Nazis Treat Trial in Charlottesville Like a Joke

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Re: Nazis Treat Trial in Charlottesville Like a Joke

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School Official Gets DEATH THREATS For Investigating Neo-Nazi Students
by the Young Turks
Jan 3, 2022

A group of teenagers from a California high school were pictured with prominent swastikas drawn all over their bodies, prompting an investigation by their school’s superintendent. As it turns out, the superintendent, her family, and her colleagues have been receiving death threats almost daily. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

Read more HERE:

"A school superintendent from California said she's been "subjected to death threats on a daily basis" after launching an investigation into a photo showing a group of students posing with swastikas drawn on their bodies.

"This has been one of the most traumatizing experiences in my life and in the lives of my colleagues," said Wheatland Union High School District Superintendent Nicole Newman on in a video shared to Facebook on Thursday.

She and her colleagues have also received "threats that are aimed against our families," Newman added in the video.

The photo, showing eight white students with thick, black swastikas painted onto their torsos, went viral on social media. The students, some of whom are holding alcoholic beverages, appear to be at a house party. The students attend Wheatland Union High School, Newman confirmed."


A California school superintendent said she's been 'subjected to death threats on a daily basis' since launching an investigation into a photo of students posing with swastikas drawn on their bodies
by Yelena Dzhanova
Jan 2, 2022, 7:07 AM

* A California school superintendent said she's facing death threats after announcing an investigation into students posing with swastikas.

* Nicole Newman said she saw a photo of Wheatland Union High School students with thick, black swastikas painted onto their torsos.

*"This has been one of the most traumatizing experiences in my life and in the lives of my colleagues," she said.

A school superintendent from California said she's been "subjected to death threats on a daily basis" after launching an investigation into a photo showing a group of students posing with swastikas drawn on their bodies.

"This has been one of the most traumatizing experiences in my life and in the lives of my colleagues," said Wheatland Union High School District Superintendent Nicole Newman on in a video shared to Facebook on Thursday.

She and her colleagues have also received "threats that are aimed against our families," Newman added in the video.

The photo, showing eight white students with thick, black swastikas painted onto their torsos, went viral on social media. The students, some of whom are holding alcoholic beverages, appear to be at a house party. The students attend Wheatland Union High School, Newman confirmed.

"When I first saw them, I was profoundly disturbed and heartbroken. I knew just how much pain these images were going to cause our community," Newman said.

The students have been disciplined, according to the Sacramento Bee. But details of the consequences they are expected to face were not publicly shared for legal reasons.

Newman said the video message posted on Thursday would be the last public update on the case "as we cannot legally go into detail regarding the discipline of these students."

"There is no denying that, the choices made by the students in the picture were hurtful and deeply troubling. Their actions do not represent who we are as a school district and community," Newman said in a separate statement on December 23.

Newman said she'd reach out to elected officials and "key community stakeholders" to "begin the process of having a broader community conversation about how we can work together to prevent this type of issue from ever happening again."
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Re: Nazis Treat Trial in Charlottesville Like a Joke

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Expert GOES UNDERCOVER and EXPOSES Recruitment Tactics of Dangerous Extremist Groups
Kristofer Goldsmith* [The Neo-Nazi Hunter: “A few years ago, a friend of mine that I served with called me up and said, ‘Hey, Goldie, I joined a neo-Nazi organization, and I want you to help me take them down.’” —Kristofer Goldsmith, Founder of Task Force Butler. Veteran Kristofer Goldsmith fought in Iraq. Now he brings his fight to the far right at home. Founder of the nonprofit Task Force Butler, Goldsmith works with other veterans to infiltrate neo-Nazi hate groups and compile evidence to stop them.]
Jul 27, 2023

Against All Enemies is a YouTube/podcast series and upcoming documentary film about threats to American democracy. In today’s episode, Thomas Rousseau, of the violent white nationalist street gang Patriot Front, is exposed as a failed leader of a dangerous cult. Learn more about how these white nationalist and fascist street gangs are shot through with pedophiles and murderers in our earlier episode:


