybody’s experience is different. When you’re a very strong Protestant Christian, as I am, and you’re walking in light and truth, you take people at their word until you find out they’ve lied to you. And if they have intentionally lied, then I just let God deal with them. I don’t believe in vengeance.

[Pastor Strawcutter] So you think someone fed her disinformation as solely designed to discredit her?

[Kay Griggs] Yeah. And I do believe this is true. I know that she worked in the White House. I know she worked under a man named Goetzman, and some mob figures in the White House who were Army.

Now this CIA thing, from my experience, is bogus. Because every person I’ve known who is in the CIA, was in military intelligence first.

For example, my husband. He told me furtively when I saw him in court, “I don’t work for the CIA.” I knew he was telling the truth. He was afraid. He wanted me to know that he works under the Army. He’s a Marine Corps high-level intelligence officer. But he’s under all these Army people. So I’m having to assume the judge, the lawyers, the commissioners, all of the people who are handling my husband when he’s around me [are Army]. I really believe that he loves me, even though he’s under their control. And I think that’s why he’s been totally kept away from me. His daughter-in-law told me he can’t come back because he’d end up staying.

But the point is, David Leigh, my brother-in-law for 20 some years -- I married John Garland Pollard whose sister, Mary Lloyd Pollard, married a CIA agent David Leigh. David Leigh was Harvard, Hasty Pudding, and translates Mandarin Chinese. He’s a brain. His family came over from Germany. I think they were Zionists. He doesn’t believe in any religion. But he is still working for this intelligence arm. He’s doing war gaming for this global monolith. He’s playing chess by mail. He’s writing articles about the Middle East. He’s an expert on what’s going on in the Middle East from the Israeli perspective. He’s Army. I was with my sister-in-law when he went on a mission. And she was in the same psychological state that I was in.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And that state was?

[Kay Griggs] Keep the women out of it. Terrorize the women. Make the women fearful. I can’t say what I went through except that every Marine wife that I know is in that psychological state. Thank God, thank my grandmother for her wonderful Presbyterian background. Women are intelligent. I’ve got the spunk in me, the genes, or Jesus Christ, whatever it is, and I know truth. And truth is vitally important to me. I cannot live a lie. Maybe I was injected with pentothal when I was an infant.

And my husband is mentally sick. I believe he killed his first wife Sue. He’s dangerous.

We were married for a month when he gets a letter and a phone call from Mary Clark Yost Hallab and Ann Boucher [sp?]. And naturally a wife who is newly married to a handsome man isn’t wanting other women to write. And I’ve already found out who they are. I’ve got a masters degree. I’m a researcher. And I’m saying, “George, what are you doing hanging around spies?” I didn’t know about double agents. And Casimir [A.] Yost is on the Council of Foreign Relations. I’m sure it’s her son or her cousin. And her husband, as I mentioned before, was a Moslem, who was really a turn person on the Palestinians, who worked at the American University of Beirut. My husband was sleeping with her. Al Gray and everybody knew this.

And I didn’t know that this is what you do until I called Valerie Wilhelm, General Charles Wilhelm’s wife, on the phone. And let me tell you what she told me: “You just have to get used to it, Kay.” I said, “George has got another man -- Lieutenant Colonel Michael O’Boyle -- who I was told is his boyfriend.” And she said “You just have to get used to it.” I heard the same thing came from the wife of General John Sheehan, Jack Sheehan, head of NATO, who is a friend of mine. He’s been to parties at my house. And by now I’ve gotten my little tape recorder from Radio Shack, and I’m taping phone calls, because nobody is going to believe me.

So I’ve got my little tape recorder, and I’m talking to [General John J.] Sheehan’s wife. And she’s saying, “Come on over. Let’s have coffee. You come over at so and so time.” So I invite Carolyn Millice, whose husband was the “temporary chief of staff” after my husband’s wife’s murder. I know she was murdered from a blow on the head. I had so many blows on the head that you can’t even believe it. Broken bones and so forth.

Well, in the middle of the terrorism episodes that my husband would put me through, he’d say things like – you know, I’m down on the ground, he’s got a .45 to my head, he’s strangling me with his thumb on my jugular vein – and he’s saying, in this sergeant-like voice, “You have got to believe me. You cannot question me.” In other words, I am being interrogated. It’s the most awful experience to have the one you want to love, the one you have made your commitment with, have you pinholed. And know he’s an experienced guy. It’s horrible.

And these wives – now I cannot say whether their husbands have done the same thing, I don’t think they have -- but what they train them to do is to be speeding along the highway – it’s shock treatment is what it is I’ve been told. They are driving along the highway, and you’ve got an important person to meet, or important party [to go to]. You’re all dressed up. Or you’re going to somebody’s house. So he screeches on the brakes and provokes you in some way. You don’t even want to fight. You say, “I don’t want to fight. What is this all about?” And he’s just speeding up, going like 90 mph. He screeches on the brakes, and then he gets out and runs. It’s horrible.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Where did he run to?

[Kay Griggs] There was a Norwegian party. The first time that happened was when we were down in North Carolina when he wanted to get my camera. I nearly drowned. He wanted me to tell him where the camera was. He tried to kill me that night to scare me, so that I would behave. But I was raised in a family with strong men who stand tall. You don’t let people intimidate you when you know you’re right. Because there are more important things. God is over us all. Jesus Christ is above us all. Truth is above everything. The Ten Commandments are above everything. Under that is Jesus Christ, and then your mate. So that’s why I put him in very high esteem. But I knew he was not normal. I’m an intelligent woman. I read. So I was hoping I could change him. So it was a spiritual battle going on. And subconsciously, I believed that I could reprogram him eventually. Now I didn’t know at the time what was going through me. But I was really being tested.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Of course, the many years of operant conditioning he’d been through, fortified and solidified his positions far more. He was far more entrenched an operative than you were going to be able to undo.

[Kay Griggs] Oh, he was involved in the Halo program, the MACSOG –

[Pastor Strawcutter] Halo?

[Kay Griggs] He mentioned it was something to do with training assassins, and training psychological operations specialists. It was in the Philippines. They also had one in Panama. They had a school for Army and other guys where they would strip them down nude, and tie them onto logs. The man who ran the school was dressed up as a Nazi soldier, even though his name was Owenczech [sp?] or something. He was a Czechoslovakian pervert. Then they had a man who dressed up as a woman, who was really pretty. And here are these guys nude, and they are training them to kill. And in fact, there’s a book called “Copperhead,” which I have a copy of, which was written by a commando guerilla who was from West Virginia. And his father had battered him and beaten him. Well, what they do is, in the prisons, through this [inaudible] system, and so forth, they take the innocent little boys who have been battered by their parents, and they turn them into assassins, by making homosexuals out of them, or something.

Now, I believe these men are redeemable, because I believe that men like my husband, and Oswald, are held by the secrecy, and power of this adolescent group that controls them. And I believe that if they knew there were strong women, mothers and wives, who would be behind them 1,000%, they’ll have the courage to come and speak out. Or at least to stop the growth of this stuff. Because it’s with the growth of this stuff that they are intending to destroy America.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Well, there certainly does seem to be a growth in homosexual activity, homosexual acceptance, and homosexual promotion in our society today.

[Kay Griggs] You cannot get a job unless you are “special elite irregular.”

Now, the frightening thing here is number one, this is what happened in Nazi Germany. This is exactly the same pattern: excluding women and mothers who love their children.

Now, I’m pragmatic enough to say, Look, we mothers look at history. We look at the future. We’re pretty damn wise. I don’t use profanity unless I’m talking to soldiers, but I’ve learned that this is what they listen to. I can talk sailor talk. I can talk Marine talk. I can talk commando talk. Because I’m the little bitch who loves Jesus. Christ wasn’t out there with all the goodie-goodies. He was out there in the streets. He was out there talking to the drunks and so forth. I know how to reach them, because I don’t mind transgressing into this little verbiage. Because that’s what Jesus Christ did. But the danger here is that yes it’s a growth industry, and it’s growing exponentially. So what’s going to happen? They are cloning people. Do they need women? Which women are we going to have? The party girls? The bimbos?

In Norfolk, just to give you an example, Lieutenant Governor Dick Davis, a Marine, his second wife is a prostitute. He loves her very much. She had a wig salon. My uncle, Dr. George Bentley Bird, was the major obstetrician for everybody in Norfolk: prostitutes and everybody. He told us, our family knows who the prostitutes are, and who goes to the Saints and Sinners banquet. For one, Judge Richard Kellum, who is a nice guy.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Now the Saints and Sinners banquet – is this a local affair?

[Kay Griggs] Yes. Every town has got this Saints and Sinners group, the sleep-around group, or whatever. The group that tolerates it, and has a little fun. And they are all guys. But the thing is, where is it going to lead? This is why women like me who know, need to be involved in the process of leveling things out a little bit. When you target good, strong people who know what to do, and who can figure out quickly what to do in given situations, it’s like targeting good people. Taking their papers. Going into the leaders’ houses. The leaders who pop up and are trying to get things straight are the ones who really know what’s going on. They are just the people who need to be involved in the process of leveling things out. Maybe they’ve gone off a little bit here or a little there, but the point is they know that truth and light is what is going to make that balance work out. And when you marginalize women, target women, mothers, wives who are strong inside – I’m talking about really core strong, genetically strong -- even Clausewitz said the moral is 3 to 1 over the arms. If they want to win over these little guys, they’ve got to have credibility. What’s happening now, and why they are all afraid, is they have no credibility.

The SEALs are the worst. They were so afraid about that one little doctor that the SEALs gang-raped in Norfolk. Why? Because the whole credibility of the SEALs is shot.
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Re: Mrs. Kay Griggs on How the Government Works

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Part 2 of 4 (Tape No. 3)

[Pastor Strawcutter] There was a gang rape of a doctor by a group of SEALs?

[Kay Griggs] Yes, in Virginia Beach two years ago. She’s beautiful, from Georgia. This is a wonderful human being who went into what used to be Poppy’s. It’s kind of the night place in Virginia Beach. When I was single, I went there. Four of us young women would go there: Molly, Sally and myself. The doctors would go there. Well, the SEALs are taking over Virginia Beach, Seal Teams 4, 6 and 8. And this gal went in there, and one of the men thought, “Oh, she’s great, let’s take her out.” They took her out, raped her, and killed her. Strangled her.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Was anybody ever prosecuted?

[Kay Griggs] I don’t really know what happened, because it’s been hushed up by the local courts, who are controlled by Army JAG, and Marine Corps –

[Pastor Strawcutter] And JAG stands for?

[Kay Griggs] Judge Advocate General. And these are guys who have all been involved in having their wives “handled.” They’ve gotten rid of their first wife. They are sleeping around with another bimbo woman, or another man. They are participating in group sex. Charles Lydon Harrell is one. There are lots of them.

Charles Lydon Harrell is a man who was – and I’m not anti-Mason, but I have suspicions about Masons, some of the things they do in the darkened rooms. It’s a secret society. But I know he sabotaged me in my case. Because I have no lawyer. I’m trying to fight for all these other women, and mothers, and for people who know truth. And because I’m verbal and articulate, and also gullible, I want to believe that there’s somebody good out there who is going to help me fight this thing. Because I’ve got photographs of being battered. I’ve got doctor’s signatures. Sarah McClendon, Senior White House correspondent, has an affidavit where she tried to call my house, and a man answered the phone and said, “This is a military base and the Griggs’ don’t live here anymore.” Sarah McClendon could not even get through my house for two months. She had to go to another phone just to call me. So I knew that all these other people I had called in Washington who were trying to call me, their phone calls were being rerouted.

Now that is in this book that I found in Goodwill. And I shouldn’t mention this, because they are going to start culling Goodwill. But all the intelligence divorces – there are a lot of divorces going on – the wives will throw out their husband’s books, or their husbands will throw them out because they are mad at the government. That’s why they’ve been raiding my library.

This book’s title is, “Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations.” This book is all about what happened to me. Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Where is the FBI psychological operations unit? Quantico Marine Corps base. The only FBI agent who was allowed to come see me was Dan McNally, a 20-year Marine. He’s homosexual I believe. And I’m not saying he’s a bad person, but I am saying I was not allowed to have any other FBI agent come and hear about the break-ins of my home, the battering that I went through -- nearly killed -- the murder of my husband’s first wife – serious business since she’s in a grave, Suzanne Workman Griggs. She died on April 1, April fools day, 1987. And the doctor wanted to do an autopsy, but he couldn’t do it. Because the two men who were doctors in that hospital, Dr. Lawrence Smith and Gene Lamb, are Army officers. They owe their life to this business. And they take orders.

The judge in my case, Judge John Moore, his first wife was put away, because she was telling truth. And I found out from Kerry Brown, who is an Army officer who had a purple heart, exactly what she told him. Now he’s the judge in my case.

Across the street from me lives another judge, Judge Jefferson Davis Reed. He’s Naval Intelligence. He found my suitcase in the woods. I’ve known his family since the beginning of time. His sister, Martha Ann Reed Ellis, is married to one of these intelligence guys, Tim Ellis, and divorced. He’s now a federal judge. His mother’s family are intelligence people, and not Americans. Tim’s mother, they are not Americans. He’s a Naval officer taking orders. What are all of these judges doing being under a chain of command? And why are they attacking the mothers and the women who are telling truth? And why are they breaking into honorable people’s houses, and ministers and so forth, using these electronic warfare tactics? Diverting phones, downloading caller IDs, having bogus people answer the phone. In other words, instead of getting this person at that number, they get somebody else.

