That's French for "the ancient system," as in the ancient system of feudal privileges and the exercise of autocratic power over the peasants. The ancien regime never goes away, like vampires and dinosaur bones they are always hidden in the earth, exercising a mysterious influence. It is not paranoia to believe that the elites scheme against the common man. Inform yourself about their schemes here.


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Second Edition: December 1960






• Introduction
• Chapter 1: How Communism Conquers Enemies
• Chapter 2: How Communists Plan to Take America
• Chapter 3: How Communism Attacks Our Churches
• Chapter 4: How Communism Took Over Other Nations
• Chapter 5: Communists Incite Racial Strife
• Summary of Communism
• About The Author
• Acknowledgement
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One hot, summer day in far away 1929 I was host at a luncheon to a group of about a dozen men in the old Wichita Club, in Wichita, Kansas. These men were the elite of the oil industry of Soviet Russia, plus their aides, flunkies, interpreters, and secret Communist police, who always go along on such expeditions.

Some months before my firm had received orders for fifteen oil-cracking stills to be erected in the U.S.S.R. in Grozny, Tuapse, Batoum, Baku, and Yaroslav for the Soviet Government.

There were present at this luncheon Mr. Ganshin, president of Soyuzneft, the All Union Oil Trust, the president of Grozneft, whose name I cannot recall, and Mr. Barinoff, president of Azneft at Baku, a very large man with handle-bar mustache. Mr. Barinoff told me to be sure and come to see him at Baku. When I came to Russia a year and half later Mr. Barinoff was dead, shot by Stalin, and Mr. Ganshin was on trial for his life, to be later shot.

During the period 1929, '30, and '31 a number of Russian engineers came to Wichita to see us, and to be located in various oil refineries for a course in American refining practices. As far as I could tell most of these men were subsequently shot or sent to Siberia.

One man, a little fellow by the name of Hatchatouroff, after leaving Wichita to return to Russia, found out in Germany that he would be shot when he reached home, so he came back to the U.S.A., and to Wichita. In order to help him we gave him a job, but after a few months, in the spring of 1930, he either committed suicide, or was murdered by the Soviet Secret Police, which unknown to most people has operated in the United States for thirty years. There is a saying among Communists that it is easier to commit an artistic murder than an artistic suicide. In other words many murders are made to look like suicide, so we will never know the truth about Hatchatouroff's death in Wichita.

I went to the U.S.S.R. in 1930, and found it was a land of hunger, misery, and terror. The government detailed a little man by the name of Jerome Livshitz to go around to our various installations with me. Livshitz had taken part in the revolution of 1905, and had spent twelve years in the U.S.A. as a revolutionary, most of the time in jails. Upon his return to Russia, Livshitz had taken part in the revolution of 1917. He was a hard-core Communist, one of the old Bolsheviks, and had tremendous power as everyone feared him wherever we went.

In the months I traveled with him he gave me a liberal education in Communist techniques and methods. He told me how the Communists were going to infiltrate the U.S.A. in the schools, universities, churches, labor unions, government, armed forces, and to use his words, "Make you rotten to the core." I believe that due to his American experience he was one of the original architects of the Communist plan of subversion of the U.S.A.

My associate and I pulled him from under an overturned car in Tiflis, and he was amazed. "Why did you save my life?" he said. "We are enemies. I would not have saved yours. Perhaps when the revolution comes to the U.S.A., and I return there, I will spare your lives." He told me that if his own mother stood in the way of the revolution he would strangle her with his bare hands. This is the mark of a hard-core Communist. They will do anything--anything. Looking back over a span of thirty years it looks like Livshitz's plan of subversion is succeeding, but he is not around to see it, as Stalin liquidated him, along with Zinoviev, Kamenev, and other old Bolsheviks, in 1936.

Most people have a very mistaken idea of Communism. It is not a disease of poverty--it is a disease of the mind. The Communist parties of the world are directed and staffed by middle-class intellectuals, not by people from the working class. The typical American Communist would more nearly be portrayed by a graduate from an Ivy League college than a graduate from the ranks of labor.

The three important branches of Communist philosophy are--

1) Historical Materialism
2) Dialectical Materialism
3) Economic Determinism

You will never understand Communism until you understand these.

When you realize that these bibles of Communist philosophy teach deceit, murder, lies, and treachery as the very basis of the path to the Communist Utopia you will realize the futility of trying to make treaties with the U.S.S.R., as our own experience has proven time after time. Remember that the end justifies the means is the foundation of Communism.

The open members of the Communist party in the U.S.A. are there to be shot at--they are the party goons and strong-arm men.

The real power lies in hidden individuals--some of whom are undoubtedly highly respected individuals in positions of great power in the world of education, government, mass communications, business, finance, etc., who constitute over 90 per cent of the Communist party.

Historical Materialism

Historical Materialism very briefly divides the human race into two classes: (1) those who own the tools of production or the bourgeoisie, and (2) those who sell their labor for wages or the proletariat.

Competition between the bourgeoisie, according to Communist theory, would eliminate the weaker so the remainder would get richer and fewer, and more powerful. When the proletariat got so poor they could stand it no longer then the revolution would break out.

Lenin said to wait for this situation to occur was absurd; that the revolution should be accelerated by direction of all kinds, intrigue, fomenting strikes, all kinds of corrupt acts, lies, eve murders--the end justifies the means; you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. In Communist eyes the conflict of interest between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat has been the basis of all human misery, including wars.

One of the most self-deluding arguments the intellectual advances against the impending prospect of Communist world conquest is that the Soviet Union is educating its people, and educated people will not stand for such slavery. This is indeed wishful thinking, and nullifies the concrete direct action which is needed in the world against the Communist conspiracy. There is no evidence that educated people are any harder to control than anyone else, i. e., the educated Germans under Hitler.

If we are to survive it will be because unselfish, courageous, intelligent, dedicated men band together and take direct action against the Communist conspiracy; and not because we sit by and hope our opposition will have coronary thrombosis.

You may be sure the Communists do nothing to discourage the prevailing idea that Communism will fall of its own weight because it induces lethargy and a spirit of do nothingness in the opposition, and makes us sitting ducks for their machinations.

Dialectical Materialism

This materialistic philosophy is the heart of Communist ideology. Man is only matter in motion--no more than a fly. There is no God nor life hereafter. Whatever Heaven or Hell there is will be found only on this earth. Religion is just superstition and an opiate created by the Capitalists to maintain the status quo. Morality is just bourgeois sentimentality.

The first part of the dialectic is the concept of change and progress. Nothing is permanent. A combination of actions and events builds up to form a certain situation called thesis. There are opposing forces acting to tear down those forces called the antithesis. The interaction of these opposing forces causes an entirely new situation to develop called synthesis, and so on ad infinitum. This is where the Communists get the word progressive.

The basic point of the dialectic is the inevitability of the Communist theory--the future is ours theory.

To act dialectically means not to approach your goal directly but take one step backward, two forward-in other words the ultimate goal of world revolution is going to eliminate wars, poverty, greed, jealousy, and all other ills released on poor humans from Pandora's box, but to get there the Communist is going to have to resort to torture, cooperate with tyrants, lie, steal, murder, wage war, or anything diabolical. It matters nothing to a Communist that from 1928 until his death Stalin was a veritable god, the fount of wisdom, benevolence, and everything good, but upon his death is right-hand man, Krushchev, denounced him as the most cruel, cold-blooded mass murderer and sadist that the entire human race has ever produced. A 100 per cent switch in positions is part of the dialectic. This accounts for our rapture when the Communists smile at us and radiate friendship and peace; and our mystification, when without reason, they turn on us, call us imperialistic war mongers, and try to slit our throats.

If you do not think dialectically, you are at the mercy of any trick they pull. They are working it all around the world today--the dialectic thrust and then retreat. They surge in Iraq. We send troops to Lebanon. They retreat, then thrust at Berlin. We react and they smile, and send over the mass murderer Krushchev breathing smiles and peace one minute and Communist propaganda and threats of nuclear destruction the next. They put impressive rockets in the air. While we are torn between the rockets and Berlin their stooge, Castro, takes Cuba, sixty miles off the Florida Coast. Now they are making a thrust at the Panama Canal.

Words do not mean to a Communist what they mean to you and me. This a carry-over from the Aesopian language of the revolutionary in Czarist days. When a Communist says he wants peace he means he wants no outward violence while he bores from within and conquers you by treason and subversion.