Goldsmith CEO of task force Butler at
both against all enemies and task force
bottom lawyer we're focused on making
sure you're informed about the
persistent threat of neo-nazi's fascist
street gangs and extremists militia
as we're going to show you today the
radicalization pipeline is taking angry
young white men and juicing them up on
grievances hyping them on militant
versions of masculinity and gun culture
and turning them back into our society
there's a generation of Timothy
mcveigh's and Dylan roofs being groomed
for violence and they're just one bad
day away from being our next Mass
today we're going to make sure you know
about Patriot front leader Thomas
Rousseau and the Nazis who follow him
break the law under his orders and go to
jail to impress him you might have seen
last week that five members of patriot
front were convicted for conspiracy to
Riot in Idaho Rousseau and 30 other
members of his Neo-Nazi gang were
arrested last summer as they were
preparing to attack a pride event in
Coeur d'Alene
they were convicted thanks to Rousseau
writing down that plan to attack people
and carrying that plan with him for the
police to find when they were arrested
Rousseau is 25 and grew up middle class
in Texas Thomas Rousseau is also a
committed white supremacist who hangs
out with pedophiles and murderers
to be clear those are not the opinions
of myself or of task force Butler those
are proven facts with documentary
evidence and multiple convictions to
back up the statements
I'll address those facts very soon but
first Thomas Rousseau
Rousseau began showing signs of white
nationalist beliefs as a young teenager
by High School the FBI had picked up on
his racist organizing across Texas
and as infamy grew as he emerged as a
leader of the white nationalist gang
Vanguard America
in 2017 Rousseau's role as a leader in
Vanguard America also meant he was a
leading organizer behind the deadly
Charlottesville unite the right Neo-Nazi
rally just a moment to define the terms
we're using here because extremists have
done a pretty good job of blurring the
when we say white nationalist we're not
talking about people who are patriotic
and happen to be white
Senator tuberville this note is for you
to be a white nationalist means to be an
advocate for genocide the force removal
or mass murder of people of color this
is the definition of genocide and
genocide is the only way to achieve an
ethno State a white nationalist is a
genocidal Maniac Okay tuberville
and when we say Nazi we're not using
hyperbole we're talking about national
socialism the far-right totalitarian
political ideology and practices
associated with Adolf Hitler and the
Nazi party in Nazi Germany again we're
talking about people who want to see our
government commit genocide against our
own people Jews people of color the
lgbtq community and others this is what
we're talking about when we say Patriot
front is a white nationalist gang of
neo-nazis now that we have that cleared
up remember when I said Thomas Rousseau
Pals around with child sex predators and
here's where so in his Vanguard America
uniform leading Vanguard America as
their so-called ground Commander during
the unite the right rally with James
James Fields is the man who murdered
Heather heyer and injured over a dozen
when he rammed a car into a crowd during
the reunite the right protests
in the weeks following the attack
Rousseau claimed that Fields wasn't a
Vanguard America member which is a
pretty classic are you going to believe
me or Your Lying Eyes defense
there's ample documentary evidence of
fields in the Vanguard America uniform
getting invited to the Neo-Nazi rally to
march with Vanguard America
being in Vanguard America private chats
standing with other Vanguard America
members and carrying a shield with the
Vanguard America emblem right before he
murdered someone
unite the right had the exact opposite
effect for the assortment of deplorables
that gathered in Charlottesville then
the name of the Neo-Nazi rally sought to
achieve Vanguard America like other
far-right groups that showed up they're
splintered in effect that was
accelerated by Rousseau's paranoid
immature leadership style
rosette was actually been pretty
successful in projecting The Narrative
that Vanguard America dissolved into
chaos and ceased to exist end of story
but the true story is that rasoja seized
control of the organization its online
servers its members and then rebranded
it into a totally new organization
Patriot front
Vanguard America is Patriot front
Patriot front is Vanguard America
Patriot front has emerged as a National
Domestic threat with membership that
have been active across all of the lower
48. they've been showing up at
anti-abortion rallies Jewish synagogues
black lives matter protests and lgbtq
pride events
Patriot front members still to this day
communicate using Vanguard America's
server which is named blood and soil and
that's a direct undiluted callback to
Nazi Germany
Rousseau and Patriot front equate the
white European identity to the right to
inherit American soil
Rousseau is completely lacking in any
original thought and has nothing to
offer in his critiques of American
in his writings about the so-called
silent majority after the 2016 election
Rousseau sounds like he's openly
cribbing from 1980s Pat Buchanan just
very poorly
here's what he had to say in Fall 2016.
the truth is white voters especially the
working class have had more than enough
of being called racist sexist xenophobic
islamophobic homophobic and the rest of
the trite usual buzzwords
now keep in mind Rousseau is saying this
in the context of Trump's candidacy
being built around being openly all of
those things
Russo continues whining and saying quote
The Forgotten majority of the American
electorate has shown that much to the
dismay of the globalist agenda that they
have not been replaced by the tens of
millions of blue voting immigrants from
abroad that they can still hold up some
semblance of resistance against the
