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Action: electric, similarity of, in the electric eel and the voltaic battery. volcanic, centre of. connexion of.

Acosta, travels of.

Adansonia, or baobab of, Senegal.

Acuvajos, country of the.


Africa: travels in. deserts of.

Aguas Calientes: ravine of. river of.

Agriculture: tropical. early practice of. influence of on individuals. mean temperature required for the success of. geology applied to. in the island of Cuba. zone of, in Spanish America.

Aguatire, the.


Alcaldes, or Indian magistrates.

Alegranza, island of.

Algodonal: crocodiles of.

Aloe, see Maguey.



Alphabet, application of the, in Indian languages.

Alta Vista: plain of. natural ice-house of. Gracia.

Alum: European. mines.


Amasonia, arborea.

Amazon river: falls of the. valley of the. navigation of. tributary streams of. bridges over the. course of the. basin of the. plains of the. stones. locality of.

Amazons, traditions of the.


America: discovery of. rapidity of vegetation in. Savannahs of. geological structure of. early colonists of. traditons of. ancient name of. supposed identity of, with Asia. east of the Andes. English. population of. Portuguese. population of. South. plants of. forests of. missions of. natives of. waters of. pampas of. geography of. geognostic description of. configuration of. mountains of. extent of. plains of Ibib, boundaries of.

America, Spanish: inhabitants of. civil wars of. state of society in. productions of. boundaries of. frontier posts of. population of. extent of. republics of. commerce of. agriculture of. political position of.

Amerigo, Vespucci.

Andalusia, New: coasts of. mountains of. capital of. inhabitants of. earthquakes in. extent of.

Andes: ascent of the. branches of the. structure of. elevation of. etymology of the name. importance of the. of Chili.

Angostura: commerce of. geology of. bark.

Anil, see Indigo.

Animals: effects of heat and cold upon. organization of. contemplations on the nature of. hemispherical distribution of. geography of. domestic. wild, herds of.

Animals, painted representations of, by native Indians.


Antidotes, to poisons.

Antiles, the.


Ants: of the torrid zone. use of by the natives as food.

Apes, different species of.

Apparatus, electrical.

Apples, American.

Apure river: voyage on the. channel of. navigation of. junction of, with the Orinoco. fetid waters of. rise of the.

Apurito, island of.

Aquio, river.


Aragua: cotton plantations of. boundaries of. forests of. plains of. indigo grounds of. cacao plantations of. geology of. vultures of.


Araya: salt works of. Peninsula of. castle of. pearls of. inhabitants of. scarcity of rain in. geology of.

Archipelago: of St. Bernard. of Chonos. of Rosario.


Areverians, tribe of.

Areo, river.

Aroa: copper mines of. river of.

Arowaks, tribe of the.

Arrua, the.

Artabrum, promontory of.

Arvi, the.

Asia, steppes of.

Asphaltum, lake of.

Assuay, mountains of.


Astronomy, study of.

Atabapo, the: pure waters of the. banks of the.

Ataripe, cavern of.

Atlantic: temperature of the. currents in the. phenomena, in the.


Atmosphere: rapid changes in the. serenity of the. greatest heat of the. observations on the.

Atmospheric transparency, effects of, on mental and vegetable properties.


Aturajos, country of the.

Atures: rapids of. mission of. prevalence of fevers at. vegetation of. church of. tribes of. language of.

Arauca, river: birds of the.

Avila, mountain of.

Azores: new island of the. sea around the.

Balsam-trees, groves of.

Bamboos: furniture made from. region of.


Bandits of the plains.

Baracoa, commerce of.

Baragnan, passage of.

Barba de Tigre.

Barbarian, origin of the term.

Barbarism, regions in which it most prevails.

Barbula, cotton plantations of.

Barcelona, New: native population of. languages of. port of. fort of. earthquakes at. plains of. town of.

Barigon, limestones of the.

Bark: medicinal. trees.

Barometer: variations of, previous to earthquakes. horary variations of.


Baru: peninsula of. island of.


Batabano: route to. gulf of. rocks of.

Batavia, sugar cane of.

Bathing, methods of, practised by the Indians.


Baudin, Captain: expedition of to the South Seas. ascent of peak of Teneriffe, by.

Baxo de la Cotua.


Beauty, national ideas of.

Bees: peculiar to the New World. European importation of.

Beet-root sugar.

Benedictus Alexander, physiological phenomenon related by.

Beni, river.

Benzoni Girolamo: voyage of.


Bergantin: excursion to. sandstone of the.

Bermuda, islands of.

Berrio, Antonio de: expedition of.

Bertholletia excelsa, or Brazil nut tree.

Bird island.

Birds of South America: domestic. migrations of. fishing. granivorous. nocturnal, see Guacharo.

Bishop's lake.

Bitumen springs.

Blow-tubes of the Indians.

Boats of Cumana.

Bobadilla Francisco, mission founded by.

Boca de Arichuna: Chica. del Drago. Grande of Carthagena. de la Tortuga.

Bochica, or Indacanzas, priests of.

Body-painting: practice of. methods of.

Bohemia, mountains of.


Bonpland, M.: intrepidity of. tree dedicated to (Bonplandia trifoliata).

Boracha, island of.

Borachita, island of.

Botany: descriptive. of the Canary islands. of the Coral islands.

Bougainville, dissemination of the sugar cane by.

Bovadillo, expedition of.

Branco river.

Brazil: boundaries of. extent of. population of. mountains of. frontiers of. gold of.

Brazil-nut trees (Bertholletia excelsa): nut, harvest of.


Breschet, M.

Bridges: over the Amazon. of Lianas.

Brigantine: situation of the. conjunction of, with the Cocolla. descent of the.

Bruyere, description of slaves by.

Brownea, or mountain roses.

Buen Pastor, mineral springs of.

Buenos Ayres: exports of. extent of. population of. situation of. pampas of.

Burro, isle of.

Butterflies, American.

Butter: tree. from birds. from palm-fruit. from the tortoise egg.

Cabo Blanco: summit of. climate of.

Cabrera, promontory of.

Cabruta, town of.

Cabullure, river.

Cacao: port of. export of. adulteration of. harvest of. of Cumana. trees, propagation of. plants having the same properties. of Barcelona. wild. plantations.

Cactus: American. forests of. varieties of. plantations of.

Calabozo: departure from. plains of.

Calabury river.

Caldera, of Peak of Teneriffe.

Caledonia, New.

Camels: first introduction of, in America. of Forteventura. of Teneriffe.


Campoma, lake of.

Canada: basin of. lakes of.

Cananivacari, rapids of.

Canaries of Orotava: of Montana Clara.

Canary Islands: birds of the. ancient historical notices of. geology of the. fruits and plants of. aborigines of. inhabitants of. government of the. hot springs of.

Cannibal: origin of the term. chief. tribes.

Cannibalism: tribes most addicted to. in Egypt.

Cano de la Tigre.

Canoes: Indian. modes of conveying them overland. of Norfolk Island.