The greatest adjective of contempt in the Communist language is the word reformist, one who believes that vital change can come through reforms slowly, gradually, and peacefully, while history itself has determined that violent, bloody revolution must be the very core of change.

Economic Determinism

In Economic Determinism the Communist believes that the entire personality of the individual is determined by the economic system under which he grew. They believe that Capitalism is a degenerate system, and produces a degenerate people, so if you are going to change human beings it is foolish to think you can do it in the Capitalist framework. First, you must conquer the world by means or foul, establish the Communist paradise, then go to work to remake man where all men will be alike. Farewell to lust, anger, greed, envy, malice, and strife, and enter in to a period of brotherhood where government is unnecessary, and will wither away, and Utopia will have arrived.

After the Communists take a country, say the United States, by subversion, deceit, or war, what are they going to do with the people who have been contaminated by Capitalism, who are hopeless from a Communist point of view? They will murder everyone contaminated by Capitalism, which they estimate will be one third of the people--the greatest blood bath in history, because as a people we are more highly contaminated by Capitalism.

As an example, in Lithuania out of a population of 3,000,000 over 700,000 people were murdered or sent to Siberia by the Russian Communists. These people were the best people in the country--the most intelligent, most able, and best educated.

When I was in Russia in 1930 the Communists had long since murdered all the Capitalists and property owners, and were working on everyone who had ever worn a white collar, such people as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. Many of these people had been liquidated, and those that were left were living in fear and trembling for that knock on the door which comes between midnight and four in the morning, which are the hours of call of the secret police behind the Iron Curtain.

In 1930 the Russian Communists were not interested in the old or middle-aged people who had come up under the old regime. They regarded them as hopeless, as these people could never learn to like Communism. They deliberately let them starve or die of disease just to get them out of the way. The people they were vitally interested in were the children, who got the best food and attention. These children received constant and intensive indoctrination in Communism in their schools.

During a banquet in Russia in 1934, William C. Bullitt, American ambassador, was told by Voroshilov with great pride that in 1919, 11,000 Czarist officers were persuaded to surrender by promising that if they did so their wives and families would be permitted to return home with them. Upon surrender the officers and the male children were shot, and the females put in brothels for the Red Army, where they all died within three months. This is very meritorious under Marxism-Leninism.

When Cyrus Eaton rushed up to Khrushchev after the Summit fiasco and denounced the U.S.A., Khrushchev beamed and promised Eaton, "I will put in a good word for you when Communism takes over the world." He meant by this that Eaton would not be shot as you and I probably will be.

Marxism--Scientific Socialism
(A Summary)

1. Materialistic explanation of man and the universe.
2. Comprehensive interpretation of history centering about the class struggle.
3. Abolition of non-Communist stake--an instrument of exploitation.
4. Revolutionary theory, method and flexible course of action to overthrow State and Capitalistic system by violence and murder.
5. Moral code based on utility of non-supernatural concepts.
6. Abolition of all religions.
7. World Communist revolution.
8. World Communist Society.
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Chapter 1: How Communism Conquers Enemies

Communists talk about peace, but feverishly prepare for war. In the U.S.S.R. gigantic military strength -- army, navy, air force. In the U.S. above and below ground apparatus designed to wage war against non-Communist society.

War is a continuation of politics by other means. Just wars are any wars waged to advance Communism. Unjust wars grow out of Capitalist exploitation. National Liberation is a Communist takeover.

Marxism-Leninism teaches war is absolutely necessary to bring about Communism wherever Communism is resisted.

Conquered China in Five Steps

1. The Conquest of the Student Mind.
2. Organization of the Students into the Intelligentsia of the Communist Party.
3. A Scientific Survey of What the Common People Want and Need Most, and Then Promise Those Things to Them.
4. Revolution, War, and Conquest.
5. Minority Dictatorship and Universal Slavery.

By propaganda and promises they conquered the student mind and organized them into the elite of the Communist Party. They knew the Chinese peasants wanted most; land and to be free from debt. They promised them the land, which promise also won for them in the Russian Revolution. When the revolution succeeded they kept their promises and divided the land among the peasants for a while as they always do. They chopped off the head of every landlord they could find, then they looked around and spotted the most vigorous among the peasants who might later on be leaders of a revolt, and regardless of whether they were pro-. or anti-Communist chopped off their heads, too. This is called "liquidating the counter-revolutionaries in advance".

They confiscated every weapon, and then put the peasants in communes, sort of glorified chicken houses. They took the land back and the peasant was powerless to resist this enslavement.

In addition, China was conquered due to certain treasonous Americans in the American Embassy and State Department working for the Communists. General Pat Hurley came back from China and tried to tell Congress about it, but no one would listen.

All arms and ammunition to Chiang Kai-Shek were cut off on orders of General George Marshall, who stated that at the stroke of the pen he had disarmed twenty-nine divisions. This resulted in the victory of the Communists. What that cost our people in lives and treasure in Korea is incalculable -- over 34,000 American boys were killed, and over 100,000 were casualties.

Conquest of Cuba

You will notice the parallelism in the Communist conquest of Cuba going on at present -- the promise of land, the liquidation of all opposition, etc., etc. -- the same China pattern.

As in China the State Department cut off arms and ammunition to Batista ten months before his flight while Communist Castro was supplied by gun runners operating out of Florida, Texas, and Mexico.

You will remember the big build-up Castro got during his revolution and immediately afterwards. He was lionized in Washington, New York, and Harvard University. This naturally was arranged by Communists, fellow travellers, and their dupes. Of course, Castro was not a Communist, only an agrarian reformer, reminiscent of China.

The smear of Batista went on at the same time. Now Batista was no saint -- he was a typical Latin-American dictator with that implies -- but he hated Communists, and was a friend of the U.S.A. He had been in power in Cuba for many years, so it is strange indeed that he became an incarnate demon only when Castro appeared. Communist Cuba is now a base to transform the Caribbean into a Communist lake, and to communize South America and Mexico.

An important member of the Cabinet of President Eisenhower told me that the Administration has always known that Fidel Castro was a Communist. He also made some pertinent comments about Trujillo. "Of course," he said, "Trujillo is a tyrant, but he provides the best form of government for a country like the Dominican Republic. There is order, tranquility, and prosperity. Many people are naive enough to think a democracy will work among primitive people -- nothing could be further from the truth. Primitive countries are going to have dictators -- on the Communist side or on ours. Which do you prefer?

A former Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American affairs toldme that certain members of the State Department helped put Castro in power and guide his every move.

He also stated that Fidel Castro has been chosen by the Kremlin as the Mao Tze-tung of the Western Hemisphere. This may seem ludicrous to you now, but not so with the whole Communist conspiracy behind him. The pattern of Communism chosen for Cuba and the Western Hemisphere is the Chinese version, and not the Russian.

The truth of the matter is that the U.S. Government put Fidel Castro in power.

The Communists are after Trujillo, dictator of the Dominion Republic, an anti-Communist and friend of the U.S.A. This would appear to be the kiss of death for him. Trujillo is, of course, a man like Batista. You will notice the slick paper magazines are after him with a vengeance. The smear of Trujillo is terrific at this time. At this date (August, 1960) how long will it be before the International Communist Conspiracy gets Trujillo?

The Communists are also after the Panama Canal, and it looks like the Administration in Washington is so weak it will start appeasing them by giving it to them piecemeal.

According to the New York Times, Panamanian Finance Minister Fernando Eleta said during an after-dinner talk September 13, 1958, Dr. Milton Eisenhower told him the U.S. would make a statement recognizing Panama's sovereignty over the Canal Zone by the following November 3, Panama's independence day.

Copy of letter of Representative Daniel J. Flood, Representative from Pennsylvania:

Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
Washington, D. C.
June 30, 1960

Hon. Christian A. Herter
Secretary of State
Department of State
Washington, D. C.

Dear Mr. Secretary:

As shown by documentation in my address to the House on June 23, 1960, copy enclosed, it is clear that subordinates in your department are determined to engage in the treacherous act of raising the Panama flag over the Canal Zone contrary to specific provisions of an Act of this Congress and in violation of our treaty rights.

On two subsequent occasions, I have warned the House of Representatives that promptly after Congress adjourns your department plans to recommend to the President that Panama be allowed to fly its flag over the Constitutionally acquired domain of the United States known as the Canal Zone. These assertions have not been denied.

Accordingly, in view of the failure of your department to recognize our nation's legal position, I am writing to you to give notice that should a formal display of the Panama flag over the Canal Zone be made with the knowledge of your department, members of the House, who are clothed with Constitutional authority in this regard, will press for your impeachment.

