Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

That's French for "the ancient system," as in the ancient system of feudal privileges and the exercise of autocratic power over the peasants. The ancien regime never goes away, like vampires and dinosaur bones they are always hidden in the earth, exercising a mysterious influence. It is not paranoia to believe that the elites scheme against the common man. Inform yourself about their schemes here.

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THE New Aeon Qabala (NAEQ6), also known as the "Secret Cipher of The UFOnauts” reveals a great deal about Parsons, Hubbard, and The Book of Babalon itself.

Hubbard almost certainly used his considerable charismatic and hypnotic ability to implant Parsons with a bogus “4th Chapter of The Book of the Law” -- but he could not resist leaving his signature all over it, in terms of his name, ideas and motives, encrypted in the UFOnaut Cipher. He probably learned the cipher from his pulp magazine occultist connections.

Elsewhere, I have demonstrated that Ray Palmer and Richard Shaver were using the cipher, or something much like it, throughout the 1940s, in the pages of Amazing Stories and elsewhere.

La Fayette Ron Hubbard came out of this same circle. In “Cipher 6” as it is called, LA FAYETTE RON HUBBARD has a value of 248, identical to the value of the name, number and first several words of The Book of Babalon, or Liber 49.


He also encrypted his intent in the same value in the text. 248 = BABALON AND I SHALL BE FREE.

Hubbard, we recall, according to biographer Bent Corydon, spoke to his son Ron, Jr. about the blood of the Scarlet Woman in terms of being the key to ‘real power’.

“The blood of their bodies, the blood of their souls,” as he put it. It should therefore come as no surprise that L. RON HUBBARD = 115 = BLOOD TO BLOOD in The Book of Babalon.

The Book of Babalon also refers to future witch covens as of eleven, strange wording (as covens are traditionally 13), until one applies NAEQ6: COVENS = 74, or 7+4= 11!

The third party to the Babalon Working, the late Margerie Cameron Parsons always referred to herself simply as “Cameron”, having the value of 93, the traditional number of both “love” and “will” the forces of the New Aeon.

Hubbard’s later assertions about the mad extraterrestrial dictator Xenu also shows up in The Book of Babalon and more generally in Crowleyan literature.

XENU = 78 = ALL POWER and FIRE and MAGICK and MY STAR and NUIT, the latter being the Egyptian (and Crowlean) Star Goddess.

The nonsense name given to Earth by Hubbard in the Xenu legend, TEEGEEACK = 158 = BABALON TIME in The Book of Babalon, but also NINE MOONS , the gestation cycle of human beings. More ominously, as Xenu regarded Earth as a disposable backwater planet, TEEGEEACK = 158 = AN APPENDIX.

Most significantly, defying all chance expectations, TEEGEEACK = 158 = PLANET EARTH!

Dozens of such Hubbard-specific phrases exist in this Book, suggesting that Parsons, in writing it, was responding to a posthypnotic suggestion by Hubbard. Parsons then apparently proceeded to “open a door” and the era of flying saucers began.
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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“When a thing is hidden away with so much pains, merely to reveal it is to destroy it.”
-- Tertullian

IN 1980 I ran into the dead end wall that many UFOlogists have encountered in their research.

The evidence I had accumulated suggested to me that the UFO mystery was something closely akin to an infinite series of nested boxes, and that illusion after illusion after illusion produced much speculation but little useful information. My old friend Gene Duplantier had once described UFOlogy as “like a long walk down an endless tube,” and many of the best , most thoughtful students of the subject, on realizing this, simply gave up.

Ten years were to pass before another break came my way in the form of the Ultra-terrestrial Cipher that provided the breakthrough that explains, for me, not only the UFOs, but many Masonic pass words, ancient legends and occult secrets.

I stumbled upon the cipher; I did not invent it, owe no allegiance to it, make no claims for it other than that it “fits” easily the subject matter I have applied it to in this and my previous work, Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts. I regard it as experimental, but consider it a working solution to some of the most profound enigmas thoughtful people have dwelt upon over the last several centuries.

Two things to take note of: First, in discussing various Masonic degrees, words and “secrets” I have been at some pain to avoid violation of the ritual privacy of these societies. The Degrees I have discussed are, essentially, archaic (that is, no longer working) Degrees from the York and Memphis systems. The York materials are available at virtually every book store in Duncan’s Ritual of Freemasonry.

The Memphis materials exist in manuscript form, but are not held under copyright and have recently been published in modern editions based in John Yarker’s work. I have avoided quoting or referring to any ritual not routinely in current public distribution or available at book stores. In passing I will say that to read about a ritual is not to perform it. Such rituals are “Mystery Plays” and are fully understandable only in the doing, not merely in the telling.

