Smallpox Alert!, by Vaccination Liberation

Smallpox Alert!, by Vaccination Liberation

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Smallpox Alert!
Editor: Ingri Cassel
Associate Editor: Don Harkins
Graphic Design: Don Harkins
Medical Consultants: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz
Contributors: Walene James, Founder, Vaccination Liberation; Barbara Flynn, Founder, CHERUBS; Amy Worthington, VacLibIdaho Chapter; Susan Pearce, VacLibWyoming Chapter
Copy editors: Jackie Lindenbach, Barbara Fix



Smallpox Alert! is a community service publication sponsored by Vaccination Liberation. The intent of the editors is to present a balance of information regarding smallpox, the smallpox vaccine and the potentially disastrous implications of a mass smallpox vaccination campaign. The editors of Smallpox Alert! believe that individuals have the right to decide what goes into their bodies; that no one has the right to subject individuals to medical experimentation without their knowledge and fully informed consent.

Table of Contents

• Introduction
o Smallpox Epidemic: Predicted or Planned?
o Variola, Vaccinia -- What is Smallpox?
o Smallpox Hysteria Returns
o Much Ado About Smallpox
o Forced Vaccination Begs Question: Does Government "Own" Your Body?
o CDC Pandemic Preparedness: The GRIP
o Mass Vaccination (Public Health) Plans Confidential
• Who Was "Dr." Edward Jenner?, by Barbara Flynn
o The Birth of a Vaccine
o Jenner's Dubious Credentials
o Jenner Overturned
o The Cowpox/Syphilis Connection
o Medical Censorship and the Nine Lives of Jenner's Vaccine
o In His Grave Smiling?
• Who Was Dr. Charles Campbell?, by Walene James
o Doctor #1: Walter Reed
o Doctor #2: Charles A.R. Campbell
o Why Is One Doctor Honored and the Other Ignored?
o Why Were Smallpox Shots Discontinued?
o Vaccine Damage: American as Raggedy Ann
• Dr. Rodermund's Smallpox Experiment, by Dr. Rodermund
• Blankets For Indians
• History Confirms Smallpox/Bedbug Connection, from "Red Walls and Homesteads," by Helena Rubottom
• Report of the CDC Public Forum on Smallpox, by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
• Smallpox Vaccinations Versus Nature's Most Powerful Preventative, by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH
o The Common Sense Solution
o The Greatest Preventative and Unrecognized Truth
• Vaccine-Free Health Care, by Ingri Cassel
o The Five Principles
o Questions to Ponder Before Vaccination
o Clinical Trials, Flow Charts Prove Smallpox Shots Will Be Mandatory, Deadly
• Smallpox Pandemic Planned: Are You Ready?, by Vaccination Liberation
o Vaccination: It Isn't Just About Smallpox
o What Can I Do?
o The Birth of Smallpox Alert!
o Package Insert
 Description
 Clinical Pharmacology
 Indications and Usage
 Contraindications
 Contraindications for Smallpox Emergency
 Precautions
 General
 Prevention of Contact Transmission of Vaccinia
 Simultaneous Administration With Other Live-Virus Vaccines
 Pregnancy
 Pregnancy Category C
 Nursing Mothers
 Pediatric Use
 Geriatric Use
 Adverse Reactions
 Major Reaction
 Equivocal Reaction
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Re: Smallpox Alert!, by Vaccination Liberation

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Smallpox epidemic: Predicted or planned?

There are more than 65 known biological warfare agents. The choice of smallpox for biological warfare is curious since the disease is one of the least virulent.

So, why smallpox? Unlike other biological warfare options, there is a vaccine for smallpox. Smallpox vaccine is the most dangerous of all vaccines—stockpiles of which have been in storage since the World Health Organization declared the world free of smallpox in 1980.

Variola, vaccinia—what is smallpox?

"Variola" is the virus associated with the natural form of smallpox affecting humans. The virus used in the vaccine to create immunity to variola is called the "vaccinia" virus and is cultured in diseased material taken from cows.

Edward Jenner is the pioneer of modern vaccinations and is credited with the first "successful" smallpox vaccine in 1796. Jenner's work capitalized on the "fear" of smallpox. For this he is revered in some circles and reviled in others (see page 2).

By 1900, Dr. Charles Campbell of Texas had already established that controlling malaria-carrying mosquitoes with mosquito-eating bats in Central America effectively controlled malaria. Dr. Campbell then began looking at bedbugs and their relationship to variola. His research determined that variola was spread by bedbugs and is complicated by poor sanitation and malnutrition. He also determined that the smallpox vaccine containing the vaccinia virus did not create immunity to variola in at least 80 percent of cases (see page 3).

Smallpox hysteria returns

In 1999, Lawrence Gostin, a law professor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and a professor of public health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, was commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop the 40-page Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA). Released to all 50 states October 31, 2001, MEHPA focuses on state executive power to declare medical emergencies and mobilize mass vaccination delivery systems. MEHPA specifically mentions that governments, individuals and facilities will not be held liable for destruction or damage to life or property occurring during a declared state of medical emergency. The vaccine most likely to require the adoption of strong immunity provisions is smallpox.

Gostin's MEHPA was released October 31, 2001less than two months after 9-11. While the collective American mind was fearful of further terrorist attacks, unconstitutional legislation such as the USA Patriot Act was passed under the guise of strengthening national security.

In an October 2, 2001 Washington Post article entitled "Vaccinating Against Fear," Philip Russell, professor emeritus at Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health and an expert on infectious diseases, reportedly stated that vaccinating the entire country against smallpox would cause tens of thousands of deaths and tie up funds that might be better spent elsewhere.

Much ado about smallpox

Two distinct schools of thought regarding how to address smallpox from a public health standpoint have emerged. One involves fear of the unknown resulting in the masses being vaccinated with an animal form of smallpox; the other recommends that people implement sanitary living conditions and eat properly. One is a multi-billion dollar per year, fear-based industry; the other is not.

Mass vaccination may or may not be the most logical approach to the threat of biological attack from smallpox. Regardless, the U.S. government has, by its own admission, stockpiled some 300 million doses of smallpox vaccineone for every man, woman and child in America.

The CDC and vaccinia vaccine producers admit that fluid from pustules developing at the injection site is extremely contagious for up to 21 days. Unless the site is covered and kept clean, people, particularly children, can easily rub the injection site, then rub their eyes, ears, nose, another part of their body or the bodies of others with whom they have even casual contact. Called a secondary inoculation, blindness, deafness, disfiguring tissue damage and death can result.

A successful smallpox vaccination campaign will result in 80 percent of the 280 million Americans developing post-vaccinal pustules that are highly contagious for up to 21 days. The CDC also predicts that some people will get sick and/or die from the vaccine or from coming in contact with a vaccinated person.

Prior to adopting its mass vaccination plans, the CDC heard testimony from qualified experts describing how smallpox vaccination has not been proven to prevent the disease. Historical documents describing the dangers inherent in mass smallpox vaccination were also presented.

Under the circumstances we must ask ourselves: "Is the CDC protecting the nation from a predicted smallpox (variola) epidemic or planning and promoting a cowpox pus (vaccinia)-induced pandemic?"

Forced vaccination begs question: Does government "own" your body?

In America we grow up not only believing all men are created equal but that they are also endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are the right to life, liberty and property. The most basic property right is "ownership" of our own bodies.

If government is allowed to force dangerous and experimental vaccines into our bodies, then we can no longer claim ownership of ourselves. "Freedom over one's physical person is the most basic freedom of all, and people in a free society should be sovereign over their own bodies. When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies," U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) recently commented.

Rep. Paul, an M.D., describes the Bush administration's mass and mandated vaccination plans as, "Bad medicine." From his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. Paul cautions, "The possibility that the federal government could order vaccines is real. Provisions buried in the 500-page homeland security bill give federal health bureaucrats virtually unchecked power to declare health emergencies."

Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a member of the Continental Congress, described what would happen if Americans failed to maintain "ownership" of their own bodies: "Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship...The Constitution of this Republic should make special provisions for medical freedom as well as religious freedom."

President Bush admitted Dec. 14, 2002, there is no evidence "terrorists" intend to use a weaponized form of smallpox against American citizens.

Rep. Paul's 21st century observations support the 18th century premonitions of Dr. Rush. Medicine in America has become an undercover dictatorship: It orders that Americans submit to dangerous smallpox vaccinations in the absence of any proof that would validate such actions.

HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson with President Bush as they attempt to explain why their mass vaccination policies are in the best interests of the American people.

CDC pandemic preparedness: The GRIP

The Federal Guidebook to Pandemic Preparedness details how state and local governments, under the direction of the federal government, will legally and logistically execute a pandemic preparedness plan during declared states of public health emergency.

The guidebook began to take shape in 1973 by order of President Ford in response to the swine flu mass vaccination disaster. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 150 million doses of swine flu vaccine were created and tested in short order to protect the public against the feared disease. The program, terminated after 45 million Americans were vaccinated against swine flu in 77 days, caused epidemic proportions of vaccinated people to develop polio (renamed Guillean Barré).

