Racing To The Precipice: Prof Noam Chomsky (March 2017) Unde

Racing To The Precipice: Prof Noam Chomsky (March 2017) Unde

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Racing To The Precipice: Understanding Climate Change
by Prof Noam Chomsky
March, 2017

Russia: 1:11

Q: What do you think about the alleged meddling of Russia, the Kremlin, in our 2016 elections?

A. That has most of the world cracking up in laughter. You know, it's just the truth. Suppose every charge is correct. Let's say the most severe charges are correct. It's not even a joke as compared with what we do constantly. Just take a minor example of what we do with the Russians. In the early 90s, when Yeltsin was Clinton's favorite, he was supposed to be the hope for the future, when he destroyed the parliament and overthrew the formal democratic system, he was strongly supported by the U.S. In 1996, when he was extremely unpopular for pretty good reasons because of the shock treatment, the sort of free market policies imposed by American advisers, just wiped out the economy and led to the deaths of millions of people, which was highly destructive. This led to the rise of the oligarchs, the former apparatchiks in the Communist system, who stole the resources. It was a total disaster. And Yeltsin was the symbol of it. Clinton moved in quite openly -- there was nothing secret about it -- and very openly gave loans to advice to direct involvement to make sure his fair boy won. That is 1996. And these are minor examples. I mean, the kind of thing we do constantly is overthrow the government and institute a military dictatorship. And not in the past. I mean, it just happened under Obama in 2009 in Honduras.

There was a mildly reformist government and the tiny elite of super rich who run the country didn't like it, so he was kicked out in a military coup. The U.S. is one of the very few countries that supported it and claimed that the election taking place under military dictatorship was legitimate. That is basically supporting a military coup to overthrow parliamentary government. Is that "meddling" in the election?

I mean, it just goes on and on like that. So as I say, this is just making the U.S. a laughingstock in the world, even if every single charge is correct, and most of them have no basis.
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