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The Real Tesla Museum of America, by

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First of all let me say that we are the first and only Real Tesla Museum in America with as many Tesla related documents as the museum in Belgrade.We have over 100 important artifacts of interest to include Tesla Coils, Motors, Vacuum Tubes, Documents, Videos and Information concerning Nikola Tesla and related Science.

You can come to see us or we can bring The Tesla Museum and Tesla Experience to your group or organization. The Tesla Museum has preformed The Tesla Experience demonstration for many public and private schools, churches and organizations here in Colorado Springs, Colorado and surrounding areas. The Tesla Museum has also given The Science Demonstration to home-school groups, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts. The Tesla Museum has received many letters of recommendation for our demonstrations. (call 719-222-1911 for more info)

The Tesla Museum has information, artifacts and displays you may not find anywhere else. You will leave the Museum understanding more about Tesla than most people in the world today. The Museum demonstration is called THE TESLA EXPERIENCE - with 100 year old artifacts (see menu). The fantastic stage show is called THE GREATEST KNOW ON EARTH – Above Top Secret (see menu)

The Tesla Museum or Tesla Museum Of America has been in Colorado Springs, Colorado since 2003. We have been doing public and school demonstrations since 2003. The Telephone number for the Tesla Museum has been listed in the Colorado Springs directory since 2003.

We have been the only Tesla Museum in America known as The Tesla Museum, Tesla Museum of Science and now as The Real Tesla Museum Of America. We have been at the same location most recently since 2010.

We do not want you to confuse us with any other Tesla enterprise or museum in the USA as we are the first Tesla Museum in the United States and are totally unique in purpose and knowledge of Nikola Tesla.

We are dedicated to the preservation of the accomplishments, research and life of Nikola Tesla. A museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla and extreme scientific research in all areas of science and technology.

We are the focal point of new and experimental scientific research in areas of electricity, free energy, magnetic resonance, and many other scientific endeavors. We prove this by the very nature of our shows and lectures.

Colorado and Colorado Springs are proud to say that Tesla’s successful laboratory and historic marker in Memorial Park for more than 40 years have been an iconic inspiration to many Tesla devotees.

The Tesla Museum of America hosts a yearly Science & Invention Symposium and we have a Technical school in the making, “TESLA TECH UNIVERSITY”. The ”Tesla Movie” will be available soon.

SRI or the SCIENCE RESEARCH & INVENTION organization is the invention creating and investigative portion of The Real Tesla Museum of America. SRI will test all products and inventions to verify the claims made about them. The Science Research Invention organization or SRI will test their ideas with sound scientific testing and unbiased results. CHECK WITH US FIRST BEFORE YOU GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. The “Tesla Radio Show” will be on line soon.

The TESLA MUSEUM OF AMERICA does what no other Tesla organization has done and that is to give the TESLA SCIENCE RESEARCH & INVENTION AWARD to deserving science achievers once a year on July 10th, Tesla’s birthday. We also have a unique science day every year on Tesla’s birthday to celebrate the accomplishments of one of the worlds truly great inventors, Nikola Tesla.

Only those who see THE TESLA MUSEUM OF AMERICA or our new “TESLA MOVIE” have the true and accurate knowledge of the life of Nikola Tesla and his inventions. This is true because some books, documentaries and movies about Tesla have information that is incorrect or exaggerated.

The address is available when you make an appointment to come to the museum demonstration as we do not post the address on this website due to the tremendous amount of inquiries. At this time we are not able to have people knocking at our door for information.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ——————————————————————————–

Apparently there are some in New York who have denied the existence of the Tesla Museum here in Colorado Springs until recently (or after they collected all the donation money). They were appealing to the public for donations with a matching grant from the State of New York to try to buy the land at the site of Tesla’s bankrupt laboratory.

Appealing to the public and the State of New York to generate donation money for a Tesla Museum, Matthew Inman and his website The along with Jane Alcorn of The Tesla Science Center in New York began the donation campaign by using the following profane banner and logo on their website. It read exactly like this — “OPERATION Lets Build a (profanity) Tesla Museum ” With The banner against religion. (see pics below) They lied when they said in, “There is no Tesla Museum in the United States and if we can outbid this other person and buy the land it will permanently be protected as a historic site and eventually be converted into a Nikola Tesla science center.” (quoted from




Most people who sincerely honor and admire the accomplishments of Nikola Tesla have seen this profane banner and article from The and say this is a less than honorable way to honor the memory of Nikola Tesla and his legacy.