The Congress is representative of the sovereignty of the people under our Constitution and the members of your department are their employees.

With assurances of my highest personal regards, I am,
Sincerely yours,
Daniel J. Flood, M. C.

Despite the fact that the House of Representatives voted 381 to 12 on February 1, 1960, prohibiting the Executive from permitting the Panamanian flag to fly over the Panama Canal, President Eisenhower, after Congress had adjourned, ordered that it be done. Is this the beginning of the surrender of the Panama Canal, which is so vital to our defense, to the Communist Conspiracy?

The Castro Government is searching for loopholes to challenge the legality of the United States to hold our naval base at Guantanamo, Cuba, before the World Court. Will the United States accept jurisdiction so the World Court can strip us of this priceless base? The importance of the Connally reservation to the World Court Act is brought home strikingly. To their eternal shame Senator Kennedy, President Eisenhower, and Vice President Nixon favor repeal of the Connally Amendment. The Communist Conspiracy operating in the United States is striving to deprive us of our defenses, item by item.

Through the medium of student riots the Communists have knocked over Synghman Rhee in Korea, Menderes in Turkey, and are working on the Shah of Iran. Our State Department is very critical of the undemocratic methods of the dictators friendly to our side, but has seldom an unkind word for the bloody acts of Krushchev, Kassem, or Castro.

World Conquest

Lenin said:

"We will first take Eastern Europen, then the masses of Asia. We will surround the United States, which will be the last bastion of Capitalism. We will not have to attack. It will fall like overripe fruit into our hands."

The Communists now have Eastern Europe due to Yalta, Teheran, and Potsdam. They have China, thanks to American traitors. They intend to conquer Japan by getting its food supply in Southeast Asia. Japan is dependent on these food imports for its very survival. The Communists have been very successful at the conquest of the student mind in Japan, so when her food supply is cut off Japan will go Communist or starve.

The Communists have around 900 million in their orbit today. By conquering Southeast Asia they will have 1.2 billions. Next comes India, already largely socialist, then Africa, with its primitive people, and the Middle East, with its tremendous resources, will collapse quickly.

What will Europe say then? Communist victory is obvious -- why should we die for the Americans? Europe will the merge with the Communists giving them 2 billion people. In the meantime South America, Latin America, and Mexico, where Communism is already very strong, will have been subverted, so the U.S.A. will be totally surrounded.
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Chapter 2: How Communists Plan To Take America

Potential methods of Communist Takeover in U.S.A. by Internall Subversion (This list is by no means complete)

1. Infiltration of high offices of government and political parties until the President of the U.S. is a Communist, unknown to the rest of us of course, when as Commander-in-Chief of the army and navy he could control us. Even the Vice-Presidency would go, as it could be easily arranged for the President to commit suicide.

2. General strike as combination of Hoffa's teamsters, Bridges' longshoremen, steelworkers, United Auto Workers, United Electrical Workers, etc., could bring our country to its knees. Think what would happen to our city if the electrical power were cut off.

3. Infiltration of armed forces until civil war brought about with seizure of the cities such as Washington, New York, Chicago, Detroit by means of student and race riots. Seizure of the police stations and means of communication is an important step.

4. World Government, World Court, United Nations pitch. This I consider the most likely at this time as it is the indirect approach and has such an idealistic appeal, which deludes so many eggheads and do gooders. Notice the concentrated effort to effect the repeat of the Connally Amendment to the World Court Act. In this effort the Communists have enlisted the aid of many idealistic Americans. To relinquish our national sovereignty by degrees until we back into World Communism. UNESCO and Foreign Aid are part of this plan.

5. Inflation, depressions, chaos, etc.

6. Build up fear of nuclear war by propaganda. Fear of the power of the Soviet Union. To induce surrender by nuclear blackmail. Some studies have already been made by the Defense Department on how and when to surrender.

7. Collapse of the Government due to Communist infiltration in all branches. Decay of moral values, determination and will to resist. This is what Livshitz meant when he said, "Make you rotten to the core."

Foreign Aid

When Foreign Aid was originally conceived to pull friendly nations out from the depth of the destruction of war it served a useful purpose and parts of it are still useful, such as the Point IV programs to show people how to help themselves, but it has since been prostituted by Left Wingers, Internationalists and Communists, and is a device to spend us into bankruptcy.

Here is a small news item:

"Bolivia, which a couple of months ago chased and stoned Americans in its capital, forcing them to spend three nights in the American Embassy under army guard, will receive $9,500,000 from the United States to enable it to balance its budget."

We had to borrow this money to give Bolivia. The U.S. Government has given Bolivia over $200,000,000 to keep in power a Marxist government.

Here is an item from the Wall Street Journal, entitled "Thank You":

"Last wee the U.S. Government, through the United Nations, handed the Republic of the Congo $5,000,000 to help that chaotic nation meet its most pressing needs.

Last week end eight U.S. airmen were attacked and beaten by Congolese soldiers and police. The foreign aid situation, it appears, remains normal."

How much good has our foreign aid done us in Cuba? For years we have subsidized Cuban sugar at 2 cents per pound premium, and have given her millions in foreign aid. Did that prevent Communist Castro from seizing control?

The dollars from this sugar subsidy are now financing Cuban embassies throughout Latin American from which the Kremlin directs a deadly stream of Communist propaganda and intrigue. We are thus financing our own destruction.

Romula Betancourt, President of Venezuela, is a Communist and cooperates with Castro and Moscow. At the proper time you will see that Venezuela is as Communist as Cuba.

For our government to economize on our vital defense programs in the face Krushchev's threats and boasts, while spending billions on foreign aid, seems little short of insanity.

The best argument the foreign aid advocates advance is that it buys us our foreign bases. When the chips are down I predict not one country will let us base our nuclear bombers or missiles on their shores. We are going to have to depend ourselves alone, and the sooner we realize it the better.

When the terrible blow-up comes what help can get from India, Poland, Yugoslavia, and for Heaven's Sake -- Ghana.

Japan, England, West Germany, France, and Italy have all been put back in business with foreign aid, which is well and good, but we have exported our industrial know-how and financed our competitors who operate with one half to one fifth of our labor costs. These industries are taking more and more of the business of our industries with resultant stagnation and unemployment. American labor costs are continuing to rise without increase in productivity, complicating the matter further. This is another way to destroy America.

Many people will be shocked to realize foreign aid originated with Joseph Stalin.

P. 115-116: "Marxism and The National Colonial Question."

"It is essential that the advanced countries should render aid -- aid and prolonged aid -- to the backward countries in their cultural and economic development. Otherwise, it will be impossible to bring about the peaceful coexistence of the various nations and peoples -- within a single economic system, which is so essential for the future triumph of Socialism."

The U.S.A. is following Stalin's spending prescription. We are thus paying for our own funeral.

The principal argument for foreign aid is that it prevents the growth of Communism. Actually, it promotes philosophies akin to Communism. Our aid has strengthened the nationalization processes in Norway, Austria, France, Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and even Communist Poland and Yugoslavia. Our dollars have gone mostly to foreign governments to start state enterprises and take over privately owned businesses. We are helping to establish the very system of state slavery we set out to combat.

A total of 3 billion dollars has been given foreign powers to reduce national debts and balance their budgets. To extend this aid we had to borrow the money.

We have been given over 2 billion dollars to governments hostile to us, including the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and Poland.

We gave Italy 3.36 billion dollars, of which she has on deposit in the U.S. drawing interest 1.37 billion dollars.

We gave Japan 2.5 billion dollars, of which she has on deposit in the U.S. drawing interest 1.26 billion dollars. Did this gift pave the way for the Japanese students' reception of President Eisenhower?

We have 19 billion dollars in gold; Foreign nations have dollar credits against this gold of 23 billion dollars. Frankly, we are practically broke. Probably the dollar will be devalued again in the next year or so. And yet the "liberals " clamor for more foreign aid as a remedy for everything. This is either stupidity or treason.

Subversion in Tax-Free Foundations

Many of the large tax-free foundations are controlled by an interlocking group of left-wing intellectuals. They are using the astronomical sums of money in their control to bring on socialism in the U.S.A. With all power concentrated in Washington under a Socialist Government it would be relatively easy for a well-organized group of Communists to take over.

