Sleeping With the Enemy: Immigration Fraud, by Tom Flocco

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Sleeping With the Enemy: Immigration Fraud, by Tom Flocco

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Sleeping With the Enemy: Immigration Fraud
by Tom Flocco
May 26, 2004
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Homeland Security whistleblower told Congress, Bush, Ashcroft, Mueller, Ridge that Florida immigration officials accepted sham marriage bribes linked to congressional office, al Qaeda operatives, and 9/11 terrorism. House and Senate still silent.

[April 10, 2004 Letter To Chairman Thomas Kean & 9-11 Commission, Washington, DC (via facsimile, E-mail & FedEx overnight express) : "... Muslim Moroccans were using illegally obtained permanent U.S. residence (green cards) to aid and abet Osama bin Laden terrorist subversives operating out of Orlando and Miami .... Since April of 1998, I have repeatedly sent an aggregate total of hundreds of letters, memoranda, emails and official case notes to dozens and dozens of accountable officials: to INS Commissioners Ziglar, Garcia and Aguirre, DOJ OIG Glen Fine, DOJ Attorney General John Ashcroft, DOJ FBI Directors Louis Freeh and Robert Mueller, DOJ Criminal Division, OSC Elaine Kaplan, President George W. Bush, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and dozens of other congressmen, only to have this sensitive information continually handed over to the known conspirators. This provided them unending opportunities to destroy incriminating material evidence, such as video tapes, and pay off or threaten informants and witnesses." -- Mary Schneider, Dept. of Homeland Security / Citizenship & Immigration Services (DOJ/INS), District Adjudications Officer, Orlando Designated Federal Whistleblower: [Mary Schneider v. DOJ, M.S.P.B., Docket No. AT-1221-00-0263-W-2 and Mary Schneider v. Department of Homeland Security, Docket No. AT-0752-03-0875-I-1]

ORLANDO, FL -- An illegal Moroccan Muslim reportedly linked to Osama bin Laden’s brother and who lived with 9-11 hijacker Mohammed Atta prior to the attacks, allegedly engaged in immigration felony fraud, bribery, and perjury in conjunction with United States immigration officials. The government employees allegedly conspired with this and other illegal Muslim extremists and aliens to approve sham-marriages for the purpose of acquiring permanent green cards to stay in the U.S. before and after the attacks to support terrorist cells in America.

Mary Schneider, a citizenship and immigration services district adjudications officer for the Department of Homeland Security in Orlando told in a series of interviews over the past few days that the illegal Muslim was reportedly associated with Osama bin Laden's brother. Khalil bin Laden resided for years in the Orlando area prior to September 11; but the FBI permitted him to leave the country on September 16 without being questioned--despite alleged ties to an al-Qaeda supporter and the lead 9/11 hijacker, according to an outside informant.

Evidence regarding the Moroccan's communications and associations in Florida with Osama bin Laden’s brother Khalil and Mohammed Atta was revealed by one of his five American wives.

Schneider, a designated federal whistleblower protected by congressional statute, said that outside informants also told her that the illegal Muslim lived in Orlando with lead hijacker Mohammed Atta and other al Qaeda operatives.

Osama bin Laden's brother was allowed to leave the country shortly after 9/11 without a full and complete interrogation and investigation of his activities with illegal Muslims living in central Florida. Congress and the 9/11 Commission have failed to pursue this critical issue in a public forum.

The informants told Schneider that "bin Laden’s brother had made inquiries a year or two prior to 9/11 on how to bring in Muslims from Saudi Arabia and Brazil to attend a flight school in the Daytona Beach area," she said.

The revelations implicate Brazil as a South American staging point for al Qaeda terrorism while also providing evidence that one or two years prior to the attacks, high government officials and members of Congress could have taken serious steps to strictly enforce immigration laws and seal American borders, but strangely, they failed to do so despite known worldwide terrorism threats. has obtained copies of Schneider’s repeated written warnings which were continually ignored over the last six years by members of Congress and officials in both the Bush and Clinton administrations. The warnings fully explain the al Qaeda immigration fraud in Florida which supported 9/11 terrorist operations. They also raise questions as to whether the 9/11 Commission will call senators and congressmen to publicly testify about their knowledge of pre-attack immigration fraud--given Schneider’s clear evidence.

