Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

That's French for "the ancient system," as in the ancient system of feudal privileges and the exercise of autocratic power over the peasants. The ancien regime never goes away, like vampires and dinosaur bones they are always hidden in the earth, exercising a mysterious influence. It is not paranoia to believe that the elites scheme against the common man. Inform yourself about their schemes here.

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THIS is a Ritual for the invocation of the “Beings Without Human Head” -- that is, the Oannes and the “Fish-headed Ones” from Sirius. The Ritual is performed by a single Celebrant (although others may be present), holding a black mirror so as to catch the Light of the Sirius Star System at its rising.

It is most effective at Midsummer.

The English-language based recensions of,

• Charles Wyclifie Goodwin (1852)
• E.A. Wallis Budge (1901)
• the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (“The Born-less One Ritual”)
• Aleister Crowley (“Liber Samekh”),

...have been diligently compared, and the context of the ancient Greco-Egyptian ‘original’ carefully taken into consideration.

The so-called “barbarous names” have been interpreted in the light of the Oannes mythos of ancient Babylon, and attributed according to the methods of New Aeon English Qaballa Cipher 6, or NAEQ6, as well as applying the principles of Scientific Illuminism as developed in magick, mysticism, UFOlogy and trance channeling in the Twentieth Century.

To Invoke the Stellar Beings, form around yourself the circle of protection, assume the Dragon Asana, gaze at the Image of Sirius in your mirror, and say:

I call thee, the one without human head, that did appear upon Earth from the heavens, that did come by day and go by night, that came in the light and disappeared into the depths of darkness.

You are an Adept of Kawi, the bornless, from the Knowledge Star whom no human hath seen before you arrived; you are the Fish Joshua, called John, called by the sacred word “Kazik”; you are Zarif, Abrasax; you have distinguished the worthy from the unworthy among us, male and female, you taught us to sow and harvest of old, you have taught us why we love one another or hate one another.

I am one with Orion thy prophet, called Moses, to whom you did commit your Mysteries in the ancient days, the ceremonies of Egypt and of Babylon and of Israel; you taught us chemistry and agriculture, and all things unknown.

Listen to me!

I am a messenger of The Luminous Ring, this being your True Nature and Ours, handed down by the prophets of Babylon, of Egypt and of Israel.

Listen to me!

Ra, from Space; Ashtar & Orthon! Adept of Sirius, Secret Chiefs! Nortans from the cold spaces between the stars! Orion, called by many names of old and today, O V.A.L.I.S., Aiwass, Lam, Araru from the depths of Space!

Listen to me, and make all Beings subject unto me, so that every such Being of the sky and from beyond this dimension and beneath the surface of this Earth, on dry land and in the Water, of Whirling Air and of Rushing Fire, and every spell and scourge of that Vast, Active, Living Intelligence System may be obedient unto me.


Listen to me!

O ships like unto the Star of Morning, from Schare, you, Clinnel, from Quanto, O Abuldiz of the Nortans!

Listen to me, and make all Beings subject unto me, so that every such Being of the sky and from beyond this dimension and beneath the surface of this Earth, on dry land and in the Water, of Whirling Air and of Rushing Fire, and every spell and scourge of that Vast, Active, Living Intelligence System may be obedient unto me.


Listen to me!

Aenstria! Mentar! Ramtha & Seth, Carl Ardo! Without Peer in this World! Symbolical Lords Hanford, Baloran, Gregorno! Mighty One with no human head!

Listen to me, and make all Beings subject unto me, so that every such Being of the sky and from beyond this dimension and beneath the surface of this Earth, on dry land and in the Water, of Whirling Air and of Rushing Fire, and every spell and scourge of that Vast, Active, Living Intelligence System may be obedient unto me.


Listen to me!

Soltec, Baloran! I AM V.A.L.I.S., AIWASS, LAM, O Kimi, and O Soltec!

Listen to me, and make all Beings subject unto me, so that every such Being of the sky and from beyond this dimension and beneath the surface of this Earth, on dry land and in the Water, of Whirling Air and of Rushing Fire, and every spell and scourge of that Vast, Active, Living Intelligence System may be obedient unto me.


Listen to me!

Araru! Markon! Garcia Sai! Rama Desk’ka! Aiwass!

I am your Prophet in this time and space. Come in the Power of the Light of the Sacred Star, as now I behold it! Come in the Wisdom of the Stars; Come in the Benevolence of your Presence! The Light comes to me with healing in its wings. Unto you, Wise, Mighty, Incalculably long of Life, be praise and glory unto the end, who has permitted me, to partake of your Wisdom and Might, to penetrate thus far into the Sanctuary of your Mysteries.

May this serve the Greater good, let the influence of your Celestial Companions descend unto my head, and teach me the value of Teaching the Wisdom as you have taught our ancestors, in such a way that I shrink not in the hour of testing, but that my name may be written among the stars, and that my wisdom may stand in the presence of the Great Adepts, in that hour when the Sun of humankind is manifest before the Gods of Sirius, and their names shall be known as in the most ancient times.

Out of the darkness, let that Light arise. Before I was blind, but now I see. I am the Dweller in the Invisible, the Reconciler with the Inefiable. Let the blue white brilliance of the Celestial Beings Descend!

Listen to me, and make all Beings subject unto me, so that every such Being of the sky and from beyond this dimension and beneath the surface of this Earth, on dry land and in the Water, of Whirling Air and of Rushing Fire, and every spell and scourge of that Vast, Active, Living Intelligence System may be obedient unto me.


Listen to me!

You from Clarion, Baavi, Ashtar, Baavi, in Space. Manco! Omodra! Hanford! Fir Kon! Called Aiwaz of the six-fold star. Lazaris! Manco! Othra! Who spoke to Theon, Aiwaz of gold, O! Abuldiz! I say: SOLIM SOLARA! Orthon, appear unto me.

[The Oannes appears.]

I am he, the Being without Human Head, having sight and feet, Strength, and the Fire of Immortality from the very Stars! I am he, the Truth. I am he who loathes that ignorance and disaster shall be wrought in your world. I come with roaring and flashing, showering down my light upon this Earth. I am he whose mouth seems to shoot forth flames.

I am he the Giver and Shaper of the Light of Star Knowledge. I am that grace which descends from the Heavens unto your World. The Heart Girt with a Serpent is my Name.

Listen to me, and make all Beings subject unto me, so that every such Being of the sky and from beyond this dimension and beneath the surface of this Earth, on dry land and in the Water, of Whirling Air and of Rushing Fire, and every spell and scourge of that Vast, Active, Living Intelligence System may be obedient unto me.


[The License to Depart, or Exorcism, is given.]

Cagliostro Received at a Lodge, ‘Drawn by a Brother Mason, a witness of the scene.’
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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“The spirit of ancient Egypt lay over all the land, tremendous in the dawn. The sunrise summoned her. She lay prostrate before the deity. The shadows of the towering Colossi lay prostrate too. The little humans, with their worshiping and conquered hearts, lay deep within them.”

-- Algernon Blackwood, "A Descent into Egypt"

THE Priesthoods of ancient Babylon and of Egypt had a fascination with the stars, the Sun and Moon, and the cycles of the sky that is linked directly to their mythologies.

Explanations dismissing all such interests as concerns with agricultural cycles tend to pale with recent discoveries. For example, in discussing Judaic-Essene time considerations at the time of Jesus, Dr. Barbara Thiering of the University of Sydney observes,

“Terms with an apparent vague meaning are, in fact, precise indicators of time... The very close study of the chronology shows that there are terms indicating not only years, seasons, months and days, but hours and even minutes... The members of the community were, in fact, astronomers, spending much of their exile in close study of accurate ways of measuring time.”

Why the need for such precision?

Babylonian monuments frequently depict local monarchs conversing with beings that are fish-like and humanoid all at once, with the image of the Star Sirius hovering overhead. The constellation Canus Major, the “Great Dog”, the principal star of which is the ‘dog star’ Sirius was, for the Egyptians, the most important constellation in the sky, upon which they oriented their Temples.

These ancient structures were designed to catch the light of Sirius so that it would shine upon the altar at the star’s rising and setting. The gods and teachers of old, ancient even to the ancients, were said to be semi-aquatic beings from the heavens, the precursors of civilization and the originators of writing, technology and, indeed, of their very social order.

Much has been written (but, perhaps, not enough) about the unusual devotion of the ancients to the Star Sirius, and there are vestiges in North African mythology of a knowledge of the binary nature of the Sirius system which should not have been known before very recent times, if conventional history is correct.

The ciphers and rituals given by the Ultraterrestrial Visitors to early initiates have been modified and blurred with time, but a remarkable amount of continuous, intact tradition has survived in the world of alchemy, occultism and freemasonic ritual.

The Enochian system of magick is an obvious example of a linguistic and ritual survival.

The “Solar Secret” of freemasonry shows a continuity of sky deity ideas, but can readily be rationalized as a survival of an agricultural society’s understandable preoccupation with seasonal events. Their lives depended on knowing when to sow and when to harvest. But hours? Minutes?

The fascination and myths associated with such stars and star configurations as the galactic star cluster called “The Pleiades” or “the Seven Sisters” or Sirius or Orion, from Egypt to Arizona are more peculiar.
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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Tracing Board, from Le Sanctuaire de Memphis, by J. E. Marconis de Negré.

Cagliostro’s temple of Masonic initiation. Note astronomical images in East. “The Sun is Osiris, the Moon Isis, the comet is a modern substitution in lieu of the five pointed, or Blazing Star which represented Sirius, Anubus, and Hermes.”
-- Albert Pike, THE BOOK OF THE LODGE.

“St. John and the 24 Elders” by Dürer. Note the seven torches around St. John’s head. The 24 Angels are Babylonian star-gods. The seven torches are the seven stars around Sirius, as in the Tarot card “The Star”
(inset, lower right).

A number of authorities, including Tau Michael Bertiaux, a Conservator of one branch of the Old Rite, have suggested that the Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry (Ritus Memphis et Misraim, or Rite of the ancient city of Memphis in Egypt) is actually a secret store house of UFO wisdom.

Kenneth Mackenzie’s 1877 catalogue of “the latest form” of the Rite of Memphis lists the 63° as “Adept of Sirius” but by the time of the distinguished Grand Master John Yarker’s last revision of the Rite, ADEPT OF SIRIUS had been mysteriously omitted in favor of SUBLIME KAWI (63°).

In the Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts, SUBLIME KAWI has the same cipher value (149) as the more elaborate degree which immediately follows it, the 63rd, or SAGE OF MYTHRAS. The Word of the SUBLIME KAWI degree, interestingly, is “Krishna” -- the name of a blue-skinned sky god who, according to the Hindu religious tradition, incarnated in a teaching role upon Earth.

The 35th Degree, or “Knight of the Temple” is a correlative of the ADEPT OF SIRIUS Degree. Its secret Password is, in fact, “Sirius” or “Dog Star” answered by “Sothis” another name for Sirius.

But, what does the substitution mean? Does the ADEPT OF SIRIUS Degree contain a clue to the great arcane tradition of the connection between Adepts and Ultraterrestrials?

In the New Aeon Cipher, we discover that ADEPT OF SIRIUS carries the significant cipher value of 192. Scanning our personal cipher directory, The Book of the Law and other New Aeon Holy Texts, we find that 192 = FOR THE STARS AND TWO. Sirius is a double star, the smaller white dwarf twin invisible to the ancients but known to the Bambera, Dogon, Bozo, Bandiagara and perhaps other North African tribal peoples even today.

At least some of these peoples are of Libyan Garamantes, or Greco-Berber descent, and thus connected to ancient Greek, Egyptian and Babylonian tradition.

The number 192, “ADEPT OF SIRIUS,” also yields BLUE AM I AND AN EGG (Sirius is the most prominent blue-white star, and said to have dispatched teachers to the Earth in luminous egg shaped craft), THE SCHEDULE FOR ALL, as Sirius was indeed a ‘calendar star’ for the ancient Egyptians, its helical rising being a major concern of Egyptian priest-astronomers, marking the ‘Dog Days’ (July 3-August 11) the year’s hottest period.