An acquaintance of mine, working for a congressional committee, told me that the president of one of the largest foundations said to him furiously, "My job is to change the economic climate of the U.S.A. so that it can be comfortably merged with that of the Soviet Union, and you are not going to stand in my way." No criticism of the Communist influence in these large foundations is permitted because of their enormous donations to universities, hospitals, and other philantropic purposes.

After all Alger Hiss was president of the Carnegie Foundation for Permanent Peace.

Labor Unions

Labor Unions have long been a Communist goal. How far they have been penetrated by Communists I have no idea, but it must be very far indeed, judging by the hatred and venom poured out in some labor papers. The American Communications Association, which is a Communist-infiltrated union, according to R. Arens, Director of House Un-American Activities Committee, controls all the wires and lead lines in and out of the Pentagon, so probably the Communists get all the messages in and out of the Pentagon.

Some labor leaders do all they can to prevent a friendly feeling from developing between labor and management--in fact, encourage a feeling of hatred of management by the workers. The effort is frequently made to have the worker do as little as possible for the money he receives. This practice alone can destroy our country.

Supreme Court

As I have said before, if many of the opinions of the Warren Supreme Court had been written in the Kremlin they could not have served the Communists better. It's unbelievable pro-Communist decisions have completely wrecked the internal security of our country. This is set out admirably in the report of the American Bar Association.

The Supreme Court has repeatedly thwarted the will of Congress as regards Communists.

The atmosphere in most of the large universities is definitely socialist if not pro-Communist. The universities have been one of the breeding grounds of recruits for the Communist Party. In the 30's the Communist recruits that went directly from universities into government service under the New Deal changed the history of our country. Socialism is taught in many of our secondary schools. Bella Dodd, former member of the National Committee of the Community Party, a professor at Hunter College and now an ex-Communist, told me a number of her old Communist colleagues infiltrated the National Education Association and were instrumental in putting Communist propaganda in text books.

Communist propaganda of one sort or another is dished out in many high schools. Have you examined what is being taught your own children.

The American Mercury said:

"The Communist Party has enlisted the support at least 3,500 professors -- many of them dues-paying members, many others as fellow travellers, some as out-and-out espionage agents, some as adherents of the Party lines in varying degrees and some as the unwitting dupes of subversion."

United Nations

The United Nations, the charter of which was largely written by a convicted perjurer, Alger Hiss, Vishinsky and one other Russian, has been a rotten core of subversion. It is a haven for subversives and security risks. Unesco has spewed forth Communist and World Government propaganda into our schools for years. The U.N. was conceived by the Russians during World War II as a device to continue collaboration with the United States which had been proven so profitable to them. The argument that the U.N. is a instrument of peace is entirely fallacious. Is there any indication that since the U.N. has been in existence there is any less war than formerly? As a matter of fact there are more arms, hatred, threats, brush fires and threats of war than there has ever been. For a while the U.S. could command a majority in the Security Council but with the new developing so called "nations" in the Afro-Asian bloc the U.S. will not command a majority. To trust ourselves to the tender mercy of these people is little short of insanity.

The fat cat bureaucrats from the U.N. who travel around the world in high cotton at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers (to a substantial extent) are certainly no asset to our country. The U.N. will undoubtedly be one of the most important tools for the Communist take-over of America.

U.S. News & World Report said that as many as one-half of 1,350 administrative executives of the U.N. were Communists or persons willing to do Communist bidding.

Take the case of Povl Bang-Jensen, Danish diplomat with the U.N., who helped prepare the report on Russian atrocities in the Budapest uprising. Bang-Jensen secured the testimony of Hungarian refugees by promising to keep their names secret for fear of Russian reprisals against their relatives still in Hungary. He complained bitterly of the way the report was altered in favor of the Communists. Dag Hammerskjold demanded the names of the Hungarians testifying, but Bang-Jensen refused to give them to him and burned the list. Bang-Jensen was discharged after being accused of all sorts of things, including insanity.

The National Review said the rumor is that a Russian national with the U.N. desired to defect and took Bang-Jensen into his confidence, telling him also about some Americans who were working int he Soviet espionage apparatus. Unfortunately Bang-Jensen took this to the State Department and it leaked to the Russian Embassy. The Russian national was sent home and shot and it was arranged for Bang-Jensen to commit suicide for knowing too much.

Hungary is the exact measure of U.N. impotence, enemy infiltration and Communist control of the U.N. secretariat.

Let us give Red China a seat in the U.N.--our seat!!!

The assemblage of Communist thugs, hoodlums, and murderers gathered in the U.N. in September, 1960, was a disgrace to a civilized society and to our country.

One of their objectives was to save that most useful tool of theirs, the U.N. They did this as they often do by pretending to oppose what they really want. Krushchev by attacking the U.N., by threatening to withdraw, or to have it moved, made doubly sure that it would stay where it will do the Communists the most good--right where it is now.
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Chapter 3: How Communism Attacks Our Churches

Dr. Howard Kershner, editor of Christian Economics, told me that as a class, ministers of the Protestant Church had been more highly infiltrated by Communism than any other group. Ministers don't become Communists but Communists become ministers.

On July 7, 1953, Benjamin Gitlow, former Secretary of the Communist Party said under oath:

"The Russian Communists were the first to exploit ministers of the United States and through them, the church organizations, for the purpose of spreading propaganda in favor of Communist Russia... The policy in those days was framed in such a way that the members of the Communist Party could infiltrate church organizations for the purpose of conducting their propaganda among them, for enlisting their support for Soviet Russia and for the various campaigns in which the Communists were interested."

Some ministers of the Gospel have been particularly gullible to the Communist Peace At Any Price pitch -- the nuclear war is too horrible to contemplate, therefore, we should surrender to the Communists if we have to crawl on our bellies to Moscow to do it.

Excerpts from hearings before House Un-American Activities Committee on Air Reserve Center Training Manuel:

Richard Arens -- Director, House Un-American Activities Committee

Secretary Sharp -- Secretary for Air

Air Reserve Center

Training Manual

Mr. Arens. I should like to invite your attention to the quotation attributed to Mr. Wine appearing in the Washington Evening Star, February 24, 1960.

Mr. Wine also said the Air Force has agreed to amend portions of a second manual objectionable to the council which served as primary source material for the reserve document. The second manual-- 205-5-is used now as a guide to security indoctrination.

Did anyone in the Air Force, to your knowledge, give such assurance to Mr. Wine?

Secretary Sharp. I Don't know of anyone who gave such assurance. Do you know anyone?

General Hopwood. No.

Secretary Sharp. I might comment there that I read the manual 205-5 that you are referring to, and the portions of it that refer to Communism in American churches and American schools. I do not find them objectionable. I think they are proper to have in a manual of this type.

Mr. Arens. The essence then of manual 205-5 with respect to Communist infiltration in churches and in church groups is a tenet with which you are in accord?

Secretary Sharp. I am, yes.

Mr. Arens. So the record may be absolutely clear, based upon the investigation of the investigators of the Air Force who have been working on these manuals and their reports to you, is it your position, sir, that the facts are that Communists and fellow-travelers are now, and have been in the past, infiltrating church groups, among other groups?

Secretary Sharp. I have heard that they have infiltrated church groups; I do not know whether this has been positively proven, but I certainly think we ought to warn our people that they would be in all probability -- and I mean by "they" the Communist -- would in all probability attempt to infiltrate church groups or schools or any important group in the United States which they could infiltrate.

Mr. Arens. In manual, AF Manual 205-5 you say, in essence -- or the manual says, in essence, does it not -- that Communists are now infiltrating church groups or have infiltrated church groups?

May I invite your attention to page 53? I should like to read you a few sentences from Air Force Manual 205-5, which I understand you to concur in, and then we will discuss, if you please, sir, some of the statements.

On page 53 of Air Force Manual 205-5, the following appears, does it not sir?

"A while back Americans were shocked to find that Communists had infiltrated our churches. It isn't so shocking though when you consider how the Communists are using Russian churches today. They want to do the same thing here. They want to teach the Soviet gospel from the pulpit.

The Communist Party, USA, has instructed many of its members to join churches and church groups, to take control whenever possible, and to influence the thoughts and actions of as many church-goers as they can.

Communists form front organizations especially to attract Americans with religious interests. The party tries to get leading church men to support Communist policies disguised as welfare work for minorities. Earl Browder former head of the American Communist Party, once admitted:

'By going among the religious masses, we are for the first time able to bring our anti-religious ideas to them.'