U.S. president Gerald Ford receiving his swine flu vaccination

Influenza (Flu)
• Avian
• A/H5N1 subtype
• Canine
• Equine
• Swine
• A/H1N1 subtype


• 2009 pandemic
• Pandemrix
• Fluzone
• Influvac
• Live attenuated
• Optaflu


• Amantadine
• Arbidol
• Laninamivir
• Oseltamivir
• Peramivir
• Rimantadine
• Vitamin D
• Zanamivir


• 2009 swine
• 1968–1969 Hong Kong
• 1957 Asian flu
• 1918


• 2015 United States H5N2 outbreak
• 2014 Kerala
• 2008 West Bengal
• 2007 Bernard Matthews H5N1
• 2007 Australian equine
• 2006 H5N1 India
• 1976 swine flu

See also

• Flu season
• Influenza evolution
• Influenza research
• Influenza-like illness
• Vaccine reformulations

The 1976 swine flu outbreak, also known as the swine flu fiasco,[1] or the swine flu debacle, was a strain of H1N1 influenza virus that appeared in 1976. Infectious morbidity was only detected from January 19 to February 9, and were not found outsideFort Dix.[2] The outbreak is most remembered for the mass immunization that it prompted in the United States. The strain itself killed one person and hospitalized 13.[2]However, side-effects from the vaccine are thought to have caused five hundred cases of Guillain–Barré syndrome and 25 deaths.[3]


In late January 1976 a number of recruits at Fort Dix in New Jersey began to complain of respiratory illness, on February 5, 1976, David Lewis, an Army private said he felt tired and weak. Private Lewis then left his sick bed to go on a forced run, collapsed, was revived by his Sergeant only to die a few days later and four of his fellow soldiers were additionally hospitalized. Two weeks after his death, health officials announced thatswine flu was the cause of death and that this strain of flu appeared to be closely related to the strain involved in the 1918 flu pandemic. Alarmed public-health officials decided that action must be taken to head off another major pandemic, and they urged PresidentGerald Ford that every person in the U.S. be vaccinated for the disease' despite prior knowledge that one version of the vaccine could cause neurological damage.[4]

The vaccination program, enacted at a cost of $135 million,[5] was plagued by delays and public relations problems. However, Centers for Disease Control vaccination efforts achieved unprecedented distribution results, with more than 40 million Americans immunized between October and December that year.[6] The first vaccinations were given on approximately October 1, the government suspended the immunization program on December 16 after reports of at least 54 cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome across ten states.[1] Approximately 24% of the population had been vaccinated by the time the program was canceled.[7] The suspected pandemic did not spread from Fort Dix and as a result only one person, an Army recruit, died from the flu in 1976.[8] In the very long run, lives may have been saved—a study in 2010 found a significantly enhanced immune response against the 2009 pandemic H1N1 in study participants who had received the 1976 swine flu vaccination.[9]

Reported vaccine side effects

There were multiple reports of Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS), a paralyzing neuromuscular disorder, affecting some people who had received swine flu immunizations. One of the causes of this syndrome could be a rare side-effect of modern influenza vaccines, with an incidence of about one case per million vaccinations.[10] Guillain–Barré syndrome naturally occurs at a rate of 6-40 per million people per year,[11] implying an increased risk of between 2.5%-25% over the base rate.

Claims exist that about 500 cases of GBS were caused by the vaccine, and that these cases resulted in death from severe pulmonary complications for 25 people. These are claimed to have been caused by an immunopathological reaction to the 1976 vaccine.[citation needed][dubious – discuss] Other influenza vaccines have not been linked to GBS, though caution is advised for certain individuals, particularly those with a history of GBS.[12][13] According to Harvey Fineberg and Richard Neustadt, authors of The Swine Flu Affair, the risk of developing GBS was roughly 11 times greater with vaccination than without, though still a remote risk, affecting approximately 1 in 105,000 individuals.[1]

The CDC states that most studies on modern influenza vaccines (e.g., post 1976) have seen no link with GBS,[14][15][16] Although one review gives an incidence of about one case per million vaccinations,[17] a large study in China, reported in the NEJM covering close to 100 million doses of vaccine against the 2009 H1N1 "swine" flu found only eleven cases of Guillain–Barré syndrome, (0.1 event per million doses) total incidence in persons vaccinated, actually lower than the normal rate of the disease in China, and no other notable side effects.


The relatively benign disease outbreak and the subsequent vaccine reactions produced some political and sociological repercussions. In part, some of the political failures of the vaccination program have been attributed to the political climate associated with President Ford's re-election campaign in 1976.[5][6]

President Ford offered vaccine manufacturers indemnity,[5] and the United States Congress "rushed" indemnity legislation that has been characterized as "faulty" and "haphazard".[6]


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• The Swine Flu Affair: Decision-Making on a Slippery Disease Report commissioned by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, written by Richard Neustadt and Harvey V. Fineberg. An examination of what happened during and after the 1976 swine flu outbreak and lessons to help cope with similar situations in the future.[dead link]
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-- 1976 Swine Flu Outbreak, by Wikipedia

The guidebook was still in draft form as of 1993 when the CDC formed the Working Group on Influenza Preparedness (GRIP) under order of President Clinton. The GRIP was commissioned to design a comprehensive national pandemic preparedness plan emphasizing disease surveillance, vaccine delivery and interagency communications.

The GRIP was also commissioned to insure that appropriate statutes be in place at the city, county and state levels so that federal public health officials could legally assume jurisdictional authority in a public health emergency. The GRIP was even authorized to draft model legislation that would be forwarded to local governments for adoption.

The CDC submitted the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA) to all 50 states in October, 2001. If adopted by state legislatures, MEHPA would empower the governor to declare a state of medical martial law. Under MEHPA, government may seize, condemn or destroy private property without just compensation and force individuals to voluntarily be vaccinated and/or detained indefinitely and vaccinated against their will.

Only a few states adopted versions of MEHPA last year. However, last September 22, the CDC forwarded a 49-page report to state health departments. The report detailed guidelines of how entire communities may be vaccinated against smallpox within a few days once a single case is reported.

Mass vaccination (public health) plans confidential

Health districts were given until last Nov. 22 to submit their mass vaccination plans to the CDC. While the more generalized state plans are supposedly available to the public, local health district plans are "confidential," according to Jeanne Bock of the Panhandle Health District which serves Idaho's five northern counties.

Attempts to secure copies of state plans as submitted to the CDC have been unsuccessful. The plans apparently contain sensitive information such as: Storage locations for vaccines, amount of vaccine in district, facilities and personnel needed to administer mass vaccinations and inventory of antibiotics, beds and other logistical supports required to treat statistically inevitable quantities of casualties.

"... I was a member of the Health Committee of London Borough Council, and I learned how the credit of vaccination is kept up statistically by diagnosing all the re-vaccinated cases (of smallpox) as `pustular eczema,' `varioloid' or what not [anything] except smallpox."

-- George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950).
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Re: Smallpox Alert!, by Vaccination Liberation

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Who was "Dr." Edward Jenner?
by Barbara Flynn

His 18th century work with cow pus and horse grease is the foundation of modern vaccinology.

There is an Edward Jenner Museum and an Edward Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research. Most text references to this man depict him as a "brilliant scientist" and the "father of modern vaccinology." It appears, however, such accolades were politically motivated rather than based upon Jenner's scientific contributions to public health. A mandatory mass vaccination campaign using Jenner's vaccine caused much misery in 19th century England and was linked to the proliferation of syphilis. Now the same kind of mandated mass vaccination campaign is planned for 21st century America.

In 1853 English law mandated the administration of an unproven "vaccinia" vaccine; by 1867 fines and jail sentences awaited those who refused to be vaccinated.

Forced smallpox vaccination caused massive epidemics of smallpox and syphilis among British subjects and led to the creation of a Royal Commission in 1889 to study smallpox policy. The commission's findings led to England's mandatory vaccination laws being overturned in 1898.

The promulgator of the smallpox vaccination cult mentality was Edward Jenner (1749-1823, England). Jenner lived during the time of King George III, when practicing physicians were not required to pass examinations.

The birth of a vaccine

Jenner, however, did not "invent" the superstitious practice of "cow-pox" vaccination. According to Herbert M. Shelton in his 1935 book, "Vaccines and Evil Serums," farmer Benjamin Jestey used a darning needle to infect his wife and three children with matter taken from cow sores. Notes of Jestey's experiment were made by a doctor Nash which were passed after his death in 1785 to his son Mr. Thomas Nash. Mr.Nash was acquainted with Edward Jenner and passed his father's notes onto the "notorious charlatan."

Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th Edition, states, "The story of the great breakthrough is well-known. In May, 1796, Jenner found a young dairymaid, Sarah Nelmes, who had fresh cowpox lesions on her finger. On May 14, using matter from Sarah's lesions, he inoculated an eight-year-old boy, James Phipps, who promptly developed a slight fever and a low-grade lesion. On July 1, Jenner inoculated the boy again, this time with smallpox matter." Based upon the sketchy description above, the Encyclopedia Britannica concluded, "No disease developed; protection was complete."

Jenner's dubious credentials

According to Dr. Walter Hadwen in his 1896 address, "The Case Against Vaccination," Jenner was a country apothecary with a Degree of Medicine purchased from St. Andrew's University in Scotland for the sum of £15.

Dr. Hadwen described Jenner's other credentials which included a Fellowship of the Royal Society obtained by writing a paper on the cuckoo bird and an honorary MD degree from the University of Oxford granted only after he persistently begged the university to give it to him.

Emboldened, Jenner then went to the Royal College of Physicians in London and presented his Oxford diploma to acquire one of theirs, "but the administrators told him that he would have to pass an examination so he settled down quietly without any diploma of physician."

