Toby Dammit, directed by Federico Fellini

Toby Dammit, directed by Federico Fellini

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Toby Dammit
directed by Federico Fellini
© 1968 Les Films Marceau/Cocinor/P.E.A.




"For me, the Devil is friendly and joyful," exclaims Toby Dammit (Terence Stamp). "He's a little girl." Freely adapted from Poe's "Never Bet The Devil Your Head," TOBY DAMMIT is Fellini at his surreal, grotesque and frenetic best. Dammit is a burnt out, drunken British actor in Italy to star in the first Catholic western, for which he is promised a new Ferrari. But no matter how fast he drives it, he can't escape the cherubic child from hell with her ghostly, glowing, bouncing ball. With its bizarre, unearthly images, TOBY DAMMIT is a frightening tale that the critics have never forgotten -- and neither will you.

Table of Contents:

Toby Dammit LM 1
Toby Dammit LM 2
Toby Dammit LM 3
Toby Dammit LM 4
Toby Dammit LM 5
Toby Dammit LM 6
Toby Dammit LM 7

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Re: Toby Dammit, directed by Federico Fellini

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[Transcribed from the movie by Tara Carreon]

Toby Dammit

Libre adaptation cinematographique du conte d"Edgar A. POE "Ne pariez jamais votre tete avec le Diable"

[Toby Dammit] The plane kept circling the airport,
seemingly unable to decide to land.
It was the first time I'd been to Rome,
and I had the odd feeling that this trip, put off for so long,
was to be very significant in my life.
For a moment I even had the absurd hope
that the plane wouldn't land
but would take me far from Rome.

[Stewardess] [Announcing arrival]

[Toby Dammit] It was not to be.
The airport's invisible nets had already snared the plane,
and were dragging it helplessly towards earth.

[Pilot] Control tower, request authority to disembark passengers.

[Announcer 1] [Announcing departure to New York]

[Announcer 2] Attention, please! TWA announces the departure of Flight No. 302.

[Announcer 3] [Announcing departure to New York]

[Orthodox Jew walking backwards]

[Stewardess] Captain Edwards!


[Paparazzi] There he is! Toby Dammit.

[Toby Dammit] No!
No! Stop it!
[Throws suitcase at Paparazzi]

[Paparazzi hit with suitcase; falls down]

[Paparazzi] Bastard! What a jerk!
[Pushes Toby Dammit onto the escalator floor]
[Helps man up]
[Gestures accusingly at Toby Dammit]

[Toby Dammit] I'm sorry. Forgive me.
All those lights. Those blinding lights ...
I just can't stand them.
It's true. I'm a night person.
I hate light. Yes, I hate it.
[Floats his arms up and exhales]
[Floats his arms up, then stops]
[To Devil-Girl] You swore you'd let me alone.

[Paparazzi] Toby! Toby!

[Announcer] Attention, please! TWA announces the departure of flight no. 203 ... London, Shanghai, New York ...

[Father Spagna] I'm Father Spagna. Welcome to Rome.

[Toby Dammit] It's up to you?

[Father Spagna] Yes, I represent the film's producers.
These are our two directors, the Manetti brothers.
Maurizio and Ernestino.
My secretary.
And this is Vicky Rosenthal, who will be your guide.

[Vicky Rosenthal] I trust you had a pleasant trip.
[To Father Spagna] He's not bad at all.

[Father Spagna] Yes, just right for the role. We couldn't have chosen better.

[Producer clique huddle]

[Father Spagna] [To Toby Dammit] Please, step this way.


[Father Spagna] It's the first Catholic Western.
Christ's return to the bleak, desolate prairie.
And is this not the secret desire of all men?
A new incarnation of Christ.
Our Saviour appearing this time in concrete, tangible form.
Christ already lives in us,
but to show him in a violently mundane context ...
It may seem a desperate gamble.
Blasphemy almost, I agree.
But I know an artist such as you, whether a believer or not,
will understand that structuralist cinema
can recapture sublime poetry through primal images
that are spare, eloquent in their poverty ...
syntagmatic, as my friend Roland Barthes would say.
Something between Dreyer and Pasolini,
with just a hint of John Ford, of course.

