Yojimbo, directed by Akira Kurosawa

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Yojimbo, directed by Akira Kurosawa

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directed by Akira Kurosawa
© 1961 Toho Co., Ltd.
English subtitled version © 2006 Toho International Co., Ltd.



[Transcribed from the movie by Tara Carreon]


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Re: Yojimbo, directed by Akira Kurosawa

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Toho Co., Ltd.
A Toho-Kurosawa Production

Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka and Ryuzo Kikushima
Screenplay by Ryuzo Kikushima and Akira Kurosawa
Cinematography by Kazuo Miyagawa

Production Design by Yoshiro Muraki
Music by Masaru Sato
Assistant Director Shiro Moritani
Production Manager Hiroshi Nezu

Toshiro Mifune
Tatsuya Nakadai
Yoko Tsukasa, Isuzu Yamada
Daisuke Kato, Seizaburo Kawazu
Takashi Shimura
Hiroshi Tachikawa
Yosuke Natsuki
Eijiro Tono, Kamatari Fujiwara
Ikio Sawamura
Atsushi Watanabe
Susumu Fujita, Kyu Sazanka
Ko Nishimura
Takeshi Kato, Akira Tani
Tsunagoro Rashomon
Yoshio Tsuchiya
Directed by Akira Kurosawa

The time is 1860 ...
the emergence of a middle class has brought about the end to power of the Tokugawa Dynasty ...
A samurai, once a dedicated warrior in the employ of Royalty, now finds himself with no master to serve other than his own will to survive ...
... and no devices other than his wit and sword.

[Father] Stop, you brat!

[Son] Let me go, Father! This battle is the chance of a lifetime!

[Father] Crazy fool! The chance to get killed!
Why do you want to be a gambler? A farmer's place is in the fields.

[Son] A long life eating gruel -- to hell with that!
I want good food and nice clothes.
I'm gonna live it up and die young!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Old man. I'd like some water.

[Father] Why the hell didn't you stop him?

[Mother] How could I?
Kids these days are all mad.

[Father] It's not just the kids.
Everyone wants easy money.
It's all thanks to gambling.
A roll of the dice and you're rich.
Can't tell whose money is whose anymore.
Have you heard the sake brewer's trading silk now?
Says he'll pay more than the silk merchant.

[Mother] Yes, but ...
what difference does it make ...
with the town the way it is?
We don't even know when the next silk fair will open.

[Father] Hungry dogs come running when they smell blood.
Let 'em rip each other apart and dye the silk in their blood.
Then they can have their stinkin' fair!


[Hansuke] Samurai, wanna make some dough as a bodyguard?
The going rate has hit the roof.
My commission's one ryo.
Which side will you take?
Seibei Manome runs a brothel. All the women you want.
But he's going downhill.
I'd bet on Ushitora Shinden.
The inn at the corner. That's his place.
Tell him Constable Hansuke sent you.
I'd take you myself, but I'm the law around here.
Don't forget, now. I get one ryo.

[Thug] Go ahead.
It's a public road. Even dogs pass freely!

[All thugs] [Laugh]

[Hansuke] You won't get hired like that.
You gotta act big, show 'em who's boss.
They only look tough.
Chop off one of their arms and they'll behave.
Then you'll get hired.

[Gonji] Mind your own business, you bastard!
Come in.


[Gonji] Sake?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Food.

[Gonji] There's no business these days, so I don't have anything.
Even the rice is cold.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I don't mind.
Actually, old man --

[Gonji] I know. You can't pay.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I'll bust some heads first.

[Gonji] No!
I've seen enough fighting!
The food's on me, but then get the hell out of town!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Thanks.

[Hammering noises from next door]

[Gonji] There he goes again!
The casket maker.
Only guy in town making any money.
Can't make coffins fast enough.
It's best not to have any gamblers at all.
One boss to a town we can tolerate,
but two is a disaster.
Only the casket maker profits from that.
Knock it off, you bastard!
Gamblers are so cold-blooded and greedy,
you wouldn't think they'd have paternal feelings.
But all this trouble started when Seibei decided
to give all his territory to his son.
His right-hand man wouldn't stand for it.
Ushitora's his name, a real --

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Strange name.

[Gonji] His ma began labor in the year of the cow, Ushi,
but he bounced out in the new year of the tiger, Tora.
Talk about ringing in the New Year with a plague.
He left Seibei to start a rival gang, taking half of Seibei's men with him.
Only swords can settle things now.
They're both fuming, rounding up drifters and criminals for their gangs.
Instead of buying silk, they're buying thugs.