Caparro monkey.

Capanaparo, lake of.

Araya, salt-pits of.
De la Brea.
St. Vincent.
Three Points.
Cape Verd Islands.

Capitania, General of Caracas. government of. population of. exportation of hides from. annexation of with New Granada.

Caps, of bark.

Capuchin Hospital, near Cumana.

Capuchins: missions of. indigo, manufactures of. government of. influence of.

Caracas: city of. salt-works of. population of. valleys of. climate of. vegetable productions of. temperature of. state of society in. intelligence of the inhabitants. printing office in. mines of. earthquakes at. effects of the. departure from. flora of. Cacao, plantations of. commerce of. plains of. La Venta, or large Inn of. islands of.


Caratapona, granite islands of.

Caravalleda, sugar plantations of.

Caravanserai of San Fernando.

Cari: missions of. inhabitants of.

Cariaco: town of. valley of. climate of. population of.

Cariaco, gulf of.

Caribbean Sea: basins of the.

Caribbees, see Caribs.

Caribs: language of the. tribes of. native white race of. migrations of. ferocity. missions of. customs of. characteristics of. extermination of the. origin of the term. government of. laws of.

Carib: chief. slave-dealers. women. language of the.

Carichana: mission of. port of.

Caripe: convent of. valley of. climate of. cavern of. oil harvest of. river of. geology of.

Carizales, island of.

Carlos: del Pino. Pozo.


Carony, river: course of the. falls of. tributary streams of.

Carthagena, port of.

Cascabel, or rattlesnake.


Cascarilla-bark, see Cinchona.

Cassime, or Zodiacal Light.

Cassipagotos, tribe of.

Cassiquiare: river banks of the. encampment on the. branch of the. fertility of the. general aspect of. temperature of. navigation of.

Castanos, el Monte de.

Castile, climate of.

Castle of San Antonio: hospital of the.

Cataracts: latitude of the. of Atures. of Cariven. of Cunuri. of Guaharibos. of Maypures. of the Orinoco. navigation of the. scenery of the. of Rio Caroni. of Quittuna.


Cattle: of the plains. exportation of hides. European.

Cavern: of Ataripe. of Caripe. of Dantoe. of the Guacharo.

Caverns: origin of. geological formations of. of Derbyshire. of Franconia.

Cayman, see Crocodile: islands. geology of. situation of.


Cayo: Bonito. de Cristoval. Flamenco. Piedras. de Perez.

Cecropia, the.

Cedeno, river.

Centurion, Don M., expedition of.

Ceremonies, religious, of the Indians.

Cerro de Flores.

Cerros de Sipapo.

Ceylon, pearl fisheries of.

Chacaito, river of.

Chamberg, island of.

Charts: inaccuracies of. of Vespucci.

Chaymas: missions of the. nation of. physiognomy of. habits of. physical conformation of. mental inaptitude of. language of. colour of.

Chayma women.

Chemistry, vegetable.

Chiquires, or water hogs.

Chile: mountains of.

Chimanas, groups of.

Chimborazo, chain of.

Churches: of Cumana. of Caracas.

Chocolate, preparation of.

Cigars, exportation of, from Cuba.

Cinchona, or Cascarilla bark.

Cinnamon, or Canela tree.

Civilization: causes which tend to retard the progress of. advance of, between the tropics. effects of, on the human countenance. physical evils attending. grades of. course of. humanizing influence of. promoted by river-intercourse. and slavery.

Claystone (Thonschiefer): muriatiferous.

Climate of America: causes of the variableness of, in corresponding latitudes.

Cloquet, M., on physiognomy.

Cocoa, see cacao.

Cocollar: ascent of the. climate of. elevation of the.

Cocuy, harem of.

Cocuyza, peak of.

Coffee trees: propagation of. cultivation of, at Caripe. at Caracas. plantations of. abundant produce of. berries. of the Havannah.

American society in the.
Colonists of America.

Colorado river.

Colonization, progress of.

Colour: causes of the different shades of, in the human family. of the native Indians. aristocracy of.

Columbia: republic of. mines of.

Columbus, Christopher: early discoveries of. his estimation of gold. tomb of. journal of.

Columbus, Ferdinand, description of the Indians by.

Combustion, volcanic.

Commerce, future advantages to.

Concepcion de Urban.

Concervo, island of.

Congo river.

Conorichite, river.


Consejo, see Mammon.

Constellations of the torrid zone.

Contagion: of fevers, facts relating to. of the plague. Dr. Bailey's opinion on the.

Convent of Caripe.

Conuco, or Farm of Bermudez.

Coral: formation of. rocks. snake.

Cordillera: of the Andes. of Baraguaro. near Cumana. native inhabitants of the. climate of. volcanic nature of the. of the coast. Real de Neve.

Corn: European. cultivation of, in the equinoctial regions. limits of the growth of.

Cortez, Hernan.

Cortex Angosturae.

Corunna: port of. mountains of. light house of. departure from.

Cosmogony, theory of.

Cotopaxi, mountain of.

Cotton: native manufactures of. trees of America. cultivation of. plantations of.

Courbrail, the.

Cow-tree (Palo de Vaca).

Cows in the torrid zone.

Creole sugar cane, introduction of the, into West Indies.

Creoles, nobility of the.

Crocodiles: groups of. ferocity of. summer sleep of. instinct of. oil of, used medicinally. effect of heat and cold upon. food of. flesh of, sold for food. habits of. modes of destroying. of Algodonol. of the Havannah. of Latie Valencia. of Manzanares. of the Nile. of Rio Adeuas Calentes. of Rio Cabulare. of Rio Neveri. of the Orinoco. of Uritucu.

Crystals: formation of.

Cuba: coffee plantations of. agriculture of. extent of. population of. political importance of. inhabitants of. position of. geology of. minerals of. climate of. turtles of. voyage of Cortez to. ports of. shores of. temperature of. dioceses of. government of. colonization of. public institutions of. commerce of. tobacco plantations of. productions of. revenue of.

Cuba and the slave trade.

Cubagua: island of. pearls of. native deer of.

Cuchivano: Risco or crevice of. tigers of the. forests of. gold mines of. caverns of.

Culebra, island of.

Culimacari, rock of.

Cumana: city of. geology of. forests of. frequency of earthquakes in. population of. plains of. port of. climate of. ancient name of. slave market of. government of. mountains of. cacao of. languages of. trading boats of. departure from. return to. geology of. governor of.

Cumanacoa: town of. tobacco plantations of. indigo plantations of. geology of.

Cumanagoto: subdued tribes of.

Cunavami, mountains of.


Cunucunumo river.

Cunuri, cataract of.

Cura, the.

Curare, or vegetable poison, see Poisons.

Curacicanas, cotton manufactures of the.

Currents: equinoctial, in the Atlantic. causes of. variations of the. seeds and fruits, deposited by.


Cuspa, or Cinchona tree, medicinal properties of.

Cuzco, city of.

