The Twilight Samurai, directed by Yoji Yamada

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The Twilight Samurai, directed by Yoji Yamada

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directed by Yoji Yamada, Starring Hiroyuki Sanada, Rie Miyazawa, Min Tanaka, from stories by Shuhei Fujisawa, Screenplay by Yoji Yamada & Yoshitaka Asama
© 2002 Shochiku/Nippon Television/Sumitomo/Hakuhodo/Nippon Shuppan/Eisei Gekijo





[Iguchi] By your leave, I am ashamed to say that over many years of hardship, with two daughters, a sick wife and an aged mother, I have lost the desire to wield a sword. A serious fight, the killing of a man, requires animal ferocity and calm disregard for one's own life. I have neither of those within me now. Perhaps in a month, alone with the beasts in the hills, I could get them back. But tomorrow, I am afraid, is completely impossible. I ask that you extend the honor of this commission to another man.

-- The Twilight Samurai, directed by Yoji Yamada
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Re: The Twilight Samurai, directed by Yoji Yamada

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Directed by Yoji Yamada

A Tasogare Seibei Film Partners Production


Seibei Iguchi: Hiroyuki Sanada

Tomoe: Rie Miyazawa

Zenemon Yogo: Min Tanaka

From Stories by Shuhei Fujisawa

Screenplay by Yoji Yamada & Yoshitaka Asama

Producers: Shigehiro Nakagawa, Hiroshi Fukasawa, Ichiro Yamamoto
Cinematography: Mutsuo Naganuma
Art Director: Mitsuo Degawa
Artistic Supervisor: Yoshinobu Nishioka
Lighting: Gen Nakaoka
Costume Design: Kazuko Kurosawa
Editor: Iwao Ishii
Sound Recordist: Kazumi Kishida
Music: Isao Tomita
Theme Song: Yosui Inoue

Directed by Yoji Yamada


[Man] Not that way.

[Women] [Crying]

[Man] No, no, no!
Thank you. You may go.

[Ito] After a long illness my mother died ...
... when I was five.
She had consumption ...
... so from when I can remember I wasn't allowed near her.
Thus I have almost no memory of my mother.

[Mother] Ito ... Ito ...
You poor little darling!

[Ito] I am from Unasaka, in the northeast, in what is now Yamagata Prefecture.
Before 1868 it was the castle town of the Unasaka clan ...
... a small fief of 70,000 koku of rice per year.


[Kusaka] Well done, one and all.
That's it for today.

[Yakazi] Sakaguchi ...

[Sakaguchi] Huh?

[Yazaki] I've heard there's a good drinking place in Hakkenmachi ...

[Sakaguchi] Oh, you mean 'Hisago'?

[Yazaki] Feel like a drink?

[Sakaguchi] A fine idea.

[Yazaki] Kawanami, will you come?

[Kawanami] I will.

[Yazaki] Iguchi?
For a change?

[Iguchi] Not me, thanks.

[Yazaki] We can't twist your arm?

[Iguchi] If you'll excuse me ...

[Yazaki] Twilight's not very exciting, is he.

[Men] [Laughing]

[Ito] With a sick wife, two young daughters
and an aged mother in his care ...
... my father was unable to drink with his colleagues.
He had to hurry home every evening at dusk.
I was told the men he worked with ...
... gave him the cruel nickname of 'Twilight Seibei'.



[Iguchi] Ito ...

[Ito] Father!

[Iguchi] Up you go!
Your face is dirty.

[Ito] Father's back!

[Kayano] Welcome home.

[Iguchi] Codfish stew tonight, Kayano?

[Kayano] Yes.

[Iguchi] [To Ito] Don't drop it.
I'm home, Mother. How are you this evening?

[Grandmother] Of what household are you, sir?

[Iguchi] I am Seibei Iguchi of the Unasaka Clan, Castle Stores.

[Grandmother] I see ...

[Iguchi] She's getting worse. She doesn't even know her own son!

[Naota] Kayano, I've simmered some burdock. Take some.

[Iguchi] Thank you. You're always so kind to my daughters.
Naota ... you can go home now.

[Naota] Yup.


[Waitress] Good evening.

[Kusaka] But Yazaki, can't we do something about Twilight?
His kimono's all ripped, and hardly ever takes a bath.
There's this smell when you get close to him.
It just won't do!

[Yazaki] Yes, sir. We all find it very hard to stomach.
We've asked around about finding him a new wife ...
... but no woman would want his situation.

[Kusaka] Indeed!

[Yazaki] He's got two young girls, a senile old mother ...
... and 20 of his 50 koku gone in debt.
Any woman who went to him would have to take in work.

[Kusaka] Yes, he owes money all over the place.

[Yazaki] I don't know how he paid for his wife's funeral.
Not even selling your sword would pay for a funeral like that.

[Man] A funeral! That's something I have to worry about, too.
My father's not going to last much longer.

[Kusaka] Kawanami's lucky. Young parents and a pretty wife!

[Yazaki] You'd better go easy with her. It could hurt your work.

[Kusaka] Is that why you're always cat-napping on the job?

[Men] [Laughing]

[Kawanami] I am not!
Listen to him!

[Kusaka] O-Kume ...

[O-Kume] Welcome!

[Kusaka] Isn't she gorgeous?!

[Men] [Laughing]


[Ito] Bed-time, Gran.

[Grandmother] Good night, Seibei.

[Ito] Good night.

[Iguchi] [To Kayano] She remembered me!

[Kayano] [Reciting] 'The Master said: To rule a land of a thousand chariots ...'

[Iguchi] Kayano ...
That's Confucius, isn't it? When did you start learning that?

[Kayano] At the end of last month. The teacher says ...
... from now on even girls will need book learning.

[Iguchi] That's good.
When I was a boy I read Confucius over and over again.

[Kayano] Father ...

[Iguchi] Huh?

[Kayano] If I learn to do needlework ...
... someday I can make kimonos.

[Iguchi] Uh huh.

[Kayano] But what good will book learning ever do me?

[Iguchi] Well, it probably won't ever be as useful as needlework.
But you know ...
... book learning gives you the power ....
... to think.
However the world might change, if you have the power to think ...
... you'll always survive somehow.
That's true for boys and for girls.
All right?

[Kayano] Yes.

[Iguchi] Keep reading, then.

