Just Too Weird: Bishop Romney and the Mormon Takeover of Ame

"Science," the Greek word for knowledge, when appended to the word "political," creates what seems like an oxymoron. For who could claim to know politics? More complicated than any game, most people who play it become addicts and die without understanding what they were addicted to. The rest of us suffer under their malpractice as our "leaders." A truer case of the blind leading the blind could not be found. Plumb the depths of confusion here.

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Fawn Brodie, in her biography of the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith, suggests that one important tool for understanding the psychology and the demagogic appeal of the founder of the Latter-day Saints can be found in the psychological disorder of pseudologia jantastica, whose victims or practitioners are often referred to as impostors. Brodie preferred the notion of impostor to literary historian Bernard DeVoto's classification of Joseph Smith as a "paranoid," or Kimball Young's labeling of the Prophet as a "parapath," that is to say as someone unable to separate fantasy and reality.


In the experience of the present author, the notions of the imposter and of pseudologia fantastica might well be expanded to include greater emphasis on the question of multiple personalities and multiple personality disorder. This insight derives from my own observation over a number of years of a charismatic political leader with strong tendencies toward the creation of a personality cult, somewhat on the model of Joseph Smith. The individual in question is Lyndon H. LaRouche. In the 1960s and 1970s, LaRouche was remarkable for his intelligence overview and programmatic orientation, which tended more and more to be overshadowed by a crude demand for adulation and unquestioning obedience, precisely along the lines of a personality cult. Over time, one got the impression that LaRouche had several distinct personalities -- one perceptive and insightful, one raging, narcissistic, and vindictive, and yet another whimsical and nostalgic. Needless to say, it was the insistent and vindictive personality which employed the other selves to recruit a following and then impose on them the yoke of his personality cult. In this process, he exhibited moments of charismatic rhetorical appeal, and other moments of the most primitive infantilism. He also neglected the most elementary precautions. On the one hand, he launched campaigns of exposure and denunciation against Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Nelson Rockefeller, and other public figures of some power, while at the same time he refused to submit yearly federal income tax returns. It was this latter failing which helped to put him in jail for five years. On at least one known occasion, LaRouche reportedly boasted of his multiple personalities, while claiming that he had the ability to shift at will from one personality to another, according to his own psychological needs. LaRouche called this his "multiple personality order." The parallels of this syndrome to the case of Joseph Smith are evident.

In her discussion of the impostor, Phyllis Greenacre also cites the case of Titus Oates (1649-1705), who was the great protagonist of the fictitious "Popish Plot" during the reign of Charles II Stuart of England. This plot was supposedly aiming at a Catholic takeover of England with the help of the Stuarts. Fictitious though this report turned out to be, its political effects were most welcome to the pro-Venetian Whig party of the English aristocracy. Without intelligence networks interested in promoting Titus Oates' story, he might have been relegated to total obscurity. Oates was a mythomaniac, recounting wild inventions he knew his listeners wanted to hear, all in a desperate bid to attract attention. But there were powerful political forces who found his hallucinations advantageous. This reminds us once again, as in the case of Joseph Smith, to always look for the interaction between the individual impostor and the organized networks which constitute and assemble the audience which the impostor so urgently desires. Some key excerpts from Greenacre:

"An impostor is not only a liar, but a very special type of liar who imposes on others fabrications of his attainments, position, or worldly possessions. This he may do through misrepresentations of his official (statistical) identity, by presenting himself with a fictitious name, history, and other items of personal identity, either borrowed from some other actual person or fabricated according to some imaginative conception of himself. There are similar falsifications on that part of his identity belonging to his accomplishments, a plagiarizing on a grand scale, or making claims which are grossly implausible. Imposture appears to contain the hope of getting something material, or some other worldly advantage. While the reverse certainly exists among the distinguished, wealthy, and competent persons who lose themselves in cloaks of obscurity and assumed mediocrity, these come less frequently into sharp focus in the public eye. One suspects, however, that some "hysterical" amnesia is. and dual or multiple personalities are conditions related to imposturous characters. The contrast between the original and the assumed identities may sometimes be not so great in the matter of worldly position, and consequently does not lend itself so readily to the superficial explanation that it has been achieved for direct and material gain. The investigation of even a few instances of imposture -- if one has not become emotionally involved in the deception -- is sufficient to show how crude though clever many impostors are, how very faulty any scheming is, and how often, in fact, the element of shrewdness is lacking. Rather a quality of showmanship is involved, with its reliance all on the response of an audience to illusions.