[Laughter outside]

[Inokichi] How's business, casket man?
How many coffins did you sell while I was away last night?

[Cooper] Two to your side.

[Inokichi] What?

[Cooper] And four to the other side.


[Inokichi] Not too bad.

[Gonji] Ushitor's brother, Inokichi. A wild boar, befitting his name.
He's returned with three new recruits.
What a disgrace! That's our constable.
He's supposed to arrest the riffraff, but just look at him.
He's not the only one, though.
Have a look.
An imposing facade, but the owner Tazaemon is worthless.
He's our cowardly mayor, a silk merchant by trade.
He 'd managed to survive by siding with Seibei,
but when Ushitora rebelled ...
Tokuemon, the sake brewer, sided with Ushitora.
Tokuemon says he's the new mayor,
and he even started selling silk. Tazaemon is finished.
He bangs his prayer drum all day, hoping for Seibei's victory.
Hear that?
Damn them all!
This town is doomed.
Now do you see?
You'll gain nothing by getting sucked into this evil.
Eat quickly and leave.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I've had enough rice. Give me some sake.
I like it here. I'll stay awhile.

[Gonji] Why? Don't you get it yet?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Yes, I do.
That's why I'm staying.
Listen, old man.
I'll get paid for killing.
And this town is full of men who deserve to die.
Think about it.
Seibei, Ushitora, the gamblers and drifters,
with them gone, the town could have a fresh start.

[Gonji] You're nuts! Not if you had nine lives!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I won't do it alone.

[Gonji] How then?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Sake. I'll think while I drink.

[Gonji] Everyone in this town is crazy!
But you're even crazier!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I want to talk to Seibei.

[Seibei ] Who the hell are you?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Wanna hire me?
I'll be your bodyguard.
I'll show you what I'm worth.

[Thug] The two-bit samurai again?

[Thug] What do you want this time?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] You guys have such cute faces.

[All Thugs] What?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] You talk tough but couldn't hurt a fly. Adorable.

[Thug] Don't take us for fools. See this tattoo?
I wasn't in prison for nothing!

[Thug] I'm a wanted fugitive. They'll crucify me if I'm caught.

[Thug] Same here.
They'll stick my head on a pike.
Not to brag, but I've committed every crime in the book.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] So you won't mind if I kill you?

[Thug] What?

[Thug] Kill us if you can!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] It'll hurt.

[Thug] We're gamblers. We ain't afraid of the sword.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] There's no cure for fools.

[All Thugs] What?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Casket maker. Two coffins.
No, better make that three.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] All right, make me an offer.
What'll you pay me to finish them off?

[Seibei] How about three ryo?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I'm going to Ushitora. I bet he'll pay more.

[Seibei] Four then!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Add a zero to the end.

[Seibei] Ten! I'll pay you ten!
All right!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Very well.
Twenty-five in advance, with room and board.


[Seibei] My men wish to welcome you.
But first, a drink.

[Orin] We gotta talk.

[Seibei] Stupid wench has no manners.

[Orin] You're mad to pay 25 in advance to a complete stranger.
What if he runs off in the night?

[Seibei] Leave it to me. He won't have time.
I plan to attack today.
Ushitora's men must be terrified after he killed three of their gang.
We'll win for sure with him leading us.

[Orin] I see.
But then we'll have to pay him 25 more.
What if we kill him afterwards? We'd get the whole 50 back.

[Yoichiro] That's going too far!

[Orin] Quiet!
If you cant' even do that, forget about being the heir.
Honor means nothing to gamblers.

[Seibei] Your mother's right.
You can't build a fortune unless you're known as a killer and a thief.

[Orin] You kill that two-bit samurai.
Treat him nice and he'll let down his guard. It'll be easy.

[Seibei] The men won't respect you unless you show you can kill.

[Yoichiro] But I killed one of Ushitora's men!

[Seibei] One man! Don't flatter yourself!

[Orin] Some son you are. What are you so afraid of?
Whether you kill one or one hundred, you only hang once!

[Seibei] Twenty-five ryo exactly.