The immigration official says the felony immigration conspiracies remain ongoing up to the present; and the problematic nature of her explosive allegations is exacerbated by the fact that the government not only suppressed her evidence, but had prior knowledge of the fraud while still failing to take steps to protect the American people.

Moreover, Schneider said "Orlando supervisors Susan Dugas, Stella Jarina and supervisory special agent Richard Walker allowed all conspirators in this sham marriage ring to leave the INS premises without consequence and the next morning I was given a written reprimand and admonished for having mentioned this ring to the investigations section." [Deposition of Susan Dugas, 2-11-2003]

Terrorists in Central Florida

In his book, "American Jihad -- The Terrorists Living Among Us," Steven Emerson wrote that "(Osama) bin Laden was able to set up a whole array of cells in Orlando." Channel 9 Eyewitness News reported on February 1, 2002: "Emerson believes a large infrastructure of bin Laden followers are still here (in Orlando). There is no way the hijackers connected to Florida acted alone. There were other people on the ground assisting them. These people didn’t necessarily know of the ultimate target, but they were part of a terrorist infrastructure."

"According to Christine Sharrit -- an outside informant and victim of a sham marriage to the illegal Muslim, he lived with Mohammed Atta several years prior to the attacks on the World Trade Center, and every Sunday for a period of time, he picked up a Muslim--reverently referred to as 'the Czar,'--at the Orlando International Airport," said Schneider.

"Christine Sharrit’s husband is a critical suspect with highly probable knowledge of 9/11 conspiracies and activities of seditious factions in Florida, specifically in Orlando," said Schneider.

The immigration officer further held that "this individual has direct links to 9-11 terrorists in an Orlando al Qaeda cell group besides Mohammed Atta; and he bribed immigration officials in my office for a green-card to stay in the country before the attacks. Now the government wants to get him out of the country before he’s brought before a grand jury to discuss his activities prior to 9/11 and which immigration officials he bribed."

"His case had been pending in my office to pursue what appeared to be blatant felony fraud in four marriages to four different American woman in four attempts to obtain a green card," said Schneider, referring to an obvious loophole in immigration law which Congress has allowed--placing legitimate U.S. citizens at risk of catastrophic terrorism.

"The illegal Moroccan Muslim’s case was surreptitiously removed from my office and kept secured at first in Supervisor Susan Dugas’s office and later in Officer in Charge Stalla Jarina’s office for the past six years without denying his application for a permanent green card; but it’s now being processed in order to remove him from the U.S. within the next three weeks," she said.

Court records obtained by show that an October, 2001 lawsuit was filed by Schneider [ Mary Schneider vs. John Ashcroft, Attorney General U.S. DOJ and James W. Zigler, Commissioner, U.S. INS ] and brought in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida [case no. 01-4157-CIV-Lenard/Simonton]. The records were acquired via the Federal Judiciary's center for electronic access to U.S. District, Bankruptcy, and Appellate court records. []

The court document lists a case file of a Middle Eastern individual named "Abad" [ INS case file A-29-384-379] who is the subject of both a plaintiff court exhibit and a document and videotape production request sought from officials at DOJ and INS by Schneider’s attorney.

Chat room links fraud to congressional office

Scores of letters written to senators, congressmen, and executive branch officials indicate that Schneider repeatedly apprised them over a three year period prior to 9/11 that "outside public informants Bonnie and Ed Sharrit had copies of two money orders in the amounts of $1,500, each of which this illegal Moroccan Muslim purchased from a Tampa bank and made out to her INS supervisors Susan Dugas and Stella Jarina."

"The Sharrits also had knowledge that the Moroccan was in possession of INS Officer in Charge Jarina’s private phone number, a number I did not have access to for two years as a staff employee," the immigration officer told us.

Schneider also said the Moroccan’s case involved her personal felony impersonation by someone connected to the Orlando International Airport immigration inspections booth which resulted in harassing phone calls to the Sharrits.

"Supervisors Dugas and Jarina took no action to deny the Moroccan’s application to remain in the country despite the prior felony fraud sham marriages, and without removal (deportation) proceedings," said Schneider, adding "the lack of prosecution and denial of his green card application allowed him to continue living, working and possibly assisting terrorists in the United States."

The informant couple faxed Schneider the transcript of a May 23, 1999 AOL chat room conversation discussing the arrest of an Orlando taxi driver, an Egyptian named Ihab Ali--taken into custody in New York City for his involvement in the bombings of the American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Chat rooms are a primary choice for terrorist communications.