"In some of the most celebrated instances of imposture, it indeed appears that the fraud was successful only because many others as well as the perpetrator had a hunger to believe in the fraud, and that any success of such fraudulence depended in fact on strong social as well as individual factors and especial receptivity to the trickery. To this extent those on whom the fraudulence is imposed are not only victims but unconscious conspirators. Its success too is partly a matter of timing. Such combinations of imposturous talent and a peculiar susceptibility of the times to believe in the swindler, who presents the deceptive means of salvation, may account for the great impostures of history. There are, however, instances of the repeated perpetration of frauds under circumstances which give evidence of a precise content that may seem independent of social factors ....

"It is the extraordinary and continued pressure in the impostor to live out his fantasy that demands explanation, a living out which has the force of a delusion, (and in the psychotic may actually appear in that form), but it is ordinarily associated with the 'formal' awareness that the claims are false. The sense of reality is characterized by a peculiarly sharp, quick perceptiveness, extraordinarily immediate keenness and responsiveness, especially in the area of the imposture. The over-all utility of the sense of reality is, however, impaired. What is striking in many impostors is that, although they are quick to pick up details and nuances in the lives and activities of those whom they simulate and can sometimes utilize these with great adroitness, they are frequently so utterly obtuse to many ordinary considerations of fact that they give the impression of mere brazenness or stupidity in many aspects of their life peripheral to their impostures ....

"The impostor has, then, a specially sharpened sensitivity within the area of his fraud, and identity toward the assumption of which he has a powerful unconscious pressure, beside which his conscious wish, although recognizable, is relatively slight. The unconscious drive heightens his perceptions in a focused area and permits him to ignore or deny other elements of reality which would ordinarily be considered matters of common sense. It is this discrepancy in abilities which makes some impostors such puzzling individuals. Skill and persuasiveness are combined with utter foolishness and stupidity.

"In well-structured impostures this may be described as a struggle between two dominant identities in the individual: the temporarily focused and strongly assertive imposturous one, and the frequently amazingly crude and poorly knit one from which the impostor has emerged. In some instances, however, it is also probable that the imposture cannot be sustained unless there is emotional support from someone who especially believes in and nourishes it. The need for self-betrayal may then he one part of the tendency to revert to a less demanding, more easily sustainable personality, particularly if support is withdrawn.

"The impostor seems to flourish on the success of his exhibitionism. Enjoyment of the limelight and inner triumph of 'putting something over' seems inherent, and bespeak the closeness of imposture to voyeurism. Both aspects are represented: pleasure in watching while the voyeur himself is invisible; exultation in being admired and observed as a spectacle. It seems as if the impostor becomes temporarily convinced of the rightness of his assumed character in proportion to the amount of attention he is able to gain from it.

"In the lives of impostors there are circumscribed areas of reaction which approach the delusional. These are clung to when the other elements of the imposture have been relinquished ....

"Once an imposturous goal has been glimpsed, the individual seems to behave without need for consistency, but to strive rather for the supremacy of the gains from what can be acted out with sufficient immediate gratification to convince others. For the typical impostor, an audience is absolutely essential. It is from the confirming reaction of his audience that the impostor gets a 'realistic' sense of self, a value greater than anything he can otherwise achieve. It is the demand for an audience in which the (false) self is reflected that causes impostures often to become of social significance. Both reality and identity seem to the impostor to be strengthened rather than diminished by the success of the fraudulence of his claims ....

"The impostor seems to be repeatedly seeking confirmation of his assumed identity to overcome his sense of helplessness or incompleteness. It is my impression that this is the secret of his appeal to others, and that often especially conscientious people are 'taken in' and other impostors as well attracted because of the longing to return to that happy state of omnipotence which adults have had to relinquish ....