The dispute then was how we were to get the globe in sunder, for we were commanded to divide it in the midst. The conclusion was that a sharp-pointed diamond would be best to do it, and when we had thus opened the globe, there was no redness to be seen, but a lovely great snow-white egg, and it mightily rejoyced us that this was so well brought to pass, for the virgin was in perpetual care least the shell might still be too tender. We stood around about this egg as jocond as if we ourselves had laid it, but the Virgin made it presently be carried forth, and departed herself, locking the door behind her. What she did abroad with the egg, or whether it were privately handled, I know not, neither do I believe it. We were again to pause for one quarter of an hour, till the third hole opened, and we, by means of our instruments, came upon the fourth stone or floor. In this room we found a great copper kettle filled with silver sand, which was warmed with a gentle fire, and afterwards the egg was raked up in it, that it might therein come to perfect maturity. This kettle was exactly square. Upon one side stood these two verses writ in great letters --


On the second side were these three words --


The third had but this one word --


But on the hindmost part stood an entire inscription, running thus --

Ignis: Aer: Aqua: Terra:
Eripere non potuerunt.
Fidelis Chymicorum Turba


Now, whether the sand or egg were hereby meant I leave the learned to dispute. Our egg, being ready, was taken out, but it needed no cracking, for the Bird soon freed himself, looking very jocond, though bloody and unshapen. We first set him on the warm sand, the Virgin commanding that before we gave him anything to eat we should be sure to make him fast, otherwise he would give us all work enough. This being done, food was brought him, which surely was nothing but the blood of the beheaded deluted with prepared water, by which the Bird grew so fast under our eye that we well saw why the Virgin gave such warning of him. He bit and scratched so devilishly that, could he have had his will upon any of us, he would soon have dispatched him. Now he was wholly black and wild, wherefore other meat was brought him, perhaps the blood of another of the Royal Persons, whereupon all his black feathers moulted and were replaced by snow-white ones. He was somewhat tamer too, and more tractable, though we did not yet trust him. At the third feeding his feathers began to be so curiously coloured that I never saw the like for beauty. He was also exceedingly tame, and behaved himself so friendly with us that, the Virgin consenting, we released him from captivity. "’Tis now reason," she began, "since by your diligence, and our old man's consent, the Bird has attained with his life and the highest perfection, that he be also joyfully consecrated by us." Herewith she commanded to bring in dinner, since the most troublesome part of our work was now over, and it was fit we should begin to enjoy our passed labours. We began to make merry together. Howbeit, we had still our mourning cloaths on, which seemed somewhat reproachful to our mirth. The Virgin was perpetually inquisitive, perhaps to find to which of us her future purpose might prove serviceable, but her discourse was, for the most part, about Melting, and it pleased her well when any one seemed expert in such compendious manuals as do peculiarly commend an artist. This dinner lasted not above three-quarters of an hour, which we yet, for the most part, spent with our Bird, whom we were fain constantly to feed with his meat, though he continued much at the same growth. After Dinner we were not long suffered to digest our food, for the Virgin, together with the Bird, departed from us, and the fifth room was opened, which we reached after the former manner, and tendred our service. In this room a bath was prepared for our Bird, which was so coloured with a fine white powder that it had the appearance of milk. It was cool when the Bird was set into it, and he was mighty well pleased with it, drinking of it, and pleasantly sporting in it. But after it began to heat, by reason of the lamps placed under it, we had enough to do to keep him in the bath. We, therefore, clapt a cover on the kettle, and suffered him to thrust out his head through a hole, till he had lost all his feathers in this bath, and was as smooth as a new-born babe, yet the heat did him no further harm. In this bath the feathers were quite consumed, and the bath was thereby turned into blew. At length we gave the Bird air, who of himself sprung out of the kettle, and was so glitteringly smooth that it was a pleasure to behold him. But because he was still somewhat wild, we were fain to put a collar, with a chain, about his neck, and so led him up and down the room. Meantime a strong fire was made under the kettle, and the bath sodden away till it all came to a blew stone, which we took out, and, having pounded it, we ground it on a stone, and finally with this colour painted the Bird's whole skin over, who then looked much more strangely, for he was all blew except the head, which remained white. Herewith our work in this story was performed, and we, after the Virgin with her blew Bird was departed from us, were called up a hole to the sixth story, where we were mightily troubled, for in the midst a little altar, every way like that in the King's hall, was placed. Upon it stood the six forementioned particulars, and he himself (the Bird) made the seventh. First of all the little fountain was set before him, out of which he drunk a good draught; afterwards he pecked upon the white serpent till she bled mightily. This blood we received in a golden cup, and poured down the Bird's throat, who was mighty averse from it; then we dipt the serpent's head in the fountain, upon which she again revived, and crept into her death's head, so that I saw her no more for a long time. Meanwhile the sphere turned constantly on until it made the desired conjunction. Immediately the watch struck one, upon which there was going another conjunction. Then the watch struck two. Finally, whilst we were observing the third conjunction, and the same was indicated by the watch, the poor Bird of himself submissively laid down his neck upon the book, and willingly suffered his head to be smitten off by one of us, thereto chosen by lot. Howbeit he yielded not one drop of blood till he was opened on the breast, and then the blood spun out so fresh and clear as if it had been a fountain of rubies.

-- The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, by Johann Valentin Andreae

The Word “Sirius” itself equals 85 or THE DOOR. ADEPT OF SIRIUS also carries the same value as SECRET MASTER, SECRET CHIEFS and NAME THE VOICE.

Curiously, in the Lexicon computer search program selected so as to show numbers from the text of Liber AL, ADEPT OF SIRIUS = 192 = THIS WHOSE SIGIL IS 69.

Temple arrangement of pillars, globes, steps and altar in York Rite Second Degree ritual work.

Now “69” is a major key to the sexual gnosis of the Adepti (HEXAGRAM PLUNGE also carries the same value), but it is also the glyph, or symbol for the Zodiacal Sign Cancer.

“The star [Sirius],” according to Fred Gettings, “is of the first magnitude, now in 13 degrees of Cancer…”

In ancient times Cancer the Crab was the constellation of the Summer Solstice, marking the ‘dog days’ associated with Sirius. Cancer is still astrologically the Sun Sign associated with the period June 22-July 22.

In Aleister Crowley’s incomparable table of correspondences, 777, The Sign Cancer is associated directly with Sothis (that is, Sirius) the Crab and Water (keeping in mind the amphibious nature attributed to these primeval visitors), but also the Sphinx and the word ABRAHADABRA as a magical formula, in this case the eleven-fold key to the Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts.

Sirius is, according to some unorthodox adepts, the Silver Star which informs the Great White Brotherhood directly. The Tarot Card known as “The Star” -- and sometimes as “The Dog Star” depicts a nude female figure with one foot on land and the other upon water, pouring a jug of water into the water and another upon the land. In the background are the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge, associated in ancient legend with the Serpent of Wisdom.

Overhead is the ‘Dog Star’ Sirius and seven smaller stars, thought to represent the traditional planets or the “Big Dipper” in The Great Bear, but, just as likely, the Pleiades. The amphibious Oannes from Sirius was said, like the Serpent of Wisdom (also alluded to in the venerable card) to have brought Knowledge to humanity.

We are informed by an old Masonic text that,

“The Masons hold their grand festival on the day of St. John, not knowing that therein they merely signify the fish-god Oannes, the first Hermes, and the first founder of the Mysteries…” (The name “Oannes” relates directly to the modern name “John” -- see below.)

The nude woman is probably a reference to the naked splendor of Nuit, the sky Goddess of the early Egyptians.

The Trees refer to a reptilian source of knowledge, the feet and water interchanged referring to the Ultraterrestrials’ alleged amphibious nature. While as divinatory cards the Tarot is old but not ancient, the symbolism closely parallels bas reliefs from ancient Babylon and Sumer, including the peculiar depiction of Sirius itself, as the central star in the sky from the perspective of the card.

It is strange that the Degree substituted by the late venerable Grand Master, John Yarker, in the Egyptian System of initiation, SUBLIME KAWI, has a value of 149 in NAEQ6, the numerical exact equivalent of AIWASS’ law of the New Aeon, DO WHAT THOU WILT.

KAWI itself has a value of 36, the same as the variant spelling of AIWAZ originally favored by Crowley.

The SAGE OF MYTHRAS Degree has the same value, and includes this curious dialogue between the Ceremonial Guard and the candidate for admission to that Degree:

Dagon, an ancient variation of Oannes.

GUARD: Thou seeist a Griffin pushing a wheel before it. What does this emblem signify?

CANDIDATE: I consider the Griffin to be an emblem of the Sun; and that the wheel which is parted by four spokes, represents the 4 seasons.

GUARD: And this Cross called the Diagramma?

CANDIDATE: It is formed of four (Greek letter) Gammas, joined at their points, and represents the apparent revolution of the Sun.

GUARD: And this figure holding forth the left hand?

CANDIDATE: It represents good-faith.

GUARD: And this semi-nude figure, with head thrown to the right?

CANDIDATE: The sun is never entirely covered at the same time to all the world.

GUARD: Why is the hair shorn off, even to the roots?

CANDIDATE: It points out this inextinguishable star has the faculty of rebirth.

This dialogue, which also refers to an urn, strongly suggests the imagery found in the Tarot Card, “The Star” (card #17) and likely confuses our Sun (Sol, card #19) with the Star Sirius.

In the instructions for this degree, a sun and myrtle tree form the background arrangement, and the number seven is a repeated motif, as with the seven stars, also shown in the Tarot Trump.

All of this strongly suggests that the Knowledge of the Secret was, indeed, intentionally hidden in the symbolism and structure of ‘High Degree Freemasonry’ including the Egyptian Rite of Memphis and Misraim, as Grand Master Michael Bertiaux has suggested.

“That rather lifeless system, which contained some rather interesting Egyptian roots,” Bertiaux wrote, “was really quite remarkable. It was the design for the computer and energy system of what we might now be tempted to call something like a UFO object or projection from some empirical or chaotic [occult power zone]; but, which at that time, as strange as it might seem to the uninformed reader of these matters, was posing rather inconspicuously as an Egyptian Rite of Ancient Freemasonry with the name of ‘Memphis-Misraim’”.

The ‘Ultraterrestrial Connection’ with Freemasonry (and its initiatory predecessors in the “Mystery Schools” of Ancient Times) is nowhere clearer than in the repeated use of formal Ciphers in Masonic ritual.

Such Ciphers generally follow the ‘decoding’ rules found for many centuries in the Qabalistic System, and seem to be designed for simple communication between initiates, on the one hand, but to also serve the more occult purpose of allowing “deep agents” of Ultraterrestrial penetration into Earthly civilization to call attention to themselves through the use of key phrases in well-publicized encounters.

In Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts, I disclosed how the ancient Qabala of Nine Chambers had been employed to develop the English-language Cipher communicated to Royal Arch Masons in the York Rite down to modern times. Looking again into the Ark, the High Priest takes out four pieces of paper, which he examines closely, consults with the King and Scribe, and then puts together, so as to show a KEY to the ineffable characters of this Degree…

The key to the ineffable characters, or Royal Arch Cipher… consists of right angles, in various situations, with the addition of a dot. By transposition, it forms twenty six distinct characters, corresponding with the twenty six letters of the English Alphabet.

That this is built on a structure based on a Qabalistic code formed out of the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet is both extremely clever and indicative of a very long history. The pattern is repeated with other Ciphers in the Masonic System.

In the 34th Degree of the Rite of Memphis, The newly made “Knight of Scandinavia” is given a “Runic” cipher. As we show elsewhere in this volume, this Degree is itself built around the Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts, and is an allegory for the Visitation of Ultraterrestrial teachers from Sirius in ancient times. Another Cipher is given in the 64°, “Sage of Mythras” one of the oldest and most elaborate of Masonic Degrees.