Second, there is a sense in which the Oannes Mythos, the Mystery Plays and Rituals presented here, the very Ultraterrestrial Visitors themselves inherently overlap with the stuff of dreams.

They represent a Reality more profound than our own, and as such cannot be taken verbatim or too literally. In this volume I have pulled out the stops and taken a plunge beyond the Reality Barrier. What I have found is the core of the Ultraterrestrial Secret, too numinous to be other than ineffable.

When there are no words to literally describe what one knows, one speaks in the language of mythos.

So have I done.

To puzzle out an imaginary meaning for this ‘nonsense’ sets one thinking of the Mysteries; one enters into deep contemplation of holy things and God Himself leads the soul to real illumination.”

-- A. Crowley, “An Interlude,” Book Four
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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[Terry R. Wriste recently observed the rising of Sirius at the Summer Solstice on a two thousand year old medicine wheel in Canada. I invited him to view the first draft of this book. I interviewed him in September of 1994 for this volume.]

Allen H. Greenfield: So, Terry, I understand you performed my proposed “ultraterrestrial technology” version of the Bornless One ritual at an old medicine wheel on the Summer Solstice. What happened?

Terry R. Wriste: I should tell you, o guru wannabe, I was very skeptical about your ritual. Not the experimentation as such, you know, because we agree that this is all open season stufi, but this particular deal....anyhow, the moment of the rising of Sirius before the Sun breaks is an eerie blue magick all its own. I didn’t meet the Oannes or whatever, but I got the oddest auditory sensation of my life, like I was under water. I asked the girl I was with, Katy, and she was in a sort of trance by the time the sun broke the horizon. She said, “I felt like a dolphin” and that was that. Enough?

AHG: For a first try and outdoors at that, I guess. Terry, you have reviewed the draft manuscript for Secret Rituals of the Men in Black . To put it bluntly, what, in your opinion, have I missed or neglected to say?

TRW: Well, for starters you might have given more attention to two facts about the Star Sirius. One, in favor of any kind of ‘visitation’ hypothesis, is the fact that Sirius is less than nine light years from Earth. This means that, assuming an advanced civilization in that area, a visit every now and then, even using technology not far beyond our own present capacities is feasible. On the down side, though, Sirius is a rather young star, and there would be considerable question in conventional terms as to whether, supposing there are planets there, life, let alone advanced intelligent life, amphibious or not, has had time to evolve.

AHG: This is assuming, of course, that Sirius is the home star of the Oannes, rather than some sort of base, or portal.

TRW: Exactly. And I know, of course, that you make no such assumption. Neither you nor I have ever assumed that Ultraterrestrials are either benevolent or truthful. But the issue could be clarified for the reader. The constellation Canus Major, the Great Dog, is configured as if to sweep ahead of Orion the Hunter, the “dog’s” mythical master.

Alpha Canus Major, or Sirius, called “the dog star” is not only the brightest Star in the constellation, but the brightest in the sky. With an apparent magnitude of -1.4, Sirius is actually a dual star system only 8.7 light years from Earth. Sirius A is a hot type-A white star, it is orbited once every 50 years by Sirius B, known as “the pup,” a white dwarf. The mass of Sirius A is about twice that of our sun, while Sirius B is incredibly dense.

Though supposedly the dual nature of the system has been known for only about a century, a number of traditional African tribal peoples have retained a detailed knowledge in their initiatory rituals of Sirius B. Most well known are the Dogon, but other related peoples also are aware of this.

The Egyptians oriented a number of their Temples on the rising and setting of Sirius, with the light of the Star being caught on the temple’s inner altar. Other ancient structures, including the Bighorn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming, but conspicuously not including Stonehenge in Britain, are oriented on Sirius.

Canus Major is, as mentioned, associated in myth with Orion, its apparent neighbor. It is closely associated with Taurus, containing the fabled “Seven Sisters” or The Pleiades. The associated constellation Canus Minor, “the small dog” contains the Star Procyon. This is Orion’s other mythic hunting dog.

Sirius is also associated with the constellation Cancer the Crab which, in ancient times, was associated with the Summer Solstice and the “Dog Days of Summer” associated with Sirius, aligned with the Greek word “seirios” meaning scorching. Sirius in Canus Major, Procyon in Canus Minor and Betelgeuse in Orion form an apparent equilateral triangle in the heavens as viewed from Earth.

It is of more than passing interest that Sirius, Procyon, The Pleiades and Orion are names which show up quite often in the lore of UFOlogy and contacteeism. The contact-source identified as “Semjase” from the Pleiades in the cases of Fred Bell and Billy Meier is an example.

In occult lore, “Semjaza” (or Semyaza, Semiaza, Shemhazai, etc.) is the fallen angel Azza, or Uzza, a seraph who was tempted by Ishtar to reveal the Secret Explicit Name.

