Dozier Internet Law Sucks!, by Ronald J. Riley

Dozier Internet Law Sucks!, by Ronald J. Riley

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Note: Use of copyright and trademarks for criticism is by law FAIR use. Dozier has a history of either not understanding or misrepresenting this. Considerable effort has been expended to fully utilize every opportunity to criticize the Dozier clan in a sarcastic and humorous manner. Enjoy!!

DOZIER Internet Law

This site is not affiliated with Dozier. We want nothing to do with Dozier and urge you to follow our lead. We believe that if you review Dozier's history that you may well decide they are 2nd, 3rd,......10th rate.....who knows. You be the judge!!

Bull.... Dozier !!
He is proud of it.
Just Ask Him :)

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If you are a commercial interest being harassed or sued by Dozier Internet Law
we suggest that you contact

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Have you received a threatening letter from Dozier Internet Law? If so please f-a-x us a copy.
810 ****** 936 ****** 4357

This web site is brought to you by InventorEd, a 501(c)3 educational Nonprofit which monitors, researches, and reports on invention promotion fraud. We received some of Dozier Internet Law's inane overreaching letters.

My name is Ronald J Riley and I am the founder & Exec. Dir. of InventorEd. I hold the practice of law in high esteem. After all, people in my profession end up married to more lawyers than we can count and we generally could not get justice without a few good lawyers.

While our legal system is not perfect it is still better than having a sovereign pick winners and losers or trial by combat. Clearly no law would be worse.

You will no doubt note that this web site drips contempt for Dozier Internet Law. I assure you that it is contempt for those who use law as a sword to promote unjust interests. Published comments make it appear that Dozier Internet Law is a subject of contempt by at least some of their piers.

Is DOZIER Internet Law (
A Fan Of Our Handiwork?

Yep, is another example of an unfortunate but probably very accurate opinion. The Dozier clan has been visiting this web site nearly once a day, month after month since its creation. So the question is do they visit this site to study how and why they received a taste of their own medicine? Or are they simply trying to raise this site's rankings?

Many people think that any publicity is better than no publicity. They think that even bad publicity is good for them. I cannot help but wonder if this is the case because Dozier is quite the media hound, and works very hard to get himself mentioned in media. I have always thought that doing the right thing hour by hour and day by was the best way to get noticed. But then again perhaps the best way to get media attention is to do all the wrong things.

DOZIER Internet Law SUCKS SLAPP Threats &-or US :)

Have you received a threatening letter from Dozier Internet Law? If so please f-a-x us a copy.
810 ****** 936 ****** 4357

A comparison of Dozier Internet Law's DEMAND letters to various members of the inventor community showed large sections of the letters were identical. Dozier staff are apparently proficient with the cut and paste features of their word processor.

We believe that this is not a good substitute for critical thinking skills!!

DOZIER Internet Law BLOWS Notify Us Of Any Errors Of Fact - ErrorOfFact
PLEASE: Only actual errors of fact - do not overreach!
Is this humor, poetic justice or utter stupidity??

Dozier Internet Law BRAGS on their web site that they can use (or is that abuse?) copyright & trademark to force removal of criticism of their clients. Yet these dimwits (gee, another OPINION) failed to consider that:

1) There may be good cause for such criticism.
2) Even if there is not good cause no business ever wins a pissing contest with a customer for those customers will bad mouth a business who offends them until hell freezes over.
3) That Dozier Internet Law's activities might lead to them justifiably being the subject of such criticism.
4) That Dozier Internet Law might get their very own web site(s).

Yesterday I registered about twenty domains covering Dozier Internet Law, some of their more obnoxious staff (gee, another OPINION), and their invention promotion client (Inventor-Link) who SUCKS (ouch, another OPINION) almost as much as Dozier Internet Law. Apparently it never occurred to the people behind Dozier Internet Law that someone might register a bunch of Dozier SUCKS domains :), because they failed to take any precautions to acquire those domains themselves.

Here is a tip for the people at Dozier Internet Law, it is all about the First Amendment - STUPID! And yes, STUPID is an opinion. I am willing to bet that the majority of people reading this site will agree.

DOZIER Internet Law Client

If I was Inventor-Link I would not be very happy with Dozier Internet Law. I see that recently other lawyers have been a bit critical of Dozier Internet Law.

A Super-Lawyer?? :) DOZIER Internet Law

IN MY OPINION their own posts, both those that were signed and the anonymous ones are pretty lame. All of which goes to show that even super-lawyers can screw up and step in super-sized steamy piles. While on the Super-Lawyer topic Super Lawyers® is a registered trademark of Key Professional Media, Inc. and is published in July in Richmond Magazine. In other words it is a great media opportunity for an attorney to get a large picture and a few hundred words of hype. (Gee, opinion can sure sting sometimes)

Two testimonials for Super-Duper-Lawyer listings:

“As a result of my profile in Super Lawyers, both existing and prospective clients have contacted me. I have found it to be more effective marketing than Yellow Page advertising.” William L.H. Lubov Lubov & Associates Minneapolis, MN
"I received a huge response from my Super Lawyers profile. Many of my clients commented on it. It lends great credibility to my practice." Jeffrey Baill Yost & Baill Minneapolis, MN

Personally I think they should start a Super-Dud service. Hell I might be willing to take out an ad or two!