Dr. Hadwen, whose address was intended to illustrate the shaky foundation upon which the "science" of vaccination is built, discussed the observations of one of Jenner's contemporaries. "Dr. Creighton has well described him [Jenner] when he tells us that he was vain and petulant, crafty and greedy, a man with more grandiloquence and bounce than solid attainment, unscrupulous to a degree, a man who in all his writings was never precise when he could be secretive."

Dr. Hadwen's address took us back to the state of medicine during Jenner's time: "...It was a most superstitious period which Jenner lived, when frogs were swallowed for the cure of worms, when cow dung and human excreta were mixed with milk and butter for diphtheria, when the brains of a man who had died a violent death were given in teaspoonful doses for the cure of small-pox."

Horse grease?

According to Dr. Hadwen: "... people were starting to notice that they were getting smallpox after cowpox vaccinations so Jenner had to think of something new. He decided to take "horse-grease" which comes from horse's heels and he inoculated a boy named John Baker with "horse-grease" direct from the horse's heels. He wanted to inoculate the boy with smallpox later also to see if it would take, but the boy died before he had a chance to complete the experiment.

"He then took some of the horse-grease cow-pox and inoculated six children, and, without waiting to see the result or to prove whether it would take or not, he rushed to London to get his paper printed. And in that paper he had the audacity to assert that it was not necessary to wait to see the result because the proofs he already had were so conclusive, and the experiments had told such an extraordinary tale --although he had completed but one experiment in his life, and that did not prove it at all."

Nonetheless, James Phipps (of "cow-pox" fame) was hawked about the country as proof that vaccination works, all while in his paper he proclaimed that "cow-pox" did not work, only "horse-grease."

People were repelled at the idea of "horse-grease" and demanded the return of "cow-pox." Jenner did not stick up for his new idea -- he wanted money. The public wanted "cow-pox." He wrote a third paper which reinstated the spontaneous cow-pox theory, which he had previously denounced as useless and unprotective, Dr. Hadwen explained.

Jenner overturned

In 1889, 66 years after Jenner's death, Parliament empowered a Royal Commission to investigate smallpox vaccination because, in spite of massive and repeated forced vaccinations, England continued to suffer devastating smallpox epidemics.

Distinguished naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace, a colleague of Charles Darwin, was invited to be part of the 15-member, mostly pro-vaccinist Royal Commission, but he declined in favor of providing witness testimony instead.

Wallace recounted his testimony before the Royal Commission in his 1898 book, "Vaccination a Delusion, Its Penal Enforcement a Crime: Proved by the Official Evidence in the Reports of the Royal Commission." He explained that a century ago was a pre-scientific age, and nothing proves this more clearly than the absence of any systematic "control" experiments, and that the extreme haste with which doctors expressed belief in life-long protection only four years after Jenner's discovery had first been announced.

Upon Jenner's faulty science Parliament voted to give him £10,000 in 1802. Shortly after Jenner got his £10,000 it became obvious that the vaccines did not work, but the Medical Establishment and the House of Commons would lose face if they admitted this. So instead they gave Jenner £20,000 more in 1807, endowed vaccination with £3,000 a year in 1808, and after providing for free vaccination in 1840, made the operation compulsory in 1853 and enforced it by penalties in 1867.

The cowpox/syphilis connection

The darkest aspect of this story, however, is the true nature of "cow-pox." According to Henry Valentine Knaggs, a charter member of the British National Anti-Vaccination League and author of The Truth About Vaccination (1914), "All authorities are agreed that cow-pox affects only cows that are yielding milk, and therefore, need milking. It does not attack cows that are left alone with their calves, and bulls are exempt from it. The fact that cow-pox owed its origin to a milker's hand seems to have been the strongest point raised by Jenner, for he has repeatedly asserted that "the only genuine cow-pox was that which was conveyed to the cow's teats by the hands of milkers."

Knaggs further linked Jenner's vaccine to syphilis. "A careful examination of the available data relating to Jenner's first inoculations with cow-pox matter direct from the cow, shows that he was quite unable to produce a safe vaccine lymph from it which, after inoculation, was free from symptoms indistinguishable from those of syphilis.

"Moreover, Jenner used mercurial ointment to arrest these cow-pox ulcerations and he found it most effectual. So that he evidently knew more about the analogy between cow-pox and syphilis than he dared to express."

Dr. Charles Creighton, professor of Microscopic Anatomy at Cambridge and author of "Epidemics of Great Britain" said, "The real affinity of cow-pox is not to smallpox, but to the great pox (syphilis). The vaccinal ulcer of everyday practice is to all intents and purposes, a chancre (syphilitic ulcer)."

Commissioned by Encyclopedia Britannica to assemble information on syphilis (9th Edition, Vol. 24, p.23) he reported that, "In the first year of compulsory vaccination (1854), deaths from syphilis among infants under one year of age suddenly increased by one-half and the increase has gone on steadily since."

Knaggs, in the German "Handbuch der Vaccination" (1875) explained that even pro-vaccinists could not deny the syphilis connection: "The origin of the syphilis that occurs as a sequel of vaccination is shrouded in mystery and all attempts to penetrate the mystery have failed."

But Knaggs said it would be easy for authorities to find out what cow-pox was if they wanted to. "All that would be necessary is for the Local Government Boards to publicly notify the presence of cow-pox immediately after it appears on a farm or dairy. Other diseases are required by law to be reported immediately, but cow-pox is usually investigated two years after the fact. THE REASON WHY IT IS NOT INVESTIGATED IMMEDIATELY IS THAT IT WOULD MEAN THE IMMEDIATE CESSATION OF VACCINATION!"

Medical censorship and the nine lives of Jenner's vaccine

Classic techniques of brainwashing include suppression of history, alteration of truth and perversion of logical analyses. Brainwashers use scare tactics in an attempt to eliminate the opportunity for criticism.

According to Annie Riley Hale in "The Medical Voodoo" (1935), "Books like Creighton's and all the other anti-vaccination literature of the last century are conspicuously absent from medical library shelves in the United States; and those who direct the destinies of public libraries maintained at public expense see to it that the public shall get but one side of the vaccination question by carefully excluding from their Reference catalogues, even so notable a work as Alfred Russel Wallace's Wonderful Century.

"Hence it may be that the average American doctor never heard of the Royal Commission on Vaccination , and doesn't even know that such a body of medical big-wigs ever sat for seven years in England compiling all those bulky reports for the enlightenment of everyone except themselves...For thus the Commissioners proclaimed in their final report in 1896, along with their recommendations, that `repeated penalties should cease to be inflicted'; that `persons imprisoned under the Vaccination Acts should no longer be treated as criminals'; and that `a conscience clause be inserted in the existing law whereby a parent... could exempt his child from the operation of the law.'"

In his grave smiling?

Except for the introduction of a few modern toxic preservatives and adjuvants, there is very little difference between the cowpox vaccine used by Jenner and the one produced by Wyeth (see pages 4-7).

History does have a lot of help repeating itself. No doubt the mass smallpox vaccination program will proceed as planned and will ultimately result in the overturning of mandatory vaccination laws in the U.S. as it did a century ago in England.

But why repeat Jenner's 19th century failure in the 21st century? How many Americans will be maimed and killed by this old/new vaccinia (cow-pox/syphilis) vaccine simply due to a cult-like medical mentality that worships the institutionalized ignorance of the past?

As health officials look for the "pustules" evidencing vaccination efficacy, how many of them will realize that the resultant "scar" is really a permanent syphilitic chancre? What price do we pay as a society for the gross human rights violations we casually accept as mandatory vaccination laws?

Barbara Flynn, MBA, is Founder of Children Having Everybody Really Upset `Bout Shots (CHERUBS)

Note: "James Phipps, the eight-year-old boy initially vaccinated by Jenner in 1796, was re-vaccinated 20 times, and died at the age of 20. Jenner's own son, who was also vaccinated more than once, died at 21. Both succumbed to tuberculosis—a condition that some researchers have linked to the smallpox vaccine."

-- Jock Doubleday
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Re: Smallpox Alert!, by Vaccination Liberation

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Who was Dr. Charles Campbell?
by Walene James

After solving the malaria riddle, this turn-of-the-century Texas physician solved another public health riddle: Smallpox

If Dr. Campbell and his work were common knowledge today, people would view the Bush administration's plan to vaccinate every man, woman and child in America against smallpox as the most medically illogical public health policy since blood letting. History has also conveniently forgotten the work of other men as well. If Dr. Antione Bechamp's discovery that dis-ease causes germs had been embraced over Pasteur's errant conclusion that germs cause disease, ill-health would be remedied holistically today instead of being treated with pharmaceutical drugs. Historians conveniently forget brilliant people whose discoveries empower the individual and, instead, glorify those whose products increase our dependence.

Around 1900, the cause and control of two life-threatening diseases was discovered, each by two distinguished medical doctors. One is famous. His name is in encyclopedias and textbooks. About 60 years ago, a movie heralding his discovery was made and a hospital was named after him.

The other doctor is practically unknown. I know of only one book written about his discovery and that, as far as I know, is out-of-print. In my opinion, his contribution was the more remarkable because he discovered the cause and cure of a disfiguring disease that has plagued mankind for thousands of years.

