Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson: An Objectively Impartial

That's French for "the ancient system," as in the ancient system of feudal privileges and the exercise of autocratic power over the peasants. The ancien regime never goes away, like vampires and dinosaur bones they are always hidden in the earth, exercising a mysterious influence. It is not paranoia to believe that the elites scheme against the common man. Inform yourself about their schemes here.

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CHAPTER 19: Beelzebub's tale about his second descent to the planet Earth

BEELZEBUB began thus: "I descended to your planet Earth for the second time only eleven of their centuries after my first descent.

"Shortly after my first descent a second catastrophe had occurred to that planet, but this one was local in character and did not threaten disaster on a great cosmic scale.

"During this second catastrophe, the continent of Atlantis, which at the time of my first descent had been the largest continent and the chief place of existence of the terrestrial three-brained beings, was engulfed within the planet along with other large and small land masses, as were most of the three-brained beings existing upon them, together with almost everything they had achieved and acquired in the course of centuries.

"In their place there emerged from within the planet other land masses forming new continents and islands, most of which still exist.

"It was on this very continent of Atlantis that the city of Samlios was situated where, do you remember, that young countryman of ours had existed who was the cause of my first descent in person.

"During this second great disaster to that planet, thanks to diverse circumstances, many of the three-brained beings who have taken your fancy nevertheless survived, and by the time of my second descent in person their posterity had already multiplied so much that they were now breeding on almost all the newly formed land masses.

"And in regard to the causes, conforming to law, which brought about their excessive multiplication, this also you will understand in the course of my further tales.

"Here, my boy, it will do no harm for you to take note that the beings of our tribe existing on that planet at the time of this catastrophe all escaped that 'apocalyptic end.'

"They escaped it for the following reasons:

"As I have already told you in one of our previous talks, at the time of my first descent most of the beings of our tribe who had chosen this planet of yours as their dwelling place existed on the continent of Atlantis.

"It appears that a year before this catastrophe our 'tribal pythoness' made a prophecy in which she called upon all our tribe to leave the continent of Atlantis and migrate to a smaller continent not far away, where they were to exist on a definite part of its surface that she indicated.

"This smaller continent was then called 'Grabontzi' and the part the 'pythoness' indicated did indeed escape the terrifying perturbation that occurred to all the other parts of the common presence of that ill-fated planet. "As a consequence of this perturbation the continent of Grabontzi, existing today under the name of 'Africa,' became much larger, as other land masses emerged from the water spaces of the planet and were added to it.

"So, my boy, our 'pythoness' was able to warn those members of our tribe who had been obliged to exist on your planet and thereby save them from an otherwise inevitable 'apocalyptic end'; and she was able to do this thanks to a special being-property which, by the way, can be acquired by beings only intentionally by means of what is called 'being-partkdolgduty,' about which I will tell you later.

"This time the reasons for my descent to the surface of that I planet were related to the following events:

"One day, on the planet Mars, we received an etherogram from the Center announcing the imminent appearance of certain Most High Sacred Individuals. And in fact, within half a Martian year, a number of archangels, angels, cherubim, and seraphim did appear there, the majority of whom had been members of the Most High Commission that had come to Mars at the time of the first great catastrophe to the planet Earth.

"Among these Most High Sacred Individuals was again His Conformity, the Angel—now already Archangel— Looisos who, during the first great catastrophe to the planet Earth, as you remember I recently told you, had been one of the chief administrators in charge of averting the possible consequences of that general cosmic misfortune.

"So, my boy, the day after the second appearance of those Sacred Individuals, His Conformity, accompanied by one of the seraphim, his second assistant, did me the honor to come to my house.

"After giving me his blessing, His Conformity condescended to reply to certain inquiries of mine about the Great Center, and then told me that after the collision of the comet Kondoor with the planet Earth, he and other responsible cosmic Individuals administering the affairs of 'harmonious world-existence' had frequently descended to this solar system to observe the effect of the measures they had taken to ward off the consequences of that cosmic miscalculation.

'And we descended,' His Conformity continued, 'because, although we had taken every possible precaution and had assured everyone that everything would be quite all right, we ourselves were not totally convinced that some unforeseen unpleasantness might not await us in the future.

"'Moreover it turned out that our apprehensions were partly justified though, thanks to chance, not in a serious form, that is to say, not on a general cosmic scale, since this new catastrophe affected only the planet Earth.