This relates to the Masonic Third Degree, in which the Grand Master is slain for failure to reveal the “Master’s Word” to ruffians. Semjaza is said to hover between heaven and Earth with lowered head, in the constellation Orion. According to The Book of Jubilees, Semjaza is one of the Watchers sent from Heaven to instruct humanity.

Semjaza taught humanity what might be called “witchcraft” -- herbalism, enchantments, etc.

AHG: Consider it clarified. What else?

TRW: Well, about the Bambara, the Dogon and other African peoples’ knowledge of these matters…

AHG: I had sort of thought Robert Temple had covered that so well in The Sirius Mystery that I hesitated to repeat his data. I wanted to concentrate on the survival of the Oannes legend in Freemasonry, through applying the Ultraterrestrial Cipher contained in The Book of the Law.

TRW: Sure, but time slips by. Keep in mind Temple’s book came out twenty years ago, and there is now a whole generation that may not know what he had to say.

In essence, the Dogon and other tribal peoples which had contact, through trade routes and the migration of peoples in ancient times, with the Berber-Carthegenian-GrecoRoman world, have accurate information on the fifty year rotation of Sirius B, its incredible mass, knowledge of the stars and planets, the human circulatory system and other matters as astoundingly out of historical sequence as the old maps of a preglacial Antarctica which, they say, was brought to them by ‘fish men’ from Sirius called Nommo, paralleling exactly the Babylonian Oannes, the Phonecian Dagon, and so forth.

The name of the Dogon people is derived, almost certainly, from that of the fish-god Dagon. It also reminds me a bit of “NEMO” as Crowley described his encounter in the Enochian Aethyrs. Crowley scryed the 13th Aethyr, called ”ZIM” on December 4th, 1909 in a river bed near Bou-Saada in North Africa. He meets a being called “Nemo”.

The whole vision is much like the North African version of the Oannes legend. Crowley’s “Nemo” and the Dogon “Nommo” seem cut from the same fish.

AHG: What are we to make of the “John” legend itself?

TRW: In following the “John” legend through history, I think it is important to note that the recurrent John/Fish/Sirius motif doesn’t necessarily mean that, say, Jesus or John the Baptist were mere mythical stand-ins for the earlier Oannes. You mention, for example, Saint John Fisher in the time of Henry the VIII, who was certainly historical, as, unquestionably, was your literary hero Phil Dick.

AHG: True enough. I can think of two alternatives to various “Johns” being mythical in the popular sense; one is that real historical personages become closely associated with the Oannes legend in and out of Freemasonry because they share common archetypal roots. Summer Solstice, miraculous knowledge or salvation from the skies, association with fish or with water or both strikes an archetypal chord, so that the same names and themes recur over and over in very real people.

TRW: But, don’t you think that theme gets worked to death? I think of the brilliant Alvin Kuhn, and before him Gerald Massey, seeking out the archetypal connections so carefully that any physical person or event gets lost in the forest of words. Take Kuhn’s analysis of the “Ark” as in Noah and the many other less familiar stories of the same ilk.

Absolutely everything gets discussed as a possibility, except the prospect that the Ark may have been a Vessel in very Truth, but not of the oceans of the earth, but of the depths of space. Not a Chalice, or the Womb or a Ritual Tomb, but a Celestial Ship.

AHG: True, though some of this work certainly hits on our basic theme. You mention Alvin Kuhn’s work. Let me quote something for you from The Lost Light published over half a century ago. [pause]

“…Jesus, Horus, Ioannes and others came as Ichthys (Ichthus), ‘fish’ in Greek. And we have the fish-avatar of Vishnu. The door of life is figured in the shape of a fish-mouth at the western or feminine end of a church. The Pope’s miter is the mouth of a fish. The soul of life comes by way of the water.”

Now, it seems to me that all this carries forward and sings to us because it does strike an archetypal chord, as Jung and Campbell and others have shown.

But they seem to trace to an historical event or events that, in a sense “play out” the archetypal myth. I doubt that Jonah was swallowed by a fish. But a “fish vessel” or a vessel for the fish-being is not nearly as unbelievable. Which brings me to the second point. In modern initiatory societies such as the Golden Dawn, it is common custom to adopt a spiritual motto, and to change that motto in keeping with stages of development spiritually.

I suspect strongly that this is an ages-old practice, and initiates of the Oannes Mysteries may have adopted the name “John” or a variation, as well as the fish symbols and star symbols we have discussed. Thus we can as easily see Jesus as a spiritual motto adopted upon initiation by a veritable adept. Not long after Jesus another Messiah-figure arose among the Jews and raised an army of a million against Rome. He was called, “Simon, Son of a Star”.

