Google Posting, by Virginia McCullough

Google Posting, by Virginia McCullough

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Google Posting
by Virginia McCullough
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I must add some comments to MC's response to my posting. The list of names that I suggest Al Fayed investigate will, in my opinion, lead back to a single group of people who have been getting away with murder (and I mean that literally) for years.

Shortly after the murder of reporter Jos. "Danny" Casolaro in the fall of 1991, I was encouraged to phone into The Dave Emory talk show broadcast out of Foothill College in Los Altos. The show was already in progress and the subject was the murder of my friend and associate, Danny Casolaro. Emory, working for the non-profit KFJC, later sold the tape of this and subsequent shows as a package called "For Whom the Bell Tolls". Danny and I had been sharing information on a number of subjects among them the following:

(1) CIA contract officer Michael Riconosciuto who, following his revelations about the DOJ's theft of Inslaw's PROMIS[E] software, was sitting in jail on a questionable drug charge. Currently he sits in a Florida prison following his conviction. After his conviction one of his attorneys, John Crawford, died a very mysterious death and all of Michael's files housed in Crawford's home/office disappeared. A source told me that he/she had proof of the murder and the home invasion. A woman named Vali Delahanty, a girlfriend of Riconosciuto's long time confidant and front man - John Munson - was murdered and her body and that of Atty Crawford showed up at the same mortuary the same day. Relatives of both families expressed great fear to the mortician stating that their loved ones had been killed because of what they knew about the dealings of Michael and Marshall Riconosciuto, long time business associates in Pyrotronics (aka Red Devil [safe and sane] Fireworks). In 1983 Moriarty was jailed having been convicted of laundering money and supplying prostitutes to California's elected officials in California's biggest political scandal of the century. He spent 2-1/2 years in a luxury crowbar hotel and was out and supporting Michael's wife, Bobbi and their children in a beautiful hotel he owned in Southern California during 1992/1993. Moriarty was a close friend of Richard Nixon and helped arrange Nixon's first trip to China through his fireworks connections. Moriarty also accompanied the President to China as an honored guest.  

The list of murders connected to the Riconosciutos is as long as one's arm and longer. Their credentials go back to one of the key witnesses before the Garrison grand jury, Fred Lee Crisman aka Jon Gold. Under the name Gold Crisman called "Murder of a City - Tacoma" - a must read for any student of assassinations and UFOs.

(2) In the spring of 1991 Rayealan Russbacher suddenly appeared in my life. A strange woman named Rita Hill later contacted me and wanted my husband and me to attend a speech that a church was sponsoring in San Jose. Hill told me that Dave Emory, author and acquaintance Rodney Stich and others would be attending. I thought better of it but Hill later brought over pictures of the cozy little group with Emory pictured next to Hill. For the remainder of 1992 Rayealan Russbacher kept calling me and sending me all kinds of material about her alleged pilot husband, Gunther. One of her greatest male supporters invited us down to the Monterey area for another of Rayealan's talks. We declined. Later this individual wired up his house as booby trapped bomb and invited the cops over meeting them at the door with shotguns blazing. He was jailed continuing to ramble about underground bases, Bush and "CIA pilot" Gunther Russbacher.

(3) The author of "Unfriendly Skies", Rodney Stich, and I had met in our mutual fight against the corrupt bankruptcy system that operates in California. That fight resulted in the jailing of crooked bankruptcy trustee Charles Duck and the murder of bankruptcy attorneys, Dexter Jacobson and Gary Ray Pinell in 1991. In 1990 Rodney Stich, in poor health and about 70 yrs old, was jailed as a "vexatious litigant" in an attempt to shut him up. Eventually he was moved to Camp Parks FCI in Dublin, California. Lo and behold, enter fellow prisoner Gunther Russbacher. The two men became soul mates based upon their mutual interest in flying. Assuming one believes Gunther is a pilot. Gunther would tell Stich that he controlled companies supplying arms to those involved with the Hausenfraus fiasco. Eventually Stich was released from jail.