For example, in an emergency I called the State Police. And I’m pretty smart and discerning, and I wound up talking to a guy who worked for the ATF. And I said, “What are you doing in the State Police office?” He said, “Oh, I’m just a retired ATF guy.” And I said, “But I thought I was calling the State Police office.” He said, “Well, you’re talking to me now, what can I do for you?” I said, “Well, if you’re retired, I want to talk to an active duty guy from the State Police, please. And by the way, I don’t like you ATF guys because of what you did at Waco. You all murdered innocent women and children. You ran over them. You shot them. You put tanks on them. And you killed them. You’re murderers. I don’t want to talk to you.” He hung up on me because he didn’t like what I said.

Well, if he’s so sensitive and so defensive, how can he deal with women if he can’t cope with truth? This is what 80% or 90% of the American people feel. Waco was savage, brutal murder. And what they did to Randy Weaver’s wife. Shooting a mother with a baby in her arms! What’s going on here?! And when one woman or mother hears that, then she doesn’t like the ATF anymore. I don’t know any woman who likes the SEALs anymore. I don’t know any other mother who really likes the ATF anymore. What’s going on here?! We’re mothers!

This is stuff that went on in Germany. And fear tactics. And so we say, “Heck, these guys are adolescents.” So who is running them? Who is in charge? We turn into Dorothys in the Wizard of Oz. “What’s going on here?” So little old mothers like us, we all think alike, and we’re all Dorothys now marching and saying, “Guys, what is going on here? You’re all little men from Oz, why don’t you grow up?” And it can be straightened out.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Do you see any similarity between what’s going on here, and what’s going on in China in Tiananmen Square? Tiananmen Square for China; Waco for America. Is this a turning or rallying point?

[Kay Griggs] A man named Mr. Lee is an intelligence officer in Norfolk. Mr. Lee is the son of the major banker for the Russian government. He worked for Dr. Richard Chang, who is also an intelligence operative. I believe he is an honorable guy. He’s tall. He’s sort of a Princeton-Harvard looking guy. I believe he is honest. He came to Virginia Beach, and I was putting together a sister city organization. And I was trying to get the leaders of all the different ethnic groups in Norfolk to start a sister city program globally. It’s easy to do that. But I didn’t understand how the intelligence community worked at that point. I knew that things were going on, and he was bringing together all of these potential sister cities in China. Our State Department had opened up cities that had independent corporate entities. And we had shows on all of this.

This material has all been stolen out of my house by my husband and his friends. I started noticing, because I was being led spiritually to goodness, to good people, to light and truth. I did not understand the weapons and drugs military culture that’s running our government, and I believe parts of the world. There is not one woman that I know of who is in this business. And I had the pleasure of meeting your wonderful wife last night, Pastor Strawcutter. This is my kind of woman. And I’ve met a lot of women like that. We go through hurdles – and I don’t mean to cry – but we’re strong, and we know truth. And they are going to have to kill me before I give in. I believe in good men like you. I believe even my husband’s core is good. I think that is why he’s away.

I have this little book here. It has the members of the CFR, Council of Foreign Relations.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Do you recognize names?

[Kay Griggs] All these names that I have underlined I know. They are friends of my husband, or I personally know them. My son, John Garland Pollard, and I hope I’m not jeopardizing my family, and I believe that there are some good people possibly in here, so I want to qualify that and say they’re not all bad. But there are quite a few names here. Bill Clinton is on here. You’ve got the Rostows. You’ve got 11 Cohens. You’ve got Mary Hallab’s son. I’m pretty sure that’s Casimir. Carl Vono[sp?]. You’ve got the Commandante of the Marine Corps, who I had my picture taken with.

It’s an interesting list of elite political military banking individuals. And the sons of some high level people. And they have common goals, which is global control.

And I can see how one could sort of get sucked into it idealistically, thinking that it’s going to bring world peace and harmony. I can understand wanting world peace and harmony. But if you’re a Christian, which I am, a Christian with a little “c”. Because the early founding fathers never capitalized the word “Christian.” Did you know that? Did you know that all the founding fathers were homeschooled? Did you know that most all of the Virginia founding fathers were only gospel Christians, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? They didn’t even read the end times stuff, the Old Testament. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson was a born-again Christian for the last 7 or so years of his life? Did you know he was corresponding with Adams in Massachusetts? That he took the New Testament, and the gospels, and was trying to find out everything that Christ did. And I believe he was murdered. And I believe it had something to do with this Admiral Levy, who took a mortgage on his house so that he could build the University of Virginia, so that he could take and get his papers, his correspondence, with Adams. Now I am the only one you will have ever heard this theory from. My undergraduate degree is in Virginia history.

[Pastor Strawcutter] So the University of Virginia was founded by Jefferson, with money he obtained from mortgaging his house –

[Kay Griggs] From a Kaballahist by the name of Admiral Levy. Dare to think. Dare to theorize. Dare to use the hypothesis to come out with a thesis.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Now Levy is a Kaballahist –

[Kay Griggs] And a Mason.

[Pastor Strawcutter] So a descendant of the Illuminati?

[Kay Griggs] Of course. And a weapons dealer. And a reserve military officer.

Think about this: John Paul Jones, supposedly the founder of our Navy, was a criminal. Why would they twist it like that? He was also a Kaballahist, and also a Mason. He and Lafayette were weapons merchants. They raise up some people who are sort of questionable.

Now, I know for a fact that Jefferson became a Christian. He did not necessarily believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, so maybe you could say he’s not technically a Christian. But he said, “I’m a Christian,” and he was working toward it. He was going to Baptist church. He was contributing to the American Bible society. Do you hear this? Jefferson was a born-again Christian who was searching for truth, who was murdered, I believe. And the same day he was murdered, so was Adams. July 4th.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And you being a Virginian –

Kay Griggs] And a descendant of James Madison. God and my Christ has put me in the most amazing places and times. I studied at the University of Edinburgh. I received a grant in 1978 to work on Lord Dunmore’s papers. Lord Dunmore was the last royal governor of Virginia. I was invited by the then-current Lord Dunmore, Johnny Dunmore, to work on the Dunmore papers. No one but John Selby has done any work on Dunmore. The point is, I know a lot about the Triangular Trade, what was going on in Bermuda –

[Pastor Strawcutter] The Triangular Trade?

[Kay Griggs] The Triangular Trade is the illegal weapons/drug trade that is still going on today. Israel is basically running it with the New York bankers. It has something to do with Kaballahism, because the symbol for the Pentagon, the Brotherhood, [is the pentagram].

They feel so compelled to not think for themselves, and sort of depend upon somebody else who is more physics-oriented. In other words, “these guys are so much smarter than I am.” They can be doing totally immoral things, like breaking up families, breaking up wives – in other words, they are not looking at the structure of the family. They are not looking at the structure of society. They are not looking at the culture, the community, the basic ingredient that provides life, the planet, the trees. They’re not looking at anything but sex. And when one perverts and twists – sex is wonderful; it’s great; I’m a great proponent – and there is so much focus by this group on sex, the military, they go back to Greek days. And they have all of these symbols. Like the Washington Monument is supposed to be a phallic symbol. And they say, “Well, this PROVES it, because the Greeks were doing it, and the Egyptians were doing it. And there’s this secret little group that goes back to the days of Nefertiti and Mark Anthony. And it proves that we’re just great. Because we had the whole Roman empire. And Alexander the Great was homosexual. And Catherine the Great was [a beastite].”

It’s debauchery. The thing one has to realize is God knows best. It is an abomination. It is a sin.

Now, we’re all sinners. But I don’t believe we should be putting people on stakes for doing this. Jesus Christ said the simple answer is this, which Mandela also said: just repent. Just show that you’re changing your life. I’m sinner; everybody’s sinned. I don’t believe that targeting people, whether you target them this way or that way, is necessarily the answer. Now this is just my personal opinion. I am not a judge. I wish I could be a much better judge than any of the kaballahist male judges in Virginia Beach. Because they are doing this to women, mothers, who are honorable people who are telling truth. And I would like to hear Hannah Moore tell her truth. I would like to hear Grover Wright’s wife Lynn tell her truth. These are wives of judges in Virginia Beach. I would love to hear Ken Whitehurst’s wife tell her truth. She was shot.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Pat Robertson is in Virginia Beach. Would you like to see him be a judge?

[Kay Griggs] No, I would not. I wanted to believe that Pat Robertson was honorable and good. He’s a Marine. Did you know that? Did you know that he went to the Psychological Operations school at Yale? Now I’m not saying he’s bad. And I’m not going to judge Pat Robertson. But I know he was under the influence of a Belgian man who is very powerful in this group.

The one thing I can judge him on – and I know they’re going to get me for this, because Pat is very powerful – but if you walk into Pat Robertson’s Williamsburg Inn -- it’s a hotel there -- and you are poor, and you are a woman who is poor, or an African-American who is poor, and you walk into that gift shop, you’ve walked into the house of the Sadducees and Pharisees. The dresses in there start at $200. The belts [are expensive]. I mean, these are clothes, basic commodities. Now I’m not saying it’s wrong to have money. But from my perspective, the way my father was reared, there’s a lot of money going on there. And I walk in the steps of Jesus Christ.

I’m not really sure about all of this. And I think that basically he’s a good guy. I like the fact that he’s promoting Christ. I nearly got arrested there. I went in to use the law library, because I’m fighting the Kaballahist group in Virginia Beach. Because I was nearly battered to death. I was nearly killed. I am a totally abused, psychologically and physically broken bones wife.

Now, it says if you are this way, you just get a warrant, and you get your husband to say he’s sorry or something. That’s all I wanted, was for my Marine Corps husband to say, “I’m sorry that I did this.” But if he’s got men behind him telling him to do this, they’re not going to let him say he’s sorry, are they? No. If he’s got Phil Holwager, the pastor who is also Yale-trained intelligence, a chaplain, with Pat Robertson, who is the pastor I took my husband to to try and get him to become a Christian, if he’s meeting with Phil Holwager, and Phil Holwager is telling my husband what to do, that says that Phil Holwager is a programmer for my husband. He’s been trained in mind control. And Phil Holwager admitted to me, “I’ve had psychological training. Yes.” And it slipped out. In other words, he let me know that he has power over my husband.

So then there’s Ty Kroll [sp?] who is in this same church with my husband, who is a sailor. And he did some sexual things to his son. And he had his children taken away. Well, he’s in the church, and a good guy and everything, but he’s a pedophile. And I’m sort of taking up Ty Kroll’s side, because we’re in the same Bible study. But Ty Kroll and my husband are meeting secretly with Phil Holwager.

And then there’s T. Parker Host who is running around nude at his farm enticing my husband out. And then they go away on a boat trip for two hours.

Now I’m saying as a woman and a wife, “What’s going on here?” All of a sudden, we go up to Matthews County where Holwager has a house. Host has a house. But it’s also where my grandfather Miller was born. So I feel very comfortable in Matthews County. These people were not born in Virginia. Do you know what I mean? And yet they are all of a sudden taking my husband up, and then taking him away on a two-hour boat ride. Or we get to Phil Holwager’s son’s house, and then all of a sudden my husband is riding home with Phil Holwager in the car. It’s all been planned.

And this is just after my husband got back from Norway. And I’m trying to remember whether the king and queen of Norway had come either just before or just after this. It had something to do with the king and queen of Norway’s visit. They wanted to keep me away from the queen and king of Norway, because I believe they are Christians. I believe they are honorable people. And I was able to prevail against this group by going to the Norwegian ambassador, who is a wonderful man, and saying to him -- and this is where Jesus Christ and God come in, and I know that they are with me because I’m good, and I was thinking about the good Norwegian people who wanted to see the queen and king of Norway when they came to NATO. And all I did was what any honorable citizen would do representing the honest little people who are Norwegians in Virginia Beach in Norfolk. I wanted them to have a chance to meet their king and queen. And the State Department didn’t want me to do it. NATO didn’t want me to do it. The Kabahallists didn’t want me to do it. And neither did my husband.

But what happened was I was with a solid wonderful person, Ambassador Kjeld Vibe. And we went to the Norwegian embassy -- and I know I’m digressing and this is hard to follow -- but Kjeld Vibe and I were sitting at the table with my husband, and an intelligence operative named Bill Nelson who tried to sabotage the Norwegian group that I was running in Virginia Beach. And Kjeld Vibe, we were planning a trip to Norway in August, which I think was just a bogus sort of thing. And I knew things were going on with my husband, and the weapons sales and all of this stuff, because he was dealing with the American embassy, and with people. And there were things going on.

So we were in Washington sitting around the big table in the Norwegian embassy, with the ambassador sitting to my right, Bill and Kate Nelson to my left, my husband across the way, and Suzanne Baptist, who is the daughter of the man who started this sister-city association. And we were supposedly planning this trip for the mayor of Virginia Beach and her husband to Norway. And the ambassador let it slip that the king and queen of Norway were coming to Norfolk in October. And the ironic thing is, it was the very day the Nobel peace prize was being awarded in Norway. I didn’t know it at the time, but I thought later, “This is really strange. Here’s the king and queen of Norway at NATO headquarters the very day that they’re giving out the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, which is where the king and queen of Norway are from.”

