The Book on the Living God, by Bo Yin Ra (Joseph Anton Schne

That's French for "the ancient system," as in the ancient system of feudal privileges and the exercise of autocratic power over the peasants. The ancien regime never goes away, like vampires and dinosaur bones they are always hidden in the earth, exercising a mysterious influence. It is not paranoia to believe that the elites scheme against the common man. Inform yourself about their schemes here.

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Chapter 9: The Hidden Side of Nature

WHEN IN THE preceding chapters of this book I spoke of things invisible, I nearly always either meant the unseen realm that is your soul, and which unfolds by virtue of your soul’s inherent energies, or the sublime dimension of the Spirit: the timeless world from which you hail and that you now must find again, if you would reach your Living God and know the inner peace which this world cannot grant you.

There is, however, still another realm of unseen things that has to be included; a realm by which your physical existence is invisibly surrounded, in much the same way as material shapes and objects are around you in the world you see.

This physically unseen dimension constitutes a part of the domain of matter that still is little known, although it is by far the larger part of physical reality.

The hidden realm of nature will at first provide your inner guide and teacher with the bridge he needs to cross whenever he would reach you; for then you are not yet prepared to recognize him in yourself—by virtue of your soul’s already integrated energies—as you shall later know him: in your Living God.

Initially, he cannot reach your inner self except by way of the invisible dimensions of this world.

THERE always have been people who could “see” this hidden side of nature with great clarity.

For attaining their sublimest inner goal, this faculty of “seeing” was, and is, of no significance.

Those who have that gift can simply see more things than others; as someone looking through a telescope may recognize the rings and moons of distant planets, while another, with unaided eyes, is able to distinguish only twinkling points.

The faculty of seeing the invisible domain of nature is rooted in an organ of the human being’s material body; in modern times it is, however, rarely found to have enough potential for development to be of any use.

In ancient times this organ often was far more developed in humanity, and also future genera- tions shall see it flourish once again; provided they are able to make certain that its function will no longer cause them any harm.

The evolution of such organs, which are not needed in external life, proceeds like ebb and flow, with alternating levels of intensity, within the species as a whole.

So, too, the faculty of seeing the invisible dimension of this physical, material world will often seem almost extinct, only to flare up again, at other times, in very many places.

We here are dealing with vestigial organs of the human creature body of primeval times. Still, such organs will prove beneficial only if a person’s soul has been prepared to put the given faculty to proper use.

INDIVIDUALS in whom the organ for perceiving the nonvisible domain of nature is completely developed are, therefore, always equally endowed with more experienced souls, given that their energies had been at work on earth before, in many human lives of earlier times.

Where the faculty of “seeing” the nonvisible dimension is joined by the desire to gain higher knowledge, persons thus endowed shall not fall victim to deceptive forces in the unseen realm of nature; for they shall find compassionate guides and caring helpers from the Spirit’s realm who will enhance their understanding of the things they see.

It is even possible that, once their inner selves have fully been awakened, higher beings in the Spirit’s realm will grant them power over energies inherent in that unseen world, so that they may take part in the eternal plan of human beings’ spiritual development, such as it has been furthered, for many thousands of years, by the Spirit’s Luminaries, who mediate eternal Light.

As a rule, there are but few among the seers of the hidden realm who will prove suited for this task.

Even so, however, it is greatly to be wished that those who feel they might possess the organ for perceiving the physically invisible dimension of reality, in more or less developed form, would carefully observe that faculty and guard it well against abuse.

With proper care one might see many a potential gift become developed, which then could find much beneficial use.

The world has need of many “workers in the vineyard,” and it would profit much today if it could once more find enlightened counselors and teachers capable of walking safely also on the hidden paths of nature’s unseen realm.

One cannot here gain insight by experimenting with somnambulants and mediums submerged in trance, but only through the personal, direct experience of those endowed with the required organ of perception.

One surely must give credit to scientific zeal, but with psychical experiments which, as their very name implies, are based on false assumptions, given that they do not involve the soul, one is merely attracting parasitic forces from the invisible domain of nature.

These parasites of nature’s unseen realm are creatures that, in certain ways, resemble closely the dynamic energies that form the human soul, although the two must never be confused.

To do so would be like mistaking apes, grinning and frowning between the bars that hold them in their cages, with the inspired artistry of brilliant actors representing human feelings on the stage.

THE CREATURES of the unseen part of nature one attracts in “para-psychical” experiments, as well as in séances, where in worshipful solemnity participants believe they are communicating with “departed souls,” are not by any means devoid of a degree of consciousness, and often they “know” more than those who mean to probe their knowledge. Their self-awareness is, however, only dim and dreamlike, so that one cannot properly, by human standards, condemn them as immoral if they pretend to be whatever their interrogators think they are, or wish to find in them.

Above all else, they crave to manifest their own existence, and to that end they will resort to every means within their power; but they will also go beyond their limits, feigning to have powers they do not possess.

They are not bound by moral laws, nor by a sense of conscience.

To destroy you will afford them no less pleasure than to lend you strength, if only they can make their own existence known by means of the effect their power has on you.

Dreadful is the fate of those whom nature’s unseen parasites already have within their grip.

Like leeches they will drain their victim’s energies; for they must feed upon the life-blood of their prey, if mortal humans would have them at their service.

If victims cannot rid themselves by their own strength, these creatures’ ghastly urges will enslave them, until their very soul shall finally have died, because its energies will gradually detach themselves and leave them. And when their mortal form shall one day have been laid to rest, their former consciousness will perish and return to nothing: the only true, because eternal, “death” that human mortals have to fear.

VERY FEW can speak from knowledge about the phantomlike, deceitful nature of these beings, which cannot properly be named, since visible reality provides no suitable analogies.

It is the power of these unseen creatures that fakirs use to work their eerie feats; and as the world is unaware of their existence, people marvel at the fakirs’ deeds, if ever there appears a true performer of that demon-ridden craft.

These beings are found capable of many things that human beings cannot ever equal, so long as they rely on merely their own physical capacities.

They “see” your thoughts more clearly than even you may know them, and the most secret things you picture in your mind they can make visible before your very eyes.

They can produce material forms and substances that, for a certain time, will be as tangible as any other thing on earth, or any substance that you know; for these invisible intelligences are the hidden weavers shaping every earthly form, and they direct the unseen threads that underlie all visible phenomena in nature.

They can assume the bodily appearances of persons who have long since died; for every form that once existed here on earth continues to be present in their sphere; namely, in a shape that one might—very loosely—speak of as a casting mold or die, from which one may at any time produce another copy.

In reality, this casting mold is an extremely delicate, invisible configuration: a system, as it were, of leaf-like membranes that preserves, in mathematically exact proportions, every inner and external part that once had formed a mortal human body.

As a rule, that die or matrix is compressed into the smallest space within itself, but under suitable conditions it will become inflated, so to speak, with the organic energies that normally sustain the physical activity and body of the medium.

During the time that such a manifestation lasts, the medium must needs be kept in the unconscious state one knows as “trance.”

The inflated phantom body, which is of very brief duration even under optimum conditions, functions as the instrument through which the psyche—the physically conditioned creature soul—of the unconscious medium performs its operations. During the séance, the medium’s psyche is subjected to a kind of hypnosis by the unseen, physical intelligences which manifest themselves in the reconstituted phantom shape.

That such a phantom wraith can even speak —indeed, will sound exactly like its dead and buried former occupant—is no more surprising than the ability to speak of any normally embodied individual; given that, for the duration of its brief appearance, the phantom body, too, possesses each and every organ that once had physically existed in its deceased original, including even bodily deformities and similar defects.

I trust there is no special need to emphasize that such a phantom shape, preserved in the invisible domain of nature, has nothing more in common with the human individual that once had been attached to it, than does a reptile with the slough it leaves behind.

THERE IS a reason for my dealing here in some detail with facts whose very mention I find utterly repugnant.

I want to see you able objectively to judge phenomena that otherwise might startle and confuse you.

You should not let yourself be duped, for simple lack of knowledge, by things that only seem astounding.

To be sure, the fraud you may encounter in séances does not pose any real threat.

Serious danger is met only in authentic contact with these hidden beings.

MY WARNING here is prompted by informed concern.

For if you ever should experience the effects these beings can produce, they well might sense in you another victim.

All too often do they find their prey among those seekers who, instead of striving to unite their timeless soul and find their God, will search instead for occult powers, without possessing the maturity and insight one must have before a Mediator—a fellow mortal who is conscious in the Spirit—is able to prepare them, in many years of strictest discipline, to master these demonic creatures and their frightening powers.

But even then there will be constant danger for anyone who needlessly attracts and uses them; and none who had to learn to subjugate this unseen realm of physical reality, in order to establish his authority, will ever stay there any longer than absolute necessity demands, in order that he may accomplish a specific task.
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Chapter 10: The Secret Temple

ALL THOSE WHO have begun already to pursue the inner path ascending to the Spirit that I outline in this book, and likewise all who shall in future enter it, will thereby find themselves connected very closely in their inner life, even if a thousand miles were separating them on earth.