[Claps his hands]
Master, let's drink and get acquainted.
My son, Yoichiro.
My wife, Orin.
My four strongest men: Magotaro, Yahachi ,
Matsukichi and Sukeju.
Where's Master Homma?
By the way, may I ask your name?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Me?
Sanjuro Kuwabatake (30-year-old Mulberry Field).
but I'm almost 40.

[Seibei] You must be joking!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] As names go, it's good enough.
I'm a complete stranger, anyway.

[Seibei] Master, why sit over there? Come sit here.

[Instructor Homma] Here will do.
He gets 50 ryo, and I only get 2. He's in a different class.
Someday I'll show you my true worth.

[Seibei] Maybe sooner than you think. How about today?
We raid today at noon!

[Thug] In plain daylight, boss?

[Seibei] We haven't won until we kill Ushitora and Inokichi.
They could run away at night.
Don't be afraid!
With Homma and this master leading us, we're stronger than ever.
[Hands shaking]

[Hansuke] [bangs wood together]
Twelve o'clock noon!

[Orin] Hurry up! What are you doing?
You're not gonna sneak away that easily! Get in there!
We paid a lot for you!
Get in!

[Girls screaming]

[Orin locks the door]

[Thug] Master, please come!

[Thug] Master, please hurry! Ushitora's men have come out!

[Seibei] All right, follow the master!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] You wanna fight? Do it yourself.
I'm not interested.
Sorry, missus, but I don't intend to be killed after your victory.
Here's your 25 ryo.

[Orin] Son of a bitch! Chickening out at the last minute!

[Seibei] Where's Homma?
Find him!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] He ran away in broad daylight.
Which one of you is Ushitora?

[Ushitora] I am.
What do you want?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Seibei has offended me. I've cut my ties with him.
That's all.

[Ushitora] Why, you --

[Hansuke] Watch out! This fight's gonna be bad!
It's gonna be bad!

[Orin] What're you waiting for? You can't back down now!

[Thug] All right.

[Horseman] An inspector from Edo is coming!

[Seibei] You got lucky this time, you swine.

[Ushitora] You're the lucky one! Your head is mine when he leaves!
All you fugitives hurry up and hide!

[Seibei] The same goes for all of you!
Tell everyone to open their doors!

[Ushitora] All's quiet around here, got it? Not even the dogs are fighting.

[Thug] Open up!
Open shop! Act as if everything's normal!

[Thug] Got that?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Old man ...
that inspector's a nobody, but he sure has a swank palanquin.

[Gonji] What's so funny?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] His men are drinking tea.

[Gonji] So?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Take a look.
Spiked tea.
Don't be so angry.
If I could've had them massacre each other,
it would've spared me a big housecleaning.
Too bad they were interrupted.

[Gonji] Get out!
You're out of your mind!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] You think so?

[Gonji] It's obvious. You think they'll just overlook what you did?
Ushitora and Seibei won't stand quietly by.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Sure, they'll come talk to me eventually.
Question is, who'll show up with a pile of money first?
All they care about is winning, so they both want me.
Just wait and see.
Hey, is that your nitwit mayor?
Is that Tokuemon?
Now it makes sense.
No wonder the inspector has such a nice palanquin.
By the way, I'd like a drink too.

[Gonji] You've got nerve! You're stone broke!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] You want something?

[Inokichi] You're tough.
I like you.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Aren't you angry I killed three of your men?

[Inokichi] They were worthless.
I'm Ushitora's brother --

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Inokichi.

[Inokichi] You know me?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I hear you're strong.

[Inokichi] Not that strong.

[Orin] Master!
Don't be a stranger. Have a drink with us.
Or are you still angry?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I should ask that of you?

[Orin] Don't be mean.
You took my joking too seriously, silly man.
Come on, let's go.

[Inokichi] No, you don't. We were gonna have a drink.
Right? Start the sake flowing!

[Orin] Make it your best. It's on me.

[Inokichi] Never! My brother'd beat me to a pulp!

[Orin] And I'd be kicked out of the house!

[Inokichi] Bitch!

[Orin] Yeah, what?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Hey, casket maker.
Drowning your sorrows?
The inspector's long visit must have killed your business.

[Gonji] You've stayed ten days already yourself.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Don't be like that.
Your shop has flourished because of me.

[Gonji] Shut up! This isn't a brothel.
If you want a place to stay, go to Seibei's.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Bad idea. Both sides are fighting for me.
I'll stay here and let them keep hoping.

[Ushitora] Everyone but him out.
Come to my place. Now.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] What's the rush?