[Kayano] 'Tseng Tzu said: Each day in three ways ...'

[Iguchi] '... I ask myself ...'

[Kayano & Iguchi] ' ... if I have faithfully carried out what I undertook for another ...'

[Ito] My mother's illness had left my father deep in debt.
As Grandmother lost her wits,
all the housework, the gathering of fuel ...
... and the field work fell to him.
Left with little time to attend to himself ...
... he gradually became unkempt and grimy.
As his daughter, I felt terrible about this.


[Yazaki] Wipe off that dust!
They're coming!
His Lordship attends!
Kawanami! Quick!

[Kusaka] 'Provisions.'
Vital stores of food
for when the clan must fight, or the castle ...
... is besieged.
Next we have the Salt Storehouse ...
Here you have your beans, green, soy and red ...
We pay particular attention to keeping them dry.
Dried giant horse-radish, dried fiddleheads, miso paste ...

[Kazaki] Kusaka!

[Kusaka] This is dried codfish ...
... very important provisioning in times of war.

[Senior Retainer Terauchi] How much have we got?

[Kusaka] Iguchi ...

[Senior Retainer Terauchi] 'Iguchi'? You may answer directly.

[Iguchi] By your leave. We have 760 strips ...
... by weight approximately 120 kan.

[Senior Retainer Terauchi] How long does it keep?

[Iguchi] Between five and ten years.
This here is the oldest we have.
It was acquired six years ago.
This dried cod from Kansaki is best. It holds its taste for ten years.

[His Lordship] That strange smell I noticed ... is it you?
Clan retainers must serve as examples to the common folk.
Keep yourself clean.

[Iguchi] Yes, Milord!

[His Lordship] Carry on.

[Senior Retainer Terauchi] [Spitting at Kusaka] Idiot!

[Kusaka] Sir, I ...

[Senior Retainer Terauchi] I'll speak to you later.

[Kusaka] But ...

[Senior Retainer Terauchi] Be quiet!

[Kusaka] Iguchi!

[Hitting him over the head again and again] You damn fool!

[Ito] The story spread throughout the castle.
My father became a laughingstock.
My Great-Uncle came from the main house in a foul humor.


[Great-Uncle] Hello!

[Iguchi] It's Uncle ...
I'm in for it now.

[Great-Uncle] Is anybody here? What, are you all dead?!

[Iguchi] Coming!

[To Kayano] Kayano, make some tea.

[Ito] Who is it?

[Kayano] Great-Uncle!

[Great-Uncle] Disgraceful!
You appeared before His Lordship unbathed, reeking of dried cod.
The unpleasant impression you created ...
... shames the house of Iguchi.

[Iguchi] That was inexcusable.

[Great-Uncle] I went to Senior Retainer Terauchi and apologized for you.
His Lordship is a generous man, so he did not find fault.
Had that been his father, though ...

[pounding his fan on the ground] ... this would have meant hara-kiri!

[Iguchi] I never dreamed it would cause so much trouble.
I beg your forgiveness.

[Great-Uncle] Kayano?
How old are you now?

[Kayano] I am ten years old.

[Great-Uncle] Are you working at your lessons?

[Kayano] Yes. I'm learning needlework and Confucius.

[Great-Uncle] A girl has no need of the classics.
All you need is to write women's script.
Too much book learning and you'll never be a bride.

[Iguchi] [To Kayano] You can go.

[Great-Uncle] I am here today on an important matter.
A marriage arrangement.
You need a hard-working wife to escape the misery you are in.
A village-headman acquaintance has an unmarried daughter ...
... whom he agrees to marry to you.
He knows you are poor, have two young daughters and a senile mother.
I'm sure you realize that you are in no position to demand beauty.
You need a healthy wife with big haunches to bear children.
Her face is of no concern.
So I'll proceed with this, if you don't mind.

[Iguchi] With all due respect, I must differ.

[Great-Uncle] How?

[Iguchi] I am not nearly as miserable in my living as you may think.
Of course, offending His Lordship by appearing unbathed before him ...
... was wrong, and I vow never to repeat it.
However ...
... watching my daughters as they grow day by day is ...
... how shall I put it?
It's like watching crops ripen or flowers grow in a field.
I enjoy it very much.
I'm not sure if the lady of whom you speak ...
... would understand that.

[Great-Uncle] [Screaming] Who would understand such foolishness?!
You've always been like this ...
... tormenting your poor father with this prattling of yours!
What has your marriage got to do with crops in a field?

[Iguchi] Then I beg leave to speak more clearly.
I ask that you not concern yourself with questions of my marriage.

[Great-Uncle] You defy the main branch of your family?!

[Grandmother] You are welcome here.

[Great-Uncle] Kinu ... are you well?

[Grandmother] I am, thank you.
May I ask of which household you come?

[Great-Uncle] [Yelling] I'm your damn brother!
Take her away, Seibei. She's a nuisance.

[Iguchi] Mother ...

[Great-Uncle] Most unseemly! What will the neighbors think?

[Yelling] Tie her to a post somewhere!
[Picks up hot lid and burns himself] [Cries out]

[Ito] 'Expect no more help from me!' ...
... shouted my great-uncle as he left in high dudgeon.


[Iguchi] [To Kayano] Can you do that?

Let me see.
Here ...
twist it as you fit it in.

[Kayano] Is Gran asleep?

[Ito] Yes.

[Kayano] Good.

[Ito] Father ...
Gran was crying, you know.

[Iguchi] Uncle shouted at her.

[Ito] Poor Gran!

[Iguchi] Do you like Uncle?

[Kayano and Ito] [Shake their heads "no"]

[Iguchi] You don't?

[Kayano and Ito] [Shake their heads "yes"]

[Iguchi] I hate him.
He came to talk about a new wife for me, but I said no.
I don't want to take any help from him.
You'd think we were buying a cow!
'All she needs is to be healthy' ... that's rude to the lady as well.
Are you lonely ...
... without a mother?

[Kayano] [Shakes her head "no"] I'm not lonely if you're here.

[Ito] Me, too.

[Iguchi] That's my girls.

[Kayano] Do you want the toilet, Gran?

[Ito] [Shows her dad her work]

[Iguchi] [Puts Ito on his lap]


[Ito] Look!

[Iguchi] Butterbur buds! Get lots, all right?

[Woman] What's that?

[Man] A child!

