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PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:07 pm
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Reunion, by Charles Carreon

The fierce baying of the wolf
In the hours between midnight and dawn,
You in the old pea-coat of slavery,
Emblazoned with the hash-marks on the sleeve,
The names of your comrades inscribed
In small letters on the inside lapel.
The loving embrace of the son who is gone,
The broken hammer returned to the forge and remade,
Between the heart and mind, nails.

(Note: At around 3:33 a.m. on October 6, 2008, I woke from a vivid dream. I was at my mother's house, and she gave me the old pea-coat I'd worn in military school. On the arm some numbers were marked crudely, and on the inside lapel, the names of my old friends were written in small handwriting. I was delighted to have the coat, and put it on. My son Joshua was in the bathroom, taking a shower. My mother told me to eat half the food that was on my plate – a burrito and a cheese enchilada, and to leave the rest for Josh, but I said no, that I would go out to eat and he could have all of it. I put the enchiladas that she had cut for me back on the plate. I saw that Josh had already eaten a bite of the burrito, and was glad it was still warm. Joshua was in the bedroom, a little boy with his long hair cut in bangs, and told me excitedly about some poetry he had written with his friend Sam. I said it was really good. We hugged, passionately, with the sincere, aware delight of knowing that we were really hugging, that he was right there in my arms. Then he began to recite some very powerful poetry, very beautifully, with a confident delivery. As he reached the last line, his lips were smiling in triumph, like he knew he had impressed me. When I awoke, the last line echoed in my head, “Between the heart and mind, nails.” I couldn't forget it, but only heard the rhythm of the preceding lines, so I played the rhythm in my head, and the words fell into place instantly. I wrote them down in the dark, thinking I'd need to adjust them to get them to scan properly. But when I read them, the rhythm was perfect. Some tears ran down my face, and waves of feeling rippled through my whole body. I was happy. Joshua passed away in a car accident sometime between three and four a.m., February 17, 2006. In my mind, this poem that is very much in his style, is his gift to me. I share it with you as he no doubt intended.)


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Reverie, by Charles Carreon

bed of azure blue
coverlet of drifting cloud
flesh and bone at rest
eyes close, embrace
snow-covered hills

cool air blows clear in silence
pure wind skirts the drifted mountain
bristled branches of evergreen cast
crisp shadows
blue on naked snow


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Run Run Ambu Run, by Charles Carreon

Well everybody's heard
That Ambu's bad,
'Cause she dumped a cup of coffee
In DoubleFish's lap,
and she told Namdrol
He's full of crap,

Run run,
Ambu Run,
Run, run,
And we'll have some fun
Ridin' motorscooters in the summer sun

Well they give her lots a shit
Cause she's full of sass,
and acts like she's the best piece of ass,
But she tears up the malt shop
Like hell on wheels,
And nobody gets back all the things she steals.

Run, run,
Ambu run,
Run, run
Ambu run,
We'll be ridin' motorscooters in the evenin' sun.

Well the Buddhists thought they owned
the whole damn field,
But she borrowed a monster truck
to make things real,
And when they saw how things were lookin'
They just started bookin,
Straight for the parkin' lot.

Run, run
Ambu run,
Run, run,
Ambu run,
'Cause you're headed for the beach and some wild fun!

Well she poked old Kusum Lingpa
right in the eye,
Fixed up Segal with a beerful of lye,
Smoked out Cathy Burroughs
with her lace and leather,
Frowned her brows
And made Arch Stanton act better,
So they backed up a little,
Then they revved up a lot,
Which is when she peeled out
with her Hemi hot.

Run, run
Ambu run,
Run, run,
Ambu run,
And let's go ridin' motorscooters in the morning sun.

Run, run
Ambu run,
Run, run
Ambu Run,


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Safe From Realization, by Charles Carreon

This Buddha wisdom we so admire
Is likened to a funeral pyre
Consuming all,
It does not leave behind
A library.
The erudite
have nothing to fear from Nirvana;
it is farther away
each day.
This literary club
we so enjoy
is just a ploy
to avoid taking a walk
in the park.


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Sandwich, by Charles Carreon

Experiences are like bacon, lettuce and
tomato sandwiches;
Concepts are like toothpicks
holding them together.
What is the toast?
Heaven and earth, the rising
of the sun and moon.
What is the lettuce?
Nostalgia for the First Garden.
What is the tomato?
What is the bacon?
The addictive taste of desire.
What is the mayo?
Me and you. 


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Seed, by Charles Carreon


Through bare window,
silent sand.
Mist veils distant ranges in
light dust of azure powder.
Rising sun, one drop of blood,
suffuses mist with spectral corolla
of solar radiance.
At the heart of the sun,
a vibrational seed, the emanating stillpoint,
radiates warmth.
In the matrix of the seed,
amid nonfinite transparent lattice rays,
silence, a vast sky of light.
In the light,
intrinsic energy engulfs sense/knowing.
Engulfed in light, who rests
within/beyond self, sun, seed.
Seed sprouts,
again self, sun, one drop of blood.


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Shadow Children, by Charles Carreon

There in the shifting light
Lean the shadow children.
Seeking shelter from the cold--
Bleak survivors growing old,
They don't know what childhood is
They don't know what loving was,
They'll fade before the break of day,
Shadow children go away.
Go away.
I'd like to think that they
Are only figments of my mind,
But childish fingers clutch at me
And hang on tight to what they find.
Tracing fire in my soul,
Sobbing sorrow they grow old--
Shadow children full of weakness
Shadow children raised on bleakness
Shadow children come away
Come away to stay.


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She Was Born, by Charles Carreon

She was born from one drop of blood
So red so pure so hot
it couldn't be contained
in any vessel
and burned away everything
before she took form.

Her tongue so ripe
licks away the surface of change
to reveal the immutable skeleton of flame,
Her fangs so sharp
penetrate the arteries of pain,
Her lips so full
fasten on to the neck of grief
and drain all the dark blue blood
from the frame of the walking dead.

Desire unquenchable
causes her to writhe, yearning
to reach the heart of the matter,
To twist out the dark root
with claws so kind,
'till the rich red color of her
floods forth, drenching
the subject of her tender mercies
with release,
Leaving one more
Bubbling scarlet,
At last breathing free --
Then on to the next.

She was born for this work.


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Signs of the Times, by Charles Carreon

A man in a four-colored jacket beckons,
His silver buttons gleam.

A maid in a gown of emerald smiles,
Her eyes emit bright beams.

A dragon in his lair turns 'round,
His spines bestir the deep.

Ten million golden fishes flash
Their scales in your sleep.

Breathe deep the alien air my friend,
All things will come in time.

Remember never a man was hanged
Who spoke only in rhyme.


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Silver, by Charles Carreon

Limpid moon shining
over shaggy trees swaying,
barely, in the night breeze.
This is the world,
the one I long to pierce,
exploring the silvery forms,
the illusive gleam between
the seen and the perceived.
With the fox and the bat,
my eyes devour with gentle passion
the gossamer images that abundantly appear
in ever subtler subtlety,
the shadows of the trees,
the fingers of the leaves,
the tracery of branches
the wisping curls of cloud.
All night, dark and light,
changing places,
Dancing liquid starlight poured upon
the flesh of the eye.