And I mentioned this to Meyera Oberndorf, whose husband is involved in these weapons sales stuff, because her husband Roger Oberndorf and my husband went to this deserted airfield. Roger Oberndorf is involved with Andrew Fine, who is Army intelligence. He tried to take over the Norwegian organization from me. I knew that Andrew Fine does all this group swinging sex with his wife and NATO couples. And I’m going, “something is going on here.” Roger Oberndorf and my husband went to this airfield, and I wasn’t allowed. So I knew, because my husband was meeting with other people. In other words, this is big.
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Re: Mrs. Kay Griggs on How the Government Works

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Part 3 of 4 (Tape No. 3)

[Pastor Strawcutter] When you mention NATO group swinging sex, are you talking about some of the most powerful people in this world and their wives being privy – this does not give security to the people not only of this nation but the people of the world to think that people who have power to kill others, wage wars, send your sons and daughters into battles, these people are complete whacked out degenerates.

[Kay Griggs] Absolutely. Let me give you an example. I love people from other cultures. I went to an Episcopal religious girl’s school, and they had girls from all over the world there. My chemistry teacher was from Turkey. Her name was Mrs. Kont. Dadi Didian [sp?] was an Armenian. It turned out later he was a spy. I had a French teacher who was in the French resistance. St. Martin’s school is a school for double agents. But it’s a great school for girls. Because you’re with all these people from other cultures. The president of the school’s father was from Aramco. I didn’t know about all of this stuff, and how they do it. Woodberry Forest is another school like that. I sent my son there. He went four years to Woodberry Forest, which is where President Bush’s son went, and Oliver North’s son went. It’s in Orange, Virginia.

I didn’t know how it all worked. I mean, if it works for peace and Christianity and love of Moslems, love of people, giving them the right to their own cultures the way the British did, [that’s great]. Because I believe basically that wherever the British went – I know there’s a big hate Britain movement going on – but wherever the Brits tended to go, whether it was India or Africa, they allowed the cultures. They still wore saris. And the ragheads were ragheads to protect their heads from the sun.

Now they are called “ragheads,” and they are targeted as enemies by our little boys. Our little boys are taught to hate ragheads, and kill raghead women. Well, I don’t think that’s very Christian. So I’m looking at the top guys, and they’re not Christians. So it begs the question, “Well, what are they?” That question was in my mind after I was married three years, and I started delving. I was my own little Miss Marple. And I arrived at the definite conclusion that they are not only not Christians, but when you have group sex and homosexual sex, and orgies and things of this nature by the top people who are running my city at least, certainly Virginia Beach, I started looking at other military towns and asking questions. San Diego: the same thing. San Francisco: the same thing. Key West: everybody knows about Key West. Boston: that’s the major homosexual capital of the world. They’re having sex on the highways. These guys are parking. People can’t even go into the restrooms in Boston. And of course, Washington D.C.

[Pastor Strawcutter] What about the person in the Oval office?

[Kay Griggs] Now, I know that he is sick, and he’s addicted. And I know you all will disagree with me, but I lived with Sarah McClendon, and Sarah is a senior White House correspondent. And I believe he was just addicted to sex. And I believe he was put into that office to try and control him. But I believe he has repented. I believe he had strong grandparents who loved him who were Baptists. I have hope for that man. Now, I know a lot of people don’t, but I do. And I have hope for that man’s marriage. I know she’s a strong woman, and I know a lot of men don’t like strong women. And I believe she loves him. And I believe that basically he loves her. And I believe they love their daughter. And I will say one thing that at least – and who knows what their motives are between them and God – but I’m glad it came out for their marriage.

[Pastor Strawcutter] At least he doesn’t seem to be homosexually inclined.

[Kay Griggs] No. And they don’t like that. That’s why the little short guy, the homosexual, George Stephanopoulos – I met him. I went into the White House with Sarah, and I met him. He’s a little short guy. And I even saw the Mombo Jombo room where he hangs out right around the corner from the Ontario.

Homosexuals are one thing. It’s an abomination in God’s eyes. It’s a weakness. It shows that they are very immature. We all go through stages in life where we’re immature. And I wish he would grow up. There’s a Whitehead who is an ambassador who is a homosexual. And his lover is one of Bill Clinton’s attorneys from North Carolina. Now I like the way that man thinks. He’s a homosexual, but I like the way he thinks. James Angleton, CIA, was a homosexual. The head of the FBI was a homosexual. [John] Paisley was a homosexual. They murdered him. All of the British intelligence agents were homosexuals.

I haven’t yet arrived at my theory on that except to say it is a moral weakness. It’s a way to control people.

Now I say, “Tell truth.” Because I’ve been in situations that I’m not proud of. And I will tell anybody what I’ve done wrong. I’m not embarrassed to say this or that. Because I’ve been in situations where I found out that – I have to admit, I’m a sinner. But the point is, when you find out, and you repeat the sin, you’re addicted. They call it addiction, but it’s sin. And why is it sin? Because it’s your weak nature. If you’re in a position of leadership, you shouldn’t be leading. And you should admit your errors. And that’s why I think Bill Clinton will be stronger out of this. He wants peace in Israel. That’s what this is all about.

[Pastor Strawcutter] I did notice that when Hillary made overtures toward the Arabs, whoa! Somebody yanked her chain. And that became a major issue.

[Kay Griggs] I was living in Washington with Sarah McClendon in the Kennedy Warren, before the election. If you will remember, a plane went down on Clinton’s birthday. He had birthday parties at seven different places. It was his 50th birthday. The birthday party in Washington – he was not there, I think he was in New York or some other place – I went to his birthday party which was in the basement of the Kennedy Warren. A friend of mine went into the birthday party. The point is, that night, and I remember it vividly, there was a psychological terror thing for Clinton. It was either his plane went down, but something happened that night that was meant to say, “Uh uh, don’t enjoy this birthday, buddy. Remember, we told you ‘don’t run.’”

George Schultz came all the way from wherever he was – Sarah told me this – I think California, to meet with Clinton before the election to say, “Don’t you dare run. You’re going to get it if you run. I know it.” And that was from Caspar Weinberger, who is the evil one. Caspar Weinberger pulls a lot of strings. Because Caspar Weinberger is involved with a lot of the weapons and drug dealers, the hit squads, the motorcycle gang that Tedson Meyers runs, who was William Colby’s law partner, who just happened to meet me when I was with Sarah at this Smithsonian party. He’s a 4th Marine who has this hit squad motorcycle gang in Europe and everywhere. They call it a motorcycle society. But who runs it? Retired military guys. And just after they meet up at Caspar Weinberger’s place in May, Condoleezza Rice, and Tedson Meyers, and one of the lawyers that Mary Ann Poor [sp?] knows, the motorcycle society, what do they do? What happens right after the motorcycle society meets? Now they’ll probably get this and find out, “Well, we’ve got to change the time when our –“ Lady Diana is murdered. Because I read all of the newspapers. I go into Barnes & Noble, and of course they are going to cut it out of the news and stuff. But they had a minor war in the Netherlands, or wherever. They had another attack by motorcyclists on Cypress. They are the ones stirring up trouble, murdering people, so that they can sell the weapons.

[Pastor Strawcutter] You really think Diana was murdered?

[Kay Griggs] Oh absolutely. There’s no question she was murdered. I knew and sort of went out with a guy named Richard Ord. [sp?] I later found out he was married. It was when I was single. He was Prince Charles’ bodyguard. I also went out with a guy who was divorced, a Marine who was General McArthur’s wife’s bodyguard, who turned out to be a Marine assassin who is living in Virginia Beach now. But I didn’t see the connections between Marines and information. I didn’t know how organized it all was.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Your husband’s alcoholism opened up the door for you to find out all about this.

[Kay Griggs] That’s why I praise God in a way. I don’t praise God that his mind is destroyed, and that he’s brutal and hates women. But yeah, I praise God for everything I’ve gone through. Because I know by his stripes we are healed. Because I walk in his shoes. I have to as a follower of Jesus Christ. When you’re punished, when you go through hell on earth, he is giving you strength. And it’s a very special way. I know I’m going to die. I don’t know how I’m going to die, but I love him. And he’s just giving me all the strength. I’m a weak human being, but he is the truth and the light. And when you walk in the light, you walk with him. And it’s not bad; it’s great.

I know a lot about John Warner, and Loretta Tate, and stuff that is really kind of spooky, because nobody has ever told this out loud. You know, he married Elizabeth Taylor. And there were murders around him. He was having an affair with Loretta Tate, which everybody sort of knows, who was married to a dentist, Randy Tate. She was his secretary, his main person. Randy mysteriously died.

Following Ford's defeat, Warner began to consider political office for himself. He entered politics in the 1978 Virginia election for U.S. Senate. Despite the publicity of being Elizabeth Taylor's husband and the large amounts of money Warner used in his campaign for the nomination, he finished second at the state Republican Party (GOP) convention to the far more conservative politician Richard D. Obenshain [Obenchain]. Much of this loss was due to his perceived liberal political stances, especially his soft approach to Soviet relations. In contrast Obenshain [Obenchain] was a noted anti-Soviet, a hardline anti-communist, and an opponent of other liberal policies including the Great Society and much of the Civil Rights Movement. However, fate intervened when Obenshain [Obenchain] died two months later in a plane crash. Consequently, Warner was chosen to replace him and narrowly won the general election over Democrat Andrew P. Miller, former Attorney General of Virginia. He was in the Senate until January 3, 2009.

-- John Warner, by Wikipedia

What happens is that when the guys find out about the mob, and the wives are involved, the husbands take off. They go to the Eastern shore, or the closest they can to get away from Virginia Beach. But they die. There’s a homosexual clique on Virginia Beach that I know about very well which has to do with the Coast Guard. And it’s a long story. I don’t know whether they are the ones who murdered Randy, but I suspect that Randy Tate was murdered.

George Heilig is another one I suspect was murdered. He was a Delegate. A very powerful guy. Honest. He died very young. And [Richard D.] Obenshain [Obenchain], who was an honest candidate for governor. Dick Obenshain [Obenchain] was running for governor. He was the Republican candidate. He was an honest, honorable guy. He died in a mysterious plane crash. And what happens after Dick Obenshain’s [Obenchain] plane crashes? Well, they have a little convention. It’s conveniently right before the convention. He’s the titular guy.

Well, Elizabeth Taylor comes into the picture. And they just go right over Robert’s Rules of Order, and everything else. Elizabeth Taylor goes around, this movie star goes around and says, “I think you ought to nominate my husband.” Well, he hasn’t even been involved in the process. Dick Obenshain [Obenchain], who is honest, conveniently dies, and John Warner comes right in there. They did not want Dick Obenshain [Obenchain] in there because he was not controllable.

Same thing with Paul Trible, who is a cousin of mine. I’m a Waring, and his family are Waring, and so we are related. Paul was married to Rosemary Trible. Well, there were some things going on. In other words, Paul Trible could not be totally controlled. They got rid of him. Rosemary knew a lot of stuff. And they get rid of the good guys.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Don’t they refer to this as Murder, Inc.?

[Kay Griggs] Yes. Well, the Marine Corps are the assassins. The Marine Corps are the assassins for the mob.

Let’s just take Tedson Meyers for example. Now he is a very nice person to talk to. He was involved in the founding of Peace Corps with Sargent Shriver. He’s from the Brooklyn Bay owned mob. He came from that group. They sent him to Ohio State. Then, in his fourth year, as I understand it, he did something like Truck Driving School. Then he goes into Korea and becomes UDT, Underwater Demolition. In other words, assassin. He’s very smooth. He marries a high-level gal, [Patricia] Sullivan [socialite daughter of President Truman's Secretary of the Navy, John L. Sullivan]. The mob in Virginia Beach is very, very strong; very well organized and connected with the military. The military is run by the mob. The military is the mob. The Marine Corps are the assassins for the mob. Marines may only be in, as Tedson Meyers was, for four years, but the individuals then go on to Truck Loading School. They are always loading things and moving things around. But then they send him to Harvard Law School. I met him after [William] Colby’s murder. But I find it rather unusual that I had spoken with William Colby, the head of the CIA, who knew my husband well, who told me on the phone all of this stuff about the Phoenix Program, and Israel, and all of that stuff was coming out, and that he was going to be doing it. And Tedson Meyers was across the hall from him, as his law partner.

[Pastor Strawcutter] So was William Colby a good guy?

[Kay Griggs] Yes, he was a good guy. He was an insider who knew about my husband’s involvement with Victor Krulak, Al Gray, and the Russian double-agent who was Czechoslovakian or Georgian who was called “The Commissar,” who was running everything in Vietnam, the murders, the assassinations. My husband was involved with the murders and assassinations. He was involved with teams that did that. They were training boys to kill using mind control, using –

[Pastor Strawcutter] The whole reason for Vietnam, or any of these conflicts, is simply to use up a lot of arms and make money.

[Kay Griggs] And to train more killers. It’s a sick, sad, adolescent little boy cycle. These men are not grown up. These are little men from Oz. That’s what I call them. Al Gray, former commandant of the Marine Corps, is a sick little man. Carl Mundy, the former commandant of the Marine Corps, is a sick, pathetic, lying little man. Then you have Krulak who is the son of a double agent. Victor Krulak. Not American. These are men who the Constitution is just beneath them. People like me, their wives, and citizens like you, and honorable people, are just beneath them. Because they are “special.” They are “elite.” Just like the German SS. That’s exactly where this “specialness” came from, from Nazi Germany. In other words, they took with them the most perverted aspect of Nazi Germany, and brought it over to the United States. Because over 200,000 of these guys came over. And out of that, there were some who were existentialist-humanist-anti-Christians. They hate Christians.