Schneider said that during the ensuing trial held in New York City, another defendant revealed that Orlando resident Ihab Ali was one of Osama bin Laden’s trusted lieutenants and apparent pilot at one time--operating out of an apartment near the Orlando International Airport, according to the Orlando Sentinel. (10-25-2000)

Ali graduated from Orlando’s Oak Ridge High School in 1981 after emigrating from Egypt to the United States with his parents and two sisters in 1977-78.

He received his commercial pilot’s certificate from Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma and was known for helping to slam one of Osama bin Laden’s planes into a sandpile just off a runway in Khartoum, Sudan in 1992, according to the St. Petersburg Times. (10-28-2001)

Bonnie Sharrit, one of the informants, related additional information that further chats indicated that chat room participant "the Manoman," was taken into custody just after Schneider faxed the AOL chat room transcript to the New York City FBI Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force--the agency that had arrested Ihab Ali.

"I had also faxed the 5-23-99 chat room transcript to Special Agent in Charge (SAIC) Alan Hazen at the DOJ Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in Fort Lauderdale," said Schneider, adding "Mr. Hazen’s office had feigned an (non) investigation several months earlier in February and March, 1999 into the bribery conspiracies and had issued letters of exoneration to the corrupt officials."

Schneider told us, "I had many illegal Muslims, and when I did not approve their documented felony fraud sham marriages for green cards, they would contact Nancy Abernathy in (former) U.S. Representative (and current 2004 U.S. Senate candidate) Bill McCollum’s congressional office. Miss Abernathy would feign an official congressional inquiry through Susan Dugas and Stella Jarina, and the cases were then surreptitiously removed from my office, after hours, and approved (for a green card and permanent residency)."

Thus far government officials have not been required to explain to Americans how Homeland Security immigration officials and at least one congressional office could be allegedly linked to felony fraud briberies for green cards which likely supported terrorist operations in central Florida. This, when other senators, representatives and high agency officials have been apprised of this Florida conspiracy cover-up over a period of years.

At 4:42 pm Eastern on 5-23-99, "Manoman" [not long before authorities arrested him] continued his participation by providing the following information found in the AOL chat room text sent to Schneider by outside informant Bonnie Sharrit:

"Guess good ole ‘Billy Mc’ (former Florida Republican U.S. Representative and 2004 Senate candidate Bill McCollum) is involved again. He will probably free the innocent taxi driver...Seems they all come here, get okayed and go to NY to get caught. What are our government employees doing to us?"

"... I bet this cabbie made at least $100,000 driving this bastard around. I heard from a friend who dates a Moroccan here in Orlando that the guy she dates drove this person and his comrades and that he made $10,000 every time he drove them to Miami--that is one way..."

A second chat room participant who Schneider believes was one of the outside informants who whited out the identifying address said:

"You are all right. Let’s expose everyone starting with ‘Bill ole boy’ (2004 Senate candidate Bill McCollum), and all those at immigrations; after all those government employees make big bucks to stamp ‘approved ....’ They get their checks to hide the foreigners who kill us, why not just bring them all here and have our little hell war here in Florida. The FBI and drug agents are just as much to blame."

"My friend works at Trans Star with illegals; first of all why do they have a job here anyway if they are illegal. I cannot comprehend that part, anyhow, he was waiting in holding and heard two illegals talking about going to immigrations the next day to get their green cards. The one said it cost him over ten thousand dollars and the other said he could set him up with a guy who only charged three thousand. They said that this guy gives up to fifteen hundred dollars to (bribe) immigration people to stamp their green card. Is this for real or just talk?"

At 4:44 pm Eastern, "The Manoman" replied to the informant, offering what amounts to a full confession regarding incredible immigration fraud which he linked to Orlando’s Disney World Theme Park, particularly at its Epcot Center, but also allegedly involving the office of former United States congressman and current U.S. Senate candidate Bill McCollum--all of which may have served to support terrorist operations in Florida before the September 11 attacks.

But no one is asking--even as the DOJ' John Ashcroft and the FBI's Robert Mueller take to the airwaves to warn Americans of coming terrorist attacks this summer. And given what has been allowed to take place in Orlando, Florida tourists could have second thoughts about visiting an area infested with unprosecuted terrorist cell groups.