This cipher is similar to the Royal Arch Cipher, and is called the “Ammanian Alphabet”. This Degree not only refers to the origins of the Mysteries in the Ultraterrestrial interventions here, but it contains internal evidence that the ritual itself may be of Ultraterrestrial origin!

Part of the ritual is conducted in the blue-white light of Sirius, and the “setting” is as in the Tarot Card “The Star” which, as we demonstrate elsewhere, is not our Sun, but a world beneath the Sun-star Sirius.

In the Memphis System, there are also ciphers for the 75th and the 90th Degree. The latter alludes to an ancient War between Ultraterrestrial forces for control of the Earth.

The cipher is much like that which generated the rituals of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the last century.

Babylonian Priests of the Fish-God Oannes under the Light of Sirius.
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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The Fish-Crown of the Priest (right) has been carried over into modern High Church regalia.

DEEP within the bowels of Freemasonry, unknown to the vast majority of “Blue Lodge” Free & Accepted Masons (F&AM) is a dual legend of the origin of Freemasonry in remote antiquity.

In one version, the founder of Freemasonry is said to be the Hebrew Patriarch Enoch, who “walked with God” and did not taste of death. Enoch is often associated with the Great Divine Being Metatron, and, in Elizabethan Occultism, the system of Magick and the occult cipher which bears his name.

The legend of Enoch closely parallels the story of the later Hebrew prophet Elijah, who was said to have been taken alive into the Heavens in a Fiery Chariot. He is also associated with the Babylonian astrologer Heabani, also said to have been taken alive into the skies by the god Hea.

This legend is paralleled by another associated with a mysterious being called “Oannes”. The historian Berosus, and later Alexander Polyhistor, described Oannes, or John as a sentient amphibious creature which emerged from the Persian Gulf in ancient Sumer in the daytime to teach the arts and sciences to humanity.

At sunset, he returned to the waters of the Gulf. One may find associations with various versions of the Jonah legend, that of the fish-god Dagon, etc. Sumer appeared ‘out of nowhere’ about 5500 years ago in southern Mesopotamia. No trace of their culture or unique language have been found elsewhere. They disappeared about 4000 years ago, having left a profound impact on Babylonia and other civilizations in economics, the art of writing, mathematics, astronomy, legal practices and architectural forms, as well as religion.

As noted above, one early Masonic history has it that,

“The Masons hold their grand festival on the day of St. John, not knowing that therein they merely signify the fish-god Oannes, the first Hermes, and the first founder of the Mysteries…”

At the time the orthodox Grand Lodge was organized in the early eighteenth century, this was associated with St. John the Baptist and celebrated on June 24th.

Later the date was shifted, and, it appears St. John the Baptist was supplanted by St. John the Evangelist, but John the Baptist remains the chief patron saint of Freemasonry. The first three Degrees of Freemasonry, known collectively as “Blue Lodge” Masonry, are also called “Johannite Masonry” -- that is, the “Masonry of John”. We find this very revealing.

The “fish symbolism” of the Vesica Piscis, usually translated ‘fish bladder’ but perhaps, more accurately, ‘Vessel of the Fish’ was incorporated into the great buildings of the Knights Templar, and the legend of the death and rebirth of the High Priest John is incorporated into Aleister Crowley’s play, “The Ship” -- in which the Vesica Piscis is also included.

At top of each pillar in standard Masonic ritual are globes representing Earth (left) and the Universe (right).

The legend of the Oannes is discussed in connection with Sumerian and Babylonian Sirius lore in Robert Temple’s The Sirius Mystery, perhaps the only literate ‘ancient astronaut’ book available.

Interestingly, Crowley, in his Qabalistic 777 Table of Correspondences, associates “John the Baptist” (key scale 23) with the sea gods Neptune or Poseidon, Water and the Hebrew letter Mem, which ‘means’ (that is, represents) water.

The aquatic “god” Oannes or John seems to be the primal key to the earliest contact between the Ultraterrestrials and human adepts.
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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The Rite of the Seven Degrees at London, by Pierre Lambert de Lintot.

The globe of the Universe in a medieval illustration showing how to ascend to the stars in symbolic form.

THE Vesica Piscis is, at once, a sign of Divinity and a sign of “Amphibiousness”. This suggests an early origin associated with the great Initiator, the Fish God from Sirius, known as John or Oannes.

“In Freemasonry,” Frater Achad tells us, “ Geometry is referred to as the “first and noblest of the Sciences’’ and as “the head of all learning.’’

One of the simplest figures is produced by the intersection of two circles, thus forming what is known as the Vesica Piscis.

“The curious and marvelous properties of the Vesica Piscis and of the Rectangle formed on its length and breadth, have been subjects of profound speculation…”

The term means ‘fish bladder’ and was the Sign held most sacred by the early Christians, and was the basis for much of the Church architecture of the Gothic period.

Kenneth Grant identifies the Vesica with “the Gateway -- in this case the gate of ingress for alien forces.”

The Vesica shows up again in the impression of the Right foot print of George Adamski’s space contact ORTHON (Orthon has, as previously noted, the same cipher value as Jesus), as cast by none other than the ‘secret master’ of the Adamski affair, the enigmatic occultist and UFOlogist, George Hunt Williamson.

If we examine the legend of John the Baptist, patron saint of Freemasonry, what do we find? A semi divine teacher, associated with the prophet Elijah (Matthew 11:14, 16:14, 17:12; Mark 6:15, 8:18; Luke 9:19) who ascended alive into heaven in a chariot of fire before many witnesses (2Kings 2:1-14), John stands half immersed in the water, baptizing others into Wisdom by immersing them.

This apparently is an echo of that more remote John, Oannes, the Sumerian-Babylonian half-fish, half man who taught humanity by day, but returned to the waters by night. The only surviving cult of John the Baptist, the Mandeans, live in modern-day Iraq, the former Babylonian and Sumerian Empire.

His legend is often confused with that of Jesus, the dying and rising god first illuminated by John (their followers were in contention with one another for some time after John’s martyrdom).

Crowley rightly associates the martyred Jesus with the martyred John, and, in his 777, gives the Tarot Trump associated with both as,

“The figure of a hanged or crucified man” with the title “The Spirit of the Mighty Waters”.

The customary image of this Tarot Trump is of a man Hanging in an inverted position.

This is similar to a relief on the main gate of the Temple Precincts of the late Mayan City Tulum in the Yucatan. The relief is often called “The Diving God” because of the inverted image of a celestial being, and because of the unique coastal location of “The Temple of the Diving God” at Tulum (the Mayans usually built their cities inland), but seems more like a “divine being descending from Heaven” rather than “diving”.

Crowley notes that in the Aeon before that of Osiris, that of Isis or Water, this ‘hanged man’ is instead “The Drowned Man” which takes us back to the approximate time of the visit of the Oannes. The Hebrew name for Jesus, Yehesua, is identical to that of the Old Testament wonder-working prophet, known in English as JOSHUA.

JOSHUA = 50 = ODIN and FISH.

Joshua was the Son of Nun (that is, son of the fish) and this also refers to a crucified sky god who brings knowledge (as in Odin; see 34° Rite of Memphis, “Knight of Scandinavia”). This is one of those eerie rare exact parallels; JOSHUA and FISH having the same value points to this ancient cryptomasonic tradition of the tutelary (that is, teaching) amphibious star gods.

In Masonic lore, the “two Johns” of the New Testament get interchanged in the Eighteenth Century. John the Evangelist is substituted for John the Baptist, but the latter is, in magical lore, associated with the Astrological Sign Cancer and late in the month of June, thus revealing, once again, the same origin in Oannes.

Preoccupation with the apparent movements of the planets and stars is conspicuous both among the ancient priesthoods (including some which, like that of the Dogon people, have survived into the present age), and in Freemasonry.

The Candidate for the Second, or Fellow Craft Degree (FELLOW CRAFT = 125 = SOTHIS ABLAZE) is told at his initiation that the last seven steps leading to ‘the Middle Chamber of King Solomon’s Temple’ represent,

“…especially, the seven liberal arts and sciences, which are grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy.”

These are, of course, the very arts and sciences taught to humanity by the Gods of Sirius (Sothis) in ancient times.

The candidate earlier is conducted by,

“two large brazen pillars, one on the right and one on the left hand. The name of the one on the left hand is Boaz, and signifies strength; the name of the one on the right is Jachin, and denotes establishment…These are representative of the two pillars erected at the outer porch of King Solomon’s Temple. They are said to have been in height eighteen cubits, twelve in circumference, and four in diameter.”

After an excruciatingly detailed description, the conductor points to the top of the pillars.

“…on the top of each (is) a globe, or ball; these globes are two artificial spherical bodies; on the convex surfaces of which are represented the countries, seas, and various parts of the earth, the face of the heavens, the planetary revolutions; and are said to be thus extensive to denote the universality of Masonry.”

(In 2nd Chronicles 4:12 the spheres are described as “pommels” in the King James Version. The Jewish Publication Society gives the same word as “globes” but not in the modern sense of a spherical world map.)

In the York Rite version of this, one of the three most ancient Masonic Rituals, the candidate at last arrives at the station of the Worshipful Master in the East, and his attention is directed to a large letter “G” suspended behind and above the Master.

He is told it stands for “Geometry, the first and noblest of sciences.”

This seems a late addition, as, in the Misraim (Egyptian Rite) version, at the same moment, the Master points to a blazing star and tells the candidate,

“Consider this mystic star and let its recollection never depart from your mind. It is the emblem of that genius, which elevates us to great things…” The great Masonic authority Albert Pike boasted that “Sirius still glitters in our Lodges as the Blazing Star.”

We need not hesitate to subject the names of the pillars, nor of the degree itself, nor of its password, to Qabalistic analysis, using the Ultraterrestrial Cipher.

That such names had double or triple Qabalistic (hidden numerical) meanings was already acknowledged in orthodox Masonic sources well over a century ago. Generally, a Hebrew Qabala applies, but, as the spellings used here come from traditional English language Masonic (and Elizabethan English) usage, they may well yield to New Aeon Cipher analysis.

If FELLOW CRAFT = VAST SIRIUS, then the pass word, SHIBBOLETH = 134 ought to refer in some way to a passage from that Star System to our own, and so it does.

134 = SACRED VESSEL (the Vesica Piscis, or cigar shaped ‘fish bladder’) and THE TRUTH. The pillars are JACHIN = 71 = IS A STAR and BOAZ = 36 = SUN.

Put together, this tells us that VAST SIRIUS IS A SUN STAR. The dual nature of Sirius is alluded to when we combine the cipher values of BOAZ and JACHIN or 107, the value of TWO PALACES and THE KEYS.

That the globes of the Earth and Heavens are referred to could be used to speak against the antiquity of this Degree. But three degree initiatory systems certainly date from antiquity.

Furthermore, that the Conductor dwells at such length upon these Globes (said to be hollowed in order to conceal the archives of ancient Masonry), seems itself to be saying something important. It is known that, in the ancient world, there appear to have been accurate source maps of our entire planet. These maps employ spherical trigonometry and implicitly solve problems of latitude and longitude supposedly not solved until relatively modern times.

The source maps were still available in Constantinople at the time of Piri Ibn Haji Memmed, who drew a remarkably accurate World Map in 1513.

The source maps appear to have been incredibly old; The Oronteus Finaeus Map of 1531 shows Antarctica in detail, but was obviously drawn from a much earlier root map constructed before the present ice cap overwhelmed the Antarctic Coasts.

Someone Knew the true nature of the Earth and the Heavens long ago.

And, for some reason, the journeyman Mason, down to the present moment, is shown such knowledge existed. The ancient depiction of Oannes always show him carrying something like a globe with a mesh suggesting latitude and longitude.

This curiosity is reinforced in a dramatic fashion in the so-called “Higher Degrees” of Freemasonry; the ones “Regular” Freemasons don’t want anyone to know about.
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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Foundation of the Royal Order, by Pierre Lambert de Lintot.