Are there Communist ministers? Sure. The Communists have members in just about every profession in our country. Of course no clergyman admits he is a Communist when he is one (he is required to keep his membership a secret), but he still does Communist work. The House Un-American Activities Committee lists two ministers -- the Rev. Blank, a former Presbyterian whose congregation kicked him out for party activities, and the Rev. Bank, retired Episcopalian who served as a delegate to a Communist convention and lectured at Communist meetings.

As to whether Communist ministers are a real danger, let's turn to a statement by former President Herbert Hoover:

'I confess to a real apprehension, so long as Communists are able to secure ministers of the gospel to promote their evil work and espouse a cause that is alien to the religion of Christ and Judaism.'

Communists try everything when it comes to churches. They sneak disguised propaganda into church bulletins. They send Communists around to lecture church groups. The head of the Communist Party once spoke at Union Theological Seminary in New York, and the legislative secretary of the party addressed a conference of 100 ministers in Washington, D.C. The Communists order their younger members into youth groups where they can spread atheism and recruit new Communists. Atheism, Communist-style, is also spread through various organizations like the People's Institute of Applied Religion, which teaches Communist ideas under the disguise that they are Christian teachings.

Again, to stop Communists, we must be careful not to attack the majority of faithful ministers and church-goers. We must merely search out those who back Moscow right down the line. We can do this, first, by understanding and supporting the teachings of our own religions to the hilt; then, by getting rid of those who try to pass of Communist ideas as substitute for what we know are true religious teachings."

I have read you the pertinent paragraphs of Air Force Manual 205-5 concerning which Mr. Wine is quoted in the Washington Evening Star of February 24, as saying that the Air Force has agreed to amend portions which are objectionable.

Am I correct in my interpretation of your testimony that neither you nor anyone to your knowledge in official position in the Air Force has given Mr. Wine the assurance which is attributed to him in the press?

Secretary Sharp. Certainly I have not. I do not know of anyone who has.

Mr. Arens. Am I likewise, and is the record likewise, clear that you, sir, based upon the information which has been made available to you by your subordinates, concur in the language which I have read to you in Air Force Manual 205-5?

Secretary Sharp. I would say that I certainly agree with the assumption that the Communist Party would obviously in its activities attempt to infiltrate the church as outlined here.

I must say that I have not investigated the two individuals referred to by name in these paragraphs which you have read as whether or not they have actually been proven to be guilty of the charges outlined.

Mr. Scherer. The counsel in reading from the manual merely stated that those two are listed by this committee.

The chairman. Among others.

Mr. Scherer. Among others.

Stage, Screen, Radio and Television

The stage, screen, radio, and television have had a high degree of Communist infiltration for many years. We have been brainwashed into a feeling of apathy and security, which is probably the greatest accomplishment of the Communists in the U.S.A.

You will notice that some movies and television shows depict the horrors of war, how clumsy and like buffoons the officers are -- apparently to destroy the public confidence in the armed services.

In how many current movies or television shows is a Communist depicted as a villain? Certainly very few.

The brutalities of the Nazis are gone over again and again on television ad nauseam. This is undoubtedly done for two reasons: 1, to divert attention from the Communists' own heinous crimes and atrocities; 2, to build up public sentiment against West Germany and Adenauer, who has been a staunch Rock of Gilbraltar against yielding to the Communists on West Berlin.

An ex-FBI agent told me that he cannot go to the movies or look at television because in his former work investigating subversives he learned so much about Communist actors, writers, and directors, that he is sickened when he sees their slimy hands in a production.


Politically the Communists used every step forward to set up political factions and splinter groups so they could force the old-line parties into nominating liberals. With left-wing candidates on both political tickets, the voters are disenfranchised as effectively as if the suffrage were abolished.

Wendell Willkie

A paragraph from Men Without Faces, by Louis Budenz (pages 277-78), former editor of the Communist Daily Worker, now an ex-Communist and professor at Fordham University, tells us about the case of Wendell Willkie, former Republican presidential candidate. The Communists had long since penetrated the New Deal because it was the party in power. Earl Browder, head of the Communist Party, decided that it would be valuable to have roots in the Republican camp.

I am sure it would have surprised the former Republican presidential candidate to know that some of his most private conversations were known and repeated on the Ninth Floor. It made the process of "softening him up" a comparatively easy one, and by the spring of 1943 Mr. Willkie was before the Supreme Court pleading the legality of the Communist fifth column in America.

Had he been aware of the discussions in the Politburo, he might have considered the matter in a different light. As Bittelman said, the expectation was that Justice Frank Murphy would take a strong stand for the Communists' view in the court, and that one or two other justices would be with him. Willkie's appearance for the defense would give these justices a certain added strength with the whole court. The Politburo therefore looked upon Willkie more or less as a front for their campaign to establish the legality of the Communist party.

The Reds, in their plans for penetration, have not overlooked Wall Street and some of the lawyers who advise Big Business. As a Communist official, I had more access to law offices serving large corporations than I have had since leaving the Communist party. This does not indicate that a great number of these gentlemen are pro-Red; it does show that too many of them are either pro-Soviet or have been led by false conceptions of how to make easy profits out of Soviet trade. Undoubtedly, the welfare of the United States did not enter too strongly into their profit calculations.

It was through a lawyer in Wall Street that I was introduced to an important United States senator, during the period when the Reds were spreading the "agrarian reformer" idea in regard to the Chinese Communists. It was a Wall Street lawyer who admitted to me that many in Big Business were convinced that the United States should co-operate in making all Europe Communist, on the grounds that the United States could trade peacefully with such an entity. This man has wide business relations and political friendships, and he spoke for others beside himself in expressing that view. I do not mean to imply that all Wall Street is going pro-Communist; but I do mean to say quite definitely that in my experience many men connected with Wall Street look upon Soviet Russia more as a market than as a menace to American independence. Only recently, in 1949, a witness before the Congressional Committee investigating Red espionage declared that Lammot du Pont of the great financial house had expressed skepticism of any Red danger.

In my experience, one force relied on by the Communists in China was the representatives of large American industries residing in Shanghai. This estimate was not incorrect. At the height of the Red advance against Nationalist China, the American business representatives in Shanghai issued statement after statement complaining about Chiang Kai-shek's determination to resist the Communists. Dispatches to that effect appeared in both the New York Times and New York Herald Tribune. And immediately after the fall of Shanghai, in early June, 1949, American businessmen in that city got out propaganda for a loan to the Chinese Reds. The excuse given -- which was scarcely a patriotic one -- was that a failure by the United States to lend money to the Communist setup would cause the followers of Mao Tse-tung to abandon any policy of moderation. (Note specifically Walter Sullivan's dispatch to the New York Times of June 13, 1949.)

This attitude was partially the result of the constant contacts with American business interests in China established by such Communist agents as Frederick Vanderbilt Field and Philip Jaffe, with the corps of other and more concealed Reds working with them and under their direction.

The work of these pro-Soviet activities -- as the Communists call them -- was favored by the atmosphere of appeasement developed in America. One of the voices in business circles expressing complacency about Soviet advances is David Lawrence, editor of the United States News. In the May 13, 1949, issue of that interesting weekly information source for American business it is stated, "There are signs that outsiders -- including Americans -- can continue to do business inside a Communist China." And it is strongly hinted that if we don't learn how to be nice to the Chinese Communists, the British will get all the trade. It is unfortunate that the editors of the United States News do not know that this is precisely the propaganda recommended to the American Communists even while I was in the party -- to create conflict in business circles between American and British interests. And in 1949, the expected conflict was counted upon publicly, in the various organs dealing with directives coming from Moscow, to weaken the whole western world.

-- Men Without Faces: The Communist Conspiracy in the U.S.A., by Louis Francis Budenz

The One World ideas of Mr. Willkie made it comparatively easy for the Communists to get to Mr. Willkie. They succeeded in persuading him to represent William Schneiderman, California Communist District Leader, in his deportation case then coming up before the U.S. Supreme Court. By spring of 1943 Wendell Willkie was before the U.S. Supreme Court pleading the legality of the Communist Fifth Column in America.

Now, of course, Mr. Willkie was no Communist -- he undoubtedly thought he was doing a grand job for civil rights.

This paragraph shows two things:

1. The Communists have infiltrated both the Democrat and Republican Parties for many years. If we could only see behind the political sciences, I am sure we would be shocked.

2. The Communists influence the highest political figures in the land.

Newspapers and Magazines

Wittaker Chambers, former Communist and senior editor of Time Magazine, said there is probably no important magazine or newspaper in the U.S.A. but has some degree of Communist penetration. Notice how the headlines and editorials of many papers are slanted. The book review sections of some of the large New York dailies will not give a good review to a conservative book. Many of the magazines sold at newsstands seem specifically designed to destroy the morale of the armed services. The sex and crime angles are magnified to destroy the moral fibre of our young people.