You can bet that that was an initiatory name.

Sirius in Canis Major, or “The Great Dog.”

TRW: So the Egyptians keeping time by the Dog Star doesn’t trivialize the Visitation premise. Gerald Massey informs us that,

“the first time observed and registered was Sut-Typhonian; its types were the Great Bear and the Dog-star. In this time the year began with the rising of Sothis…“

...that’s “Sirius” - and the Egyptians were certainly concerned with the flooding of the Nile, but I doubt that this much concerned the Anasazi in Arizona nor for that matter the Babylonians, who were just as fixated on Sirius.

One truth melds with the other. The motif of the “teacher from the stars” has many faces, but the very fact of its recurrence is of great importance. The Yada Di Shi’ite…

AHG: We should recall that the Yada Di Shi’ite was the Chief of the Inner Circle group of Ascended Masters channeled by Mark Probert from at least the mid 1940s, and heavily promoted by Meade Layne. The Yada, or High Priest, lived in a Himalayan civilization called “Yuga” half a million years ago, according to the channelings.

TRW: Yes, exactly. In any event, speaking through Probert to Bryant and Helen Reeves, I would guess in San Diego in late April of 1955, he said [quoting],

“In the early period of the earth’s affairs when man was beginning to show signs of thinking, space beings came to earth and instructed man on various secret things, not only regarding the planetary system but regarding their own inner living as well. Some of the greatest teachings man has received came to him by these space beings in order that various civilizations could advance more rapidly.”

This brings to mind everything from the story of the God Thoth in Egypt, or Oannes in Sumer, to Semjase in California in modern times.

AHG: That brings us to the Central Question. We see the Knights of Malta busily suppressing the entire mythos, but Kenneth Grant routinely trots out his rather unusual version of the same in book after book. We see the mythos of the Oannes repeated again and again in cipher form in Masonic Ritual, and we see the same cipher showing up in ceremonial magick, UFOlogy and elsewhere.

Clearly George Hunt Williamson would have a very different reason for introducing these ideas into “New Age” thought than, say, Meade Layne. Yet we see evidence that both have done so in the contactee lore. Are we talking about the unadulterated reality here, or yet another “mask of the unknown”?

TRW: Both. You’ve established the existence of the cipher pretty well in the previous volume, and I think here you’ve established how it is used in Masonic Ritual to pass a mythos down through the ages. You might want to make this a trilogy one day, and devote a volume to what is mythic in this mythos, and what is literally real. I have seen a lot of strange stuff in both occultism and UFOlogy, and you are right on the ‘answer’ for anyone with eyes to see.

AHG: As the case may be, we’ll see what people do with this stuff. What is the strangest thing you have seen in your decades chasing UFOs.

TRW: The strangest thing is in figuring out why the UFOnauts abduct people, and what stops them from doing so. Since magical ritual contacts them and banishes them, we know either that they are magical beings, or magick is a technology, or both. But when I started working with Reichian technologies the Knights of Malta would give their fortunes to have, I noticed something most strange. UFOs can be disintegrated by Reichian energies.

AHG: Well, that’s strange, but hardly new; Reich himself said he did that in the ‘50s.

TRW: Right. But consider what Reich worked with. He called it “Orgone Energy” which was a direct outgrowth of his work with Freudian Psychotherapy. Up through a certain point, he was an orthodox Freudian, until he discovered that the very energies that Freud addressed in psychological terms were explainable as a Universal Energy or Current, a kind of ‘orgasmic flux’ inherent in the universe, which could be channeled, quantified and, apparently, used to shoot down flying saucers.

Orgone Energy, it seems to me, is identical to the Love/Will current of Aleister Crowley’s Book of The Law.

AHG: Wait a minute. Are you telling me that the energy behind human libido destroys Ultraterrestrial craft?

TRW: “They drink our fear, like hungry ghosts. To drink instead our love is death unto them and their kin.”

AHG: Who are you quoting?

TRW: That would be telling.
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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A Talk by Allen Greenfield. Prepared for the 32nd Annual National UFO Conference, October 15, 1995, Atlanta, GA.

I want to tell you a very bizarre story; strange even in the lore of UFOlogy.

I assert -- and I have argued persuasively I think, both in my current books Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts and Secret Rituals of the Men In Black, -- that contending alien presences have not only been visiting the Earth, but interpenetrating our civilizations since remote antiquity.

Some of these presences are incredibly advanced beings -- in fact, saying they are “from outer space” is simply too narrow -- and I generally prefer my old friend John Keel’s term “Ultraterrestrials”. For various reasons that I will go into presently, these alien intelligences have many so-called “deep agents” who live among us, sometimes for centuries. They have been communicated with since time immemorial through deceptively simple codes and ciphers, which are changed periodically.