“In fact, he was the universal teacher of all human learning; and, at sunset, this being again plunged into the sea, and remained concealed from the eyes of men, until light again dawned on the world.”
-- Mackenzie, Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia, article, “Oannes”

IT is not our task here to “prove” or “disprove” the legend of the ancient amphibious visitors from the Star System of Sirius, but, rather, to show that aspects of this legend have survived and continued to motivate occult societies and Masonic fraternities over a period of many centuries.

Further, we contend, aspects of this mythos have been communicated in cipher form to adepts of modern occultism, Theosophy, mediumship and UFO contacteeism down to the present day.

The Standard Systems of Freemasonry, orthodox or not, all begin with a Three Degree System, sometimes referred to as “The Blue Lodge”, or Ancient Craft Masonry. As we have shown, even at this level some aspects of the Legend survive. Beyond this, in the “Scottish Rite” in America, an additional 30 Degrees are offered and are generally accepted as “orthodox”.

Beyond the rank of Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the 33rd Degree, there are a variety of additional esoteric and (some say) “irregular” Degrees. In the system of the Rite of Memphis, there are 97 Degrees in all, and many of these contain rich evidence of a survival of the legend of Ultraterrestrial communication.

The very first of these Higher Degrees, the 34th, called “Knight of Scandinavia,” offers the initiate a secret “Runic Cipher” of its own, but, in its recitation of the Legend of the Norse God Odin’s quest for knowledge, are many hints of Ultraterrestrial communication.

Odin, or Wotan in Teutonic myth, is identified with Hermes, Thoth and other sky gods who, at great cost to themselves (in some cases) come to Earth to teach humanity the liberal arts and sciences. We again find reference to the Tarot Card “The Hanged Man” in that the card is sometimes associated with Odin and his doomed son, Balder. This makes the legend yet another version of the teaching god John, or Oannes.

The 34th Degree is concerned with,

“…the Sciences termed Occult or Secret. The temple is a square; the hangings of sky blue, sprinkled with silver stars.”

Throughout the Masonic System, the Star symbolism repeats itself again and again.

We are told that the “Sacred Things” of this Degree will be delivered,

“by knowledge brought from Asgaard” that is, the high abode of the gods, by “Sigge, the high priest of our all-father Odin… He it was who established in Scandinavia the secret religious Mysteries and appointed as their Guardian Twelve Great Pontifis.”

Fleeing the Roman General Pompeii, he initiated the Norse King Gylphi into the Mysteries. The initiate is told that before all else there is Muspelsheim, the luminous world.

Hidden or chained in the depths out of sight, these monsters await their time. In like manner dark Surtur, with his flaming sword, and the fiery sons of Muspel, lie in ambush in the hot south country. They are preparing themselves for the decisive battle, when heaven and earth, gods and man, are all to pass away.... Ragnarök. The destroyer lies in chains on the sharp ledge of rock; but he is not bound for ever. When the salutary bonds of law are broken, when discipline and morality, uprightness and the fear of God vanish, destruction comes upon states and nations. This is what is to happen at the time of which the legend now tells us. Nothing good or holy is respected. Falsehood, perjury, fratricidal wars, earthquakes, Fimbul-Winter (such severe winter as was never known before), are to be the signs that the end of the world is near. The sun and moon will be extinguished by their pursuers, the stars fall from the heavens, Yggdrasil will tremble, all chains be broken, and Loki and his dread sons be freed. Then the fiery sons of Muspel with dark Surtur at their head come from the South, and the giants from the East; the last battle shall be fought on the field of Wigrid. There the enemy’s forces are drawn up in battle array, and thither Odin goes to meet them with his host of gods, and his band of Einheriar. And now the mountains fall down, the abyss yawns showing the very realms of Hel, the heavens split open and are lost in chaos, the chief warriors, the strong, are all slain in that deadly fight. Surtur, terrible to look upon, raises himself to the very sky; he flings his fiery darts upon the earth, and the universe is all burnt up. Our forefathers’ conceptions as to the last battle, the single combats of the strong, the burning of the world, are all to be learnt from ancient traditions, as we find them described in the poems of the skalds.

-- Asgard and the Gods, Adapted from the Work of Dr. W. Wagner by M. W. MacDowall

"They say that when the world was born, Krag was born with it -- a spirit compounded of those vestiges of Muspel which Shaping did not know how to transform. Thereafter nothing has gone right with the world, for he dogs Shaping's footsteps everywhere, and whatever the latter does, he undoes. To love he joins death; to sex, shame; to intellect, madness; to virtue, cruelty; and to fair exteriors, bloody entrails. These are Krag's actions, so the lovers of the world call him 'devil.' They don't understand, Maskull, that without him the world would lose its beauty."

-- A Voyage to Arcturus, by David Lindsay

That the Source was beyond our Solar System is hinted at, in quoting the classical Voluspa:

“Formerly the sun Knew not his place,
The Moon was ignorant of its powers,
And the Stars Knew not their stations.”

The latter has a double meaning, because it clearly refers to different star constellations than those seen on Earth, but has a New Aeon Cipher value of 408, the value of WORK THROUGH THE SECRET CHIEFS, that is, the Ultraterrestrial Masters.

Further along, as the basic mythos of the Northern Peoples is unfolded, the candidate is given to understand that creation, including our world, is the root system of a great Tree. The many “cities” of the heavens are described, as is the Spring of Wisdom from which anyone who drinks is called “Nimis” or “Minis”.

Here is one of the cipher tricks which tells the initiate that this story ties into UFOlogy and is more than a fable. Odin, who drinks from the Spring and is thus a Nimis, has a cipher value identical with that of Albert K. Bender’s word of power for calling his Ultraterrestrial visitors, “Kazik”.

ODIN = 50 = KAZIK. NIMIS has a cipher value of 86, that of TREE. Remember, the Spring is pointedly at the base of the Great Ash Tree Ydrasil, but also, to show that this exact same motif continues to reoccur in modern UFO contact cases, NIMIS = 86 = SOLIM SOLARA.

The world-ash Yggdrasil is the tree of life of the Aryan people (the Fifth Root Race), it describes their purpose in coming into being, their sacral fire. However, this tree lives or evolves as something tantamount to the entirety of humanity, as we think of its existence and power, and thus it is the bearer of the struggle -- iconically as the warhorse -- of humanity. And finally it will become the "wood of terror" by which humanity shall pass away. It is also the wind-cold tree sung about in Wuotan's runic song. And in this way the designation as "world-ash" is meaningful -- for ash is the Ur-word ask, and in the three levels this means: 1. arising, 2. the ash [tree], and 3. ashes (remnants of fire). Thus the Ur-father of humanity is called Ask (arising) and man-ask, "the arisen man" or the "moon arisen" (he who has his origins on the moon) and is the origin of our conceptual term for mankind [Mensch]. (This world-tree will also lose all of its branches at the time of the destruction of the Aryan world -- the Fifth Root Race -- and only the trunk -- in the form of a cross! -- will remain standing. And only when a new world blooms forth (the Sixth Root Race) will it once more turn green in renewed greatness and glory.)

The main sanctuary [Halgadom] of the gods, and their most holy stead, is near the world-ash, Yggdrasil, the best and greatest of all trees because its branches spread out over the whole world and reach up over the top of heaven. The tree has three roots: the first reaches up to the Ases, the second to the rime-thurses or frost-giants where ginnungagap once was, and the third root sinks down to Niflheim to the smoking kettle (Hvergelmir), i.e. to the ancient well of the primeval world where Nidhoggr (the one that crouches low, who foments envy), the giant serpent, gnaws on the root from below. At the second root, which reaches to the frost-giants, there exists the well of Mimir (memory), who each morning drinks from the Gjallarhorn (gi =give; all = all; ar = Image ; horen = to bring forth -- i.e. "giving everything to the all which is produced by the divine sun") and thereby takes in wisdom, or cosmic knowledge, from this horn. At the first root is Urda's well, where the gods hold court. From this spring emerged the Norns, fate, which is also decided there. Every day the Norns take water out of Urda's well and sprinkle it -- along with the loamy soil (loamy soil = living matter), from down below -- on the ash tree so that its branches do not wither (rebirth). The water from this well is so holy that everything that goes into the well becomes white as an eggshell. The dew that falls from the ash is called hunangsfall, honey dew, and is the nourishment of bees. Two birds are fed in Urda's well and they are called swans (suan = solar ancestors, ascent of the spirit) and from these are descended all of the swans on the earth. In the branches of the ash there sits an eagle who knows many things and between its eyes sits a hawk called Vedfolnir (the one which flies highest). The squirrel Ratatoskr (the one who scurries around) runs continuously up and down between the eagle and Nidhoggr carrying words of contention back and forth between the two in order to foment conflict between them. Four hinds [walk] around among the branches of the ash grazing on its buds. In Hvergelmir under the third root in Niflheim, there are so many serpents (more worms than foolish ninnys can imagine) that no tongue can name them, so says the Gylfaginning.

-- The Religion of the Aryo-Germanic Folk: Esoteric and Exoteric, by Guido von List

Bear with me; I will explain.

In September of 1994 the present author lectured at the 31st annual National UFO Conference on the Secret Ciphers of the UFOnauts. A member of the audience gave me a small list of words she said she had received in a recent UFO communication. The first was a term, SOLIM SOLARA, which, she was told, was a “mantram to call UFOs”.

ODIN, whose ancient name is the numerical equivalent of the “calling mantram KAZIK” (1950s), becomes a NIMIS by drinking from the Spring of Knowledge. NIMIS is the exact numerical equivalent of SOLIM SOLARA, a mantram given for the same purpose in the 1990s. All of this appears in a ritual last revised in English in the year 1911.

The ritual goes on to inform the candidate that,

“there are in heaven very many pleasant cities, and none without a divine garrison.”

The end of the world is described, after which a new civilization,

“…shall arise out of the sea, which has overwhelmed the old, another Earth most lovely and beautiful.”

Those who survive, the candidate is told, shall be those that “neither the flood, nor the black conflagration” can harm, i.e. those who are space borne or amphibious in nature.

The senior initiator, termed “The Highest” now explains the reason for this ritual mythological drama.

“There are in it,” he tells the candidate, “traces of the primeval creed which taught that humanity arose from a marriage of Heaven and Earth.”

He then creates the candidate a Knight of Scandinavia, and gives the ritual secrets of the Degree.

The Pass Word, SIGGE, in New Aeon Cipher, has a numerical value of 75, equivalent of ORDEAL X, the Hermetic Secret Ritual for communion with Higher Beings, mentioned in The Book of the Law, but very old and closely associated with “The Sleep of Siloam” -- the ultimate initiation ritual of the Egyptians, a symbolic crucifixion and resurrection.

It is answered by OROMAZE, meaning most pure light, with a cipher value (81) of ALCHEMY, the secret occult science of transmutation. ODIN, 50, or KAZIK, a word for summoning Ultraterrestrials, is answered by AUTOPSIE (128), or SPACE SHIP (and THE ORDEAL X).

The Pass Word of the final section, ABORIGENE (=138) explained in the ritual text as “society without origin” is equivalent to TITANS & ATLANS, the aboriginal inhabitants of the Earth in the Richard Shaver mythos, to say nothing of classical mythology. As if to show that these cipher equivalents are not arbitrary, ABORIGENE is answered by RUROSTA, or “truth” as the ritual text describes it, and as 78 in cipher, TRUE.

In the “Closing Conference” the meaning of the Degree is underscored:

“The will can embrace worlds and raise itself towards Divinity…The Alchemists had analogous doctrines, they supposed that the soul must pass through the development of the Seven planets, before it reposed in the center of felicity.”

The clue to the real meaning of ‘passing through the development of the Seven planets’ is found in the very Next Degree, the 35th, or Knight of the Temple, which, we should remember, is closely associated with the former ADEPT OF SIRIUS degree, already discussed.

