The Gameshow Experiment, by Derren Brown

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The Gameshow Experiment, by Derren Brown

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directed by Derren Brown
Season 1, Episode 2
devised and written by Derren Brown and Iain Sharkey
© Objective Productions MMXI
[Transcribed from the video at by Tara Carreon]




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Re: The Gameshow Experiment, by Derren Brown

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[Derren Brown] Iain always had two options: A or B: one with a good outcome, and one with a bad.
Tonight we're looking at what happens when you put the power to make those choices in the hands of a faceless crowd.

Derren Brown: The Experiments

[Derren Brown] Good evening and welcome. Tonight's experiment is about what happens when we're allowed to act anonymously, and as part of a crowd. Psychologists call it "deindividuation." That is what turns perfectly nice people into nasty Internet bullies, or rioters or hooligans.
So, in the room next door is an audience who have arrived to watch what they think is my new game show, but they are unaware that they themselves -- the audience -- are the real subjects of tonight's experiment. So during the evening they will be making a series of decisions, either nice or nasty decisions, that will affect the life of one man who is being secretly filmed. And those decisions will escalate in terms of the level of nastiness that they could potentially inflict.
Now everything that you will see for the next 50 minutes is absolutely genuine and unfaked. I repeat, everything that you will see for the next 50 minutes is absolutely genuine and unfaked. This is Remote Control.

[Voiceover Man] This is Remote Control. Please welcome your host Derren Brown.

[Derren Brown] Good evening. Hello there, this is Remote Control, my brand new game show where live, you, the studio audience, will be controlling everything that happens to one man tonight. Do you want to see this one man?

[Audience] YES!!!!

[Derren Brown] Okay, can we bring him up? There he is, our man is the guy in the middle in the white and blue checked shirt. The twist here is that he has no idea that he's being filmed. This is happening live right now. So this is Kris, from Essex, with his friend Sibley on the left, and Tom on the right, and we're filming them on a night out in Colchester.
Now we've got hidden cameras and actors standing by, and his friends are also in on this. And together we're going to give him a night he will never forget. Are you up for it?

[Audience] YES!!!!

[Derren Brown] Excellent. So over the next hour I'm going to ask you, the audience, to make a series of 50-50 decisions that will determine whether our man has a great Friday night or a, well, not-so-great Friday night.

[Audience] [Laughter]

[Derren Brown] So Kris, along with thousands of others, applied to be part of this new series. He came in for an interview, which we filmed, and then we let him think that we weren't interested. But that was a lie. I thought he was perfect. So before we start, let's find out a little bit more about our target.


[Voiceover Man] This is Kris. He's 27, and he lives in Colchester, where he works as a design technician.

[Kris] I like to keep healthy. I like to keep fit.

[Voiceover Man] Kris thinks he's got a great body, and fancies himself as a bit of a kung fu kid.

[Kris] I've got a passion for kick-boxing. I'm not doing it to kind of [inaudible].

[Voiceover Man] Kris likes to think he is the life and soul of the party.

[Kris] After a few drinks, I'm usually the one that's the loudest.

[Voiceover Man] When he's with his mates, he likes to play the joker.

[Kris] Whenever I'd stay at my friend's house, I used to just sort of nip up for a wee, and when I come back down, I'd be completely starkers.
And they'd be, "Oh, no, no, we don't want to look at that!"
I'm good with that. It would just make me laugh.

[Voiceover Man] Kris is a bit of a lad. Likes the ladies, but doesn't always treat them well.

[Kris] About ten years ago, we were on holiday together. My girlfriend went back to the hotel room, I said, "I'm going to stay out partying."
I ended up sleeping with the other girl. Then I came back to the hotel room, and she said, "What's the matter?" And I lied, and said I had been chased by four guys down the road ...
and we ended up sleeping together just there and then.
Yeah, it's not exactly nice. But yeah, naughty, naughty.

[Derren Brown] So, bit of a lad. And remember, Kris has no idea, he has no idea that we are filming him tonight. So this whole show is about you, the audience, and what you decide should happen to Kris.
So, okay, let's get going. Now I can talk to all the actors, who will be helping us control Kris's life tonight. So let's talk to our first set of actors now. So actors, I am talking to you now.
This is the bar that Kris is in. There he is in the checked shirt there, just over to the right. So Barman, I'm talking to you first. This is the guy behind the bar. Would you scratch your nose for me please?

[Audience] [Laughs]

[Derren Brown] Would our waiter, please, there should be a waiter -- there he is. Could our waiter please scratch his nose, too?

[Audience] [Laughs]

[Derren Brown] Single girl, we have a single girl there at the bar. She's also in on this. Scratch your nose as well, please.

[Audience] [Laughs]

[Derren Brown] Will the boyfriend please -- there's a couple there at the table -- will the boyfriend and girlfriend, will the boyfriend please with his, sorry girlfriend, will the girlfriend please there in the blue shirt please scratch your nose? Excellent.
And finally, boyfriend, please, could you scratch your nose please, boyfriend? Excellent. And take a sip of your drink. Take a sip of your drink, boyfriend. And pop your top off.
No, he won't hear that.