[Ushitora] The inspector's leaving tomorrow.
A magistrate was killed in a town 24 miles from here.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] He doesn't seem too concerned.

[Ushitora] He won't learn of it until tonight.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] You seem to know everything.
Was the magistrate's murder your doing?

[Ushitora] Possibly.
The inspector's presence is costing me a lot.
So are my hired men.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I see.

[Ushitora] Speaking of which, here's 30 ryo in advance.
Thirty more if we win. Come right away.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I'd feel bad not giving Seibei a chance to better your offer.

[Ushitora] Ready to exploit any weakness, aren't you?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Tough luck.
I'll decide my price after the inspector leaves.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Cheer up. The inspector's leaving.

[Cooper] Really?

[Gonji] What did Ushitora want?

[Cooper hammering]
Son of a bitch! The slaughter's gonna start again?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Looks like it.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] What's taking them so long?
It's about time one of them made me an offer.

[Gonji] Some samurai. All you talk about is money.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] This is dangerous and dirty work.
It's only worth it if the price is right.

[Gonji] You'd only be a bodyguard.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] With some bodyguards,
the employers have to watch their backs.
What's that fool up to? He's been running back and forth all day.

[Cooper] Gonji, a bottle of sake.

[Gonji] Forget it. I'm not gonna let you celebrate the butchery!

[Cooper] I'm not! I'm desperate!
They're making peace.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] They are?

[Cooper] And I bought a lot of lumber for coffins.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] What do I do now?

[Gonji] I'm sorry for you guys, but now the town will quiet down.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] You idiot!
Gamblers only make peace to prepare for a bigger fight.
They can't have the silk fair if they're fighting.
No silk fair means no gambling rooms,
and no income from their territory, so they make up for a while.
A truce is merely the seed for an even bloodier battle.
You got that?
There's nothing more dangerous.
Still, they were so determined to destroy each other.
How'd they manage to calm down?

[Cooper] I think Unosuke suggested it.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Unosuke?

[Cooper] Ushitora's youngest brother. He returned last night from his travels.

[Gonji] Evil bastard came back, did he?
He looks as gentle as the zodiac Rabbit he's named after,
but he's a wolf inside.

[Hansuke] A whole year you've been gone. Even the winds welcome you!

[Unosuke] Want to see something interesting?
[Pulls out a gun and shoots at the guard tower]

[Thug] What's going on?

[Thug] Same thing at your place?

[Thug] Makin' fools of us!
The end their feud, then send us away with crumbs in our pockets!

[Thug] Sons of bitches!

[All Thugs] We'll show 'em!

[Thug] Bastards!

[Hachi] What are they moaning about?
Ushitora made us risk our lives,
and that was just yesterday!

[Kuma] Hachi, quiet!

[Hachi] I'll tell ya, Kuma,
I can't take it anymore!
Let's go report it to the law.
Then that Ushitora's gonna --

[Kuma hits him over the head with a bottle]

[Hachi] That hurt!

[Kuma] Get up!
Let's go!

[Hachi] Why'd you do that?

[Kuma] Come on!

[Hachi] No!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Ushitora's a real bastard.

[Kuma] Where the hell did you come from?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] What'd he pay you to kill that magistrate? One ryo?

[Hachi] Don't we wish! Just two silver pieces.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] That's a raw deal.
But the information will come in handy.
You're a gold mine.
Now I can blackmail Ushitora, or even sell you to Seibei.

[Kuma] [Bolts]

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] [Stabs Hachi] [Strikes Kuma]
Get up!
Get up!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] It's a bargain.
If you take them and report it,
Ushitora's done for.

[Thug] But boss, what about our truce?
Your son and Unosuke are negotiating at the mayor's place now.

[Seibei] So what?
It'd be perfect if Ushitora got arrested during the talks.

[Orin] [Puts money in front of Kuwabatake] [Claps hands]
Ready, ladies?


[Ladies dance]

Haven't had a woman in a while, have you?
Take your pick and have fun.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] It's dangerous around here.

[Orin] Wait!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Take care of your purchase.
It would be a total loss if Ushitora got them back.
Lock them up in the warehouse.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Get me Ushitora.

[Thug] Who the hell --

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Get me Ushitora!

[Thug] Boss! Boss!

