Summer Bushnell Posts Doctored Vid of E.Posey Exposing Penis

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Summer Bushnell Posts Doctored Vid of E.Posey Exposing Penis

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Jury Reaches CRUSHING VERDICT Against Trump Blogger
by Michael Popok
Jun 2, 2024

As a precursor to the Trump jury deliberations, a jury has just ruled against a MAGA blogger and alt-riot supporter who falsely claimed that a drag performer had exposed himself to children during a Pride Day performance, and posted a fake video allegedly showing the plaintiff’s private parts exposed. Michael Popok walks through the jury’s $1.1 million dollar defamation and punitive damages verdict against blogger and Trumper Summer Bushnell, and explains why this ruling may spell trouble for Trump in New York.


this is Michael popok legal AF we got

another jury in Idaho who has ruled in a

defamation case against a right-wing

blogger of something called The Bushnell

report summer Bushnell of Idaho who

published a fake video of a drag

performer who was performing during a

pride event in June 2022 that was about

to be set upon by the uh um Patriot

front group of white supremacist who

were going to go break up that Pride

event and attacked innocent peaceful

people supporting lgbtq rights there was

a performance by this particular

plaintiff in the case Eric posy who's a

drag performer and instead summer

Bushnell took a video that she obtained

from somebody that had recorded it and

blurred out the front of the performer's

outfit and claimed that he was exposing

fully full frontal genitalia exposure in

front of children in the park to make

whatever sick depraved Point she was

trying to make the only problem was it

was a lie and she uh she created that it

wasn't even a deep fake she created it

by putting some blurry area on the

person on Eric uh Eric Posey's uh lower

region and then claim that it was his

his uh his uh you know his personal

private parts they were being exposed

the children now what she was supposed

to be reporting on allegedly in the

quote unquote Bush Nell report is about

the Patriot front which she supports

apparently based on other things that

she's published in that in that uh

right-wing blog and that the Patriot

front was

busted uh before they could actually go

into the park and start doing whatever

violence or Riot that they planned on

doing if you recall they were busted

coming out of a van when a couple of

cops happened upon them as they were

putting on their white masks and their

little blue baseball caps and their

little polo shirts and khakis you know

dressed like some sort of Brooks

Brothers right-wing supremacist group

this is the same group that marched in

Charlottesville and uh which led to the

death of of people people that uses Nazi

sloganeering you know to go after people

of color and dis and and those that are

disenfranchised so summer Bushell was

was reporting about the 31 people of the

Patriot front that were busted and and

then charged and convicted of conspiracy

to Riot taking those people off the

street and decided I guess for good

measure to get back at and do her own

bit of bashing of the pride parade in

the park that day decided to pull out

out of thin air Eric Posey and accuse

him of being a pedophile and accused him

of being a child molester and that he

was showing and flashing himself in an

obscene gesture to the children in the

park all that was untrue and so in 2022

Eric posie sued summer Bushnell and that

video was in front of the jury as was

the testimony of Summer Bushnell and the

jury was so incensed by what they heard

and what they saw especially when the uh

lawyers for Eric posie told the jury

that as late as

Friday right and they just returned the

verdict on Friday over Saturday that as

late as Friday summer Bushnell was still

showing the video on her blog and on her

Facebook and on her social media the one

that that look like Eric posie was


children it was still up during the

trial that just shows you how completely

deranged and completely unored from

ethics morality or or are planet Earth

the right-wing Maga are they think they

can get away with anything because

they're watching their cult leader you

know try to obstruct Justice in four


cases and so the jury listen to this

talk about farad impartial the jury went

back to the judge judge um uh judge

Peterson and said we have a they wrote a

note they said we we wanted besides

money and they awarded 1.1

million including punitive damages to

Eric posie I mean look uh summer

Bushnell made it easy she was continuing

to post the

video uh all the way through the trial

the jury said to the judge we want uh we

we want to know if we have the power to

do two things as a jury we want to order

Bushnell to take down the video

immediately from her social media like

they wanted to issue an injunction which

only judges can do and secondly we want

to order that Bushnell apologize to Eric

posie publicly and the judge say you

can't do that you you you don't have

that power you can however put those

thoughts and sentiments into your jury

verdict for money I mean that's the

that's the sad reality of of Trials

that's why I tell my clients in trial

practice you may not get the justice

that you're looking for because this is

a binary process you're e you either win

or you lose and it's about money in

civil cases generally if you want an

injunction a temporary restraining order

that's Equitable relief you need to get

from a judge and you normally do that at

the top of the case now frankly if I

were the lawyer's proposi I probably

would have brought at least during the

course of the trial an injunction

hearing motion a motion for an

injunction hearing and have the judge do

exactly that have her order that person

to take down those postings can't order

an apology but you can do this other

stuff so that's that's a strategic or

tactical issue that the lawyers um now

I've looked at this uh Bushnell report

in social media it looks like it's down

as of this hot take but listen I'll send

the audience here they're very good at

sleuthing go find go find out and make

sure summer Bushnell's social media

doesn't continue to

defame um and violently attack if you

will Eric posy by claiming that he is a

pedophile and a sex offender and that

he's flashing children with his uh

personal his private parts let's do that

and if you see it you can report to the

mest touch Network and let us know and

we'll get to the bottom of it and we'll

bring it to the attention of the

appropriate authorities and they were so

into the case and so invested in the

case that they actually posed for