Indeed, some American families may be wondering why Orlando's al Qaeda cell groups have not already blown up DisneyWorld, felony immigration fraud notwithstanding.

Questions can also be raised as to whether Walt Disney World is knowingly participating in immigration fraud, supporting terrorist operations in central Florida, or acquiring illegal and cheap foreign Moroccan labor via its "Treasures of Morocco" exhibit at Epcot Center. Are American tourist families walking among Al Qaeda "Treasures" at Epcot Center?

Given the "Manoman" discussion in the chat room text provided by informant Sharrit, it would seem that Americans may become concerned that Orlando--and Walt Disney World in particular--is a waiting and prime terrorist bombing target; but both the Clinton and Bush administrations have failed to warn parents planning vacations about the concentration of al Qaeda cell operations in central Florida:

"Lady this is all for real. I am one. It cost me ten thousand dollars to get my green card. I married a gay gal from (Walt) Disney(land). She got three thousand. My contact went to immigrations and paid three thousand dollars for them to stamp me. Then the lawyer charged two thousand for the divorce and the contact got the rest and all are happy. I know for a fact that five immigrations agents, Stella (Jarina), Susan (Dugas), Tim, Paul, and Lou all make over six figures a year just off my contact."

"Nancy (Abernathy), over at Billy’s office (former Florida Congressman and current Senate Candidate Bill McCollum) makes more from what I hear. If they do not get a stamp and are trying to do it the right way, all they have to do is go to Bill’s office and good old Nancy will see to it that they are approved."

"This is a fact girl, I have been there and done this and so have all my roommates and to date I have twelve roommates. All illegals who become legal by who we know, not because we work for it. I work at Epcot (Disneyland) and tell everyone I meet what I know because I now see where it is wrong...No better place to wash money, sell drugs, wash gold and silver and steal gold and silver, find out about up to date US weapons, planes, combat ideas and other military plans than Orlando and New York.

My country has three homes here in Orlando and six in Miami where all this is brought into. I have been there and done it. I had a chance to drive these people, our country helps set things up."

In one of her numerous letters to federal legislators and other officials, Schneider expressed concern that "the courageous Sharrits have been repeatedly monitored, harassed and their family threatened by authorities while corrupt officials are protected and promoted after committing possible treason. Our soldiers are dying at the hands of seditious Muslims while our officials here in America are aiding and abetting illegal Muslims, some of whom are suspected of terrorism."

Quickly and quietly, however, the Bush administration has moved Abad to the front of the deportation line. This, despite hundreds of other prior cases awaiting removal proceedings --begging the question as to whether the administration desires to remove the Muslim operative from the United States before the American people have the opportunity to hear his public testimony before the 9/11 Commission or learn of a grand jury indictment.

While Mary Schneider bravely alerted scores of senators and congressmen, no one really knows if the administration has already allowed Abad to skip the country undetected--the public none the wiser.

FBI: "Forget the briberies and keep quiet"

According to her letters to the government, informants Bonnie and Ed Sharrit told Mary Schneider that their daughter Christine had been married in the Orlando area to the illegal Moroccan named Abad who is linked to Osama bin Laden’s brother.

Their daughter, informant Christine Sharrit, said that Abad had previously lived with Mohammed Atta, the alleged 9/11 lead hijacker. It appeared that Abad had preyed upon Christine Sharrit’s vulnerabilities, utilizing her as a tool to bypass U.S. immigration laws to remain in the country.

Given his background, Schneider is concerned that Abad is likely to have participated in supporting terrorist activities prior to the September 11 attacks and that high government legislators and officials are continuing to look the other way while immigration agency supervisors accept bribes from illegal aliens to obtain permanent residency.

The Sharrits said that incriminating material evidence was confiscated from their home by FBI agents who told them it was for their "protection" that they removed the evidence, after which they gave the couple an ominous warning: "Forget about the briberies and keep quiet." This, despite the fact that their daughter had become involved in an apparent sham marriage with an illegal alien linked to 9/11 terrorism.

We recently authorized a paid search for a Sharrit-Abad marriage certificate from the Florida Division of Vital Statistics in Jacksonville which had not come back before publication of this article. But it is also possible that the records have been expunged by the FBI or the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to conceal corruption.