Dagysa notata, a mollusc, discovered by Sir J. Banks.

Darien: coast of. gold of the. gulf of.

Dairies of Andalusia.

Dances of the Indians.

Dapa, island of.

Dapicho, or fossil India-rubber. preparation of. growth of.

Daripe, San Miguel de.

Decrement of heat, laws of the.

Deer, American.

Deformities, natural, total absence of, among the Indians.

Deity, ideas of the, held by native Indians.

Delpeche, printing office established by.

Delta, the plains of the.

Deluge, traditions of the.

Demerara: settlement of.

Depons, M., opinions of, on Lake of Valencia.

Deserts of the New World: dangers of travelling in.

Devil's Nook (Rincon del Diablo).

Dialects, Indian: analogy of. affinity of. diversity of.

Diamante: island of. sugar plantations of.

Diamonds: cutting of, first invented. legends of.

Diego de Losada, town founded by.

Diego de Ordaz.

Dirt-eating, a custom of the Ottomacs.

Diseases most prevalent in America.

Divinity, native ideas of.

Dolphins: of the river Manzanares. of the Temi.

Dornajito, spring of.

Don Alexandro Mexia.

Don Jose de Manterola.

Don Nicolas Soto, travels with.

Don Vincent Emparan, Governor of Cumana: intelligence and hospitality of.

Dorado: district of. expeditions to. de la Parima.

Doubts, geographical, respecting the junction of great rivers.

Dragon-tree: height and antiquity of. juice of the.

Dresses of the native Indians.

Duida: volcano of. peak of the.

Durasno, hill of, levelled by the Marquis de Nava.

Dutch: settlements. Guiana.

Earth: oscillation of the. undulations of. effects of, on men and animals.

Earth-eating: practice of. effects of. in Asia. among animals.

Earths, odoriferous.

Earthquakes: causes of. connection of, with the atmosphere, preceding the shock. connection of, with volcanic eruptions. frequent shocks of, in towns distant from volcanoes. effects of, on the sea. on the shoals. annual indications of. atmospheric indications of. phenomena of. theories of. at Caracas. at Cumana. at Lima. in Mexico. at Morro Roxo. in Peru. at Riobamba.

Eclipse: of the moon. of the sun, effects of.

Eels: electric. varied species of. modes of fishing for. habits of the. dangers attending the shock from. medicinal properties of the.

Eggs of the turtle: fisheries of, on the river Orinoco. harvest of. season for laying. method of depositing. immense numbers of.

Egypt: crocodiles of. traditions of.

El Castillo.

El Castillito, rock of.

El Cucurucho de Coco, mountain of.

El Dorado: legends of. etymology of. traditions of. legendary city of.

El Moro, or fort of Barcelona.

El Penol de los Banos.

El Roncador.

Electricity: theory of. Indian knowledge of. effects of, on horses. transmission of the shock. dangerous effects of. atmospheric.

Elevation of mountains, maxima of.

Emancipation of slaves.

Emeralds, supposed mines of.

Encampments, Indian.

Encaramada: port of. mountains of. natives of. legends of.



Equator, crossing the.

Equinox: autumnal. vernal.

Errors, geographical.

Eruptions, volcanic: connection of, with earthquakes.

Erythrina, the.

Esmeralda: mission of. origin of the colony. monkeys of. villa of. native tribes of. departure from. mosquitos of. longitude of.

Essay, political, on the island of Cuba.

Essequibo: English colony of. missionaries of. river.

Estevan: river. acqueducts of.

Esquimaux: countries of the. colour of the.

Etna, eruptions, and lava of.

Europe, departure of the author from.

Europeans: dangers of a tropical climate to. influence of. on slavery.

Evaporation: theory of. effects of, on the atmosphere.

Exhalations, inflammable.

Eye-stones, remarkable properties of the.

Facts, pathological, relating to fevers.

Falling-stars: observations on.

Faxardo, Francisco: town founded by. island of.

Features, mobility and immobility of, in men and animals.

Females, Indian, condition of.

Fernando, Cortez.

Ferns: arborescent. geographical distribution of.

Ferrol, port of.

Fever: American typhus. propagation of. yellow, first appearance of the. limits and spread of. proximate cause of. prevalence of. treatment of.

Fevers: prevalence of, in the islands of the Orinoco. remedies for. pathological facts relating to. epidemic, in the region of Cariaco.

Fig tree.

Fires: nocturnal, in the Llanos. subterranean.

Fish: caribe or cannibal. electrical. action of. of the Nile. flying, formation of. flour. bread.

Fishes, respiration of.

Fishing, singular methods of.

Florida: bees of.

Flour: of the United States. stores of Caracas

Forests: American. zone of. effects of the diminution of. on the Caribbean Sea. of Catuaro. of cedar. of mahogany. of palm trees. of Pimichin. of Punzera. of Venezuela.

Formations: geologic. volcanic.


Fortunate Islands.

Fossil remains: discovery of. study of.

Francisco, Lozano: remarkable physiological phenomenon of. of Pampeluna.

Fray Ramon Bueno: residence of. remarks of, on the habits of the Ottomacs.

Fruits: of Antimano. of Araya. of Caracas. of Macarao.

Fucus, or sea-weed, banks of, in the Atlantic.

Fuente de Sanchorquiz.

Galicia: scenery of. mines. plants of.

Galipano, mountain of.

Gallitos, or rock manikin.

Gardens, botanical, of Orotava.


Garzes, or white herons.

Geognosy: of America. laws of.

Geology: queries in. problem of. basis of the study of. of America. of Aragua. of the Canary Islands. of Cumana. applied to mining and agriculture. of Mariara. of Peak of Teneriffe. of volcanoes.

Geophagy, details of.

Geography: errors in. nature of. by M. Leschenault. of America. of plants.

Girolamo, Benzoni: account of the slave trade by. voyage of.

Glass, volcanic.

Glorieta de Cocuy.

Glue, natural.

Gneiss. strata of. formation of. strata of.

Goats, of Peak of Teneriffe.

Gold. early use of, as a medium of exchange. of Brazil. districts. their legends. mines of Baruta. of Buria. of Cuba. of Paria. of Rincomada. of San Juan. of the valley of Tuy. ornaments, worn by native Indians. washings. of Brazil. produce of.

de las Damas.
Gomara, history of the Parians by.

Gomora, island of.

Gonzales Pizarro.

Govierno de Cumana: prevailing languages in the.

Graciosa, island of.

Grammars, American, collected by the author's brother.

Granite: formations. varieties of. of Cape Finisterre. of Guiana. islands. mountains. rocks.

Gravina, Admiral.

Greenland: language of. inhabitants of.

Greenstone, strata of.

Grenada, New: connexion of, with foreign colonies. commerce of. extent of. population of. mountains of.

Grenada, island of.

Grotto: of Caripe. of Muggendorf.

Grottoes: formation of. varied structure of, in both hemispheres.

Guacara, Indians.

Guachaco, island of.