Particular attention is given in this Degree to,

“…the apparent motion of the Stars, their velocity, distance, terms, and gravitation.”

In short, to celestial navigation.

The Pass Word is SIRIUS or DOG STAR, answered by SOTHIS, another name for Sirius, as discussed before. The Tarot Card “The Star,” sometimes called “The Dog Star,” and the seven smaller stars depicted are sometimes said to refer to the seven traditional “planets” while the large central Star ALWAYS refers to Sirius, “the center of felicity.”

The card is occasionally referred to as “The Star of the Magi” and, since it depicts nothing associated with the Nativity of Christ, one would assume the reference is to the ancient Persian Order of the Priesthood, the Magi, a prototype of the Masonic Fraternity and the priests of the Oannes of Sirius.

The next Degree, the 36th, or “Sublime Negociant” reveals that the 34th, 35th and 36th are something of a “set”.

After having learned the mythos of the teacher-visitor from Sirius, the 36th Degree proceeds with a paradoxical “warning” against Star and ‘idol’ worship, with specific reference to the,

“Astronomical observations of the Priests of Babylon, Chaldea and Sidon. It quotes a chapter in the Islamic Holy Book, The Koran, being the protests against star and idol worship. The labor is consecrated to Geometry, and astronomy.”

The Name of the Degree, “Sublime Negociant” has the same Cipher Value as that of another Degree, significantly named “Commander of the Stars”.

The various words both link it to the Degrees preceding, and, bizarrely enough, to the Inner Circle of Contactee Mark Probert. The Probert sessions, in the 1940s and ‘50s, were, of course, influenced by the late Meade Layne, an occult initiate, as we have elsewhere documented, and a student of the work of Frater Achad, the “father of the Ultraterrestrial ciphers” in a very real sense. The Degree itself dates back to 1780.

The Pass Word, MEUNITH = 128 = AUTOPSIE, a word of the 34th Degree (see above) and TWO FOLD NAME.

A second Password, TZDIKIM (a peculiar transliteration of the Hebrew Word for “Holy Sages”) has a cipher value of 114, equivalent to THE NAME and, MAHARAJA NATCHA, one of the Probert “Inner Circle” of Ascended Masters existing outside space and time as guardians of humanity against alien invasion.

This, of itself, could be coincidental, but, when we come to the ‘innocent’ passwords of the next section, we find ABRAHAM = 60 = DJWAL KHUL another of the Himalayan Adepts answered by BRAHMA, which, aside from pointing to the relationship between the legendary idol maker from Chaldea who became the founder of the Hebrew people and the first person of the Hindu Trinity, BRAHMA = 59 = HIWA KAHN, or “Great Beast” -- the name Crowley assumed at the time of taking the dictation of The Book of the Law.

The Words of Recognition, SARAH = 23 = YADA, the name of another Inner Circle member, answered by WATI SARIS = 97 = OROMAZ & ZAO, used in the same manner in the 34th Degree, confirms that these Degrees are a set. Even the final Word of the Degree, JEHOVAH = 67 = NATALLI, the name of yet another Inner Circle member.

At least three members of this circle and a number of similar adepts are discernible in this brief set of Masonic Words from a single Degree, the name of which has the same value, 245, as THE SECRET CHIEFS.
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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BOTH the names of Degrees, and their contents refer again and again to the lore of the stars in general, the visits of the sky gods, their founding role in Freemasonry, and their purposes among us.

“It has also reference,” the text tells us, “to the Avatars or Savior Gods treated by the Mysteries… Our Order is the depository of all that is valuable to man, as it has preserved, in its temples that which the profane world has long lost…”

The seven stars on the Jewel of the 41st Degree point to the fact that “Stellar or Star worship was succeeded by the Sun and Moon.”

In the “Prince of Light” or 42nd Degree the candidate is told that “our Order is a social chain which dates from the foundation of the world.” The Sign of the Degree is given as “With index finger of right hand trace the stars; holding an instrument with left hand.”

The Word and Password are JAH (or Pole Star in old Arabian lore) and ORION.

The 47th Degree is called “Knight of the Seven Stars”.

“The most ancient of all Symbols, the 7 Stars of Ursa Major’s annual revolution round the Mystery Sun, a talisman (swastika), the seven sisters and their consorts in the Pleiades, one unfaithful.”

The notes on the Degree inform us that,

“The Columns fall -- scene changes -- flaming star shows the route the adept should take…new calculation of numbers -- use and virtue of the mapped signs of the Zodiac.”

In the following degree a “new apparition of a Celestial Guide” appears. In the elaborate 49th Degree,

“Sublime Sage of the Pyramids”, the candidate is given “a globe round which is twined a serpent, sustained by two open wings.”

A note, probably by John Yarker, tells us “The Ancient Arabs believed the Pyramids were Antediluvian.”

That is, they were built before the great Universal Flood described in many cultures.

In the 51st Degree an important symbol is given; we are told “the Cabiric Prometheus stole the fire of heaven to help mankind.” The Symbol is a ladder of 7 steps and above it a star. This seems a clear reference to the Oannes legend. It also hints, by the Word of the Degree, at the Richard Shaver antediluvian world myth.

The Word is SISIT, given as “the Chaldean Enoch”. Its value is the same as the Shaverian ‘telepathic broadcasting device’ of the ancient Titans (Prometheus was a Titan; the Degree is named “Sublime Titan of the Caucasus”), or 80 = TELAUG.

The 53rd Degree is more explicit. A brazier of fire is surrounded by a Phoenix and a Serpent. The phoenix, in legend is the bird which burns itself to ashes and is reborn from the flames.

The Candidate is told that,

“This Serpent, forming a circle, is an emblem of eternity…The Phoenix is a still more natural exposition…it symbolized the cycle of the Star Sirius or Sothis of 1461 years.”

The Sign is to imitate looking through a telescope. The Token is to join left hands and point to the Star Sirius with the right index finger. The Word is PHOENIX, a symbol of Sothis or Sirius, as the notes inform us.

We have spoken elsewhere of the 63rd Degree, “Sublime Kawi” in the Yarker version, but sometimes given as “Adept of Sirius”. SUBLIME KAWI = 149, the same value as the following (64th) Degree, SAGE OF MYTHRAS, already discussed, but a Degree of Great antiquity and deserving of much attention.

It speaks of travel to the Stars by the Adepts. The candidate is called “child of Earth” implying the giver of the Degree is something else. The new initiate is given a cipher script, a secret code similar to the later “Royal Arch” cipher.

Stellar, that is Star symbolism, continues up through the Degrees. The 95th, or “Grand Conservator” has as its jewel and symbol a four-pointed star inside a double circle with a triangle in the middle, holding a jewel.

The Misraim, Ancient & Primitive, York, and even Scottish Masonic systems all contain similar stories and symbols.
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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Memphis Ciphers, from Le Sanctuaire de Memphis, by E. J. Marconis de Negré.

“A while back I had a weird dream where I saw Crowley exactly as he looks in a picture that is often used in books and magazines. He was sitting at a table with a blackboard. He gave me a quizzical look and wrote “H1331” on the blackboard. He kept gesturing toward the board and looking at me as if he were trying to tell me something.”

-- Ron Bonds, Publisher, Personal Letter, 8/1/94

“…the mystery of which is that SELF (God) is also SELFLESSNESS which is LA (Not) and for Numeration 31 the Three is One which is None, and the reverse of this Number is 13 which is Unity and Love.”

-- Frater Achad, Book 31

“Is a God to live in a dog? No! but the highest are of us…”

-- The Book of the Law, II:19

“I wrenched DOG backwards to find GOD; now GOD barks.”

-- Aleister Crowley, The Book of Lies, Chapter 63

IN traditional (Hebrew) Qabala, AL or “God” - spelled Aleph (1) Lamed (30) has a value of 31, as does LA or “Not” spelled Lamed (30) Aleph (1), but derived in opposite ways.

In Qabala, the world is reduced to nothing or, better NO-thing at the highest level, that is, the apparent Opposites are resolved; anything is true only insofar as the reverse is true also -- false, only insofar as the reverse also is equally false.

The Book of the Law, Liber AL vel Legis, is, in a certain Qabalistic sense, then, the Book of ALLA or LAAL or God and Not God; the Book of the Union of Opposites.

This provides a primary Key to understanding the content of the Book, and the several curious uses of the word “Not” (and of the word “God”) therein. If we take the “Dog” in Crowley’s comments to refer to Sirius, the “dog star” of the constellation called Canus Major, or the Great Dog, we see that the GOD/NOT reversal is reflected in the English curiosity that “Dog” and God” are the same word spelled in opposite directions.

The “Gods of the Dog Star” are “gods” only relative to the primitive men they appeared among. This speaks to the spiritual implications of human-alien contact.

The reverse of 31 is, of course, 13, the Hebrew value of “Achad” (as in Frater Achad, or the Number “One” in Hebrew), also, “Unity” and “Love” -- the interplay of 31 (GOD) and 31 (NOT) are united in LOVE (13) and UNITY (13).

This is confirmed in another sense in that 31 = GOD in Hebrew Qabala, while its reverse, 13 = EMPTINESS (Beth (2) + Heh (5) + Vau (6) = 13).

In this sense, Publisher Ron Bonds’ dream of Crowley pointing to “H1331” reveals the formula “Hebrew: Emptiness is God,” which duplicates the meaning of Gotama Buddha’s Word “Anata” or ‘No-Soul’ or “Emptiness is the Essence of all things” which is the core Attainment of all schools of meditation.

The Fourth Principle: Each Person Has A Genuine Identity

By “genuine identity,” we mean something that is undeniable and yet ultimately
indefinable. We know we exist, and when we “look at the looker,” we experience a peculiar sensation of presence without articulation. What is true of ourselves individually must be true of all human beings, for surely our experience of self-existence is not unique. Let that person who denies his or her own existence demonstrate their non-existence by some proof. Little more need be said.

The Fifth Principle: The World Genuinely Exists

There may appear to be a vast gulf between our genuine identity and the world around us, but without mind we would know as little about the world as a rock, and be equally unable to formulate ideas about it. Mind reflects the light, sound, and other stimuli arising outside and within our body, and creates an image of the world in our mind that we call the world.

The reflective capacity of the mind is its “tautological nature.” The “tautological nature of the mind” is a term derived from the language of logic, that defines a tautology as a statement that is always true, like “A=A.” Similarly, the mind reflects what is delivered to the senses and recomposes an image of the world inside our awareness. Our senses are portals into this inner theatre, and our experience of the world is a marvelous composition, an intricate reflection, of our surroundings.

Because the mind creates a reflection, and this is our only contact with the world around us, some people question whether the world is not in fact an illusion that arises from the mind itself. Often called “solipsism,” this notion is rejected by the Oestian Path, because it requires belief in something for which there is no evidence – a mind separate from the world itself, in which the “illusion of the world” could appear.

The Oestian Path takes a common-sense approach to the world – we all see it, therefore, it exists. The world is reflected in our mind with variable accuracy, and subject to our experience. Infants, for example, are unaware of the existence of separate objects. When an object is removed from an infant’s field of vision, she does not seek to discover its whereabouts – she accepts its disappearance as a natural process in a world of changing shapes and colors.

Once a child conceives of the world as a gathering of separate objects, she will identify and give them names. She sees a silvery disk high in the sky and learns it is called the moon. As the years pass, she adds concepts to that name as we learn why it changes from a crescent to a circle and back again, and then we learn about the solar system and so forth and so on, until gradually, a whole system of astronomical concepts comes to envelop us, and we can speak of galaxies, metagalaxies, black holes, and the Big Bang. Our knowledge expands exponentially, and yet it is a type of knowledge of which Chuang Tzu said, “Great knowledge makes all into one. Small knowledge breaks things into parts. When there are parts, they must have names. There are enough names. One must know when to stop.”

