Leaked AshleyMadison Emails Suggest Execs Hacked Competitors

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Re: Leaked AshleyMadison Emails Suggest Execs Hacked Competi

Postby admin » Sat Aug 29, 2015 2:03 am

The Random Guy Josh Duggar Used as His Ashley Madison Profile Pic Is Not Happy
They might be headed to court over this.
By Laura Beck


Unfortunately, the ongoing Ashley Madison hack has affected more people than just those who used the extramarital affairs website. TMZ is reporting the man whose photo Josh Duggar used as his profile pic is displeased with the whole situation, to put it lightly. You see, Matthew McCarthy is just a DJ in Hollywood, California, who never expected his photo would be used to lure in cheaters.

It's suspected that Duggar got McCarthy's picture by Googling "random guy," as his photo shows up as the third result. McCarthy told TMZ that he was "shocked" to see his picture in the search and "way more shocked" to know Duggar was posing as him to meet ladies.



What's even worse, McCarthy said he lost a DJ gig because of the scandal, and he's considering legal options. Yowza.
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