We also don’t how these people could not find The Tesla Museum telephone number that has been listed in the Colorado Springs phone book for over 7 years or our website ( We have proof the TESLA MUSEUM and SCIENCE RESEARCH CENTER has been here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the phone book and on the internet website for over 7 years. (how could they say there was no Tesla Museum in the United States ???) Did they say “there’s no Tesla Museum in the United States” to get people to donate all that money? On their website, these people with the spirit of Edison and Marconi, stated “Tesla loved the number three” “And if you donate $3, Tesla will love you too. If he were alive today he’d totally high-five you and compliment your haircut and/or mustache.”

For over 40 years Colorado Springs has been the permanent historical site for Tesla’s Laboratory with a commemorative plaque. (see pics below)



Again, we do not want you to confuse us with any other Tesla enterprise or museum as we are the first Tesla Museum in the United States and are totally unique in purpose and knowledge of Nikola Tesla.

Remember anyone can read Margaret Cheney’s book “Tesla Man Out Of Time” and consider themselves an expert on Nikola Tesla. The Colorado Springs Lab was the site of the successful experiment shown in documentaries. The Wardenclyff laboratory in New York was the site of the failed Tesla coil endeavor driving Tesla into bankruptcy thanks to the betrayal of J.P.Morgan.

The Real Tesla Museum of America is not a Marconi scheme or fraud to get donations. We are not saying all Tesla organizations are fraudulent, however the Tesla Museum Of America has no gimmicks to raise money for our museum in that this dishonors the memory of Nikola Tesla. It is our privilege to say that dona-tors to THE REAL TESLA MUSEUM OF AMERICA become our financial partners in the Museum and Science Center endeavors.

(Remember they still give the MARCONI RADIO AWARD to radio media personalities). The Marconi Radio Awards are presented annually by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) to the top radio stations and on-air personalities in the United States. (as you know the patent credit for the invention of radio is in the name of NIKOLA TESLA not Marconi). Marconi was simply a con artist who used the idea of Tesla to enrich himself. The awards are named in honor of Guglielmo Marconi, the man generally credited as the “Father of Wireless Telegraphy.” NAB member stations submit nominations. A Task Force determines the finalists and the Marconi Radio Award Selection Academy votes on the winners, who receive their awards in the fall.

The Real Marconi Story:

By early 1895, Tesla was ready to transmit a signal 50 miles to West Point, New York… But in that same year, disaster struck. A building fire consumed Tesla’s lab, destroying his work.

The timing could not have been worse. In England, a young Italian experimenter named Guglielmo Marconi had been hard at work building a device for wireless telegraphy. The young Marconi had taken out the first wireless telegraphy patent in England in 1896. His device had only a two-circuit system, which some said could not transmit “across a pond.” Later Marconi set up long-distance demonstrations, using a Tesla oscillator to transmit the signals across the English Channel.

Tesla filed his own basic radio patent applications in 1897. They were granted in 1900. Marconi’s first patent application in America, filed on November 10, 1900, was turned down. Marconi’s revised applications over the next three years were repeatedly rejected because of the priority of Tesla and other inventors.

The Patent Office made the following comment in 1903:

Many of the claims are not patentable over Tesla patent numbers 645,576 and 649,621, of record, the amendment to overcome said references as well as Marconi’s pretended ignorance of the nature of a “Tesla oscillator” being little short of absurd… the term “Tesla oscillator” has become a household word on both continents [Europe and North America].

But no patent is truly safe, as Tesla’s career demonstrates. In 1900, the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company, Ltd. began thriving in the stock markets—due primarily to Marconi’s family connections with English aristocracy. British Marconi stock soared from $3 to $22 per share and the glamorous young Italian nobleman was internationally acclaimed. Both Edison and Andrew Carnegie invested in Marconi and Edison became a consulting engineer of American Marconi. Then, on December 12, 1901, Marconi for the first time transmitted and received signals across the Atlantic Ocean.

Otis Pond, an engineer then working for Tesla, said, “Looks as if Marconi got the jump on you.” Tesla replied, “Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using seventeen of my patents.”