It is not difficult to take a rest from the activity of naming, the endless pairing of perceptions with concepts, and the interactions of concepts with each other. There are many practices for loosening the net of conceptual thinking, and a practitioner can find lots of help and advice in developing this ability. What is most helpful, however, is to remember that the pre-verbal, pre-conceptual awareness is present at all times, a few moments of mental activity before the arising of names and notions. By remaining at the level of pre-verbal awareness, and watching as names and notions arise and dissolve, one will lose the sense of separation from genuine identity and taste direct knowledge.

We must, of course, allow ourselves to use names and notions to describe our world to ourselves and each other. A world of speechless beings is not our goal, but the experience of wordless awareness is necessary to self-knowledge and seeing the world and other people in true perspective. With an understanding of the distinction between objects and the names we associate with them, and the distinction between our genuine identity and the self-description we call our self-image, we are prepared to use the tautological nature of the conceptual mind creatively. We can understand that what we call things, and how we describe ourselves and other people determines how we experience life and choose to act. The tautological nature of conceptual mind dictates that things become more like what we think and say they are.

Because things come to resemble what we say they are, we must be attentive to the names we give things, and be certain those names are accurate. We are all prophets of our own destiny in a very substantial degree. Thus, in order to keep a firm ground for wholesome growth under our own feet, we must affirm, first, last and always, that we possess genuine identity. The source of this affirmation is as near as your own existence. No one can deny his or her own existence, and the very expression of the idea, “I do not exist,” negates its truth. If you do not exist, who is making the statement?

The tautological functioning of our minds makes us vulnerable to believing lies, accepting superstitions, and granting superior status to those who wear badges of authority. A considerable volume of speech and imagery is directed at us daily, directed at destroying our belief in our genuine identity. Appeals to nihilistic sentiment abound, in high-flown, scientific, philosophical and artistic forms, and in crude, depressing expressions common in popular culture. Thus, we must actively repel self-denying, nihilistic beliefs, and like removing poison darts that would leak toxins into our bloodstream, discard these bad ideas before they take root tautologically in our own thinking. We should clear the mirror of the mind so it reflects the genuine existence of the world and the genuine identity of our fellow living beings.

-- The Oestian Way, by Charles Carreon

Then, again, if we take the Zero to be Negation, AL (God), or Aleph (1) Lamed (30) is 1.3 or 13, while LA (Not), Lamed (30) Aleph (1) is 3.1 or 31.

Keeping in mind that Hebrew is written from Right to Left, this can be read as AL (God) is 31, while LA (Not) is, in this sense, 13, considered using common numerals in an English Language context.

One other association, pertaining to New Aeon English Qabala Cipher Six (NAEQ6): It was through the ALLA/LAAL 31/13 paradox that Frater Achad was able to suggest the True Cipher Value of the first three letters (A=1, L=2, W=3; ALW also being an anagram for LAW as in The Book of the Law or Word of the Law) of the Cipher.

The fourth letter, counting Eleven spaces again through the standard English Alphabet, is H=4.

Thus, in Ron’s dream, Crowley seems to be calling attention to the next letter value H, after Achad’s 1331 work. H1331, then, confirms this work. It is significant that Ron Bonds, of IllumiNet Press, was hard at work on publishing Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts which uses that very ‘code’ generated out of the 1331 ‘password’ of the Great White Brotherhood, at the time of his dream.

Achad noted that,

“…when A.C. first got into touch with the Brothers of the A. A. the Pass word was ‘There is No-God.’ This seems to confirm this Word, as the central secret of A. A.”

Crowley described the experience, which took place in the Algerian desert December 12, 1909 in this way:

“But the Angel that was with me lifted me, and I saw the edge of the altar, as I must call it…One of them bends forward so that I may whisper the pass-word. The Angel prompts me to whisper: ‘There is no God.’ So they let me pass, and though there was indeed nothing visible therein, yet there was a very strange atmosphere, which I could not understand.

“Suspended in the air there is a silver star, and on the forehead of each of the guardians there is a silver star…”

“…I think the difference in the way the English and Hebrew Alphabets are written, “ Achad noted, “is a good symbol of this, the direction is different, so that the same two letters might stand for either LA or AL according to the manner in which we look upon them. The great value of this Word lies in the fact that the self-same symbol contains the ideas of Nothing and Something, without any change in itself, and this seems to be the one Symbol that gets over the difficult transition from NOT to ONE.”

It is also true that if 13 be taken for LA, and 31 for AL, and H for itself, it forms an anagram for ALLAH, the Islamic name of deity and, from a magical perspective, the Word of the Magus Mohammed.
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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Medieval map showing pre-Ice Age Antarctica in detail.

IN ancient times there appear to have been complex and sophisticated maps of the entire surface of the Earth.

While most of these source maps disappeared with the burnings of the Library at Alexandria, which survived until the 7th Century, that of Carthage which the Romans destroyed, and other repositories of traditional wisdom, enough fragmentary source maps remained in Constantinople and elsewhere for medieval cartographers to formulate imperfect copies of world maps and area maps of great antiquity and accuracy, though their own inferior knowledge allowed many errors, including those of projection, to distort some features.

The medieval portolano charts, the famous world map of Piri Muhyi ‘l-Din Reis of 1513, the Oronteus Finaeus world map of 1534 and others all suggest a very ancient knowledge of latitude and longitude, all the continents including Antarctica, the use of complex trigonometry, etc. in the source map or maps. In some of these maps Antarctica appears with ice free coasts and running rivers, and glaciers are shown in various areas, also indicating an incredibly primeval genesis.

While some effort has been made to link this knowledge to prehistoric civilizations, no such civilizations are known to have existed. An aerial survey, perhaps shared with early human civilizations is suggested.

From very early times the oldest civilizations show a great reverence for certain stars, particularly Sirius, the brightest Star in the heavens, in the constellation Canus Major, the “Great Dog”.

Interest in the Sun and Moon had obvious agricultural meaning, but the attempt to link the extremely early Egyptian fascination with the double star Sirius as being related to the beginning of the Flooding of the Nile is brought into question by the world wide attention to that brightest of the fixed stars. The Sumerians and later Babylonians often depicted Sirius as a sort of wheel in their great works of art, and the Anasazi peoples of the Southwestern North American Continent built special Temples to catch the rising and setting light of Sirius on significant days, as had the early Egyptians.

The Anasazi, whose origins and even real name are unknown, appeared out of nowhere and disappeared in pre-Columbian times. The Sumerians were of similar unknown origin; they just appeared.

The two thousand year old Moose Mountain medicine wheel in Canada is also oriented to catch Sirius in its rising at Midsummer dawn, as are more recent Amerindian medicine wheels. The similarity between the medicine wheels in North America, and the depiction of Sirius in Babylonian plaques (as in the Lamashtu Plaque) is remarkable.

Within the structure of Freemasonry is a continuation of the reverence for Sirius, and of an ancient legend of a humanoid but fish-like being, called the Oannes, who brought to ancient Mesopotamia the working tools of civilization, law, writing, architecture and culture. The Oannes established an initiatory priesthood to carry forward this knowledge, and this forms the core of Freemasonry.

The Oannes is often depicted as a fish man with Sirius over his head, or that of his (later) priests. He is said to have spent the days among men, and the nights in the depth of the Persian Gulf. The Byzantine Eastern Orthodox Patriarch Photius (820-893) informs us the beings arrived from the sky in luminous eggs, which put down in the Gulf.

The fish god symbolism shows up in the stories of the Mesopotamian god Odocon, or Dagon, later taken up by the Canaanites, the Phoenicians and at last the Carthaginians, before their destruction by the Romans. The story shows up in the form of the wonderworking prophet Joshua, the son of Nun (Yeheshua, the fish’s son) later reflected in the story of Jesus (Yeheshua), whose sign was the fish (Vesica Piscis, or Vessel of the Fish), whose chief disciple was a fisherman called “The Big Fisherman”, who could walk on water and produce fishes miraculously.

His card became “The Hanged Man” formerly “The Drowned Man” .

The Freemasons revere yet another guise of the same story, John the Baptist, whose feast day, June 24th, coincides with the Summer Solstice and the ancient feast day of The Oannes, “Oannes” meaning “John”. The Grand Lodge of Speculative Freemasonry was founded on June 24, 1717, in honor of that Saint. It was on June 24th of 1947 that the traditional ‘first’ flying saucer sighting took place in the Pacific Northwest.

The Oannes myth has been linked to the Celtic Guoydion legends, and the Jonah or Ionas of Babylonia, Hebrew and Chaldean myth. The Biblical Jonah is swallowed and disgorged by a great fish to teach in the Babylonian City of Ninevah.

The symbolism continues to the present time. In the reign of Henry VIII Cardinal John Fisher was martyred for his loyalty to Roman Catholicism and opposition to the King’s divorce of Catherine of Aragon. He was executed on June 22nd, 1535, the traditional day when the Sun enters the Sign of Cancer, which is associated with Sirius and the “Dog Days” of Summer because of Cancer’s former association with the Summer Solstice.

John Fisher was made a Saint by the Roman Catholic Church in 1935, with June 22nd given as his feast day. Consider the date, his first and last names.

Still more recently, Philip K. Dick, the visionary author of V.A.L.I.S. (“Vast Active Living Intelligence System”) and other modern Gnostic works, who associates VALIS with the Vesica Piscis, experienced a profound mystical transformation in 1974. Shortly before his death he told Greg Rickman that, being in tremendous pain from a tooth extraction:

I came home and I was in great pain. He hadn’t given me any pain medication and my wife called the pharmacy. I was in such pain that I went out to meet the girl when she came. She was wearing a golden fish in profile (on a) necklace. The sun struck it and it shone, and I was dazed by it. I asked her what it was and she said it was a sign worn by the early Christians, and instantly the world transformed into the apocalypses.

It is amazing that when someone else spouts the nonsense you yourself believe you can readily perceive it as nonsense. In the VW Rabbit as I had listened to Linda and Eric rattle on about being three-eyed people from another planet I had known they were nuts. This made me nuts, too. The realization had frightened me: the realization about them and about myself.

"There is no 'Zebra,'" I said. "It's yourself. Don't you recognize your own self? It's you and only you, projecting your unanswered wishes out, unfulfilled desires left over after Gloria did herself in. You couldn't fill the vacuum with reality so you filled it with fantasy; it was psychological compensation for a fruitless, wasted, empty, pain-filled life and I don't see why you don't finally now fucking give up; you're like Kevin's cat: you're stupid. That is the beginning and the end of it. Okay?"

You said it yourself: the universe is irrational because the mind behind it is irrational. You are irrational and you know it. I am. We all are and we know it, on some level. I'd write a book about it but no one would believe a group of human beings could be as irrational as we are, as we've acted."

-- Valis, by Philip K. Dick

The profound change in consciousness lasted a year. Dick eventually became a follower of UFO contactee Benjamin Creme. His last work published in his lifetime was The Divine Invasion, just before his untimely death ten years ago.

"I will always speak the truth to you, Herb Asher," the boy continued. "There is no deceit in God. I want you to live. I made you live once before, when you lay in psychological death. God does not desire any living thing's death; God takes no delight in nonexistence. Do you know what God is, Herb Asher? God is He Who causes to be. Put another way, if you seek the basis of being that underlies everything you will surely find God. You can work back to God from the phenomenal universe, or you can move from the Creator to the phenomenal universe. Each implies the other. The Creator would not be the Creator if there were no universe, and the universe would cease to be if the Creator did not sustain it. The Creator does not exist prior to the universe in time; he does not exist in time at all. God creates the universe constantly; he is with it, not above or behind it. This is impossible to understand for you because you are a created thing and exist in time. But eventually you will return to your Creator and then you will again no longer exist in time. You are the breath of your Creator, and as he breathes in and out, you live. Remember that, for that sums up everything that you need to know about your God. There is first an exhalation from God, on the part of all creation; and then, at a certain point, it starts its journey back, its inhalation. This cycle never ceases. You leave me; you are away from me; you start back; you rejoin me. You and everything else. It is a process, an event. It is an activity -- my activity. It is the rhythm of my own being, and it sustains you all."

