Chili's caves to medical mafia; cancels support for Autism a

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Chili's caves to medical mafia; cancels support for Autism a

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Chili's caves to medical mafia; cancels support for Autism awareness efforts
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
April 07, 2014



(NaturalNews) The medical mafia is alive and well in America today, where pro-vaccine thought police routinely engage in malicious campaigns to smear anyone who dares ask the question "Are vaccines linked to autism?"

When Chili's recently announced they would make a one-day gesture to provide financial assistance to families devastated by autism, even that was too much for the medical mafia. Their operatives fanned out across the mainstream media to disparage Chili's for even daring to help autistic children. The danger of people becoming merely "aware" of autism is so great, it seems, that even a goodwill effort to help support mothers of autistic children must be stifled and shut down as quickly as possible.

Since when did it become wrong to help children?

Also being targeted in all this is the National Autism Association, a group that does extraordinary work helping mothers and families understand the causes of autism and possible treatments to help alleviate symptoms of autism. Much like Natural News, the NAA is routinely defamed by the mainstream media through the deliberate engineering and publication of false, defamatory lies and misinformation intentionally spread by the medical mafia to try to shut down anyone who questions vaccine safety.

Factually speaking, vaccines are so dangerous and deadly that the vaccine industry had to achieve total legal immunity for their products through an act of Congress! Thanks to that act, families of children damaged by vaccines cannot pursue justice in the courts. They must submit to a special "vaccine court" where financial settlements are only offered if those families agree to remain forever silent about how their children were harmed by vaccines. These "payoffs for silence" are part of the formula for keeping the lid shut tight on the truth about vaccines.

Those same courts, by the way, have repeatedly been forced to admit that vaccines DO cause autism! Just last year, in fact, the vaccine courts awarded millions of dollars to the families of two children made autistic by vaccine injections.

CDC admits vaccines contain mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde

Vaccine, of course, still contain toxic neurotoxins such as mercury, aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde -- all openly admitted by the Centers for Disease Control. These toxic substances are injected into children, going directly into their tissue and blood where they are circulated to their brains. Once in the brain, these neurotic substances can and do cause permanent brain damage. They can also cause damage to the digestive tract, as is common in autistic children.

What's really happening today with children being harmed by vaccines is nothing less than a medical holocaust being carried out in total secrecy with strong-arm enforcement accomplished by a gang of corporate-sponsored "science" goons collaborating with pro-business mainstream media to smear, attack and denigrate all who oppose toxic chemicals in vaccines. You are witnessing chemical warfare being waged against our children -- and yet you're not supposed to even ask questions about why it's happening!

Even the call to take the mercury out of vaccines is viciously attacked by the medical mafia. Mercury, you see, is a "desirable ingredient" by vaccine-pushing zealots, many of whom quite literally demonstrate the kind of psychotic behavior caused by exposure to mercury. In other words, the medical mafia is largely made up of people who are damaged by the very same brain-damaging toxins they're trying to push onto others. Mercury makes people not just crazy, but also violent and psychotic -- and that's the perfect description of the medial mafia trolls you see on social media or writing crazed, inflammatory opinion pieces in mainstream business magazines.

Help support Chili's defense against the medical mafia thought police

Chili's is just the latest victim of the media mafia's thought police and their vicious attempts to shut down awareness of autism itself. What could possibly be wrong with merely supporting mothers of autistic children; women who struggle daily with trying to raise children damaged in ways that even modern scientists don't understand?

In canceling the autism awareness event, Chili's posted this message on their Facebook page:

Chili's is committed to giving back to the communities in which our guests live and work through local and national Give Back Events. While we remain committed to supporting the children and families affected by autism, we are canceling Monday's Give Back Event based on the feedback we heard from our guests.

We believe autism awareness continues to be an important cause to our guests and team members, and we will find another way to support this worthy effort in the future with again our sole intention being to help families affected by autism. At Chili's, we want to make every guest feel special and we thank all of our loyal guests for your thoughtful questions and comments.