"'The second catastrophe to the planet Earth,' continued His Conformity, 'was due to the following circumstances:

"'When, during the first disaster, two large fragments were detached from this planet, the "center of gravity" of its entire presence had no time to shift to a corresponding new position. As a result, right up to the time of the second catastrophe, this planet existed with its "center of gravity" out of place, thanks to which ifs movement during that whole period was not uniformly harmonious and there often occurred, both within and upon it, various upheavals and displacements And it was just when the "center of gravity" finally shifted to the true center of the planet that the second catastrophe occurred.

"'But from now on,' added His Conformity with a shade of self-satisfaction, 'the existence of this planet will be quite normal from the point of view of common-cosmic harmony. This second cataclysm has finally put our minds completely at rest, and has convinced us that a catastrophe on a cosmic scale can never again occur on account of the planet Earth.

'Not only has this planet once more acquired a normal movement in the general cosmic equilibrium, but its two detached fragments, now called "Moon" and "Anulios," have also acquired a normal movement and have become independent, though small, "kofenshars," that is, additional planets, of the solar system Ors.

Having thought a moment, His Conformity went on to say:

'I have appeared to you, Your Reverence, just in order to talk over with you the future welfare of the large fragment of that planet existing today under the name of "Moon."

"'Not only,' His Conformity continued, 'has this fragment become an independent planet, but there is already proceeding on it the formation of an atmosphere, as is necessary for every planet serving the actualization of the Most Great Common-Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat. But now, Your Reverence, on that small, unexpectedly arisen planet, this regular process of the formation of an atmosphere is being hindered by an undesirable circumstance due to the three-brained beings existing on the planet Earth.

"'And this is why I decided to appeal to you, Your Reverence, to consent to undertake, in the name of our Uni-Being Creator, a task that would spare us the necessity of resorting to some extreme sacred process, unbecoming for any three-centered beings, and would, in some simpler way, remove this undesirable phenomenon by making use of the being-Reason they have in their presence.'

"His Conformity then explained to me in detail that after the second catastrophe to the Earth, the biped three-brained beings who had accidentally survived had again multiplied, and that the whole process of their existence was now concentrated on a large, newly formed continent called 'Ashhark,' where three large independent groups had been established, the first in a region then called 'Tikliamish,' the second in a region known as 'Maralpleicie,' and the third in a country which still exists and was then called 'Pearl-land.'

'In the psyche of the beings belonging to all three of these independent groups,' His Conformity went on to say, 'various peculiar "havatviernonis" have been formed, that is, certain psychic strivings, the total process of which they themselves call "religion."

"'Although these havatviernonis, or religions, have nothing in common, there is widely spread among all three groups a religious custom called "sacrificial offerings." This custom of theirs is based on the notion, which only their strange Reason could conceive of, that if they destroyed the existence of beings of other forms in honor of their "gods' and "idols," these imaginary gods and idols would find it very, very agreeable, and would help them without fail, always and in everything, to carry out their wild and fantastic enterprises.

"'This custom is now so widespread there and the destruction of the existence of beings of various forms has reached such proportions, that there is already a surplus of the sacred "askokin" required from the planet Earth for the maintenance of its former parts, a surplus, that is, of those vibrations that arise during the process of "rascooarno" of beings of every exterior form on that planet from which this sacred cosmic substance is required.

"'This surplus of the sacred "askokin" is already seriously hindering the correct exchange of substances between the Moon and its atmosphere, with the danger that the atmosphere may in consequence be formed abnormally, and later become an obstacle to the harmonious movement of the whole system Ors, and perhaps again give rise to yet another catastrophe on a great cosmic scale.

"'So, Your Reverence, my request consists in this, that since you are in the habit of often visiting various planets of this solar system, you should undertake the task of descending specially to the planet Earth and of trying to instill into the consciousness of these strange three-brained beings some idea of the senselessness of this notion of theirs.'

"After a few more words, His Conformity began to ascend, and when he was fairly high up, he added in a loud voice: 'Thereby, Your Reverence, you will be rendering a great service to our Uni-Being All-Embracing Endlessness.'

The SWORD is also the symbol of war and of the soldier. Wars, like thunderstorms, are often necessary to purify the stagnant atmosphere. War is not a demon, without remorse or reward. It restores the brotherhood in letters of fire. When men are seated in their pleasant places, sunken in ease and indolence, with Pretence and Incapacity and Littleness usurping all the high places of State, war is the baptism of blood and fire, by which alone they can be renovated. It is the hurricane that brings the elemental equilibrium, the concord of Power and Wisdom. So long as these continue obstinately divorced, it will continue to chasten.

In the mutual appeal of nations to God, there is the acknowledgment of His might. It lights the beacons of Faith and Freedom, and heats the furnace through which the earnest and loyal pass to immortal glory. There is in war the doom of defeat, the quenchless sense of Duty, the stirring sense of Honor, the measureless solemn sacrifice of devotedness, and the incense of success. Even in the flame and smoke of battle, the Mason discovers his brother, and fulfills the sacred obligations of Fraternity.

-- Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, by Albert Pike

"When these Sacred Individuals had left the planet Mars, I resolved to carry out this task at all costs and to be worthy, If only by this specific aid to our Unique Burden-Bearing Endlessness, of becoming a particle, though an independent one, of everything existing in the Great Universe. So, my boy, imbued with this resolve, the next day I flew on the same ship Occasion to your planet Earth.

"This time our ship alighted on a sea then called the 'Colhidius,' recently formed by perturbations during the second great disaster to your planet. This sea was situated in the northwestern part of the great, newly arisen continent of Ashhark, which at that period was the chief center of existence of the three-brained beings there.

"The other shores of this sea belonged to those newly emerged land masses that had become joined to the continent of Ashhark, and taken together were at first known as 'Frianktzanaralis' and a little later as 'Colhidchissi.' It must be remarked that both this sea and the lands just mentioned still exist, but of course they now have other names. For example, the continent of Ashhark is now called 'Asia'; the Colhidius Sea, the 'Caspian'; and all the Frianktzanaralis together are now known as the 'Caucasus.'

"The Occasion alighted on the Colhidius, or Caspian, Sea because it was the most convenient place for mooring our ship; moreover, it offered great advantages for my further travels, since a large river, which watered almost the entire country of Tikliamish, flowed into it from the east. On the banks of this river stood the capital, the city of 'Koorkalai.'

"As the greatest center of existence of these favorites of yours was then the country of 'Tikliamish,' I decided to go there first.

"Here it might as well be added that although this large river, then called the 'Oxoseria,' still exists today, it no longer flows into the Caspian Sea because, as a result of a minor planetary tremor, it was diverted to the north about halfway down its course and flowed into one of the hollows on the surface of the continent of Ashhark, where it gradually formed a small sea still known as the 'Aral Sea.' By close observation the old bed of that great river now called the " 'Amu Darya' can be seen even at the present day.

"At the time of this second descent of mine in person, the country of Tikliamish had come to be considered, as indeed it was, the richest and most fertile of all the lands suitable for ordinary being-existence on that planet.

"But when a third great catastrophe occurred to that ill-fated planet, this flourishing country, along with other more or less fertile regions, was covered by 'kashmanoonoms,' or as they say, by 'sands.' After this third catastrophe the country of Tikliamish was long known as the 'Hungry Desert'; but nowadays the different parts have different names, and what was once its principal part is called 'Karakum,' which means 'black sands.'

"During that period the second quite independent group of three-brained beings on the continent of Ashhark dwelt in the country then called 'Maralpleicie.' Later, when this second group established a central place of existence, they called it the city of 'Gob,' and for a long time the whole country was called 'Goblandia.'

"This region in its turn was covered by 'kashmanoonoms,' and today the chief part of this once flourishing country is known simply as the 'Gobi Desert.'

"As for the third entirely independent group, the place of its existence was in the southeastern part of the continent of Ashhark, opposite Tikliamish, and on the other side of those abnormal projections of the continent that had been formed during the second catastrophe to this ill-fated planet.

"As I have already told you, the place of existence of this third group was then called Pearl-land.

"The name of this region also was changed many times, and at present the whole of that part of the land surface of your planet is known as 'Hindustan' or 'India.'

"It must be noted here without fail that at the time of my second descent in person to the surface of your planet, there Was present in all the three-brained beings of these three independent groups, instead of the impulse called 'needful.'

striving for self-perfection,' which should be in every three-brained being, an also needful but very strange striving already thoroughly crystallized, to have all the other beings of their planet consider their country the 'center of culture' of the whole Earth.

"This very strange needful striving had become for each of the three-centered beings of your planet the principal meaning and aim of existence and, in consequence, bitter struggles, both material and psychic, were constantly proceeding among the beings of the three independent groups for the attainment of this aim.

"So, my boy . . .

"From the Colhidius Sea, now the Caspian, we then set off on 'selchanakhs,' that is, on rafts of a special kind, up the river Oxoseria or, as it is now called, the 'Amu Darya.' We sailed for fifteen terrestrial days and finally arrived at the capital of the beings of the first Asiatic group.

"As soon as we were settled in the city of Koorkalai I began visiting the 'kaltaani' there, that is, those establishments which were later called on the continent of Ashhark 'chaikhanas,' 'ashkhanas,' 'caravanserais,' and so on, and which contemporary beings on that planet, especially those breeding on the continent of 'Europe,' call 'cafés,' 'restaurants,' 'clubs,' 'dance halls,' 'meeting places,' and so on.