Such inner contact is established in two ways. First, by means of the reciprocal attraction of rays of energy, which self-directed centers of human will bring forth, without intent or knowing, in the form of radiant vortices in certain spheres of the invisible part of nature, where they connect all similar energies.

Second, directly through the influence exerted by the energies that form the human soul, whose aims of will need merely to be pointed in the same direction in order to be linked at once with one another, and that without respect to space and time.

It is, however, part of human nature that those who feel connected by an inner bond, because they share a common goal, should want to know and be in touch with one another also in their life of physical experience.

Many also sense their faith and courage strengthened on their journey if they can sometimes share their feelings with like-minded seekers and companions.

And there are even stronger reasons why companionship and personal contact are often quite desirable.

The path ascending to the Spirit’s life will oftentimes unfold more easily if those who have begun their journey become companions also in their outer life, and thus can travel side by side.

All who have been granted power and authority to offer guidance in these matters must therefore repeat the words of the sublime Master of Nazareth:

“Where two or three are gathered in my name, I shall myself be with them.”

YET THERE must never be a larger group than two or three who come together to discuss and share their insights and experiences.

There are good reasons why so small a number is demanded.

Any larger group of souls connected by an inner bond can function in a beneficial manner only if that body is so structured that all discussions on experiences of its members’ inner life remain confined to cells of two or three, of which there may be any number. Each of these cells, however, must be rooted in a feeling of the closest inner kinship of its members, so that its indestructible integrity is guaranteed from the beginning, even without special “vows.”

Those who seek the Spirit’s light should never form themselves into a “congregation,” because no congregation can exist without enforcement of beliefs; and there is nothing less conducive to the soul’s unfolding than all external pressure to “believe.”

Congregations of whatever kind are nothing more than funeral processions of their members’ perished faith.

As long as faith is still alive and active, it even may a certain time endure the gnawing ill that is a “congregation.” But in the end, faith will succumb and die, like a flower blighted by disease, and those who thought they could assure its life by forming it into a congregation, will in effect have only dug its grave.

Many will, however, greatly benefit if they can share with one another things which they encounter or behold along their way into the Spirit, whether such a group remains alone or is in contact with like-minded gatherings of twos or threes.

Whenever possible, such groups of two or three companions should try to meet at always the same hour in order to exchange their inner knowledge.

Nor is there any reason in the Spirit’s worlds which possibly might justify forbidding that any number of such groups of two or three maintain external contact with each other, provided only that such contact will not lead to forming congregations, which must demand belief in dogmas and in creeds.

Only then would such external bond destroy their inner unity.

BUT WHETHER you prefer to make your way alone or at the side of one or two companions, you always should remember that there exists a secret Temple, uniting you with all the others who have, like yourself, begun their inner journey.

The Luminaries of eternal Light are the appointed priesthood of this Temple, and every soul that seeks its inner way is safely guided by their help; even if it still were lacking its own light within, and could not yet distinguish its helper’s guiding hand.

You here are not required to believe in help you cannot test.

The only thing we do demand of you is: faith in your own self, for lacking that you cannot reach your goal.

Once you have attained this faith within you, and continually reinforce it on your way, you soon will feel the truth of what I tell you—in your heart.

Those who found new continents beyond the seas had faith within their heart that they would find the lands they wanted to discover; and so they found what they had sought.

And in that way must also you have faith that you possess in you the energies that one day shall enable you in silent awe to witness in your soul the sacred mysteries and wonders of the Spirit’s hidden Temple here on earth.

You need such faith in your own powers, because your faith alone can either set these powers free, or it will hold them bound and chained.

Whatever you do not believe you have the power to achieve, before you even try, you hardly will accomplish later.

So, too, will you remain beyond the reach of any help provided by that secret Temple until the day that finds within you the dynamic faith that you, indeed, possess the powers to attain that help.
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Re: The Book on the Living God by Bo Yin Ra (Joseph Anton Sc

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Chapter 11: Karma

IN BOTH DOMAINS of physical reality —within the visible and the invisible dimensions— every deed engenders also corresponding visible, as well as physically invisible effects.

The concept “deed” must here be taken to include each impulse of your will, as well as every thought you think, and every word you speak.

You will remain encumbered by the consequences of your deeds until you shall have unified the energies that form your timeless soul and, using them, have been united with your Living God.

Not until that time shall you be able to undo the consequences of your deeds, to the extent that you would have them be undone.

ETERNITIES ago you were united with your Living God, integrated as a purely spiritual being in the Spirit’s all-embracing, all-pervading life and substance.

Your active will then also had the power to effect events throughout the vast domains that constitute the unseen part of nature—an immeasurable region of the universe—and you were the established ruler of these worlds.

The spheres in which your will had power to assert itself extended from the world of purest spiritual substance to realms of ever more increasing density.

And thus you came to reach the threshold where the spheres of the invisible become so much compacted that finally they turn to matter, and thus can be perceived by physically conditioned senses.

You saw eternal Chaos wield its terrifying might—the repercussions of the absolute, unmoving, spaceless Void—and you fell victim to their wrath against all things endowed with life and being.

But never would you have been fated to succumb to their hostility, had you not earlier, intoxicated with your boundless power, turned from, and so lost your God.

Thus, deprived of your sublimest might, you now were rendered helpless.

This caused you to fall victim to destructive forces, which are compelled to be forever active in the sphere in which the Void, the absolute, eternal Nothing, manifests its domination. And here, imbued with everlasting enmity, these forces struggle to annihilate—return to Nothing—whatever penetrates into their sphere: whatever falls from the domain of purest light into the darkness of their realm.

Even forces you had earlier been able to control, and with which you easily could have subdued the powers that were now your foes, so that they would have turned into obedient servants of your will: even they had now become too powerful, too great for you to master.

Thus, seized by terror of the very forces that had been your own and which you once controlled, you burned with longing for a new and different life; a life in the domain of physical, material nature— the universe that mortal senses apprehend—through which the terrifying forces of destruction are concealed to all who will not force their way into their sphere.

Your timeless will had fallen from the realm of highest light and now felt driven to escape with you into the world of matter.

You had your timeless home in the domain of primal causes, yet fear drove you away, out into the world of inescapable effects.

These are the actual events that lie behind the myths that tell about a “paradise” and of the human being’s “fall” from grace in punishment for “sin.”

BEFORE that fall, however, you had already shaped your karma, as Eastern wisdom calls the chain of consequences binding every mortal’s fate: by the relative degree of your abandonment of God—the measure of your hubris—which caused you to regard yourself as being “God.”

“You will be like gods, knowing good and evil. . . .”

The age in which you would be born on earth, your ancestry and heritage as well as your specific lot in earthly life: all that you brought upon yourself when, having lost your Living God and, thus, dominion in the Spirit’s realm, you were enslaved by powers of a nether sphere. Thus, you found yourself in a world where every deed is linked to an effect, and must be so—because that world itself is merely a reflection of effects and, therefore, lacks the power of its own free will to terminate the causal chain.

Also, that your birth occurred upon this planet resulted from the nature of your primal deed in the domain of inescapable causality; for truly, there exist innumerable planets throughout the boundless universe which are inhabited by beings that are “human” and in effect resemble humankind on earth; and thus you might have found your creature body also on some other planet.

All those human beings who now inhabit planets in some other solar system had once experienced the abysmal fall from light, like you.

Among your distant, physically embodied fellow humans there are some whose lot is happier than yours by far, while that of others is much worse.

To be sure, you must not picture them in monstrous shapes; because the human being’s earthly body on this planet did not evolve by some blind chance, nor only on our puny, solar satellite. It is, instead, determined by specific laws that regulate events throughout the universe of matter and ultimately have their origin within the realm of Spirit.

THE HUMAN being’s fall from the domain of radiant spiritual life into the sphere subjected to the forces of eternal Nothing must not be thought of as a mythical event that happened only once and at a time beyond recall. Instead, it is a process taking place continuously throughout all eternity; just as this material universe in its unending cycles of creating and dissolving remains itself eternal as a whole, together with the Spirit’s everlasting realm; namely, as the latter’s outermost reaction and effect.

And always shall there be a few among the human beings born within the Spirit who do not succumb to that abysmal fall from light and, thus, remain united in themselves with God.  

I spoke of them above as being the Elders, the Fathers of the Luminaries, who mediate eternal Light.
And here I have to tell you, although you well might have deduced this on your own, that the enduring spiritual labor and concern of those who did not fall, as well as of their chosen Sons and Brothers, is not by any means confined to saving and redeeming merely humans that have fallen from the Spirit’s light and find themselves enmeshed in life, as mortal creatures, on our present earth.