Since the McCarthy hearing the left wingers and sympathizers who have infiltrated the news agencies and newspapers have declared a blackout on anti-Communist news. This is why you read so little anti-Communist news any more.


Modern art has its origin with Picasso, an admitted Communist. He said, "My art is not to decorate apartments. It is revolutionary art -- for the class struggle." The idea is to make our civilization seem degraded, ugly, and hopeless. The idea of daubing paint on canvas the way a peevish child would do it, and calling it art is part of this pattern. This will probably infuriate many so-called "modern artists." At the Brussels World's Fair and Moscow Art Exhibit put on by the United States Information Agency one half the pictures were by Communist artists and were blatant Communist propaganda.

Communist Influence On Presidents

Earl Browder was a frequent guest through the side door of the White House under Roosevelt. Wittaker Chambers was a courier between the members of the Harold Ware Communist espionage group of goverment employees and their Russian masters. Members of this group, which numbered approximately 100, were in the White House, State Department, Treasury, Agriculture Department, etc. They funneled every secret of our government to the Russians in World War II, even the date of D-Day. Of course, another gang got the atomic bomb.

Chambers quit the Party in 1937 at great risk to his life, later becoming a senior editor of Time Magazine. When Hitler and Stalin made the pact in 1939 that started World War II, Chambers tried to tell President Roosevelt about the spy ring, but could not get to see him. He did get to see the security officer of the U.S. Department of State at his home late one night. He told him the full story and the next morning this man rushed excitedly to the White House to tell the President. After listening impatiently President Roosevelt told him to go to Hell. It was twelve years later before the story came out. Of the Harold Ware group nothing ever happened to any of them except Alger Hiss, who went to prison for perjury. I have read that some of the attorneys were members of this spy ring are now employed by the large tax-free foundations.
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Chapter 4: How Communism Took Over Other Nations

I was in Iraq in 1958, that old country at the head of the Persian Gulf, where the Tigris and Euphrates flow. It is ancient Babylonia, and Baghdad is the capital. During an hour's conference with the Foreign Minister, Dr. Mohammed Fadhil al Jamali, he told me there were many people in the U.S.A. prostituting the Bill of Rights in order to destroy it. He should know for he was in the United Nations for many years.

Some mothers after I left Baghdad the Communist revolt and take-over began.

A friend of mine from Wichita went through it all. He returned to Wichita a year and a half later. His hair has gotten much whiter and he looked ten years older. He told me that before he would go through a Communist take-over again they would have to kill him. He said the speed and precision with which the Communists worked was unbelievable. They first murdered the royal family, including all the women and children, then the public figures who could form a government. They sentenced my friend, Dr. Jamali, to death, but I learned from a recent issue of Time Magazine that his sentence had been commuted to ten years imprisonment. While the anti-Communists were still resisting, the U.S. Government rushed in and recognized the Communist Kassem regime, and the anti-Communist resistance collapsed.

The most unbelievable thing about the take-over in Iraq was the fact that the people whom one least suspected of being Communists turned out to be the biggest ones. This has also been the case in China, Czechoslovakia, and other countries, and will be the case if the Communists take over our country.

My friend was manager of the Daura refinery, owned by the government. The biggest Communists in the refinery turned out to be Iraq engineers educated in the U.S.A.* A reign of terror was set up in the refinery, and a girl working in the laboratory was the chief denouncer of the secret police. Many of the refinery personnel disappeared. They were either murdered or sent to prison.

*A Communist professor is cautious about trying to indoctrinate the average American boy because the boy may go home and give evidence of his indoctrination, with the result that his parents become aware of what is going on and kick up a row. No such hazards are present, however, in indoctrinating foreign students. They are lonely and far from home and, therefore, become easy grist for the Communist mill. The Communists give them attention, companionship, and sociability, and send them back to their homeland as dedicated Communists to do their deadly work. Dr. Frederick Schwartz said for years most of the Australian Rhodes Scholars returned to Australia are dedicated Communists.

My friends who had the experiences in Iraq said that in Iraq 75% of the students who had studied in the larger American and English universities were Communists. Students from the smaller colleges did not seem to be affected. Although he had no way of knowing where they got their indoctrination, he knew Communist leaders from the Unversities of Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Denver, and Southern California.

I have heard from other sources that many of the Burmese students in American universities return to Burma as dedicated Communists.

Of course, our magazines tell us that Kassem, head of the Communist government, is not a Communist, so we must give Iraq foreign aid, or the Communists around him might get control.

My friend said the continual barrage of propaganda denouncing the U.S. as an imperialistic war monger and capitalistic exploiter was terrific by radio, television, newspapers, speechers, and sign boards.

He said the amazing thing was that although you knew it to be a lie after so long a time you began to believe yourself -- a demonstration of the phenomenon of pavloff's conditioned reflex.

My friend said the continual barrage of propaganda denouncing the U.S. as an imperialistic war monger and capitalistic exploiter was terrific by radio, television, newspapers, speechers, and sign boards.

He said the amazing thing was that although you knew it to be a lie after so long a time you began to believe yourself -- a demonstration of the phenomenon of Pavloff's conditioned reflex.


Dr. Kershner told me that several people in the captive nations behind the Iron Curtain advised him that, if during the four days the Freedom Fighters were in control of Budapest the U.S. Government had recognized them, it would have sparked numerous revolts in Poland and Czechoslovakia. However, we only rush to recognize Communist regimes as those of Sukarno, Kassem, and Castro.

An ex-FBI agent told me that he helped screen the Hungarian refugees brought into Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, during the Hungarian revolt.

The first refugees from the revolt in Budapest when the Freedom Frighters were in control were the Communists. No sooner had these refugees begun to pour into Austria than the U.S. Government, acting under Presidential directive, flew planes over to pick them up and bring them to the United States.

The FBI had orders not to turn a refugee back if he were a Communist, but only if he had been a member of the Secret Police. According to my informant Mr. J. Edgar Hoover protested to President Eisenhower so vigorously this policy of admitting known Communists into the country that the relations between the two men became very strained.

The same agent told me he had talked to many criminals in prison, and that he had always been able to get under their skins by some means or other, such as referring to mother, home, or "you are not a bad guy at heart, Joe," but in his long career he had never been able to get under the skin of a Communist prisoner by any tactics. A Communist, when he goes in the party, is known as a man under sentence of death.

Bella Dodd, who spent 25 years in the Communist Party, and who is now a practicing attorney in New York City, told me she pleads cases in front of a judge in whose home she used to attend Communist cell meetings.

The record shows that Americans have played a large part in promoting Communism around the world.


Since nearly 4 billion dollars of American taxpayers' money have been poured into Italy since 1947 to prevent the Communists from taking over the Italian political and economic system, it is more than casual interest to American citizens to learn that it was Americans who were primarily responsible for the restoration and vast growth of the Communist movement in Italy, which had been suppressed by Mussolini. It was insisted by the Americans that Communists be represented in the governments that followed the overthrow of Mussolini, and that Communist-dominated labor unions should be given precedence in the Italian labor movement. It was an American ship which brought Palmiro Togliatti, the Italian Communist leader, back to home from Moscow, where he had lived for years, and American political and military leaders who helped to install him in power. He ultimately became Minister of Justice in a post-war government and declared that the murder of over 50,000 Italian Fascists and their families (including many who were only suspected of Fascism) was the finest deed in all Italian history.


Herbert Philbrick came to know 75 persons in the Communist underground around Cambridge and Boston, and all individuals of great seeming respectability.

Of this number the occupations were about as follows:

8 ministers of the gospel
12 businessmen
4 publishers
5 doctors
8 lawyers
8 public school teachers
30 college professors

This does not look like the army of the working class.

Subversives in the Armed Service

Browder bragged that 13,000 Communists were in uniform in World War II as commissioned, non commissioned officers, and privates. On December 30, 1944, the War Department issued secret orders making all identifications of Communists impossible.

The fruits of this policy were when American military prestige received a shattering blow in January, 1946, with the "Want to go home riots" sparked by these same Communists.

In Manila, 10,000 troops booed their commanding general.

In Frankfort, Germany, General McNarney called out special paratroops to stop a demonstration of 4,000 mutinous American soldiers.

The Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy, an admiral, told me that he had addressed the Naval War College on Communism a few years ago. At the conclusion of his address a Harvard professor arose and excoriated him as a Fascist reactionary. Since that event he has never been asked to address the War College again.


Measured in terms of subtlety, diversity, vigor, and extent the worldwide Communist propaganda is terrific. All forms of the printed word, radio, television, and moving pictures are utilized to exploit social, political, economic unrest, jealousy, and race prejudice throughout the world.

The so-called cultural exchange programs are blatant propaganda devices.

The extent of propaganda extolling the merits of Communism and all its products, which you hear every day, is a measure of subversion and brainwashing in our country.

Atomic Bombs

The commandant of a large air base told me he was not afraid of the atom bombs the Russians could deliver by air, but what caused him to lose sleep was fear of a bomb being delivered in a gasoline truck which would wipe his base and the nearby city off the map.

There were a considerable number of Communists employed in the atomic plants during the war, particularly at Los Alamos. The inventory methods were so lax that enough fissionable material could have been taken to make over twenty-five bombs. Being in the U.S.A., these bombs are already delivered

A naval captain attached to the Atomic Energy Commission told me that the fuzzy-minded scientists and left-wing characters who had infiltrated the various departments under the Commission were too much for him so he was going to get out of the service and try to tell the American people what is going on.

At the Port of New York they endeavor to detect any persons bringing in fissionable material, but at no other port of entry in the United States is any such effort made.

Inasmuch as the fissionable material for a bomb can brought in, in a suitcase, why worry about Russian rockets.
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Chapter 5: Communists Incite Racial Strife

You may be sure the Communists are fishing furiously in the troubled waters of integration on both sides. The Communists are not interested in the aspirations of the negro except a means to stir up racial hatred in order to enslave both the white and black man. The colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America.

I have been told by ex-Communists that the Communist Party has been influential in changing the relief laws of New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Detroit, and Chicago to make it attractive for rural Southern Negroes and Puerto Ricans to come to those cities. In the first place, the Communist Party intends to use the votes of these people to swing the balance in these populous critical states; secondly, when the Party is ready to take over these cities it will use the colored people by getting a vicious race war started.


When an anti-Communist revolt broke out two years ago in Indonesia the U.S. Government sent arms and ammunition to the Communist Sukarno. Communist Sukarno has been entertained and feted in this country by our highest officials. The U.S. Government has consistently supported the Communist Algerian rebels, the FLN Terrorists, against our French allies in the United Nations.

Herbert Philbrick told me that several years he was writing a column on Communism for the New York Herald Tribune. Through a pipeline to the Communist Party he learned that the Party was going to have a speech on passport regulations made in the U.S. Senate since thrown out, of course, by the Supreme Court. This speech was to include quotations from a noted red scientist from the West Coast and a certain quotation from the Yale Law Journal. This was written up by Philbrick and duly published in the Sunday edition of the Herald Tribune. On the following Tuesday the identical speech was made on the floor of the Senate. It was later developed that the speech was written by an editorial writer of a large Washington paper and handed to a certain U.S. Senator for delivery.

In the New World Review Communists were told "We must press with all our strength for negociations everywhere... Let the voices of Americans swell the cry of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. Negociate--Negociate--Negociate." This demand of the Communist conspiracy was joined by the usual allies and dupes. Once again what Moscow wanted Americans to think echoed around our nation. Within two years of the time the American Communists were given their orders by the Communist International our President was in Geneva fraternizing with the greatest criminals in all history and seven years later gave the arch criminal of them all a royal propaganda tour of the U.S.A., went to a Summit meeting at Krushchev's call where he received the greatest insult ever delivered to our country in its history.

Peaceful coexistence is surrender on the installment plan.

The choice history is slowly bringing to all men--the decision to die if necessary rather than live under Communsim.

The persistent effort of any man to expose Communists in government is much less likely to lead to exposure than to reprisals against him.

Let me remind you that nearly every man in Congress who has lifted his sword against the Communist conspiracy has been destroyed. The Communist smear is a standard weapon--to accuse the opponent of insanity, of being a Fascist, of being an alcoholic, a homosexual, anti-Semitic or what have you.

There is a nation-wise concerted Communist movement on to destroy the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, the House n-American Activities Committee and the Senate Internal Security Committee. The recent vicious riots in San Francisco are symptomatic of this conspiracy.

Most Communist fronts have the word PEACE in them. Everybody wants peace, of course, but to a Red the word peace means Communism. Other important Communist goals are recognition of Red China, repeal of the student loyalty oath, cessation of atomic testing and disarmament.

Dimitry Manuilsky, Soviet representative who was chairman of the Security Council of the U.N. in 1949, said in the Lenin School of Political Warfare in Moscow:

"War to the hilt between Capitalism and Communism is inevitable... To win we will need the element of surprise. The bourgeoisie will have to be put to sleep. So we will begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record. There will be electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate in their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down we will smash them with our clenched fist."

Now you may say that I am a crackpot, off my rocke, or unduly hipped on this subject, but surely, surely would not say that Mr. J. Edgar Hoover was. Read what he has to say on this subject.

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
March 1, 1960
Washington 25, D.C.

To All Law Enforcement Officials:

It is an incontestable fact that our country, the symbol of the free world, is the ultimate, priceless goal of international Communism. The leaders of international Communism have vowed to achieve world domination. This cannot be until the Red flag is flown over the United States.

If, for a moment, the grandiose Red plan is scoffed at as being fantastic, consider that one-fourth of the land surface of the world and one-third of the peoples of the Earth are now controlled by the world-wide Communist bloc.

Certainly, the Communist gains throughout the world are evidence enough that America, if it lowers its guard, may be someday an easy target for the Red threat. The Communist plan is to conquer the United States, if not today, then tomorrow; if not tomorrow, then the next day, next month, next year--there is no timetable, no "Five-Year Plan." This is evident in the machinations of the Communist Party USA, as shown by the analysis of its 17th National Convention published in this Bulletin.

It is indeed appalling that some members of our society continue to deplore and criticize those who stress the Communist danger. What these misguided "authorities" fail to realize is that the Communist Party, USA, is an integral part of international Communism. As the world-wide menace becomes more powerful the various Communist Parties assume a more dangerous and sinister role in the countries in which they are entrenched. Public indifference to this threat is tantamount to national suicide.

Lethargy leads only to disaster. The Communists have a savage plan of liquidation for a vanquished America. The blueprint can be found in the words of Mao-Tse-tung, Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, who reportedly said that it was necessary to liquidate 800,000 "enemies" to solidify Communism in China. Another pattern is the plight of countless families in satellite countries who were torn apart and transported to the oblivion of Soviet labor camps.

Under Communist domination in America, the first campaign of liquidation would engulf the lawyers, champions of due process of law; newspapermen, whose ageless fight for freedom of expression would have no place under totalitarianism; law enforcement officiers, guardians of individual rights; governmental leaders, local, state and national; and everyone falling in the so-called "capitalist" category. Occupations and professions which the Communists term "useless and parasitic" would be abolished -- clergymen, wholesalers, jobbers, real estate salesmen, stockbrokers, insurance men, advertising specialists, traveling salesmen -- the list for purging is endless. No citizen would escape some form of suffering under a Communist regime. One need but to compare his own worth, his own ideals, his own religious beliefs with the atheistic doctrines of Communism to determine his priority on the list of liquidation.

The defense of the cherished freedoms secured and handed down to us by our forefathers is the responsability of each American. Knowledge of the enemy, alertness to the danger, and everyday patriotism are the brick and mortar with which we can build an impregnable fortress against Communism. Only the intelligent efforts of all Americans can prevent the decay of public apathy from laying open our Nation to the Red menace.

Very truly yours
John Edgar Hoover
(Reprinted from the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, March, 1960.)

In these peaceful surroundings it is indeed hard to believe that such a vicious conspiracy is now going on, and bids fair to destroy us.

One may prefer not to think about it--to put his head under the covers, hoping it will go away.

The sad fact is that the very people who will be murdered by the conspiracy have plenty of time for cocktail parties, football games, golf, etc., but no time at all to even read about Communism.

Its plans, methods, programs are no secret. It is all in your libraries. The House Un-American Activities Committee has printed reams of material outlining the whole thing. How much of it have you bothered to read?

The greatest hazard the Communists face is that the American people will awake from their lethargy, but I confess there seems to be little prospect of it.

The primary areas where we are losing are in the schools and universities, the churches, the labor unions, and the U.S. Government.