366 Phyllis Greenacre, "The Impostor," Psychoanalytic Quarterly XXVII (1958), pp. 359-82.
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John Cook Bennett became, between 1840 and 1842, one of the top two or three associates of Joseph Smith. Bennett, a medical doctor, was apparently attracted to Mormonism because he was interested in the carnal benefits of polygamy. Once he had joined Joseph Smith's entourage, he became embroiled in intrigues and rivalries with other leading Mormons. Sometimes these clashes involved conflicts over women. He claimed to be in the possession of abortifacients, and he would sometimes cite this as a talking point with his potential conquests. The beginning of the end of Bennett's status as the leading protege of Joseph Smith came when the two became rivals for the affection of 19-year-old Nancy Rigdon, the daughter of Sidney Rigdon, who -- on paper at least -- was the number two in the entire Mormon hierarchy.

The separation of John C. Bennett from the community of Saints in Nauvoo, Illinois was a complicated, month-long process. He was finally publicly excommunicated on June 23, 1842. Bennett retaliated against the man he called "Holy Joe" and his armed retainers, the brotherhood of Dan or Danites, with a series of articles that were published starting on July 8, 1842 in the Sangamo Journal of Springfield, Illinois. Bennett started his series with a melodramatic report: "I write you now from the Mormon Zion, the city of the Saints, where I am threatened death by Holy Joe, and his Danite band of murderers." [367] These articles were immediately reprinted in the leading newspapers of the United States, including the New York Herald. Bennett's animus against Joe Smith is clear, but his accusations were not simply manufactured out of whole cloth. Bennett embroidered his account, but in many cases he started from actual events. Bennett's observations were collected in book form as The History of the Saints, or an Expose of Joe Smith and Mormonism (Boston: Leland and Whiting, 1842).

An important revelation provided by Bennett is that Joseph Smith was planning the secession of numerous states along the frontier of that time. In this, the Prophet was following in the footsteps of the infamous arch-traitor Aaron Burr, who had attempted a similar project decades before. Here are some relevant passages:

"My attention had been long turned toward the movements and designs of the Mormons, with whom I had become pretty well acquainted, years before, in the state of Ohio; and after the formation of their establishment at Nauvoo in 1839, the facts and reports respecting them, which I continually heard, led me to suspect, and, indeed, believe, that their leaders had formed, and were preparing to execute, a daring and colossal scheme of rebellion and usurpation throughout the North-Western States of the Union. It was to me evident that temporal, as well as spiritual, empire was the aim and expectation of the Prophet and his cabinet. The documents that will hereafter be introduced, will clearly show the existence of a vast and deep laid scheme, upon their part, for conquering the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri, and of erecting upon the ruin of their present governments a despotic military and religious empire, the head of which, as Emperor and Pope, was to be Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Lord, and his ministers and viceroys, the apostles, high priests, elders, and bishops, of the Mormon Church.

"The fruition of this hopeful project would, of course, have been preceded by plunder, devastation, and bloodshed, and by all the countless horrors which invariably accompany civil war. American citizens could not be expected to stand quietly by, and suffer their governments to be overthrown, their religion subverted, their wives and children converted into instruments for a despot's lust and ambition, and their property forcibly appropriated to the use and furtherance of a base imposture. The Mormons would, of course, meet with resistance as soon as their intentions became evident; and so great was already their power, and so rapidly did their numbers increase, that the most frightful consequences might naturally be expected to ensue, from an armed collision between them and the citizens who still remained faithful to the God and the laws of their fathers .... " [368] [ ... ]


"In illustration of the plans and proceedings of Joe Smith and the Mormons, it may not be amiss to give some descriptive remarks upon the states which he designed as the seat of his empire and dominion, and where he had begun to establish his devoted followers, the destined instruments of his treason and ambition.