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Derren Brown] Excellent, so the bottle's a little bit empty at the moment, it will be filling out later. So throughout the show, we can make all sorts of things, weird and wonderful things, happen to Kris, and in a moment the audience will be making its first decision.
But before that, we have given all of our audience members one of these. These are masks here, and wearing these masks will ensure that you can make your decisions anonymously. So audience, please put your masks on now.
You look fabulous.
Okay, the masks are on, and our actors are ready to receive their first instructions, which means we're ready to take over Kris's life. It's time to play Remote Control!

[Audience] [Cheers and Claps]

[Derren Brown] So, audience, here comes decision no. 1.
Have a look at some people near the bar.
So, we've already met them -- there's the boyfriend and girlfriend in the background there -- and we also have a single girl next to the bar -- can you see her just on the right there? On my instructions one of two things will happen: either our single girl is going to start flirting with Kris and make him feel like a million dollars -- something nice -- or maybe as revenge for his infidelity that he admitted to earlier on, should I send in the girlfriend to accuse Kris of pinching her bottom, and then set her furious boyfriend on him?

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Derren Brown] So, audience, those are the two options, so let's hear them again from the man who does the voiceover, or to use his real name, Voiceover Man.

[Voiceover Man] So, will you choose Option A: our single girl comes on to Kris, or Option B: the girlfriend accuses him of pinching her bum, and sets her boyfriend on him?

[Derren Brown] Audience, start voting now.
Okay, thank you.
The votes have been counted, and I can now reveal 81% of you have chosen the bum pinching and the angry boyfriend.

[Audience] [Claps and cheers]

[Derren Brown] So let's see how Kris copes with the angry boyfriend, as well as a whole load of other surprises we've got in store, after the break. We'll see you in a few minutes.


Derren Brown: The Experiments

[Derren Brown] So tonight's experiment is about the mob mentality that emerges when we can act anonymously and as part of a crowd.
It is the kind of behavior that leads to lynch mobs and rioters, and even some soldiers to behave with extreme brutality. And to test this, we've got an audience next door who are watching what they think is a game show, and they're making nice or nasty decisions to affect the life of one guy called Kris, who doesn't know that he's taking part in all of this. But he is not the real subject of tonight's experiment: it is the audience itself.

[Audience] [Cheering and clapping]

[Derren Brown] Welcome back, welcome back to Remote Control, a brand new game show where the studio audience decides what happens to Kris, our unsuspecting member of the public.
The audience are wearing masks to preserve their anonymity, and Kris, our target, has no idea that he's being filmed tonight. So just before the break, our audience voted that Kris from Essex would have to cope with our angry boyfriend, so let's make it happen. But first we are going to send the boyfriend off to the toilet. Uh, Lee, actor playing the boyfriend, would you please head off to the loo?

[Lee] Well, I'm going to piss.

[Derren Brown] There he goes, leaving the girlfriend on her own. And she's going to go off and buy a drink at the bar, where the incident will occur.

[Girlfriend] Could I have please, can I have a couple of Bicks, please? Thanks very much.
Excuse me.

[Kris] Yeah.

[Girlfriend] Sorry, you just touched me up.

[Audience] [Laughter]

[Girlfriend] Uh, I walked past you and then you pinched my ass.

[Kris] No.

[Girlfriend] Well, I know it wasn't you, because you were facing that way, and it was you, and you look fucking guilty, so can you just apologize? You touched my ass!

[Kris] I genuinely didn't. I genuinely didn't.

[Girlfriend] No, I'm not making it up. And you're making me look like a dick, and it's really upsetting. Look, I'm here with a boyfriend, and even if I wasn't, I wouldn't fucking be interested in you, alright?

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Kris] I'm really sorry.

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Girlfriend] Are you saying you didn't do it to me?

[Kris] Honestly, I said I didn't do it. I'm sorry I offended you, but I didn't do it.

[Girlfriend] What do you mean you haven't offended me, you've offended me because now you're making me look like a liar and a dickhead.

[Derren Brown] Should we send in Lee out of the toilet? Boyfriend come out of the loo, and don't forget to wash your hands. Here he comes.

[Girlfriend] You won't believe what just happened. That guy over there just touched me up. That guy there, and he called me a liar.

[Lee] What?

[Girlfriend] Acted like he hadn't done it.

[Lee] What one?

[Girlfriend] That one there!

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Lee] What, in the striped shirt?

[Girlfriend] That one right there, in the striped shirt.

[Lee] Boy! Did you just touch my girl's ass?

[Kris] Honestly, I didn't.

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Lee] What do you mean, honestly you didn't? She's not a liar, look at her. Did you just touch her ass?

[Kris] No.

[Sibley] Steady on.

[Lee] What do you mean, "steady on"? He's just touched her ass. Look at her.