[Woman] The poor thing! He's nothing but bones!

[Man] Where'd he come from?
Matsukawa, maybe.
Rise to Buddha!

[Ito] As children, we loved to go gathering herbs ...
... by the river in early spring.
But those were times of famine.
The cold meltwater often brought the bodies of peasants ...
... dead of starvation.


[Instructor] Aim ...

[Everyone] [Clapping]

[Instructor] All of you, watch me.
Elbows up ...
Brace the right knee ...

[linuma Michinogo] Seibei! Sorry to keep you waiting.

[Iguchi] You went to Kyoto?

[linuma Michinogo] Yes, with the Majordomo to talk to merchants there and in Osaka.

[Iguchi] What's Kyoto like?

[linuma Michinojo] I had high hopes for it, but it was horrible.
I've never seen the like of Miyako-oji Boulevard.
Filthy masterless samurai from all over the country everywhere ...
... cursing and swearing in dialects you can't understand.
Then someone shouts 'Divine punishment! and the swords come out.
The Kamo River's full of headless corpses all swollen up ...

[Iguchi] So it wasn't all Gion geishas?

[Men] [Firing guns]

[linuma Michinojo] Dear me!

[Instructor] Prime!
Wait! What's wrong? [Fire starts]

[Man] Ow!

[Instructor] Fool! [Starts hitting him]

[Everyone laughing] I told you to wait!

[linuma Michinojo] They're a bit late.
The Choshu clan may have been beaten once,
but they'll be back with Satsuma.
They'll snuff out 250 years of Shoguns like the wind does a candle.
What's our clan doing?
Our leaders aren't thinking!
How would you like to go to Kyoto?
The Emperor's palace needs guards.
I'll recommend you.
You'll see how things are.
Someone like you shouldn't be stuck in a field here right now.

[Iguchi] I'm afraid you over-estimate me.

[linuma Michinojo] The times are changing.

[Iguchi] When they do, I'll give up samurai status and be a farmer.
That's what I'm suited for.

[linuma Michinojo] You're a strange one.
But you always were.
No ambition at all.
Oh, I nearly forgot ...
My condolences on your bereavement.
Burn a joss stick for her.

[Iguchi] You didn't have to ...

[linuma Michinojo] I wanted to send my sister to the funeral in my place ...
... but she was having some troubles of her own.
I'm sorry.

[Iguchi] Miss Tomoe? What's wrong?

[linuma Michinojo] You know she married the son of Captain Koda ...
It turns out this Toyotaro is a mean drunk.
If I'd known I'd never have agreed.

[Iguchi] A mean drunk?

[linuma Michinojo] He'd hit her, kick her ...
She'd come running to my house to get away.
I was worried one day he'd kill her ...
... so I got the Castle to order them divorced.

[Iguchi] Divorced?

[linuma Michinojo] Just recently.
So now Tomoe's back at my house.

[Iguchi] Really?
And here I thought she was the wife of a fine 1200-koku samurai.
I had no idea.

[linuma Michinojo] I made a mistake. She's gone through hell because of me.


[Kusaka] Well done, one and all.
That's it for today.

[Yakazi] Sakaguchi ...
Sakaguchi! Feel like dropping in at 'Hisago'?
You want to see O-Kume!

[Sakaguchi] Quiet!

[Yakazi] You come too, Kawanami.

[Kawanami] Again?

[Yakazi] Damn right!

[Iguchi] I'll be going.

[Sakaguchi] Iguchi ...
Come see the girls. Take your mind off things.

[Iguchi] I'm fine, thanks.

[Yakazi] Iguchi ...

[Kawanami] Don't waste your breath.


[Iguchi] Look, Naota. The azaleas are out.

[Naota] Yup.


[Iguchi] Kayano, Ito, I'm home!
No one's here ...

[Tomoe] Welcome home.
It's been a long time.

[Iguchi] Uh ... perhaps there's some ...

[Tomoe] You were out when I came by ...
Have you forgotten me? I'm linuma's younger sister, Tomoe.

[Iguchi] Oh, Miss Tomoe!
I didn't know you.
I've just seen your brother today. He told me what happened.

[Tomoe] So you know all about it, then?

[Iguchi] Yes.

[Tomoe] Because of that I'm back living at his house.
There's nothing for me to do, so they have me weaving.
I came here to escape.

[Iguchi] You're very welcome.
Let's go inside.

[Tomoe] Your sock ...

[Iguchi] Oh, yes ...

[Tomoe] It seems your father had forgotten me!
We always played together!

[Kayano] Welcome home.

[Iguchi] Kayano, Ito, this is Miss Tomoe. We're, uh ...

[Tomoe] Childhood friends. He always used to tease me.

[Iguchi] I did not!

[Kayano] I got a present.

[Ito] Me, too.

[Iguchi] Aren't they pretty!
Mother, I'm home.

[Grandmother] Welcome home.

[Iguchi] Do you know this lady?

[Grandmother] She's Miss Tomoe, the linuma girl.

[Tomoe] See? She remembered me.

[Iguchi] That's good. And of course you remember me, don't you?

[Grandmother] Of which household are you?

[Iguchi] I'm your son.

[Grandmother] Oh, you are?

[O-Tane] Hello.

[Tomoe] O-Tane, watch the hotpot.

[Ito] It was as if our house was brighter from the moment Miss Tomoe arrived.
I've never forgotten. It was when I was five.

[Tomoe] I always wanted to do whatever the boys did.
Once I was climbing a pine tree and a branch snapped ...
... and I got hurt.

[Ito] Really?

[Tomoe] Yes! Your father happened to be there that day ...
... and he carried me piggy-back all the way to the doctor!
I think he was 12 or 13.
His back was this broad!
Just like a grown-up's. He made me feel so safe ...
Do you remember, Seibei?

[Iguchi] I remember something like that ...

[Tomoe] When I was nine my mother told me ...
... I couldn't play with boys any more.
I was so sad ...
Being a girl's no fun, Kayano.


[Tomoe, Kayano & Ito] [Singing] '"Drip, drip, drip" ...
'... come our Chonbei's tears ...
"'Drip, drip, drip" ...
'Let's catch his falling tears ...
'... and wipe them away ...
'Wipe, wipe, wipe ...
'Let's take his tear-soaked kimono ...
'... and wash it clean ...
'Wash, wash, wash ...
'Let's take the kimono we've washed ...
'... and wring it out ...
'Wring, wring, wring ...
'Let's take the kimono we've wrung out ...
'... and hang it to dry ...
'Hang, hang, hang ...'