[Ushitora] What is it?
So it's you, is it?
I don't need a bodyguard at the moment.
Too bad you turned down my earlier offer.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Hachi talks too much.
If you're too cheap, you pay more in the long run.
Two silver pieces -- what an insult.
He and Kuma got drunk and blurted out everything.

[Ushitora] Those bastards! Where the hell are they?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] One of Seibei's men overheard them and captured them.
I followed. They're locked up in Seibei's storehouse.

[Ushitora] Sons of bitches!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] You don't get information like this for free.

[Ushitora] Take as much as you want.
You're my bodyguard from now on.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] This is enough for now. I'll consider the bodyguard part.

[Inokichi] Uno, you don't know him, do you? This guy's tough as hell.

[Ushitora] Ino! Uno! What are you doing? Get in here now!

[Yoichiro] What is it?

[Unosuke] Don't kill Yoichiro!
Get his sword and take him to Brother!

[Inokichi] Get going!

[Unosuke] Seibei! Seibei!
We have Yoichiro!
Did you hear me?
Listen carefully, and don't try anything funny.
If you want him back, bring us Kuma and Hachi!
We'll trade!
Each side will send three unarmed men
to the guard tower at 2:00 a.m.!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Pretty good.

[Unosuke] It'll get better. Just watch.
[to Hansuke] Don't forget to call the hour at 2:00!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Old man, give me something to eat.

[Gonji] Eat what you want from the pot.
I won't get any business with all this trouble brewing.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] You know, old man,
this town is starting to boil again, just like this pot.

[Gonji] What have you done?
Did you write this new little drama?
[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Half of it.
Unosuke just rewrote the other half.


[Hansuke] It's 2:00 a.m.! It's 2:00 a.m.!

[Seibei] Ready, Ushitora?

[Ushitora] We're coming, Seibei!

[Thug] I'll push them forward,
and you let go of your rope.

[Unosuke] [Starts shooting]
That was a dirty trick.
We're even now.
If you love Yoichiro,
shave your head and ask my brother to take over as heir.

[Seibei] Just as I thought!
Uno, look here!
Hey, Ushitora, you see this?
I'll be keeping her!
Ask the horny old sake brewer what he says to that!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] [Laughs from the guard tower]
That was amusing.

[Kenbo] Mommy!
Where's my mommy?

[Gonji] [Shusshes him] I'll show you.
[To Kohei] Don't you want to look?

[Kohei] [Looks down sadly]

[Kenbo] I can't see her!

[Gonji] You will soon.

[Kenbo] Mommy! Mommy!

[Nui] Kenbo!

[Kohei] Nui!

[Tokuemon] Hansuke! Hurry up!

[Yoichiro] Mommy!

[Orin] [Slaps Yoichiro] Coward! Why didn't you bite your tongue off and die?
You caused us so much trouble! Ungrateful bastard!
[Slaps him three more times and pushes him away]

[Tokuemon] Hurry up!
Come on!

[Ushitora] Seibei!
You'll be hearing from me!

[Seibei] I can't wait! I've got a few things planned myself!
Don't come any closer.

[Unosuke] [Fires pistol into the air]

[Gonji] [To Kohei] He cried himself to sleep.
Poor fellow. His wife was too beautiful.
It all started when he lost to Ushitora at gambling.
If she were ugly, he'd only have lost his house.
But old Tokuemon was drooling all over her.
Ushitora saw a chance to draw Tokuemon to his side.
He took the wife and house and dangled them in front of Tokuemon.
This poor fool built a hut right next to his former house
just so he could watch helplessly as Tokuemon ravishes his wife every day.

[Kohei] I don't want her anymore! I gave her up for good!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Then why the heartbroken look?

[Gonji] Going home?
Won't you get beaten up? Weren't you told not to see her?

[Kohei] I'm used to it.
I don't mind.

[Gonji] Ushitora has his men watching over her.
She can't even see her son.

[Kohei] Good-bye.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Guys like that make me sick!


[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I've decided to be your bodyguard.

[Ushitora] You have my gratitude.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I want 30 in advance.

[Unosuke] That's a steep price. I'd refuse if I were you.

[Inokichi] But he's so tough!

[Unosuke] [Pulls out his gun] Tougher than this?

[Ushitora] Don't say that, Uno. If I refuse, he'll go to Seibei.

[Inokichi] That would be bad!

[Unosuke] Hmph! Buy him then.

[Ushitora] Here. 30 ryo.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Thirty more when we win.
Of course. You have my word.

