How Pentagon Paid PR Firm +$500 Million For Top Secret Iraq

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Re: How Pentagon Paid PR Firm +$500 Million For Top Secret I

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Pentagon paid UK PR firm $540mn to make fake terrorist videos during Iraq war
Oct 4, 2016

A. As for your alluding to the VCDs is what you're really trying to get to, I guess, the footage used was provided to me. I was the only one that while I was there that cut those actual VCDs. And nobody else was tasked with that, because I was obviously running that department. The footage was also given to us, which footage was genuine al-Qaeda footage, stuff that they'd shot themselves. And then we then ... for usage in these VCDs that went out in drops.

Q. So what was the intelligence value of your work, the videos that you worked with?

A. Um, when you say intelligence value, what do you mean?

Q. Well, uh, I mean is what is the video aimed for? What sort of thing were your bosses trying to achieve by asking you to do that?

A. Okay, so most of the stuff we did went out on local news. It went out on national news. It would go out in different countries in the region. But your interest in the VCD, basically that was purposed, made and targeted at al-Qaeda themselves. So that was used by marines, and dropped, left on raids so in amongst things when they raided, just as a VCD on the floor amongst a bunch of others that people had been using anyway.

Q. And then what would happen to somebody who would watch that?

A. That intelligence was purposed deliberately to ... well, this is what I was just about to say, if you watched that when it opened up, it would open up on a flash of white which was a realplayer app which would flash up, but then that was attached to an analytical site so that wherever that was played in the world it could then be tracked. So you would know where it was played, the IP address would be there, and you'd know basically who had watched it.

Q. So in a sense it was a double edged sword?

A. And bear in mind all these were dropped in the Iraq area.

Q. Hmmm. For example, an innocent person could find a CD laying around his house as you mentioned, left by the soldiers in a so-called "raid," and then watch it, and end up on a terrorist list?

A. Um, whether they would end up on a terrorist list, I have no idea. It's a stretch to say somebody innocent could pick it up, I believe. Why would you? A blank CD. I mean, it's in your house. It's hardly going to be picked up by other people if you've been raided. I find that unlikely, but to stretch the supposition, yes, that could happen. That you would end up on a terrorist list, I can't comment on that.
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