[Maurizio] As long as it reflects
the death throes and decay of our capitalist system,
a Western can claim to be militant.
That's what Lukacs says.
We'll create historical characters, sociologically contextualised.
Thus, our two outlaws represent irresponsibility and anarchy.
The busty girl is the illusory escape into the irrational.
The prairie is beyond history ...
and the bisons are man's struggle for subsistence.

[Ernestino] [Whispers into Maurizio's ear]

[Father Spagna] The film will be in colour.
Harsh colours, rough costumes,
to reconcile the holy landscape with the prairie.
Sort of Piero della Francesca cum Fred Zinnemann.
An interesting formula. You'll adapt to it very well.
Just let your heart speak.

[Toby Dammit] The producers promised me a Ferrari. The latest model.
Where is it?

[Father Spagna] Yes, the Ferrari ...
You'll get the Ferrari. After the show.

[Vicky Rosenthal] You'll have it after tonight's gala.


[Man yelling]

[Vicky Rosenthal] I can't hear you.

[Horn honks]

[Driver 1] Are you going to a funeral?

[Driver 2] Take some Librium.

[Police Siren]

[Gypsy 1] Stop the car!
I have to speak to him.

[Gypsy 2] A thousand lire. Show me.

[Gypsy 3] I see luck and happiness.

[Toby Dammit] Here, read mine.

[Father Spagna] Curiosity, the need to know ...
They're very human responses.
But to think one can influence fate ...

[Gypsy 1] [Folds Toby's fingers inwards] I don't want to.

[Vicky Rosenthal] It scares me. I'd rather not know.

[Toby Dammit] [Thinking to himself] I'd seen her once again.
She was waiting for me at the airport.
With her big, silent ball.
I told her to go away, but she kept coming back.
She seemed convinced that eventually I'd join in her game.
[To Devil-Girl] You swore you'd let me alone.

[Devil-Girl] [Shakes her head "no."]

[Toby Dammit] [Drinks whisky]
[To Producer clique] It's nothing. It will pass.


[Toby Dammit] [Offers to share whisky]


[Cameras gett ready]


[TV Hostess 1] Tonight's guest is an English actor
who needs no introduction.
His last film is still fresh in our minds.
He's here now in Rome to act in a film
which treats the biblical story of redemption as a Western.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Toby Dammit.

[Sound Men] [Initiate music]

[Toby Dammit] What do you want? What's going on?

[TV Host] I believe you've never been to Italy before.

[Toby Dammit] No.

[TV Host 2] What made you decide to come now?

[Toby Dammit] The Ferrari I was promised.

[Sound Men] [Initiate clapping sounds]
[Stop clapping sounds]

[TV Host 3] Do you take LSD?

[Toby Dammit] All kinds of drugs.

[TV Host 3] Why?

[Toby Dammit] To get back to normal.

[TV Host 2] What do you like most in life?

[Toby Dammit] No idea.

[TV Host 2] What do you despise most?

[Toby Dammit] My audiences.

[TV Hostess 2] Some say you no longer have any audiences. Is that true?

[Toby Dammit] [ Blows a raspberry]

[TV Hostess 2] [Laughs]

[TV Host 3] Why did critics like your Hamlet?

[Toby Dammit] Obviously, the critics didn't understand a thing.

[TV Hostess 2] Was your childhood unhappy?

[Toby Dammit] No. My mother always laughed when she hit me.
Not her fault. She drank.

[TV Host 1] I've heard you can't stand criticism ...
and that you have a violent temper.

[Toby Dammit] If you repeat that, watch out for that big nose of yours.
[To his mother] Will you marry me?

[TV Hostess 2] Do you think you're neurotic?

[Toby Dammit] It's my one quality.