decay of their Nation
from the globalist agenda to the
replacement Theory to the championing of
the underclass Rousseau is the epitome
of what a dumb person thinks a smart
person sounds like
now I know Rousseau's Cadence voice and
manner of speaking are extraordinarily
but I'm only exposing you to a few
minutes of this clown so bear with me as
we make a point here
here he is at a recent DC rally we're
called the greatest threat there is a
threat we pose but not to the people we
threaten only the Intolerable conditions
which allow our highest offices to be
filled with career criminals and
plutocritic scum
here in the city that does not deserve
Washington's Name
by political prisoners
many of whom were tried and found guilty
by the media long before the courts had
any say
so charged with obstructing democracy
left of a democracy to obstruct we ask
how can one betray a democracy which no
longer exists
how can one be a traitor against a
liberal fantasy to which he was never
let them call us their slurs
insurrectionists supremacist the list
gets longer by the day we seek not
Insurrection but Resurrection we seek
not Supremacy but sovereignty
Patriot front is Thomas Rousseau's
personal cult it's his Cult of aggrieved
marginal owners who buy into his shtick
because name-dropping Thomas Paine is
very impressive to people who've never
read a book before
I know because 15 years ago when I was
freshly out of the service and
struggling with PTSD it hadn't yet been
to school that was me
I know from being an ultra conservative
Ron Paul supporter back in 2008 when I
was in seriously rough shape after
coming home from Iraq how important and
intelligent people can sound when they
rattle off quotes from the founding
fathers my personal instability and my
desire to find purpose in a new
patriotism made me an easy mark back
then it made me easy to manipulate
back then was when Elmer Stewart Rhodes
was using the same exact rhetoric and
his connection to the Ron Paul campaign
to lure disaffected veterans Into The
Oath Keepers
I know what it's like to be ripe for
radicalization because I was there
but what's important to realize is that
aggrieved marginal loaners can and do
commit real harm when they adopt
ideologies promoted by groups like
Patriot front and join those Neo-Nazi
Dylan roof killed nine black people in a
church in Charleston South Carolina
here he is wearing a jacket of the flag
of apartheid era South Africa and
Rhodesia two aggressively racist states
that have become the rallying cries for
white supremacists who want to
accelerate the arrival of an American
race war
the average Patriot front member has
given up their families and friends as
they put themselves at legal risk
because of their association with
Rousseau and his violent cult
and like so many Cults they're being
used to provide Financial comfort for
their cult leader like I said before
many are just a single bad day away from
being a mass shooter in a country
swimming with guns we have these
isolated weirdos who are being brought
into what is essentially a cult that
they have to pay to be members of
Thomas Rousseau has taken from Joseph
Goebbels of Nazi Germany to build a
sophisticated media production system
with an Affiliated LLC called media to
he has explicitly said that their
energetic use of video and social media
is so-called marketing for Patriot front
so we have this kid who's taking lessons
from Mussolini and Hitler on how to
build a fascist movement and then is
marrying it with Kim Kardashian's
influencer lessons to Rebrand white
supremacy by painting it red white and
except Thomas Rousseau is a failed
leader most of the young men who become
members of patriot front don't stick
around for very long they might still be
neo-nazis and they might still be white
supremacists but dealing with Rousseau's
immaturity his paranoia his grifting
behavior as he funds his lifestyle buff
by leeching off of their effort it sucks
for the average Patriot front member and
they leave
how do we know this a task force Butler
because we've infiltrated Patriot front
numerous times we've been undercover as
full-blown members we've shown up to
their functions both invited and well
not so invited we regularly receive tips
from an interview former Patriot front
members who regret being a part of the
group and want to make things right and
of course we've analyzed hundreds of
gigs of data when groups like unicorn
ride gain access to and release their
confidential Communications
using our inside knowledge task force
Butler literally wrote the book on
taking down Patriot front using civil
suits and criminal prosecutions it's
called project blacklisted and you can
learn more about that on our website
within weeks of sharing the project
blacklisted Report with the lawyers
committee for civil rights under law
that group was able to use our analysis
to help them file a lawsuit against
Rousseau some of his top lieutenants and
members in Virginia and that's for their
conspiracy to engage in a campaign of
racial intimidation and to destroy
murals depicting black excellence
Patriot front is at its core a
multi-level marketing scheme for a
racist boy from Texas but that doesn't
mean that it's harmless
when someone spends time in Patriot
front they get the rush of being part of
Rousseau's spectacle when they go out in
their little silly parades but they're
also trained in street fighting tactics
Communications Recruitment and how to
avoid detection as they commit hate
crimes now just think about this for a
moment there are neo-nazis out there who
meet this guy Russo and find that he's
too toxic to be around
after a few months they leave
that's what happens with Thomas Rousseau
and Patriot front his behavior may drive
them out but they're not leaving the
white supremacist cause Patriot front is
a pipeline that feeds the rest of the
fascist street gangs and white
supremacist groups throughout the
country right now we're also watching a
lot of the fascist street gangs evolved
from the al-Qaeda model to the Isis