[Tomoe] You haven't changed at all, have you?
It's as if I'm a completely different person.

[Iguchi] That's not true.
You still smile the same.

[Tomoe] You don't have to console me. I know I've changed.

[Iguchi] People told me how beautiful a bride you were ...
... when you went to the Koda house.

[Tomoe] I don't want to remember.

[Iguchi] It's very late. I'll leave you here.
Say hello to your brother.

[Tomoe] Your beard's growing out ...
It's so soft!

[Koda] linuma! I want the truth!

[Tomoe] That man's here!
My husband ...
My ex-husband ... I'd know that drunken voice anywhere.

[Koda] I'm going!
Your master's leaving.
Hands off!
I'm not drunk!
My sandals!

linuma! Where's Tomoe gone?

[linuma Michinojo] I told you, she's at her aunt's.

[Koda] You're lying!

[linuma Wife] Please! Keep your voice down! There are elderly people here!

[Koda] To hell with her.
Listen, linuma ...
If I'm not good enough for Tomoe, she's welcome to leave.
But linuma ...
... I've got a bone to pick with you.
You went to His Lordship and got him to divorce us.

[linuma Michinojo] Squire Koda, I've told you time and time again ...

[Koda] [Pushes linuma Michinojo on the ground] Shut up!
You made me a joke in front of the whole castle!
I demand satisfaction!

[linuma Michinojo] Squire Koda!

[Koda] My sword!

[Tomoe] Stop this, will you?!

[Koda] Tomoe ...
Where've you been till this hour of the night?

[Tomoe] Where I go is no one's business but mine.
And I'll say this, too.
I am not your wife now. It's 'Miss Tomoe' to you.

[Koda] [Slaps her real hard]

[linuma Michinojo] Tomoe! Get inside!

[Iguchi] Perhaps that's enough?

[Koda] Who are you?!

[Iguchi] I am Seibei Iguchi, friend to linuma.
Perhaps I could accept your challenge in his name?
But here we are in the town.
And you are drunk.
Let's settle this another time, when the alcohol has worn off.

[Koda] If you put yourself forward this way ...
... you must think you can fight.

[Iguchi] I make no such claim.

[Koda] Fine. We fight tomorrow.

[Iguchi] Tomorrow?

[Koda] By the river behind Hannyaji Temple, at the 8th hour?

[Iguchi] Done.

[Koda] Behind Hannyaji, 8th hour.
See you.

[linuma Michinojo] Seibei, he's serious!
Are you?

[Iguchi] I had no choice.

[linuma Michinojo] He's good with a sword.

[Iguchi] It'll work out.
I'll say good night.
Don't tell Tomoe about this. It would only worry her.

[linuma Michinojo] Wait!
What if you kill him? The Clan forbids dueling.

[Iguchi] I'll think of something.
Good night.


[Kayano] Naota .... [gives him more food]
We're going.

[Students] [Chanting] 'Yu Tzu said: Harmony is the greatest beneficence of the rites.

[Teacher] Good morning.
Sit down!

[Iguchi] I'm leaving.

[Grandmother] [Nods]

[Practices swinging his sword]

[Iguchi] This is no good. I'm slow.


[linuma Michinojo] You think you can take me?

[Koda] Damn right!

[linuma Michinojo] Then get ready.

[Man] He's afraid!

[Iguchi] Hold it!
I said last night I'd take your place!

[linuma Michinojo] I should do this.

[Iguchi] You're no match for him. Go over there and watch.
I'm sorry I'm late, Squire Koda. I will be your opponent.

[Koda] What's that stick?

[Iguchi] My school of swordfighting uses this for practice.

[Koda] Do you mock me? Draw your sword!

[Iguchi] A sword might kill. This stick will not.
It will break bones at worst.

[Koda] I won't take this from a samurai of your rank! I'll cut you down!

[linuma Michinojo] Watch for the draw-and-slash!

[Koda] You can still apologize.

[Iguchi] The apology is yours to make.
[They fight]

[Iguchi] With a real sword, you'd be dead.
Do you apologize?
Or do you continue?

[He continues]

[Iguchi] [Knocks him out with his stick]
Splash some water on him. That'll bring him to.
Come on, linuma.

[linuma Michinojo] You're all right?

[Iguchi] Don't tell Miss Tomoe about this.
Or anyone else, either.

[linuma Michinojo] Those men will talk.

[Iguchi] No. A whipped dog doesn't bark.


[Man] Soy sauce? Over here.

[Zenemon Yogo] Excuse me for interrupting. I am Zenemon Yogo, Master of the Watch.

[Iguchi] I know that.

[Zenemon Yogo] Are you the 'Twilight Seibei' who thrashed Toyotaro Koda ...
... and left him with a great big lump on his head?

[Iguchi] I didn't really 'thrash' him.
He asked for a match, and my sword caught him on the head.

[Zenemon Yogo] Koda's a drinking companion of mine.
The other day ...
... he came crying to me, asking if I would take revenge for him.
That's the kind of man he is.
But it seems you can fight. What school are you?

[Iguchi] Many years ago I trained under Toda-sensei.

[Zenemon Yogo] So you're a disciple of Jinsai Toda?

[Iguchi] I merely attended his dojo.

[Zenemon Yogo] Perhaps we could try a match one day.

[Iguchi] I'd be no match for you, I'm afraid. If you'll excuse me ...


[Kusaka] I wish I wasn't getting old. I can't read once the sun sets.
First your teeth go, then it's your eyes.

[Sakaguchi] And how's number three?

[Kusaka] That went long ago!
That's it for today, everyone.

[Iguchi] I'll be going.
Excuse me.

[Yazaki] Sir Twilight's gone.

[Kawanami] Didn't you hear?
The other day 'Sir Twilight' fought the son of Captain Koda.

[Yazaki] A fight? And what happened?

[Kawanami] Wood against steel.
Sir Twilight went bang! Knocked him senseless.

[Sakaguchi] He did?

[Yazaki] I always thought he was strange.
I never thought he was a fighter, though.

[Kawanami] Maybe we shouldn't be calling him 'Sir Twilight'.