Instead, the spiritual helpers of all humankind, who never lost their conscious life in the dimension of the Spirit, are found on every earth inhabited by humans throughout the infinite expanse of the material universe. And for each of all these planets they prepare their spiritual Sons and Brothers, whom they choose among the fallen spirits who are destined to be physically embodied on these worlds. And through these guides the Fathers also seek to reach you here and now, to lead you out of suffering.

By no means should you see it as your goal, however, to become one of their Sons and Brothers in this life, because for that it now would be too late; given that the faculty to reach this state reveals itself within a short time after the completed fall, and only through an impulse of an individual’s free will. One then must gain experience, for thousands of years, during which one’s incarnation in a mortal body is of necessity delayed.

The only thing here asked of you is that you will perceive—today, while you still live your life on earth—where you began your spiritual journey and whereto you once again are able to return.

One is prepared to show you the way back to your origin.

One seeks to guide you back to your eternal Living God, with whom you shall once more become united.

ALTHOUGH your fall has brought you very low, the energies from which the Godhead, without ceasing, forms Itself—rising from their lowermost, chaotic state to their sublimest self-expression— are nonetheless at work within you even now, and in a very high condition of their nature.

There also still abides in you—secretly and to your mental consciousness as yet unknown— a pure scintilla of your spiritual self-awareness: manifest within you as the guide that leads these energies and—as your conscience.

You cannot ever lose this spiritual scintilla in yourself, no matter to what moral depths you still might sink in life on earth.

Even if your consciousness is dead to its existence, it still must secretly abide in you until your final breath.

Nor is there anyone besides this radiant scintilla of the Spirit that knows the secrets of your karma.

You CAN improve the nature of your karma, and you can make it worse; only you cannot extinguish it before you shall have unified within yourself the countless wills that now still manifest themselves chaotically within you.

Once all these wills unite themselves within the radiant light of spiritual self-awareness, which is the true and everlasting human spirit in your individuated self, then shall your Living God be born in you, out of the Spirit’s timeless substance, and then you shall at last be liberated from your karma—the causal chain that binds you to your primal deed— and you shall be a human self that has returned anew to life eternal in the Spirit.

Count yourself among the blessed if you are able to achieve this goal while you still live this life on earth.

If you do not succeed, then you shall likewise not experience inner peace even after you have laid aside your mortal form, until the day when you have found that peace within your God, conscious of your soul’s united faculties, and now become their single, all-embracing will.

However, in that other life it may be ages before you can attain that goal; for then you can no longer influence, no more improve your karma; and thus you shall most surely not perceive the Spirit’s light within you until the very last of consequences generated by your primal deed has run its course and been exhausted.

INDIA’S ancient wisdom warns mortal human beings not to create new forms of karma, and such a warning clearly is the fruit of true discernment.

You ought to bear in mind, however, that this admonition is intended to protect you only from creating evil karma.

For in the Spirit’s realm of living light you cannot find your ultimate “redemption,” your “deliverance,” until the last this-worldly, earth-directed impulse that once originated in your will has finally consumed itself.

Seek, then, with all your energies and strength to reunite yourself with your eternal Living God while you still live this life on earth; for thus you may, by virtue of God’s power, cut the fetters of your karma, which otherwise might hold you bound for eons in the life to come.
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Chapter 12: War and Peace

ANYONE WHO HAS observed the form- creating elements at work within the realm of physical perception, and who has grasped the terrifying powers, the indescribable simplicity of their inexorable drives, shall soon be rid of the illusion claiming that the universe we apprehend through our senses is but the visible expression of the Spirit’s timeless harmony.

Consider only the ichneumon wasp, which is compelled to lay its eggs into a living caterpillar, so that the hatching larvae may sustain their life by causing their defenseless host to die in agony, and you shall be forever cured of that romantic fallacy.

The world we apprehend through our senses is the effect of primal spiritual energy, manifested in the Spirit’s realm.

To emanate, however, as a spiritual world— within the realm of spiritual perception—the one, eternal, primal energy of Spirit must reflect itself in infinitely varied aspects of its essence. And once reflected in this manner, as an element imbued with primal Being, the Spirit’s energy will now assert itself in every single element of primal Being with the effect that each of them must strive to manifest itself alone, and so will treat all other elements of primal Being as merely empty forms; for each knows only its own self as a reflection of the Spirit’s primal energy.

Each aspect of the Spirit’s primal energy— each element of primal Being—thus becomes the cause which then in turn engenders, also in its corresponding emanation in the realm of matter, the exclusive impulse to secure above all else that emanation’s own existence and survival; a cause for which it will consume all other equally self-centered emanations.

Each element of primal Being embodies primal energy in undivided wholeness, whether it were to become the cause producing emanations of the highest or of the lowest kind in its respective realm.

And thus it is that every energy in nature, each physically perceived phenomenon, is striving to assert itself alone, as if no other than its own existence were intended to prevail.

The tiniest of cells is driven to sustain no being but its own, even if at times it is compelled, with billions of its kind, to serve a will creating higher forms. And to that will, the cell’s existence matters only insofar as it is needed, and may be consumed, in order to assure that higher form’s survival.

THE UNIVERSE we apprehend through our physically conditioned senses is the utmost polar opposite of spiritual reality.

The Spirit’s life itself conditions and engenders infinitely varied spiritual forms within its own dimension—the elements of primal Being —and their effect in turn conditions and engenders ultimately the domain we apprehend through our senses: the world of physical phenomena, whose forms appear immobilized and static; for here the Spirit’s energy is “frozen” in a state of infinite “extendedness” and, therefore, relatively powerless; a state of being the book on the living god fettered by a rigidly-determined will that shapes the forms of matter.

Emerging from this state of fettered immobility and uttermost extendedness—a state completely alien to their nature—the Spirit’s energies arise again, however, owing to the powerful attraction exerted by the realm where spiritual life attains its highest forms. And thus these energies find new, progressively less rigid and compacted forms, gaining freedom, step by step, and after countless transformations, from the tension generated by extendedness; until at last they feel themselves swept up into the Spirit’s inmost life, where they regain the true condition of their origin.

What we, however, apprehend by means of our physically conditioned senses are not the elements of primal Being in themselves, in any of their given states, but merely the results effected by their power.

Nonetheless, within ourselves we can perceive the elements of primal Being on one of their sublimest levels; namely, as the elements that form our timeless soul.

Such is the unending, ever self-renewing cycle of eternal Life within the radiant substance of the Spirit, which is in Being through itself.

Self-consuming its own substance, the Spirit of Eternity descends to its profoundest depth: in order to arise again, receiving its own self into its highest form of being, completely free of immobility or form-inherent tension.

Only this eternal Life lets God create the Godhead in the Spirit—within the human spirit’s timeless self.

BUT FOR the blade of grass existing by the wayside, and for the webworm gnawing at its root, you, too, would not exist; nor would the Spirit’s realm, or God within the Spirit.

But for the microbe which, perhaps tomorrow, may begin to break down your material body, your body, too, would not exist; nor would your soul, nor would the Spirit’s radiant scintilla, whose life you harbor in yourself.

And then the Spirit’s will itself would not exist: the will that once was formed as God within your timeless spirit, and now seeks to be born anew within your inmost self: as your eternal Living God.

YET ALL the fury notwithstanding with which the elements may rage against each other in their struggle to assert their innate will throughout the universe of physical perception, nowhere in the realm of nature is there any hate.

It is foolish to see human hate in animals whose instinct drives them to kill other creatures; given that, like every form in which the elements of primal Being manifest themselves, they seek no more than to assert their own existence.

Hate, in reality, is an expression of mortal human helplessness.

Only by ascribing human feelings to them can one look upon expressions of aggressiveness observed in cornered animals as “hate”; nor is it difficult to see that those delude themselves who think they recognize in animals the same emotion which in human beings is defined as “hate.”

It was by human beings that hate was carried even into the invisible dimensions of the universe; for their most dreadful other enemies within the unseen spheres of nature are equally incapable of feeling hate, and their hostility toward human beings has very different roots.

The most abhorrent fiends in nature’s unseen realms are former human mortals who had doomed themselves by their own deeds on earth.

As high as they had once ascended in the Spirit’s world, that far have they now fallen below the state of the most wretched mortal.

Eternities may come and pass before their life will be allowed to end at last, in nothing. But until then they seek to draw into their nether sphere whatever their relentless hatred can attract.

But even these invisible demonic beings, self-condemned by their own deeds, are driven to their ghastly hatred only by their sense of being ultimately powerless.

Yet power is the most majestic force to vanquish hate.

The powerful who are conscious of their power will doubtless love their might, and that in time may also make them capable of love.

Love, however, brooks no hate.

The more the human race in its respective groupings, its peoples and nations, grows conscious of its Spirit-given power, the more will hatred vanish from the earth; for one who consciously possesses power feels no envy toward another’s might; and envy all too often is the fiendish impulse that arouses hate.

All human wars have hatred as their father, and one who feels no hate is useless as a soldier.

Many voices nowadays still shout, “Make war on war!” They would be wiser to demand:

From now on let all hatred be rejected with contempt!

