Trust No Fox on His Green Heath and No Jew On His Oath

Possibly the world's most popular inclination, the impulse to export your suffering to another seems to be near-universal. Not confined to any race, sex, or age category, the impulse to cause pain appears to well up from deep inside human beings. This is mysterious, because no one seems to enjoy pain when it is inflicted on them. Go figure.

Trust No Fox on His Green Heath and No Jew On His Oath

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Julilus Streicher Der Sturmer Picture Book
by Elwira Bauer
© 2006 Preuss,




Trau keinem Fuchs auf grüner Heid und keinem Jüd bei seinem Eid


Trust No Fox on Green Heath and No Jew on His Oath is translated from the rare -- and much sought after by collectors -- original Third Reich picture book. It was first published by the Sturmer publishing house of Julius Streicher, as a picture book for old and young by Elvira Bauer.

The Publisher
March 2006



The Father of the Jews is the Devil

When God. the Lord, created the world,
He thought up the races:
Indians, Negroes and Chinese
And Jews as well, the evil beings.
And we, we were also there:
Germans in great diversity. --
Then he gave all a patch of earth,
So it would be cultivated with sweat.
The Jew didn't join in!
From the very start the devil rode him.
He didn't want to produce, just swindle.
With the first note he learns lying
From devil-father fast and well
And then writes it in the Talmud [1]. --
On the Nile shore of the Pharaoh
He saw this folk and thought this:
"I will lash the lazy fellows!
Now they must carry bricks for me!"
The Jew did that with "ouch" and "wah".
There was "wailing" and shouting
And bent backs. broad slouching -
Even today one still sees them shuffle so.
With hanging mouth and twitching nose
And rage-distorted eye twinkles!
They owe that to the Pharaoh,
Who punished their laziness so. -
The Jews soon had enough!
The devil carried them to Germany.
Into the land did they want to sneak,
The Germans, were supposed to withdraw.


The Germans - They and the Softies
You must compare
The German and the Jew.
Inspect them well,
Both of them in the picture here.
A joke -- one could think;
For one guesses it very easily:
The German stands -- the Jew withdraws!

The German is a proud man
Who can work and fight.
Because he is so handsome and full of courage,
He has always been hated
By the Jew.

This is the Jew, one sees it right away,
The greatest scoundrel in the Reich!
He thinks he is the most handsome
Even though he is so ugly!


The eternal Jew ...

From the start the Jew is
A murderer, Jesus Christ already said.
And when the Lord Jesus had to die,
When the Lord knew no folk
That could torture him to death
He picked the Jews.
Thus the Jews imagine
They are the chosen people ...

And when the Lord found the cross
Simply too heavy. he sought rest
At a door.
The Jew came with curses
And drove the Lord from the house,
Because he was master of the house.
It was the Jew Ahasvuerus ...
Since then the Jew is cursed.
2000 years already has he sought rest
The Jew Ahasvuerus,
All Juhah behind him.
So he must wander without rest
From one land to the other.
And he knows not his homeland
The foreign Jew. As a villain
He travels through the land
And brings shame to himself ...
Four hundred years have passed.
Then one saw Ahasuerus
In Hamburg and Berlin,
In Denmark and Danzig
And also in Dresden and Paris.
And believe it, children, quite certainly
Today he still sneaks around
Hidden within all of Jewry.
Hence, children, watch out
For every single Jew.
The Jew sneaks around like a fox,
Hence look around!


Jewish Names

So that one does not recognize the Jew,
He soon changed his name.
A Nathan was soon named Jonathan.
Herr Levin adds a "son".
Abraham leaves off two "a".
So suddenly Brahm stands there. --
But others are especially bright!
They immediately drop the foreign names
And suddenly there is Bluhdorn and also Siebenreich
And Veilchenblau and Lowenstein
And Rosenstolz and Rosenhayn
And Lindenstein and Blumenfeld

And furthermore, the Jew selects
Names from animals.
So he is named Katz and Hirsch and Strauss.
And others gladly used as names
Fischbein, Herz and Mond and Stern
And Dreifuss, Blass and Fels and Stein
And Schloss and Grossmann and also Klein.
But very modestly the Jew exchanges
His name for Blum.
And whatever else the Rabbi knows!
He calls himself Markus Ehrengreis.
And a Baron by the name of Rothschild
Even names his daughter Kriemhild!