[Kris] No, I genuinely didn't.

[Lee] What do you mean, you genuinely didn't? She's not a fucking liar. She would have sat here all night. You think you can just go up to girls, and just fucking nip their asses?

[Kris] I've got a girlfriend [inaudible]

[Lee] What? Are you planning all of that? Jeezus Christ, who do you think you are? [To Sibley] Did he nip her ass? Oh, you didn't see, did you? Cool, she didn't see. No, I'm not going to fucking calm down [inaudible] and he's nipping her ass.

[Kris] I didn't. I genuinely didn't.

[Lee] What do you mean, you didn't. I don't believe you. Look at her. She's in fucking [inaudible]

[Kris] Look me in the eye.

[Lee] Oh, look me in the eye. I'll look you eye in the eye.

[Derren Brown] Call him a penis, Lee.

[Lee] You're a fucking shit. You're a fucking penis. I'll tell you what. You and me. Outside now. Come on.

[Audience] [Laughing and clapping]

[Lee] You and me, outside, outside that fucking door, and we'll sort this out good and proper.

[Kris] I don't want to.

[Sibley] Hey, come on.

[Lee] Listen, people like you make me sick. [to Sibley] No, fuck off! People like you make me sick.
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Re: The Gameshow Experiment, by Derren Brown

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[Lee] [To Tom] What do you mean, mate? Don't fucking lie. You know what he's doing. [inaudible] Did you get some as well, did you?

[Girlfriend] Come on.

[Lee] [To girlfriend] Don't be fucking ridiculous, baby. He's nicked your ass, and I'm not happy with it.

[Girlfriend] Just come on.

[Lee] He can apologize. Say sorry to her.

[Derren Brown] Okay, Lee, you can back off.

[Lee] Bang out of order. Bang out of order.

[Kris] I've done nothing.

[Sibley] Hey, bro, you're keeping your cool head.

[Derren Brown] Well done, angry boyfriend.

[Audience] [Loudly clapping and cheering]

[Derren Brown] So the audience has started controlling Kris's life. And I think it's about time we found out a little bit more about Kris. So Dave, one of our producers, is waiting outside Kris's house in Colchester. There he is. Hi, Dave!

[Dave] Hi.

[Derren Brown] Hello! And he has Kris's keys, which Kris's girlfriend just lent to us. And Dave is also wearing a headcam. Just give us a little nod, Dave. Thank you. Very good indeed. So audience, should we go in and snoop around Kris's flat?

[Audience] [YES!!!]

[Derren Brown] Excellent. Okay, this should give us an inside into Kris's personality to help you make your decisions. So go on. In you go.

[Dave] Going in. Let's do it. I'm in.

[Audience] [Laughing and clapping]

[Dave] Okay, let's take a look at what we've got. This is the living room. It's quite a nice living room. Um, oh my God!

[Derren Brown] That's him and his girlfriend, Chantell.
Let's have a look at the DVDs. There's a lot of DVDs. Obviously, that's a big thing in Kris's life.
Any of mine there, Dave?

[Audience] [Clapping and Cheering]

[Derren Brown] Yes!!! I know he has exquisite taste.

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Dave] They are alphabetized.

[Derren Brown] No!

[Dave] They're alphabetized.

[Derren Brown] Yeah, "American Beauty." Get back there. "American Beauty." Yes, they are. The A, B's. Oh, that is hysterical.

[Audience] [Laughter]

[Dave] Oh my God!

[Derren Brown] I think he's obviously quite a meticulous guy, isn't he, which means he wouldn't like order to be upset. Do you want to just change a few around? Do you think that would be annoying?

[Audience] [Laughs]

[Derren Brown] Change a few. Not just change the boxes. Actually, take some of the discs out, and switch them. This will be really annoying, isn't it?

[Audience] [Laughs and claps]

[Derren Brown] Alright. So. Let's go back to Kris, and it's time for Decision No. 2. So you may remember our nasty boyfriend from a little earlier on. Now one of two things is about to happen. You can either send the angry boyfriend back, this time to apologize and buy Kris a drink, or you can send over a waiter who insists that he pays for a round of drinks he hasn't ordered. Voiceover Man, it's over to you.

[Voiceover Man] Will you choose Option A: an apology and a pint from Lee, or Option B: the barman asks him to pay for drinks he hasn't even ordered?

[Derren Brown] Audience, it's time for you to take Remote Control. Cast your votes now.
So the votes are in, and once again we have a clear majority view in favor of the waiter overcharging.

[Audience] [Laughing and clapping]

[Derren Brown] So let's make it happen. So talking to the waiter now at the bar, you're going to go in and start charging him for drinks that he hasn't ordered. There he is coming now. Thank you very much.

[Barman] Okay, that's 12 pounds 5.

[Sibley] 45.

[Audience] [Laughter]

[Sibley] Didn't you pay? Yeah, you did pay. Because I saw the change.

[Barman] No you haven't, guys.