[Yazaki] You think he knows?

[Sakaguchi] Sure he does.


[Woman] Fumi! It's raining!

[Iguchi] It's raining! Is the laundry in?

[Ito] Yes!

[Kayano] Welcome home.
Miss Tomoe was here. She left you this letter.
She's got even nicer writing than the schoolmaster.

[Ito] [To Kayano] Let me!

[Kayano] No!

[Tomoe] 'I have finally learned what happened
from my elder brother.
'I must apologize for all the trouble ...
'... I have caused you.
'I am, however, delighted.
'I very much want to see you and thank you in person.
'Today I intruded upon you and, with your daughters ...
'... cleaned your house and did your laundry.
'Please do not scold your daughters for allowing me in.
'I would like in the future to be of what use I can.
'Written in haste.
'To: Seibei Iguchi, Esq.
From: Tomoe.'

[Ito] Tomoe started coming every second day or so.
The two of us looked forward to coming home from school.


[Kayano & Ito] We're back!

[Tomoe] Hello!

[Kayano] You know what the teacher did today? He farted out loud!

[Ito] She cleaned with us, did laundry with us ...
... and taught us to cook.
On rainy days we'd practice calligraphy and sewing.
And she'd tell us all kinds of stories, the like of which ...
... we'd never heard before.

[Tomoe] Bring this line over.

[Ito] Finished!

[Tomoe] That's good, Ito!

[Kayano] Hey! Stop it!

[Tomoe] Ito! Write on your own paper.

[Ito] No!


[Tomoe] Don't you look nice!

[Ito] How much fun it was to go off to a festival in kimonos ...
... she had made us.

[Woman] Shoo! Go away!

[Ito] Samurai then were strictly forbidden to attend the festivals ...
... of the peasants and townsfolk ...
... but Tomoe cared not a whit.
I remember well what she said:
It was because of the peasants that we lived as samurai.
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Re: The Twilight Samurai, directed by Yoji Yamada

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[linuma Michinojo] Why are you catching them all? We're using the same bait!

[Iguchi] You're trying too hard. The fish sense it.
Your shoulders are too stiff. It's like swordfighting.

[linuma Michinojo] Stop lecturing!

[Iguchi] Show me your rod.
This hook's too big!

[linuma Michinojo] Seibei ...
... I want to talk to you.
It's about Tomoe.
She's had a few proposals.

[Iguchi] She's pretty and smart.
There's not many like her in our clan.
Any good ones?

[linuma Michinojo] She won't say yes, and I can't pressure her.
I asked her, half in jest, if she'd like to marry you.

[Iguchi] You what?!
We may be old friends, but that isn't funny!

[linuma Michinojo] She didn't take it as a joke.
She said she wouldn't mind ...
... and turned all red.

[Iguchi] That's enough! You're both making fun of me!

[linuma Michinojo] You dolt!
She was serious.

[Iguchi] Stop it.

[linuma Michinojo] Listen ...
... I've already put her through hell marrying her to Koda.
If it's all right with you, I'd like to make that up to her.

[Iguchi] Isn't this a bit sudden?

[linuma Michinojo] I don't need an answer now, but I will within two or three days.
I might have to go to Edo.

[Iguchi] You've been really busy lately. What's going on?

[linuma Michinojo] You probably haven't heard.
His Lordship's dead.
A month ago.

[Iguchi] He is?
Why have they kept that from us?

[linuma Michinojo] They're not agreed on who's going to succeed him.
The Castle Warden, Lord Hori, has asked the Shogun ...
... for permission to adopt
His Lordship's third boy, Tadaatsu ...
... and seize control himself.
If that happens the clan will split, and blood will wash away blood.
I might not come through this unscathed myself.
So if you could give me an answer before I leave for Edo ...

[Iguchi] All right.
I'll answer you.
I'm very grateful to Tomoe for all she's done for my daughters ...
... all the cooking and sewing and everything else.
It's like a dream come true.
However ...
... having her come to my house as my wife is something else again.
She's a daughter of the linumas, a 400-koku family.
She doesn't know what life is like for a 50-koku petty samurai.

[linuma Michinojo] Are you sure you're not under-estimating her?
She's very much her own woman.

[Iguchi] It'd be fine at the start.
But when it sunk in that 50-koku would be her life forever ...
... she'd be sorry.
My late wife was.
Here was a 150-koku family.
She never got used to the fall in status.
'Rise in the world,' she told me, 'or my family will grieve.'
She said that all the time after she got sick.
I don't want to put Tomoe through that torment.

[linuma Michinojo] Tomoe's not 15 or 16.
I'm sure she'd thought about what she said.

[Iguchi] No more.
Let's forget this.
Let's try up there.

[Man in boat] It's a girl!
What a stink!

[Boatmen chanting] Rise to Lord Buddha.
Eat your fill in heaven!

[Iguchi] Let's call it a day.

[Ito] From that day on, Miss Tomoe stopped coming ...
... to our house.


[Men shouting] Make way!
Stand aside!
We're turning!

[Men Shouting] The Warden has returned!

[Lord Hori, Castle Warden] [Collapses against palanquin]

[Men] [Carry him off]

[Man] Go!

[Man] [Beating drum]

[Man] What's that?!

[Man] It's the alarm!

[Kusaka] Stop what you're doing and listen.
I have important news from Lord Hori, Castle Warden ...
... who returned this morning from Edo.
The 12th head of the Unasaka Clan, Lord Tadatomo, died of measles ...
... at the beginning of this month.
He was 32 years old.
He was a good and wise ruler, intelligent and tolerant ...
... a true hero. [Crying]
Only last spring we had the honor of meeting him ...
... and having him speak to us.

Iguchi, you haven't forgotten that, I'm sure.

[Iguchi] No.

[Kusaka] What a fine and gentle man he was!
Senior retainers will remain in the castle.
The rest of you are to leave
and pray for the repose of His Lordship's soul.

[Yakazi] This could mean open war!

[Kawanami] I doubt that ...
... but Lord Hori's sure to go after His Lordship's reformers.

[Yakazi] 'Dispositions'?

[Kawanami] Yes.

[Sakaguchi] Which side is our Commissioner on?
The reformers, or the Hori faction?

[Yakazi] He'll be with the mainstream.
Just like me.