Guacharo, or nocturnal bird: cavern of the. description of the. oil or butter procured from. pyramid of. majestic peak of.

Guadaloupe: hot springs of. volcano of.

Guahaibos: natives of. cataract of.

Guaineres, tribe of.

Guamo Indians, tribe of. habits of the.

Guanaguana: mission of. fertile valley of. mules of. geological formations of.

Guanches. origin of the. extinction of the race. laws of. mummy caves of. language of. successors of the.


Guaraons: tribe of. character and habits of the. habitations of.

Guarapiche, river.


Guatavita, sacred lake of.

Guatimala, extent and population of.


Guaurabo, river.

Guaviare: river of. plains of.

Guaiana, Old: fort of.

Guayanos, tribes of.


Guayguaza, river: fords of the.

Guaypunaves, warlike chief of.

Guayqueria Indians: district of the. origin of. habits of. language of.

Guayra, La: voyage to. fevers in. port of. climate of. valleys of. fortifications of. coasts of. earthquakes at. exports of.

Guayra river: source of the. swells of the.


Guainia river: frontier posts on the.

Guiana: supposed mineral wealth of. natives of. missions of. population of. maps of. granites of. auriferous soil of. English. Spanish. capitals of. commerce of.

Guigue: mountains of. village of.

Guines: port of. canal of.

Gulf Stream: temperature of the. breadth of the. course of the.

Gulf: of Cariaco. traditions of the. hot springs of. cacao plantations of. coasts of. of Batabano. of Darien. of Maracaybo. of Mexico. of Mochima. of Panama. of Paria. of Santa Fe. of Santa Marta. of Uraba.

Gulfs, subterranean.


Gymnotus: experiments on the. influence of, on other fish. shocks from the. electrical apparatus of the.

Gypsum: of Araya. of the LLanos.

Hacienda de Cura.

Hail-storms, phenomena of.

Hanno, early travels of.

Hateros, or farmers, wealth of the.

Hato: de Alta Gracia. del Cayman, inhabitants of the. del Cocollar.

Havannah, The: state of society in. fevers of. voyage to. arrival at. commerce of. town of. climate of. population of. slave population of. fortifications of. sugar plantations of. conquest of. coffee plantations of. port of. wealth of. revenue of.


Haiti (Hayti): language of. copper of. population of.

Hay tree.

Heat: decrement of. atmospheric, parts of the New World most exposed to.

Heaths: arborescent. of Teneriffe. existence of. zone of.

Hercules, tower of, in Galicia.

Hernan Cortez: discoveries of. shipwreck of. Perez de Quesada.


Herrera, Alonzo de, expedition of.

Hides, exportation of.

Hieroglyphic rock-marks.

Higuerote: bay of. departure from. mountains. vegetation on the.

Himalaya mountains: height of the.

History, natural, museum of, at Madrid.

Hocco, or American pheasant.

Homes of native Indians.


Hondius: map of America, by. errors of.


Horizon, distant visibility of the.



Horses of the Llanos: contests of, with electric eels.

Hospital at Caripe.





Hudson's Bay.

Hunger, physiology of.

Huten, Felipe de, expedition of.

Huts of the natives.

Huttonian theory.


Iceland, introduction of Christianity into.

Ice-house, natural, of Peak of Teneriffe.

Idapa, mouth of the.

Idioms: American. grammatical system of.

Iguana, nests of the.

Imposible, mountain: geological conformation of the.

Indians of the missions: compared with free tribes. great age attained by. language of.

Indians: first meeting with. festivals of. settlement of, on the salt lakes. superstitions of. characteristic traits of. religious instruction of. religious principles of. rencontre with. manners of. food of. tribes of. apathy of. physiology of. colour of. system of navigation practised by. districts of the. hire of, as beasts of burden. languages of. intellectual development of. encampments of. intrepidity of. cannibalism of the.

Indians: of Barcelona. copper coloured, districts of. of Cuba. dwarf, tribes of. fair, tribes of. country of. of the Guainia. of Maguiritares. of the Orinoco. distribution of the hordes. of Panapana. of Pararuma. of Rio Negro.

Indigo, or Anil: culture and manufacture of. exportation of. early use of by the Mexicans. of Aragua. of Batabano. of Guainia. of Mijagual.

Indios andantes, or wandering tribes of Indians.

Infanticide, Indian practice of.

Infierno, or Hell rock.

Inheritance, laws of.

Insect-food, used by the Indians.

Insects: American. phosphorescent, of the Torrid Zone. plague of.

Instruments, musical, of the Indians.

Insurrections, Indian.

Interment, Indian modes of.


Inundations: causes of.

Isla: Clara. de Uruana. vieja de la Manteca.

Islands: origin of. of the South Sea. volcanic.

Islote, granite island of.

Italy, travels in.


Javanavo, island of.

Jaguar tigers: size of. haunts of. rencontre with. intrepidity of. familiarity of. varieties of.

Jamaica: coffee plantations of. slave trade of. sugar plantations of.

James, Mr. Edwin, geology of the Mississippi by.

Jardinillos: coral rocks of. flats of the.

Javariveni: island of. rapids of.

Javita: the Indian chief. San Antonio de, mission of. forests of. salt manufactures of. isthmus of.


Jesuit Missions, destruction of the.

Jesuits: suppression of. wars of the.

Joval, tigers of the.

Juagua, river.

Juan Gonzales, intelligence and premature death of.

Jarumo tree.

Juliac, M., skilful treatment of the yellow fever by.

Junction of rivers, doubts respecting the.

Jupura, river.

Juruario, river.

Keri: valley of. rocks of.

Keymis, Lawrence, travels of.

Kings: of the Guanches. of Mexico. of the Manitivitanos.

La Boca.

La Cabrera, peninsula of.

La Concepcion de Piritu.

La Guayra, see Guayra.

La Mina, ravine of.

La Valle, medicated waters of.

La Vega.

La Venta of Caracas.

La Vibora.

La Victoria, road to.

Lafayette, on the emancipation of slaves.


Laguna: situation of. town of. climate of. Chica. Grande, port of. del Obispo. Parima.

Lake: Amucu. of asphaltum. of Campoma. of Capanaparo. Cassipa. Erie. Manoa. Ontario. Parima. traditions of. first geographical notice of. Putacuao. Superior. Xarayes.

Lancerota: volcanic region of. inhabitants of. capital of.

Landmarks, natural.

Language: influence of, on the diversity of nations. construction and mechanism of. Arabic. Biscayan. of the Caribbees. Chayma. its relation to the Tamanac. grammatical construction of. Coptic. of Greenland. Maypure. Tamanac.

Languages: varieties of, in the New Continent. analogy of. affinity of. classification of. grammatical construction of. study of. difficulty of acquiring, experienced by the Indian. American. European.



Latin, early knowledge of.

Laurels, zone of.

Lava: strata of. primitive rock in.

Leap of the Toucan.

Legends: of the deluge. of the gold districts. of headless men. of the Indians. of monkeys. of the salvaje.