Help defend Chili's against the children-poisoning thought police! Click here to go straight to the Chili's page and post something in support of autism awareness right now! Spread the word and help Chili's realize they are being victimized by an organized online mafia of vaccine trolls and chemical child abusers!

Kudos to Chili's, by the way, for even attempting to help families of autistic children. Too bad they caved so easily to the medical mafia's typical intimidation tactics.

As you read the comments there, note carefully that vaccine zealots are NOT scientifically-minded people; they are religious zealots who worship the religion of vaccines. Their "belief" in vaccines is based purely on faith; all evidence be damned! Anyone who studies autism is immediately ostracized and discredited even if their research only hints at a link between autism and vaccines. Case in point: Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a brilliant researcher and deeply caring physician who has been repeatedly lied about, defamed beyond belief, and denied his rightful place in the history of scientific discovery by a real-life medical mafia that conspired with corrupt medical journals beholden to pharmaceutical interests.

Anyone who does not conform to the myths and lies of this medical mafia is subjected to widespread character assassination, where endless lies are spread about them.

I've even been accused of being "anti-science" even though I run a scientific laboratory using atomic spectroscopy equipment to research food safety! In reality, I'm one of the most "scientific" activists in the country, yet because I express concern of the safety of mercury in vaccines, I too am immediately and viciously branded "anti-science." Anyone who is anti-mercury, it turns out, is automatically labeled "anti-science."

The medical mafia has become desperate: they are losing the war for truth in medicine

But that just goes to show you how desperate the vaccine pushers have truly become. When they have to resort to mafia-style tactics, blatant lies and orchestrated media defamation campaigns to silence their opposition, you know that they can't win on the scientific facts alone! If someone truly has science on their side, they don't need to resort to oppression, negative P.R. campaigns, organized trolling on social media, nasty backlash campaigns against Chili's and other similar nonsense. The fact that the vaccine pushers have resorted to these tactics is practically an admission that they have failed and have nothing left to offer except intimidation.

They sure don't want you to know about the vaccine science fraud routinely committed by Merck, according to two whistleblower virologists who used to work there. According to their False Claims Act complaint filed with the federal government, Merck fraudulent spiked blood samples with animal antibodies to fake the results and thereby achieve FDA approval on their mumps vaccines.

It turns out that measles and mumps vaccines actually spread measles and mumps, causing the very outbreaks that sell more vaccines.

Even modern-day measles outbreaks appear to be happening almost exclusively among children who were already vaccinated against measles. This "inconvenient truth" is never reported by the pro-vaccine mainstream media, which has long colluded with its own advertisers -- the drug companies -- to misinform the public about the supposed efficacy and safety of vaccines.

I haven't had a flu shot in so many years I can't even remember how long it's been, and yet I never get the flu, either. How can that be if flu shots are the only solution to preventing the flu?

The vaccine industry is steeped in felony crimes, scientific fraud, mafia-style intimidation, character assassination, systemic corruption, chemical child abuse and a list of crimes too long to name

The vaccine industry is an industry of propaganda, lies, mafia tactics and outright criminality. Drug companies are routinely found guilty of felony crimes for which any other company would be barred from doing business with the government. But the political reach of Big Pharma is so great that they can commit felony fraud and still sell vaccines to the government with total legal immunity no less!

That's how pathetic the vaccine industry really is today: They sell products that harm children, they use mafia-style tactics to silence opposition, they routinely commit scientific fraud in their own research, they destroy the careers of researchers who uncover any link of harm between vaccines and human health, and they have achieved total legal immunity in the United States so that even if their products kill a thousand children a year, they aren't legally responsible for any of those deaths.

And this is an industry we're supposed to trust to formulate chemicals that we inject into our children? No wonder moms don't trust them! No wonder there's such an outcry for scientific honesty when it comes to autism research. And no wonder moms and dads everywhere are fleeing from vaccines and seeking alternatives for boosting their child's immunity. The vaccine industry is, factually and undeniably, a criminal operation that puts all our children at risk. If their products were really so safe, then why do they need blanket legal immunity from lawsuit damages?
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