[All men] [Laughing]


[Ito] While there were fearsome rumors
that the Castle was preparing for war ....
... it didn't seem to involve petty samurai like my father.

[Iguchi] [Cutting wood]


[Iguchi] [To Kayano] All right?

[Ito] We wanted to ask Father why Miss Tomoe no longer came ...
... but for some reason we couldn't.
This was because even in our children's hearts ...
... we knew something had happened between them.


[linuma Wife] Squire Iguchi!
I'm sorry you've come for nothing. My husband isn't back from Edo.
I expect him in a day or two.

[Iguchi] Has he written anything about what's happening in Edo?

[linuma Wife] No.
There was a letter yesterday ...
... but all he talked about was what he wants to eat when he gets home.

[Iguchi] That's good.
I'm sure you know they're handing down dispositions.
Some people have even been ordered to commit suicide.
I was worried about what might have happened to linuma.
I'm happy to hear he's all right.
Give him my regards when he gets home.

[linuma Wife] You came just for that?

[Iguchi] Yes.
Good day.

[linuma Wife] It was very kind of you.


[linuma Wife] [To servants] Carry on.

[Tomoe] Where's Squire Iguchi?

[linuma Wife] He went away.
Where are you going?

[Tomoe] Squire Iguchi may still be close by.

[linuma Wife] Why do you want to see him?

[Tomoe] No reason in particular.
I haven't seen him for a while. I'd like to say hello.

[linuma Wife] Wait!
Tomoe ...
... it is unseemly for a young woman to be seen talking ... [spits]
... with some samurai on the street.
And you are a returned bride with a proposal being discussed.
You shouldn't be doing that
in broad daylight with people around.
I've been meaning to tell you that for a long time now.

[Tomoe] What's wrong with a girl talking to a samurai?

[linuma Wife] Are you questioning your elder brother's wife?

[Tomoe] Shouldn't I?

[linuma Wife] You should not.
A young woman does not question her elders.


[Customer] With 60 from last month, that comes to 550 mon.
Could I have a receipt?

[Iguchi] You know the bath fee went up to seven mon last month.
Prices are going up everywhere.
Could you pay more for these cages?

[Customer] With things as unsettled as they are ...
... no one's buying insect cages.

[Iguchi] Could you ask your boss for me?

[Customer] Well, I'll ask.

[Iguchi] I take this work as seriously as my duties.

[Customer] I understand that.
If you'll excuse me.

[Iguchi] [To Kayano & Ito] Come on.


[Customer] We're not thieves.
We're just picking up some insect cages from Squire Iguchi.

[Kusaka] Is he doing piece-work?

[Customer] Yes.

[Kusaka] Hello!

[Iguchi] Who is it?

[Kusaka] Commissioner Kusaka.
It's very late, I know.
I'd like you to accompany me to Lord Hori's quarters.

[Iguchi] Yes, sir.

[Kusaka] They said you don't need full formal dress.
Just a hakama skirt.

[Iguchi] Okay.

[Kusaka] So you're Iguchi's girl? How old are you?

[Ito] Five.

[Kusaka] You're a sweetheart.

[Makes a face at Ito]

[Ito] [Laughs]

[Iguchi] I'm ready.
Kayano ... you all get to bed.

[Kayano] Let's sleep.


[Kusaka] Seibei Iguchi, of the Castle Stores ...

[Lord Hori's Retainer] That'll do.
Iguchi, come over here.
We called you here this late because an awkward situation has arisen.
You know there was a revolt among our retainers in Edo?

[Iguchi] Yes, sir.

[Lord Hori's Retainer] Fortunately no word of this reached the Shogun.
His Lordship ordered Shima Hasegawa and his faction to commit suicide.
But one of Lord Hasegawa's men, Zenemon Yogo, Master of the Watch ...
... says he was merely following the orders of his superior ...
... asks why he should be punished, and refuses to commit suicide.
'If you want me dead, come and kill me,' he says!
And with these disgraceful words, has barricaded himself in his house.
This evening we sent our Master of Foot, Genba Hattori, against him.

[Genba Hattori] Zenemon Yogo! I come by order of the clan!

[Lord Yori's Retainer] But he died himself.
Yogo's a 'one-sword' fighter.
No one in the clan is his match.
We were talking about who to send against him ...
... and your name came up.
Iguchi, raise your head.
You're a 'short-sword' fighter of the Toda school?

[Iguchi] It's been years since Toda-sensei taught me.
I merely attended his dojo.

[Lord Yori's Retainer] We don't have time for modesty.
We've learned that you were an instructor at his dojo.

[Lord Yori's Senior Retainer] He must be beaten inside his house. The short sword will help there.
That is another reason we have chosen you.

[Lord Yori's Retainer] Kill Zenemon Yogo by twilight tomorrow.
That is an order from your clan's Senior Retainer.

[Lord Yori's Retainer] Kusaka ... what's this man's stipend?

[Kusaka] 50 koku.
20 koku bespoken, for a net of 30.

[Lord Yori's Retainer] That must be hard, with two young daughters and an aged mother.

[Kusaka] Yes.

[Lord Yori's Retainer] [To Iguchi] Bring us the head of Zenemon Yogo ...
... and life will be easier.
Do you accept?

[Kusaka] Answer him.
This is an honor.

[Lord Yori's Retainer] You shut up!

[Iguchi] By your leave ...
I am ashamed to say that over many years of hardship ...
... with two daughters, a sick wife and an aged mother ...
... I have lost the desire to wield a sword.
A serious fight, the killing of a man ...
... requires animal ferocity and calm disregard for one's own life.
I have neither of those within me now.
Perhaps in a month ...
... alone with the beasts in the hills
I could get them back.
But tomorrow, I am afraid, is completely impossible.
I ask that you extend the honor of this commission ...
... to another man.

[Warden] What complete and utter nonsense!
We are not here for foolishness from a petty samurai!
Your clan orders you to kill Yogo.
[Yelling and Pointing] Do you understand that?!
The Clan's orders are His Lordship's orders.
The very thought of refusal is an offense!
You are relieved of your post! You are expelled from the clan!

[Lord Yori's Retainer] Please, Warden ...

[To Iguchi] What do you say, Iguchi? Do you accept?

[Kusaka] Of course he does!
Don't you!

[Igachi] May I request an evening or two ...
... in which to give my answer?

[Warden] [Screaming] You may not!!
You will answer now!