But Tesla’s calm confidence was shattered in 1904, when the U.S. Patent Office suddenly and surprisingly reversed its previous decisions and gave Marconi a patent for the invention of radio. The reasons for this have never been fully explained, but the powerful financial backing for Marconi in the United States suggests one possible explanation.

Tesla was embroiled in other problems at the time, but when Marconi won the Nobel Prize in 1911, Tesla was furious. He sued the Marconi Company for infringement in 1915, but was in no financial condition to litigate a case against a major corporation. It wasn’t until 1943—a few months after Tesla’s death— that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Tesla’s radio patent number 645,576.

As there are many who will use the name of Tesla to profit in the spirit of J.P. Morgan and Marconi, the Tesla Museum of America will not participate with them. We do however acknowledge the Tesla Museum in Belgrade.

We are dedicated to Nikola Tesla and extreme scientific research in all areas of science and technology. A display of artifacts of science and a fantastic science and electrical demonstration for group or individual. Come and see THE TESLA EXPERIENCE – with 100 year old artifacts, or the fantastic stage show, THE GREATEST KNOW ON EARTH – Above Top Secret, or THE TESLA MOVIE (coming very soon), or THE SCIENCE & INVENTION SYMPOSIUM.

We can also bring the Tesla Experience Demonstration to your group, school or organization if it is inconvenient to come to the museum.

Please leave a brief message with your return number at 719-222-1911 and we’ll get rite back to you. We apologize that we cannot answer emails at ( due to the thousands of inquires world wide. You must call to see the museum or to ask any questions. We answer ALL CALLS so call again if we don’t respond quickly.

The Tesla Museum is by appointment so you have to call the museum telephone number in Colorado springs. We are still upgrading our website with new information so please observe the MENU for events and shows.

Call 719-222-1911, leave a brief message and we will call you right back with all the details.

We are the future home of Tesla Tech University. We are the newest affordable Technical University.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: —————————————————————————————

NOTICE: We are not the Tesla Group (known as The International Tesla Society who’s president was John W. McGinnis) that went bankrupt in Colorado Springs in 1998. This was a non profit located at 2220 E.Bijou St. Colorado Springs Colorado. There was a supposed bankruptcy sale of some items in the Tesla Society that someone had agreed to purchase but the items came up missing when the unsuspecting buyer came to pick up the items. The International Tesla Society was never a museum but a bookstore and small demonstration with some homemade coils. The money was made by selling memberships to the Society for $25 a year, book sales and a yearly science symposium.

The one in charge of this International Tesla Society was John W. McGinnis. (Just recently in 2010-2011 John McGinnis started and operated “The American Tesla”). The local Colorado Springs Newspaper “The Gazette” did a complete story on John McGinnis and The International Tesla Society bankruptcy including allegations of missing items.

The following are some articles about John W McGinnis and his endeavors: taken from— ... 000255.htm
By Scott Thomsen, The Gazette, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News
Jan. 23–

The International Tesla Society, an eclectic scientific group that gave straight-laced Colorado Springs a bit of a weird side, is headed for liquidation in bankruptcy court later this month.

In its Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing Dec. 9, the group listed $71,452 in debts and no assets. The case is to be heard in a meeting of creditors Jan. 29 at the Colorado Springs Federal Building and Courthouse, 212 N. Wahsatch Ave. It appears to bring an end to the avant-garde organization that formed in 1984 to operate a museum on Bijou Street and to sponsor an annual symposium of idealistic and eccentric inventors to honor Nikola Tesla, a gifted inventor whose career also included some rather wacky turns. Tesla’s innovations in alternating current changed the world, but whose other concepts — such as how to transmit electricity without wires – never made it into mainstream science.

A brilliant inventor, he spent several months experimenting in Colorado Springs in 1899. Hundreds of inventors, tinkerers and conspiracy theorists came to the Tesla festival each year hoping to follow in his innovative footsteps. They sought to create cars that run on water alone, anti-gravity devices, perpetual motion machines and medical cures. & "There were a lot of flakes all the time, but also a lot of mainstream scientists,” said Roy Stewart, the owner of Tesseract Design and Instrument in Boulder and a former society member. Stewart is now concerned the society’s museum collection may get lost in the bankruptcy shuffle.