"It is not a good universe that I strive for, nor a just one, nor a pretty one; the existence of the universe itself is at stake. Final victory for Belial does not mean imprisonment for the human race, continued slavery, but nonexistence; without me, there is nothing, not even Belial, whom I created."

"The power of evil," Emmanuel continued, "is the ceasing of reality, the ceasing of existence itself. It is the slow slipping away of everything that is, until it becomes, like Linda Fox, a phantasm. That process has begun. It began with the primal fall. Part of the cosmos fell away. The Godhead itself suffered a crisis; can you fathom that, Herb Asher? A crisis in the Ground of Being? What does that convey to you? The possibility of the Godhead ceasing -- does it convey that to you? Because the Godhead is all that stands between --" He broke off. "You can't even imagine it. No creature can imagine nonbeing, especially its own nonbeing. I must guarantee being, all being. Including yours."

"A war is coming," Emmanuel said. "We will choose our ground. It will be for us, the two of us, Belial and me, a table, on which we play. Over which we wager the universe, the being of being as such. I initiate this final part of the ages of war; I have advanced into Belial's territory, his home. I have moved forward to meet him, not the other way around. Time will tell if it was a wise idea."

-- The Divine Invasion, by Philip K. Dick

All serious magical rituals are a hidden advanced technology, concealed in a cipher now revealed. The Ultraterrestrials have been our teachers, puppet masters, body snatchers, lovers, and slave masters. Among us are Adepts who are in league with them, from the ancient priesthoods of light and darkness, to the Hidden Church of Light or Great White Brotherhood, and the Dark Lodges or the Black Lodge.

Other adepti have raised themselves beyond the human condition and, as Ascended Masters are at once our ancestors, benefactors and an indicator of what we, as humans can become. Hitler met the “New Man” and was frightened by him. He was neither Aryan nor German, but the Georgian Mystic G.I. Gurdjieff.

The Ultraterrestrials, behind smoke, mirrors and illusion both need us and are afraid of us.
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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“At about the same time that Parsons was trying to incarnate an extraterrestrial entity, he also claimed that he had met a Venusian in the desert of New Mexico -- an odd foreshadowing of the claims of later ‘contactees’ such as George Adamski in the early 1950s.”
-- Jay Katz, Saucers of the Illuminati [4]

THE so-called “Babalon Working” conducted by John Whiteside Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard between January 4 and March 4, 1946, has been the object of much speculation, mythologizing and wonder.

This speculation is due in part to the involvement of two charismatic and brilliant Bohemians of that period. Parsons (1914-1952) was a major force in the early development of solid fuel booster rockets, for which work the International Astronomical Union eventually named a Lunar Crater in his memory. He was an O.T.O. member from 1941, and served for a short period as Master of Agape Lodge O.T.O. in the 1940s. He died under mysterious circumstances in an explosion in 1952.

The other participant, pulp fiction author La Fayette Ron Hubbard (1911-1986), eventually founded the Church of Scientology and has been the center of stormy controversy in the decades since.

Both men were students of magick, especially the sexual magick of Aleister Crowley.

According to Bent Corydon, Hubbard once confided in his son, Ron Jr.,

“Secrets, techniques and powers I alone have refined, improved on, applied my engineering principles to. Science and logic. THE keys! My keys to the doorway of the Magick; my magick! THE power! NOT Scientology power! MY power! The real powers of Solomon…”

Then, in 1955, I went to work in the Scientology office in London. I noticed a woman in the office doing strange things with strange people in the office, so I investigated her. I found out she was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party. I got very angry at her and broke into her apartment, where I found dozens of little code pads. They looked like little milk pads with a whole mess of letters and numbers on them. I had people follow her to the Russian Embassy. I finally wrote a long report to my father about her. He was furious. He told me not to investigate anymore, not to write anymore, not to tell anyone what I had found out, to destroy all my evidence. I yelled at him, "The goddamn Russians are running around the office and doing God knows what." He yelled back. "I want 'em there!" He told me that she was placed there by the KGB with his knowledge and consent. This really bothered me. My grandfather, who was a lieutenant commander in the navy, had impressed me with his red-white-and-blue honor and integrity. He was an officer of the old school. 180 degrees different from my father, in fact, I credit him a great deal with my ability to get rid of Scientology and get my head straightened out, because his patriotism had gotten through to me and made me sour on what my father was doing in dealing with the Russians.

Penthouse: Was this why you became disenchanted with Scientology?

Hubbard: It was the beginning. I began to see that my father was a sick, sadistic, vicious man. I saw more and more parallels between his behavior and what I read about the way Hitler thought and acted. I was realizing that my father really wanted to destroy his enemies and take over the world. Whoever was perceived as his enemy had to be destroyed, including me. This [was the] "fair game" policy since the beginning. The organization couldn't exist without it. It keeps people very quiet.

Penthouse: Do you mean killed?

Hubbard: Well, he didn't really want people killed, because how could you really destroy them if you just killed them? What he wanted to do was to destroy their lives, their families, their reputations, their jobs, their money, everything. My father was the type of person who, when it came to destruction, wanted to keep you alive for as long as possible, to torture you, punish you. If he chose to destroy you, he would love to see you lying in the gutter, strung out on booze and drugs, rolling in your own vomit, with your wife and children gone forever: no job, no money. He'd enjoy walking by and kicking you and saying to other people, "Look what I did to this man!" He's the kind of man who would pull the wings off flies and watch them stumble around. You see, this fits in with his Scientology beliefs, also. He felt that if you just died, your spirit would go out and get another body to live in. By destroying an enemy that way, you'd be doing him a favor. You were letting him out from under the thumb of L. Ron. Hubbard, you see?

Penthouse: It's been said that many Scientologists have similar philosophies.

Hubbard: Yes. Many are sadistic, just like he was. Very Teutonic, very Gestapo.

Penthouse: Do you think they would stop at murder?

Hubbard: Many wouldn't. The one super-secret sentence that Scientology is built on is: "Do as thou wilt." That is the whole of the law. It also comes from the black magic, from Alistair Crowley. It means that you are a law unto yourself, that you are above the law, that you create your own law. You are above any other human considerations. Since you came into being by an act of will, you can do anything you will. If you decide to go out and kill somebody -- bam! -- that's it. An act of will. Not connected to any emotions or feelings, not governed by any ethics or morality or law. They are very vicious people. Totally into attack. Most people think these people are so insane and wild and berserk and unpredictable. Not to me. Insane people are very predictable, because they're trapped on the same mental and spiritual merry-go-round and all they can do is go round and round. For years I've been able to counter them -- to stay alive -- simply because I was one of them. I had a helluva good teacher.

Penthouse: Was your father violent in his behavior with his family?

Hubbard: Not to me. But he beat up a lot of women very badly. Blood, black eyes, busted teeth, the whole thing. He beat the holy hell out of women. His rages were incredible. I've read reports of the kinds of rages Hitler used to have, and they sound just like my father's. He was especially touchy about food. He would always have somebody else at the table sample everything on the table before he'd eat it. I've seen him pick up an entire dinner table and throw it against the wall if he didn't like the food or thought it was suspicious. He got very strange in the fifties. He had to have his clothes washed and washed and washed. He would take showers half a dozen times a day. I have often wondered if all of this might have been caused by the massive amounts of drugs and medication he took.

Penthouse: Did your father take a lot of drugs?

Hubbard: Yes. Since he was sixteen. You see, drugs are very important in the application of heavy black magic. The personal use of drugs expands one's conscious ability to break open the doors to the realm of the deep.

Penthouse: What kind of drugs did he generally use?

Hubbard: At various times, just about everything, because he was quite a hypochondriac. Cocaine, peyote, amphetamines, barbiturates. It would be shorter to list what he didn't take.

Penthouse: Did he encourage you to do drugs?

Hubbard: Well, he used them with me. He was a real night person. We used to sit around all night, sit around his office or home, get loaded up, and talk. He had a pretty liquid tongue. He loved to talk. And of course, in the fifties, he decided that I was the heir apparent, so he wanted to teach me everything he knew. He started me out by mixing phenobarbital into my bubble gum, when I was ten years old. This was to induce deeper trances in order to practice the black magic and to get an avenue to power.

Penthouse: How exactly would this work?

Hubbard: The explanation is sort of long and complicated. The basic rationale is that there are some powers in this universe that are pretty strong. As an example, Hitler was involved in the same black magic and the same occult practices that my father was. The identical ones. Which, as I have said, stem clear back to before Egyptian times. It's a very secret thing. Very powerful and very workable and very dangerous. Brainwashing is nothing compared to it. The proper term would be "soul cracking." It's like cracking open the soul, which then opens various doors to the power that exists, the satanic and demonic powers. Simply put, it's like a tunnel or an avenue or a doorway. Pulling that power into yourself through another person -- and using women, especially -- is incredibly insidious. It makes Dr. Fu Manchu look like a kindergarten student. It is the ultimate vampirism, the ultimate mind-fuck, instead of going for blood, you're going for their soul. And you take drugs in order to reach that state where you can, quite literally, like a psychic hammer, break their soul, and pull the power through. He designed his Scientology Operating Thetan techniques to do the same thing. But, of course, it takes a couple of hundred hours of auditing and mega-thousands of dollars for the privilege of having your head turned into a glass Humpty Dumpty -- shattered into a million pieces. It may sound like incredible gibberish, but it made my father a fortune.

-- Inside the Church of Scientology: An Exclusive Interview with L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., by Penthouse

Hubbard Sr. made clear he was talking about the sex magick central to the OTO system, but with a unique twist:

“Sex by will, Love by will -- no caring and no sharing -- no feelings… Sex is the route to power. Scarlet women! They are the secret to the doorway. Use and consume. Feast. Drink the power through them. Waste and discard them.” [5]

The idealist Jack Parsons could hardly have understood what sort of man he was dealing with here; he wrote Crowley in February, 1946:

“About three months ago I met Ron… He is a gentleman… He moved in with me about two months ago, and although Maggy and I are still friendly, she has transferred her sexual affections to Ron.” [6]

While Parsons was convinced that Hubbard, as he wrote Crowley, “…is in complete accord with our own principles” [7] and proceeded to enter into a joint financial venture with the future Father of Scientology, Crowley was writing his eventual successor as O.T.O. Grand Master, Karl Germer,

“From our brother’s account he has given away both his girl and his money -- apparently it’s the ordinary confidence trick.” [8]

Parson’s friend Alva Rogers, who witnessed these events as they unfolded, described Hubbard’s role in this way:

“Ron was a persuasive and unscrupulous charmer, not only in social groups, but with the ladies. He was so persuasive and charmingly unscrupulous that within a matter of a few weeks he brought the entire house of Parsons down around poor Jack’s ears. He did this by the simple expedient of taking over Jack’s girl for extended periods of time.” [9]

It was against this background that Parsons and Hubbard embarked upon “The Babalon Working” -- an elaborate sexual magick experiment designed to bring Babalon into physical manifestation.

The whole concept of the “Magical Child” has several distinct interpretations.

In the more orthodox and traditional view, sex magick is employed to Manifest, by an act of Pure Will, a magical being the material basis of which are the sexual fluids themselves. A more literal interpretation holds that magical ritual such as “The Star Sapphire” will produce a “Moon Child” -- that is, a living child who serves as host to a super-being, that is, the child is an “avatar” in Eastern terms, or an Incarnation of the Divine in Western thought.

Yet a third interpretation is that sex magick is, simply, the “Yoga of Sex” and the “Magical Child” is the Transformed Sex Magician Himself!

Hubbard and Parsons were ostensibly aiming at the second, literal interpretation; to manifest a Scarlet Woman willing to conceive a child who would embody the transformative goddess-being Babalon.

Crowley wrote Germer:

“Apparently Parsons or Hubbard or somebody is producing a moonchild. I get fairly frantic when I contemplate the idiocy of these louts.” [10]

The reaction was certainly excessive.