Leschenault, M., on geophagy.

Lichens, zone of.

Light: phosphoric. of the stars, intensity of. volcanic, cause of. zodiacal. variations of.

Lima: state of society in. town of.

Limestone: formations of. of Caripe. of Cumanacoa. secondary. of Penas Negras.

Lines, isothermal.


Llaneros: characteristics of the.

Llano del Retama.

Llanos: latitude of the. basins of the. arid plains of. banks of the. landscape of. subdivisions of the. origin of the. reptiles of the. electric eels of the. geological construction of. hot winds of the. cattle of the. proportions of the. of New Barcelona. of Caracas. of Cumana. del Pao. of Rio de la Plata. of Venezuela.


Lobos, island of.

Lomas of St. Juan.

Lopez de Aguirre.

Los Aparecidos.

Los Budares.

Los Penones.

Los Teques, mountains of.

Los Vueltas.

Maelstrom, doubted existence of the.

Macarao, fruits of.


Machine, electrical, invented by a native.

Maco Indians: habits of the.

Macusis, tribe of.

Magdalena, river: course of the. navigation of. serpents of the.

Madrid, visit of the author to.

Magellan, straits of.

Maguey, or Aloe: cord from the fibres of the.

Mahates, town of.

Mahogany: forests of. of Cuba. of Pinos.

Maiquetia, cocoa trees of.

Mairan on zodiacal light.


Malaria, supposed causes of.

Malpasso, geology of.


Mammee tree.

Mammon or Consejo: miraculous image of the Virgin at.

Manimi, mountain of.

Man: geographical distribution of the races of. difference of colour in. physical effects of civilization upon. different characteristics of.

Manapiari river.

Manco, Inca, flight of.

Mandavaca, mission of.


Manatee (Manati): of the river Apure. of the island of Cuba.


Maniquarez: inhabitants of. village of. potteries of. petroleum, springs of.

Manoa, expedition to.

Manzanares, the: bar of the. banks of the. Indian custom of bathing in.

Mapara, cataract of.

Maps: of America. of Cuba.

Mar Blanco.

Maracay: inhabitants of. situation of.

Maracaybo (Maracaibo), port of.

Maravaca, or Sierra Mariguaca.

Marepizanas, tribe of.

Margareta (Margarita), island of.

Marguerita, island of.

Mariara: peaks of. geological construction of. hot springs of. medicinal waters of.

Marl formations.

Maroa, mission of.


Matacona, river.


Mataveni, river.

Matanzas. hamlet of. origin of the name.



Mauritia-palm, or sago-tree.

Mauritius, sugar canes, first brought to the.

Mavaca, river.

Maxima of mountain elevation.

Maypures: climate of. luxuriant vegetation of. village of. cataract of. inhabitants of. potteries of. birds of. animals of. language.


Meat: consumption of.

Mediterranean Sea: formation of the. basins of the. of the west.

Medusas, or sea-nettles: phosphoric properties of.

Memnon, statue of, probable cause of the sounds issuing from.




Meta, river: plains of the.

Meteorology, main problem of.

Meteors: connection of, with the undulations of the earth. falling. fiery, seen at Cumana. luminous.

Mexico, or New Spain: connection of, with foreign colonies. native population of. state of society in. nobility of. wheat of. government of. agriculture of. extent of.

Miasma, experiments on.

Mica-slate, formations of.


Migration: of nations. of insects. of plants. difficulties of the theory.

Milk: distribution of animals yielding. vegetable. analysis of. tree.


Mines: of alum. of Aroa. of Buria. of Caracas. of Columbia. of copper. of emeralds. deserted. of gold. of Granada. of Guanaxuato. of Los Teques. of Santa Rosa. of silver.

Mining, geology applied to.

Mirage: effects of. phenomena of.

Mission: of Atures. of Carichana. of the Capuchins. inhabitants of the. capital of. government of the. of Carony. of Catuaro. of the Chayma Indians. of Guanaguana. of Javita. of Maroa. of Pararuma. of Piritu. native tribes of the. of San Antonio. of San Balthasar, on the Orinoco. of San Borja, of Santa Cruz. of Uruana.

Missionary: life of the. influence of. general character of the.

Missions: first establishment of in America. etymology of the names. interpreters of the. of the Upper Orinoco.

Mississippi: earthquakes in the valleys of the. basin of the.

Mochima, gulf of.

Mocundo, sugar plantations of.

Monkeys: anatomical cause of the cry of. natural phenomena of. distance at which the cry may be heard. rare species of. legends of. Capuchin. of Valencia. of Vuelta Basilio.

Monks: of the Cataracts. Catalonian.


Montana Clara. canary birds of. de Paria, strata of.

Monte Verde.


Moon: prismatic colours round the. total eclipse of the. names for the.

Morro Roxo.

Morros of San Juan.

Mosquitos. plague of. various species. effects of the sting of. migration of. voracity of. sting of. scourge of. disappearance of. of Maypure.

Mountain: scenery. chains. geological constitution of. chains, transverse. vegetation. ridges.

Mountaineers, district of.

Mountains: origin of. structure of. systems of. maxima of the heights of. of Andalusia. of Araya. of Avila. basaltic. of Brazil. of Buenavista. calcareous. conical, peculiarities of. of Cumana. of Cariaco. of Encaramada. of Guanaja. of Higuerote. of Meapera. of Parime. of Santa Maria. of Santa Marta. of Silla and Cordera. of Venezuela. volcanic, shape of. geology of. isolated position of. sinking of, during an earthquake. of Yumariquin.

Mucuju river.

Mulattoes: of Araya. of Guadaloupe. characteristics of.

Mules, American.

Mummies of Ataruipe.

Mummy-caves of the Guanches.

Music of the Indians.


Myths, ancient.

Naga, peak of.

Nao, lake of.

Naphtha, natural springs of.

Nations: of the New World, supposed origin of. causes of the shades of colour in the. Anthropophragitic. Indian.

Native: boatmen. hordes, distribution of. Indians, subtlety of. varied colour of. manner of living. characteristics of. legends of the. rafts of the. infanticide encouraged by. polygamy of the. population. white race. worship, objects of.

Nature: tranquillity of. immutable laws of.

Navigation: new system of. Indian mode of.

Needle, magnetic, variations in the.


Negro population.

Negroes: sale of. festivals of. municipality of. mortality of. moral condition of. emancipation of. importation of.

Negroes of valley of Tuy.

Negro, Rio, the: its source. tributaries of the. oscillations of. basin of the.

Neiva, valley of.

Nettles, see Medusas.

Barcelona, see Barcelona.
Valencia, see Valencia.
Neveri, river.

Grenada, see Grenada.
Spain, see Mexico.
Toledo, see Toledo.
Niger, sands of the.

Night in the woods of America.

Niguator, mountain of.

Nile: crocodiles of the. periodical risings of the.

Niopo, or Indian snuff.

Nobility: of Spanish America. badge of. of complexion.