[TV Hostess 2] What is amiss in your life, Mr. Dammit?

[Toby Dammit] I'm happy, and it drives me to despair.

[TV Hostess 2] Is it true you've done unsavoury jobs?

[Toby Dammit] Yes, but I've never been a TV reporter.

[Soundmen] [Initiate clapping]

[Toby Dammit] Pity.

[TV Host 3] Do you know Italian cinema?

[Toby Dammit] I claim not to.

[TV Hostess 2] Why do both men and women like you?

[Toby Dammit] I'm feminine enough for women, and masculine enough for men.

[TV Host 1] Why hadn't you visited Italy?

[Toby Dammit] I went to Africa.

[TV Hostess 2] Do you think you're witty?

[Toby Dammit] No. Do you?

[TV Host 1] Do you believe in God?

[Toby Dammit] No.

[TV Hostess 2] What about the Devil?

[Toby Dammit] Yes. In the Devil, yes.

[TV Hostess 2] How interesting. And have you seen him?

[Toby Dammit] Yes, I have.

[TV Hostess 2] Describe him for us.
Is he a goat, a bat, or a black cat?

[Toby Dammit] Oh, no ...
I'm English ... not Catholic.
For me, the Devil is friendly, and joyful.
He's a little girl.



[Waiter] He's a funny fellow. What do you think?

[Comedian] If I had your cute looks, I wouldn't have to act the fool.

[Waiter] He's certainly ugly ... but he makes you laugh.

[Rock band strums the opening chord]

[Emcee] Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to the Italian Oscar presentations.
Firstly, I thank the celebrities from show business ...

[Lombardi, Assistant Producer] [Whispers in producer's ear]

[Emcee] ... politics, and the arts, who are here tonight.
I also thank the Minister for Culture for his telegram ...

[Toby Dammit] [Makes a toast] Here's to my producer.

[Man] Allow me to shake your hand. Bravo, Mr. Dammit.

[D'Artagnan] Mr. Dammit, I'm known as D'Artagnan.
I do voice imitations.
I'm a poet ...

[Bouncer] [Moves D'Artagnan away from Toby Dammit]

[D'Artagnan] [To the Bouncer] Can't I even say hello to a friend?

[Jewish Mother] This is my daughter Elizabeth. An exceptional child.

[Toby Dammit] Oh!!!

[Jewish Mother] Smile, Elizabeth.

[Elizabeth] Mr. Dammit.

[Toby Dammit] Is she a virgin?

[Jewish Mother] She's a child, Mr. Dammit, believe me.

[Lombardi, Assistant Producer] [Gestures to Toby]
Lombardi. Assistant producer.
They're about to present the Golden She-Wolves on stage.
Right after the fashion parade.
It would be good if you could, just before the awards ...
say something, recite some poetry ...
A bit of Shakespeare, perhaps.

[Producer] But keep it short.
Make it snappy.

[Lombardi, Assistant Producer] The boss is right.
Shakespeare's a winner, as long as it's not too long.

[Emcee] I'm proud to present now the highlight of the collection ...
"Queen of Sheba."
"Nicht Plus Ultra."
"Flux within Flux." One, two three ...
"Lady Hamilton."

[Lombardi, Assistant Producer] It's your turn, Mr. Dammit.
Stay there. I'll be right back.

[To Robert] Robert, please go on with your star.

[Robert] [To Toby Dammit] I'm your stand-in. Could I have a photo with you?
[To photographer] Don't mess this up.

[Marylou Lolo] Yes, a photo of us three. I know London very well.

[Robert] I'm so glad to be your stand-in. I did Thomas Milland, too.
I'm a stuntman, too. Machine-guns.
[To Photographer] Keep twenty for me.
[To Marylou Lolo] So, is London great?

[Marylou Lolo] As far as manners go, the English are lords.
You wear a mini-skirt, and they don't turn a hair.