[Inokichi] If that's settled, let's drink to it. To our partnership!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Fine, but is the woman safe?

[Inokichi] What woman?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Tokuemon's woman.
If they get her again, you'll lose for sure.

[Ushitora] Don't worry. I've got six roughnecks on watch.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] That's not enough.
You need at least one as tough as this guy.
Brother, should I go?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I'll go along and see how they're doing.

[Ushitora] Thanks.

[Inokichi] It ain't a fun job.
You gotta stand in the cold when Tokuemon comes around.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] He doesn't seem to be here now.
Oh, is that where the jackass who lost his wife lives?

[Inokichi] I almost forgot! I gotta beat him up!
[To Kohei] Hey, you!
Hanging around Tokuemon's woman, huh?
How many times we gotta tell you not to see her?
[Beats Kohei up]

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Ino, there's trouble! Everyone's dead!
All six men have been killed! Tell Ushitora, quick!

[Inokichi runs off]

[Thug] Who's there?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] [Kills him]

[To Nui] Get your husband and run!

[Kenbo] Mommy!

[Kohei] Nui!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Run for it!
Here's 30 ryo. I stole it from Ushitora.
Take it.
[Destroys the house]

[Kohei, Nui and Kenbo are still there]

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] You idiots!
[They bow down before him]
What are you waiting for?
Stop that!
I hate pathetic weaklings! Start crying and I'll kill you!
Ushitora's coming!
Get lost!

[Kohei] We'll thank you later.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Idiot! Don't ever come back here!

[Kohei] Thank you. Thank you.

[Ushitora] What happened?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Take a look.
What a mess.
Didn't I tell you?
Six men weren't enough.
Must have been 15 or 16 men.

[Ushitora] Where's the wench?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Gone, of course.
Seibei's pretty clever.

[Inokichi] Brother!

[Ushitora] Son of a bitch!

[Tazaemon] My silk's burning! Please put out the fire!
I'll give you anything!

[Ushitora] Don't move!
Hand over the wench and we'll save the shop!

[Seibei] What wench?

[Ushitora] Don't play dumb! Give her back or else!

[Seibei] What are you talking about?

[Ushitora] Shut up!

[Tazaemon] [Screaming]


[Tokuemon] My sake's pouring out!
Do something!
Stop up the holes!
I'll give you anything!
[To Ushitora] Help!

[Ushitora] This is Seibei's doing!
Come with me, men!


[Hansuke] [To Cooper] What happened? Why so glum?
Your business should be booming.

[Cooper] No.
When the fighting gets this bad, they don't bother with coffins.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] [To Gonji] Another bottle.

[Gonji] Comin' right up.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] You're unusually friendly today. What's going on?
Gives me the creeps.
Aren't you angry that I became Ushitora's bodyguard?

[Gonji] Not at all.
You're not a bad guy after all.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] What?

[Gonji] You're not really bad. You just pretend to be.
He came by last night.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Who?

[Gonji] The man who makes you sick.
He told me everything. Oh, and another thing.
He said to give you this.
Aren't you going to read it?
Sure, it's just a long, tedious thank-you note.
But read it. He risked his life to bring it.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Shut up! I'm busy drinking!

[Unosuke] We need to talk.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] About what?

[Unosuke] Ino just got back from a recruiting expedition.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Get any men?

[Inokichi] No.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] No wonder.
None of your former hires are exactly singing your praises.

[Unosuke] But Ino heard an interesting story from one man.

[Inokichi] He saw Tokuemon's woman crossing the ridge with her husband and little brat.

[Unosuke] That was the morning after our six men were killed.
Which means that Seibei didn't kidnap her.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] It would seem that way.

[Unosuke] Then who killed our men?
Ino, before you came running to tell Brother,
did you see those men dead with your own eyes?

[Inokichi] No. He told me --

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] [Reaches for his sword]

[Unosuke] [Points his gun at him]
By the way, those six were sliced up real good.
You're the only one around here that skilled with a sword.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] So?

[Unosuke] It occurred to me ...
that maybe you killed them.

[Inokichi] But Uno, he's our bodyguard.
Why would he do that?

[Unosuke] That's what I don't get either.

[Gonji] [Replaces the bottle of sake and grabs the note]

[Unosuke] [Grabs the note]
Hold it.
What's this?
"To the honorable samurai
from Kohei and Nui."