You know what happened to the cross of the Weimar Republic? It was turned this way [shows fingers crossed]. Hitler was homosexually recruited in a brothel. He was working in a little brothel. A Kaballahist, Zionist doctor came in and said, “Oh, you look special and great.” In other words, he was one of the many like Oswald, who could be used. And they see how they grow, rather than see how they go. See how they grow: manipulate them. This is why the Army has so many psychological operations specialists. And the one way to keep them is secrecy.

And everywhere you read in the Bible Jesus Christ talks about openness. Truth is light. You walk tall. You don’t hide behind trees and be the snake in Adam and Eve, and be deceptive. Truth frees you. Truth is a liberator. It’s your ally. That’s the one way to tell whether they are evil, weak, if they are cowards or bullies. The one way to tell the cowards and bullies who are now at the very top of the Army, the Marine Corps, the Navy – [Harold W.] Gehman, [General William W.] Hartzog, [John N.] Abrams, [Charles C.] Krulak, especially Charlie Wilhelm who is doing awful things with men and women, [is that they are liars].

[Pastor Strawcutter] And again, who is Charlie Wilhelm?

[Kay Griggs] Charlie Wilhelm I met in Norway. He’s one of my husband’s closest friends, besides Michael O’Boyle. They are called “cherry marines.” Now he’s a general. Because they rise to the top if they are one of Gray’s boys. And before I went public, I went to colonels and wives. And boy, I had conversations. I’m not going to mention their names. But I had a wife tell me when I first found out – it was the most cryptic conversation I’ve ever had in my life. I said to my “blank” friend, “Have you ever had another wife?” She said, “Hundreds of times.” Her husband was a very important person. And he’s working now for Al Gray. Al Gray pulls the strings. It’s all New Jersey mob. Where do you think Al Gray was born? Right outside of Atlantic City. My husband was born in Atlantic City. Sheehan’s father was in the mob.

You remember that big concert they had back in the 60’s, where everybody was smoking pot, and they were doing experiments on young people? Guess who did all of the flying in of all the bands and drug dealers and everything? Who arranged it all? General Sheehan’s father. Woodstock, New York. That’s where he’s from. Now, isn’t that unusual that the head of NATO would be [organizing a rock concert?]

And his brother was doing all kinds of weapons deals, and selling things to the military. And I went to his wife’s home after my husband disappeared. They lived in a Virginia house.
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Re: Mrs. Kay Griggs on How the Government Works

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Part 4 of 4 (Tape No. 3)

[Pastor Strawcutter] Was Woodstock a –

[Kay Griggs] Of course! A testing ground for drugs! Of course, it was just an experiment. Like the Jim Jones thing down there. I think even little David Koresh was used, because he had a Mossad, an Israeli agent – they always get away, don’t they? The Israelis are always in there, but they get away, don’t they? Noriega, the guy in Panama. He was an Israeli double agent. Anybody who is Jewish is automatically a member of the Israeli Army. They have a joint relationship. How can they be loyal to America if they will shoot ships like the Liberty, and it’s covered up?

I dated Lawrence Gise’s son when I was a teenager about the time when I went out with John Engler. I’m sure that if he was in the ROTC class, I dated him. And I got letters from him. He seemed like a really nice guy. But my love at that time was Tom Williamson. And Tom Williamson was a Yalie. His real father was killed in World War II. His mother, who was Admiral [John J.] Ballentine’s daughter – a wonderful person -- married Lawrence Gise, who was a captain. And then he became an admiral. And I went to the change of command of the [USS] Forrestal. He was a captain and then he became an admiral. I really did like that family very much.

And being an old Norfolk girl, my grandfather was in Naval intelligence. He retired a captain in the reserves. He was a military doctor, from a very prominent family. And I lived next door to my grandparents. I was the sort of “good-to-date-this-girl, she’s-a-lot-of-fun-and-stuff.”

So I dated Tom, and I went to Yale to visit him, and so forth, with Bob Tate, and some of the guys up there. Well, Admiral Gise took over the command of the Forrestal. He was the head of everything for the military when the Liberty was bombarded by the Israelis. And one of my best friends, Josie Ta Lennon [sp?], talk about a wonderful woman. She’s been through a lot. I’ve learned a lot of information from her. Josie’s brother was on that ship. He was murdered. He was a rising star, a brilliant young boy. It’s now being run by a group that’s holding it down. Those Israelis. And yet every Jewish person who is in the military is a member of that Army, or whatever it is.

Now something is very strange here when you have the whole State Department, with not one Christian, not one Protestant, in the Near East section. Not one Moslem. Why not? They have Jews there. We have Moslems in the Navy. Why are there no Moslems in the Near East section of the State Department? Why are there no born-again Christians, or honest people, who are not under some chain of command? Why don’t we have anybody who can decide right and wrong, who has to be interpreted? Something is strange when you have a State Department that is run by Israel. It’s no wonder there’s no peace. Do they want peace? No. They want to control all those little countries around there.

And there was an interesting dinner that I had over at Carolyn Millice's house with the marine wives and some of the – well, I don’t really know what they are. I thought they were wonderful until this night. I was getting into this cult: “Shhh, don’t talk. Don’t talk about the go-go dancers, because of your husband’s career; shhh don’t tell this; don’t tell that. Quiet, you’ll get [in trouble].” We were sitting around the table, and we always would do prayers before dinner, and there was a woman there who was from Pat Robertson’s place. She was married to a Jewish guy. And I’m not saying that he was bad. I think I met him once. They were at Carolyn’s Christmas party. But it was right after Yitzhak Rabin was killed, shot. And it was the furthest thing from my mind. I was thinking, “Oh, great, dinner! This is great.” And we were in the middle of the prayer when this woman said, “Oh, thank you Jesus, thank you God that you killed Yitzhak Rabin. We praise you for that. This was an evil man. We praise you God that you killed Yitzhak Rabin.” And I’m sitting there, and I’ve traveled. I’ve been 20 times to England and Scotland, and I know all these NATO people and so forth. And I’m thinking, “What did I just hear? ‘Thank you God Jesus killed the head of Israel because he wants peace?’” This is the guy who got the Nobel Peace Prize with Arafat.

So what do I do? This is one of those crossroad moments where in my culture, which is Southern Protestant, I have to say something. I’m over 50 now. I’m not shy anymore. I’ve got six grandchildren. I said – in my nice little way – “What did you just say?” And then Carolyn Millice said, “Well, he’s just –“ Like they knew something I didn’t know. And I said, “Wait a minute. Didn’t he just sign the peace [agreement with the Palestinians]?” And I looked around at everybody. It was like I was an outsider. I said, “Wait a minute.” Like that go-go dancing thing. I had to interpret Jesus for them. Because these are supposedly followers of Jesus Christ. I said, “I want to get this straight. Do you all mean to tell me that you all are for the murder of a man who wants peace in the Middle East?” And Carolyn Millice said, “Well, no. Of course.” And I said, “Well, wait a minute. You’re wrong. Because Jesus Christ would have been behind peace in the Middle East.” Well, I was now [identified as a person] who they couldn’t trust anymore. I wasn’t going along with the program of whatever Israel wants to do, if they want to kill Palestinians; or if they want to sabotage. Because George told me that’s what they do. They do a lot of sabotage. They take men who are Jordanians, Iranians and Iraqis – sons of leaders – and they bring them over here, and wine them and dine them, and then rev them all up to hate their parents. And they give them weapons. What they do is feed their ego. This is intentionally done according to my husband by the Marine Corps. Because the objective is to get the goal, whatever it is they want. Machiavellian or Clausewitz.

And of course my husband was reared, was suckled on Proust, Sartre, Camus. If you want to read his thesis, it’s in French. It was written by Todevay [sp?]. But it’s at the Princeton University Library. You can read what my husband believes in. Now this is the Chief of Staff of the Marine Corps? This is a guy who writes with a purple pen, which means homosexual. Arrogantly so. Writing with a purple pen. He’s working under Al Gray, called “Gray’s boys.” This is what they call them. Gray’s boys are all homosexuals. Cherry marines. There are books on cherry marines that I’ve got. Everybody knows about cherry marines.

Now if you have to be a cherry marine to get to the top, and then you read about Krupp and the German high command, and you know that they are using the same word, “special special.” You know they changed the eagle. To be a colonel and a captain you have to get an eagle, and that started when all of these people started coming over [from Germany] to change America to be generic, and no more of a Christian nation. The head of the Marine Corps, who was a Kaballahist-Zionist, in the 1850s, 1860s – you can do your research. When did they change the Marine Corps emblem from being, I think it was a bugle, to having an eagle on top of the world? And who was the commandant when that happened? Ask that question and find out the answer. [Brigadier General Commandant Jacob Zeilin] And then wonder, like I do.

And George told me, “You know, we’ve always been the murderers.” He said, “Why do you think we have the red line down our pants?” And they have this “X” on top of their hat, or something, that had something to do with target practice.

I spoke to his Uncle Dick Griggs, who also works for the mob, the intelligence community. It has something to do with the schools. They have limitless money -- I believe it’s mob money -- for poor boys to go to these fancy schools. Uncle Dick has a little computer like Roger Oberndorf does. Uncle Richard Griggs became George’s father, because they were trying to get him away from his father. He was away from his parents for 8 years. His uncle “handled” him. His uncle is getting money from this group. He used to be just a schoolteacher in Princeton.

But he has two sons, Bob and Jeff, who are like my husband’s brothers. Now what does Bob do? That’s the question of the century. Bob handles an account for my husband. And I started asking questions about it. Bob moved from Princeton down to Oklahoma City. He was near that Augusta Golf Club. And now he’s in Colorado where he is handling this account that George has money in. And I’ve seen papers of my husband’s after Beirut. In other words, he’d done a job. And it was a civilian job. Here’s a colonel in the Marine Corps doing a civilian job, TAD. That’s where they go off and do a job sort of undercover. George says he’s had so many different passports with different names. I’m getting mail for an Englehardt. He’s got accounts now for an Englehardt. I get mail from a Princeton private account from Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch is involved with the mob. They have rogues in there who launder cash money. They have people who launder cash money in Norfolk. I know some of the people who handle the cash. Drug monies and cash.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Is your husband Jewish?

[Kay Griggs] My husband is not Jewish. He’s German, the son of a German family. But his father was in Atlantic City doing very shaky things. In fact, his father was a weak, precious little man. And I liked him. Nobody listened to Ray. The mother ran everything. The mother was strong and domineering, and bossy. And I must say, she was not attractive. Ray was handsome. They married and had three boys. I know she had to get married. But in those days it was very embarrassing.

Well, Ray didn’t have anybody. Ray was essentially an orphan, although he had lots of brothers. But let me tell you what Ray told me.

I was in California with George’s mother and father staying at his brother Don’s. And the world revolved around the mother. But Ray had a lot of wisdom there. And I was anxious to know what really went on in New Jersey. Why they left New Jersey. Why they left Atlantic City. What happened in Lawrenceville. Why George was put in this school, and not seen for 8 years.

It had to do with the fact that they were poor and desperate. Rhoda’s sister, George’s mother’s sister, married someone high up in the intelligence community, who went to the Presbyterian School, or something like that. But George’s father Ray had been very shortly in prison in New York. And you don’t talk about that. Ray had seen his mother run over by his father with the girlfriend in the car. The girlfriend wound up being the stepmother. You don’t talk about that. There were seven boys I believe. Ray was right in the middle. All of these pictures have disappeared from my house. Supposedly my husband has never come in to the house. All of the pictures of assassins like Rockland Williams [sp?], you can’t believe the things that are being slowly taken out of my house. Why?

[Pastor Strawcutter] Obviously, so your credibility can be attacked if you ever tell anybody about this. It’s a miracle you got up here with the pictures that you did that we’re including in this video that support your credibility. It’s a shame this video wasn’t made a year ago, or 18 months ago.

[Kay Griggs] Yes. Because pretty soon they’d have me not even married to George Griggs.

[Pastor Strawcutter] I think it was Orwell who said that he who controls the past, controls the future. And he who controls the present controls the past. So those who control the present can modify the past any way they want. In fact, they could erase you.

[Kay Griggs] Why do you think everything’s on computers? I bought a little Radio Shack tape, and I taped General Gray’s conversation, and with Gray’s wife Jan, who said, “We don’t know where George is.” And I talked to General Gray on the phone. If they don’t know where my husband is, and he’s working for Charlie Wilhelm now, what does that make Al Gray after I’ve been battered? And I’ve got pictures of bruises, hematomas, a broken foot. He put a .45 to my head, laughing at me while he’s standing over me with my arms in pain. He chased me in bathtubs. So I’m hiding saying, “Please don’t kill me” while he’s laughing. I have diaries and so forth. Why do they want my diaries? Why don’t they want my evidence in a court? And I’ve got it right there for Judge John Moore, who is a commando. Why does Judge John Moore giggle at me? What is so funny about being battered as a wife, when his first wife is dead in the grave?

[Pastor Strawcutter] What’s funny is it doesn’t matter what your claims are, because they are in control.

[Kay Griggs] That’s it. And I have a transcript of the commissioner’s first hearing. And Colonel Barry Kantor, who is a Kaballahist, who lives right around the corner from T. Parker Host, who is a commando assassin mob guy and brags about it, who now has seven or eight agencies, and is a friend of George Bush’s all of a sudden. Barry Kantor, his office is right next to George Sharp. And they are persecuting me in court, right and left. And he says, “It doesn’t matter. We’ll just ruin you.”