"I began with these establishments because on the planet Earth, in those days just as now, there was no place where one could observe and study so well the specific peculiarities of the psyche of the beings of a country. And this was exactly what I needed in order to make clear to myself their real, inner essence-attitude toward the custom of sacrificial offerings, and to enable me more readily to draw up a plan of action to achieve the aim for which I had made this second descent to your planet.

"During my visits to those kaltaani I met a number of beings, among whom was one I happened to see rather often. This three-brained being whom I frequently met was by profession a 'priest'; his name was Abdil.

"Since most of my personal activities during this second descent were concerned with the external circumstances in which this priest Abdil had become involved, and since I had to go to a great deal of trouble on his account, I shall tell you about him more or less in detail. Moreover, from these tales you will be able to understand the results I obtained in pursuit of my aim of uprooting from the strange psyche of your favorites their need to destroy the existence of beings of other forms in order to 'please and appease' their gods and revered idols.

"Although this terrestrial being, who afterward became as dear to me as one of my own kin, was not a priest of the highest rank, he was well versed in the teaching of the religion then dominant in Tikliamish, and also knew well the psyche of the followers of that religion, particularly of course of the members of what is called his 'flock.'

"As soon as we were on friendly terms, I discovered that in the being of the priest Abdil, owing to many external circumstances, among others his heredity and the conditions in which he had been prepared to become a responsible being, the function called 'conscience,' which should be present in every three-centered being, was not yet altogether atrophied. So, when he recognized with his Reason certain cosmic truths I explained to him, he at once acquired in his presence almost that attitude toward other beings that is proper to all normal three-brained beings of the whole universe; in other words he became 'compassionate' and 'sensitive' to the beings around him.

"Before I tell you more about this priest Abdil, you must know that on the continent of Ashhark the terrible custom of sacrificial offerings was then at its height, and that the destruction of various weak 'one-brained' and 'two-brained' beings was proceeding everywhere in incalculable numbers.

"At that period, whenever the members of a household appealed to some imaginary 'god' or make-believe 'saint,' they invariably vowed that in return for good fortune they would destroy, in honor of that god or saint, the existence of some being, or even of several at once. And if by chance good fortune befell them, they would fulfill their vow with the utmost piety; while if it turned out otherwise, they would increase the slaughter, in the hope of eventually winning the favor of their imaginary patron.

"For this purpose these favorites of yours went so far as to divide the beings of all other forms into 'clean' and 'unclean.' They called 'unclean' those beings the destruction of whose existence was supposedly displeasing to their gods, and 'clean' those beings whose destruction was supposedly most agreeable to the various fantastic idols they revered.

"These sacrifices were offered not only privately by individual beings in their own houses, but also by large groups and sometimes by the whole populace. They even had special places for slaughterings of this kind, preferably near buildings erected in memory of something or somebody, usually of some 'saint'—a 'saint,' of course, whom they themselves had elevated to sainthood.

"There were several of these public places at that time in the country of Tikliamish, where the mass destruction of beings of different exterior forms was carried out, and the most celebrated of these was on top of a small mountain, where once upon a time a certain wonder-worker, Aliman, was supposed to have been 'taken up alive' to some heaven or other.

"In this place, as in others like it, especially at set times of the year, they destroyed vast numbers of beings called 'oxen,' 'sheep,' 'doves,' and so on— and sometimes even beings like themselves. In the last case, the strong usually brought the less strong to be sacrificed: a father, for instance, brought his son; a husband his wife; an elder brother his younger brother, and so on. But for the most part the victims were 'slaves,' who were usually what are called 'captives,' in other words, beings of a conquered community which had lost its importance through the action of the law of 'Solioonensius'; that is, in a period when the tendency to reciprocal destruction was intensified in the presence of your favorites.

"This custom of 'pleasing their gods' by destroying the existence of other beings is still followed on your planet, though not on the same scale as when these abominations were perpetrated on the continent of Ashhark.

"Well, my boy, during the early days of my stay in the town of Koorkalai I often talked with my friend the priest Abdil on various subjects, taking care of course to avoid questions that might have betrayed my real nature.

"Like almost all the three-brained beings I met on each of my descents, he took me for a being of his own planet, but considered me very learned and an authority on the psyche of his fellow beings.

"From our earliest meetings, the sensitivity and concern with which he spoke about beings like himself always touched me deeply. And when my Reason had clearly recognized that the function of 'conscience,' transmitted to him by heredity and fundamental for all three-centered beings, had not yet quite atrophied in him, there arose, and eventually became crystallized in my presence, a 'really functioning needful striving' toward him, as though he were a kinsman of my own nature.