Jew remains Jew

The Jew Itzig figures
I have it, I'll get baptized!
The stupid people will then say:
"See, that is a Christian man!"
So Itzig Ephraim goes
One day to the pastor,
To get baptized
How he would have run!
"Hear me", he says, "Jew Ephraim!"
So I baptize you: Gotthilf Joachim
Fridricus Christian Itzig ...
Hear me:
You were a Jew and are a Christian!
Promise that you will also be obedient
And never do you want to forget
To eat no meat on Friday:
For that would be a sin,
That would be difficult to find forgiveness!" ...
The next Friday the pastor
Went to Itzig. He is fine:
He dines on a goose!
"Itzig, what is this!?"
The pastor shouts and is outraged
"On your table belongs no meat
On Friday, you should know!
You must atone tor your sin!"
Herr Itzig replies: "Oh what, what!
Why such shouting?
What you see on my table
Is no goose, it is a fish!
I bought a goose
Roasted, I wanted to baptize it
And said, when it was on the table:
You were a goose and are a fish!"

Now, children, look at the Jew,
Whether he changes,
When he is baptized
Does he now look like a Christian?
"Five buckets of water over the crown
Do not change a Jew head!"
You should note this well,
A Jew remains a Jew!


The Cattle Jew.

What displeases us about the Jew,
Is his bad greed for money.
Always he only thinks of
How one can do a little business --
Once there was a Jew by the name of Kohn,
Already had a hundred-thousand taler
Acquired through bargaining.
The money spoiled him.
A peasant was in great distress.

To the Jew he offered cow and swine
For one-hundred-twenty gulden,
To pay off his debts.
The Jew, however, what mockery
Paid him less than half of it,
Grinning drove off cow and swine
It was a great shock for the peasant!
He had to perish in distress.
Oh, the Jews are scoundrels!

Hence listen people far and wide:
"Trust no fox on green heath
And no Jew on his oath!"


The Sabbath

On Friday Isi comes home.
He has no Jew slime,
So he can roundly swindle
And deceive the stupid goyim.
He chingles his purse loudly:
"Rebekkaleben, look here!"
Then he takes his straps
And snorts with his gills
To his Jehovah god
(Oh great joy, the deuce!).
He also goes to the water spout
He must wash himself before the Sabbath!

But he does not do it so thoroughly, --
The rest remains for the distant future.
And when the Sabbath comes
He prances in a cylinder hat!
She rustles in velvet and silk
For she can endure such things! --
Then the Jew raises no finger
The stupid Gojim does the work!
And he even wants to blow out his light
So he must let the Gojim do it!
So it was for a long, long time.
Do you still remember, dear people?


Look at this rogue here!
That is the Jew Aaron Kahn.
He owns a department store.
Everybody knows the cheap trinkets
He sells in it,
That are not worth a lick of salt.
He has a huge money purse!
The money in it, he just has
From the stupid people alone
Who buy In the department store! --
But then one goes to him
And says: "Give me bread! I am hungry!"
You see it in the picture,
What the Jews are up to!
Hence listen people far and wide:
"Trust no fox on green heath
And no Jew on his oath!"


The Jude Isaak Blumenfeld
Earns his money as butcher,
But look just look closer
at this fellow!
Herr Isaak is a filthy man.
Sells half-manure instead of meat!
A piece lies on the floor,
One is in the cat's paws.
That does not bother the Jew butcher.
The meat gains weight on his scale
And -- one mustn't forget --
He does not have to eat it himself!
Oh pfui! Such dirty things
Only a Jew can make!
Hence listen people far and wide:
"Trust no fox on green heath
And no Jew on his oath!"


The Jewish Attorney

Like children have a quarrel,
So do adults as well.
Among children, parents decide,
Among adults, judges settle.
A lawyer
Presents the matter
To the judge first.
Thus begins the complaint.
And he gets money for it.
That is how it is in the world ...
Peasant Michel goes to the city.
He must reach the lawyer today.
You can see him in the picture
With his wife, indeed wealthy and beautiful.
The lawyer comments:
A thin and pitiful man.
At present his business goes poorly.

The peasant comes at just the right time!
So he tells Herr Michel right off:
"Oh peasant, you are so wealthy,
Can you not bring lard and wine.
And flour and eggs to me?
Allow me time for the trial!
I hope we are soon so far
That it is won!"
He promises full of cunning ...
The peasant people from Dummelsbrunn,
However, are not so stupid
And bring him only so much
As he wants now.
Now hear the end of the story:
Until the Jew lawyer
Has all their lard and eggs
And is very fat
He weights 240 pounds.
Only when there was nothing more to get,
Was the trial also finally dead.
He could indeed have won it.
But he reflected:
Now he had his stake and money:
That was at the Jew lawyer.


The servant girl...

From the country, Resl goes to the city
So she will have something to live from
She wants to earn some money.
Here she seeks employment
And finds it with the Jew Katz ...
The Jew has three daughters
And a wife, oh my, oh my!
All four want to do nothing,
Loaf mornings until noon and rest!
For cleaning, cooking and sweeping
Is shame and not blessing!
So says the Jew for his class,
Take German girls from the country
He can soundly beat them
According to Jewish manners ...
Look at Resl from the country!
How industrious does she move her hands!
But one wants to flay her
Worse than livestock
She must work like a horse.
But what does the Jew care:

"To the goyim you may give
Carrion to eat.
But you yourself must not eat it!
You should never forget that,
For sacred is the Jew!"
So is it written in the Talmud.