pictures with Eric posie and hugged him

some of the jurors at the end of the

trial after they were dismissed from

being jurors uh they didn't do that to

Summer Bushnell I assure

you and so as I've said before jurors

may start out being in the case of a

criminal trial in New York 15

individuals that didn't know each other

but by Serendipity have been lashed

together as a jury but it becomes a

living breathing organism there's an

organogram about how things happen

within a jury in the thought process of

a jury and what moves them and how

protective they become and how they bind

and bond together I know there's some

speculation that they're not binding

they're not bonding I assure you they

are they're spending plenty of time

together at breaks at lunch at bathroom

it's not like they're sitting in little

in little hermetically sealed capsules

or tubes they're sitting together like

human beings they're kibitzing not about

the trial not about about that but

they're kibing about other things in

their life they're New

Yorkers that's what New Yorkers do you

can't put 15 New Yorkers together in any

context and not expect some sort of

human interaction and bonding it just

wouldn't happen 15 random people in a

row at a sporting event right are going

to somehow Bond over having to pass the

beer from one end to the other or who

got the cotton candy who got the pretzel

you know here's the 20 can you pass it

down that's New Yorkers not just New

Yorkers it's a lot of different places

but I but but since I I practice there

and I'm from there I wanted to talk

about that in particular they are

binding bonding just like the Idaho jury

bonded around Justice for Eric posy and

against right-wing Maga uh uh bloggers

like summer Bushnell who who uh now

we're going to have to pay the price I

mean based on what I looked at on her

Bushnell report I doubt she's got two

pennies to rub together you know whereas

my as my mother used to say she doesn't

have a pot to piss in or a window to

throw it out of but somehow she's going

to have to come up with a woman .1

million and she better hope she doesn't

own a house because if she does Eric POS

is going to own that house and we'll

continue to follow Eric posie collecting

on that judgment and the likely

bankruptcy of of Summer

Bushnell uh on right here on the MeidasTouch network.


Idaho drag performer awarded $1.1 million in defamation suit against blogger: A blogger posted a doctored video of Eric Posey on Facebook in 2022 and falsely claimed he exposed his genitals to a crowd that included children.
by Matt Lavietes
MBC News
May 28, 2024, 2:00 PM MDT ... rcna154287

An Idaho drag performer received more than a $1 million in damages in a defamation suit against a blogger who falsely claimed the performer exposed himself to a crowd that included children, according to an attorney for the performer.

A jury on Friday ruled that Summer Bushnell defamed Eric Posey by posting on Facebook a doctored video of Posey performing at a Pride event in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in 2022, and falsely telling her followers that Posey flashed his genitals
, according to the attorney, Wendy J. Olson.

The jury awarded Posey $926,000 in compensatory damages for defamation and an additional $250,000 for punitive damages, which were based on the argument that Bushnell knew her claims were false when she made them, Olson said.

"Mr. Posey's life was forever changed when Summer Bushnell falsely accused him of a crime," Olson said in a statement. "The jury's unanimous verdict and its award of $1.176 million in damages sends the clear message that truth matters, that facts matter and that you can't dehumanize and damage someone to suit your own purposes."

An attorney for Bushnell did not immediately return a request for comment.

Posey, whose stage name is Mona Liza Million, sued Bushnell — who runs a local blog, "The Bushnell Report" — for defamation in September 2022, seeking damages that exceeded $10,000 and attorneys’ fees.

The lawsuit stemmed from a performance Posey gave at the Coeur d’Alene Pride event, called Pride in the Park, on June 11, 2022.

A day after the performance, Bushnell posted a doctored video of Posey dancing on stage to her blog's Facebook account, according to the complaint. The video blurred out the area around Bushnell's genitals and included false statements that Posey exposed himself, according to a screenshot of the video in the suit.

“Can this guy be arrested for exposing his genitals to minors?” Bushnell asked her followers in comments attached to the video, [/size][/u][/b]according to the suit.

Posey never removed any articles of clothing throughout his three performances that day, the complaint states. He was wearing a leotard, black shorts, underwear and tights, in addition to a metallic silver boa wrapped around his waist, it adds.

Bushnell also suggested people should report Posey to the police and the state’s attorney general at the time, and included their contact information in one of her posts, according to the suit.

A spokesperson for the Coeur d’Alene Police Department confirmed with NBC News that the department received calls from people reporting Posey in 2022, but not from anyone who attended the performance. The spokesperson added that the department referred the unedited version of the video to a local prosecutor's office, which found no evidence of indecent exposure.

Posey's attorneys contended that Bushnell posted the doctored video to boost her own profile, noting that the video was viewed more than 19,000 times, compared with her other videos, which garnered 235 to 1,400 views, according to the suit.

The lawyers also argued that Bushnell was looking to capitalize off the national media attention on a series of unrelated arrests that took place near the 2022 Pride event.

Thirty-one people wearing masks and holding shields were arrested near the event on suspicion of conspiracy to riot, which Bushnell referenced throughout her series of posts, according to the suit. (Five of the 31 suspects, who were affiliated with the white nationalist group Patriot Front, were convicted on misdemeanor charges in July 2023.)

Posey's attorneys said in the suit that their client lost professional opportunities and suffered damage to his reputation in the aftermath of Bushnell’s posts.

Olson said in a phone call that Posey, who is Black, also received violent threats in person and online, and has been called racial slurs as a result of Bushnell's false claims.

"The most important thing is that this allows him to re-enter public life, so to speak," Olson said, referring to the jury's verdict. "He can go about his life as he had before without being in hiding."
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