Not before all hatred has become contemptible will finally arrive the age when humanity shall learn to treat all warfare with contempt.

The day that any person is regarded as contemptible who would decide by mindless human slaughter what ought to be adjudged by rational discussions among the just and honest, only then may mortals on this earth be proud of their much vaunted “human dignity.”

To be sure, there always will be conflicting views in human minds; for also here opposing wills compete with one another, and each is striving to assert itself alone.

However, in the human spirit, the individuated will can recognize its own self also in opposing wills. The human being, thus, is capable of seeking compromise, preserving peace through discipline of will, where then each individual will no longer shall be striving to assert itself alone, but likewise can assert the will shown by another.

But humankind shall not be able to pursue this path of discipline, of self-controlling will for long, until the day that each and everyone has rooted out all hatred felt within.

Consequently, war shall follow war, again and again, until the last and final trace of hatred shall no longer find a place in human hearts.

Whatever else may drive humanity to war can be surmounted by good will. The surging tides of hate, however, shall sweep away and drown the very best of human will.

Rivalry and competition between conflicting points of view develop energies of many kinds and thus will stimulate the very flow of life. But this need never lead to war; no more so than the winners in a game are forced to kill the adversaries they defeated.

All those on earth who strive to vanquish hatred in themselves are waging, thus, the only war one may call “just”—the war through which all wars of human slaughter shall one day become impossible.

YET EVEN when the human spirit shall at last have succeeded in banishing all wars of mass destruction from the earth, this cannot bring about that all the elements opposing one another, throughout the realm of nature, could ever unify themselves to be directed toward the selfsame goal; for such elimination of all conflict would mean the end of the entire physically experienced universe.

The realm of that “eternal peace” for which so many noble souls have longed throughout the ages shall be ours to enjoy, as human spirits, only after we have ended our mortal life; when we shall find ourselves once more in the eternal light that will forever reunite within itself what had been part of it in the beginning.
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Re: The Book on the Living God, by Bo Yin Ra (Joseph Anton S

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Chapter 13: The Unity Among Religions

AT THE ROOT of all religious teachings in this world one finds the same eternal truth, even if that truth is often draped in strange disguises.

Fruitless and irrelevant are all the arguments concerning which religious creed might still preserve eternal truth in purest form.

If one is able carefully to strip away all outer layers, one will discover at the heart of every true religion the same enlightened doctrine, telling us how once the human spirit had been one with God, but then had fallen from grace, because the human spirit in its timeless self had turned away from God.

The various religions then also show a path that leads the human spirit back, and ever higher, until at last it once more can be reunited with its God, within that spirit’s inmost self.

But since this doctrine is by nature far too spiritual, indeed, too simple to be understood by humans on this earth as it was given, blinded as they are by the worship of things physical and complicated, which are experienced through the senses, they themselves concealed this final and profoundest truth, this guidance toward salvation, behind increasingly more curious veils; till finally the revelation of eternal truth had been so deeply buried under layers of conceited exegesis that one no longer could detect it beneath so many shrouds.

To be sure, the human soul still senses dimly that behind all that pretentious drapery and strutting pomp the truth had once been visible. And, thus, the mortal mind persists in clinging stubbornly to every shred of fabric once employed to veil the truth, which in the end entirely obscured it. This willful stubbornness of mind, however, believers call their “faith.”

IN NOT a few of the enlightened teachings of ancient religions one comes across repeatedly, in one form or another, veiled accounts that speak of certain human beings in the Spirit’s realm who never fell from the domain of light into the sphere of darkness, and who in some way influence events on earth: as helpers of their fallen fellow souls confined in darkness, whom they would free again from being chained to earthly life as mortal human creatures.

Ancient legends found in such religions also tell us that these spiritual helpers of their fellow human mortals even had, from time to time, appeared in visible form; or how they chose their “messengers” among the “righteous” of the earth, who then were to bring light to all those in their time and place who lived in fear and darkness.

Often there is mention of a “sanctuary,” high upon a mountain; or of a “mountain of salvation”; or of “holy mountains” from which the world is said to be receiving help.

But while these revealing testimonies and many others like them can be found throughout the sacred scriptures of all ancient faiths, today one has no longer any grasp of what those words were meant to say. One regards them as mere allegories or, at best, sees their meaning as symbolic. Thus, misinterpretation has transformed what had been plain and lucid into self-invented error.

Yet the wisdom found in all religions of the ancient world originally had no other source than the instruction given human beings by their eternal Brothers, who still abide within the Spirit’s world of light.

Their Sons and Brothers in the Spirit—those who have been incarnated in mortal human form and chosen to this end—sought in former times to give expression to the same eternal truth in many different forms, in order to bring light to human beings of all cultures, to each according to its kind.

All these revelations were sustained by the eternal Brothers’ energy and help.

Here, then, is uncovered the one eternal source from which all ancient, true religions flow.

But where in our time are these religions’ guides and teachers who really understand the meaning of the ancient texts they preach?

YET EVEN as in ancient days, the timeless helpers from the Spirit—our elder Brothers, who had not known the Fall—are present also now on earth, in forms of radiant spiritual substance; and just as in most ancient times, they even now initiate into the Spirit’s ultimate reality and truth whomever they find willing, directly following his fall from light, to become one of their future Sons and Brothers in this world of visible reality.

Humans on this earth have fallen far too great a distance from eternal light to make them still accessible to the sublimest helpers from the Spirit without the help of intermediaries.

And so these helpers will prepare the human spirits destined to become their Mediators, after being born on earth, embodied in a mortal form.

In and through these Mediators, then, the Spirit’s highest helpers send their light and guidance, so that humankind on earth might never lack their helping hand.

Never has there been an age that lacked the help and guidance of these physically embodied Brothers.

They came to live among all nations of the earth.

Readers who have “ears to hear” may well perceive enlightened words from every age and time; words that “flesh and blood” could never have revealed.

Whoever would experience truth should listen to such words. They will shed light on many secrets, and lift the veil that still conceals the final wisdom from the seeker’s eyes.

ONE NEED not be endowed with penetrating intellect to note the difference between the pseudo-prophets in the streets, who make much noise, yet do not have a thing to say and, on the other hand, the Brotherhood of Luminaries who offer help in silence.

Wherever on the ruins of some ancient shrine there rises what is merely a new sect, even though it proudly call itself a new “religion,” one never should assume the Mediators of eternal Light could have a hand in such associations.

One would be closer to the truth if one suspected that the lords of the abyss, who reign in the invisible domain of matter, the serfs and vassals of the Prince of Darkness, inspired such new sects; even though there is much preaching about “love,” and many pious phrases fill the air.

What those who mediate eternal light are giving you will surely not be in the form of yet another “new religion” today, when you can barely save yourselves from religions and everything you label with that word.

And yet, it is the same eternal truth that rests within the core of all the ancient, true religions.

Here, one merely shall reveal to you that core anew, without its veils; showing you, in new, transparent images, adapted to the present age and to the future, realities which, in the garment of religion, have long since lost their meaning in your life. And thus you may with true respect approach again what all the great religions of the world preserve within their heart.

Eternal truth as such, without all veils, cannot be shown you by another; not even by a Luminary in the Spirit’s light.

That truth you must unveil alone, within yourself, in silence.

For in yourself alone can the sublimest of all wonders manifest itself as absolute Reality.

Only in your own eternal self can you regain, one day, what you had lost before your mortal life on earth.

You ARE NOT just the short-lived mortal creatures of this earth—animals endowed with higher reason and intelligence—as you may judge yourselves according to your physical descent and history.

Not only higher, but also far profounder things are hidden in your nature.

When you say “I,” you just assume, by force of habit, that this word denotes your real self.

But to this day you do not know what self embraces, in reality, within yourself; for conscious self is infinite and can be actively experienced on countless levels of awakened life.

Each of these levels will, through all eternity, perceive above itself another, still higher level of experience.

And each perceives beneath itself innumerable lower ones, like steps descending to the limits of the deep.

Your life today, however, is more like that of animals, which have no conscious self within them; although your world is steeped in art and science, and your existence all but sated with material pleasure.

When you shall one day have awakened in the Spirit, you cannot but with horror look back on the way you live today, without concern or care, as if such frivolous existence realized the highest forms of life to which your kind could ever hope to rise.
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Re: The Book on the Living God, by Bo Yin Ra (Joseph Anton S

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Chapter 14: The Will to Find Eternal Light

I KNOW THERE will be not a few among the readers of this book who find the world it puts before them unacceptable, because it is in conflict with their own view of reality, which they deduced with penetrating intellect, or stubbornly believe to be the truth, so that they angrily reject what here has chanced to cross their path.

Needless to say, their hostile attitude will scarcely force reality to modify its given structure, which must remain the way it is, and always was, and ever shall be.

Let no reader be deceived!

These pages were not written by a troubled mind attempting to describe ecstatic dreams.

Nor by a poet seeking to depict his visions.