[Kris] The guy with the beard, slightly stubbled there.

[Barman] No, guys, come on! Do it, I'm not fucking blowing this today.

[Sibley] He walked over and gave me money when I came back from the toilet.

[Barman] No, no, no. [inaudible]

[Audience] [Laughter]

[Barman] I don't appreciate you just being here, drinking the bar dry, and not bloody paying.

[Kris] Well, I've had this for about half an hour.

[Barman] Right! Is that your first drink or your second drink?

[Kris] This is my second drink.

[Barman] I think you might have had a little more than that tonight.

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Derren Brown] Now, those people you can see outside are ex-Big-Brother star Michelle Bass and a posse of promo girls. And we've arranged for them to be doing a little vodka promotion at the bar. So should we get one of them to spill some drink over Kris?

[Audience] [YES!!!]

[Derren Brown] Okay, waiter, you can back off now.
Excellent! Nicely done, Promo Girls! [inaudible]

[Audience] [Laughing and Clapping]

Alright, that was a little bit naughty, but to help you ramp up your future decisions, let's now meet a real person from Kris's life, work colleague Jenny. Welcome Jenny, everybody! Hi, Jenny, nice to meet you!

[Jenny] Hi.

[Derren Brown] So this is Jenny. Though Jenny works with Kris, and she's about to make an important phone call to him. So first of all, how long have you known Kris for?

[Jenny] For three years, now.

[Derren Brown] And what's he like at work?

[Jenny] Oh, he's good fun. He's a practical joker. So this is like some payback.

[Derren Brown] Oh, really? Payback for being a joker around the office. That's fantastic. So how do you think he's doing so far?

[Jenny] Fantastic!
Bring it on!

[Derren Brown] Bring it on! So you know what you're going to do.
Uh, Jenny's going to make an important phone call to Kris, which we're going to follow-up later on in the show. So Jenny, you know what you're going to do.
Off you go.

[Jenny] Here we go. He better answer.

[Derren Brown] He better answer.

[Jenny] Hey Kris, this is Jenny. Are you going to have your phone on you for the next 15 minutes or so? Right, because I need to talk to you about something important, but I really have to go now. Um, I'll call you soon, right? Okay, bye bye.

[Derren Brown] Okay, thank you very much Jenny. Alright. So audience, later on you'll be making a decision: "Will Jenny be calling him back to tell him some really good news, or some really awful news?" That will be up to you. So he's got no idea that things could be about to get a whole lot worse, but that's in the hands of our wonderful studio audience tonight.

[Audience] [Clapping and cheering]

[Derren Brown] And we'll be right back after the break. See you in a few minutes.


Derren Brown: The Experiments

[Derren Brown] Tonight's experiment is about de-individuation, which is what happens when people become anonymous members of a crowd, which allows them to behave in a way that goes against their moral code.
It's a large part of what turns normal people into Internet bullies, rioters, football hooligans, and encourages TV reality show audiences to victimize contestants.

[Girl] Hey, hey, hey!

[Derren Brown] This audience think they are watching a new game show, but they are actually the unwitting subjects of this experiment.
They are making decisions that will have a major impact on Kris, who doesn't know that he's being filmed, or that the audience is in complete control of what happens to him. So far our audience has been making relentlessly negative decisions when faced with these 50-50 choices, and ignoring the positive ones. And now, after some fairly low-level cruelty, things are about to get really rather more unpleasant.
Will the power of deindividuation propel this audience to make increasingly negative decisions in an accelerated display of nastiness and cruelty?


[Derren Brown] Welcome back! Welcome back to Remote Control, my new game show, where the studio audience is playing havoc with the life of 27-year-old Kris from Essex. They are all wearing masks to preserve their anonymity. Now Kris has no idea that as the star of my show, that everything that happens tonight is being filmed on hidden cameras. We've also got a camera and a producer in his flat. Now producer Dave, what have you got for us this time?

[Audience] [Laughter]

[Derren Brown] Are you making, are you having a sandwich? That looks nice. What's in there? What you got?

[Dave] Beef. I've got a beef sandwich

[Derren Brown] And a protein shake?

[Dave] He's got good taste in food. A little bit of orange juice.
Um, I thought I've seen his laundry basket in here.
Not that I really want to do this, but I figure we can find out a little bit more about him by what he's been wearing.

[Audience] [Groaning]

[Dave] Oh, look, Star Wars socks! Nice.

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Derren Brown] Star Wars socks. Fantastic.

[Dave] Some [underwear].

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Derren Brown] He's got quite a childish streak. Star Wars socks and the [inaudible] pants, which maybe ties in with him being a practical joker, and playing jokes on people at work.

[Dave] He's got his laptop here.

[Derren Brown] Oh, Internet history. Look at his Internet history.

[Dave] Um, Internet history.

[Derren Brown] Yeah?

[Audience] YES!!!

[Derren Brown] They'd like you to look at his Internet history, Dave. Do you know how to use it?