Doctor #1: Walter Reed

Walter Reed is the doctor first mentioned and the hospital named after him is the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

In 1900, he headed a commission to investigate the cause of yellow fever, which, along with malaria, was the main obstacle to completing the work on the Panama Canal. He and a medical staff carried on a series of experiments involving several doctors and a number of soldiers who volunteered to be infected by the yellow fever virus. Two died as a result, but the experiments established that the aedes aegypti mosquito transmits yellow fever. Dr. Reed and his team said that the best control was to kill the mosquitoes.

However, isn't it better to eliminate the conditions that create a disease, rather than merely controlling it? In 1904, army surgeon William Crawford Gorgas was sent to Panama and instituted sanitary reforms, cut back the brush and drained the swamps which were mosquito breeding grounds. In two years he eliminated yellow fever from the canal region. Outbreaks of malaria, a disease transmitted by the anopheles mosquito, were also brought under control using Dr. Gorgas' methods.

Doctor #2: Charles A.R. Campbell

The second doctor, Charles A.R. Campbell, discovered the cause and cure of smallpox. Through a series of carefully controlled experiments (even using himself as a subject) Dr. Campbell, along with Dr. J. A. Watts, discovered that smallpox was transmitted by an insect, cimex lectularius (Latin for bedbug). Similarly yellow fever and malaria are spread by mosquitoes. They also discovered that the disease was neither contagious nor infectious and that vaccinations did not prevent it. In fact, Dr. Campbell demonstrated from his own patient records that smallpox vaccination showed an 80 percent failure rate.

Even more importantly, Dr. Campbell discovered that the severity of the disease was directly proportional to the general ill health and malnutrition of the patient. He spoke of "scorbutic cachexia" and related it to scurvy, the "disease caused by lack of green food." He said, "the removal of this perversion of nutrition will so mitigate the virulence of this malady as to positively prevent the pitting or pocking of smallpox" (Bacteria, Inc., Cash Asher, Bruce Humphries, Inc., Boston, MA, 1949).

Even though Drs. Campbell and Watts and possibly others tried to publish their findings, their work was ignored. However, it was Dr. Campbell who first called attention to the bedbug as the carrier of smallpox. I might mention that Dr. Campbell was recognized as an outstanding scientist of his generation, even being nominated for the Nobel Prize for his work on the value of bats as mosquito eradicators. Today he is all but forgotten and smallpox is considered a highly contagious and dangerous disease with no known cure.

Why is one doctor honored and the other ignored?

When cimex lectularius was exposed as the carrier of smallpox, the manufacturing of serums had grown into a profitable industry and smallpox vaccinations had become a lucrative part of medical practice. The vaccination of every child had become an established practice. Many states had laws making vaccinations compulsory for school entrance requirements. When the cause and control of yellow fever was discovered, the vaccine for it had not been developed (It was developed in 1937).

Perhaps even more economically threatening was Dr. Campbell's assertion that a change in diet, not drugs or vaccines, could prevent the pocking or pitting of smallpox, even mitigating the severity of the disease.

For your consideration: Economics run organized medicine, not the desire to ameliorate the conditions conducive to human suffering. Is history written by those in power to reinforce their positions? Do you think this brief description of two different outcomes for two discoveries made about the same time is an isolated example?

For further research: Could the nutritional principal discovered by Dr. Campbell be applied to other insect-borne diseases, besides malaria, thus mitigating their severity?

Why were smallpox shots discontinued?

Regardless that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the world "smallpox free" in 1980, it wasn't. And the public health gu rus know it. So why were smallpox shots discontinued in 1977?

By 1978, several scientific reports published in esteemed medical journals were linking the smallpox vaccine to a broad spectrum of increasingly common diseases and disorders. Autism, diabetes, neuromyelitis, other neurological diseases, tuberculosis, chromosome damage and sudden infant death were being scientifically associated with the smallpox vaccine. References to those reports, as published in the world's leading (primarily foreign) medical journals between 1960 and 1978, are available at

So, rather than accept liability for a smallpox vaccine linked to worldwide explosions of seemingly unrelated medical conditions, WHO declared the world free of smallpox after renaming it cowpox and monkey pox—and then attributed the falsely claimed eradication of the disease to vaccination. Is there evidence of animals displaying a pocking disease?

Vaccine damage: American as Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann was designed by writer/illustrator Johnny Gruelle. His daughter Marcella became feverish, lethargic, stopped eating, stopped playing and lost muscle control after being vaccinated—'a second time —'for smallpox—'in school—'without her parent's knowledge or consent. She died, limp as a rag doll, at age 13. Gruelle then designed a limp, lifeless doll with a cheerful face—'a sad tribute to his daughter who suffered such a painful, untimely, smallpox vaccination-related death in 1920.

Washingus machinus americanus was discovered to help prevent the spread of smallpox by the 1950s.

Dr. Campbell proved by 1902 that cimex lectularius, the common bedbug, is the carrier of smallpox.
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Dr. Rodermund's smallpox experiment

The following is taken from a story written by a Dr. Rodermund and published in a periodical called The Searchlight in 1914. Dr. Rodermund's smallpox experiment was uncovered by CHERUBS' Barbara Flynn as she searched the literary universe for clues revealing the true history of smallpox. The story is both delightful to read and supportive of the "theory" that smallpox is not as contagious as commonly believed.

Thanks to Barbara Flynn of C.H.E.R.U.B.S. in New Jersey for transcribing the following eye-opening historical account. The following story was printed in The Searchlight -- a popular turn of the century expose publication. There was a huge anti-vaccination movement in both England and America during a time when governments were making smallpox inoculations compulsory, causing much death and suffering. Is history repeating itself?


On Monday January 21, 1901 about 11:30 AM I entered the residence of Mr.---, where Miss Stark was confined with the smallpox.

As I enter the house Mr.--- jumped from his chair and said: "We are not allowed to let anyone enter this house."

"Never mind," I said, "I am not anybody, so perhaps you made no mistake."

I then stated that I came to see the smallpox patient.

"There she is," he said, pointing towards a young woman in a far corner of the room. Mrs.---sat by the window sewing, while a child about two years old ran about the room.

"Are you afraid of taking smallpox from the girl?" I asked.

"No," replied the mother, "we are not afraid."

"But the doctors say this disease is very contagious: are they not very careless and negligent in not keeping this patient away from the rest of the family? This is a genuine case of smallpox, just see the large pustules full of pus. Of course I know you can't take the disease from another."

Then to show them that this was true, I broke open several of the large pustules on her face and arms and took the pus out of them and smeared it all over my face, hands, beard and clothes and at the same time remarked that I would go home to dinner.

I mentioned nothing of the affair to my family during the meal and went directly to my office without telling anyone. The first person who came in the office was an old friend, Rev. T, who has a parish at North Milwaukee. We shook hands heartily, in fact, I had entirely forgotten that I was covered with smallpox poison. I presented him with one of my books and, according to our scientific and willful deceivers of the public, I must have covered the book and gentleman with smallpox germs, and he in return must have exposed many people in Appleton, those he met on the train, and finally his whole congregation. The germs on the book, I suppose are still enjoying themselves in the spiritual home of the reverend gentleman.

During the same afternoon I touched the faces of several persons in my office while treating their eyes and fitting glasses. From 4 to 6 and from 5 to 10 o'clock the same afternoon I was at the Business Men's Club, where I mingled and played cards with the members.

In the evening the conversation drifted to the smallpox case I had visited in the morning. After discussing the subject for a while, one of them asked me if I would visit a smallpox patient and then go home to my family. I quietly remarked that I would just as soon do it as visit a patient with a common cold.

Finally, Mr. Dickinson, cashier in one of our banks, remarked rather sarcastically: "Now, doctor, what's the use of talking such nonsense, you would no more think of visiting a smallpox patient and then go home and sleep with your family than you would go home and shoot one of your children. You are too sensible for that."

The reader can imagine the state of my mind at that time as none of them had an inkling that I was at that very time covered with smallpox pus, and that the cards we were playing with were being loaded with this poison. Still, I never once mentioned my visit to them. Further, I would never have gone to the club rooms if I had had the least idea that my actions would ever be known, as I know the sentiment of these gentlemen and I also had too much respect for them and myself, to impose upon their feelings, even if I did know that their belief was a foolish superstition. I have done similar acts dozens of times during the past fifteen years and have in each instance watched the results and not the slightest harm has ever been done to anyone.

To return to our subject, after leaving the club-rooms that evening, I went home, slept with my family, and the next morning took the train to Green Bay, without washing any ands or face, and wearing the same clothes. I took breakfast at Green Bay and then went to the store of Mr. M---, who had engaged me to fit glasses for his customers on that day. I handled the faces of twenty-seven persons during the day, besides those I exposed on the streets and in the train when on my way home.

The next morning (Wednesday) I washed my hands and face, the first time since they had been smeared with pus 46.5 hours before. When I arrived at my office, I found several reporters waiting to ascertain if the report were true that I had visited the smallpox patient and had smeared myself with pus. In the beginning I neither affirmed nor denied the accusation, because I did not want it known, but upon inquiry I learned that one of the neighbors had seen me come out of the house and asked the health officer if the family had changed doctors, as she had seen Dr. Rodermund come out of the house on Monday.

Consequently there was nothing for me to do save tell the exact truth, which I did. The newspapers, however, mixed untruth with the truth in such a way as to mislead the public. Among other things they stated that I had personally bragged of what I had done, when they knew I never intended it to become known to the world until the people were ready to consider such revolutionary truths for their own benefit.