Occultists have used such codes for centuries.

The “rules” by which such ciphers are decoded have, in fact, not changed for at least a thousand years, possibly much longer. The rules are contained in a venerable body of knowledge loosely defined as “Qabalism” from the Hebrew word “Qabala” which means “hidden” or “secret”. A whole new, English-language based cipher was dictated by an Ultraterrestrial source to Queen Elizabeth the First’s Astrologer Royal, Dr. John Dee through the trance channeling of Sir Edward Kelly several hundred years ago.

It was called “the language of the Angels” written in a script directly translatable into English. Now, Dee and Kelly were human beings and in fact served their government as espionage agents. They may well have used this Ultraterrestrial Cipher, termed “Enochian” -- for espionage purposes, but, primarily, it was utilized by them to receive and use an Alien technology, so advanced as to be indistinguishable from magick, to learn such techniques as teleportation between planets and remote communication.

The Enochian cipher led directly to a simpler successor cipher communicated to York Rite Royal Arch of Enoch Masons as a series of glyphs corresponding to the 26 letters of the standard English Alphabet, and in use until laid open. Around the middle of the 19th Century the Royal Arch of Enoch cipher having been exposed to public view by a writer named Malcolm Duncan, the aliens began the slow process of communicating the new cipher to various deep agents and human allies.

Madame Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society and before that the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light seems to have known the code, taught her by her Masters, Paolos Metamon and Max Theon, probably themselves Ultraterrestrial Agents.

She used them to encode the names of the human adepts and Ultraterrestrials she was in communication with.

About a hundred years ago mass distribution of the “new” cipher was begun through the dictation of various alleged modernistic “Holy Books” which contained the encrypted cipher. Oahspe was dictated by an Ultraterrestrial in the 1890s. As late as the early 1900s it was still being transmitted by Max Theon and his wife Alma from their headquarters in Algeria under the name “Cosmic Philosophy” -- distributed in Georgia by the adept Peter Davidson.

But our key communication came to Edward Alexander Crowley and his bride Rose Edith Kelly Crowley during their extended honeymoon in Cairo in the Spring of 1904. For one hour each day, from noon to 1 PM, a mysterious being calling itself “Aiwass” dictated The Book of the Law, a holy book for the new age then only beginning, which included repeated references to a cipher based in the number eleven.

Crowley himself was unable to break the cipher, as the text itself predicted, but his student Charles Robert John Stansfeld Jones eventually cracked it. Crowley’s own efforts focused on a single page of the original manuscript with a mysterious line and strange mark. He overdrew a grid on this page, but never was able to find the Aiwass cipher as such.

Following up on the work of Crowley and Jones, English occultists, notably Jake Stratton-Kent, Carol Smith and especially James Lees, worked out the code completely in 1976. Following Crowley’s original grid overlay on the key page, they started with the letter “A” and, counting down eleven spaces, came to L, then W and so on until 26 numerical values for letters were obtained, in other words a complete English language cipher.

I had long pondered the strange names for planets and beings in the contactee lore, and was the first person to apply this cipher to UFO communication cases.

Once this was done, the entire UFO mystery fell readily into place; I had stumbled upon the cipher of the Ultraterrestrials for communication with their deep agents and human allies, and, once found, was able to intercept enough myself to predict UFO events, to explain the UFO mystery, to find the deep agents, and to be able to prove each of these claims beyond the shadow of a doubt. In short, I had solved the UFO mystery.

In my 35 years in UFOlogy, the most intriguing question I have thus far run across anywhere is why the Earth has not been taken over by the various powerful groups of aliens that seem hostile -- in specific, the Grays and Insectoid beings that have bases of operation all over the world, and, in the case of the Grays, have even entered into covert agreements with various Earthly governments.

Some so-called experts will tell you that these forces have been checked by more benevolent visitors to our world, but all known groups of True Aliens are either fundamentally neutral, or themselves “on the run” from Grays and the like, or, in truly advanced races of beings, have a strict policy of nonintervention in the affairs of other worlds.

Other “experts” will tell you we HAVE BEEN taken over. Charles Fort pronounced the famous and frightening verdict in 1919; he said “I THINK WE’RE PROPERTY” and a number of modern researchers who have looked at the situation consider this to be so.

Neither answer is in accord with the facts. It is true that benevolent ADVANCED visitors will not interfere; on their own worlds they have had similar experiences to that of the tragic contact between Europeans and Native Americans which destroyed the native cultures of this hemisphere, and also of the Roman Republic’s gradual conversion to a totalitarian Empire in the process of “helping” other nations with their internal affairs.