On 4/30/91, Russbacher called Stich at his home from jail at Terminal Island. Gunther was upset and talked about his role in the October Surprise. On May 1, 1991, a helicopter crash at Fort Ord was reported in the Monterey Herald. Russbacher called Stich and asked that Stich record the conversation. Gunther said that he was supposed to be on that flight and die but a friendly Navy officer had visited him in jail and drugged Gunther's coffee to prevent him being placed on the copter.

Now Rayealan Russbacher contacts Rodney and weaves her unusual love tale. She says that she met her second husband at the (Monterey) Naval Postgraduate School. When I last talked to Barbara Honegger she was also working there. Rayealan stated that her late husband, John Dyer, was the Dean of Science and Engineering at this same school. Rayealan's love tale read like a cheap dime store novel that can only be read, without laughing, by young girls under the age of 14. Stich asked me for help in publicizing the Russbacher fable and I declined. However, I did put him in touch with Dave Emory and Harry Martin of the Napa Sentinel.

Without the support of Stich/Martin/Emory the Russbachers would have remained relatively unknown. The interesting hype is that the Riconosciuto story was effectively buried in an avalanche of Russbacher publicity. The Russbachers continually implied that Riconosciuto was just a minor CIA operative of little importance who did not know how to keep his mouth shut. All the while the Russbachers were singing like birds. I now believe that THEIR job was to discredit Riconosciuto so that his story about the Cabazon/Wackenhut joint venture and Inslaw would not be believed.  

When Stich was writing another book he FAXed me the phony CIA documents dealing with Russbacher that later appeared in his book (another version of "Unfriendly Skies"). I looked at them and could not believe that Stich would consider them to be valid. Several important names were misspelled; it was obvious that they had been created by a bad cut and paste job; (and) the english was atrocious. I called Rodney and told him that they were phony. In addition, I FAXed him a phony document that had been mailed to me accusing the government of prosecuting Gunther and stating that both he and Riconosciuto were innocent, long-term CIA operatives. This letter had also been mailed to Emory and Martin. It appeared to be written on DIA letterhead signed with the last name "Zafonte". Like Stich's documents, this document had serious errors. Edwin Meese was called Edward Meese; the english was bad and there were many misspellings. I located Zafonte in Virginia and spoke with him about the letter. He denied any knowledge of either Russbacher or Riconosciuto and very emphatically denied writing it. Furthermore, he told me that he had retired from DIA four years ago.

Stich has told me that he believes that he was going to be sent back to jail on further contempt charges and he thinks that the only thing that keeps him out of jail is a declaration Gunther Russbacher introduced on his behalf. It is my belief that the government has simply lost interest and does not consider Stich a threat but an asset who can be well used as an unwitting disinformation agent. Rodney's most recent book "Drugging America" was recently released.  

In February of 1992 Rayealan suddenly contacted me saying she was terrified because Ross Perot was sending a plane to San Jose to pick her up so that she could visit Gunther in his prison in St. Charles, Mo. Perot was also sending two of his men to the prison to verify the fact that Gunther could really fly an SR-7l. She asked me to drive to Santa Cruz and copy all of the material she had on Gunther and his notes and documents so that someone else would have a copy in case something happened to her "like happened tp Danny Casolaro". She also asked me to phone the hotel that Ross Perot had booked her into and ask them for extra security for her and to explain to them what had happened to Danny Casolaro. I did both of these things and shortly after I had called the hotel my phone rang. At the other end of the line was a man with a slight southern accent ranting and raving about "this is my show" "you are not going to rain on my parade" "this small hotel is now terrified", "how dare you", "who do you think you are?" This tirade went on for fully ten minutes before I responded by saying, "I know this is your dime, but it is my time. Who are you?" Only then did the voice calm down a little and I learned that I had been called by soon-to-be presidential candidate Ross Perot. In the future I would look back on this as just one more set up by the Russbachers.

(4) About October of 1992 I was contacted by Paul Wilcher who, on the eve of the senate hearings to confirm Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, wrote a masterful 7-page letter detailing Thomas' conflict of interest with his mentor and promoter, Senator Daniforth.