What is provided here is guidance one can trust; for every word is founded on reality.

Those who until now have not been able to discover this reality may learn to understand it; and the path to such an understanding, which in itself embraces and utterly surpasses any other form of knowing, is shown them in what follows.

Every reader will be well advised, however, to bear in mind from the beginning, that the very elements of spiritual being, illuminated in this book from many different perspectives, are ultimate realities. Realities by far more real than anything considered “real” in the common usage of the word. And, furthermore, that these realities continuously manifest their power, even if the human being is still ignorant of their existence, or willfully refuses to acknowledge their effect.

This will doubtless have some consequences for many who now learn of all these things. Yet they shall only benefit themselves if they begin to recognize reality as such and, thus, can doubt no longer that their former “worldview” was rather an illusion; notwithstanding that it looked to them completely true—because they trusted physical appearance—and even if the mirror-like reflections of their mind already seemed enlightened from within.

STANDING still is to regress, according to a proverb. In fact, however, standing still is worse; for even going back can lead to valuable insights, which shall not be attained by those who are too lazy or too stubborn to abandon their “position” for the sake of seeking truth.

Yet those who are afraid of ever turning back, have at the same time every reason to distrust advancing.

There is no progress without limit here on earth.

All humanity’s development is subject to the laws of alternating rise and fall.

Humans today have lost much knowledge and ability that, to their distant forebears, seemed established for all time. And where these forebears had but little knowledge and ability, humanity today has reached astounding insights and capacity.

The one thing nature will not brook is idly standing still.

“Would that you were hot or cold! But since you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.”

This is how eternal law has spoken throughout time, and to this day it has not changed its words.

Those who tarry in spiritual darkness are still not willing to experience light.

They well may wish to see the light of which they hear others speak, but they themselves still lack the will to find it.

As soon as it in truth becomes their will, they shall have also found the way that leads them to the Spirit’s light.

If you believe the Spirit’s light is worth devoting all your strength and energies, you truly shall one day be able to approach that light.

As long, however, as your inner eye is covered by a heavy veil, it is not possible that you could see.

Your will alone—not your most ardent wish— can lift that cover from your eyes.

If you assert the will to find eternal light within you, then you shall indeed attain that light; whether you approach it slowly and with caution, or as one whose heart and soul are burning with desire.

But you will never reach your goal if your resolve is fickle and half-hearted.

There is no other God in all the universe, and not beyond the farthest stars, whom you might reach and move with your pathetic pleas.

You must resolve to help yourself, if you would have your Living God—whom you can only find within you—support you with high help, according to the cosmic laws that have their source in God.

You R timeless self embraces all reality that is in Being, and every phantom that deludes you is of your own creation, as you unknowingly misuse the energies inherent in your self.

Before your life on earth you caused your separation from the Godhead, when you no longer would know God within your timeless being, because you sought yourself where only God abided.

Thus did God for you become a separate being, and you to God a stranger.

And now your mind envisions a divided self, imagining a “higher” and a “lower” kind embodied in your nature, because you do not know the true dimensions of your undivided self, which is but one and cannot be divided.

And so, there is no “higher” and no “lower” self existing in your nature. But in your one and undivided self lies hidden all infinity, and it embraces the sublimest heights and the profoundest depths in the dimension of the Spirit.

You alone will have to choose what is to be revealed within your timeless self; and here your choice is solely manifested by your deeds.

In your own infinity—within the center of all Being that your self embraces—will then once more be born your Living God.

Even then you will at first experience God as different from your own being, until at last you recognize that all your undivided, timeless self is now embraced by God.
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Re: The Book on the Living God, by Bo Yin Ra (Joseph Anton S

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Chapter 15: the Human Being's Higher Faculties of Knowing

You believe in your idea of “progress” but do not recognize that you are moving in a circle.

Restlessly you labor to dissect, dissolve, and analyze whatever you encounter, and as it cannot be denied that you have gained considerable knowledge in this way, you feel convinced that this pursuit must one day also lead to the solution of all remaining mysteries of physically experienced nature.

But everything that has been split and sundered can be split again, potentially ad infinitum; and time and again it will be found that things one had believed dismantled to their ultimate components will nonetheless reveal still smaller particles.

The limits of all scientific probing are determined only by the physical impossibility of splitting and dividing things beyond a certain point.

The incapacity of going any further, thus, defines the last results of scientific searching.

I certainly appreciate the debt that humans owe to this form of inquiry, and far be it from me to slight the way of thinking it demands.

But I see also the defects of that approach, and how the mortal mind allows itself to be deluded by its own discoveries, so that the human being becomes continuously more detached from a quite different, but in the end far more important kind of searching.

By virtue of your method you have already found astounding things, inventing much that truly is amazing.

However, that should not mislead you overconfidently to embrace the view that in this way you also one day might gain knowledge in domains that shall through all eternity defy mechanical analysis; dimensions that no instrument can measure, nor detect.

Having once discovered the smallest elements that constitute a physically existing structure, the human mind is doubtless capable of drawing practical conclusions, based on given laws of nature, and thus resulting in developments which in the end may prove of great significance for our life on earth.

The inmost essence of the structures thus unraveled, however, remains as enigmatic to the human mind as it had been before.

To be sure, your work and the results it has achieved deserve profound respect and admiration. Nonetheless, the “thing-in-itself” will always lie beyond your mental grasp; even if you knew each object in this visible creation down to its smallest particles and understood each atom’s marvelous configuration; even if you knew how each and every particle behaves and could manipulate its energies at will.

The “thing-in-itself” will never be detected under any microscope, nor shall the greatest of observatories shed any light on what is holding distant galaxies together.

THE INNER drive to know and to explore is an integral part of human nature and this desire must be satisfied.

But you entrusted all the work of searching only to the creature senses of your nature, while letting the sublime potential of your soul, whose faculties could here advance your purpose, lie dormant in the twilight of your consciousness without developing their powers.

And so the creature side within the human being equips itself with vehicles facilitating mental operations, and with enormous instruments, in order to extend its thought and probing to infinity. But all results it thus obtains lead only to still further questions, in face of which the mortal mind at last no longer finds an answer.

In ancient times, however, there were human beings who looked upon this method of pursuing knowledge as mere folly; mortals who, by virtue of their soul’s sublimest energies, which they had integrated in themselves, were capable of solving the profoundest mysteries of being—without the modern world’s gigantic apparatus.

They found the way that leads one to the ground of Being, while modern thought enlarges but the surface.

Full of learning you can say of everything in nature why it appears the way it is perceived; why things will function under some conditions, while under others they will fail; and countless details of that kind. Still, for all your knowledge, you are not getting any closer to the final causes; given that, whatever you consider causes are nothing but effects, behind whose workings only reign the final causes; and these transcend the mortal mind’s experience.

But once your inmost self has learned to master the energies that form your timeless soul the way they must be ruled, these energies will clearly show you even the profoundest causes; for they are one with them in essence, although they differ in the form they manifest themselves.

To be sure, one cannot offer proof to demonstrate these causes, except to those who have themselves already learned to use their soul’s inherent energies. Scientific proof, by contrast, is easier to offer, although here too one first must have acquired the prerequisites for understanding the basis of such proof.

No FACULTY can be developed unless it is used.

If, thus, you fail to use your soul’s inherent energies in even little things at first, they never shall grow strong enough to show you their most wondrous powers.

Much remains to be discovered here that truly would be worth the efforts of a lifetime, even if one were to live a hundred years.

But first you must become simple in your nature, even as the final things themselves are simple, if ever the least complicated mystery of all is to reveal itself within you.

Your thinking has become far too complex, so that today you can no longer grasp reality in its profoundest essence without first learning how to think in a quite different way.

A common experience accessible to everyone may here provide an illustration.

For much was not so long ago considered rampant superstition, until your own research revealed to you that this apparent false belief was based upon a valid insight, which you had merely failed to see, while minds of very simple nature were able to perceive it.

All readers here will have enough examples of their own, so that I need not mention any in particular.

There likewise still is much concealed in legends, myths, and popular beliefs, and even in some outright superstitions of the common people, which future generations may come to see as fruits of tested knowledge.

The reason that these things are still not recognized today by those who seek to find them in a different direction, with the help of science, may be found in the incredible complexity of our day-to-day, routinely practiced way of thinking. The mortal mind rejects employing simple concepts because it is no longer capable of using them, unless it first forgets the greater part of what it learned in school, even at the lowest level.

A great deal, thus, appears all but impenetrable to external probing, and only with painstaking effort is a little of it brought to light.

But nothing of this knowledge can be hidden from the energies that form the human soul, if they are once sufficiently developed.

It is for you, the present generation, to determine whether your descendants shall, in days to come, be forced to bow to realities that you today could have uncovered, or whether you instead bequeath them knowledge they can trust.