"According to the Mormon prophets, the whole region of the country between the Rocky Mountains and the Alleghenies was, at a period about 1,300 years ago, densely peopled by nations descended from a Jewish family, who emigrated from Jerusalem in the time of the Prophet Jeremiah, some six or 700 years before Christ. Immense cities were founded, and sumptuous edifices reared, and the whole land overspread with the results of a high and extensive civilization. The Book of Mormon speaks of cities with stupendous stone walls, and of battles in which hundreds of thousands of men were slain! The land afterwards became a waste, howling wilderness, traversed by a few straggling bands of tribes of savages, descended from a branch of the aforesaid Jewish family, who, in consequence of their wickedness, had their complexion changed from white to black, or rather dark red; but the emigrants from Europe, and their descendents, having filled the land, and God having been pleased to grant the revelation by which is made known the true history of the past in America, and the events which are about to take place, he had also commended the Saints of the Latter-day to assemble themselves together there and occupy the land which was once held by the members of the true Church, The States of Missouri, and Illinois, and the Territory of lowa other regions to which the Prophet has hitherto directed his schemes of aggrandizement, and which were to form the NUCLEUS of the great MORMON EMPIRE. The remaining states were to be licked up like salt, and fall into the immense labyrinth of glorious prophetic dominion, like the defenseless lamb before the mighty king of the forest. ... [369][ ... ]

"If this Mormon villain is suffered to carry out his plans, I warn the people of these United States, that in less than 20 years we will see them involved in the civil war of the most formidable character. They will have to encounter a numerous and ferocious enemy, excited to the utmost by fanaticism and by pretended revelations from God, and led on by reckless, ambitious, and, in some respects, evil scoundrels, who will not pause in the execution of their projects, even though to accomplish them they should deluge this fair land with the blood of her sons, and exterminate the result of the toil and the civilization of more than two centuries. I know that these things are so. I know that the Mormon leaders entertain these designs, and I know the strength and the force that a few more years of impunity will enable them to bring to the accomplishment of their treasonable projects." [370]



367 Brodie, p. 314.
368 John C. Bennett, The History of the Saints, or an Expose of Joe Smith and Mormonism  (Boston: Leland and Whiting, 1842: reprinted. Andrew F. Smith ed. (Urbana: University of  Illinois Press, 2000), pp. 5-6.

369 Bennett, p. 293.

370 Bennett, p. 306.
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January 9, 1854

An article on the Mormons? It were well worth writing, had one heart for it. Mormonism is a gross physical form of Calvinism; gross, physical and in many ways very base; but in this one point incommensurably (transcendently) superior to all other forms of religion now extant. That it is believed, that it is practically acted upon from day to day and from hour to hour; taken as a very fact, the neglect or contradiction of which will vitiate and ruin all other facts of the day and of the hour. That is its immeasurable superiority; in virtue of that it has still a root in this feracious Earth, and prospers as we see.

Beneficent Nature is tolerant of much rubbish [... ] but there is one thing which the Earth will not grow: [...]) the thing called Hypocrisy; the generally respectable but thrice and four times accursed thing. [... )

From this curse of curses, which indeed is an almost quite unadulterated curse, Mormonism is free: and that is an immense point. [... ]

Mormonism illustrates: 1° The value of sincerity towards one's convictions (as above); 2° It offers a good illustration of the mixture of Despotism and Liberty, -- indicates, in dim rude outline, what the perfect Form of Government may be which men are so universally groping after at present. Here, sure enough, is Liberty: all these people are free citizens, to begin with; members of the model republic: entitled to the ballot box, caucus, free press, open vestry, open congress, fourth estate and every form of opposition, conceivable by the human mind -- nothing to limit whatever mutiny may be in them except the universal parish-constable, speaking symbolically. "Hands not in each other's pockets; hands off each other's skins!" To this degree of liberty, unsurpassable even by fancy they were all born; to this any time they can appeal, and practically return, with themselves and all their interests. But the curious point is to see Despotism withal. No Czar of Russia is so absolute as Joseph Smith's successor. Foul drains, with the means of cleaning them apparent to everybody, are not probable under his government; ill will it fare in the Mormon City with any vested interest that grounds itself on fomenting mud and the poison of the citizens' blood. Dirty water, so soon as there is money and strength to produce clean, Joseph Smith's successor is not likely to continue drinking. What is wrong he can put right. Intolerable nuisance losses and abominations, admitted to be such by all reasonable man, need not there continue because there is not somewhere "power" to clear them out of the man's sight. Here then is a "beneficent Despotism": a thing much in request with some among us, but impossible to discover hitherto by any hustings manipulation, or other constitutional apparatus. The question. How it is got there, is very well worth meditating, and will lead a man's thoughts into many reflections not quite common to the general mind at present.