from Big top-down organizational
leadership structure to semi-independent
local cells
for as long as it's existed Patriot
front has been spinning off other
smaller local and Regional Neo-Nazi
organizations like nsc131 who've been
terrorizing New England
through Thomas Rousseau Patriot front
also functions as part of a broader
white supremacist Terror Network that
includes organizations such as white
lives matter National Justice party
nationalist Social Club active clubs the
rise above movement the Aryan Freedom
Network and Blood Tribe just to name a
in multiple task force Butler reports on
Patriot front we've documented where
these extraordinarily violent groups are
coordinating tax on communities of color
lgbtq folks and anyone who might wind up
in their path when they're out dressed
up in their Best Buy uniforms now
while they may look Goofy they're kind
of doing that on purpose while they're
distracting you with their Best Buy
cosplay they're also carrying deadly
metal weapons and they're wearing armor
because they're looking to physically
assault anyone who might bump into them
so here's what we want you to take away
from this today
when you see someone say well we can't
see their faces how many of them there
are or they look like they work at Best
Buy they're not that scary or you see
someone who you know who's fallen into
the maggot disinformation bubble say
something to the effect of oh they're
undercover feds there aren't real Nazi
organizations in the U.S
this is what you need to know
patriotfront is a violent terrorist
racketeering gang that primarily
functions to plan train and manufacture
weapons for the explicit purpose of
engaging in acts of violence and
harassment against minorities the lgbtq
plus community and others deemed enemies
by Patriot fronts leader Thomas Ryan
Russo their goal is to inspire
terrorists School shooters and other
Predators who want to destroy our
country using genocide
Russo likes to wrap himself up in
self-aggrandizing pseudo-intellectual
double speak and compare their wearing
of masks to that of the Boston Tea Party
and how they dressed up as Native
Rousseau claims that they're disguising
themselves to engage in so-called
activism that their criminality is
actually an expression of patriotism
that goes back to the founding fathers
this is garbage when a thief wears a
mask to rob a bank it's not an
expression of their patriotism or their
bravery standing up against a tyrannical
they're wearing masks because they're
criminals doing crimes and they don't
want to get caught
Ry front members wear masks to deceive
you and make you think that their
numbers are greater than they actually
we know from being inside the
organization that they bulk up local
actions by getting an assortment of
white supremacists from other
organizations to mask up with them and
wear those clownish uniforms just for
that one day
Patriot front members wear masks because
they're cowards they know that if
they're identified as part of a Neo-Nazi
organization that they're going to face
consequences at work at school with
their families and with their local
communities and finally Patriot front
members wear masks because they've been
diluted into thinking that Thomas
Rousseau's pathetic little cult is going
to give them a sense of purpose and
it doesn't Rousseau is a grifter coward
who is playing on people's fears and
grievances for his own personal and
economic gain
that is what Patriot front members tell
he may love to play dress-up and wreck
other white supremacist lives by
convincing them to break laws to impress
him but that doesn't make him less
dangerous because when Patriot front
members are eventually identified and
they're completely isolated from their
friends and family all they have left is
Rousseau and his cult that's why he
wants them to get arrested so he can
control them and so that they feel like
they have no choice but to send Rousseau
money to subsidize his lifestyle
now remember when I said that Thomas
Rousseau hangs out with pedophiles and
murderers we introduced you to the
murderous James Fields now let me
introduce you to Patriot front member
Jared Michael Boyce he was one of those
guys picked up in Idaho a few months ago
and he pleaded guilty to nine felony
counts of sexual exploitation of a minor
and a misdemeanor count of dealing in
material that's harmful to minors
we've recently covered the amount of
pedophilia in the white supremacist and
fascist street gangs you can find the
link in today's show notes
the five members of patriot front who
were just convicted last week Forest
Rankin Devon Center Derek Smith James
Michael Johnson and Robert Whitted they
will for the rest of their lives be
unable to scrub off the stink of Thomas
Ryan Russo
never be confused Thomas Rousseau is a
thug leading a gang of thugs who want to
terrorize our society into submission
because they truly believe in their
fever dream of a white ethno state
a task force Butler we're regularly
infiltrating their networks and imposing
legal real world costs on them there are
about two dozen more members of patriot
front who will be facing trial on those
same charges as part of the same
conspiracy to Riot including their
leader Thomas Rousseau and our research
and Reporting is helping to make sure
that they get convicted
every day a task force Butler we're
making it harder for them to fundraise
train and organize
and in order to do that work we need
your support
against all enemies is produced by Ken
Harbaugh in partnership with task force
baller our team includes our producer
Michael L cessor and the task force
Butler volunteer researchers who provide
much of the Intel and Analysis that will
be bringing straight to you in this new
show come back tomorrow for another
against all enemies please like And
subscribe to this Channel and share this
video with three friends who you know
care about democracy
and check us out at taskforce
see you soon
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