I was allowed my freedom about the city all day Wednesday but on Thursday the fourth day, I was quarantined and a guard of policemen stationed around the house. The people had been so scared by the health officers, doctors, city officials and the newspapers that some of the policemen said that it was a good thing I was protected by a strong guard, otherwise my life was in danger.

Saturday I broke quarantine in spite of five policemen drove forty miles to Waupaca took the train for Chicago from there went to Terre Haute, Ind. And on my way back was arrested in Milwaukee and held for four days in the pest house. This is a brief outline of the whole episode which created quite a sensation.

The sanctimonious frauds and deceivers of the public (doctors) tried in every way, shape and manner to trace a case of smallpox to my actions, but with no avail. Even after I had exposed 30,000 people and rubbed my pus-covered hands over thirty-seven faces, they could find nothing against me. In the near future I will publish a few similar incidents which have happened to me in the past years, and which are far more interesting than this one.

Why is not one out of the thousands of these medical scoundrels, murderers and deceivers ever turned up to win the prize which reads as follows: On thousand dollars will be given to anyone that can prove that the disease is contagious; also ten dollars for every day it takes him to prove it. The doctors know that by superstition, the people can best be held. Then I want to ask you, are not the people more to blame than the doctors?

More than half the public do not believe in contagion, but they lack the courage to say so. Discussion and argument will never change the present conditions. They never settle a question where a powerful body of men have law and money on their side. A powerful public sentiment, combined with true knowledge is the only remedy. As long as you drowse in your old superstitions these murderers will continue to ruin you constitutions for the money there is in it. Does any sane man believe that God created such laws which, if disobeyed at any time by one person, would spread a loathsome disease over a whole nation? This superstition is a blasphemy upon Almighty justice.

Dr. Rodermund in The Searchlight, 1901


"I am with you in your opposition to Compulsory Vaccination. My logical faculty was offended at it long ago. At best it was simply boring one hole to stop another, and now it seems not even to do that, if men die of small pox after vaccination.
You do me justice when you count me on the side of liberty, and opposed to every species of arbitrary power. I am for the largest liberty of thought and conduct this side of crime. I am no more in favor of such power when wielded by a majority than when by an individual."

Letter to Professor J. Dossons, MD, Washington DC, Dec. 28, 1989

On January 21, 1901, Dr. Rodermund entered the home of a family that had a daughter with smallpox. The father attempted to prevent the doctor from coming inside, stating, "We are not allowed to let anyone enter this house."

Dr. Rodermund was amused and noticed that other family members, including a two-year-old running about the house playing, seemed in perfect health.

Though mother and father were not afraid they or their two-year-old would catch smallpox, they had been told the disease was "very contagious"a belief that Dr. Rodermund did not share.

"I broke open several of the large pustules on her face and arms and took the pus out of them and smeared it all over my face, hands, beard and clothes and at the same time remarked that I would go home to dinner," Dr. Rodermund explained.

The story then recounts all those with whom Dr. Rodermund came in contactfriends, family, patients and, by epidemiological extension, all those with whom they came in contact. "The reader can imagine the state of my mind at that time as none of them had an inkling that I was at that very time covered with smallpox pus," he wrote. Dr. Rodermund added that he would never so willingly and blatantly expose so many people to smallpox had he not been absolutely certain after 15 years of experience with smallpox that believing the disease is contagious "was a foolish superstition."

It wasn't until 46.5 hours later that Dr. Rodermund washed his face and hands.

When he arrived at his office, several reporters were awaiting him because a nosy neighbor had seen him at the smallpox house and the family described for her how he had smeared himself with smallpox pus.

He had little choice but to tell the truth to the reporters. "The newspapers, however, mixed untruth with the truth in such a way as to mislead the public. Among other things they stated that I had personally bragged of what I had done, when they knew I never intended it to become known to the world until the people were ready to consider such revolutionary truths for their own benefit," Dr. Rodermund wrote.

The story prompted Dr. Rodermund to be quarantined to his house which was guarded by a policeman. "The people had been so scared by the health officers, doctors, city officials and the newspapers that some of the policemen said that it was a good thing I was protected by a strong guard, otherwise my life was in danger," a still amused Dr. Rodermund wrote.

The doctor escaped quarantine and traveled to Chicago, Terre Haute and was arrested in Milwaukee and quarantined again.

Dr. Rodermund described the doctors who did everything in their power to blame him for starting a smallpox epidemic as "sanctimonious frauds and deceivers." "Even after I had exposed 30,000 people and rubbed my pus-covered hands over 37 faces, they could find nothing against me," he said.

After being released. Dr. Rodermund offered a $1,000 reward for anyone who can prove that smallpox is contagious. Not one doctor responded.

His conclusion was that doctors knew smallpox was not contagious but would rather profit from the public's irrational smallpox fears and superstitions than tell them the truth.

"Liberating ourselves from the nursery of non-think in which blind belief flourishes is to begin the journey, not only to freedom, but to maturity."

-- Walene James
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Re: Smallpox Alert!, by Vaccination Liberation

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Blankets for Indians

A woman approached CHERUBS Founder Barbara Flynn at a recent presentation and introduced herself as a retired biologist. Preparing for the worst, Barbara recoiled. But the biologist reassured her that she only wanted to thank her for solving an intellectual riddle that had perplexed her since college.

Many remember the story of how Indians contracted smallpox from blankets given to them by Europeans. This woman had carried the image of infected blankets around since she heard the story in her youth. When she became educated in pathology, she could not understand how blankets themselves could spread smallpox. The virus could not stay "alive" in the absence of a "host." It wasn't until many years later, when Barbara described how Dr. Campbell's work proved that smallpox was spread by the bite of the common bedbug, that the riddle was solved.

Now we know that it was impossible for the blankets themselves to have communicated smallpox to the Indians just one more historical inaccuracy associated with this disease.

The blankets would had to have been infested with the bedbugs to expose humans to smallpox.

Jenner lives! These photos, courtesy of the CDC, illustrate the damage that today's "smallpox" vaccine can do to our children. One can imagine Jenner's vaccine produced similar results. If the definition of insanity is repeating the same activity over and over expecting a different result, what would we call repeating a British 19th century public health disaster in 21st century America?


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Re: Smallpox Alert!, by Vaccination Liberation

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History confirms smallpox/bedbug connection

There are very few references to the smallpox/bedbug connection in the medical journals but there are occasional anecdotal references to it in popular literature. Susan Pearce of the Wyoming Vaccination Information Network found the following excerpts in the book, "Red Walls and Homesteads," by Helena Rubottom (1987). Pearce stumbled upon the passage quite by accident. She was reading the book to her elderly mother since the story takes place near Kaycee, Wyoming, where she was born and raised.

Somewhere around this time [1914], we all sickened and Mother knew what was wrong. She had been nursing the neighbors, the Webbers; they were all down in bed and she was sure they had Smallpox. She had carried it home to us, but luckily she had had it as a child and could care for us. Doctors today deplore Folk Medicine, but she gave us Sweet Spirits of Nitre for the fever and baking soda sponges for the itching, and it did help."

[At this time Lee was about four years old and the author, Helena Rubottom, was about six].

"Dr. Blake came down from Buffalo to see us. He was the Health Officer and someone had reported we were all sick; we didn't send for him. We were afraid of him, particularly Lee and me. He talked to Lee gently and coaxed him onto his lap. `Now show me your biggest smallpox sore,' he said.

Lee opened his pajamas and, exposed himself, he sobbed, `See Doc, it's right on the end of my wetter.' Mother was beet red, and started to apologize, but the good doctor waved her away and talked on with Lee, telling him not to scratch and it would be better tomorrow. More laughs."

"Before we could take down the quarantine sign, we had to fumigate according to directions. Dr. Blake left Formaldehyde, which was to be put in a boiler of boiling water and left to boil as long as the fire held. This was some process, but guess what it did to the bedbugs?! They either died or left, for we never saw another one."
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Re: Smallpox Alert!, by Vaccination Liberation

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Report of the CDC Public Forum on Smallpox
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
St. Louis, Missouri
June 8, 2002

The CDC held the third of a series of meetings called the "Public Forum on Smallpox"on June 8, 2002 in St. Louis, Missouri. In front of a small group of approximately 60 people, I had the opportunity to deliver a five minute speech
( )and then had the opportunity to ask several very pointed questions directed toward the CDC representatives. This is my report of the meeting.

Everyone should be aware that the CDC will review the answers collected on its website. The deadline for submission is JUNE 12, but keep sending your comments even after the deadline. All of the questions and comments made at the forums are being taped and will be reviewed by the members of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) prior to their final recommendations June 20, 2002. My understanding as after participating in this meeting is that the CDC not only wants to solicit comments, but to see how "willingly"we will accept the vaccine.

The CDC was very forthright in presenting truthful and accurate information about smallpox and about the anticipated problems associated with the vaccine. Surprisingly, it seemed the CDC was advising GREAT CAUTION regarding the use of the vaccine. Even in the event of an outbreak, the greatest emphasis would be placed on isolation, not just on containment (vaccination). This certainly was not what I was expecting to hear. And unless you were an informed listener, you would have missed the most amazing things that the CDC said about a smallpox infection.

The morning opened with Dr. Robert Belshe, M.D, Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases and Immunology from St. Louis University. He has been directly involved with clinical trials involving the Dryvax® vaccine. He presented an overview of the questions the CDC put forth to the community and placed on their website. This was a very important clarification, as the formatting of these questions is very unclear.