In the referenced Super-Lawyer article it says "John (the architect of an integrated software, EDI, and ASP system for major financial institutions) on a wild ride on the Internet bubble. In 2001, John’s interest returned him to the practice of law," (This quote is an example of FAIR USE Bull.... Dozier)

This begs that the question be asked as to WHY Bull.... Dozier's "interest" returned him to law at this time. Isn't it reasonable to wonder if Bull.... Dozier's interests changed in the aftermath of the Dot Com bubble bursting and returning to law was a financial necessity? (Please Bull.... Dozier, this really is a question and I do not expect to see you claiming that this is liable-defamation.)

Bull.... DOZIER Internet Law

Dozier said: “We pick our fights and, in this business, you better know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em. We do a real good job of figuring that out.”

Is this pick on the weak? Most certainly the “Bull Dozier” nickname fits, at least the Bull---- part. “Bull Dozier” asserts that his terms of service on his and his client's web sites trump fair use. Now I think that is Super-Dozier Bull.... ! Perhaps Bull.... Dozier needs a refresher course or two?

I am sure that Dozier Internet Law has seen my comments regarding their firm on various internet forums. It would behoove Dozier Internet Law to think long and hard about the path they pick. The wrong path could lead to the Bull being castrated :)

I have been organizing inventors for seventeen years and have an extensive network of contacts. I am a seasoned First Amendment warrior and I am a commercially successful inventor who has kicked the living crap out of the kinds of companies Dozier Internet Law seems to be representing.

There is only one right way for any business to interact with the public, and that is by delivering good service and fair value. Using a hired gun to try and silence critics is bound to backfire.

If Dozier Internet Law brings a SLAPP lawsuit against anyone associated with our rather extensive group of organizations we will adjust their attitude in more ways than they can possibly imagine.

I suggest that Dozier Internet Law give their invention promoter client (Inventor-Link) some good advice. I am going to give this advice to Dozier Internet Law free, and Dozier Internet Law has my permission to gouge the client, Inventor-Link for as much as the market will bear. How is that for a great deal?

1) There is a huge invention promotion fraud problem. An industry who is fleecing each inventor for up to $50,000 and inventors collectively for over $500 million every year. That means that ANYONE entering the business must be transparent.
2) They cannot hide their identities and they must have verifiable references!
3) Their web presence must have substance!

Executive Summary: Dozier Internet Law is a small firm trying mightily to walk with the big dogs. But in the end they may well be more bark than bite. Public relations savvy just may not be enough. Last I checked most people want less hype like the Super-Lawyer thing or Bull.... Dozier and more substance. A good lawyer tries to avoid getting their client into litigation. An ounce of prevention is far superior to a much more expensive cure. That is especially the true when the case may be built on a rotten foundation.

Donald Morris, Esq., Internet Lawyer (Senior Litigation Counsel)

"Don is a 1982 graduate of the College of William and Mary".... ya-ya-ya .... "Today Don's primary focus is as lead counsel for plaintiffs and defendants in online defamation, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, hacking, and spam cases throughout the country."

Toot-toot your horn Mr. Morris, unfortunately I am even less impressed than I am with Mr. Dozier. Now you can sue us and make us waste time and money, and we can and will spend additional time and money educating you, your firm, and your client about how you should be conducting yourselves.

A number of attorneys have reviewed your letters, yes ALL of the letters you have sent to inventor advocates. They are lame. In fact, they are so lame that we just might have to seek assistance from the bar.

I have a question for lawyers visiting this site. If there is a BROAD pattern of a lawyer making clearly false representations about an issue on behalf of questionable clients is it possible that the attorney and firm behind such actions could be subject to civil racketeering claims?

DOZIER Internet Law Doing Penance Please Notify Us Of Any Errors Of Fact - ErrorOfFact
PLEASE: Only actual errors of fact-do not overreach!

Here is what Dozier Internet Law needs to do.

1) Retract these letters, and
2) Apologize for misrepresenting fact and opinion as libel, and
3) Dozier Internet Law needs to collectively do community service. I am personally a big proponent of giving something back to society, and
4) Contribute any ill gotten gains from the disputed conduct to charity.

ONE LAST SUGGESTION: Get rid of that awful puke GREEN! or maybe since we are coming up on Christmas you should just consider the red and green color scheme as a Christmas present :)

Call or write when you are ready to cry uncle!

DOZIER Internet Law In The News Please Notify Us Of Any Errors Of Fact - ErrorOfFact
PLEASE: Only actual errors of fact - do not overreach!

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That's all folks:)

Be sure and send us a copy of any letters you have received from Dozier Internet Law which may be bald faced attempts to abridge your First Amendment rights.

F-a-x us a copy at 810 ****** 936 ****** 4357

Would you like to create a site like this one concerning your experiences with Dozier Internet Law? If so sub-domains on any of the following domain names are available for loan.

Dozier Firm Index: The Main Page - Start here. A Peek Into Dozier Internet Law Tactics

Donald E Morris, Sidekick Index:

John W Dozier Bull.... Super Lawyer Index:

InventorEd on Dozier and Inventor-Link.

Coming soon, the story of how this site was taken off line without a court order.

Please support the Public Citizen Litigation Group with a Donation.
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