[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] [Cries out and moans]

[Thug] You sure it's okay to leave him untied?

[Kannuki] Sure. He's nothing without his sword.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Where am I?

[Thug] This is the brewery.

[Kannuki pushes thug over]
This is the gate to hell.

[Thug] Watch it!
A pat from you is like a beating from a normal man.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] [Starts crawling]

[Kannuki] You want another thrashing?
Where are you going?
That's the shortcut to hell!

[Throws him down]

[Thug] You're not supposed to kill him.

[Kannuki] Don't worry. He's still groaning.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] [Groaning]

[Ushitora] Do you know who I am?
Then listen.
Master Tokuemon wants to talk to you personally.

[Tokuemon] You must know where the woman is.

[Unosuke] You can't trust him. He's out to save his own skin.

[Ishitora] The master's talking. You keep quiet.

[Tokuemon] I dislike long-winded talk.
The quicker we settle this, the better.
Tell me where the woman is.
In return, I'll let you live.

[Ishitora] What's the matter? It's a generous offer.
You are not going to refuse, are you?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I won't talk!

[Ishitora] What?
[Calls Kannuki]

[Tokuemon] Wait! Don't kill him!

[Ishitora] Don't worry.
Kannuki, teach him a lesson.

[Kannuki] How about it? You gonna talk?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Hell no, you half-wit!

[Kannuki] [Beats him up]

[Ushitora] Don't kill him.

[Kannuki] [To Kuwabatake] Don't get blood on that storage chest.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] [Groaning; crawling; opens one door but can't open another; sees a large chest and crawls into it]

[Thug] Thanks to him, we have to sleep here now.

[Kannuki] I'm gonna beat him up again. He's getting on my nerves.

[Thug] Huh? I could've sworn I locked this door.

[Kannuki] The bastard's gone.

[Thug] What? Don't scare me like that!
Brother, this isn't funny!

[They run off]

[Kuwabatake climbs out of chest and crawls off]

[Everyone is looking for him]

[Ishitora] Morons!
No point looking where it's light! Search where it's dark!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Old man, open up!
It's me.
I know I'm quite a sight, but could you do your staring later?

[Gonji] Didn't I warn you? You're too damn reckless.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Save your lecture! They'll be here soon!
Tell them I went to Seibei's place. Got that?

[Ushitora] Did that two-bit samurai come here? Lie and you'll be sorry.

[Gonji] Yes, but he went to Seibei's place.

[Unosuke] Don't believe the old fool. He and Two-Bit are in cahoots.

[Ishitora] But Seibei would gladly hide him to find out where the slut is.

[Inokichi] That guy's really something.
He wouldn't stay put with his head cut off.

[Ishitora] Fine. We'll kill Seibei's entire gang.
I only held back because of the woman.
Gather some straw and smoke them out.

[Inokichi] Smoke 'em out like raccoons and kill 'em? Fun!

[Unosuke] [Looks around and leaves]

[Gonji] [To Kuwabatake] Pull yourself together.
But what'll you do now?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Go next door and buy a coffin.

[Gonji] How can you give up like that?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] You idiot!
I'm not dying yet.
There's a bunch of guys I have to kill first.

[Cooper] Is this safe? What if Ushitora's men check?

[Gonji] They don't have time. Take a look.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] [From inside the casket] What's Ushitora doing?

[Gonji] Smoking out Seibei and his men.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Sounds interesting. Set me down. I wanna watch.

[Gonji] That's crazy!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Set me down!
I can't see from here. Move further out.

[Women screaming; Unosuke shooting]

[Inokichi] Uno, it's me! Don't shoot!

[Ushitora] [Hits Inokichi] Idiot! Don't leave your post!

[Inokichi] Kannuki's guarding the back.
Listen, I killed those two guys who killed three of ours.

[Ushitora] [Hits Inokichi again] You came out to tell me that? Get back in there!

[Women screaming and coming out]

[Orin] You won't get away, you wench!

[Unosuke] Come here, you greedy bitch!

[Ushitora] Where are Seibei and Yoichiro?

[Orin] I don't know.

[Ushitora] Tell us or we'll kill you!

[Inokichi] [Stabs her in the back]

[Yoichiro] Mommy!

[Ushitora] Seibei, come out! Yoichiro's begging for mercy!

[Seibei] You win! I'm coming out! Don't kill me or my son!

[Ushitora] All right!