What is the Jew, a poor creature!
Does not like his own women!
He thinks he is terribly clever,
If he steals a German woman. --
But look at the Jew here:
He is not even suited to her!
With this German women, how gruesome,
He looks especially pitiful!
It would be better suited for the Jew:
He would let the German women go
And go to his pretty "Kalle [2]"


The father says to the daughter:
"A terrible worry naws at me!
We are all of one blood!
But you, out of selfishness
For pretty clothes and money
Go to the Jew Sali Rosenfeld
And think you will even become his wife!
That is not possible, will not be, for precisely:
The good cow is hitched to the wagon
Never the Dachshund!
That is an impossibility!
So note for all time:
"Trust no fox on green heath
And no Jew on his oath!"


The Jewish Doctor .....

A Jew, dying,
Sends right away for Doctor Wehdir,
So he wouldn't have to die;
For that peeves him!
And the Jew doctor comes,
He says: "Death sits here!
Drive him away,
Prescribe medicine!"
But since no man knows it
Doctor Wehdir, full of courage,
Runs into the German hospital,
Tests the mixture,
Even if three die from it.

And many more suffer,
And no Jew tastes it,
Because he would die from it,
He only gives up the mixture
When the others test it!
And when he finally has the mixture
He gives it to the Jew as cure
And thus saves on the spot
The poor Jew from hell.
He studied it beforehand,
And tested it on the Goyim, the German,
Trust no Jew doctor!

"Akum is like a dog,
Therefore, one should destroy him!
Only Jews may you love!"
So is it written
In the law book:
Talmud Schulchan aruch."


That is Streicher!

Even more tricks has the Jew
Carried out with his Satan blood.
In the process he has from baseness
Mocked all Germans.
But this one will take the wind from his sails:
A fighter should arise for us
In the German province of Franconia.
To him We must owe it
That our land remains completely healthy
And free of Jewish element! He taught all the Jews,
What a healthy folk is worth
And made them feel German spirit,
What Jew and what German means!


He had the Sturmer printed;
That is why they hate him so terribly;
That is why the Jew screams so much!
Streicher does not care!
For years, he fights to the quick!
The whole world knows of him.
The newspaper in America
Already writes today here and there
About Jew hate and Jew pestilence
And already east and west shout about it,
Even around the whole world:
That the Jews are already nonplussed!

(Read the Sturmer! Jew, pfui!)


"We don't go into the Jew department store!"
The mother says to the child.
"We only buy German products!
My dear child, note that:
Only what is made by German hand
With German industriousness and German energy,
Should German women buy.
Hence we only want to go
Into the house of German products,
Where we also save more,
Because everything is cheap and genuine!
From Jews one buys poorly!
Thus note, what the mother says:
One does not buy from a Jew!"



Now it gets nice in the schools;
For all Jews must go,
The big and the little.
No shouting and crying helps
And rage and anger also not.
Away with the Jew brood! --
We want a German teacher,
Who takes us on the path to cleverness,
Who hikes and plays with us, and then
Can also maintain discipline and order!
Who is happy with us and laughs,
So that learning is fun!


In our wide fatherland
Many a spot is known
By beauty and its energy
With which it brings health.
Hence is it often gladly visited
By many people near and far.
As you see in this picture.
A tablet also stands by it,
Which proclaims to all people in big letters,
That Jews are unwanted!
Only to the Germans does the air belong;
Hence, little Jew friend, vanish from here!


The Fuhrer's Youth

The youth that calls itself genuine German,
Affirms the Hitler Youth.
They want to live for the Fuhrer.
Their ambition serves the future.
When they are one day big and strong, then
They inherit the German legacy:

The great, sacred fatherland,
That remains standing, because it always stood.
In this picture you can see
The Hitler Youth proud and beautiful.
From the biggest to the smallest fellow
All of them are fine lads firm and strapping!

They love the German Fuhrer.
They fear God in heaven.
They despise the Jews.
They are not of their kind;
Hence they must withdraw!


One Way Street -- hurry, hurry -- The Jews are our misfortune!

In the distant south lies the land,
Where the Jews' cradle once stood.
To there should they, with wife and child,
Go as fast as they came! --
Look at the pitiful picture!
The Jews nasty, impertinent and wild:
Abraham, Levinson,
Rebekkchen with son Jonathan,
Then Simon and also Aaron Kahn --
How they roll their eyes
And toddle off...



1. Der Talmud = the book with Jewish laws for criminals.

2. = the wife of the Jew
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