The remarkable thing about this era of Communist subversion through which we are going is how totally unaware the average American is of its presence. The average American business man will fight like a tiger if you tried to take a few thousand dollars away from him, but here is a conspiracy which will take not only all his possessions but his life as well and probably that of his wife and children, and he either says "I don't believe it," or "What can I do?"

What will be the end? Nobody knows, of course. Dr. Bella Dodd, a very sad and contrite woman, who after 25 years in the conspiracy realizes the irreparable harm she has done, said two years ago in Wichita that the Communist Party will try to get control of the United States Government in the next five years all in the name of anti-Communism. It will probably be under the guise of the United Nations, World Court, or World Government, because so many people can be easily deceived by the idealistic appeal of these organizations.

Spruille Braden, former Assistant Secretary of State, said it looked like the United States would be Communist in his lifetime, and he is not a young man.

Richard Arens, director of the House Un-American Activities Committee, said that the United States will be Communist in ten years.

Robert Welch, who is an authority on Communism with wide sources of information in the government and out, says the degree of Communist control in the U.S. is from 30-50 per cent. Do you wonder why we always lose abroad?

The Communist goal is to have the United States by the jugular vein befor 1970. Many people who believe this have the attitude of Louis XIV, who said:

"Apres moi, Le Deluge" -- "May the flood come after I am dead."

This philosophy may seem all right to old people, but what about the youngsters and children? They are going to have to live with this thing.

Congressman Scherer says there are over two thousand Communist spies and saboteurs in our defense plants, and we cant get them out because of U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

Nothing is surer than that Communism is going to take America if we continue in our apathy, indifference, and ignorance.

The fact that we have made dozens of flights over Russia in the past four years show that our bombers can pulverize her in a few hours. When Khrushchev, with the blood of Hungarians and his own countrymen up to his elbows, can wangle an invitation to this country, can demand and get a Summit conference, can scuttle this conference by calling our President a thief and a liar in the language of the gutter, and some of our most prominent Americans, such as Adlai Stevenson, demand that we beg this criminal to please come back and negociate, what has happened to us? And Senator Kennedy wanted President Eisenhower to apologize to Krushchev!

We were in greatest danger when our President had his arm around the Communist leaders, and we were in the Spirit of Camp David. When the Communist smiles at you, that is when he is getting ready to drive the knife into your back.

We have the most wonderful country in the entire history of the human race. If you don't believe it, go and live abroad for several years. This country, while certainly not free from faults, has given more freedom, a higher standard of living, and greater material blessings to more people than any other country in human existence. it is the hope and dream of the nationals of most other countries to come and live here. And, yet, it looks like it is going down the Communist drain because too few people want to be bothered to understand what is happening, or have the courage to do anything about it. It will probably happen so quickly that most people will never realize what is happening to them.
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Summary Of Communism

1. There will never be peace in the world as long as Communism exists. We are in a war to the death, and not of our choosing. Unhappily few people are aware of this fact.

2. You can trust a Communist to always be a Communist in the rend -- to work for complete governmental control by violent, bloody revolution

3. You can attack Communism without much fear, in fact some Communists may join you -- but, if you attack particular Communists in government, the roof will fall in on you.

4. Socialism is the precursor of Communism. Democracy cannot exist if the government owns all property. A Communist take-over in a Socialist country would be no trick at all.

5. The United Nations was conceived by Communists in Moscow in World War II. The United Nations, the World Court, and World Government are instruments the Kremlin intends for the subtle takeover of America.

6. Communism is not a disease of poverty -- it is a disease of the mind. The children of the very rich are far more susceptible to it than the children of the poor.

7. The Communists intend to take us over by degrees -- each time a crisis arises we make a concession to Communism as an alternative to dreadful atomic warfare. Each will be a step to surrender, although at the time it will not appear to be decisive. Eventually our will to resist is destroyed.

8. Stalin's orders to his police for the Jewish doctors arrested and accused of poisoning Zdanov were: "Beat, beat, and beat again. If you don't get a confession by this date, I will shorten you by a head."

9. It is obvious that we are in great danger when a few unscrupulous labor leaders can compel a worker to join a union, contribute money to the union, and obey the will of these leaders. When the tremendous sums so realized can be used for political purpose to elect puppets of these leaders to political offices about which the worker has nothing to say, dictatorship is just around the corner. In addition to the threat of having his head bashed in for failure to comply the worker is bribed by higher and higher wages. The end result of this game will be slavery for him, although few seem to realize it.

10. Popular fallacies -- That by concessions to the Russian Communists they will "understand" us; that there will be a revolt in Russia; that Red China and Red Russia are going to have a falling out, and Russia will ally herself with us; that the Red Army has anything to say in the power struggle in the U.S.S.R.; that peaceful coexistence is possible.

11. The Communist technique is always the same -- to get control by giving the landless peasants land from large estates -- promising the workers that they will own the industries for which they work, etc. This is the bait for the trap. After all arms are confiscated, and the Communists are in complete control, then the bait is taken away, and the peasants and workers are helpless slaves.

12. To anyone who advances the Communist propaganda how wonderful Communism is, ask him why there are millions of refugees from East Germany, Hungary, China, etc. Why the Iron Curtain to keep the victims in? It takes powerful compulsion for a man, his wife and children, with what meager possessions they can carry in their hands, to risk death, and to face an unknown future.

13. The greatest problem facing the American people is internal subversions. Was the subject mentioned in the platform of either political party at Los Angeles or Chicago? No. Why? Since McCarthy was crucified no public figure has had the courage to wade into this controversial field. This obviously has been a tremendous victory for Communism -- in fact, it may have settled the fate of our country.

14. "What does it matter if three quarters of the world perish, if the remaining one quarter is Communism?" - Lenin

15. Americans have no conception of what Communist terror means. Russians and eastern Europeans know what it means. many of the Russians who were forcibly and shamefully repatriated back to the Kremlin tyrants in World War II, with British and American aid, chose death instead. Some jumped out of train windows while going over a bridge, some hanged themselves in barracks and set fire to the buildings, some destroyed themselves in any way possible rather than go back to the Communist terror.

16. It is not the Communists who are destroying America. America is being destroyed by citizens who will not listen, are not informed, and will not think. The uninformed are easily misinformed. Americans are misinformed today to an extent that is unbelievable.

17. Let George do it. George is not big enough. In order to preserve America it is going to take the devoted efforts of each and every loyal American and now. The hour is very, very late.

18. Some of the wealthy liberals and political opportunists who have espoused the Communist cause -- thereby thinking to profit themselves in event of a Communist victory, are letting themselves in for a great let-down. The hard-core Communists who despise such people will murder them as quickly as the will the staunchest Capitalists, as was proven in Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and elsewhere. There is one compensation in that all hard-core Communists are "cannibals", and the Communist who murders you will more than likely be murdered by one of his own kind.
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About The Author

Fred C. Koch (1900-1967) was born in Quanah, Texas and graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1922 as a chemical engineer. In 1924-1925 he was chief engineer of the Medway & Storage Co., Ltd., at the Isle of Grain, Kent, England.

In 1925 he helped organize the Winkler-Koch Engineering Company of Wichita, Kansas. This company specialized in the design and erection of petroleum refineries. Refinery equipment and refineries were built in England, France, Germany, Rumania, Russia, Italy, Portugal, the Middle East, Burma, South Africa, Canada, and other places.

In 1929, 1930, and 1931 this company built fifteen oil-cracking plants in the Soviet Union. It was during his visit to the U.S.S.R. that Mr. Koch became acquainted and traveled with the old Bolschevik, Jerome Livshitz, who outlined the Kremlin's plan to subvert the U.S.A., which has been largely carried out.

In connection with business and pleasure Mr. Koch has traveled on every continent.

In 1960, he was president of the Rock Island Oil & Refining Co., Inc., chairman of the board of the Koch Engineering co., Inc., president of the Koch Oil Corporation, Inc., all of Wichita, Kansas.

He was a director of:

The First National Bank of Wichita, Kansas
The Coleman Company of Wichita, Kansas
The Great Northern Oil Company, St. Paul, Minnesota
The Minnesota Pipe Line Company, St. Paul, Minnesota
The South Saskatchewan Pipe Line Company, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
The Great Northern Oil Purchasing Company, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

He returned to the Soviet Union in 1956, and was in Iraq in 1958 shortly before the revolution.

His last residence was Wichita, Kansas.
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This free electronic edition was created and is distributed by J. Roland-Bernard.
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