And so I find another lawyer, and his name is Doug Ballard. General Ben Partin, up in Washington, gave me Doug Ballard’s name. And I still think he might be an honorable guy. And he’s talking about a lot of the stuff that’s going on. Doug Ballard went to VMI. And I knew Doug Ballard because he was a law partner of Philip Purington, whose brother Charlie I knew. And I liked Charlie Purington. When I was dating my first husband, John Pollard, they were best friends. And I went out with Charlie a couple of times. I was making my debut, and Charlie was just a good friend. And still I like him. I introduced him to his wife, and they are still married. She’s a Carolinian, and he’s a Carolinian.

Doug Ballard was in law practice with Phil Purington. So I went to Doug Ballard, and I heard he was a Christian. And I got the information from Paula Ballard about Obenshain’s murder, because Paula was very involved with the Republican party back when Obenshain was running for governor. They were insiders. Ballard was an Army intelligence person who was doing business with the Saudis. He was up in Washington with Oliver North, and that whole crowd. Doug Ballard was doing illegal business, money laundering. But I was attracted to him because General Ben Partin said, “Maybe this guy will help you.” He gave me Doug Ballard’s name.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Is Ben Partin a good guy or a bad guy?

[Kay Griggs] Well, now I don’t know, because I was set up. Or maybe he didn’t set me up, but I went to Doug Ballard and he’s a shyster. This guy is crooked as they come. Or very weak, and I think that goes along together. I told him about the things that had happened to me – and keep in mind he’s Army colonel VMI. But I didn’t know what I now know.

[Pastor Strawcutter] VMI is?

[Kay Griggs] Army. Kaballah. Virginia Military Institute.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Benton Partin is very well known for challenging the Oklahoma City bombing.

[Kay Griggs] Well then, I believe in him. I think he just didn’t know what I know about Doug Ballard. Because I think he heard Doug Ballard went to this born-again church, and his wife is born-again. Which is great, because I’m born-again. But let me tell you what happened. And they did go through some persecution. And maybe they know too much. But what happened to me was this, because Doug Ballard is part of the Brotherhood. I trusted him with my file. See Barry Kantor, my husband’s lawyer, is an Army colonel. Ballard is a colonel. The judge, John Moore, is a colonel. Two of the first commissioners were colonels. The first, Andrew Agee [sp?], is mixed up with crooks in Virginia Beach. He’s a commissioner in Virginia Beach, and was Army colonel reserves. Then there is the former commonwealth attorney, Andrew Evans. He’s in the Masons. And I just talked to his wife not long ago, and she was shaking her head like, “Yeah, I know all of this stuff.” Well, there’s a brotherhood. And Andy Agee and Andrew Evans, who was a commonwealth attorney, they are part of this brotherhood. And they were going to judge the case for me. Then we get the third guy who was in the House of Delegates, [Edward T.] Ned Caton. He is a Coast Guard JAG intelligence guy.

So finally we choose [Edward T.] Ned Caton, because he had done work for us. And I don’t think that’s really right, but the point I’m trying to make is that every single one of these men who were judging a battered wife, almost killed, first wife dead, do something with the husband, bring up the battering, is “handled.” We go into his quiet, secret office. I think I have a lawyer. I’ve given him $1,500. And he’s one of these society lawyers. And he doesn’t want to mention anything about the abuse for some reason. And I’m sort of being flim-flammed.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Is this part of the divorce proceeding, or did you bring a separate cause of battery?

[Kay Griggs] I brought the battery. I started everything. I filed a criminal charge of battery, because you’re indoctrinated to believe that if your husband is a perpetrator, and my husband is a gross perpetrator, [you can get justice]. And all I did was take out a warrant to have him brought back. And that’s when the 20-year Marine police officer came in, and the 20-year Marine FBI agent came in. When I went to the Chief of Police [Charles R.] Wall, who is a very nice man, I had a friend who got me in to see him. He said, “This is big. This is way over my head.” But he assigned a wonderful man to me, Bill Dean, to call anytime. And I must say this is a wonderful man. I can call Bill Dean anytime.

There are some good people probably in the Masons. I don’t know. But there are some good people. But the problem is, the Chief of Police can’t control it. Why, if you’re a Mason, why can’t you control battering of military wives? Why can’t they control a perpetrator who has killed his first wife, and nearly murdered his second wife? So I say, in Virginia Beach, if the Chief of Police has no power. If [William T.] Bill Dean, who is head of the CID, has no power, I’m wondering, [who does have the power?]

I’m a battered wife, and I start meeting other high-level battered wives in the courts who are getting the same treatment by Judge John Moore, and Barry Kantor, and Andrew Agee, and Grover Wright, who battered his first wife Lynn. They spread the word that she was crazy. Lynn Wright is not crazy. Grover Wright was running around with Ann Wood [sp?] and wound up marrying her. And Ann Wood is now a blimp.

Grover Wright is a perpetrator. John Moore is a perpetrator. He’s now married to a girl who’s in my garden club. And he was a commando guerilla. His father was a general in the Coast Guard, and the Mayor’s husband is a captain in the Coast Guard.

[Pastor Strawcutter] So there really is an elite clique that runs everything?

[Kay Griggs] Absolutely, and it’s not the CIA. George calls it in his diary, “Members of the Firm.” He called it “Brotherhood.” He mentioned “The Old Guard Army.” It’s Army. And it’s White House. But the Presidents don’t know about it necessarily.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Did your husband ever talk about Oswald?

[Kay Griggs] Yeah. When you communicate with an alcoholic like that, when he’s drinking, and he’s been totally battered, mind controlled, but is fed lots of money, being poor and so forth, 55% of what people say is verbal, and then you learn to read the nonverbal. George had diarrhea of the mouth.

I knew it was General Joy who authorized the terrorism of my life. I know it is General Jim Joy, General Carl Stiner, General [William W.] Hartzog, General Abrams, General [Harold W.] Gehman, and General [John J.] Sheehan. And [Charles C.] Krulak. These men are the ones who are perpetrators. They bugged my phone, and downloaded my caller ID. They have authorized and given money to people like Alexander Robinson. Ern Reynolds [Ernest Reynolds] was 4th Marine, JAG, who worked for the Justice Department. The Justice Department is involved. There are rogues in the Justice Department who think they are “handling” people by using cruelty, tricks, and psychological games. This is not the way you handle a nation. Women know this.

[Pastor Strawcutter] You mentioned New Orleans as a center of mob, and mind control, and illegal criminal activity. Did your husband ever mention any of the people there?

[Kay Griggs] Yes, he did. In fact, he went down there with General Gray, with Michael O’Boyle.

[Pastor Strawcutter] During the time of 1963?

[Kay Griggs] He was always going down there.
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Re: Mrs. Kay Griggs on How the Government Works

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Part 1 of 4 (Tape No. 4)

Interview with Kay Griggs
by Pastor Strawcutter
Full Transcript
[Transcribed from the video by Tara Carreon]

Tape No. 4 of 4

Start of Tape 4

[Pastor Strawcutter] Your name is Katherine Pollard Griggs.

[Kay Griggs] Yes.

[Pastor Strawcutter] You are the wife of Colonel George Griggs?

[Kay Griggs] Yes.

[Pastor Strawcutter] 11 years of marriage?

[Kay Griggs] Yes.

[Pastor Strawcutter] It’s true that your husband has been the head of Special Operations under Admiral [Frank B.] Kelso, NATO?

[Kay Griggs] Yes.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And it’s true you were the head of the Hospitality Committee?

[Kay Griggs] Yes.

[Pastor Strawcutter] You were a member of the Executive Board of NATO’s Wives’ Club?

[Kay Griggs] Yes. Absolutely.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And also, your husband’s background includes NATO Defense College in Rome?

[Kay Griggs] Yes.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Princeton Class of 1959.

[Kay Griggs] Yes.

[Pastor Strawcutter] His intelligence career, his spy career, began in Vietnam?

[Kay Griggs] Yes.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And it’s also true that it continues until this day?

[Kay Griggs] Absolutely, under General Wilhelm.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And that your husband was the liaison between the White House and President Gemayel of Beirut, Lebanon, at the time of the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon?

[Kay Griggs] Yes.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And in fact your husband was an alcoholic?

[Kay Griggs] Absolutely. Incredible.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And continues to this day?

[Kay Griggs] Absolutely.

[Pastor Strawcutter] During these drunken stupors, he would, so to speak, blab on and tell you everything he knew about the intelligence community?

[Kay Griggs] Everything.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Nothing was hid?

[Kay Griggs] No.

[Pastor Strawcutter] It was like he wanted to relieve himself and unburden his heart?

[Kay Griggs] Yes.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And so he told you everything that you now know about the intelligence community that you are talking about?

[Kay Griggs] Yes.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And in fact, he told you that they knew the bombing was coming down in Beirut before it occurred?

[Kay Griggs] Absolutely.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And also, by your association with him, you have come to understand and know, as shocking as this may sound to the people who are viewing this, that the United States military is literally run by sexual deviants heavy on the homosexual side?

[Kay Griggs] Truly.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And the U.S. military, people like Jeffrey Dahmer and [Ted] Kaczynski and [Timothy] McVeigh and [Lee Harvey] Oswald, and a host of other people, who have a sexual deviant background, primarily homosexual, these individuals are actually sought out by people in the military –

[Kay Griggs] Army.

[Pastor Strawcutter] -- the Army for advancement into intelligence-type work because they are so easy to control? And they actually become mind slaves? And that the U.S. military literally, as outrageous as this sounds, is a mind control operation?

[Kay Griggs] Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Totally now. They’ve gotten rid of the good folks, like [General] MacArthur. They got rid of them, one by one. It’s a total takeover.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Okay. Let’s talk about the individual who told you that we’ve never actually been an enemy of the Soviet Union, that somehow that’s all just been a scam.

[Kay Griggs] Well, my husband. The first three years that we were married, he was drinking three or four straight gin-vodkas a night, a bottle of wine, and there was a beer machine beside his desk. I only knew him two months before he asked me to marry him. He had been married before. And his first wife was a total alcoholic.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Now someone would ask, why would you marry a man after only knowing him two months?

[Kay Griggs] I’m a strong protestant Christian, and I had a lot of predestination [ideas]. I had a Scottish grandmother, and I was working as Assistant Director of the Chamber of Commerce. I had a brand new, relatively new Saab – my first car. It was a 1983 Saab I bought second-hand from somebody who was 84 [years old]. And my husband was driving a 1983 Saab. Mine was a turbo; his was not. He rented part of my house.

I had a young doctor and his wife and two children who were renting the house. They were leaving before the end of the lease time, and they put the ad in the paper, and told me about all of these people. And I said, “No, no, no, no.” And I had been engaged to someone else. I was just renting my house out. And they said there was this man who had a dog, and a mother-in-law, and a son, and he was a widower, and a Marine colonel. And because of his dog, I said absolutely not.

So the point I’m trying to make is that he was someone I did not cotton to. He sort of acted like a robot. He was very clipped, and I didn’t want to like him. But when I heard he was a Princeton graduate, I always thought that was kind of great; when I heard he spoke fluent French, and I speak fluent French; when I found out he drove a Saab when I drove a Saab; and when I found out that he went to the same high school that my uncle had gone to, was in the same eating club in Princeton that my Uncle Ben had gone to; he was on scholarship, and went to Princeton, everything the same as my uncle who was also in intelligence – but I didn’t think about that then. I was just thinking, “This is God. This is too much; too many similar things.” And so it overwhelmed me. He was also very, very good looking at that time. Now he’s aged and haggard.

[Pastor Strawcutter] He had a rough life.

[Kay Griggs] Yeah. So I was overwhelmed by him. Plus, my job at the Chamber was very demanding. I was doing a great job. But he said that he wanted me to retire, because he wanted to make General. And the man who could make him General was General Louis Buehl. Because it was just a matter of having somebody who would make you General to be General. It wasn’t what you did. Louis just happened to die. We went to his funeral. And George didn’t make General, because Louis died.

But his first wife had been, I’m sure, battered to death. I was battered. But I just thought it was Vietnam, and all this kind of thing. And I was trying to get him to stop drinking. Because I couldn’t imagine how the Marine Corps would allow someone to be a total alcoholic. He couldn’t even carry on a normal conversation dry. I mean, he couldn’t even carry on a normal conversation with anyone unless he’s drinking. He never smiled unless he had a glass in his hand. He drank solidly.

I have a letter in his own hand that tells – and this is the truth – he drank solidly this amount that I just said for 30 years. His booze bill – and he and his first wife never entertained – was $250 per month. And this is from the Naval store. Now think about that. He was totally snockered, his whole brain. And yet he’s working. He’s head of running half the world’s Marine Corps under General Al Gray [General Alfred M. Gray].

[Pastor Strawcutter] He’s a man who is mentally incapacitated unless he’s inebriated, and then when he’s drunk, he’s in a different, altered state of mind?

[Kay Griggs] He can’t discern anything. All he does is follow orders. And he told me in one of our many conversations where he was trying, he thought because my family were all Naval officers. and I was out in the world with the Chamber, that I just sort of went along with this stuff.

[Pastor Strawcutter] How many wives of high-up military people are there, like yourself, who are speaking out?

[Kay Griggs] None. I mean, they are all 30-year Marine wives. They are Stepford wives. They are petrified.