ALSO EVERY revelation of eternal truth that now lies buried in mythology and folk belief had once originated in the insights gained by mortals who had learned to use their soul’s dynamic energies. Regrettably, the inner darkness that benighted their successors prevented these from comprehending what they had received; and so the pristine truth was quickly overgrown by weeds of idle speculation, and now can scarcely be distinguished behind that thriving growth.

But those who search with confidence and patience in their soul will there detect the same eternal well of knowledge from which the ancient sages once had drawn their wisdom. And then shall they in fullest clarity possess within themselves what now is barely recognizable beneath the overgrowth of false beliefs, but then shall become lucid—by virtue of their own experience.

However, without patient seeking in yourselves, pursued with no less dedication and resolve than you today devote to searching in the world outside, you never will experience what the energies that lie concealed within your soul are able to effect.

You are vessels holding wondrous powers, while in your outer life you labor for a pittance.

The higher faculties of knowing to which I here would draw attention reside in every human being; yet they lie dormant in a leaden sleep, until their owners shall awaken and unite them with their own inherent will.

Most mortals end their days on earth without so much as having sensed the very faintest glimmer of the timeless treasures they had harbored in their soul.

Blest, indeed, are all those who can awaken their higher faculties of knowing while there still is time.

For they shall find their true, eternal life already here on earth, and discover their immortal selves in even this dimension of mortality.

AND THAT IS, after all, the prime intent behind all spiritual instruction. For what imaginable purpose would be served to speak of spiritual existence—which we possess through all eternity—if this existence were so far beyond the grasp of mortal humans’ own experience that they could never even hope to reach it during life on earth?

Only what we have experienced here on earth can also guide and help us understand our life to come, the day when we shall have to leave this physical dimension.
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Re: The Book on the Living God, by Bo Yin Ra (Joseph Anton S

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Chapter 16: On Death

HERE WE FACE the dreaded gate through which all mortals have to pass when they depart this life on earth forever.

You were promised great rewards, but also threatened with grim punishments that are supposedly awaiting you beyond.

I do not know which of these teachings you believe are true.

Compelled by everyday experience, however, all will agree on at least one point; namely, that you never can return to this life in your present mortal body once you have finally left it.

SOME WILL tell you that you shall indeed return, but in a new material body and at some future time. And to this end they have devised ingenious rules that are to govern your return to earth within another mortal form.

Others deem that, with the dissolution of your mortal body, the rest of you shall likewise be destroyed forever; for they believe no more than what they see, and when a person dies they only see a lifeless form, revealing nothing that might lead them to conclude that the departed could still in some way be alive.

In fact, however, both opinions are mistaken.

To be sure, it is unlikely that you will yourself return to earth, but no one knows how many of your soul’s dynamic elements you will be able to retain, as being integrated with your timeless self, the day you leave this earthly life.

All those elements not unified within your self you then must leave behind, the same way that you lose your mortal body. And even as your body’s elements, whose recent, time-restricted form is now dissolving, are undergoing changes to seek other forms of life, so also shall the elements that used to form your soul, but which you failed to integrate within your timeless self, now strive for new means to express themselves within another human being.

In your own soul, too, are active many energies that had already been at work in other human lives, before your time on earth.

Indeed, one justly could distinguish human mortals by the age of their respective souls as being younger or older, depending on the length of time their soul’s dynamic energies already had been active here before, in human beings of an earlier age.

In a generation of human beings born the same year, there are many in whose soul are found much younger elements than are at work in the majority of their contemporaries, and likewise not a few with elements that are considerably older.

One may recognize the like exceptional cases even in their daily life, in that such persons’ sensibilities will often differ sharply from the way that other people of their time, indeed of their own generation, are known to think and feel. They are not, as it were, in step with their own time, but rather with the spirit of an age just past, or even one belonging to a very distant time and culture. This need not, to be sure, prevent such persons from being well attuned to life in their own day; in fact, they often will contribute works of lasting value to their age.

THE TOTAL number of the energies that constitute your soul at any given moment is continuously changing all your life, as long as you inhabit your material body.

At times there will be more, at other times you will find fewer of the energies that manifest themselves within your soul.

Furthermore, if death should separate you from a person for whom your soul felt deep affection, you scarcely will sustain that loss without “ inheriting” some of the energies that formed that person’s soul; for very rare, indeed, are mortals who can retain, and take with them into their life beyond, every single element at work within their soul on earth, unified in their eternal self, and thus united with their Living God.

The majority of human beings leave behind them a most plentiful inheritance when they depart this present life.

Eyes that see within the Spirit’s world perceive your soul as a dynamic, luminescent cloud, containing countless radiant sparks, which are the elements that form your individuated soul. And this dynamic cloud of light is subject to continuous change and motion as long as you shall live on earth.

The actual riches of your soul, however, are not determined by the enormous wealth of all the energies that are at work within you, but rather by the sum of only those that you were able to unite within your self: within your timeless will, which is begotten of the Spirit.

The only elements within your soul you will retain, and thus possess for all eternity, are those you shall have integrated with your timeless self the day you bid farewell to life on earth.

IF YOU were not united with your Living God while you still lived on earth, then you shall likewise not be one with God the day you leave your mortal form.

You then will live within the all-embracing Spirit as a conscious self, in your own form of spiritual substance. The nature and potential of that form for your continued self-expression will then depend on the degree of spiritual development you had attained in life on earth.

You will continue on your inner journey, guided by the Spirit’s helping hands, until one day your Living God is born within you.

The time until that day, however, will appear to you as an eternity; for also in the Spirit’s life, freed of the material body, there are equivalents of what on earth we know as time and space.

But you will then no longer have the power to increase in any way, and by your will, the scope and number of your soul’s remaining energies, which henceforth shall provide your only source of what you will experience in the Spirit.

You now must be content for all eternity with no more than those energies that you were able to unite within your soul while you still lived on earth.

Even so, however, no human self will ever feel the slightest longing to return to life on earth, no matter what it had to leave behind, no matter how impoverished, how destitute of energies its soul might enter life in the domain of Spirit, where then it will continue and complete its way to God.

A SECOND life on earth, though in a different form, is nonetheless a possibility, but only in three special situations.

First, in the case of those who must endure it in consequence of the great evil they committed in their life.

Secondly, for those who would not let their mortal organism live out its appointed time, depriving it of self-experience, in the belief that its destruction might allow them to escape a seemingly unbearable degree of pain or other forms of anguish.

And, finally, for those whose time on earth had been too short, so that they had no possibility of unifying any of their soul’s dynamic elements in their eternal will. If they were not afforded a second chance to integrate the needed elements—and this can only be accomplished during life on earth—they would eternally remain incapable of knowing life within the Spirit.

That also is the reason behind the other two exceptions. In the former instance, one is dealing with a human self that proved incapable of unifying any of its soul’s dynamic energies, even though its life span would have been sufficient, because the animal-directed instincts in the person’s nature had suffocated the required higher will. In the other case, the individual had forfeited whatever energies it had already integrated in its soul; namely, at the instant when the person’s mind succumbed to the obsession of having to destroy its mortal body, the organism given it on earth that it might thereby manifest its timeless self.

THE READERS for whose guidance I here provide these explanations need merely bear in mind that nothing but their own misdeeds can burden them with having to endure, a second time, the suffering imposed on life incarnate in a mortal body, constantly subjected to every force and influence of this material world.

Yet if human spirits who, by harsh necessity of nature, were deprived all too early in life of their material body—the organism needed to express their timeless self—can thus attain this instrument a second time; indeed, if physical conditions should again have interfered, even several times—then this is doubtless a provision that all who now begin to sense how crucial is this life on earth for the return of fallen human spirits to their origin, can only fathom with profoundest gratitude: as a necessary consequence of that sublimest Love which in itself embraces all creations of the Spirit, even beings that have fallen very low.

May the readers of these words retain them in their hearts, and come to recognize with ever greater clarity that their existence here on earth endows them with the awesome power to decide the nature of their future fate themselves.

The proper way that power should be used is clearly set forth in this book.

Yet no reader need be apprehensive about the fate of those departed from this earth who had not in their mortal life attained the level of development at which their Living God could be born within them: where, with the energies united in their inmost self, they could become united with their God.

For, truly, everlasting Love embraces also them!

All those that ever found their Living God within themselves are then their most devoted helpers; for in the radiant substance of the Spirit’s realm all energies at work in human souls are linked with one another. And whatever those who are already one with God had once attained on earth, and what they now experience in the Spirit, in this way is communicated also to those human spirits in whose eternal self their Living God is not yet born.

This help is at the same time guided by the sublime immortals who never knew the Fall from God, and who are leading back into eternal Light —both in the world of Spirit as even here on earth—any fallen human self whose will is to return to the condition of its origin.

See that you make every effort to attain your highest goal already here on earth, but fear not for the souls of those who were unable to accomplish it in their own day.

You can, however, also offer them your help if you remember them with feelings of abiding love.

They all shall one day be united with your own eternal self: within their Living God.