Noon, in the tropics.

Numbers, difficulty of acquiring a knowledge of.

Oak, magnitude and antiquity of the.

Observations: astronomical. meteorological.

Obsidian: weapons made of. varieties of. origin of.

Ocean: temperature of the. currents in the. phosphoresence of the, see Humboldt's Views of Nature. aerial.

Ochsenberg, mountain of.


Oil: obtained from the birds of Caripe. of the cocoa nut. of the crocodile, medicinal properties of the. of the manatee. of the turtle egg. sale of.

Omaguas, province of the.

Optical illusion.

Orang-otang, the.

Orange trees: of America. of Cuba. of Spain.

Orchila: island of. geology of.

Ordaz, expeditions of.

Orinoco: course of the. waters of the. water levels of. navigation of. junctions of the. celebrated bifurcation of the. sinuosities of the. breadth of. temperature of. insalubrious winds of the. connection of, with the Amazon. source of. confluence of. periodical swellings of. current of. branches of the. origin of the name. ancient name of. tributary streams of. accident on the. aspect of the, from Uruana. coast scenery of the. district of the. great cataracts of the. islands of the. mountains of the. monkeys of the. vegetation on the banks of the. Lower, dangerous navigation of. basin of the. Upper, course of the. cataracts of. mountains of. valley of.

Orotava: port of. town of. fruits of. society in.

Ortiz, volcanic strata of.

Otaheite, sugar canes of, first introduced into America.


Ottomac Indians: customs of. physiological phenomena of. character and habits of.

Ouavapavi monkey.

Oviedo y Banos, the historiographer: description of Lake Valencia, by.


Pacimoni river.

Padaviri river.

Palm-trees: forests of. groves of. classification of. utility of the. of Cuba. of the Llanos. of Piritu. cordage. cabbage. oil. wine.

Palo de Vaca, see Cow-tree.

Pampas, or steppes: origin of the term. extent of. of Buenos Ayres.

Panama, isthmus of.


Panumana, island of.

Pao: town of. river of.


Paper, substitutes for.

Paraguay river.

Pararuma, encampment of Indians at.

Paria: promontory of. coast of. origin of the name. inhabitants of.

Parians, history of the.

Parima: district of. river. lake of. traditions of.

Parkinsonia aculeata.

Parnati river.

Parroquets, flocks of.

Pascua, valley of.

Pasto, town of.

Pasturage: region of. cultivation of the.

Patagonia: mountains of. plains of.

Patagonians, origin of.

Pathology of fevers.

Pays de Vaud, scenery of, compared with Valencia.

Peak: of Ayadyrma, or Echerdo. of Calitamini. of Cocunza. of Cuptano. of Duida. of Guacharo. of the Silla, see Silla. of Teneriffe. ascent of. scenery of the. crater of. temperature of the. descent from. structure of. geology of. historical notice of. eruptions of. vegetation on the. of Teyde. Uriana.

Pearls: early use of, by the Americans. revenue arising from the sale of. modes of procuring.

Pearl coast: situation of the. fisheries of Cubagua. rapid diminution of. of Ceylon. of Margareta. of Panama. oyster, methods of taking the. destruction of.

Pedro: Keys. shoals.



Peru: summits of. nobility of. government of. extent of. population of. mountains of. frontiers of.



Petroleum: origin of. springs. of Maniquarez.

Pheasant, American.

Phenomena: atmospheric. of earthquakes. electric. geognostic. geological. of hailstones. magnetic. meteorological. natural. physiological. of vegetable sleep.

Phenomenon: volcanic, series of. luminous. optical. physical.


Phosphoresence of the sea.

Physiognomy: causes of tribal features. shades of.

Physiology: of man. of animals.

Piedra: rapids of the. de la Paciencia, a rock in the middle of the Orinoco. Raton. del Tigre.

Pigments: Indian. general use of.

Pimichin, forests of.

Pine-apples: of Baruto. wild.

Pino del Dornajito: spring of.

Pinos, island of.

Pirijao palm.

Piritu: islands of. palm trees of.

Piton: of Teneriffe of the Teyde.

Plain: of Charas. of Retama.

Plains: culture and population of. continuity of. of the Amazon. of Caracas. of Europe. of Rio de la Plata. of the Tuy, of Venezuela.

Plane-tree, antiquity of the.

Plants: phenomena of the sleep of. experiments on the air from. distribution of. migration of. malaria of. cordage from. milk of. arborescent. aromatic. cruciform. of the island of Teneriffe. of the islands of Valencia. medicinal. of North America. parasitic. resinous. of South America. succulent.


Plata: Rio de la. plains of the.

Poison: Curare, preparation of the. effects of, on the system.

Poisons, vegetable, peculiar to the New World.

Polygamy, Indian practice of.

Popa, convent de la.

Population, compared with territory. of Angostura. of Brazil. of Buenos Ayres. of Caracas. of Cariaco. of Chile. of the colonies. of Cuba. of Cumana. of Grenada. of Guatimala. of Guiana. of Mexico. native. of Peru. of Porto Rico. of Quito. of Spanish America. of the United States. of Upata. of Venezuela.

Porpoises: phosphoresence caused by. of the river Apure.

Portachuelo, promontory of.

Portages on the rivers.

Portland Rock.

Porto Cabello: saltworks of. departure from. geology of. Rico, extent of. population of.

Portuguese: settlements of. colonists.

Portus Magnus.

Potato, cultivation of the.

Pottery, early manufacture of.

Potteries, Indian.

Powders, intoxicating, used by the Indians.

Poya, or balls of earth, consumption of.


Priests of Tomo.

Printing-office, of Caracas.

Prognostications by the author of the great earthquake at Caracas.

Prussic acid, discovery of.

Puerto de Arriba.


plantations of.
Punzera: plains of. wild silk of.

Python, the.

Pyramid of Guacharo.

Quaquas, warlike tribe of.

Quartz, veins of.

Quebrada, or ravines: de Aguas Calientes. del Oro. de Seca. de Tipe.


Queries, geological.

Quetepe: plain and spring of. view of.

Quince-tree: fruit of the.

Quindiu: mountains of.


Quipos, or knotted cords, use of.

Quirabuena, see Mandavaca.

Quito: province of. summits of. volcanic nature of the kingdom. earthquakes in. town of. state of society in. civilization of. sheep of. extent of. population of. political position.

Quittuna, cataract of.

Races: antiquity of. differences of. proportion of. jealousies of. disappearance of. Anglo Saxon. mixed. native, affinity of. native, white.

Rafts: Indian. natural, of the Orinoco.

Rain: scarcity of, in Araya. frequency of, at Caracas. periodical seasons of. electrical. equatorial. prognostics of. tropical. causes of.

Raleigh, Sir W.: voyages of. expeditions of.

Rambleta, plain of.

Ranges, volcanic.

Rapids: navigation and causes of. of Atures. of Piedra.

Raudal: of Cameji. of Canucari. of Cariven. of Garcita. of Javariveni. of Marimara. of Tobaje.