How is J. Smith's successor got elected? I suppose there is voting, even universal voting, concerned in it; all the people, no doubt, some way or other give their votes; signify their willingness; nay it is their loyal choice, and express relation and appointments that can alone be conceived to bring about the result. Voting enough: and yet I suppose, there is a good deal of "usurpation" in it too. Joseph Smith's successor first of all, as I cannot but conclude, gives a plumper [a direct and blunt solicitation] in behalf of himself; passes an act of legislature within his own head that he is successor; the fittest man. The worthiest about him have perhaps still earlier seen this; these and he control the others by superiority of insight; force them to vote voluntarily to the same effect. I can fancy the process, which were long to describe. Some way or other the result is brought about: this all men can see, and the most salutary results it is for the Mormon Community. (By no Contrivance in the fashion or handling of this ballot box, -- ah no; by far other means and methods, little known to us at present, the approximately Best of Mormons is got sifted and hustled out, and raised to the top of the Mormon Community with a power to remove nuisances, to promote cooperations, repress contradictions and superfluities and increase the general amount of wisdom and therefore of success in the Society's operations, to a really surprising degree. [... ]

But alas the Mormons have several advantages in choosing their King, in which we European men are still sadly behind them. First they had the conviction that wisdom is necessary; that it will be a sin, nay the chief fountain of sins, if the Fittest Mormon is not got to the top of Mormonism: sin which God will assuredly punish; -- and indeed it is too plain to me that the very laws of Nature, as we call them, do protest daily and hourly against any other than the Fittest being put to the top in anything whatever, especially in Society which is the summary of things. [... ]

Being in earnest about this preliminary part is probably the chief secret of the Mormon success in getting their Fittest Man. And a second head of advantage to them, their getting a beneficent despot in their Fittest follows out of this first one, or is almost only the first one over again. The Mormon Government is supreme in Mormon Conviction; what he does and orders is what every good Mormon is longing to see done. That is the secret of just despotism, of a Despotism which can be called beneficent. The few wise are all for it; None but the insincere and unwise are against it -- and these are not so given up to their many insincerities and coward ices and unwisdoms as not to be amenable when better is shown to them. Joseph Smith's successor as his Council of Elders, Inspectors, Deacons etc. etc. -- an actual Aristocracy sufficient for the nonce. All proceeding from sincerity on the part of his people. A Government that fills us with envy.



371 Clyde de L. Ryals, "Thomas Carlyle on the Mormons: an Unpublished Essay, Carlyle Studies  Annual (XV) 1995, pp. 49-54.
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September 15, 1857


We are invaded by hostile forces, who are evidently assailing us to accomplish our overthrow and destruction.

For the last twenty-five years we have trusted officials of the government, from Constables and Justices to Judges, Governors and Presidents, only to be scorned, held in derision, insulted and betrayed. Our houses have been plundered and then burned; our fields laid waste, our principal men butchered while under the pledged faith of the Government for their safety, and our families driven from their homes to find that shelter in the barren wilderness, and that protection among hostile savages, which were denied them in the boasted abodes of Christianity and civilization.

The constitution of our common country guarantees unto us all that we do now or ever claimed. If the constitutional rights, which pertain unto us as American citizens, were extended to Utah, according to the spirit and meaning thereof, and fairly and impartially administered, it is all that we could ask.