One with God shall you then, in yourself, be consciously united with all those whom your own love can embrace.
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Re: The Book on the Living God, by Bo Yin Ra (Joseph Anton S

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Chapter 17: On the Spirit's Radiant Substance

THE WORLD in which you live associates the concept “spirit” with attributes of mood and mind.

“Spirit” in the language of that world denotes the faculty of thought and forming concepts; it also may connote a person’s disposition, or the real meaning, true intention of a thing.

As for the Spirit of Eternity, however, whose radiant substance is a real, objectively existing force illuminating all creation, it sees in all the faculties which are today ascribed to “spirit” merely tools of physical—all too material—perception.

Your present world has knowledge only of the Spirit’s tools, and owning them believes it thereby also comprehends the Spirit in itself.

And, thus, your soul’s all-seeing “eye” was blinded by the “spirit of the world.”

Now that this “spirit” dominates and leads you where it will, you shall no longer easily resist it.

THE SPIRIT of Eternity, which consciously exists in its own light, is not some nebulous mirage that only pious faith might fathom.

Eternal Spirit is not only quite as “real” as is a tree, a stone, a mountain, or as a bolt of lightning that flashes from a cloud, but its reality is absolute within itself. It thus provides the justifying grounds for our mental concept of “reality,” which has no true equivalent in the contingent realm of matter.

But given that not even objects of contingent, physical reality are altered in their nature by any thoughts about them held in human minds, how can one seriously presume that mental notions might affect events of absolute reality?

The mental image of a thing reflected in your thought will never even touch the smallest object in the world of matter in its real essence. Nor can the Spirit of Eternity be comprehended by anything you may call “spirit” while you have not yet grasped its radiant substance in yourself.

TODAY, and at this moment, you well may think you sense the truth my words convey, but come tomorrow, you are likely once more spellbound by the “spirit of the world.”

Today you may be willing to escape it, to seek the Spirit of Eternity, but I fear that by tomorrow you will again be blinded by the “spirit” of the mind.

Today perhaps you feel that you have sensed a glimmer of the Spirit’s radiant light, but tomorrow you will likely be beset again by doubts and indecision, and thus give up the effort to pursue what you this day felt almost within reach.

That is what your kind has always done when someone spoke to you about the Spirit of Eternity, whose radiant light embraces all creation; someone who had leave to speak about that Spirit, because he lived in it awake and, therefore, could bear witness to its essence from personal experience.

Perhaps, however, there truly are a few among you determined to exert all energies, so that they may one day themselves experience the reality of which I speak in its ineffably majestic, uttermost simplicity.

To them I shall address myself, for they alone can profit from my words.

To YOU, then, who resolved to give the “spirit” of the mind no more in future than its due, lest it rob you of experiencing the Spirit’s radiant substance in yourselves—to you I here repeat once more that you may etch it in your hearts:

Spirit is not something brought forth by the mind!

Spirit is not intellect!

Spirit is a radiant substance: is living light, eternally in being through itself!

All dimensions of infinity are filled with this life-giving Spirit, whose light sustains all living things; but human beings can find that Spirit only in themselves.

It consciously exists and lives in you, even as it consciously informs all spheres throughout creation.

It is not only in your head, nor merely in your heart.

The human being’s mortal body may be animal in nature, yet this same animal-related organism mysteriously encloses and conceals a body formed of Spirit.

Truly, you are temples of the Spirit, and every limb and inner organ of your mortal form contains within a sacred shrine, placed upon a hidden altar.

Therefore, you must first have learned to feel your self, from head to foot, through your entire body; for otherwise you cannot ever feel the Spirit, nor consciously unite yourself with your eternal Living God.

This kind of feeling of your self through your entire body, which conceals within a sanctuary of the Spirit, must become your foremost task. And everything I said before already comprehends this task, even though I spoke of it in different words.

Here I shall discuss it in particular.

You must endeavor to attain a consciousness that is not merely in your heart, nor only in your head.

Consciousness abides in you and it pervades your body through and through, informing each and every cell. However, it is not yet integrated with your present conscious self.

But if you are in earnest and will be steadfast in your efforts, you will be able to discover, step by step, in every part of your material body, its own inherent consciousness. And this you then may unite with your own selfawareness, so that henceforth you no longer only know a little of yourself within your head, and even there, more accurately, only in your brain.

Do not excite, nor over-stimulate your nerves, however; for this way of becoming conscious of your entire body is something all of you already know too well.

If your soul does not grow calmer, nor sense more clarity with every step that you advance, you are pursuing the wrong path.

If you would reach your goal, you must endeavor, while your soul and body, nerves and thoughts are perfectly at peace, to feel your self in every atom of your body—where you are soul by nature—as that atom’s very soul. You thus may integrate within yourself the primal energy of soul that, in and through that atom, you possess.

You need not here perform mysterious “exercises,” nor are extreme exertions called for or of any use.

Calmly feeling your own self through your entire body, whenever inclination moves you and you have time to concentrate on this experience free from interruptions, will show you, in the course of weeks or months, the first results of your endeavor.

Do not forget, however, that your task is learning how to feel exclusively your self in every limb and organ of your body, but not that body part as such.

Once you shall be able in this way to feel your self both from within and from without, from head to foot, you will experience with amazement, with gratitude and deepest joy, what life on earth consists of in reality; this mortal life which now still seems to you so flawed with imperfections.

At the same time, however, your entire body will be undergoing a wholly unexpected and profound renewal.

Those who lack some of their body’s limbs should bear in mind that every limb is in existence in its spiritual form and substance, even if it never had existed physically; and similarly, that every limb continues to exist in spiritual form, even if it should be severed from its body.

The body formed of spiritual substance can never be disfigured.

In their spiritual body, all human beings manifest the highest form of beauty with which they can endow their soul: wherein their spiritual body gains its self-experience. And those whose eyes can see within the Spirit’s worlds perceive of any body only what has found its form by virtue of the soul’s dynamic energies; they do not see defects of mere physical appearance, resulting from the intervention of material forces.

WHEN YOU have reached this point, where you can feel your self as one organic whole through every part of your material body, then you shall truly also know to treat that body with due reverence; namely, as the visible, material form of the eternal temple which encloses, hidden from all physical perception, the sacred mystery of spiritual life, such as it may be regained and experienced only by the human spirit returning to the Light which long ago that spirit had abandoned.

It still needs to be seen, however, whether the awakened soul already is mature enough to let the spiritually older Brother, by whom it is perceived, become its guide and teacher.

Without such inner guidance none of you would have much hope of gaining consciousness within the all-embracing Spirit already during life on earth, even though you may be able consciously to feel your spiritual body, present in your mortal form.

No effort that you make is ever lost, but to receive your labors’ crown you first will have to reach the end of that ascending path which no one finds without the help of inner guidance.

Much, however, you are able to accomplish on your own, merely by consistent effort.

The moment you have learned to feel your spiritual form throughout your mortal body, you will begin to breathe the Spirit in yourself and all creation, without especial effort; and to many this alone had brought such joy that for a long time after they felt no desire to go further, because they sensed they were not ready to experience higher things.

Fear not, however, to accept whatever you are given and trust the Spirit’s law, which is not governed by capricious will, but always seeks your best.

The path that leads you to the Inner East lies clearly marked before your eyes, and your awakened will alone shall now determine whether one may soon observe you on that path.

The realms within the Inner East, however, encompass “many mansions,” and all who seek in earnest shall there obtain their own abode, never that of any other.

The laws that govern spiritual events are no less well defined than those which rule in nature.

The Spirit’s laws cannot be set aside or modified, not even by a Luminary, who mediates eternal Light.

He understands the workings of the Spirit’s laws, however, and thus he seeks above all else to guide his own contemporaries, as well as future generations, to their highest goal and joy.

To this end he offers his disclosures.

Herein he is supported by the Spirit’s law, whose will he serves with all his strength.

What he effects is done by virtue of the Spirit —the essence underlying the Beginning— and he works nothing save by virtue of the Spirit.

But from the Spirit’s radiant substance God creates the Living God—as the quintessence of the Spirit—in every human soul that strives toward God with fervent inner zeal, and patiently awaits the day that finds it so prepared that it can bear the birth of God within it.

God, indeed, is Spirit—the highest form in which the Spirit manifests Itself.

Forming its own essence, of itself, the Spirit’s highest form of Being reveals its inmost self as—God.
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Re: The Book on the Living God, by Bo Yin Ra (Joseph Anton S

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Chapter 18: The Path Toward Perfection

When seeking your goal in earnest , be sure to choose the path of living light already from the start, as otherwise you later might be easily seduced to enter the deceptive path descending toward the “iridescent serpent,” when you have reached the foothills of the sacred mountains—a place that, out of need, one may also reach on furtive byways— instead of following the path created through the desert by the Spirit’s guides.

You can decide to take that path of living light from the beginning, if you will keep all lesser aspirations from your great and pure resolve.