Raudals, elevation of, see Cataracts.

Raya, Indians.

Reactions, volcanic.

Redoute, M., work of, on Roses.


Region of perpetual snow.

Religion of the Indians.

Republics of Spanish America.


Retama, plain of.

Rhododendrons, zone of.

Rialexo de Aboxo.

Rinconada, gold mines of.

Rincon del Diablo, see Devil's Nook.

Rivers: junctions of. advantages of. changes in the courses of. causes of the swelling of. source of the five great streams. of Cuba. of hot water.

The following rivers are referred to under their respective
alphabetical entries:
Rio Apure, Aguas Calientes, Amazon, Aquio, Areo, Aroa, Atabapo,
Arauca, Beni, Cabullare, Calaburg, Chacaito, Congo, Carony, Esteven,
Essequibo, Guiamo Guayre, Guaurapo, Jagua, Jupura, Juruario,
Manzanares, Matacona, Mataveni, Negro, Neveri, Orinoco, Parima, Plata,
Sinu, Sipapo, Sodomoni, Suapure, Tocuyo, Tomo.
Roca: de Afuera. del Infierno.


Rocks: strata of. classification of. geological arrangement of. incrustations of. nature of. subterranean fires in. caverns of. varieties of. worship of. antediluvian. auriferous. of Cabo Blanco. which compose the island of Teneriffe. of the plains. painted (Tepu-mereme). phonolitic. pyrogenic. sculptured. volcanic.

Rum, manufacture of.

Sabrina: island of. origin and destruction of.

Sacrifices, human.

Sago-trees, see Mauritia palm.

Salive Indians.

Salt: geognostical phenomena of. substitutes for. lake of Penon Blanco. marshes, of Cerro de la Vela. works of Araya. revenue yielded to the government by. of Caracas. of Porto Cabello. of San Antonio de Javita.

Salvaje, or wild man of the woods.

San: Antonio, castle of. geology of. Carlos. Domingo. coffee plantations of. sugar plantations of. Fernando. Fernando de Apure. temperature of, trade of. de Atabapo. political importance of. plantations of. Francisco, Solano. Josef, island of. Juan river. Juan de los Remedios. Juanillo, ravine of. Luis de Cura, see Villa Cura. del Encaramada. Mateo. Pedro, valley of.

Sanchorquiz, spring of.

Sandstone: formations. varieties of. of the Llanos. of the Orinoco.

Sanscrit language.

Santa Barbara.

Santa Cruz: situation of. town of. Humboldt's departure from. Indian village of. de Cachipo.

Santa Fe de Bogota: gulf of.

Santiago: ruins of. present name of.

Santos, Don Antonio.

Sarsaparilla (Zarza): varieties of.

Savages: countries of. character of. state of, in the torrid and temperate zones. mental inaptitude of. difference of colour in. encampment of. festivals of. food of. origin of.

Savannahs: origin of. floods in. extent of. distribution of. of Atures. of Caripe. of Invernadero del Garzel. of Lagartero. of Louisiana. of Lower Orinoco.

Schonbrunn, conservatories of.

Scylax, travels of.

Sea: vegetation in the. phosphorescence of the. volcanic shocks in the. temperature of, see Ocean. Caribbean. weeds. distinct banks of. remarkable specimen of. shores.

Seasons: changes in the. of rain and storm.

Seeds, tide-borne.

Serpents: summer sleep of.



Shells, petrifactions of.

Ship-building, American.


Shocks: electric. dangerous effects of. transmission of. theory of. of the gymnotus.

Shrubs: mountain. aromatic.

Siapa, see Idapa.

Sienega of Batabano.

Sierra: de Cochabamba. del Guacharo. Mariare. de Meapire, cacao plantations of. Nevada de Santa Maria. de la Parime. strata of the.

Silk of the palm-tree.

Silla of Caracas: ascent of the. peaks of the. summit of the. precipice of. descent from the. strata of.

Sipapo, river: forests of. mountains of.

Sinu, river.

Skeletons, Indian.

Slates: strata of. formations.

Slaves: elevation of, to farmers and landowners. manumission of. importation of. rights of. punishment of. Sabbath of. of the Canary Islands. of Cumana. of Venezuela. of Victoria. fugitive, capture of.

Slave dealers: routes of the. food. labour. price of.

Slave laws:
Slave: market, at Cumana. trade. commercial establishments to facilitate the. causes which led to the abolition of. Benzoni, on the. Spanish.

Slavery, statistics of.

Snakes, antidote to the venom of.


Society: zones of. three ages of. effects of earthquakes upon.

Sodomoni river.

Soils, auriferous.

Solano: expeditions of. residence of.


Sounds: analogy of. propagation of. rapid transmission of. resemblance of. nocturnal propagation of. subterranean.

South Sea Islands.

Spain: journey through. possessions of, in America.

Spaniards: first settlement of. descendants of.

Speier, George von.

Springs: of Europe and America. temperature of. of warm water. origin of. of hot water. of bitumen. of Caracas. of Caripe. of Mariara. medicinal properties of. of mineral tar, see Petroleum. of Mount Imposible. of Quetepe. sulphureous.



Stars: constellations of. radiance of. falling. magnitude of.

States, American.

Stone: of the eye. butter.

Stones: Amazon. locality of. painted, locality of. worship of.

St. Juan de la Rambla, malmsey wine of.

St. Michael.

St. Thomas de la Guiana.

Strata: inclination of. maxima of. enumeration of. parallelism of. calcareous. primitive. of Sierra Parime. secondary. tertiary. transition.

Stylites, sect of.

Styptic, natural.

Suapure river.

Succession, laws of.

Sugar: manufacture of. prices of. preparations from. refining of. profits of. machinery for. from beet-root. of Cuba. of St. Domingo. of slave colonies. of Trinidad.

Sugar cane: plantations of. cultivation of the. first introduction of, to America. geographical distribution of the. Creole.

Sulphur, beds of.

Sun: effects of the, on plants. eclipse of the. Indian names for the. worship of the. temple of the.


Swallows, migration of.

Swine, wild, herds of.

Tacarigua: lake of. mountains of.

Tacoronte, valley of.

Tamanac: nation and language. historical tradition of the.




Temanfaya, volcano of.

Temi river: navigation of the.

Teneriffe: peak of. camels of. island of. temperature of. botanical gardens of. geognosy of. fruits and plants of. aborigines of. feudal government of.

Termites, ravages of the.

Terra Firma: old and new routes to. situation of, in relation to the island of Cuba. insalubrity of. seven provinces of. seasons in. coast defences of.

Tetas: de Managua. de Tolu.

Teyde, peak of.

Theatre of Caracas.

Theocritus, translations from.

Theories: of earthquakes. of electricity. of migration.

Thermometer, use of, in navigation.

Thonschiefer, see Clay-slate.

Thunder, subterranean.


Tide-borne fruits.

Tierra del Fuego: straits of. islands of.