Informant Christine Sharrit, the couple’s daughter, told Schneider that immediately after the attacks on the World Trade Center in the Fall, 2001, investigative authorities were interested enough in the young woman -- a member of the armed forces--that officers from Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s Department of Defense Criminal Investigations Division (DOJ-CID) sought her out and questioned her about her Muslim husband Abad while she was on active duty overseas.

While questioned, Sharrit said CID investigators showed her a photo of a middle eastern man and asked her whether she recognized him. She told them he appeared familiar as one of the six or seven Arabs with whom Abad was sharing an apartment prior to their wedding in early 1997.

Incredibly, the CID investigators told her that the individual in the photo she found familiar was 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta. She said she was in shock to learn that Rumsfeld’s CID investigators already knew a great deal of information about her husband’s background, where he had previously resided, but also that he had engaged in a fifth bigamist marriage after their wedding--all of which she was totally unaware.

The CID’s contact with Christine Sharrit regarding her knowledge of the activities of Abad prior to 9/11 raises serious questions as to what the CID knows about the Moroccan’s links to bin Laden, Mohammed Atta and al Qaeda cell groups in central Florida--but also why the administration is in such a rush to get Abad out of the country before the public hears his testimony.

Thus far Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and FBI Director Robert Mueller’s investigators have not been questioned about Abad’s links and activities related to Mohammed Atta and Osama bin Laden’s brother, and why they are failing to warn Americans about strong evidence of al Qaeda cells in Orlando and central Florida -- a busy summer family-tourist haven.

Current advice today from DOJ’s Ashcroft and the FBI’s Mueller consisted of imploring Americans to "be on the alert" instead of sealing the country’s borders, enacting intensive immigration law enforcement, and severely punishing public officials who engaged in obvious felony fraud and bribery to assist terrorist operations in Florida before and after 9/11.

Questions also remain as to why high officials in the Bush administration allowed bin Laden’s brother to leave the country without an intensive and thorough investigation regarding his Orlando, Florida links to Abad and other al Qaeda operatives in Florida.

Schneider’s multiple communications over the past six years indicate that certain members of both the Senate and House of Representatives have committed gross malfeasance and failure in their oversight responsibilities during the Clinton and Bush administrations regarding clear, credible, extensive and ongoing patterns of immigration fraud which enabled the propagation of terrorist cell groups in Florida and other states.

Jeb Bush took control of hijacker flight records

Lead hijacker Mohammed Atta took numerous taxicab rides in August, 2001, just before the 9/11 attacks, to and from Huffman Aviation Flight School in Venice, Florida -- just south of Sarasota, according to The website reported that Yellow cab driver Bob Simpson said Atta was accompanied by Huffman’s owner Rudi Dekkers during two of the trips which were confirmed in the cab company’s Sarasota office log books.

WKMG TV-6 in Orlando reported that Mohammed Atta was using a pay phone at Orlando International Airport (OIA) in late August, 2001 -- just before the attacks -- according to a surveillance camera tape. Officials said Atta had called a number in the Middle East from the airport at the exact time that a Saudi name "al-Qahtani was turned away from entering the U.S. at OIA by immigration agent Jose Melendez-Perez. (1-19-2004)

According to Mad Cow Productions, Simpson took Atta and Dekkers once to a restaurant in Venice and another time, he picked the two up at the residence of former Huffman employee Charlie Voss, in whose home hijackers Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi lived for a week when they arrived in Venice.

Also confirmed by the Yellow cab office manager was the fact that the FBI "expressed a keen interest" in the cab rides Atta had taken with the company’s other driver, who worked nights.

Huffman’s Dekkers issued what may have been a false statement in sworn testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in March, 2002 that "his relationship with the terrorist ringleader had been distant and had ended the previous December, 2000 -- nine months before the attacks.

MadCowMorningNews also reported that the day after the 9/11 attacks the local police in Venice had collected all the files detailing Dekkers’ relationships and business with the hijackers.

Curiously however, one local law enforcement official said, "The FBI took all our files, everything." Then he added, "they loaded two Ryder trucks right outside that (police station) window, then drove them right onto a C-130 military cargo plane at Sarasota airport which flew out with [Governor] Jeb Bush aboard." And there went all the hijacker evidence.

Governor Jeb Bush has never been asked to publicly testify by anyone about where he took all the Florida flight school records pertaining to both dead and remaining Muslim pilots still in Florida.