But would you still possess the inner strength to choose the royal path of wisdom, which is to lead you to the snow-capped peaks, if overburdened with desires you trod your way across the desert and, near exhaustion, you now are searching for the final goal, only to encounter soaring walls of rock?

Bear in mind that to your soul the light of truth shall then appear as no more than a distant glimmer through the mist, and that the path ascending to that light will seem as all but endless.

Yet winding nearby is the path of error, which leads one to a gleaming, opalescent light appearing almost within reach.

That light, however, is the phantom luminescence of the “serpent,” whose body’s coils encircle all the earth, glittering in many colors.

Your fate is sealed if you succumb to its allure.

It will attract you by the ceaseless glitter of its scaly head, and once your thirst for “knowledge” has drawn you far enough into its sphere, you shall become that serpent’s prey.

CAN you , my friend, intuitively grasp the truth that here would reach your understanding in symbolic guise

Count it as a blessing if you can learn to comprehend what symbols truly mean.

They shall reveal to you profound realities.

Realities that otherwise would as a rule remain concealed.

Realities that never would display themselves unveiled.

Here I shall attempt, however, to speak to those as well who still find symbols enigmatic.

Listen, then, to different words, but bear in mind that they convey the selfsame truth.

When YOU, whose will is seeking light, shall for the first time feel the urge to raise the veil behind which you can sense the truth, there will always stand beside you one among the guides from that domain of light which shall become your timeless home.

You will be conscious of that helper’s presence without quite knowing what it is that moves your heart.

You will feel drawn spontaneously to follow where your guide shall lead.

You then are truly on the path that takes you through the desert.

That desert is created, however, by the countless grains of mental sand which mortal minds produce in gathering external phantom knowledge.

For millennia have humans labored to expand it.

But through the middle of that desert runs a solid causeway, raised by ancient builders, who are masters of the craft; and here your step will be secure.

Drifting all around that highroad move the ever-changing dunes of mortal intellection, elusive in their outlines; unsteady ground to tread.

The path, however, on the causeway, which the Spirit’s radiant masters built for human souls, is raised on ageless rock.

You feel safe as you proceed.

Your stride is marked by courage.

Patiently you will have to pursue your goal for quite some time, until you one day reach the crucial point where finally the causeway through the desert’s sands will meet the sacred mountains, where it thus will end.

And now you must decide; because you see two paths before you, which you at first may not be able clearly to distinguish.

At times you will be drawn to put your trust in one, and then again you feel inclined to trust the other.

One, however, leads you to the summit, the other to the groundless depths and hidden gorges in the mountains.

You alone have now the choice and must decide which path you want to follow.

You will not find it difficult, however, to tell which path shall lead you to the heights and which to the abyss, if you already are accustomed to feeling solid ground beneath your feet; for slippery and without foothold is the path descending to the realm below.

Already on your way across the desert, which you traverse on solid rock, invisible realities shall seek to make their presence known to you.

But then you cannot yet distinguish the originators of the forces whose effects you will perceive.

You still assume all energies originating in the sphere of the invisible are governed by the selfsame will.

Bear in mind, however, that the nether realms of the invisible domains are ruled by beings that are likewise from below.

Recognize that land and sea are not so clearly set apart as are the lower forces which, creating and destroying, invisibly sustain the world of matter, from the timeless powers of the Spirit, whose way of knowing truth embodies light itself.

The forces ruling in the lower spheres of the invisible domain are the most gruesome enemies of your eternal soul.

Not because they want to harm your soul, as would the hate-consumed obsession of those fiends—condemned eternally to perish—who once were human mortals endowed with highest knowledge, but who had fallen from the realm of light a second time; instead, their danger to you lies completely in their power of attracting you—a force you hardly would be able to resist, unless you are securely shielded by protectors from the Spirit.

At times when you come near domains affected by the influence of forces from below, it will become apparent who you are.

If what you seek is purely timeless clarity and light, your inner guide, who, after all, has power to direct the Spirit’s highest forces, will be able to protect and shield you.

Under such protection you then will safely know to choose the path that is to lead you to the highest form of comprehending light.

You then will enter life within the timeless light that shines upon the Spirit’s radiant peaks.

But if your aim was only to acquire knowledge in the crude “black arts”; if you intended merely to explore the sphere of the occult to gain new faculties to wait on your desires, then you will unknowingly lose hold of your protector’s hand.

Thus left alone, dependent on your own weak strength, you will fall prey to forces of attraction, whose influence upon you is directed from the nether sphere of nature’s hidden rulers, where in the dark of the abyss they govern the eternal birth of matter.

You may—perhaps—gain occult powers, especially if you abstain from meat and practice strictest sexual abstinence; but pity both yourself and all those falling victim to your influence if ever you indeed gain power of that sort.

THOSE WHO rule within creation’s nether spheres are weaving nature’s very ground, and they destroy whatever would be free to rise above the ground they labor to secure.

Do not delude yourself assuming they could teach you any secrets of creation, as some foolish “ sorcerer’s apprentice” might naively hope.

Instead, they greedily shall take possession of your will; for every power found in the invisible dimension of reality requires human mediators if it seeks to reach and influence incarnate human wills. You, however, shall only serve these nether forces as an agent of destruction, even if you think your actions are inherently constructive.

In fact, the highest powers in the world of Spirit can reach the souls of human mortals with their influence no more easily than can the lowest forces in the unseen realm, unless they find incarnate human wills to serve them as a bridge.

You here may sense the meaning of the doctrine teaching that the Son of God needed to be born in mortal form that he could bring salvation to all humankind.

THE WORKING ways of spiritual powers, whether their effects be generated, and their character determined, by the highest or the lowest rulers in the unseen realm, are not affected by any obstacles of time or space.

To this day there are in action, in the domain of human souls, forces generated and determined both by powers from above and from below, even though these forces had already found their way to human hearts many centuries, indeed millennia ago—by virtue of a human bridge.

Wherever such a Mediator lives on earth today, or may have lived before, the spiritual energy made manifest through him will reach all human souls of corresponding inner rhythm, even if those able to perceive it were living on the planet’s other side, or were yet unborn, being members of a future generation.

True guidance to the Spirit’s world is easily distinguished by the fact that every energy it activates will always carefully respect the inner freedom of the person in whom it manifests itself. Indeed, such guidance typically perfects the mortal serving as its bridge, to make him sovereign master of the energies he mediates. By contrast, one can tell the rulers of the lower spheres by their attempts to bind the persons they can influence, through everything they may affect, so that those persons will become their slaves; even though they let their victims think that they are “masters” of the forces that possess them.

The end of one who serves these lower rulers as their bridge is dissolution of the conscious self in agony and night.

Those, on the other hand, who serve the Spirit’s highest powers as their bridge comprise an everlasting royal priesthood of eternal light; for within each was lit a star, formed of the Spirit’s purest radiance, that is to shine forever to human souls on earth.

An idle, fabricated doctrine would persuade you to believe that human mortals rise to ever higher levels of perfection in the course of countless earthly lives, and that the bridges who build themselves so that the Spirit’s highest powers may, through them, reach humanity on earth, are simply human beings who had already lived on earth innumerable times before, but now have reached their highest level of development; a goal, supposedly, that one day every mortal soul is destined to achieve.

Do not believe such foolish dreams.

For you might all too easily become a victim of deception, and suppose that you shall be a “future master” but instead end up a slave, betrayed by your own vanity.

NOT EVERY mortal can take up the burden which the few alone must bear who, soon after their own fall from light, and strengthened by compassion for their fallen fellow mortals, had pledged themselves to serve the Spirit’s highest powers as their helpers—as bridges who will build themselves— in the fulfillment of eternal love.

No one here can pass his final test who had not been a bridge and master builder already in the Spirit, and long before his incarnation in a creature body here on earth.

As a mortal he will consciously become the Spirit’s bridge and master builder only on that day when he may first approach the radiant circle of his spiritual Brothers, as one who also in this physical dimension had proved himself a master, having passed his final test.

Who until then had been a Son of the eternal Fathers in the Spirit has now become accepted as their spiritual Brother, is made a Luminary of eternal Light.

BUT EVERY mortal human on this earth, whoever it might be, is able to attain and manifest the Spirit’s light, in freedom without end, even if that mortal will receive that light as does a planet orbiting a sun.

In the worlds of timeless light no spirit looks with envy on another’s working sphere, bestowed upon it by the One who is the Master of all Masters’ craft.

All who have attained this realm have reached perfection, are free within themselves, and all are quite aware that their perfection could never have been realized except in their own individual form.

It only is your limited perspective as a mortal creature that might cause you to desire a form of spiritual perfection that is not demanded by your own eternal individuality.

What would you gain by reaching a perfection whose form must needs belong to someone else?

Even if you had attained perfection of the highest form that mortals may achieve on earth, and if this form were not your own, you would have labored to no purpose to achieve this goal.

Only if you shall perfect what you alone are given and possess; only by perfecting your own self will you one day attain that everlasting light that shall illuminate your soul forever.
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