Our opponents have availed themselves of prejudices existing against us, because of our religious faith, to send out a formidable host to accomplish our destruction. We have had no privilege, no opportunity of defending ourselves from the false, foul and unjust aspersions against us before the Nation. The Government has not condescended to cause an investigating committee or other person to be sent to inquire into and ascertain the truth, as is customary in such cases. We know those aspersions to be false, but that avails us nothing. We are condemned unheard, and forced to an issue with an armed mercenary mob, which has been sent against us at the instigation of anonymous letter writers, ashamed to father the base, slanderous falsehoods which they have given to the public; of corrupt officials who have brought false accusations against us, to screen themselves in their own infamy; and of hireling priests and howling editors, who prostitute the truth for filthy lucre's sake.

The issue which has been thus forced upon us compels us to resort to the great first law of self preservation, and stand in our own defense, a right guaranteed unto us by the genius of the institutions of our country, and upon which the Government is based.

Our duty to our families requires us not to tamely submit to be driven and slain without an attempt to preserve ourselves. Our duty to our country, our holy religion, our God, to freedom and liberty, requires that we should not quietly stand still and see those fetters forging around, which are calculated to enslave and bring us into subjection to an unlawful military despotism, such as can only emanate (in a country of constitutional law) from usurpation, tyranny and oppression.

Therefore, I, Brigham Young, Governor and Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Territory of Utah, in the name of the people or the United States in the Territory of Utah,

First -- Forbid all armed forces of every description from coming into this Territory, under any pretense whatever.

Second -- That all the forces in said Territory hold themselves in readiness to march at a moment's notice, to repel any and all such invasion

Third -- Martial law is hereby declared to exist in this Territory, from and after the publication of this Proclamation; and no person shall be allowed to pass or repass, into or through, or from this Territory without a permit from the proper officer.

Given under my hand and seal at Great Salt Lake City, Territory of Utah, this fifteenth day of September, A.D. eighteen hundred and fifty seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the eighty-second.




354 Douglas O. Linder, "Mountain Meadows Massacre (1875-76)," Famous Trials, University of  Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) School of Law. 2012, online at umkc.edu.
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Whereas the Territory of Utah was settled by certain emigrants from the States and from foreign countries who have for several years past manifested a spirit of insubordination to the Constitution and laws of the United States. The great mass of those settlers, acting under the influence of leaders to whom they seem to have surrendered their judgment, refuse to be controlled by any other authority. They have been often advised to obedience, and these friendly counsels have been answered with defiance. The officers of the Federal Government have been driven from the Territory for no offense but an effort to do their sworn duty; others have been prevented from going there by threats of assassination; judges have been violently interrupted in the performance of their functions, and the records of the courts have been seized and destroyed or concealed. Many other acts of unlawful violence have been perpetrated, and the right to repeat them has been openly claimed by the leading inhabitants, with at least the silent acquiescence of nearly all the others. Their hostility to the lawful government of the country has at length become so violent that no officer bearing a commission from the Chief Magistrate of the Union can enter the Territory or remain there with safety, and all those officers recently appointed have been unable to go to Salt Lake or anywhere else in Utah beyond the immediate power of the Army. Indeed, such is believed to be the condition to which a strange system of terrorism has brought the inhabitants of that region that no one among them could express an opinion favorable to this Government, or even propose to obey its laws, without exposing his life and property to peril.

After carefully considering this state of affairs and maturely weighing the obligation I was under to see the laws faithfully executed, it seemed to me right and proper that I should make such use of the military force at my disposal as might be necessary to protect the Federal officers in going into the Territory of Utah and in performing their duties after arriving there. I accordingly ordered a detachment of the Army to march for the city of Salt Lake, or within reach of that place, and to act in case of need as a posse for the enforcement of the laws. But in the meantime the hatred of that misguided people for the just and legal authority of the Government had become so intense that they resolved to measure their military strength with that of the Union. They have organized an armed force far from contemptible in point of numbers and trained it, if not with skill, at least with great assiduity and perseverance. While the troops of the United States were on their march a train of baggage wagons, which happened to be unprotected, was attacked and destroyed by a portion of the Mormon forces and the provisions and stores with which the train was laden were wantonly burnt. In short, their present attitude is one of decided and unreserved enmity to the United States and to all their loyal citizens. Their determination to oppose the authority of the Government by military force has not only been expressed in words, but manifested in overt acts of the most unequivocal character.