The program continued with Dr. Joel Kuritsky, the CDC's director of the Preparedness and Early Smallpox Response Activity for the National Immunization Program. He stated that one of the reasons that the forums were being held was to clear up some misconceptions about smallpox. "For one thing,"he said, "smallpox is not explosively contagious." On two separate occasions, Kuritsky said, "smallpox is NOT like measles; it is NOT a highly contagious disease." This has been one of the cornerstone arguments for mass vaccination propagated by both medical journals and the popular press! I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Was anyone else in the room picking up on this??

Kuritsky expounded on other smallpox misconceptions:

1. Smallpox is spread through "droplet contamination." The likelihood of spreading the infection from person-to-person throughout a room is minimal because "coughing and sneezing are not part of the disease."
2. Transmission through bed clothing contamination is extremely rare.
3. The virus is NOT spread in food or water.
4. Contagiousness can be ''Interrupted' by the use of "a properly fitted filtered respirator mask with an NIOSH rating of N95 or better." The key here is personalized fitting: a fitted mask will provide a very high level of protection against biological agents.

An extremely important revelation that Kuritsky delineated was that smallpox will not spread rapidly through the population. The disease is "transmitted slowly and only after prolonged, direct, face-to-face contact."He further clarified close contact to mean "more than 7 days" and face-to-face to mean "contact that is within 6-7 feet."Scientific studies were presented to accentuate this point. Therefore, it is the intensity and duration of contact that spreads smallpox. Dr. Kuritsky said casual contact will not spread smallpox. "The scenario in which a terrorist infects himself and walks through a city spreading the disease just wouldn't happen, even in population-dense areas. In the 1970s, we were able to control the spread of the infection even in highly dense settings such as India and Bangladesh,"he explained.

Kuritsky's information comes in part from a recent paper published by Meltzer. After analyzing data obtained from an outbreak that occurred in 1898, Meltzer's group concluded that "smallpox was not readily spread among the general population by brief, casual encounters, such as walking down the street beside an ill person or briefly being in the same shop or business. Rather, smallpox was primarily spread among persons living in the same house as a smallpox patient.

Meltzer's paper goes on to state that, "most outbreaks have an average transmission rate of less than 1 person infected per infectious person." This means that less than one person contracted smallpox from a primarily infected person! The oft-repeated story that "millions could die from the rapid spread of smallpox after an exposure"appears to be nothing more than theoretical hype. (I strongly encourage everyone to read this paper. - SEE FOOTNOTE FOR REFERENCE)

It is critically important to understand that people are only contagious after the smallpox pustules have erupted on the skin. There is no "carrier state"for this disease, as seen with chickenpox, in which the person is contagious for several days before the vesicular rash occurs. The incubation period after an acute exposure to smallpox can range from 2-17 days. The onset of a fever is a warning sign, indicating that the person may have contracted the infection. This is referred to as the "prodromal stage."At that point, the person feels very ill and will most likely go to bed. "The person is sick and will not be walking around," said Kuritsky.

The value of surveillance post-exposure lies in the fact that a person's temperature can be monitored daily and he can be quarantined AT THE ONSET OF FEVER, preferably in his own home. However it is critically important to understand that, even at this stage, the person is not contagious!! It is only after the appearance of the smallpox rash, generally 2 to 4 days after the onset of the fever, that the person becomes infectious. Keep in mind that there are other causes for fever: the person may just have the flu!!

The smallpox rash has a distinctive appearance and feel. The distribution is primarily on the face, palms and soles, with very little seen on the trunk. In addition, unlike chickenpox, all of the pustules have a consistent appearance throughout the body. When palpated, the rash feels "shoddy,"or like buckshot under the surface of the skin.

However, there are other rashes that can potentially be "confused"with smallpox. Dr. Kuritsky gave a list of infectious diseases that present with rashes that can potentially be misinterpreted as smallpox:

1. Chickenpox
2. Disseminated herpes simplex
3. Disseminated herpes zoster (shingles)
4. Hand-foot-mouth disease
5. Secondary syphilis
6. Molluscum contagiousum (a viral infection)
7. Erythema multiforme

In addition to viruses, reactions to medications can occasionally precipitate a rash that could be mistaken for smallpox. The CDC has established a "rash algorithm"to assist healthcare professionals in differentiating smallpox from other skin conditions. This can be viewed by going to . In addition, the CDC has set up a 24 hour "Rash Hotline" at 770-488-7100. With all these helpful aides to assist practitioners in making the correct diagnosis, it is doubtful that one of these rashes could be confused with smallpox, precipitating the mass havoc as seen on the recent "ER" episode.

Prior to 1967, the World Health Organization stated that a global vaccination rate of greater than 80% was needed to eradicate smallpox. However, even when this rate was attained, outbreaks still occurred in Asia and India. Therefore, a new strategy was introduced in 1973. Smallpox cases were actively searched for and isolated. Vaccination of only the person's immediate close contacts created a barrier "ring"to decrease the spread of the infection. Within two years after the implementation of surveillance and containment approach, the number of smallpox outbreaks had dramatically declined. This is the basis for the current CDC recommendations of "surveillance and containment"in the event of an attack.

It is crucial to realize that even in the event of a confirmed case of smallpox, there is no need to panic. The CDC's position paper on smallpox, "Vaccinia (Smallpox) Vaccine Recommendations"published June, 2001 states that vaccination of close personal contacts within 4 days of the onset of the rash will be protective. However, Dr. Kuritsky stated that "vaccination 12-13 days out will still be protective." Based on this information, it appears that any rush to vaccinate first responders and medical personnel is not based on current understanding of the disease and appears to be inappropriate.

Dr. Harold Margolis, CDC senior advisor for smallpox preparedness, was the next to speak. The majority of his presentation focused on the potential side effects and complications of the vaccinia vaccine. As a former pediatrician who was still in practice when the smallpox vaccine was still given routinely, he had seen many of these reactions first hand. Dozens of impressive pictures were shown demonstrating the types of reactions that could occur. In fact, many more dreadful pictures were shown of smallpox vaccine reactions than of smallpox itself!

It is an unfortunate fact that a large percentage of the population is in much poorer health today than when smallpox vaccine was "routinely"given prior to 1971 and this exponentially increases the risk of vaccination complications. Now more than 25% of our population is immunosuppressed by diseases or drugs. This includes more than 28 million people with eczema and millions more with a past history of eczema; 184,000 organ recipients, 850,000 individuals with diagnosed and undiagnosed HIV infection or AIDS, and 8.5 million people with cancer. Dr. Margolis presented a slide that contained these facts. What he failed to discuss, however, were risks involving the untold millions who are taking immunosuppressive drugs such as the corticosteroids Prednisone® and Medrol®. These medications are given to both adults and children, and are prescribed for dozens of conditions including but not limited to: asthma; emphysema; allergies; Crohn's disease; multiple sclerosis; herniated spinal discs; acute muscular pain syndromes; and all types rheumatoid and autoimmune diseases. All of these patients would be at risk for serious complications - including death - not only from the vaccine, but also from coming in contact with a vaccinated individual.

Dr. Margolis provided the following information regarding the current and projected supply of the vaccine stock:

Name of vaccine / Manufacturer / Made from Number of doses
Dryvax (1982) / Wyeth / Calf lymph / 15-75 million
Accum 1000 (new) / Acambis / MRC-5 cells (human fetal tissue) / 54 million
Accum 2000 (new) / Acambis / Vero cells (monkey tissue) / 155 million
"frozen vaccine"(1980s) / Aventis / (Unsure) / 70-90 million

He reaffirmed that vaccinia is NOT cowpox; it is a completely separate virus. In addition, he remarked in passing that the vaccinia vaccine is considered an IND, or investigational new drug. This designation should not be taken lightly. The old versions of the vaccine - the Aventis vaccine and Dryvax®--will be re-released. These vaccines were never subjected to controlled clinical trials. The new Acambis vaccines will not have to be subjected to rigorous safety standards in human trials. The new FDA rulings on the development of drugs and vaccines related to bioterrorism will lower safety production standards to fast- track production. And as always, vaccine manufacturers as well as physicians will be protected from liability for any vaccine-induced injuries or deaths that will undoubtedly occur. These facts must be taken into consideration before deciding to receive the vaccine.

There was a "wrap up" of the morning, and then the floor was opened to questions from the audience. I asked the following questions:

Q: If a person was vaccinated with the smallpox vaccine, can they be tested to see if they still have protective antibody levels?

A: There is no commercially available test available to the general public.

Editorial Comment: Some studies suggest that antibody levels from previous vaccination may last as long as 50 years. Since this is a test that can be performed at research laboratories, the CDC should make this type of testing available before the vaccinia vaccine is used.

Q: (asked by another person): Is it essential for a scar to form to know that a person has developed immunity?

A. (Belshe) There is a high relationship between the development of an antibody response and the development of the scar. "The scar is a simple indication that the vaccine is working.”

Q: The CDC has published a 260 page document called "Interim Smallpox Response Plan & Guidelines." Is this plan intended to be a "prototype" in the event that other types of biological weapons are released on the general public?

A: (Kurtisky): Parts of it could be used for that purpose.

Q: In the event of a confirmed outbreak, would those people considered to be "close contacts"and in the "immediate ring"be required to be vaccinated, even if they had a medical contraindication?

A: We would have to do the best that we could to not vaccinate them, but they are also the ones at greatest risk for the most serious complications from smallpox.