Crowley’s successor as Grand Master of the O.T.O. in the 1980s, Hymenaeus Beta, noted that an adequate chronicle of Parsons’,

“now -- famous ‘Babalon Working’ of 1946 EV has yet to be published… Most published accounts focus on his friendship and falling-out with Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard without appraising the larger issues of what was actually being attempted, and why.” [11]

Certainly, Parsons’ own description of the Working is based in the fundamentals of Ceremonial and Sexual Magick.

In “The Book of Babalon -- January 4 - March 4, 1946 EV” Parsons outlines the entire experiment, including the reasons for it:

“The present age is under the influence of the force called, in magical terminology, Horus. This force relates to fire, Mars, and the Sun, that is, to power, violence and energy…

“This force is completely blind, depending upon the men and women in whom it manifests and who guide it…

“The catastrophic trend is due to our lack of understanding of our own natures. The hidden lusts, fears, and hatreds resulting from the warping of the love urge, which underlie the natures of all Western peoples, have taken a homicidal and suicidal direction.

“This impasse is broken by the incarnation of another sort of force, called BABALON. The nature of this force relates to love, understanding, and dionysian freedom, and is the necessary counterbalance or correspondence to the manifestation of Horus.”

Thus far, Parsons is reasoning in a sound manner.

Keep in mind, however, that he is working with his ‘friend’ Hubbard, then in the very process of making off with Parsons’ money and lover; a man who was to tell his son, Ron Jr., a few years later, to use and discard Scarlet Women. In what sense “scarlet?” the younger Hubbard asked.

“Scarlet,” the Scientology ‘Source’ replied, “the blood of their bodies; the blood of their souls… bend their bodies; bend their minds; bend their wills; beat back the past.” [12]

This is the grossest perversion of Crowley’s teaching.

Nature is cruel; but I too am a Sadist.... The word "Sadist" is taken from the famous Marquis de Sade, who gave supreme literary form to the joys of torture.

-- The Book of Lies, by Aleister Crowley

Best of all are fluids and secretions, notably blood and one other of supreme importance to the continuity of life. When you can get these still alive to their function, it is best of all. That is why it is not so highly recommended to tear out and devour the heart and liver of your next-door neighbour; you have gone far to destroy just that which is of most importance to you to keep alive.

-- Magick Without Tears, by Aleister Crowley

One last word on this subject. There is a Magical Operation of maximum importance: the Initiation of a New Aeon. When it becomes necessary to utter a Word, the whole Planet must be bathed in blood. Before man is ready to accept the Law of Thelema, the Great War must be fought. This Bloody Sacrifice is the critical point of the World-Ceremony of the Proclamation of Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child, as Lord of the Aeon. The whole matter is prophesied in The Book of the Law itself; let the student take note, and enter the ranks of the Host of the Sun.

-- Magick Without Tears, by Aleister Crowley

Akbar Pasha came here for blood: a drop of your blood, my dear; Cyril's and mine are not in his power -- you saw how contemptuously the boy played up to his trick! So I persisted in offering him salt, and nothing but salt...."If he accepts salt it limits his powers to injure the house where he accepts it, or its inmates; and it exposes him to a terrible riposte. Why he should want your blood -- that is another question, and a very serious one. Unfortunately, it implies that he knows who you are, and what we purpose for you. If he had it, he could influence you to do his will; we only wish that you should be free to do your own. I won't insult you by telling you that you can go scatheless by the simple process of returning to your ordinary life. I've been watching you, and I know you would despise me for suggesting it. I know that you are ignorant of what may lie before you, but that you judge it to be formidable; and that you embrace the adventure with both hands."

-- MoonChild, by Aleister Crowley

Thus also Iliel's stagnant mind bred fearsome things. Hour after hour, the pageant of diseased thoughts passed through the shadowy gulfs of her chaotic spirit. Actual phantoms took shape for her, some seductive, some menacing; but even the most hideous and cruel symbols had a fierce fascination for her. There was a stag-beetle, with flaming eyes, a creature as big as an elephant, with claws in constant motion, that threatened her continually. Horribly as this frightened her, she gloated on it, pictured its sudden plunge with those ghastly mandibles upon her flanks. Her own fatness was a source of curious perverse pleasure to her; one of her favourite reveries was to imagine herself the centre of a group of cannibals, watch them chop off great lumps from her body, and seethe them in the pot, or roast them on a spear, hissing and dripping blood and grease, upon the fire. In some insane or atavistic confusion of mind this dream was always recognized as being a dream of love. And she understood, in some sub-current of thought, why Suffragettes forced men to use violence upon them; it is but a repressed sexual instinct breaking out in race-remembrance of marriage by capture.

-- MoonChild, by Aleister Crowley

The Chinese (till Europe infected them) murdered all but a few selected female infants, and consequently lived in peace and prosperity for two thousand years.

-- The Vindication of Nietzsche, by Aleister Crowley

A very convenient doctrine: all this -- I wish one could teach it to the English wife, for ever on the groan as she is that she is neglected, and then crying out again when one gets her with child. The solution of the sex-problem is given in the Arab proverb, "Women for children, and boys for pleasure." I strongly advocate the putting of women in their proper sphere; they should breed, nurse, educate, and perform those physical tasks for which their coarser nervous system and lack of intelligence fit them. But no woman is a fit companion for a man; she of necessity degrades him. Luckily, in the case of the best men, she disgusts him. How many women have left any mark on history, save by the excess of their impudicities and whoredoms? We must exclude those born to queendom. I can think of but one, Jeanne d'Arc, an example of the opposite abnormality, frigidity.

-- The Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist of Shiraz, by Ordo Templi Orientis

The latter merely observed in the same context,

“We do opine that it is better and easier that the other party should be in ignorance of the sacred character of the Office. It is enough if that assistant be formed by Nature signally for the physical task, robust, vigorous, eager, sensible, hot and healthy; flesh, nerve and blood being tense, quick, and lively, easily enflamed, and nigh inextinguishable.” [13]

Crowley is telling us that a partner in sexual magick should, ideally, in his opinion, be involved for the sake of sensual pleasure, pure and simple.

Hubbard is telling his own son how to enslave minds, bodies and souls. Parsons, who wrote extensively on the subject of freedom, could have had no idea of what type of person he was engaged in High Magick with.

In any case, Parsons goes on to narrate that,

“In January 1946 I had been engaged in the study and practice of Magick for seven years, and in the supervision and operation of an occult lodge for four years [14], having been initiated into the Sanctuary of the Gnosis by the Beast 666, Fra. 132, and Fra. Saturnus [15]. At this time I decided upon a Magical operation designed to obtain the assistance of an elemental mate.” [16]

In a sense, deprived of his former lover, Parsons was ‘going for broke’ in looking for a partner to create a magical child with;

“All or nothing -- I have no other terms,” as he put it to Crowley. [17]

Beginning on January 4, 1946 at 9:00 PM, Parsons and Hubbard employed the powerful Enochian Air Tablet, using an Air Dagger, parchment talisman, invocations, conjurations, Enochian Calls and invocations, and appropriate banishings. [18]

According to Parsons, at various times over subsequent days, wind storms were raised, electrical power was disrupted (January 14), during which Hubbard allegedly had a candle knocked from his hand by Something; several witnesses saw a “brownish yellow light about seven feet high” [19] which Parsons banished. [20]

On January 18 Parsons and Hubbard were out in the Mojave Desert when Parsons suddenly had an epiphany, and realized the experiment was accomplished. [21]

“I returned home,” he tells us, “and found a young woman answering the requirements [22] waiting for me.”

For the next month he invoked BABALON with her as his partner, “as was proper to one of my grade” [23] -- in other words, by the sexual Eucharist of the Mass of the Holy Ghost.

While his magical partner visited in New York, on February 28, Parsons returned to the Mojave, and received a “communication” he referred to as Liber 49, The Book of Babalon, which identifies its source as Babalon Herself. It should be noted that Hubbard was also away then.

Liber 49 asserts, among other things,

“The working is of nine moons… And she shall wander in the witch-wood under the Night of Pan, and know the mysteries of the Goat and the Serpent, and of the children that are hidden away… I will provide the place and the material basis, thou the tears and blood… Thy tears, thy sweat, thy blood, thy semen, thy love, thy faith shall provide. Ah, I shall drain thee like the cup that is of me, Babalon [24]

…Let me behold thee naked and lusting after me, calling upon my name… Let me receive all thy manhood within my Cup, climax upon climax, joy upon joy… Gather together in the covens as of old… Gather together in secret, be naked and shameless and rejoice in my name.” [25]

It is interesting that much of this anticipates the emergence of Wicca, at a time when Gerald Gardner in England was only beginning to formulate his ideas. Parsons spent much of the remainder of his short magical career writing on the subject of ‘witchcraft’ .

In any event, when Parsons communicated the Good News to Crowley, the old Magus was perplexed, or amused, or, conceivably both.

He wrote Parsons,

“You have me completely puzzled by your remarks. I thought I had a morbid imagination, as good as any man’s, but it seems I have not. I cannot form the slightest idea what you can possibly mean.”

Apparently undaunted, upon Hubbard’s return Parsons prepared to impregnate his magical partner, impressed by a vision Hubbard had “of a savage and beautiful woman riding naked on a great cat-like beast.”

According to Francis King’s account,

“Parsons was High Priest and had sexual intercourse with the girl, while Hubbard who was present acted as scryer, seer, or clairvoyant”.

This occurred on the first three days of March, 1946.

The aftermath is the subject of much rumor, and points out the high significance of sexual magick.

“This secret is the true Key to Magick,” said Crowley, “that is, by the right use of this secret man may impose his Will on Nature herself…”

Hubbard took off with Parsons’ former partner and the funds of their joint enterprise. Parsons caught up with Hubbard in July of 1946 in Miami, having to evoke Bartzabel [26] to raise a storm at sea, forcing Hubbard back to shore.

Ron Hubbard nevertheless married Parsons’ former lover the following month, and went on to write Dianetics -- The Science of Mental Health and, eventually, to organize the Church of Scientology, built on a hidden mythos of a 75 million year old disaster in which the inhabitants of a 76 planet galactic federation were blown up by a dictator named Xenu.

This science fiction ‘space opera’ from Hubbard’s pulp fiction days forms a bizarre underpinning to an already bizarre story. [27]

For the rest of it, it depends entirely on whom you talk to. Was a “magical child” -- conceived ritually March 4, 1946, born into this world as Babalon Incarnate on or about “nine moons” later, on or about December 4, 1946? Is such a being, a woman of about 50, alive today? Or was there a more ethereal ‘birth’ -- perhaps, on a spiritual level, the true “birth date” of Gardnerian Wicca and its various descendent bodies, and on a more material level, the birth of modern ‘second wave’ feminism.

Surely, the timing of the Babalon Working and the arrival of the Post War Baby Boom is simultaneous in an eerie sort of way. UFO buffs have of late been touting a theory that Hubbard came to Parsons with a purpose more grandiose than “the ordinary confidence game”.

In pulp magazine circles, he had encountered any number of occultists and border occultists (Talbot Mundy, Col. Arthur Burks, Major Donald Keyhoe, Ray Palmer and Richard S. Shaver come to mind [28] and had already formulated the core of the “inner Scientology teaching” outlined above.

He wished to bring this other world into Manifestation, but lacked the technical knowledge to do so. So, he came to the innocent sex magician Jack Parsons. In this version, the Babalon Working, guided by Hubbard, had little to do with “Babalon” and more to do with the hideous Old Ones of the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos.

“A door opened; something came through” is the essence of this thesis, and the appearance of the first “flying saucer” case the following year is considered, in this outré rumor, not coincidental at all.

The Babalon Working permanently alienated Parsons from Crowley, but the work of the ill-fated rocket scientist has more recently been reevaluated in a more favorable light by present day occultists and UFOlogists alike.

Memorabilia from Jack Parsons’ FBI file.
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