Unfortunately Wilcher became obsessed with the Russbacher story, traveling to Russbachers prison in St. Charles, Missouri to record 55 tape recordings with Russbacher. Russbachers identified Wilcher as Gunther's constitutional attorney. Rayealan ordered Wilcher to give all his tapes to Rodney Stich and told me that she thought Wilcher was not to be trusted because he was losing his mind. In my conversations with Wilcher his total personality changed from a focused, bright person to one continually rambling about Russbachers and conspiracies. Wilcher sent the tapes to Stich and on May 21, 1993 he wrote a 101-page letter to Janet Reno. The Thomas letter is concise and cloaked in legalese. The Reno letter is rambling and full of accusations that are not supported either by the law or by documentation. An odd informant named Michael Fuller predicted to Washington D.C. correspondent Sarah McClendon the day that Wilcher would die and die on that date he did. Fuller also claimed to me that he knew Danny Casolaro although no documentation supported his allegation.

Russbacher and Riconosciuto also shared a Chicago based, Christian, far-right attorney named James Vassilos who had close ties to The Liberty Lobby and Sherman Skolnick's Committee up the Court, it was Vassilos who filed Riconosciuto's lawsuit against Judge Bua involving the Inslaw case. All of the material held by Congressman Jack Brooks for the Riconosciutos was returned to Vassilos and signed for by him on September 19, 1992 according to a letter from the Congressman to Bobbi Riconosciuto dated 2/17/93. Shortly thereafter Vassilos was arrested while traveling with Rayealan Russbacher and then later disbarred by the state of Illinois.

In July of 1993 Rayealan Russbacher appealed to the Patriot network saying that she was turning the 350-page report that the late Wilcher wrote on Gunther's involvement in the October Surprise to the people at Contact (part of the Patriot network). There are references to audio and video tapes already pre-paid that will be mailed out when they are completed. In early September 1993, Harry Martin FAXed a one-page letter to the American Patriot Network accusing Gunther of skimming $15 million off the top of a CIA proprietary company. Martin also identifies "The Napa Sentinel" as the "creator" of Gunther. Martin also goes on to identify an Air Force Colonel as the real pilot involved in the October Surprise. By so doing, Martin calls the man he created a liar and implies all of the Rae Allen writings are also false. Rae Allen responded by calling Martin's criticism of the missing $15 million "a small bone". On 12/17/93 "The Napa Sentinel" published an a article heralding Russbacher's release from prison with not a word about Martin's earlier criticism of Russbacher's story. Stich shortly thereafter FAXed me several stories that appeared in Patriot-type newsletters urging people to stop contributing to the Russbacher's because they are now considered frauds. Stich tells me that Gunther was supposedly jailed in Austria convicted of tearing up a hotel room while drunk and disorderly. Rayealan was allegedly back in Soquel where she told she planned to get a job at a minimum wage.

(5) AND ALL TRAILS LEAD BACK TO THE CABAZON RESERVATION where the documents were first released by Cabazon Indian Fred Alvarez. As he dug into the files of "Dr." John Philip Nichols, a long time CIA agent, and liberated hundreds of sensitive documents he told the reporters, "You are talking to a dead man". Weeks later in June of 1981, shortly after Ronald Reagan was elected President, Fred Alavarez and two friends were tortured and murdered in the backyard of his home on Bob Hope Drive near Indio, California. Fred had in his possession a letter dated in October 1980 from Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan thanking him for writing about his concerns about what was happening on his reservation. Fred Alvarez had stumbled upon a mecca for gold for arms, for drugs, for biological weapons, for murder. He had found the original Iran Contra and asked the man who would implement it for help in eliminating it.

Most of the preceding material came from a letter I wrote dated 12/30/94 to a long time CIA operative who ran the CIA's bank, BBRD & W in Hawaii. His name is Ron Rewald and he was in jail in 1994 at San Pedro, CA. We had been corresponding for some time and he was interested in my analysis of Rodney Stich because he was talking to Stich about publishing a book. Rewald had written about his days in the CIA. The letter was 13 pages of detail plus attachments. It did not deter Rewald from agreeing that Stich publish his book entitled: "Disavow".

There is much more to this long tale but you are probably asking "What does this have to do with Al Fayed and the death of his son and the Princess?" In order: (1) a pattern of falsified classified documents, (2) the same old worn out players, (3) the set ups of other people to take the fall, (4) the protection of the real perpetrators behind walls of lies, (and) (5) the deliberate destruction of individuals who swim too close to Casolaro's Octopus.


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