The documents, confiscated by Governor Bush, would reveal whether the alleged hijackers possessed the necessary skill to fly jumbo jets, but also information regarding their test scores, personality ratings, residences, financial payment records and flight training after-action reports, etc. All this, while also having met in private with his brother, President George W. Bush, the night before the attacks at the Colony Beach and Tennis Club at Longboat Key, Florida.

9/11: No Grand Jury, No Prosecutors, No Justice, No Accountability

The Sharrits said for a period of time prior to the September 11 attacks, their daughter’s husband was engaged in a suspicious activity picking up another Muslim referred to as the "Czar" each Sunday at Orlando International Airport.

The couple added that a bag found in the back seat of the car driven by their daughter’s husband contained thousands of dollars at a time when he was unemployed and that he had also been stopped by the local sheriff / police and found to have marijuana debris in his car. The Sharrits reported the illegal Moroccan’s highly suspect activities to the Drug Enforcement Administration officials without receiving any response.

Astonishingly, Schneider told us that "a government form completed by acting supervisory special agent Richard McGahey, dated just two weeks prior to 9/11 indicated that the Orlando U.S. Attorney’s office refused to prosecute a felony fraud sham Muslim marriage conspiracy involving 50 Muslim marriages which in some cases I had documented discrepancies and conflicting answers in videotaped, separate in-depth testimonies."

[This is documented on Orlando INS investigation form G-164, ORL-INV-0**, dated August 28, 2001, for Operation " * ** " -- 14 days prior to the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center.]

Curiously, neither the Congressional Joint 9-11 Intelligence Committee investigation nor the 9/11 Commission have heard the public testimony of Mary Schneider regarding why United States Attorneys in Florida refused to prosecute and fully investigate potential Muslim terrorists just two weeks before 3,000 Americans were murdered.

Commissioner Jamie Gorelick has referred to 9/11 warnings in President Bush's intelligence briefings during the summer before the attacks as "frantic" and "enough to set your hair on fire." Bush’s August 6 briefing said "al Qaeda was already in the United States." One would think so --given the unprosecuted shenanigans in Florida. But Mary Schneider’s warnings started three years before 9/11.

The 9/11 mass murder has not merited so much as a grand jury investigation with career prosecutors uninfluenced by politicians.

And sadly, even the loyal gang-that-couldn’t-shoot-straight opposition party failed to mount a media blitz when the President and Vice-President were permitted to testify quietly together and in private with the 9/11 Commission--a mockery of the American judicial system that would be laughable in any courtroom or even a television or movie drama.

"By justice a king gives a country stability, but one who is greedy for bribes tears it down." Proverbs 29: 4 NIV

Letter from Mary Schneider to Members of the Congressional Select Committee on Intelligence, May 9, 2004: "... In my letter to you members on January 19, 2004, I again apprised you, for the third time, of the following: This same illegal Moroccan Muslim case, ***** ******** ********, was also referred to in my letter dated August 9, 2003, to DHS Secretary Tom Ridge, in which I apprised him of over 70 illegal Muslim cases surreptitiously removed from my office and illegally approved or never denied (green cards). RIDGE DID NOT RESPOND TO MY CONCERNS, NOR TAKE ANY KNOWN ACTION .... Three months after 9/11, out of extreme concern and alarm for this nation’s national security, I wrote you three times, on 12/8/2001, 12/17/2001 and again on 1/27/2002, regarding the above entitled matter of our national security, that of illegal Muslims bribing Orlando officials for green cards with the ensuing, supreme privilege of United States citizenship ..."

Contact Mary Schneider at:
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Re: Sleeping With the Enemy: Immigration Fraud, by Tom Flocc

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DOCKET NUMBER AT -1221-00-0263-W-2

DATE: JUL 2, 2002

Shoshanha Essakhar, Esquire, Beverly Hills, California, for the appellant.

Laurence Zieff, Esquire, South Burlington, Vermont, for the agency.


Susanne T. Marshall, Acting Chairman

Beth S. Slavet, Member


The agency has filed a petition for review III this case asking us to reconsider the initial decision issued by the administrative judge. We grant petitions such as this one only when significant new evidence is presented to us that was not available for consideration earlier or when the administrative judge made an error interpreting a law or regulation. The regulation that establishes this standard of review is found in Title 5 of the Code of Federal Regulations, section 1201.115 (5 C.F.R. § 1201.115).