I have had conversations before I went public, before I went to live with Sarah McClendon, who saved my life. She’s the senior White House Correspondent, the little red-headed feisty Texan who broke the Billie Sol Estes thing. She doesn’t go along with the clone group of reporters who are all – most of them – Intelligence officers. I think she was in Intelligence, because she was in the Army in World War II. And she has just a remarkable mind. And I lived with her for five or six months. And what’s interesting is that she called my home after I had called her and seen her on C-Span. She couldn’t even get through to my house. I was living there by myself. Every time she called my home – this is 1996 from March until she finally got hold of me -- she had to go to another phone in Maryland to get me on the phone. Every time she called me from her home she was told, “This is a military base, and the Griggs’ don’t live here anymore.” Now that was my phone number long before I met George Griggs. It’s my granddaddy’s farm, the house that I own.

[Pastor Strawcutter] So your phone was being diverted?

[Kay Griggs] Absolutely diverted. It’s electronic warfare. It’s part of their deception. They have many levels. But it’s all under a big operation. They have an operation now to totally ruin me. His first wife was murdered.

[Pastor Strawcutter] You’ve discovered about this large operation through a diary you discovered. Could you hold that diary up so we can get a look at that? Does the military or people in the Intelligence community realize you have a copy of that?

[Kay Griggs] They do now. I had a phone conversation with General Jim Joy in February 1996. They knew I was on the move, trying to find out information, and my husband had mentioned General Jim Joy. And I had to call a General Miller in Jacksonville who was in my husband’s address book. And I told him I was looking for General Joy for a Christmas card list, and I needed General Joy’s telephone number because one of the colonels who I trusted, Colonel Ken Millice [Colonel Kenneth P. Millice], lied to me. Captain Phil Holwager lied to me. So I got this General Jim Joy, who is the one who was in the Operation Just Cause, the one in Panama. He was in charge of all of the psychological operations: the booming music that they hit Noriega with; the chasing him around –

[Pastor Strawcutter] That was the same stuff they did at Waco, too.

[Kay Griggs] Of course. That’s General Jim Joy who was behind Waco, and General Carl Stiner, the snake, who tried to steal Desert Storm away from [General] Schwarzkopf.

[Pastor Strawcutter] So you were trying to get some addresses, and they were giving you the complete run-around?

[Kay Griggs] Oh, they don’t even know him. And I knew him because my husband told me that he worked with General Joy and General Stiner. They were the triumvirate. But they had different names. They were in plain clothes. They had different passports. So I got him on the phone. I was given the number by this General Miller. I said, “General Joy, I’m Kay Pollard Griggs. My husband, George Griggs, was in the Marine Corps. He’s battered me badly. And we‘re looking for him because this has been going on too long.” And blah blah blah.

And I was recording this conversation. I was sitting on my bed with the diary right out in front of me. And he didn’t know I had the diary. He didn’t know anything. It was a cold call, like they do cold murders when they graduate from SEAL school. Cold murders. I was doing a cold telephone call. And he said, “No, I don’t believe I know your husband.” And those were his exact words. I have a card that General Jim Joy sent my husband after the murder, the death of his first wife, saying “Call me anytime.” Here I was traumatized, battered, beaten, and he lies to me.

So I said, “Well, General Joy, that’s funny, because I’m looking at my husband’s diary when he was in Beirut, and you’re meeting with him almost every day.” And before that, I said, “You know, he was the chief of staff for General Al Gray [General Alfred M. Gray]. He’s one of Gray’s boys. You know, Chief of Staff of Fleet Marine Force Atlantic, runs half the world, all the Middle East, NATO Defense College. You don’t know my husband, and you’re a General? You live outside of Quantico, and you don’t know my husband?” I made it very clear. “Nope, nope, can’t say as I do.” So then I told him about the diary. And these are all immature adolescent males. These are men who don’t know how to deal properly with adults. They lie. They are deceptive. They hide behind trees.

[Pastor Strawcutter] But when you nailed him on the diary, he realized –

[Kay Griggs] His exact words were, “Oh, THAT George Griggs.”
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Re: Mrs. Kay Griggs on How the Government Works

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Part 2 of 4 (Tape No. 4)

[Pastor Strawcutter] And that’s just the beginning of the run-around and deception you’ve found with these people, and no doubt why they want to have this diary. This one page I found particularly interesting. Read these notes that he had recorded there?

[Kay Griggs] A number of the Marines told me a little bit about [Colonel] Dale Dorman. Dale Dorman is not a happy camper. Dale Dorman, because of some mistakes my husband made, was shot. It’s 7/15-7/30.

“Dorman exited Riviera.” That was sort of a hiding place, whatever. “Grey and tan Mercedes. Up to five shots were fired. He raised his left arm. One round penetrated his arm. One struck his chest. Walked back into Riviera to the desk and called Post 1. Security vehicle went to pick him up. Returned to door. Found 15-18 meters away, and treated. Medvac called 7:50. Medvac wheels down at 0810 in an H-Bird helicopter. Riviera Hotel approximately 0.9 mile west of the Embassy. Dorman has been there since arrival, except briefly during a period of siege. He was not wearing protection. Saw three men in the vehicle. One leaned out back with a shortened rifle or automatic weapon. Sentry at B1 saw and heard nothing.”

It’s just one page of the diary.

[Pastor Strawcutter] “Sentry saw and heard nothing.” In other words –

[Kay Griggs] “Don’t talk.”

[Pastor Strawcutter] There’s just a whole world of these types of assassinations and murders. And at one point your husband discussed people being eliminated like shooting ducks.

[Kay Griggs] We had innumerable discussions over dinner. He’d already had his four gins. Now, he’ll talk to any woman or anybody who drinks with him. This man, what is he doing in security? You know what I’m saying? When he was at NATO – I’ll get right back to that – but when he was at NATO, and he was the head of Special Operations, in fact, I’ve got copies of his secret check-in-and-out papers at NATO. He had them at home. I hope I still have those. But the point is, I could get in and out of the NATO headquarters just walking in. And there were all these shady looking garbage men. And George would leave his office door wide open at lunchtime. He was flirting with a secretary who was a Chief who knew everything. The point is, what lax security.

And I had to say, “George, look, you have got to do something about the security here at NATO, because I can walk in and out.” He said, “Oh, just forget it. Don’t do anything.” And I’m a very demonstrative person when it comes to security and honor and integrity, and your word is your bond. My culture, my father, my people believe in this nation; in my state, Virginia; in my people; my culture; my God. This is important. You don’t just treat that kind of thing lightly. So I said to him, “If you don’t do something, I’m going to Landess Kelso.” I was in the wives’ club. She is the wife of Admiral Frank Kelso, who is a wonderful man, honorable man. And she’s a wonderful woman. And I had great rapport with her.

I sort of stopped an international incident with the French, the English, and the British who were ganging up against the French over something that was really minor, but it was huge. And she helped me. I determined that it was a problem, called her up, and she helped me. And we diverted and averted a major thing. So he knew what I would do. And I said, “Look, if you don’t write a report and do something about this, then I’m just going to go to Landess and say what’s happening.”

The point is, the man, when he was in Beirut, he was sleeping with a spy and double-agent, Mary Clark Yost Hallab, whose husband was a double agent, an Arab at the American University of Beirut. He leaves his briefcase wide open. He was with her for five weeks in a hotel. This is a married woman with two children, who followed him all around the United States, and is still seeing him. She met him in London; lived in Virginia Beach; was working in international programs at ODU, while he was married.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Would you say your husband is fairly typical of these powerful men?

[Kay Griggs] Oh, absolutely typical. When I was single working at the Virginia Center for World Trade, four of us old friends that I went to school with -- Molly Holt and a few others -- we would go altogether to a place called Poppy’s. At that time, he was Captain Jerry Unruh. Now he’s an Admiral – three stars – Jerry Unruh. This man, again, was married. He was running around with the Tailhook crowd. I did not know he was married. I knew he was a Navy captain. I was told by him that he would be taking command of the carrier Saratoga. He followed me everywhere. He even went up to Wintergreen. He sent me private separate pictures of the Israeli guys waving to him. He was a Tailhook pilot, these airplanes. And he was a Mustang. But he was totally immoral. And he knew that he would never get caught. In fact, he was in Tailhook. They had a big party down at the beach. I mean, I didn’t go by that time because I learned that he was married. The point is, he and this whole group. I found out about General Al Gray [General Alfred M. Gray].

[Pastor Strawcutter] What is this consistent thread about the sexual degeneracy and the homosexuality, and the raw, base nature that seems to be so prevalent? Have you ever determined what it is?

[Kay Griggs] It’s a way to handle them, to control them.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Years ago, you used to think of people like General Eisenhower as an upright man.

[Kay Griggs] Oh, I don’t know. I know some things about him.

[Pastor Strawcutter] How far back do we have to go where you find people who are decent and moral and upright, where you had real people who defended the Constitution, and were nationalists, and America First? You gotta go back a good ways.

[Kay Griggs] Oh, absolutely. Robert E. Lee was. You see, growing up in Norfolk, Virginia, my whole family had been Naval officers. And they were also working. In other words, they would enter the service during a time of war, of need, and then they would go back to being fathers and husbands. I had a wonderful father, wonderful grandparents, wonderful family, who put their family first. Well, they put their God first, Christ, and then their wives and sons and children. This is the way America was built.

Now these Generals in the Marine Corps and Army, they don’t look at it that way, according to my husband. They are ordered, and my husband being Chief of Staff, told his men it was like this: “It’s the Marine Corps first, the brotherhood, the cherry Marine bonding that goes on. The Marine Corps comes before God, before Jesus Christ, before the country.” And then it’s whatever religion they have, because my husband is not a Christian. He’s an existentialist. And most of these guys are. Certainly Al Gray [General Alfred M. Gray] is. [General Charles C.] Krulak. I think his wife goes to church.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Their “God” is this brotherhood?

[Kay Griggs] The brotherhood. And it’s very German.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Does it have Masonic leanings?

[Kay Griggs] Absolutely Masonic leanings. In fact, the Admiral who was the last Admiral whose car my husband bought – he was very impressed with this Norwegian Admiral – they are all Masons now. Not all Masons, but this brotherhood is Opus Dei or the Mob.

The one thing that I’ve been able to determine about the current Marine Corps, the Marine Corps that my husband came in with, [General Alfred M.] Gray, [Tom] Reep [?], [General John J.] Sheehan – they are all Mob. New Jersey Mafia. Brooklyn/New Jersey. The Marine Corps guys are the hitmen. And they are mercenaries. They will work for anybody.

You think the Marine Corps is under the Navy? No way. They can just as easily be under an Army Colonel. And if the Army colonel meets a Marine Corps colonel, the Army colonel is superior. They will switch hats just like that. My husband said, “Iit’s just no big deal. I’ll go work for the State Department.” The Marine Corps is just like a smoke and mirrors thing. And they are run out of New Orleans, the 4th Marines. [Lee Harvey] Oswald.

On his level, he said “We’ve never been an enemy of the Soviet Union.” They work with these Communists. The man who started this whole intelligence operation, the OSS, he was recruiting known Communists, who were involved in subverting Spain. They are not Americans. They are not Christians. They are German existentialists.

Now, what are they doing running our nation? They have more of an affinity for the State of Israel right now than they do our nation. They don’t care about American citizens. The judges now in the courts are military officers following chain of command orders. They’re not independent judges. They are all Marines and Army officers. Who is John Warner? A Marine. Who is Chuck Robb? A Marine. They control the powerful committees. Dick Davis, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, is a Marine. His wife is – I hate to say it, but everybody knows in Norfolk – a prostitute. You know, Martha was a wonderful woman I’m sure to him, but they were involved in organized crime.

Now I know that our present governor in Virginia is an Army officer. He takes orders.

So the question that all of us wives are asking now is, “Well, who gives the orders?” If they are told that we wives are enemies, how are the sons going to grow up? If the mothers who are teaching them truth are lied to, and the husbands are ordered by the likes of Al Gray [General Alfred M. Gray], a major homosexual when he was in Marseilles – I shouldn’t say this, but it’s true. The boys are called “Gray’s Boys.” He never married. Everybody under Al Gray. And he had a separate organization while he was Commandant. It was a contract organization to get information on people. And if they weren’t corrupted, to corrupt them. Farming people so that he would have something on them, so that they could use that later to control and manipulate them.

It’s like what happened to Newt Gingrich and all these guys, Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton who have gone through the sweats. What happens is they get a little tiny thing on them to prove how much power they have. They use guys like Michael Isikoff in Newsweek, or their little clones like Woodward and Bernstein, who are operatives. I believe it was Bob Woodward, it’s either Woodward or the other one [Carl Bernstein].

See, I knew some British Intelligence people. And I was told the whole story about how he [Carl Bernstein] was running around with Peter Jay’s wife [Margaret] who was the ambassador to Great Britain. This man [Carl Bernstein] was sleeping with Peter Jay’s wife [Margaret], and there was a movie. I think Jack Nicholson was this guy [Carl Bernstein]. And this was her story [Nora Ephron] about what she went through while her husband [Carl Bernstein], the columnist, was sleeping with the ambassador’s wife to get information on what was going on in Great Britain.