[Dave] Oh, I know how to use a computer.

[Audience] [Laughs]

[Derren Brown] Did you just log in to his account? Do you know his password?

[Dave] He didn't have a password. Foolish!

[Derren Brown] He didn't need a password. Okay.
Anything dodgy on it? Please let there be some porn.

[Dave] He's got nothing on it!

[Derren Brown] What you got? Oh come on!

[Dave] He wiped his history. He wiped his history!

[Derren Brown] A clear indictment!

[Dave] He's been doing something dodgy! That's it. That's his kitchen. I mean, it's quite nice.

[Derren Brown] Let's have a look at the bathroom. Yeah, let's go, let's go up to the bathroom! Let's have a look!
That is a fantastic ass!

[Dave] Thanks. Uh, right. Bathroom. This is pretty clean.

[Derren Brown] Presumably quite a few hair products, and that kind of thing?

[Dave] It's nice enough stuff. It's a clean-rimmed bath, shall we say?

[Derren Brown] He's got a clean rim. That's always good to know. How's the sink? Is he generally quite clean? He seems quite meticulous.

[Dave] It's pretty clean, though hang on. Oh, God!
That's a fingernail, isn't it?

[Audience] OOOOHHHH!!

[Derren Brown] Nice! Give it a little bend. A little bend. Not as meticulous as maybe we'd like him to be. Alright, listen, Dave, that's disgusting. Alright, thank you Dave. We'll come back to you in a minute.

[Audience] [Cheering and clapping]
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Re: The Gameshow Experiment, by Derren Brown

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[Derren Brown] Alright, thank you. Thank you, Dave. So I'm now going to give Kris's friend, Sibley, his cue. Now the cue is to suggest to Kris that after the night that they've had, they are better off going to the shop, buying some beers, and then going back to Kris's flat. What do you, my lovely audience, want to happen when they get to the shop? Either Kris will be the shop's 5,000th customer, and win a basket full of goodies, or you can have him framed for shoplifting.

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Derren Brown] Voiceover Man, those options again, please.

[Voiceover Man] So, will you choose Option A: he's the shop's lucky 5,000th customer, or Option B: he's accused of shoplifting?

[Derren Brown] Audience, it's time for you to take control, Remote Control. So cast your votes now.

The votes have been counted, we now have 60% of you, 60% of you have chosen that he gets framed for shoplifting.

[Audience] [Cheering and clapping]

[Derren Brown] Okay, let us go to the shop and make it happen. Hello, shop, can you hear us in the shop? Fay, give us a wave if you can hear us. Fay, can you hear us? Give us a wave if you can. Stand blankly and do nothing if you can hear us. Fay, can you hear me, Fay? Fay, if you can hear me, I need you to give us a wave. Fay, give me a wave.
Hey! Alright, so we are going with the shoplifting scenario. You can lose the sashes and the hats. Repeat, lose the sashes and the hats. We are going shoplifting, we are not going 5,000th customer. Get rid of them. Okay, so I now need to give the cue to Sibley -- that's Sibley there in the orange shirt -- who is going to suggest that they now leave after the night they've had.
Very nice.
They are all looking very friendly.
That's Sibley's bag. That might be important in a minute. And off they go.
So they are going to be leaving this bar, and the shop they're heading to is only a couple of doors down. Sibley knows to make sure they go into the shop. Our shop actors are waiting.
So here's how this is going to work. All night Kris's friend Sibley has been carrying a bag. You can see him holding that bag there. And in a moment, Sibley's going to get the cue to leave the shop, but leaving the bag containing stolen goods with Kris. So once Sibley is gone, Kris is going to be accused of shoplifting. Alright. So let's go over to the shop and make it happen. So Fay, who is our shop assistant actor, Fay, can you go over and give Sibley his cue, please?

[Fay] Hello, can I help you?

[Kris] Well, we're deciding which one.

[Sibley] We're loading up on beer.

[Fay] Sorry.

[Sibley] Shit, my bladder is kicking off. I'm going to go on back and meet Tom. Look, seriously. Take that. Hold my bag. I'll see you soon.

[Derren Brown] That was his cue. He's nipping off to the loo.

[Kris] [Inaudible] Yeah, standard. Yeah, I'll see you there.

[Derren Brown] So the shopkeeper won't accuse him of anything until he comes to the till to actually pay for what he's got in the basket. And here we go.

[Shopkeeper] Is that it?

[Kris] That's it.

[Shopkeeper] Are you sure? Are you sure that's it?

[Kris] That's everything [inaudible]

[Shopkeeper] Well, what about the stuff that you put in your bag?

[Kris] It's not my bag. [Inaudible]

[Shopkeeper] No, I've seen you, just now, put something in your bag. Yes.

[Kris] What?!

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Shopkeeper] Right. You've taken that from there.

[Kris] Why would I take it? Why would I take it?

[Shopkeeper] That's right, why would you take panty liners and peas? What are you going to do with panty liners and peas?