[Seibei] All my territory is yours!
You can take over!

[Unosuke] [Shoots Seibei dead]

[Yoichiro] You filthy scum!

[Unosuke] [Shoots Yoichiro dead]

[Inokichi] [Laughing]

[Ushitora] Only the samurai is left.

[Kannuki] There's nobody in there.

[Ushitora] That can't be.

[Kannuki] See for yourself.

[Inokichi] He can't just vanish.

[Kannuki] He's all beaten up. He can't go far.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Old man, let's get going.

[Gonji] Son of a bitch! The casket maker ran away!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] That's not good. Anyone else around?

[Gonji] It gets worse.
Inokichi's coming this way!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] We have no choice. Talk him into helping you.

[Gonji] But --

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Just try it!

[Gonji] [Gives Kuwabatake his knife] Just in case.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Thanks.

[Inokichi] Hey, whaddaya doin'?

[Gonji] The casket maker and I were gonna bury this body,
but the bastard got scared and ran off.
Would you give me a hand?

[Inokichi] Are you kidding? Hell, no!

[Gonji] Afraid of a dead man?

[Inokichi] What did you say?

[Gonji] You talk big, but fear's written all over your face.

[Inokichi] What? I'm not afraid of nothin'!

[Gonji] Thenhurry up and help.

[Inokichi] Couldn't be easier.

[Gonji] You sure? We're going to the cemetery. I saw ghosts there a while back.

[Inokichi] Ghosts? Hell, I see ghosts and I feel relieved!

[Gonji] Good. Let's go then.
[They carry the casket to the cemetery]

[Inokichi] Is this far enough?

[Gonji] Yes, thanks.

[Inokichi] Where are the ghosts?

[Gonji] They only appear to scaredy-cats like me,
not to brave guys like you.

[Inokichi] I'd feel bad leaving you here alone. I'll help you bury him.

[Gonji] That's all right. Weren't you looking for someone?

[Inokichi] You're right! Brother's gonna beat me!
[He takes off]

[Gonji] [Takes the lid of the casket] Are you all right?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] That was all very amusing.

[Gonji] Can you walk? There's a small temple nearby.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I can walk.

[Gonji] You don't look like one of the living.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I'll come back to life with a few days' sleep.

[Gonji] It's even worse when you smile.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] [Falls on the ground in a faint]

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] [Hears a noise outside the temple] You're late, old man.
I'm hungry.

[Cooper] It's me! Gonji's in trouble!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] What happened?

[Cooper] He got caught on the way here.
The rice and ointment for you gave him away.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Where'd they take him?

[Cooper] Seibei's place. Ushitora has moved in there.

[Kuwabatake puts his knife in his robe]
You plan to fight with that?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I'll make sashimi outta them!

[Cooper] Wait.
Use this. Being a coffin maker has its advantages.
It's wrong to use a dead man's sword, but it's the best I had.


[Hansuke] [Gives warning of Kuwabatake's arrival in town]

[Gonji] [Strung up and groaning]

[Cooper] [Unties Gonji]
Get away while he's fighting Ushitora and his men.

[Gonji] You told him I got caught? You stupid meddler!

[Cooper] Hurry!

[Unosuke] Don't come any closer!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] [Surges toward him]

[Young man] Mommy!

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Children shouldn't play with swords.
Go home to your mother and live a long life eating gruel.

[Young man runs off screaming]

[Unosuke] You're a nice guy.
I've got a favor to ask.

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] What?

[Unosuke] Without my pistol ...
I feel sort of naked.
I can't go to the other world without it.
Please ...
let me hold it.
Don't worry.
I fired it twice.
There's no more bullets.

[Kuwabatake hands him his gun]
[Points his gun at Kuwabatake and smiles]
I can't!
Everything's going dark.
Damn it.
[Shoots the gun into the ground]
[Tazaemon banging his drum]
Who's banging the prayer drum?
I don't need any prayers.

[Tazaemon attacks Tokuemon and kills him]

[Unosuke] Hey!
Two-Bit! Are you there?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] I'm here.

[Unosuke] I'll be waiting there for you ...
at the gates of hell.
[Unosuke dies]

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Look at him.
He died as recklessly as he lived.

[Hansuke] What is it?

[Kuwabatake Sanjuro] Go hang yourself.
It'll be quiet in this town now.
Old man.
[Cuts the ropes off of Gonji]
See ya around.

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