[Iguchi] I obey.
I accept the commission ...
... to kill Zenemon Yogo.

[Lord Yori's Retainer] Well said!

[Lord Lori's Senior Retainer] An officer will call at the hour of the snake.
Be ready.

[Lord Yori's Retainer] Withdraw.


[Kusaka] Iguchi ...
Don't worry. Who's Zenemon Yogo anyway?
You're sure to win.

[Iguchi] I have decided exactly that.

[Kusaka] Good.

[Iguchi] One should, however, always prepare for the worst.

[Kusaka] That's true. The worst can always happen.

[Iguchi] In that event, Commissioner, this will be farewell.
Thank you for everything you've done for me.
Please convey my regards to my colleagues in Stores.

[Kusaka] I understand. And, uh ...
... I'll take responsibility for those you leave behind.
I'll see they're looked after.

[Iguchi] That's a relief to hear.
All the best to you.


[Ito] A strange noise made me open my eyes.
Looking for the sound, I saw my father sharpening his sword.
He looked so strange it was hard to believe he was my father.
I still remember clearly how he looked that night.


[Grandmother] [Praying] 'The Heart Sutra:
'The Bodhisattva clearly saw the emptiness of the five states ...
... thus relieving misfortune and pain.
'Form is only emptiness, emptiness only form ...'


[Kayano] We're going.

[Ito] Kayano!

[Kayano & Ito] [Reciting] 'The Master said: a man cunning of word and smiling of face ...
' ... is rarely benevolent. Tseng Tzu said: Each day ...'


[Iguchi] Naota, do something for me.

[Naota] Yup.

[Iguchi] You know Miss Tomoe's house in Nishikicho, don't you?

[Naota] Yup.

[Iguchi] Go there, and speak to Miss Tomoe.
Now, this is important.
You have to see Miss Tomoe herself.
And then say ...
... 'I'm really very sorry, but could you come right away?
'I'll explain why when you get here.'
All right?

[Naota] 'I'm really very sorry ...
'... but could you come right away?
'I'll explain why' ....
Uh, I'll explain why' ...

[Iguchi] 'I'll explain why when you get here.'

[Naota] 'When you get here.'

[Iguchi] That's fine. Hurry.

[Grandmother] Look where she laid her egg!

[Naota] 'Could you come' ...
'I'll explain why when you get here.'

[Tomoe] Whatever's the matter at this hour?

[Naota] I'm really very sorry ...
... but could you come right away?
When you get here ... uh ...

[Tomoe] He'll explain why?
Squire Seibei sent you to tell me that?

[Naota] Yes.

[Tomoe] All right. I'll get ready.

[Iguchi] I didn't think you'd come.
The clan's ordered me to go and fight ...
... another retainer.
I'm going out under orders, so I must be properly dressed ...
... and I can't do my hair alone.
I'm in a bind, so I asked you to come.
If you can spare the time, could you help me?

[Tomoe] When do you have to go?

[Iguchi] The hour of the snake.

[Tomoe] There's not much time.
Where's your kimono?

[Iguchi] It's laid out over there.

[Tomoe] Naota, boil some water.

[Naota] Okay.

[Tomoe] Who's coming for you?

[Iguchi] A clan officer.

[Tomoe] Naota, go out and wait by the gate.

[To Iguchi] Sit down. I'll comb your hair.
May I ask why ...
... you're going out to fight?

[Iguchi] I can't refuse a clan order.
Petty I may be, but I'm still a samurai.

[Man] Bamboo baskets, hampers!
Bamboo baskets, hampers!

[Iguchi] Your elder brother ...
... asked if I would take you as my wife.
I refused.
Did you know that?

[Tomoe] Yes, I did.

[Iguchi] But ...
But since that day ...
... when I told him no ...
... I've started thinking about you.
Now I think of it, ever since we were small ...
... and I made dolls to give you ...
... I always dreamed one day you'd come to me as my wife.
That dream stayed with me even after I got married ...
... and you married Koda.
It's never faded.
I'm going out now to fight to the death.
I'm going to win, and return to this house.
At that time, if I were to ask you ...
... to be my wife ...
... would you accept?

[Tomoe] A few days ago I had a proposal ...
... from a retainer in Aizu.
I accepted.

[Iguchi] I've been very rude.
I should never have asked you to come here.

[Tomoe] No.
I'm happy you asked me.

[Iguchi] [Crying] I've been a fool.
Please forget everything I've said.
Really? A retainer from Aizu ...
That sounds like an excellent arrangement.

[To Naota] Are they here?

[Naota] Yup.

[Iguchi] [To Tomoe] Well, I'll be going.
Thank you very much for everything.

[Tomoe] Um ...
... I'm afraid I can't wait here until you come back.
I pray with all my heart ...
... that luck is with you and you come back safely.

[Iguchi] Naota, see Miss Tomoe home when she goes.
Take care of the girls.

[Grandmother] [Singing]

[Tomoe] Mrs. Iguchi ...
... how are you today?

[Grandmother] Fine, thank you.
Of which household would you be the daughter?

[Tomoe] Me?
I am ...
... Squire Seibei's childhood friend ...
... Tomoe.



[Guard] 1 Sir ...

[Guard 2] Squire Iguchi?

[Iguchi] Yes.

[Guard] Zenemon Yogo has closed himself in with the shutters down.
That is Genba Hattori, Master of Foot.
We should remove his corpse ...
... but no one can get in.
Take care.
Zenemon Yogo is no longer human. He is a beast!

[Iguchi] Leave to enter!

[Zenemon Yogo] Sir Twilight ...
So they sent you ...

[Iguchi] Zenemon Yogo ... by order of the clan, I come for your life.
Draw your sword, please.

[Zenemon Yogo] Have a drink?
I know you're all keyed up, but I'm going to run.

[Iguchi] Run?

[Zenemon Yogo] Yep.
I want you to let me get away. If you please.

[Iguchi] I didn't expect that from the clan's best one-sword man.
My orders are to kill you. I can't let you escape.

[Zenemon Yoga] Don't be so impatient. You can kill me any time.
I'd like to talk to you.
Have a seat.
It's a nice day.
Sit down.

[Guard] What's going on?

[Guard 2] They're talking.

[Iguchi] Even if you escaped, where would you go?