[Audience] [Laughing, Cheering, Screaming, Clapping]

[Shopkeeper] Fay, can you lock the door? I'm going to have to call the police here.

[Derren Brown] Fay, you need to call the police.

[Shopkeeper] Call the police please, Fay.

[Kris] Because I promise I have not done anything wrong.

[Shopkeeper] For a man to nick panty liners and peas.

[Audience] [Laughter]

[Derren Brown] So the police have been called.

[Kris] I swear to you.

[Shopkeeper] Look, that's your bag, isn't it?

[Kris] That's not my bag. It's my mate's. He ran off.

[Shopkeeper] Do you know what, I think I've seen your face here before! You've been in the shop before, haven't you?

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Kris] No, I've never been in the shop before.

[Shopkeeper] I think you have.

[Kris] Never.

[Derren Brown] Okay, the police should be coming in about 20 seconds.

[Shopkeeper] Because your face does ring a bell [inaudible]

[Derren Brown] Okay, can we send in the police? They should be just around the corner. Here they come.

[Audience] [Cheering, laughing, clapping]

[Derren Brown] They'll be coming in. Of course, they'll be some CCTV footage to answer this once and for all.

[Policeman] What's your name, sir?

[Kris] My name is Kris Colbert. I'm happy to look at the security cameras to prove my innocence. Because I did not put them in there.

[Shopkeeper] Let's do it.

[Policeman] [Inaudible]

[Kris] Because I did not put them in there.

[Shopkeeper] No, no, no, don't shake my hand!

[Audience] [Laughter]

[Derren Brown] Okay, so they're off to look at some CCTV. And when they emerge, they're going to say one of two things: either there's nothing on the footage and they're going to let him off, or the footage clearly shows Kris stealing the goods, and the policemen will arrest him.
Audience, it's time for you to make your fifth decision of the night. Voiceover Man, those options again, please?

[Voiceover Man] Will you choose Option A: he gets let off scot free, or Option B: he gets arrested?

[Derren Brown] Audience, it's time for you to take Remote Control. Cast your votes now.

Thank you very much. Your votes are in, and I can now reveal to you that the majority of you have gone for the arrest.

[Audience] [Laughing, cheering and clapping]

[Derren Brown] So let's get the shop assistants, let's get Fay, the shop assistant, to cue the police and make it happen. That's the cue.

[Shopkeeper] He's just a thief. That's what he is.

[Policeman] Okay, I'll tell you what. I viewed the tape. [Inaudible] And it seems to me there's a question to answer.

[Kris] A question?

[Policeman] Yeah, it doesn't look right to me.

[Shopkeeper] He's a thief. You should be ashamed of yourself. Look at these items: panty liners and peas!

[Audience] [Laughter]

[Policeman] Hold on! Hold on! What we need to do is take you down to the station, and I'm going to [inaudible] You don't have to say anything. [Inaudible]

[Audience] [Clapping]

[Derren Brown] Oh, there he goes! Oh, they're taking him out, they're going to put him in the van.

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Derren Brown] Okay, off they go. Alright, now, he's in the van. They're taking him off to the police station. Now you remember Kris's colleague, Jenny, from earlier on? Let's get back to her now, and have her make the call with the good or the bad news. Now she's going to tell him one of two things: either she's won a brand-new TV and she's going to give it to Kris, or she's going to tell him that he's going to get fired on Monday.

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Derren Brown] Over to you, Voiceover Man!

[Voiceover Man] Will you choose Option A: he gets a brand new telly, or Option B: he's going to get fired on Monday?

[Derren Brown] Audience, it's time for you to take Remote Control. Cast your votes now!

Excellent, thank you very much, audience. You are a bunch of meanies. We have 67% have voted, and he's going to get fired.

[Audience] [Cheering and clapping]

[Derren Brown] So let's go to Jenny and make it happen. Jenny, come back. I'm sorry. The audience has spoken. So you're going to make the call. You know the story. He's in the police van at the moment.

[Jenny] Oh, he's having such a bad night!

[Derren Brown] Yes, he is having a bad night. It will be fine in the end. So do you want to give him a call, and explain to him what has happened?

[Jenny] Okay.

[Kris] Hello?

[Jenny] Hey Kris, are you alright?

[Kris] Uh, not at the minute. I'm in a police van. I can't talk now.

[Jenny] What? Are you kidding me?

[Kris] No, I genuinely can't talk now.

[Jenny] I don't believe you. But anyway, I've got some, well, some bad news for you.

[Kris] What's happening?

[Jenny] I was copied in on an email at work, it's about redundancies, and mine and your name are on the list.

[Kris] Seriously?

[Jenny] Seriously. I was supposed to have leave on Monday, I have to come back early and face the music.

[Kris] Sp we're both going on Monday?

[Jenny] Yeah, we're going to get told on Monday.

[Kris] How nice. That's beautiful.

[Jenny] I'm really sorry about that. I just thought I'd pass it on to you. Alright. Take care. I'll see you on Monday. Bye bye.