It is also true that the Grays and their more advanced allies across galaxies and dimensions undreamed of have defeated and overcome many enlightened civilizations; when contactee Woodrow Derenberger met the alien calling himself “Indrid Cold” the latter told him that he came from a country far weaker than ours; which is a kind of “coded message” to indicate to those who know the UFO mystery as not true mystery but rather history, that Cold and his cohorts from the planet he called Lanulus were themselves a conquered race, hiding among us.

The truth lies in another direction; one that few writers -- even writers of science fiction -- have even guessed at, although the late Frank Herbert came very close in his Dune novels; and the early UFOnaut trance channeler Mark Probert came even closer; we have not been taken over, we are not property, not because aliens do not want our planet, nor because others have protected us, but because the dark forces from deep space are, quite simply, and for some mysterious reason, afraid of us Earthlings.

They are, in fact, frightened to death of us.

This shows up in some of the literature,

• the jealousy of the gods of genesis that having gained wisdom from the Tree of Knowledge, we might eat of the Tree of Life and thus become gods ourselves
• the story of the Titan Prometheus bringing fire from heaven to humanity, for which the gods punished him in unimaginable ways
• the Norse and Teutonic myths of very mortal “gods” preparing for cosmic combat against the Frost Giants and their allies,

...all these stories, in Ultraterrestrial terms, tell us of beings and forces HUMAN OR CLOSE TO HUMAN that have defied the conquerors of a thousand thousand worlds, and put them repeatedly to flight.

Mark Probert’s communications were not with “aliens” in the true sense, but rather with an Assembly of Sixteen “Guardians” who have protected the Earth from ill influences for thousands of years. All of these “beings” -- and please understand this -- started out being as human as you or I.

They are the Ascended or Hidden Masters of the Great Brotherhood of the Adepti; people who have become “super beings” and have turned their attentions to the guiding of our evolution to becoming what they themselves are. They do not lead us, nor govern us, nor “own” us. In a very real sense, THEY ARE US.

Some of these shining individuals walk amongst us unseen, just as do agents of darker forces from far worlds.

There are, I can tell you absolutely with unshakable certainty, representatives of both this Great Brotherhood here in this great hall tonight, and of their opposition. They took little interest in my work as long as I was a common UFO field investigator collecting samples of grass and interviewing Charlie Hickson or John Reeves and other contactees and abductees.

But when I discovered that deeply placed aliens among us, and deep agents of Ultraterrestrial forces were using a secret cipher to communicate with their overlords -- a cipher previously known only to Initiates and a few occultists as detailed in my book Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts, they have taken notice, indeed.

Some of you here have an unasked question: How do I know all of this?

I am not, emphatically not, a “contactee” or “channeler” in the usual sense of the term, and, under present circumstances, I COULD NOT be an abductee, but, having cracked the communication cipher in use by a host of alien groups and their human contacts since the middle 1800s at least, I have been able to penetrate some of their most cherished blinds and secrets, and show others with the patience to grasp the cipher involved and the techniques for applying it how to do the same -- what the “messages” REALLY mean, who fairly soon, but there is probably still time to get in on the action.


There is a reason for this.

The cipher employs no telepathy, no “high tech devices” and relies on several subtle but essentially primitive techniques, no more sophisticated than hand carried messages.

There are good reasons for this. Some of you no doubt recall the recent case of the U.S. pilot shot down over Bosnia. He survived until rescued in part because he DID NOT use the radio he had with him except under extreme circumstances. Radios have limited life spans. They can also be intercepted. So, too, can telepathic Ultraterrestrial messages, and the kind of unimaginable technology some aliens -- and some humans -- employ.

With earlier ciphers, this method of communication has been in use on Earth for at least several thousand years. While I cannot decode all earlier ciphers, at least some of them follow the same general rules down through history.

My favorite example is the classic of classics, the communication between the late contactee George Adamski and a being calling itself “Orthon” -- a so-called “Blond Alien” who has shown up in many cases since.

The entire case was superimposed on a science fiction story written earlier by Adamski and modified to fulfill certain needs, perhaps by the late occultist and UFOlogist George Hunt Williamson.

The technique followed shows up in case after case after case. The alien names are usually strange words that refer to a planet, or being, or vehicle.

The case is well publicized, and anyone reading the publicity and knowing the Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts could “decode” the strange names and story pattern, and find a secondary, more important meaning. This particular case has alarm bells all over it; the name Adamski means, roughly, “Son of Adam” or “Son of Man”.

The visitor has long blond hair, is male but androgynous, comes from the sky preaching a message of peace and love. Someone with the cipher would then key in on the name “ORTHON” and discover, immediately, that this was an important event, because the cipher value for ORTHON is the same as the cipher value for JESUS, and the story itself is a weird parody of the New Testament account.