Editorial Comment: There was no direct answer to this, even when several others in the audience asked this question in various formats, including "what is the CDC's definition of voluntary?"The question was diverted and vaguely addressed.

Q: We read in every medical and general publication that the case fatality rate of smallpox is 30%. What was the actual cause of death from smallpox?

A: (by Dr. Margolis): Most people died from electrolyte imbalances and possibly renal (kidney) disease. In addition, the skin sometimes exfoliated (sloughed off) and it acted like a burn. In addition, most cases that died were in Bangladesh and Central Africa.

Q: So, what you are saying by your answer is that those conditions are treatable and that most cases that died took place in countries where they did not have advanced medical care and since the last case of known smallpox in the U.S. was in Texas in 1949, we have the medical capability to treat complications of smallpox today.

A: Some "imported cases" people died in Europe too.

Editorial Comment: Both doctors demonstrated an interesting "body language" response when I asked this question. They both shifted abruptly back into their chairs, looked at each other. I read Margolis lips, as he asked Kuritsky, "do you want to answer this?" Kuritsky shook his head "no." I have never seen either of these complications listed in association with smallpox, let alone the cause of death of smallpox! In addition, this means that people die from potentially treatable COMPLICATIONS of this infection, not from the infection itself! This is a critical distinction. The reason that most people say that they would accept the smallpox vaccine is because of its reported 30% death rate.

In addition, this reported 30% death rate is a statistic based on old data. It is doubtful that the death rate would be any where near that high today. However, the severe complication and death rate from the vaccine might well be at least that high due to the vast number of immunosuppressed people in our country as I mentioned earlier.

In light of all this information, it was disheartening and alarming to hear the prepared answers read by the organizations in attendance. Each person that commented was required to state their name and the organization that they represented when they read their prepared 5 minute statement. The overwhelming response by the organizations, with the exception of my comments, can be summarized as follows:

1. Do not start vaccinating the general public at this time.
2. Begin vaccination of first responders now, but on a limited basis only.
3. In the case of an outbreak, all bets are off but vaccination should be used with responders and quite possibly with large sectors of the general public.

Was anyone listening? It appears that the "public" is willing to ignore the facts that the CDC presented and go further than was really warranted.

What is the "real agenda" of the CDC? Why were these meetings held, given the fact that the CDC has never been interested in what the public has to say about their policies? Over the next few weeks and months, the rest of the story will undoubtedly unfold.


I want to personally thank all of you who called and who emailed me with letters of support and concern after reading my press releases on and or hearing me on the radio with Joyce Riley or with Bill Boshears. Your kind words and thoughts were very much appreciated and I will continue to do my very best to keep you updated and informed as the possibility of mandatory smallpox vaccination draws near.

While the possibility of mandatory vaccination is the "bad news" the good news is that most of the letters I received asked, "What can I do to help?" In fact this is not just good news, it is great news, as time is short and we need America to wake up and do it fast! To protect ourselves from those who would "protect"us by denying us our most basic rights, we will need to be aware and willing to act. Everyone one of us - and everyone one of our friends and family members MUST become aware of the critical juncture at which we now stand and get involved.

In spite of the fact that, by the CDC's own admission, mass vaccination is not necessarily the answer, the Patriot Act and The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act have laid the groundwork for it. (To view the full text of these documents, go to .) Thinking "this could never happen here!"will not protect you. The only chance that we have to protect our disappearing rights is to GET INVOLVED.

Here are my recommendations:

A. Go to the CDC website and answer the questions. Time is of the essence, as they are only accepting comments until JUNE 12, 2002. To answer the questions, a clarification is necessary. The questions are wordy and can be confusing. In simple terms, this is what the CDC is asking: Question #1: The CDC's current policy for smallpox vaccination is to only vaccinate laboratory workers. Should this be changed? Should the vaccine be available to the general public?


1. No change in policy; Not recommended for the general public
2. CDC does not recommend the vaccine but it would be available on request to the general public
3. CDC is neutral on recommendation, but vaccine would be available on request
4. The vaccine would be available to the general public

Question #2: Should specific groups of first responders (ex: EMT/paramedics; police; fireman; ER doctors and nurses; etc.) be vaccinated now?

1. No. Vaccine should be only for laboratory personnel
2. Yes, but limited only to smallpox response teams created by the CDC or the States.
3. Yes. Widespread vaccination of all medical and non-medical first responders and their support staff.

Question #3: In the even of a confirmed outbreak, how should the vaccine be used?

Surveillance and containment: Use ring vaccination only on limited basis of direct personal contacts

1. Surveillance and containment PLUS selected medical and 1st responders
2. Surveillance and containment PLUS the general public in the affected communities
3. Surveillance and containment PLUS mass vaccination of the general public.

Now that you can understand the questions that they are asking, you can give a response that most represents your understanding of the situation and how you feel best meets your needs and those of your family. This is how I responded:

Question #1 ....Answer #1
Question #2 ....Answer #1
Question #3 ....Answer #1 PLUS the following comments:
a. The CDC data shows that this is NOT a highly contagious virus
b. The CDC data shows that the virus has a slow transmission rate
c. Even those at highest risk will only contract smallpox if they have had intense contact for more than 7 days
d. The general public must be advised to NOT go to the hospital as the transmission rate to others is highest within the confines of a building.
e. It is the job of the CDC and the Public Health Officials to ensure that the general public fully understands this information and DOES NOT PANIC. Smallpox is not only slow to spread, it is slow to cause severe illness.

B. Focus on education. The real war has become an information war; it is being fought now! Inform your state and federal (congressional) leaders of your position. Let them know the level to which you will resist, if that is what you are planning to do. Inform and educate political leaders, City Counsel members, school board members, local charities and your police and fire departments. Have a family and neighborhood meeting. Know in advance what your response is going to be. Most importantly, share this information with everyone that you know.

C. Increase your stores of food and bottled water in case a quarantine situation arises. Purchase a filtered mask for each person in your family that is NIOSH approved with an N95+ rating. Most importantly, have the mask appropriately fitted for each person and keep it in an accessible place.

D. Grow and/or purchase organic produce for your family. Seek alternative types of healthcare to improve your immune system and maintain or restore your health. Create your own stock of vitamins, herbs, homeopathics. Avoid prescription medications as much as possible.

E. Keep your immune system healthy! Avoid white (refined) sugar, white flour and white rice. Now is the time to determine your "bowel tolerance"for Vitamin C. The best way to do this is with powdered Vitamin C. Start with 10,000mg and increase by 5,000 mg/day until you reach a level that causes diarrhea. That level is your bowel tolerance. If you have an acute infection, START AT THIS LEVEL and continue to increase to your next level of bowel tolerance. It is a well-known and established medical fact that Vitamin C is a potent anti-viral vitamin. Keep large stocks of this on hand in the event of any type of bioterrorism attack.

F. Become familiar with the use of Essential Oils, homeopathy, and other herbal remedies that have been shown to be effective against viral infections.

Nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air... however slight... lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."

--Justice William O. Douglas



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Re: Smallpox Alert!, by Vaccination Liberation

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Smallpox Vaccinations Versus Nature's Most Powerful Preventative
by Dr. Leonard Horowitz,DMD, MA, MPH

The British Anti-Vaccination Society published this cartoon in 1802 to satirize Edward Jenner and "the Wonderful Effects of the New Inoculation." The cartoon depicts inoculated people acting like a bunch of animals and developing cow-like appendages. On the wall hangs a picture of the Old Testament story: The worship of the Golden Calf.

People must not put their faith and trust in the Bush administration's smallpox vaccination program.

The vaccine is a reconstituted brew of chemically treated, freeze dried cow pus with antibiotics to kill bacteria. It has been diluted five times from its original questionably effective, admittedly toxic concentrate. It is the height of medical illogic to believe this ancient "immunization," developed by "notorious charlatan" Edward Jenner, would deliver physical salvation from modern strains of smallpox (i.e., variola) that have been "weaponize d" in modern biological warfare research and development facilities.

To our knowledge no studies have been conducted to determine whether or not the new smallpox vaccine safely and effectively protects people from new and unidentified strains of weaponized smallpox. Yet the Bush administration has ordered 500,000 military personnel and 500,000 first responders be vaccinated. This is apparently in preparation for the day when they will be required to help forcibly vaccinate 280 million Americans at the first declaration of an "outbreak."

Meanwhile, a myriad of overlooked details about the history of smallpox vaccination programs, from Jenner's time to the present, smacks of an ongoing and deadly deception.

The Bush administration's rapidly evolving World War IIIa "holy war" against "terrorism"has cast frightened and confused Americans into a microbial abyss. "White collar terrorists," working for pharmaceutical industrialists wedded with the White House, have manipulated the media for manufactured madness. Evidence proves the current smallpox scam was being planned as early as 1999, possibly 1996. (See: Congressional testimony by Bioport's Robert C. Myers, III at ... _espionage .html)

History repeats when you don't learn from it. The successful Anglo-American-facilitated genocide that decimated the native populations of North America in the late 1800s was accomplished by "gifting" Indian refugees with smallpox-carrying, bedbug infested blankets. Modern Americans are now being confronted with a similar "gifting"except that bedbug-infested blankets have been replaced with syringes filled with cowpus cocktail.

As we sow, we reap. This biological irony is best exemplified by the Rockefeller-linked American Type Culture Collection and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shipments of biological weapons, including anthrax and the West Nile Virus, to Iraq during the George H.W. Bush years. Thus, if Saddam Hussein currently has smallpox, as officials contend, it almost certainly came from the Bush family's own benefactors and special interest groups that are poised to make a bloody fortune from the smallpox fright and impending "outbreak."