Tiger, ravine.

Tigers, see Jaguar. black.

Timber: luxuriance of. abundance of.


Tivitivas, see Tibitibies.

Tobacco: origin of the word. cultivation of, in Cumana and Mexico. plantations of, in Valencia. in Guiania. in Cumanacoa. in the island of Cuba. statistics of.

Tobago: situation of.

Tocuyo river.

Tomatoes, cultivation of.

Tombs, Indian.

Tomo river.


Torpedo, experiments on the.

Torrid zone, see Zone.

Toucan, natural history of the.

Tovar, Count, generous treatment of slaves by.

Tower of Hercules: lighthouse of the.

Trade winds: latitudes of the.


Tree-inhabiting Indians.

Trees: antiquity of. alimentary properties of. the following American trees are referred to under their respective alphabetical entries: the Aloe, Aguatire, Almond, Balsam, Barba de Tigre, Bombax, Bonplandia trifoliata, Brazil Nut, Cuspa, Cortex Angosturae, Cecropia, Cotton-tree, Canela or Cinnamon, Curacay, Courbaril, Cacao, Coffee, Cow-tree, Carolinea princeps, Dragon's-blood, Erythrina, Fig-tree, Guarumo or Jarumo, Hay-tree, Mammea, Mauritia, Mangrove, Palms, Palo de Vaca, Parkinsonia aculeata, Shirt-tree, Volador, and Zamang-tree.

Tribes: various, of native Indians. migrations of. intelligence of. proportion of the different castes. aboriginal. hyperborean.

Trincheras, Las, hot springs of.

Trinidad: town of. commerce of. Humboldt's departure from.

Tropics: atmosphere of the. noon in the.

Tropical: climate, dangers of, to Europeans, from variable temperature. fever. fatal effects of. vegetation.

Turmero: Indians of. militia of.

Tuamini, isthmus of.

Tunales, or cactus groves.

Turimiquiri: mountain of. ascent of the. lofty peaks of.


Turner, Mr., on Sea Vegetation.

Turtle fisheries.

Turtles: different species of. instinct of. eggs of the. fisheries for. capture of. abundance of.

Tuy, valley of the.

Typhus fevers.

Uaupes, see Guauapes.

Ucucuamo, mountain of.


Ulloa: observations on the native Indians by. statistics of the yellow fever, by. notices of monkeys, by.

Uniana, peak of.

United States: savages of the. newspapers of. district of the. population of. extent of the. slaves of the. slave trade of the. prairies of the.

Unona xylopioides.

Upper Orinoco: course of the. cataracts of the. mountains of. valley of.

Uraba, gulf of.

Urariapara, the.

Urbana, La Concepcion de.

Urijino, springs of.

Uritucu river: cacao of. crocodiles of.

Uruana: turtle fisheries of. mission of. inhabitants of.

Vachaco, island of.

Valencia: lake of. ancient extent of. retreat of the waters. supposed outlet of. temperature of. islands of. Neuva. promontory of. city of. history of.

Valleys: general description of the. of Caracas. of Cariaco. of Guanaguana. of La Pascua, or Cortes. configuration of. of Tacoronte. of Rio Tuy. gold mines of the.



Vapours: phenomena of. explosions of. sulphureous.


Vases, or funeral urns.

Vegetable: glue. milk.

Vegetables, American.

Vegetation: various zones of. total absence of. remarkable power of. of North and South America compared. on the Higuerote. on the mountains of Andalusia. in the seas. tropical.

Venezuela: capital of. provinces of. coasts of. towns of. mines of. earthquake in. plains of. geology of. political state of. extent of. productions of. commerce of. political institutions of. mountains of. basin of. hot springs of.

Ventuari river.

Vera Cruz: port of.

Verbs, inflexions of.

Vespucci, charts of.


Vibora, La.

Vichada, or Visita river.

Victoria: corn of. town of.

Vieja Guayana.

Villa: de Cura. de Fernando de Apure. de Laguna. de Orotava. de Upata.

Villages: of Missions. native, of South America. migratory character of.

Vines: zone of. of Cuba.



Viruelas mountains.

Viudita, or Widow Monkey.

Volador, the: geographical distribution of the species.

Volcanic eruptions, see Eruptions.

Volcano: of Cayamba. of Cotopaxi. of Guadaloupe. of Jorullo. of Lancerote. of Pasto. of St. Vincent. of Teneriffe. of Tungurahua.

Volcanoes: effects of, on the earth. structure of. action of. isolated position of. submarine effects of. study of.

Voyages: of Columbus. of Sir Walter Raleigh.

Vuelta de Basilio. del Cochino Roto. del Joval.


Walls, Cyclopean.

Wars, religious.

Wasps, fatal effects of the sting.

Water: search for, in the plains. varied colours of. causes of the. scarcity of, after earthquakes. varieties of, in the streams of the Orinoco. theory of the diminution of. properperties of, as a conductor of electricity. temperature of. hogs, see Chiguires. melons. spouts. snakes.

Waters: medicinal. thermal.

Weapons, American.

Wells, affected by earthquakes.

West India Islands: commerce of the. old and new route to. prevalence of fevers in. volcanoes of. epidemics of. primitive population of. sugars of the. slaves of. basin of the.

West rock.

Western continent, first indications of the.

Wheat: cultivation of, in the Canary Islands. in Mexico. produce of. limits of the growth of. of the United States.

White Sea: native tribes.

Windward Channel.

Winds: insalubrious, of Caracas and Italy. of sand.

Wine: of the island of Cuba. Indian. from the palm-tree.

Wild: beasts of America. man of the woods.

Wood: varied colours of. petrifactions of. of fruits.

Women: native Indian. language peculiar to. exclusion of, from religious services. predilections of. condition of. inequality in the rights of. Caribbean. Javanese.

Words: identity of, in different languages. grammatical construction of. compounds of. analogy of.

Xalapa: climate of. vegetation of.

Xagua: bay of. fresh water springs in the. port of.

Xarayes, lake of.



Xurumu, the.

Yaracuy: valleys of. timber of.

Yaruro Indians.


Yellalas, or rapids.

Yellow-fever, statistics of the.

Ygenris: language of the. conquest of.

Yeguas, gulf of.

Yucatan, political position of.

Yusma mountains.


Zama river.


Zambo Caribs.
Indian, dangerous rencontre with.
Zamboes: hamlet of. republic of. characteristics of. banishment of the.

Zamuro vultures.


Zapote. village of. road to.

Zarza, see Sarsaparilla.

Zealand, settlement of.

Zenu, gold of.

Zerepe, Indian.

Zipaquira, mines of.

signs used in the.
Zone: of grasses and lichens. of heaths. of laurels. Temperate. vegetable physiognomy of. Torrid. temperature of. effects of, on the constitution. atmospherical purity of the. springs in the. organic richness of. scenery of. vegetable physiognomy of. rivers of the. insects of the. constellations of the. agriculture of.

Zones, distinct demarcation of, Terra Firma.


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