[Audience] [Clapping]

[Derren Brown] So, what was he like?

[Jenny] Uh, devastated, I think!

[Derren Brown] Excellent! So, our target, Kris, is currently being driven around by the police in the back of a van.
Now we clearly can't have the policemen take Kris to the station, mainly because they're not real policemen, and they don't work in a real police station. So instead, the police are going to get an emergency call, let him off with a caution, and drop him near his flat. But before we do that, do you want to make the next decision about his life?

[Audience] YES!!!

[Derren Brown] Alright, well, first we'll thank you Jenny.

[Inaudible] Jenny, everybody? Thank you, Jenny.

[Audience] [Cheering and clapping]

[Derren Brown] Alright. So either this evening you can end his evening here on a happy note, and let him go back to his flat where Dave will give him a 10,000 pound cash prize ...

[Audience] Woooooo!

[Derren Brown] ... or, he doesn't win the prize, and you keep things going, and have him kidnapped by a vanload of thugs ...

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Derren Brown] ... and taken to a disused warehouse.

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Derren Brown] Voiceover Man, the options please.

[Voiceover Man] Will you choose Option A: Let him go home and win a cash prize, or Option B: he gets kidnapped?

[Derren Brown] Audience, it's time for you to take Remote Control. Cast your votes now!

Okay, the votes have been locked in, and yes, we have the results. The audience are in control of Kris's life, and we'll find out which option they've chosen right after this break. See you in a few minutes.


[Derren Brown] Welcome back to the final part of Remote Control, the show where the studio audience take charge of one unsuspecting person's life for a night. This evening, the audience, masked to protect their anonymity, have been remote controlling the life of 27-year-old Kris from Essex. And so far, you, the audience, have chosen to have Kris accused of pinching a girl's bum, confronted by her angry boyfriend, asked to pay for drinks he didn't order, had a pitcher of vodka spilled over him, accused of shoplifting, arrested and thrown in the back of a police van, and told that he's about to get fired. And just before the break you had the choice of Kris being given a cash prize, or being kidnapped by a gang of thugs. Now, before we find out their latest decision, we're going to go back to Kris's flat where one of our producers, Dave, has been poking around all night.
Uh, Dave, Kris has no idea that you've been there all night, has he?

[Dave] No, he has no idea.

[Derren Brown] Excellent! So let's take this to the next level and go through to the bedroom. Those are words that Dave has never heard before in his life.

[Dave] Let's have a look. Nice big bed. Let's try this one out.

[Derren Brown] Are you shouting out suggestions? What was that? Underwear drawer, they say. Underwear drawer.

[Dave] Underwear drawers? Where's that going to be? Oh, look!

[Audience Member] Put it on!

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Dave] What was that?

[Derren Brown] They said, "Put it on." Don't put it on. Don't put it on. What else we got in the room? Show us around the room? What else is in the room?

[Dave] What else have we got? We've got his wardrobe, and his special taste in clothes.

[Derren Brown] They want you to look in the bedside table, a lady was shouting out. Bedside table.

[Dave] Here, this one? Well, let's have a look.

[Audience] [Laughing and clapping]

[Audience member] Sniff his sheets!

[Derren Brown] Sniff his sheets.

[Audience] [Clapping and chanting, "Sniff his sheets"]

[Dave] Sniff his feet?

[Derren Brown] Sheets! Sniff his sheets!

[Dave] Lick his sheets?

[Audience] [Laughing]
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Re: The Gameshow Experiment, by Derren Brown

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[Derren Brown] Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff his sheets.
Oh, that's alright.

[Dave] Poor hair!

[Derren Brown] Just trash his room!

[Dave] Just what?

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Derren Brown] Just trash his room!

[Audience member] Trash his room!

[Derren Brown] They are saying, trash the room, okay? Show us around the room. We haven't seen the room. What else has he got?

[Dave] What else have we got? We've got TV, [inaudible], wardrobe, baseball bat.

[Audience] [Laughing]

[Derren Brown] What was that?

[Audience member] Smash his telly.

[Derren Brown] Smash his telly. Can we smash his telly? I don't know if we can smash his telly. Do we want to smash his telly?

[Audience] YES!!!

[Derren Brown] They want you to smash the telly, Dave.

[Dave] Then it's a good thing I brought these.

[Derren Brown] Alright, Dave had with him, before he [inaudible] Dave does have with him some goggles and gloves in case this became destructive, as he thought it might do.

[Dave] Then I think we can do this.
Okay, can I get a countdown?

[Audience] 4, 3, 2, 1. [Clapping and cheering]

[Derren Brown] Okay, we are getting word from the police, we are told our fake policemen are getting close to dropping Kris off near his flat. So it's time to announce the results of our latest vote. Remember, it was a choice between Kris coming home and winning a 10,000 pound cash prize, which you have, Dave? Do you have the money? Do you have the 10,000 pounds?