The rooms in the green office building on Bijou Street once held notes on Tesla’s experiments, articles about his research, signed photos and letters. The museum also included reproductions of the inventor’s creations, such as a working Tesla coil — a high voltage transformer Tesla used to create energy fields. Today the rooms are empty. Colorado Springs attorney Robert Mason, who represents the Tesla Society, said the owner of the office building locked the museum’s doors last month. Workers packed and removed everything inside, according to people who work in the nearby offices. What remains is a weathered brown metal sign with chipped white letters.

Mason said the collection is actually owned by many different people who loaned items to the museum. He said he is unsure where the collection is being kept. & "I can’t tell you where it is,” Mason said. & "It hasn’t been sold.” Stewart has asked the city of Colorado Springs to acquire and preserve the collection. & "My only concern is keeping the information intact,” he said. & "It might be too late. I might be closing the barn door.” Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum Director Bill Holmes said he heard of the Tesla Society’s bankruptcy this week and wants to learn more about the collection. & "It’s something we should look into,” Holmes said. & "They may have great stuff, maybe not.”

Mason said he did not know what led the Tesla Society into debt. J.W. McGinnis, president of the group, did not return phone calls from The Gazette. Many of the 54 organizations the Tesla Society owes money to are publishing and broadcast companies. The largest debts are $13,680 to Protocol Services of Colorado Springs and $8,850 to WWCR, an international religious and talk radio station, broadcasting on AM and shortwave radio from Nashville, Tenn. The Tesla Society operated a one-hour weekly radio program but hadn’t paid its bills on time in more than a year, WWCR General Manager George McClintock said. “(The debt problem) was a gradual buildup over several years,” he said. & "They would never get all the way caught up” in paying bills, McClintock said. & "It’s unfortunate that a nonprofit organization would allow itself to get into that situation.” Roy Thompson, president of Protocol Services, said the 3,300-member Tesla society hired his company to run its 1997 symposium at the Sheraton Hotel. & "They didn’t pay us a penny.” Thompson said the group made at least $50,000 on the symposium but appeared to be juggling money constantly to pay back debts.

If every one of the 3300 members paid $22 the debt would be paid and there would be still $13200 to spend wisely to get something going. If they all paid $30 there would be $27,548 to get something going. And the largest debts are just $13k and 8k? And only $6.82 to pay the two largest debts per member!


Yes, it was a sad day to hear about ITS finally folding. Steve Elsewicke, one of the original founding members with Toby Grotz had left a couple of years before that to form his own magazine and group.

Steve recently sent out a notice stating that ITS was in bankruptcy and urging their members to move over to his group. Last time I heard from JW direct was pre-Christmas 1997 when he said they were in deep straits. He said two of their helpers who had check writing ability had abused the privilege for personal items but not before lowering the accounts. JW (John McGinnis) said he went to the bank and had the check writing ability of these two disabled but the damage was done. He said he was getting all kinds of creditors calling up even then wanting to know why they’d not been paid. At that time, he had some kind of fly trap thingie or attractant that he was planning to offer to people to resubscribe at $50 or so a pop. Not sure of the price but I think it was somewhere in that range. Anyway, got a call from Joe Champion a few weeks later (before he got shipped off to jail) and he was bragging that he’d just transmuted $78,000 in gold from raw materials. I asked him since he had all that money, could he maybe donate some to Tesla, even $5,000 would help out. Joe said he had done that a few years earlier and offered another $5,000 if they’d let him on the Board of Directors…but the Board voted and decided not to do it so he kept the money. A couple of our local guys kept in touch with JW (John McGinnis) much more than I so that was the extent of my direct information about it, but I knew he was having problems back then.

CHECK THIS OUT: (From The Denver Post)
By Cate Terwilliger
Denver Post Staff Writer
July 9, 2000

Today, Tesla is revered in Yugoslavia, says Maglic, also a Serb.

“He is considered almost like a saint … They have all kinds of organizations there that bear his name,” Maglic says.

Maglic’s former electrical engineering classmates have been instrumental in creating and maintaining the Tesla Museum in Belgrade since about 1950. In 1984, not long after Maglic moved to Colorado Springs to work for Honeywell, he co-founded The Tesla Society and a local museum dedicated to the inventor.

At its zenith, the society boasted 3,500 members worldwide, and 200 to 400 people typically attended an annual conference in Colorado Springs. But “mismanaged funds” ended the venture with bankruptcy in 1998, says Maglic, who calls resurrecting the Tesla Society “the highest priority in my life.”
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