Fellow-citizens of Utah, this is rebellion against the Government to which you owe allegiance; it is levying war against the United States, and involves you in the guilt of treason. Persistence in it will bring you to condign punishment, to ruin, and to shame; for it is mere madness to suppose that with your limited resources you can successfully resist the force of this great and powerful nation.

If you have calculated upon the forbearance of the United States, if you have permitted yourselves to suppose that this Government will fail to put forth its strength and bring you to submission, you have fallen into a grave mistake. You have settled upon territory which lies, geographically, in the heart of the Union. The land you live upon was purchased by the United States and paid for out of their Treasury; the proprietary right and title to it is in them, and not in you. Utah is bounded on every side by States and Territories whose people are true to the Union. It is absurd to believe that they will or can permit you to erect in their very midst a government of your own, not only independent of the authority which they all acknowledge, but hostile to them and their interests.

Do not deceive yourselves nor try to mislead others by propagating the idea that this is a crusade against your religion. The Constitution and laws of this country can take no notice of your creed, whether it be true or false. That is a question between your God and yourselves, in which I disclaim all right to interfere. If you obey the laws, keep the peace, and respect the just rights of others, you will be perfectly secure, and may live on in your present faith or change it for another at your pleasure. Every intelligent man among you knows very well that this Government has never, directly or indirectly, sought to molest you in your worship, to control you in your ecclesiastical affairs, or even to influence you in your religious opinions.

This rebellion is not merely a violation of your legal duty; it is without just cause, without reason, without excuse. You never made a complaint that was not listened to with patience; you never exhibited a real grievance that was not redressed as promptly as it could be. The laws and regulations enacted for your government by Congress have been equal and just, and their enforcement was manifestly necessary for your own welfare and happiness. You have never asked their repeal. They are similar in every material respect to the laws which have been passed for the other Territories of the Union, and which everywhere else (with one partial exception) have been cheerfully obeyed. No people ever lived who were freer from unnecessary legal restraints than you. Human wisdom never devised a political system which bestowed more blessings or imposed lighter burdens than the Government of the United States in its operation upon the Territories.

But being anxious to save the effusion of blood and to avoid the indiscriminate punishment of a whole people for crimes of which it is not probable that all are equally guilty, I offer now a free and full pardon to all who will submit themselves to the just authority of the Federal Government. If you refuse to accept it, let the consequences fall upon your own heads. But I conjure you to pause deliberately and reflect well before you reject this tender of peace and good will.

Now, therefore, I, James Buchanan, President of the United States, have thought proper to issue this my proclamation, enjoining upon all public officers in the Territory of Utah to be diligent and faithful, to the full extent of their power, in the execution of the laws; commanding all citizens of the United States in said Territory to aid and assist the officers in the performance of their duties; offering to the inhabitants of Utah who shall submit to the laws a free pardon for the seditions and treasons heretofore by them committed; warning those who shall persist, after notice of this proclamation, in the present rebellion against the United States that they must expect no further lenity, but look to be rigorously dealt with according to their deserts; and declaring that the military forces now in Utah and hereafter to be sent there will not be withdrawn until the inhabitants of that Territory shall manifest a proper sense of the duty which they owe to this Government.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed to these presents. Done at the city of Washington the 6th day of April, 1858, and of the Independence of the United States the eighty-second.


By the President:

LEWIS CASS, Secretary of State.



373 James Buchanan: "Proclamation -- Rebellion in the Territory of Utah," April 6, 1858. Online text posted by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project, http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=68308.
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Are Mormons Christians? One way to clarify this question is to compare basic Mormon beliefs to the Nicene-Constantinopolitan creed, which may be considered the most succinct summary of the main points of Christian belief. This creed or statement of faith was approved by the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD and then modified by the Council of Constantinople in 381 AD. Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Calvinists, Baptists, and other Protestant denominations accept this creed. The Greek, Russian, and other Eastern Orthodox churches accept the creed but not the sixth-century addition that specifies that the Holy Spirit also proceeds from the Son (filioque). The Oriental Orthodox churches (Armenians, Ethiopians, Copts, Syriacs, and others), sometimes called monophysites, profess the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed, but do not accept the other church councils starting with Chalcedon in 451 AD.