Now this is the team that broke Watergate. So what were the motives? Of course, Watergate was horrible, and Nixon had something like 60 military JAGs alone working for him, and doing dirty tricks. One of those JAGs was Ernest Frank Reynolds, who changed his name to Ern Reynolds. He came to me. I was farmed. Tim Hunter, an Intelligence Army operative, came to me with this story about hard luck, Saudi Arabia. He was in the Army, and he said, “I have a friend who could help you out with your legal case. He’s a really good guy.” Ern Reynolds. “And if you meet him, I know he’ll do some free legal work for you.”

So I was staying with Sarah, and I didn’t have any money. But I took the train into Fairfax where he was. He met me in his Volvo station wagon with his jacket on. I didn’t know what the big “4” meant on his leather jacket, but it meant 4th Marine, an Operative. And he had the most fantastic apartment.

See, I’m a big book person. I love reading history and everything. And I’m impressed by people who read, who are intelligent, and who are wise. I have a Masters myself in Scottish history. I have an undergraduate in Virginia history. I worked on the Dunmore papers. I studied with people like Ian [B.] Cowan [The Renaissance in Scotland] and Geoffrey Barrow [The Kingdom of the Scots] and [Sir] Tom Devine [The Scottish Nation]. These are scholars in Great Britain who are experts in the Reformation. And my interest was Mary Queen of Scots at the Reformation. And also Lord Dunmore, who was the last royal governor of Virginia. And I was working on the Dunmore papers. And I was impressed by Ern Reynolds. And he was divorced, and had a sad story and everything. He worked for the Justice Department. He was supposedly a whistleblower. Supposedly a Christian. So he’s really going to help me out. Boy, did I buy into that.

So I caught him sneaking around my house at 2:00 one morning. And of course, I was the most gullible in school. And I’m trusting. I’m a Christian. And I always look to the good side of somebody. I see the good little part. It took me about three times. The guy had my original documents that had just been in my briefcase under his car seat. He invites me to a Cybernetics conference in Champaign, Illinois. I leave Martha Roundtree’s apartment, and it’s arranged so that all of my things are in his safe little car. And we’re going to his parents’ house in Roanoke, “And of course you know, you can’t take all of your things to the Cybernetics conference,” he says. Because I was going home. But this is a smooth psychological operations guy. He is doing psychological operations on a woman in Champaign, Illinois, who is the lover of a German spy. He’s been writing letters to her. He’s showing me these letters. The guy is perverted. He’s writing Susan Parenti these letters, invading her mind. And Susan’s written him two or three letters. She’s very beautiful. And he’s got pictures. But he’s sharing these letters with a group of seven men, one of whom is head of computers and Intelligence for the Army, Ron Jarmuth. Now Ron Jarmuth comes right out and says, “I’m an anarchist.” His family are New York old Zionist Jews. He met his wife, I think. in a kibbutz. I mean, he’s a nice, personable guy, but when you say to somebody like me, “I’m an anarchist,” just so blithely --And he’s always over at Ern’s house.

And Ern’s got a picture by his bedstead drawn by a man who is a known homosexual, who he met while he was at the University of Virginia. He was the Chaplain at Hollins College. And my best friend was there. And she said, “He’s a well-known homosexual.” And I’m thinking, “What is a picture of Ern Reynolds doing being painted, when he is young, by this known homosexual?” And then I find out that the man who enlisted him in the Republican party was doing dirty tricks for seven years for the Republican National Committee, dirty tricks, underneath this man from West Virginia who was a homosexual. And he left all of his money to Ern’s son, and took his son on a trip. And Ern is a lobbyist for homosexuals. He’s working in the Episcopal Church. He’s got a group of women that he meets with at the Seminary.

I’m sure that my case, my profile, he probably has charge of it now. He’s the expert on Katherine Pollard Griggs. But he’s not. The guy is absolutely not grown up. He’s a thief. He was a JAG. A sabotager. He turned on me right in the middle of the Commissioner’s hearing. He laughed at me when I cried. You know, this is a guy who hates women.

And the interesting thing is, I went to his family home. And he had a wonderful mother. And he told me that his father battered his mother. His father was in the Marine Corps. And there was a picture of Chesty Puller in the basement.

[Pastor Strawcutter] That fits the profile, doesn’t it? His father battered the mother, and he grew up in this dysfunctional environment. So when he hit the military, he was noticed in college, or ROTC, or whatever, who said, “here’s a guy who is susceptible to mind control.” I think you used the term “budding.” He was recognized as a potential bud. And he’s moving up the ranks.

[Kay Griggs] Yes. Totally dysfunctional [family]. Yes. His roommate was from New York, and was a Zionist. And he was an outcast at the University of Virginia. He felt he was an outcast. So he had this roommate. And I don’t know this man who was the homosexual from West Virginia. And we had to go through his town. The guy died. But this homosexual was a friend of the homosexual Chaplain at Hollins College, who I met. We had lunch with him one day. The father had the picture of Chesty Puller. and so forth.

Well, I knew Ern was trying to sabotage me and so forth, because I had already had Alexander Robinson come down from Princeton every other weekend, he was my husband’s teacher, and he was also a Marine. His family brought over the Saudi royals. He was one of my husband’s teachers. And I caught him walking around my house at 2:00 in the morning. I overheard him talking to my best friend’s mother saying, “Now, we just” – undercutting me – “We just don’t know. Kay is just under SO MUCH STRESS!” And he’s a very handsome, dignified guy. He went to Columbia University. He was in the area of Algeria with the Marine Corps. Then he went into the boy’s school, the Hun School. He’s in Intelligence without a doubt. His brother-in-law was Colonel Bill Eddy who was, I believe, his brother-in-law. He was a translator for the Saudi Royals during the Roosevelt administration. And the Roosevelt New York crowd was trying to steal all of those countries away from Great Britain. The Balfour Declaration had come in. And there was a guy named Moose -- not the present [George Edward] Moose, who has the Africa desk at the State Department, who is an African-American. But this was a guy named Moose, who helped the State Department steal Saudi Arabia away from Britain. Because Britain was allowing the Saudis to be Saudis, to keep their religion, and to keep their culture. They were not trying to kill people right off the bat, you know.

So George is part of that OSS crowd.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And their stock and trade is murder, assassination, creating conflicts, phoney baloney wars, for the purpose of?

[Kay Griggs] Selling weapons. Money. Drugs. Controlling the drug flow.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Let’s talk about the drug flow in the U.S. Based on your conversations with your husband –

[Kay Griggs] I met drug lords through him. I met the head guy – see George was telling me everything the first three years of marriage. It was like, “You’re with me, gal.” Because he was so used to talking to Mary Hallab and Ambu Shu [sp?], you know the group partnerships with sex and all this stuff. And you know, I’m a pretty loving woman, and I’m fun. I was then.

[Pastor Strawcutter] But you’re not into swinging.

[Kay Griggs] No, I’m not into swinging! And George was into swinging. He and Sue and Nancy and Jim Earl. And I heard about that from Colonels, and one Navy Captain. I met Fahim. George told me what they did. Fahim was a Colonel. He’s in the diary too. [Colonel Fahim Qortabawi]. George said what they do is they cultivate the sons of prominent families. The State Department finds them. They are called “Rising Stars”. And they “turn” – that’s the word they use – they “turn” them. They rope them in. If they are alcoholics, they give them more booze than anybody. If they want women, they find the women. They “turn” them, and then let them know that if they ever get in any trouble, they can come on over here, and we’ll take care of you.

Well, Fahim had come on over here. Things were getting hot in Beirut. He was a Catholic. He was from a very prominent family. And he was going up and hiding in Maine. I remember I had his number. And I talked to his sister. But they’ve culled a lot of stuff out of the house the first time when George disappeared. And then I found out what happened to Sue, his first wife, and all that.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Did you come to learn how drugs actually come into the country? I saw a newspiece one time where a pilot who was in prison alleged that they actually landed on military bases with huge planes loaded with dope.

[Kay Griggs] This is how they all brought them in, the Norwegians, and the Brits. The drugs would come down through Burma, Turkey. They come through the Bekaa Valley. The banks were in Beirut, and they were in Panama, Mexico, and in St. Thomas. They are laundering the cash. That’s why some of the banks in New York, you can very easily find out who the drug lords are.

Barry McCaffrey I saw him two weeks ago. He let it slip out. He’s an Army General. He said, “We haven’t done any more or any less in the last five years in terms of the war on drugs.” They are just holding it. The word he used was “holding.” And you could tell it was a word they used in briefings.

The guys who are doing the drugs, controlling the flow, are military officers. In fact, one of George’s best friends, Colonel Ray Moore, I suspect that Ray Moore was from the gang-ghetto area in California. His wife, Charlotte, was a very good friend of mine. He’s dead. When George would sort of just disappear all of a sudden, they would appear and be in the house to calm me down, take me over, exercise, and do all this mystical stuff. And it was really funny, because they came back from Mexico, and George just happened to disappear, and they were right there.

I knew all this stuff about Ray Moore’s background, and I started thinking, “What’s going on in Mexico? Why the heck is Ray going down to Lake Chapala?” And he would talk about his day. His day would be going out with the men playing golf, and going to the spa with the men. They were doing deals, and going to Guadalajara. And there would be Tom Reep, another former chief of staff for Al Gray [General Alfred M. Gray], going to Mexico. There would be [Colonel] Ken Millice, another temporary chief of staff. When George’s wife’s funeral took place, there was Ken Millice [Colonel Kenneth P. Millice].

Now these guys are part of what we call “The Brotherhood.” And they are all going down to Mexico. So what’s going on in Mexico. Ray’s one of these guys who wants to go sit in the sun. He doesn’t want to go down there to Mexico and do all that stuff. But he did. And he got cancer all of a sudden. And another guy got cancer all of a sudden right after he got out of the Marine Corps.
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Re: Mrs. Kay Griggs on How the Government Works

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Part 3 of 4 (Tape No. 4)

[Pastor Strawcutter] Not to diverge, but did your husband ever tell you anything about disease warfare, like giving people sicknesses?

[Kay Griggs] Yeah, yeah, that’s part of what George called “ABC” – atomical, biological, chemical. And “NBC” was something like nuclear, biological, chemical. They call it “biologicals.” And in fact, I’m not going to mention his name, because this is a guy who is really a good guy who is scared, the word they use is “shitless.” Excuse me. But that’s the word. This guy is petrified, because he’s doing that work. Dealing, subterfuge, and deception in the Middle East. He’s a Marine Corps Colonel. They use disease-causing drugs in missiles. This is an elaborate big business. Like Peter Kawaja, a Marine Corps guy, who is working in plain clothes at one of the plants in Florida. This is why George is in Florida. We manufactured the chemicals and biologicals that were in Iraq.

Now if you don’t believe me, you don’t believe Peter Kawaja, Marine Corps Colonel who says they killed his wife -- I believe him. He worked in one of these factories that was supposedly a candy factory, where the Marine Corps were manufacturing deadly killer things. [General Alfred M. Gray] Al Gray, [General Charles C.] Krulak, [Commandant] Carl [Epting] Mundy. He’s in the CFR. He was in Ken Millice's [Colonel Kenneth P. Millice] class, who was the chief of staff, the one who controlled me. I went to his mother’s house in Seven Mile, Ohio -- Flow. His father was a German Nazi. I’m not saying that being a German Nazi is bad, but he’s part of this group. And if you don’t believe me, if you don’t believe Peter Kawaja about the drugs, everybody knows.

There’s a guy named Randy Aber, Lieutenant Colonel. [Actually a Major]. He’s a hero, an American patriot. This is the guy who should be the commandant of the Marine Corps.

[General Charles C.] Krulak -- I’m talking to you. I’m talking to [General Alfred M. Gray] Al Gray. I’m talking to you Carl Mundy. You all are adolescent, and immature. I call you twerps. You’re liars. You cheat. You steal. You kill. You’re beneath the contempt of any of your wives. They are scared to death. Why do you do this to your wives, guys? Look at that tape of Randy Aber. I knew Chesty Puller, and this is a strong, wonderful guy. I knew his wife, Virginia Mack [Montague Evans]. I knew a real Marine. You can’t say that you knew them, because you didn’t. I did. Randy Aber sat, and he could hardly talk. He was leading a platoon into Iraq. His wife was sitting to his left, and his wonderful father was sitting to his right. And he said his Colonel – he’s a Lieutenant Colonel at that time; I believe he was a Lieutenant Colonel [Actually a Major] – he said, ‘All of our registers were saying, this is dangerous. There are chemicals and biological everywhere,’ I was told. And I followed orders.’ And he was having a hard time talking. This is a young guy. His wife was having to interpret for him. He was crying. He’d been turned on by you guys. He said, ‘On those canisters, on those boxes, were American, AMERICAN flags. Those were American biologicals that we were walking into that killed me, that YOU [Al] Gray, and YOU [Brent] Scowcroft, and YOU [Robert] McFarlane, and YOU guys knew, and Ed Wilson (best friend of my husband), that you all sold to Saddam Hussein. And not only that, I talked to the man who trained the woman who was sent over from Iraq to learn how to build the biologicals and chemicals plants. She was trained here in the United States. And you all know that.’ And Randy Aber’s testimony says everything that I could say a million times better, because this is a man who is a real man, unlike the Generals. Unlike the Colonels. This is a real hero.”

[Pastor Strawcutter] Is Randy Aber still alive?

[Kay Griggs] I don’t know. And I hope and I pray to God that he is. Because this is the man who should take over our Marine Corps. Or his wife! That’s why they don’t have any women in Special Operations. That’s why they don’t have any African-Americans. They are too honest. They are too strongly Christian.