Adamski in later years was even reputed to have risen from the grave renewed, and then to have risen with other celestials into the heavens. But the key here, I think, was to call attention to the location of the sighting on the California-Arizona border. Orthon left behind mysterious footprints which contained a glyph of obvious interest only to initiates.

One print clearly shows a fylfot cross emerging from a vesica pisces; in plain English, a swastika emerging from a time-space portal, indicating that this would continue to be a landing sight for a long time, and, indeed, adepts including the late Meade Layne would go to that area to meet landed aliens for years to come.

That swastikas would show up in a case involving Adamski and Williamson are no surprise. Although that symbol has a long history before Nazi Germany, it was in the Nazi era that it developed its unfavorable reputation, and it was apparently the former American Nazi William Dudley Pelley who introduced the occultist Williamson to the aspiring writer Adamski, shortly after Pelley was released from prison after WWII.

Pelley and Williamson were both occultists, but Adamski was not. It is doubtful if the well-meaning Adamski ever had a clue as to who and what Orthon and for that matter Williamson were, and what they were doing.

I have said that the Earth has never been taken over by Aliens, but a substantial core of what became the Nazi Party in Germany, which came closer to control of the world than many of us today realize, had been members of the Thule Group or the Vril Society before the Nazi rise to power. These groups were in contact with the Grays and some of their human allies in Tibet.

In point of fact, Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg and Thule Group leader Dietrich Eckart began meeting as early as 1920.

The Thule Group was in communication with Alien Beings who asserted a claim to the planet Earth, and offered Hitler and Company a piece of the action. But the real leader of this unholy human-alien alliance was General Karl Haushofer, a close associate of Rudolph Hess, who effectively wrote Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Hess ultimately identified Haushofer as “the magician, the secret master” of the Nazi revolution. Hess, the last survivor of the Nazi leadership and last known member of the Thule Group, finally died at Spandau Prison at the age of 93, and under most mysterious circumstances, only a few years ago.

The level of involvement between the inner Nazi cadre -- particularly the Death’s Head SS and the Gray Aliens is profound. Their secret initiation called “The Stifling Air” actually involved contact with so-called “deep Aliens” who cannot breathe our atmosphere. In any case, the Aliens actually had no vested interest in the Nazis or any other group of humans, who they fear and despise.

Their only purpose is to retard human evolution in any way they can, because an evolved humanity, they feel (rightly or wrongly), will one day not only defeat them on the Earth, but will unseat them among the very stars.

So, among us are agents of dissension, of crackpot schemes and nightmarish ideas. They terrorize the unwary, try cutting deals with Earthly governments, and avoid those Guardians -- that is humans already evolved into Higher Beings -- who they are no match for.

All that I have learned in UFOlogy, where I started out looking for “advanced beings from other planets” like everyone else -- has taught me that we humans are, in potential, the most advanced, developed beings in the galaxy.

The positive aliens are here not to help, but like the Magi in the Nativity Story, to witness the birth of The New Being.

The Grays, insectoids and other vampiric nightmares from dying stars are here to suck out a little of the life energy that they themselves have so little of, and to delay the inevitable evolution of humanity triumphant.

Mark Probert’s 16 Guardians are merely the first.

We, as they tell us, and as intercepted cipher messages have told me and all with eyes to see, will someday be the Coming Guardians ourselves.
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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• Anatomy of the Body of God by Frater Achad
• Book 31 by Frater Achad, edited by Allen Greenfield
• The Egyptian Revival by Frater Achad
• I.N.R.I. by Frater Achad
• QBL by Frater Achad
• VRIL: The Power of the Coming Race by Bulwer Lytton
• L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman by Corydon & Hubbard
• The Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley
• Book 4 by Aleister Crowley et al (edited by H.B.)
• Liber 13 - By Damon, Altar and Nemo
• personal communications, Frater Damon
• personal communications, Michael Bertiaux
• personal communications, Richard Shaver
• personal communications, Lees, Smith, Stratton-Kent
• MAGNUM OPUS by Albert Pike
• private letters, C.S. Jones
• Articles of Incorporation, Quabalistic Alchemist Church (1960)
• Flying Saucer Pilgrimage by Reeves & Reeves
• Jack Parsons and the Fall of Babalon by Paul Rydeen
• The Sirius Mysteryby Robert Temple
• Jesus the Man by Barbara Thiering, Ph.D.
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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A thirty-five year veteran of UFO investigative work, Greenfield has twice been honored with the coveted “UFOlogist of the Year” award by NUFOC (1972 and 1992), and is co-founder of the National UFO Conference, one of the oldest UFO-oriented conventions in the world.


Greenfield edits The Paraufologist and is a Charter Member of the Permanent Organizing Committee of the National UFO Conference.