After fully considering the filings in this appeal, we conclude that there is no new, previously unavailable, evidence and that the administrative judge made no error in law or regulation that affects the outcome. 5 C.F .R. § 1201.115( d). Therefore, we DENY the petition for review. The initial decision of the administrative judge is final. This is the Board's final decision in this matter. 5 C.F.R. § 1201.113.

We ORDER the agency to cancel the 30-day suspension action taken against the appellant and to restore her to the status quo ante. We further ORDER the agency to cancel the appellant's September 1998 absence without leave (AWOL) status action and to amend her records to reflect that she was in a duty status.

We ORDER the agency to inform the appellant in writing of all actions taken to comply with this order and the date on which it believes it has fully complied. If not notified, the appellant must ask the agency about its efforts to comply before filing a petition for enforcement with this office. See Kerr v. National Endowment for the Arts, 726 F.2d 730 (Fed. Cir. 1984). The agency must complete this action no later than 20 days after the date of this decision.

We also ORDER the agency to pay the appellant the correct amount of back pay, interest on back pay, and other benefits under the Office of Personnel Management's regulations, no later than 60 calendar days after the date of this decision. We ORDER the appellant to cooperate in good faith in the agency's efforts to calculate the amount of back pay, interest, and benefits due, and to provide all necessary information the agency requests to help it carry out the Board's Order. If there is a dispute about the amount of back pay, interest due, and/or other benefits, we ORDER the agency to pay the appellant the undisputed amount no later than 60 calendar days after the date of this decision.

We further ORDER the agency to tell the appellant promptly in writing when it believes it has fully carried out the Board's Order and of the actions it took to carry out the Board's Order. The appellant, if not notified, should ask the agency about its progress. See 5 C.F.R. § 1201.181 (b).

No later than 30 days after the agency tells the appellant that it has fully carried out the Board's Order, the appellant may file a petition for enforcement with the office that issued the initial decision on this appeal if the appellant believes that the agency did not fully carry out the Board's Order. The petition should contain specific reasons why the appellant believes that the agency has not fully carried out the Board's Order, and should include the dates and results of any communications with the agency. 5 C.F.R. § 1201.182(a).


You may be entitled to be paid by the agency for your reasonable attorney fees and costs. To be paid, you must meet the requirements set out at Title 5 of the United States Code (5 U.S.C.), sections 7701 (g), 1221(g), or 1214(g). The regulations may be found at 5 C.F.R. § 1201.202. If you believe you meet these requirements, you must file a motion for attorney fees WITHIN 60 CALENDAR DAYS OF THE DATE OF THIS DECISION. You must file your attorney fees motion with the office that issued the initial decision on your appeal.


You may be entitled to be paid by the agency for your consequential damages, including medical costs incurred, travel expenses, and any other reasonable and foreseeable consequential damages. To be paid, you must meet the requirements set out at 5 U.S.C. §§ 1214(g) or 1221 (g). The regulations may be found at 5 C.F.R. § 1201.202. If you believe you meet these requirements, you must file a motion for consequential damages WITHIN 60 CALENDAR DAYS OF THE DATE OF THIS DECISION. You must file your motion with the office that issued the initial decision on your appeal.


A copy of the decision will then be referred to the Special Counsel "to investigate and take appropriate action under [5 U.S.C.] section 1215," based on the determination that "there is reason to believe that a current employee may have committed a prohibited personnel practice" under 5 U.S.C. § 2302(b)(8). 5 U.S.C. § 1221(f)(3).


You have the right to request the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to review this final decision. You must submit your request to the court at the following address:

United States Court of Appeals
for the Federal Circuit
717 Madison Place, N.W.
Washington, DC 20439

The court must receive your request for review no later than 60 calendar days after your receipt of this order. If you have a representative in this case, and your representative receives this order before you do, then you must file with the court no later than 60 calendar days after receipt by your representative. If you choose to file, be very careful to file on time. The court has held that normally it does not have the authority to waive this statutory deadline and that filings that do not comply with the deadline must be dismissed. See Pinat v. Office of Personnel Management, 931 F.2d 1544 (Fed. Cir. 1991).

If you need further information about your right to appeal this decision to court, you should refer to the federal law that gives you this right. It is found in Title 5 of the United States Code, section 7703 (5 U.S.C. § 7703). You may read this law as well as review other related material at our web site,

Bentley M. Roberts, Jr.
Clerk of the Board
Washington, D.C.
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