[Lombardi & friend hustle Toby Dammit back to his chair]

[Toby Dammit] [To Lombardi] Hey!
Just a little glass.

[Lombardi, Assistant Producer] No. Calm down.

[Toby Dammit] [Grabs Lombardi again]

[Lombardi, Assistant Producer] Later on, if everything goes well.

[Miki] You shouldn't drink so much.

[Toby Dammit] [Sticks his tongue out at Miki]

[Miki] [Laughs]

[Stagni] I'm the painter Stagni. I won the prize for best film script.
For "Take Your Carcass Home." You haven't read it?
I'm delighted to meet you. I admire you so much.

[Comedian's Wife] Sit here, darling.

[Actress] The poor fellow is almost blind.
[To Comedian] Hello. Don't you recognise me?

[Reporter] My magazine is putting together a special edition.
It will be about the ancient pagan gods.
The editors have chosen you
to represent the young Greek god Mars.
Eight large photos.
Almost completely naked.
Can I look forward to it?

[Toby Dammit] Yes.

[Comedians acting]

[Emcee] And now for tonight's moment of truth.
But first, let me again thank our distinguished panel ...
who have selected the winners of the highest award.
A Golden She-Wolf to Marylou Lolo.
Her first film revealed a generous nature ...
and a superlative ease.


A Golden She-Wolf to that great duo, the waltzing twins ...
Lion and Tiger.


[Emcee] Come to the microphone, Miki, and share your feelings with us.
Even if we expect it, it's always an unforgettable moment.

[Miki] I'm overcome with emotion. All I can say is ... "Thank you."

[Actress 2] Yes, I'm overcome with emotion. All I can say is, "Thank you."

[Actress 1] I'm overcome with emotion. All I can say is ... "Thank you."

[Emcee] Bravo, young ladies.
Now, let's hear it for the woman who has won everyone's heart ...
that most warmly human of our actresses ...
A Golden She-Wolf to Annie Ravel.

[Toby Dammit] Hello. Hello!

[Emcee] And now, please forgive me
if my voice trembles more than it should,
but how can one not be moved
when one has the honour of inviting onto this stage ...
Yes, you've guessed it.
An artist who, for so many years...
yes, for so many years, has brought us laughter and joy ...
who has made us laugh by giving his all,
with the enthusiasm of the truly great artist.


[Emcee 2] You always look so young.

[Emcee] Will you say a few words, or would you rather mime for us?

[Comedian] Don't ask too much of me. Do you know I have a cat's eye?

[Toby Dammit] [Laughs painfully]

[Emcee] If I heard you correctly, you have a cat's eye.
And how is your sight?

[Comedian] Better than with the other one.

[Emcee] Isn't science wonderful?

[Comedian] But it's bad luck for me.

[Emcee] I don't get it. Why?

[Toby Dammit] [Laughs painfully]

[Comedian] Because I only sleep with one eye.
With the other one, I chase mice.


[Music] "Ruby"
by Ray Charles

They say, Ruby you're like a dream
Not always what you seem
And though my heart may break when I awake
Let it be so, I only know
Ruby, it's you

They say, Ruby you're like a song
You just don't know right from wrong
And in your eyes I see heartaches for me
Right from the start, who stole my heart?
Ruby, it's you

I hear your voice and I must come to you (must come to you)
I have no choice, so what else can I do? (what else can I do?)
They say, Ruby you're like a flame
Into my life you came
And though I should beware, still I just don't care
You thrill me so, I only know
Ruby, it's you

(I hear your voice and I must come to you)
(I have no choice, what else can I do?-what can I do?)
They say, Ruby you're like a flame
Into my life you came
And though I should beware, still I don't care
You thrill me so, I only know
Ruby, it's you

[Ruby] Don't be afraid any more. I'll take care of you. Always.
Yes, always. I understand you
I know you. I've always known you.
You won't be alone any more, because I'll be with you, always.
Whenever you put out your hand, you will find my hand.
You are no longer shipwrecked, no longer a fugitive.
No more loneliness. No more selfishness.
We will share a life of serenity and devotion.
The life you and I were waiting for.
You had no faith, but you trusted, and found me.
I'm the one you were waiting for, and I'm here with you ...
[Touches Toby's hand, and leaves]

[Emcee] And now we have another wonderful surprise for you.
One of cinema's Olympian gods.
Ladies and gentlemen ... Toby Dammit.