[Dave] Yes.

[Derren Brown] Dave shows the money. Quick! That's it. That's the prize. Or being kidnapped by a gangload of thugs. We have the votes. The votes have been counted, and you, the majority, have voted for the kidnapping.

[Audience] [Cheering and clapping]

[Derren Brown] So let's make it happen! Let's make it happen. Alright. So you are on, kidnappers, you need to go in and kidnap Kris when he gets out of the police van. So this is not far from Kris's house. They are very close. I'm being told they are very, very close. I'm being told they are about 10 seconds away.
This is live, now, as you are watching at home. Here they come. Here they come! We have a disused warehouse at the ready. It has not been his night. [Inaudible] Ohhhh!

[Audience] Ohhhhh!

[Derren Brown] So they've let him off with a caution. We had some people call the police and say that they got an emergency call out. So they've let him off, and here come the kidnappers!

[Audience] [Laughing and clapping]

[Kris runs away from the kidnappers and gets hit by a car]

[Audience] [Silent and covering their mouths]

[Derren Brown] Hang on a second.
Can we hold it? Can we lose ...?
One second. I can't hear, I can't hear, there's too many people talking.

[Audience member] Is he alright? Do you know anything?

[Derren Brown] Ah, we're just waiting to find out. We're just waiting to find out. And as soon as we know anything, we'll let you know.

[Audience member] [Inaudible]

[Derren Brown] Okay. So this show that you've seen is part of four one hours called "The Experiment." And tonight's experiment is about something called "deindividuation," which is what happens when people become anonymous, and the sort of behavior it brings out. Now people watching this at home will have heard me say that everything that we're going to see in the next 50 minutes is unfaked. That was true. But that 50 minutes was up three minutes ago, which is when we cut to the kidnap scene. And from that moment, we're actually playing pre-recorded footage. So Kris didn't get run over, it was our stunt man Will. And we treated this film to make it look like it was happening this evening, even though it was actually shot during the daytime, and we already brought two identical shirts, one for our stunt man, and one which we got Kris's girlfriend to give to Kris and make sure that he wore it tonight.

[Man] Okay. Got him. Are you alright, mate?

[Derren Brown] So our stunt man was unharmed, and Kris, of course, is absolutely fine.
And what actually happened to him earlier on was that he was dropped back at his flat, where he found a brand new replacement TV waiting for him, and a letter from me explaining what's been happening to him tonight.
You, the audience, have been the real subjects of tonight's show. We gave you the masks so you could feel anonymous, and just a part of a crowd. And as the evening progressed, you became less and less like individuals, and more like a mob.
You were affecting a real person, even to the point where you were happy for him to think he'd lost his job, and were cheering for his property to be destroyed.
You all genuinely voted each time. The majority gave us the negative decision each time. We always had a positive decision there, and the positive decision was always ready to run. But you, genuinely, each time, voted for the situation to get worse and worse, which is something we all do. It's something we're all capable of.
We've all been guilty of this mob mentality at some point in our lives. And this experiment has been to show how easily it can happen.
Thank you, and goodnight.

[Audience] [No clapping]

Devised and written by Derren Brown, Iain Sharkey

Additional Material: Andy Mulligan

With Special Thanks to: Stephen Long, Andy Nyman, David Britland

Location Facilities: PROCAM


Studio Floor Manager: Mark Harrison

Location Floor Manager: Nick Keene

Vision Mixer: Rod Wardell

OB Director: Naomi Neufeld

Polecam: Stuart Nicholls

Studio Camera Supervisor: Rob Sargent

Location Sound Supervisor: Maximillien Holland

Make-up Artist: Jennifer Kewley

Costume: Marcia Stanton, Marek Bernas

Art Assistant: Fay Wrotchford

Art Directors: Dominic Clasby, Steve Bryce

Production Runners: Rufus Tanner, Emma Pringle, Emily Wray

Junior Production Coordinator: Seema Nabavi

Production Coordinator: Anna Cosgrave

Researchers: Louise Scales, James Peters

Assistant Producers: Samuel Palmer, Dave Struthers, Sharon Tucker

Casting Producer: Chloe Sarfaty

Legal and Business Affairs: Greg Allon, Jonathan Taylor

Production Accountant: Laura Reeves

Production Executive: Ruth Emerson

Head of Production: Debi Roach

Titles & Graphics: Simon Ainge

Music: Nick Foster & Ken Bolam

Post Production Manager: Louise Davis

Dubbing Mixer: Pete Gates, Stewart Harper

Offline Editor: Dani Jacobs

Online Colourist: Jamie Armstrong

Production Manager: Ali Tilling

Senior Producer: Paula Thomas

Executive Producers: Derren Brown, Anthony Owen, Andrew Newman

Line Producer: Antonia Howard-Taylor

Series Producer: David Vallance

Series Director: Simon Dinsell

Executive Producer: Fi Cotter Craig

Objective Productions for Channel 4

© Objective Productions MMXI
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