Some might argue that the Mormons represent a Christian heresy, not an entirely new religion. The question is where a series of divergences reach critical mass and turn into a totally new faith. The Mormons manage to combine the two heresies that received the most attention from the early church councils. The Mormons are Arians, meaning that they view Christ as created within time, and not on the same level as God the Father. Remarkably, they manage to simultaneously embrace Apollinarianism, the idea that Christ has divine soul in human flesh. Important is also Joseph Smith's testimony heavenly visitors told him all religions were corrupt, implying that a new one had to be founded. That is in fact what he did.

Here is the Christian Creed. with Mormon disagreements indicated in the notes.

I believe in one God, [374]
the Father Almighty, [375]
maker of heaven and earth, [376]
and of all things visible and invisible, [377]
And in one Lord Jesus Christ, [378]
the only begotten [379] Son of God,
begotten of his Father before all worlds. [380]
God of God, Light of Light,
very God of very God [381]
begotten, [382] not made,
being of one substance with the Father; [383]
by whom all things were made; [384]
who for us men and for our salvation
came down from heaven, [385]
and was incarnate by the Holy Ghost [386]
of the Virgin Mary,
and was made man;
and was crucified also for us under Pontius Pilate;
he suffered and was buried;
and the third day he rose again
according to the Scriptures,
and ascended into heaven, [387]
and sitteth on the right hand of the Father; [388]
and he shall come again, with glory,
to judge both the quick and the dead; [389]
whose kingdom shall have no end. [390]
And I believe in the Holy Ghost the Lord, and Giver of Life,
who proceedeth from the Father [and the Son]; [391]
who with the Father and the Son together
is worshipped and glorified;
who spake by the Prophets.
And I believe one holy Catholic and Apostolic Church; [392]
I acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins;
and I look for the resurrection of the dead,
and the life of the world to come. [393]


374 Mormons are polytheists who believe in the existence of many gods, as in the pagan pantheon.
375 The Mormon god is not almighty, but more of a president or coordinator. The Mormon article of faith, "As man is, God once was. As God is, man may become," shows God as a being emerging within time whom humans may successfully imitate and match.
376 Mormonism regards the universe as existing prior to God.
377 The world of matter antedates the Mormon god.
378 The Mormon Christ is only a superior god among other gods.
379 Begotten in Mormonism means created by biological generation.
380 Mormons see Christ as created within time. 
381 These two lines are thoroughly diluted and relativized in Mormonism.
382 Again, "begotten" in Mormonism means created by biological generation.
383 Mormonism explodes the Trinity and sees rather three separate persons working for similar goals.
384 The Mormon God did not create the universe, but came into it.
385 Mormonism posits a general desire by pre-existing spirits to acquire bodies and enter the material world.
386 Mormonism seems to regard the Annunciation as a physical act by Elohim, rather than the action of the Holy Spirit.
387 For Mormons, heaven is supposed to have three levels: "telestial," terrestrial, and celestial.
388 Mormonism would add that Christ returned after the Ascension, specifically to preach in the western hemisphere.

389 Monnonism envisions a final judgment by Elohim, the Mormon Jesus, and Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith in particular holds the keys to salvation.

390 The Mormon Heaven is the scene of eternal progression, including married life and family life.

391 The procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son is at best murky in Mormonism.

392 Mormonism holds that all other churches are fallen, and only the LDS offers salvation.

393 For successful Mormon patriarchs, this means progressing to divinity and acquiring a planet to rule over, accompanied by a harem of spirit wives and spirit children.
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Re: Just Too Weird: Bishop Romney and the Mormon Takeover of

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Romney's Famous Flip Flops
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Re: Just Too Weird: Bishop Romney and the Mormon Takeover of

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9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA
Barack Obama, the Unauthorized Biography.
Gladio, NATO's Dagger at the Heart of Europe
The Nazi Hydra in America
Subverting Syria
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