The Common Sense Solution

The most lethal biological weapon, ebola, kills nine-out-of-ten people within three weeks of infection. Ten percent survive because of the strength of their immune systems, or what microbiologists call "host resistance." Science proves immuno-competence is more powerful than anything else, including the number of germs, such as smallpox, that invade your body, and/or the virulence or strength of each strain.

Mostly, what determines immunity and longevity is your spirituality, connection to the Divine, and actualization of love. Don't believe it? Want proof? Okay, consider this. Most physicians argue it's all about genes. Many say immunity stems from diet and exercise. Others promote good hygiene. Advanced thinkers include all of the above, but here's the rub: Numerous studies of the elderly (i.e., geriatric populations) show that the most common cause of disease and death is none of the above. It is the loss of a spouse. People die most readily of broken hearts. In these most numerous cases, genetics, purity of diet, exercise levels, and good hygiene, are less powerful than the longing to care and share with another person, intimately, in a meaningful way. Love is the fabric that binds two people, and civilization as a whole, together. It is the Divine spiritual expression that protects, restores, and uplifts human life, if not everything in the universe.

You might be inclined to disagree, saying, "But this is smallpox!" Certainly, the majority of people in the world are disinclined to place their full faith into something they can't see, put in the bank, or place in their medicine cabinets. Then again, the majority of people in this world, for some ungodly reason, insist upon defending the political ploys of the world's greatest liars.

The Greatest Preventative and Unrecognized Truth

History reveals that every great plague has been preceded by major sociopolitical upheaval. Wars and dislocated populations give rise to the loss of loved ones, malnutrition and unhygienic conditions. These have caused populations under siege to experience widespread immunological exhaustion and failure. History's large-scale public health tragedies support the statement, "Germs are nothing, the terrain is everything."

In "Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science" (, I advance five steps to prepare your "Temple of God" to defend against smallpox and all other plagues. These powerful steps include: 1) detoxification, 2) deacidification, 3) boosting natural immunity holistically, 4) oxygenation, and 5) bioelectrics. Beyond these, I entertain five spiritual steps required to manifest miraculous recoveries from everything from colds to cancer. Now I urge you to consider that love, inspired by faith and trust in those with whom you intimately relate, whether it be a spouse or your Creator, enables and empowers each of the steps for optimal immunity, health, and longevity.

To reinforce this point, can any relationship be loving, lasting, or optimally productive without faith and trust? Consider a marriage between partners who don't trust each other. Where's the love in that? What about business associates who share little or no faith in their contract? Likewise, without faith and trust in your Creator, can this relationship bear any fruits, including love for Him and yourself as a remarkable creation and co-creator? Obviously not.

So, if your immune system primarily reflects your faith, trust, love and spiritual Divinity, or lack thereof, consider this last point: Your immune system is an organization of white blood cell body guards that principally function to distinguish between self and non-self; between elements of your own host cells versus foreign invaders like smallpox. In this way, your immune system operates as a surveillance center working to enforce your truly natural magnificent identity and Divine harmony. Metaphysically and metaphorically, your self-concept, self-image, self-esteem, and self-love, reflect the faith and trust you have in yourself as a Divine creation, and co-creator, inspired for human service.

Therefore, if you are estranged from your true identity and self-recognition; if you see yourself as incapable and unworthy of manifesting miracles, then how can you expect your immune cells to recognize the difference between who you really are and who you are not? It simply can't. In essence, it fails for lack of self-love—a heart sickness that, like the death of a spouse, commonly kills quickly.

Indeed, this truth can set people free of smallpox and every other disease.

About the Author:

Dr. Len Horowitz, is an award winning author and internationally known authority in the overlapping fields of public health, behavioral science, emerging diseases, and bioterrorism. A full catalogue of his books, audios and videotapes can be seen online at or obtained by calling 1-888-508-4787.
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Re: Smallpox Alert!, by Vaccination Liberation

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Vaccine-free health care
by Ingri Cassel

"And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth. And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth, and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them that worshipped his image."

-- Revelations 16:1-2, KJV

Our world appears to be on the brink of disaster as governments around the globe grapple with the terror being wrought upon us by chemical/military/pharmaceutical industrialists.

We have been led to believe that pathogenic germs and viruses cause disease when the opposite is actually true; pathogenic germs and viruses must have a "dis-eased" medium in order to thrive. The key to dis-ease prevention, as Pasteur's colleague Dr. Antoine Bechamp so clearly showed, is to keep the terrain of the human body healthy. Germs no more cause dis-ease than flies cause garbage.

By taking pharmaceutical drugs to kill germs, reduce a fever and suppress an acute inflammatory response, we have defeated the very purpose of the symptoms of dis-ease—to bring the body back into balance.

Always remember that the symptoms of dis-ease are the body's attempt to remove unhealthy material and restore balance. During a time of sickness we should promote—not suppress—the body's attempts to remove such material.

So what do we do to maintain our health before a planned biological or chemical exposure, and what can we do after the fact? We follow the 5 basic principles of good health. Though we will only outline them here, the principles have been explored at length in my monthly columns which appear in The Idaho Observer (

The five principles

1. Detoxify our bodies through periodic colon, liver and kidney cleanses.

2. Hydrate our bodies by drinking plenty of pure water, and avoiding dehydrating beverages such as coffee, alcohol and pop (see

3. Nutritionally support our cells by consuming plenty of organic, alkalinizing, enzyme-rich raw fruits and vegetables. Buy a juicer!

4. Oxygenate our bodies through the use of food grade hydrogen peroxide (see and deep breathing exercises.

5. Affirm that we are spiritual beings with a God-given purpose. Connect to our Creator daily through prayer and meditation and improve the quality of our thoughts and actions. In order to realize complete recovery from any illness, clearing our minds of fear and other emotional baggage is essential.

For a fast primer on the true relationship between health and dis-ease, call 1-800-Herb-Doc and order Dr. Schultz's newsletters, books and tapes.

Questions to ponder before vaccination

1. With dozens of biological weapons from which to choose, why would "terrorists" use only smallpox and anthrax?

2. If specific vaccines are developed for specific diseases, how can vaccinia vaccine provide immunity to the variola virus?

3. If government employees mixed cow pus, mercury, latex and live viruses with jelly and served it to your children on a piece of toast, could they be accused of child abuse?

4. Why does government construct public health policy on the advice of those who study disease instead of those who study health?

5. If you were ordered to take the smallpox vaccine, and then gave it to others who don't want it, would you be called a hero or criminal?

6. President Bush claims he took the smallpox vaccine. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said he would decline it. Which man has a better feel for the situation?

7. A lot of conspiracy-minded people are talking about the smallpox vaccine carrying a "Mark-of-the-Beast-like" identification and surveillance chip. HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson did say he bought a smallpox vaccine with "every American's name on it." Do you think he was talking about injecting us with a new medical biochip?

8. If 30 percent of healthy college students experienced adverse reactions to the smallpox vaccine in recent clinical trials, what percentage of young children and older adults with health problems will experience adverse reactions?

9. If the vaccine is still undergoing clinical trials, it is still an experimental vaccine. Do people have the right to refuse to participate in medical experimentation? Is the U.S. government using Americans for chemical and biological weapons testing?

10. If mass vaccination is in the best interest of the public, why are public health officials hiding mass vaccination plans from the public?

11. Gandhi, George Bernard Shaw, Voltaire, Mark Twain, Henry Ford , Thomas Edison, and numerous other physicians and scientists throughout history were outspoken opponents of vaccination. Do you think those people understood or misunderstood the vaccine issue?

12. When we ignore several biblical admonitions against mixing our blood with the blood of animals, do we incur the wrath of God?

13. Hippocrates said, " As in the blood, so is the manhe is just as weak, just as strong." Do you agree?

14. If our blood is the medium within which our cells are bathed from birth to death, can we expect the addition of toxic materials from vaccines to improve our health and provide resistance to disease in the short term? How about the long term?

15. If government can order your submission to dangerous and experimental medical procedures, does it "own" you?

Clinical trials, flow charts prove smallpox shots will be mandatory, deadly

According to MSNBC, The Washington Post and The Washington Times, some 30 percent of healthy college students who have volunteered to participate in recent vaccinia vaccine clinical trials are experiencing adverse reactions. The reactions are ranging from itchiness at the injection site to general achiness and high fevers for which antibiotics are being prescribed to prevent secondary infections such as pneumonia.

The volume of adverse reactions in healthy young adults is a strong indication Dr. Philip Russell's premonition that tens of thousands of Americans will die from the smallpox vaccine (see page 1) will prove to be accurate.

President Bush announced Dec. 12, 2002, that the vaccine will be "voluntary." However, it's not voluntary for some 10 million military personnel, police, medical professionals and first responders. "Non-voluntary" categories are expanding. We are now seeing official smallpox clinic working documents outlining security measures that will be in place at vaccination clinics. High school gymnasium-turned vaccination clinics will also have "armed" staff on hand to make sure people fall in line and take their medicine.

The "voluntary" nature of the vaccine will last only until the CDC finds its first case of smallpox and declares an emergency. Once an emergency is declared medical martial law goes into effect and plans are in place to vaccinate the nation. Make no mistake; you will be ordered to get vaccinated at that time.
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