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Re: Neo-Nazi website unleashed Internet trolls against a Jew

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Organizer Of Charlottesville Rally Jason Kessler Speaks On The Aftermath | Virginia Protests
by The Red Elephants
August 12, 2017

[Partial Transcript]

[Jason Kessler] ... Terry McAuliffe might have been part of a conspiracy to shut down this event.

What happened was we had been working for two months to secure a peaceful, free speech rally in support of the Lee monument, in support of white advocacy, and in support of free speech. And we have worked diligently with the police department to secure that park.

So what happened was, one week before the event, the Charlottesville city manager, who is like an unelected city councilor -- who is the most powerful of the bunch -- he had the event canceled. And they said they would give a permit, but it would have to be at McIntyre Park -- this place that is far away from the Lee statue and has nothing to do with our protest.

So we got the ACLU and the Rutherford Institute to sue on our behalf.

So we took them to court, because they were discriminating against our First Amendment rights based on the content of our speech. A federal judge ruled that that was the case. It was a federal judge who put the permit back in place, because he listened to both sides and he saw that the Charlottesville City Council and City government had granted not one, but two permits to left-wing protesters -- antifa Black Lives Matter -- in the same area! Within one block, there were two spots on either side. So they had already created an unsafe environment by doing that. But their Number One intention was not people's safety, it was trying to disrupt the Alt Right.

So the federal judge puts the permit back in place, because he looked at the evidence and saw that Mayor Mike Signer and Wes Bellamy were repeatedly saying about the August 12th event, Unite the Right, "Oh, it's racist, bigoted; we condemn it; blah blah blah blah blah." So there was content discrimination, viewpoint discrimination. The judge ruled that that was illegal.

So at that point we expected the police to reinstitute their original security plan, because that's what they always said they would do in all the meetings that I had with them. But they didn't do ANYTHING! What you're hearing, if you listen to Fox News, Fox News is cucking 100%. They sound like MSNBC right now. They are talking about white supremacy, and historical racism, blah blah blah blah blah. That is not the case! THE CHARLOTTESVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT DIDN'T SHOW UP! They were supposed to escort our speakers into the event, to keep them free from antifa violence. They didn't do that.

So we had Richard Spencer, Baked Alaska, and some other people got maced in the face on their way into the event.

And so when we got into the event, the barricades were set up in a way that they would be set up if our permit didn't get approved. Right? So they never fixed the barricades. They just said, "Screw it, we're going to --." I believe they said, "Screw it, we're going to cancel this thing no matter what. So we don't need to move the barricades."

So there were barricades in the middle of the park keeping people from moving freely.

And then we started to run out of space, because there was an entire back half of the park which was empty. Why was it empty? It was empty because there were supposed to be 180 cops like in a row. THEY NEVER SHOWED UP! So they had no intention of securing the park.

Then there was a Speaker's Area around the front of the monument. That was supposed to have like our security staff and our speakers. So because we couldn't enter that area, which we had a permitted event we were approved for, we got crammed. So myself, Richard Spencer, and all of our speakers were pushed up against these barricades. THE CHARLOTTESVILLE POLICE WEREN'T THERE! All that was there was the State Police. And the State Police wouldn't let us through. I kept saying, "Look, we are getting pushed against the railings, why are you blocking us from the rest of the park?" They said, "Well, because only the Charlottesville Police Department can remove the barricades." I said, "Get the Charlottesville Police Department out here then! WHERE ARE THEY?!"

So for the next 20 or 30 minutes, we are packed up against a corner of the barricade. I start periscoping saying, "WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?!" So after about 20 or 30 minutes of that, a column of Charlottesville Police officers march in -- an hour and a half after our permit was supposed to start -- and they immediately declare it an Unlawful Assembly.

They didn't give a damn about public safety. They didn't care about federal law. The only thing that they cared about was stopping the Alt Right. And that's what they did. The Elites in this society, in the media, and in the government, did everything in their power to shut us down in defiance of federal court law. And we're going to have a lawsuit. We've got to fight this. We have to.

Jackson and Calhoun Split over States' Rights

The split between Jackson and Calhoun deepened over another issue. Jackson learned that Calhoun had once called for Jackson's arrest. Calhoun wanted to punish Jackson for his unauthorized military campaign into Spanish Florida in 1818.

The most important division between the two men was Calhoun's belief about who had more power: the states or the federal government. Calhoun came to believe the rights of the states were stronger than the rights of the federal government. His feelings became well known during a debate on a congressional bill.

The year before Jackson took office, Congress passed a bill to require taxes on imports. The purpose of the taxes was to protect American industries.

The state of South Carolina, Calhoun’s state, opposed the measure. South Carolina, like other Southern states, had almost no industry. It was an agricultural area. Import taxes would only raise the price of products the South imported.