Now, the only guy I know who is involved is a homosexual. And his buddy is an Israeli agent. And they are lovers. They are a pair. But now he’s a Colonel. He is under the guidance of Ken Millice [Colonel Kenneth P. Millice].

[Pastor Strawcutter] So these Generals, over a period of years, it’s consolidated to where they are all part of this Club –

[Kay Griggs] Members of The Firm.

[Pastor Strawcutter] So as The Firm grows, even as the grey-heads get old and die off, or retire, they’ve already set into motion a system that culls out these young, budding, rising stars, and they move their way up. And in time, it consolidates to where no one is in this unless they are in the Club.

[Kay Griggs] Absolutely.

[Pastor Strawcutter] So is your conclusion, based upon your husband’s revelations, diaries, and this sort of thing, is there anybody in the U.S. military, the Army, and Marines, anyone on the level of Generals and Colonels, is there anybody who would not be in this Club?

[Kay Griggs] There’s nobody who doesn’t know in Special Operations, I would say. And I would put money in the bank on this. Not one of them is not a party to this. Once they get that Bird Colonel, that Bird, they go through an initiation ceremony. And my husband told me about that too, guys.

[Pastor Strawcutter] What’s the initiation ceremony like?

[Kay Griggs] They get them drunk: dining in, shellback, anal sex. But they get them really drunk. The guys who are that way do it. It’s a group situation thing. And I was told by two Colonels who said, “It’s normal, Kay. This is just what we do in battle. This is just what we do, Kay.” They get drunk, and they ejaculate. They beat each other off. It’s awful!

Now, I’m not God, and I’m not going to judge them and their souls. This is a well-oiled system! And when you’ve got the Commandant well-known as a cherry Marine, that means they are the bottom. The Navy guys are on the top.

Think about this. There’s Walter Chrysler in Norfolk. Each Port has a hierarchy. The wealthy are at the top: Walter Chrysler and Phil Hornthal. Everybody in Norfolk knows that. Where did they meet? In the Navy.

I was engaged to Jack Mace when I was at the Virginia Center for World Trade. He ran the Maritime Association and the Shipping Association. He always dealt with the labor union guys. They always had all-male banquets. And I couldn’t understand why, if I was engaged, I couldn’t even go to the Thousand Man Banquet. I had a big argument about that. Rock Hudson. Where did he meet his guy? Navy. Jim Nabors? Navy. All of these guys: Navy. So they are tapped for whatever it is: acting, singing, Liberace.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Was he Navy?

[Kay Griggs] I believe he was. [Walter Liberace. His brother was in the Navy.] Someone told me that he was a friend of one of the guys in Norfolk. There was a ring, a VMI ring of men, in Norfolk. And I knew they met once a month. And some of them were married, and some of them weren’t. But they were all Army and Navy. It was a group of men in Norfolk.

And then I found out that the organizations, like Al-Anon, is run by homosexuals. The Better Business Bureau. The guy who runs the Community Fund, Jack Mace. And I’m wondering which ones aren’t. They all are. And the guys know it.

So what’s going on here? Old Dominion University, Clyburn: Intelligence family. He was well-known. Two reporters on the Virginia-Pilot, who do the very important columns, and so forth. So I’m saying, “Who is making the decisions to do this?” They are military. “What is the reason behind it? Why do they keep the wives out of the loop?”

[Pastor Strawcutter] So when people say America is becoming a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, this is not a broad generalization? This Club, as it has grown over the years, places and promotes the key people in every strata of life –

[Kay Griggs] Absolutely. Banking.

[Pastor Strawcutter] And not only is the Military run by degenerates, and top heavy-weight degenerates, people who are moral can’t possibly move their way up?

[Kay Griggs] They kill them. They get rid of them. Because they can’t be controlled.

Here’s one example. I was the executive secretary – well, the Virginia Center for World Trade had a board of supposedly the most important leaders, who were picked out by Jerome [Bookin-] Weiner, Jerry Weiner. I was a shill for that. I had done a lot of great things at Old Dominion. They wondered why I did it, because they don’t understand Christians. And he knew I was a worker. So they hired me to go over to the World Trade Center, the Virginia Port Authority. I had an office in there. And Jerome Weiner – what’s interesting is that Mary Clark Hallab worked for him. The girl who had my job who was a normal woman like me, because there were a few who were not so normal, like Bobby Bray. Not the Bobby Bray who ran the Port Authority, but another Bobby Bray. He was very nice, but he was a known homosexual, and he worked with Weiner. But his secretary was pushed out of a window. And it was all hushed up. This was a young mother who had a baby who knew too much about his money laundering. I reported the money laundering to Bookin-Weiner.

Now this is a professor, head of international programs at Old Dominion University, Jerry Weiner, whose father was very high up in this Zionist group. Jerry Weiner was doing Intelligence work in Algeria, and in Morocco in particular. He organized this board that I was the secretary for. He was a very sick, mean guy. But Jack Mace was on the board. And there was a banker on the board. But Gustavo, I love the guy. He was from Columbia. He was in Virginia National Bank, which is now Nations Ban, and I didn’t put him, because I had studied Latin American history under a wonderful Dr. Blossom. I knew a lot of stuff about Latin America and Nerenio [sp?], and how Panama became a part of our country. I mean, I understand it was drugs and running things through and everything. But Gustavo was in charge of all the laundering that was going on in Virginia National Bank and the Port. And where did he go after that? He went to Florida. And he introduced me to Ana Maria Quintero, whose brother was one of the big mobsters, I mean the big Columbian. I met Ana Maria Quintero.

See, I don’t forget things like this. That’s why they don’t like me. Because I imprint on wonderful foreign people. I want to know them. I want to send them Christmas cards. And it’s not very good to have somebody like a little magnet. I’m sort of like a Monica [Lewinsky]. She’s seeking out sex with important guys, and I’m wanting to meet people like that from different cultures, because I want to learn about them. Because that’s what Christ said. He said, “You go out, and you minister to the people who are foreigners. You don’t just spend your time with the home people. You need your home people as a base, but you need to go out and find out truth, and spread goodness everywhere. Truth is goodness. Truth is light.”

And that’s what Christ is all about. You’re not afraid to learn truth. All these cathedrals and things that were built in his honor. Why? He was wonderful. Why was he wonderful? Not because he hung around a little group, but because he was out trying to tell the big guys, “Look, stop being bullies and cowards. Let the poor people into your church.”

God gives us all a unique spirit. Our timing is different. Everybody’s fingerprints are different. Our eyes are different. We have the right to read the gospel. They shouldn’t keep the Bible from us. The church is not a political organization, where you’ve got a few little guys up here telling the mothers what to do. Who were the ones with Jesus Christ on the third day? There was not one disciple there with him. There were the three women. So why are we leaving women out?

Women in Scotland at least, my culture, we’re partners with our men. We need the authority of a husband. We want a strong, moral husband. But what is that passage about the good wife? Proverbs: the virtuous woman. She’s buying and selling property. She’s doing everything. So why keep her at home barefoot and pregnant, and not being able to read and speak three languages, and welcome all the foreigners to come in?

Hey, that’s what Jesus Christ would be doing if he were right here. He would be right here with me saying, “Go for it little woman. I’m giving you the strength to tell the daggone truth. And if you get killed tomorrow, you’re going up there.”

[Pastor Strawcutter] When you get to be a bird Colonel, then they have this initiation that involves all of this sexual debauchery, where they get them big-time drunk. Because there would be some of these, if they were sober, who couldn’t go through with it. They’d have to be blasted. When they go through all this stuff that they do, are there people there gathering information, intelligence on them?

[Kay Griggs] Of course! The Chaplains are Intelligence. In Nazi Germany, you had to tell on your parents. And in the Soviet Union, they encourage you to tell on your parents.

Phil Holwager, the guys who go to Yale who have become Chaplains, the Chaplain Corps is there to tell all the tales on everybody. They have collection agencies. These Marines are ordered to go and collect so-and-so at so-and-so. If a Marine tells truth, if he’s a whistleblower, if the wife is too much trouble, they “collect” them, they throw them in, they fill them full of chemicals, and they’ll implant little things in them. I believe my husband has an implant.

[Pastor Strawcutter] McVeigh said he had a chip implant.

[Kay Griggs] I believe George did. Now ask yourself, I know George had a male friend. He has male friends. My husband is bisexual. And I was told that by a Colonel and a Captain, and by a psychiatrist.

[Pastor Strawcutter] What percentage of these higher-ups are bisexual?

[Kay Griggs] All of them. If they are in Special Operations, if they’re Marines, they are all bisexual. They have all had to do it. In order to get to be a bird colonel, the SEALs, it’s kind of like the fast road to the top.

[Pastor Strawcutter] So a guy could not be a SEAL without having gone through this?

[Kay Griggs] Oh, I don’t believe so. I haven’t met one that I don’t believe would have done it. And judging from what a couple of Colonels told me, that’s the norm. “It’s just you women. You all are so sissy. You don’t understand how it is. We’re under so much pressure.” And when Valerie Wilhelm told me that about Charlie, I just could not believe it. Charlie Wilhelm is a General now down in Miami. And she was just saying, “He has to, he’s under so much pressure.” Of course, I had met Charlie in Norway, and Charlie is somebody my husband just absolutely idolizes.

And Michael O’Boyle is another one. Michael is my husband’s special friend. And when my husband retired, we went to Al Gray’s office. This was a traumatic thing for me. It was a really weird day. We drove up with George’s son Douglas, and my son Garland. We went to the Commandant’s office. They had something for us to nibble on and eat. And the Commandant’s wife Jan [Goss] came over from 8th and “I” street, the Commandant’s house, with her dogs. She sleeps with stuffed animals and dogs. I don’t think there’s any lovemaking that goes on with Al Gray and his wife, quite honestly, and neither do the Colonels. She is a wonderful sweet person, and scared to death. She worked for his Intelligence organization. And then she supposedly “took care” of his mother. And then they married, because he would not have made it. Everybody knew he was a homosexual, not a bisexual. This is a homosexual Commandant.

I talked to one woman who went to one of the parties, who was French. And she married a Naval officer. And it was when George and I were first married. And I told George about what she said about General Gray. She said, “You cannot believe it, but this man is totally debauched. This man does these group sex orgies outside of Marseille, France. He is just horrible.” She said, “Now I have to admit, I was a party girl, and went to these parties.” And so forth.

But what would happen is, and I met a guy in the Laundromat who was enlisted, and he was involved in Beirut, and he knew my husband. He was going back and forth from Gaeta to New Jersey to ship, and then into Beirut on the beach and everything. He worked for an Admiral. And this is a big Admiral. And the Admiral, they would go to these parties at this big mansion outside of Marseille. What they did is they invited the wild girls, the secretaries. And this went on in Indonesia. My husband had a secretary. Ambu Shu’s husband Hank was sleeping with the secretary. My husband was sleeping with a secretary and Ambu Shu [sp?], because my husband’s wife wasn’t there. So they had their little ménage a quatre. And of course, my husband was sleeping with Ambu Shu, who he says now is a lesbian. But he was sleeping with her. He called her right after his wife died. And I found the telephone numbers, and her address, and her birthday, and all of these letters he was writing to her.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Isn’t there a disease that runs rampant with these people?

[Kay Griggs] Yeah. So this guy would guard the parties. Now how does that make a young guy feel who has got a child? He’s guarding an orgy. And there were Israelis at these parties, Intelligence people. Intelligence? That’s not intelligence there. That’s perversion. These guys are abnormal. They are adolescent. They are not full, complete people. So he’s guarding the parties, and he says, “The girls come in, and stay until about 11:00.” They are all nudists. Jim and Nancy Earl, my husband, Ty Kroll, and most of the Chiefs are nudists. It makes it easier, you know, to see the little -- it’s terrible. But the women leave at about 11:00. This is what he said. I mean, I knew the girls were there because I’d already talked to the French girl. And he said that what they do is the women leave about 11:00, maybe 1:00, and the guys all stay around there. It’s just the ritual. This is what they do.

Then I found out, because my husband would mention this guy and that guy who he went to school with. Bob Edwards is involved with this stuff. But the guy that recruited him, Charles Caddock, is a well-known homosexual who is the “head teacher,” and the bodyguard for the Saudi boys. See, the Saudi boys were encouraged to do this in order to corrupt them. They were corrupting Muslims, who would not have done this ordinarily. The parties at Aramco, they would get the young boys really drunk, and encourage Muslim sons to do this kind of stuff.

[Pastor Strawcutter] Muslim sons who would have a strong tendency towards morality, and abhor this kind of thing. If they could get them drunk, and loaded enough to do this one time, then they would gain a controlling edge on these guys.

[Kay Griggs] That’s right. And who do you think did it? Charles Caddock and Borland [sp?]. These guys, like Alexander Robinson and [Paul R.] Chesebro, who was the headmaster. The Saudis bought Russell House at the Hun School in Princeton. They brought over Mohammed Faisal, Khaled Faisal, and Saud Faisal. They didn’t really go to classes. And who was the young man who was partying with them? My husband, George Griggs. Who was in the group with them? Einstein. My husband was partying with Albert Einstein. This is in 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955. I believe he said that Mohammed came over in 1954. It was right after the murder, the poisoning of the one who was really good.

When they first got to him, he was in high school. So he was in 9th grade. He was at the school with these homosexuals. They sent his parents to California. His father got him a little boy scout job. He didn’t see his parents for 8 solid years.
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