In addition, Greenfield has been an occultist since 1960, and has practiced ceremonial magick since 1969. In 1985, after years of service, he was consecrated a Bishop in the esoteric Gnostic spiritual tradition, and has served a substantial metropolitan congregation in this capacity since 1988.

Visit Dr. Greenfield’s excellent website at:
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Re: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, by Allen Greenfield

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1. Aiwass was not Crowley’s only contact. There is considerable discussion in UFOlogy of LAM, the being Crowley sketched that so closely resembled later UFO-related beings described in modern close encounter cases. His encounter, in 1896, with two “little men” in the Swiss Alps was mentioned in Jacques Vallee’s Passport to Magonia catalogue of close encounter cases. Crowley’s “magical mountain” -- Mt. Mealfuorvonie near Loch Ness in Scotland -- is said to be a UFOnaut base.

2. Charles Wyclifie Goodwin’s translation of the ancient papyrus was published in 1852 as “Fragment of Greco-Egyptian Work Upon Magic.” Wallis-Budge reprinted it at the turn of the twentieth century in Egyptian Magic, and the Golden Dawn began using it as the “Bornless One” ritual shortly before. The Greek original was recently reprinted in the outstanding definitive edition of Book Four edited by Hymenaeus Beta. Crowley certainly worked on the ritual for a number of years, terming it “…the most helpful and exalted of all magical instructions” in his autobiography. Crowley approached the matter imperfectly (his own assessment) in The Equinox Volume I Number VIII. His perfected version, Liber Samekh, Theurgia Goetia Summa (Congressus Cum Daemone) Sub Figura DCCC was presented to one of his key students at the Abbey of Thelema in1921. It remains an instructional document of the A. A. to the present day, and, as such, may rest safely upon its stand-alone great merit.

3. “The research community has consistently failed to address the real issues posed by flying saucers, which relate not to propulsion systems, aerodynamics and the like, but to the human psyche and the magical currents that inform it.” -- Alec Hidell in Chronicles of the Grey Lodge.

Note: The “True Name” of this being at the beginning is given, in some traditional sources, as “Paphro Osorronophris” and by Crowley as “Ptah-Apo-Phrasz-Ra”, the latter having the cipher value of Crowley’s “contacts” AMALANTRAH & ABULDIZ together.

If one adds the value of the traditional spelling to Crowley’s alternative, or 158 + 217 we get 375, the exact value of the Name the being gives at the other end of the ritual, “THE HEART GIRT WITH A SERPENT.”

4. In point of fact, Adamski had been trying to sell his Venusian story as science fiction several years earlier - that is, at about the same time as Parsons alleged experience in New Mexico.

5. Quoted from L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman? by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. (Lyle Stuart, 1987) p. 307.

6. op.cit. pp. 255-56.

7. op. cit. p. 256

8. op. cit. p. 258

9. op. cit. p. 259

10. op. cit. p. 257, but frequently quoted in various sources; See also Crowley’s novel Moonchild.

11. Freedom Is A Two Edged Sword by John W. Parsons (Falcon Press/O.T.O. 1989) introduction by Hymenaeus Beta, p. 7

12, Corydon & Hubbard, op. cit. p. 307.

13. De Arte Magica.

14. Agape Lodge O.T.O.

15. This is a significant “crew” of initiators, indeed. The Sanctuary of the Gnosis refers to the Ninth Degree of the O.T.O. System, the most exalted of the regular initiatory degrees. The Initiators here mentioned are Aleister Crowley, the then Grand Master of the Order, W.T. Smith, the U.S. National Grand Master, and Karl Germer, who served after Crowley’s death as Grand Master until the early 1960s.

16. The Collected Writings of Jack Parsons, p. 2 Part One, The Book of Babalon, introduction, “Conception”

17. Corydon & Hubbard, op. cit. p. 257

18. This is standard ceremonial magical ritual practice.

19. Book of Babalon, Parsons, p 6; also quoted by Corydon & Hubbard, op. cit. p. 256

20. These are common side effects in serious magical rituals.

21. This is, of course, the same area that the Adamski Orthon contact took place a few years latter, the area in which Dr. Wilhelm Reich, M.D. conducted his experiments with shooting down UFOs with Orgone Energy, and various other UFO-related events.

22. Marjorie Elizabeth Cameron (b. 1922 - d. 1995), or the future Ms. Parsons; see Freedom Is…op. cit. Also The Magical Link, Spring-Summer, 1995. “

23. Book of Babalon, op. cit, p. 4

24. After Liber Cheth, a Class A Holy Book of the Thelemic Canon.

25. Book of Babalon, op. cit. pp. 5-9

26. A powerful magical being.

27. Corydon & Hubbard, op. cit. p. 364

28. Except for Mundy, the present author has met with all of the pulp writers mentioned here.
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