South Carolina refused to pay the tax. Calhoun wrote a long statement defending South Carolina's action. In the statement, he developed what was called the Doctrine of Nullification. The doctrine declared that the power of the federal government was not supreme.

Calhoun argued that, instead, supreme power belonged to the states. He said states did not surrender this power when they approved the Constitution. In any dispute between the states and the federal government, he said, the states should decide what is right.

Calhoun argued that if the federal government passed a law that any state thought was not constitutional, or against its interests, that state could temporarily suspend the law.

The other states of the union, Calhoun said, would then be asked to decide the question of the law's constitutionality. If two-thirds of the states approved the law, the complaining state would have to accept it, or leave the union. If less than two-thirds of the states approved it, then the law would be rejected. None of the states would have to obey it. It would be nullified — cancelled.

Senators Robert Hayne of South Carolina and Daniel Webster of Massachusetts debated the question of nullification in Congress. Senator Hayne spoke first. He said that there was no greater evil than giving more power to the federal government. The major point of his speech could be put into a few words: liberty first, union afterwards.

Senator Webster said Hayne had spoken foolishly. Liberty and union could not be separated, Webster said. It was liberty and union, now and forever, one and inseparable.

-- Andrew Jackson Proclaims Federal Power over States' Rights, by

I mean, we understood that this was something that they were going to try and do from the beginning. They were game-seshing every way that they could possibly try and defeat the Alt Right at this event, and we outmaneuvered them at every corner. Like because the name of the event is "Unite the Right," the first thing that the media and the Establishment tried to do was sow division. And they tried to say, "Oh, these groups are fighting." But no one was fighting. This was a very cohesive effort amongst the Alt Right and Alt Light for the most part, you know?

Yeah, the blood is on the hands of the Charlottesville City Council, and possibly on Terry McAuliffe. Before the event even started, people were saying that the National Guard might be involved, a State of Emergency might be declared. So they had it in mind that no matter what it takes, we are going to stop the Alt Right. Because they knew that this event would be live-streamed out to the entire world. This was going to bring our movement to a whole new level. And they could not stand that, even if they had to shred the Constitution. And that's what they did. This is an act of war against the American people in my mind, because the only thing that makes our social contract in this society work is our sets of laws. And now we're going to have to fight this further in court. That's the only thing that we can do. If the courts are not going to recognize our First Amendment rights, I don't know where we are as a country. We've lost our First Amendment...

And let me be clear: no matter who it was that did this, even though this is going to be the focus of a lot of press going forward [who was driving the car], it was caused by failure to apply rule of law. The Charlottesville Police stood down, and blood is on their hands. Blood is on the hands of the government officials Wes Bellamy, Mike Signer, who refused to enforce the law, and refused to protect our event.

Q. Now last night we saw live footage of marching -- there had to be at least 2,000 -- I don't care what anyone says when they talk about "hundreds" -- there was about 1,500 to 2,000 Alt Right members marching with torches, standing up for their rights, for the existence of white people saying, "White Lives Matter." What happened to all those people? It didn't seem like those numbers were there today. Or were they? Or was I just watching two different perspectives?

[Jason Kessler] They shut it down before the time the thing was supposed to start, right? The event was supposed to start at 12:00, and they shut it down at 11:30. So people didn't have time to enter the park. The counter-demonstrators were allowed to block us from every angle. And so the people who got into the park got there despite all of the antifa interference. I mean, there was a huge column of people from our side marching up the street, and they didn't count on that. They had Cornell West, and these other Phoney-Commies-Pretending-To-Be-Preachers, who were blocking the way in. And the cops weren't doing anything about that. Our people got in anyway.

But here, this is such a complicated scenario if you weren't here. Let me tell you that it wasn't just today. Yesterday evening the police stood down. Yesterday when we were at UVA we knew that antifa knew about our plan to march to the spot of the Thomas Jefferson statue at the rotunda. So we notified the Charlottesville Police Department. We notified the UVA Police Department. And we told them, "Look, we don't want any violence; we just want to be able to do our demonstration." And my security guy talked to them. And what my security guy told me is that the UVA Police said they were going to show up. They were going to make sure that the area around the monument was free from antifa so there wouldn't be any scuffles. They were going to meet us at the fields where we were going to start our march --

We came to the field. THERE WERE NO COPS THERE; NO POLICE PROTECTION LIKE THEY SAID. Then we marched. Still no cops. Nobody. Then we show up at the statue and there's a ring of antifa Black Lives Matter around the statue, and there's no cops there to keep them separate. THE COPS DID NOTHING!

So you obviously have these two groups who hate each other in that area. And then I didn't see what happened. My security guys pushed me forward. I looked back and I saw some liquid spraying out there, and I thought it might have been something flammable.

Evidently what had happened was that somebody from the left, Black Lives Matter, sprayed mace into the crowd just like wantonly. And then people got agitated and a few fights broke out.

So I lay it 100% on the failure of the government.
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