USAID: A CIA Front ‘In Desperate Need of Adult Supervision’

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Re: USAID: A CIA Front ‘In Desperate Need of Adult Supervisi

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[WINTER SOLDIER, JOE BANGERT, U.S. MARINES] In Quang Tri City, I had a friend who was working with USAID, and he was also with CIA. We used to get drunk together. And he used to tell me about his different trips into Laos on Air America Airlines and things. One time he asked me would I like to accompany him to watch. He was an adviser with an ARVN group and Kit Carson's. He asked me if I would like to accompany him into a village that I was familiar with to see how they act.

So I went with him, and when we got there, the ARVNs had control of the situation. They didn't find any enemy, but they found a woman with bandages. So she was questioned by six ARVNs. And the way they questioned her, since she had bandages, they shot her. She was hit about twenty times.

After she was questioned, and of course dead, this guy came over who was a former major, been in the service for twenty years, and he got hungry again and came back over working with USAID, Aid International Development. He went over there, ripped her clothes off, and took a knife and cut, from her vagina almost all the way up, just about up to her breasts, and pulled her organs out, completely out of her cavity, and threw them out. Then he stopped and knelt over and commenced to peel every bit of skin off her body, and left her there as a sign for something or other.

-- Winter Soldier Investigation, Sponsored by Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Inc.
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