[Music and applause]

[Man] Toby!

[Audience throws kisses]

[Emcee 2] Bravo! Bravo!
Come on up, Mr. Dammit.
[To Paparazzi] Please, please, move out of the way.
[To Toby Dammit] Bravo!
[Encourages more clapping]

[Emcee] Here he is with us tonight, this great English actor ...
who has contributed so much to British Film,
and now honours Italian cinema.

[Emcee 3] It gives me great pleasure to present this statuette ...
which is a symbol of our highest civic honour, to Toby Dammit,
incomparable exponent of the art of Shakespeare,
one of the giants of world poetry,
certainly the greatest after our Dante.

[Emcee 3] Congratulations.

[Emcee] May I?
[Takes the Golden She-Wolf statuette]

[Toby Dammit] All our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusky death.
Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more.
It is a tale told by an idiot,
full of sound and fury ...
It's not true. I'm not a great actor.
I assure you it's not true.
I could have been,
but I haven't worked for a year.
My last director ...
complained because he said that I was drunk.
Why am I telling you this?
Why did you ask me here?
What do you want from me?
[Shouting] What do you want from me?
That woman ...
wanted to marry me.
It's funny. Doesn't it make you laugh?
I just sat there and cried. It often happens to me,
especially ...
when I've been drinking, I cry ... yes, I cry.
Wine makes me sad.
Too much light here.
But whisky ...
Whisky is different.
It's so strange ...
A wonderful woman ...
She took my hand. She stroked my hand.
She said, "I'm here for you."
"I am the woman of your dreams."
But I'm not waiting for you!
I'm not waiting for anyone. Got it?
You give me the shits!
[Runs off the stage]


[Man] Here are the keys. She's been run in.

[Producer clique] Toby! Toby! Toby!
Come back, Mr. Dammit.

[Toby Dammit] [Starts the car, and roars off]

[Producer clique] Mr. Dammit!

[Tires squeal]

[Stops and looks around]

[Roars onward]

[Crashes through the Fellini film crew]

[Fellini clique] [Yell curses]


[Roars onward]


[Looks around]



[Screams again]

[Roars onward]

[Screeching stop in front of sheep]

[Shepherd] [Sleeps]

[Toby Dammit] [Backs up car]
[To Drunk] Hey! Hey!
How do I get out of here?
I want to go to Rome.

[Roars onward]

[Dead end]

[Backs up]


[Roars onward, knocks over Chef mannequin]

[Dead end]

[Backs up]

[Roars onward]


[Toby Dammit] Hey! Hey!
[Washes his face]
[Takes off coat and throws it on the car]

[Church bells ring]

[Roars onward]

[Crashes through barricade]


[Drum music plays]

[Toby Dammit] [Laughs]

[Man] He's crazy. Where's he going, the idiot?

[Man 2] The bridge is down. You have to take the detour.
Go back! Take the detour at the mill. This way's closed.

[Toby Dammit] [Trips over barrel]
[Kicks barrel]

[Large crashing sound]

[Gong sounds]

[Toby Dammit] [Walks toward wreckage]

[Devil-Girl] [Twirls her ball]

[Toby Dammit] Wait! The car.

[Man 1] [Closes window]

[Devil-Girl] [Invites him to play ball]

[Toby Dammit] [Runs back to the car]
[Backs up onto the bridge]

[Roars onward]

[Hounds] [Bark]

[Wire squeaks]

[Ball bounces in]

[and lands at Toby's decapitated head]

[Devil-Girl picks up Toby's head]

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