[Zenemon Yoga] Over that mountain I'm out of the clan's domain.
There are masterless samurai everywhere.
I can lose myself in them, go to Kyoto, to Edo ...
If I do that for a few years ...
... the world will have changed.
The samurai's day is done.

[Iguchi] This isn't the time for that talk.
Pick up your sword, please.
I am under orders from the clan to ...

[Zenemon Yogo] Like hell!
You're the clan's errand boy, out to claim a reward.
Have a drink. I was an errand boy, too.
I served Lord Shigemasa Toki.
Twelve years ago he was ordered to commit suicide ...
... after a power struggle within his clan.
Then I wandered for seven years with my wife and daughter ...
... in search of a new situation.

[Iguchi] Seven?
With no income?

[Zenemon Yogo] Of course not.
I did manual labor and helped peasants plant and harvest ...
... to get a little rice.
Or we'd slink into a temple and beg alms there sometimes.
Three years ago the Unasaka clan made me an official retainer ...
... but by then hardship had killed my wife.
I'm good with a sword, but I'm hard to get along with ...
... and I can't hold my liquor.
But this time I promised myself things would be different.
I would do my duty as a true Unasaka retainer.
I worked hard to do that.
My superior was Lord Shima Hasegawa.
He liked me, and did all he could for me.
To me ...
... the tasks he assigned were the tasks of the clan.
His orders were the clan's orders, and I carried them out faithfully.
What was wrong with that, Twilight?
Why do I have to cut open my stomach?

[Iguchi] I haven't come here to answer ...
... that kind of question.

[Zenemon Yogo] I heard your wife died of consumption. Is that true?

[Iguchi] I'm surprised you know that.

[Zenemon Yogo] And her fever went up as night came on?

[Iguchi] Yes.

[Zenemon Yogo] Consumption is a hard disease. And it's catching.
My daughter died of consumption she caught from her mother.
You're not the only one who's suffered.

[Iguchi] How old was your daughter?

[Zenemon Yogo] Sixteen.

[Rings the dharma bell]
When she should have been a bud swelling into bloom ...
... she died.
Nothing but skin and bones. A sad, sad sight.

[Iguchi] I'm very sorry to hear that.

[Zenemon Yogo] Her ashes.
She was a pretty girl, with pale skin.

[Eats one of her bones]
I guess Lord Hasegawa took pity on me.
He gave me money for a funeral well above my station.
If only for that ...
... I'm very much in Lord Hasegawa's debt.

[Tastes some more ashes]
What's your stipend?

[Iguchi] 50 koku.

[Zenemon Yogo] A sick wife, and children, all on 50 koku?
That must be hard.

[Iguchi] Doctor and medicine alone cost a ryo and 2 bu a month.
Piece work wouldn't cover that.
I borrowed from relatives, but it still wasn't enough.
Sometimes we didn't even have tomorrow's rice left.

[Zenemon Yogo] I know how bad it feels to see the bottom of your rice chest.
You've had hard times, too.

[Iguchi] Where I really ran into trouble was my wife's funeral.
The family's main branch wanted a funeral that wouldn't shame them.
I couldn't afford it.
I was desperate, so I finally sold my sword.
[Ominous music]
It was a fine sword I'd inherited from my father ...
... but I figured the age of the sword was over.
I'm afraid this is just bamboo.

[Zenemon Yogo] You're going to kill me with a bamboo sword?

[Iguchi] No.
I learned short-sword from Toda-sensei.
I meant to fight with that.

[Zenemon Yogo] Short-sword?
You mean to kill me with some kind of cheap trick?
You're not taking me seriously, are you?

[Iguchi] Wait!

[Zenemon Yogo] I won't have it!

[Iguchi] I only told you that because you wanted me to let you go!

[Zenemon Yogo] Draw!

[Iguchi] Sir!

[They fight]

[Zenemon Yogo] You're very good ...

[Iguchi] If you want to run, now's your chance.

[Zenemon Yogo] After I kill you.

[Iguchi] Sir! There's still time to stop.
Calm down and think!
You haven't rested since yesterday.
You're already breathing hard.

[Zenemon Yogo] You mock me.

[Iguchi] Sir! Continue this and I'll cut you down.
Is that what you want?

[Zenemon Yogo] That's fine by me.
You've cut me, Twilight.
This is what you get for taking me lightly.

[Igichi] [Strikes the killing blow]

[Zenemon Yogo] Have a seat.
Will you let me go, Twilight?

[Iguchi] That was ...
... my intention. [Puts his sword back in its scabbard]

[Zenemon Yogo] It's dark.
I can't see.
Twilight ...


[Iguchi] [Using his sword as a cane]

[Guard] Is it over?

[Iguchi] [Crying] He's all yours.

[Guard] He's dead!


[Kayano] Ito ...
Go buy some tofu.
Don't lose the money.

[Naota] Miss Kayano!
It's the Master!

[Iguchi] Ito ...
... I'm home.

[Kayano] Miss Tomoe! Father's back!

[Iguchi] You're still here ...

[Tomoe] Thank heaven!
I was sure ...
... you were dead!

[Ito] Finally Miss Tomoe became our mother.
My father was happy.
But peace prevailed in our house for less than three years.
With the Meiji Restoration came civil war.
Our clan supported the former Shogun ...
... and fought as rebels against the emperor's government.
During this 'Boshin War' ...
... my father was shot and killed.
Tomoe took us, her step-daughters, to Edo, now 'Tokyo' ...
... and supported us until we were both married.
Now she sleeps with my father beneath this stone.
In the new Meiji era, many men who had worked with my father ...
... rose to positions of great authority.
I often heard them say ...
... that 'Twilight Seibei was an unlucky man.'
But I do not agree.
My father had no desire to rise in the world ...
... and I don't think he considered himself unlucky.
He loved his daughters ...
... and the beautiful Tomoe loved him.
His life, I think, was short but full.
I am proud to have had such a father.


A Tasogare Seibei Film Partners Production
Shochiku Co., Inc.
Nippon Television Network Corp.
Suitomo Corporation
Hakuhodo, Inc.
Nippon Shuppan Hanbai Inc.
Eisei Gekijyo Co., Ltd.
Directed by Yoji Yamada
Subtitles: Ian MacDougall
© 2002 Shochiku/Nippon Television/Sumitomo/Hakuhodo/Nippon Shuppan/Eisei Gekijo
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