From that moment, according to the cosmic law that 'every cause gives birth to a corresponding result,' the priest Abdil began to experience 'silnegordpana' toward me, or as your favorites would say, a feeling of 'trusting another as oneself.'

"So, my boy, no sooner was all this clearly evident to my Reason than the idea occurred to me to avail myself of this first terrestrial friend of mine to accomplish the task for the sake of which my second descent had been made. And I then began intentionally leading all our conversations toward the question of sacrificial offerings.

"Although many years have passed since I talked with that terrestrial friend of mine, I can still remember one of our conversations and repeat it to you word for word. I wish to repeat that particular talk, which was the last I had with him, because it served as the starting point of all the events which, though they brought the planetary existence of my terrestrial friend to a painful end, nevertheless opened to him the possibility of continuing the task of self-perfecting.

"This last talk took place in his house.

"I explained to him frankly the utter stupidity and absurdity of the custom of sacrificial offerings.

"What I said was this: 'Good. You have a religion, a faith in something. It is very good to have faith in something, whatever it may be, even if you don't know exactly in whom or in what—even if you have not the least idea of the significance and the possibilities of what you have faith in. To have faith, whether consciously or even quite unconsciously, is very necessary and desirable for every being.

'And it is desirable because it is by faith, and by faith alone, that there can appear the intensity of being-self-consciousness necessary for everyone, as well as the valuation of one's own personal being as a particle of everything existing in the Universe.

"'But what has the destruction of the existence of another being to do with this faith—above all when you destroy it in the name of its Creator? Does not that "life," which He created as He created yours, have the same value as your own?

"'Making use of your psychic strength and cunning, that is, those data with which our Common Creator has endowed you for the perfecting of your Reason, you take advantage of the psychic weakness of other beings and destroy their existence.

"'Do you understand, you wretched creature, what an evil deed, in the objective sense, you commit by this?

"'First of all, by destroying the existence of other beings you reduce for yourself the number of factors, the sum of whose results can alone provide the conditions required for the self-perfecting of beings like yourself; and in the second place, you diminish or entirely destroy the hopes of our Common Father Creator in those possibilities put into you as a three-brained being upon whom He counts as a help for the future.

"'The absurdity of this terrible being-action is already obvious in your imagining that by destroying the existence of another being you are doing something pleasing to the very One who intentionally created that being. Can it be that the thought has never even entered your head that if our Common Father Creator also created this "life," He probably did so for some definite purpose?'

"Think,' I said further, 'think a little, not like a "Khorassanian donkey," as you have been used to thinking during your whole existence, but think a little honestly and sincerely, as is proper for a being to think who is, as you say yourself, made "in the image of God." Could it be that, when creating you and the beings you destroy, our Creator would have written on the foreheads of certain of His own Creatures that they were to be destroyed in His honor and glory? Anyone who thinks seriously and sincerely about it, even an idiot from "Albion's Isles," will be able to understand that this could never be.

'This is only an invention of men—men who say they are "in the image and likeness of God"; it does not come from Him who created men and these other beings of different forms which they destroy, as they fancy, for His pleasure and satisfaction. For Him there is no difference between the life of men and the life of beings of any other form. Men are "life" and the beings of other exterior forms I are "life."

'In His wisdom He has foreseen that Nature should adapt different exterior forms of beings to the conditions and circumstances in which the process of their existence is destined to flow.

'Take yourself, for example: with your internal and external organs, could you go jump into the water and live there like a fish?

'Of course not, because you have neither the "gills," "fins," nor "tail" of a fish: you are not a "life" destined to exist in a medium such as water.

"'If it occurred to you to go live in the water, you would soon choke, and sink to the bottom, where you would become hors d'oeuvre for those same fish who, in their own medium, would naturally be incomparably stronger than you.

'It is the same for the fish. Could one of them come and sit at this table with us and sip the "green tea" we are now enjoying? Certainly not! It has not the corresponding organs for manifestations of this kind.

'It was created for the water, and its internal and external organs are adapted to that clement, which is the only one where it can manifest itself effectively, and fulfill the purpose of its existence preordained by the Creator. 'Again in your case, your external and internal organs were created by our Common Creator in a corresponding manner. You are given feet so that you can walk, and hands to prepare and take the necessary food. Your nose and the organs connected with it are so adapted that you may take in and transform in yourself those cosmic substances that serve, in three-brained beings like yourself, to coat the two higher being-bodies—on one of which rests the hope of our Common All-Embracing Creator, for help in His need to actualize what He has foreseen for the good of everything existing.

"'In short, our Common Creator has given Nature the corresponding principle that enables her to coat and adapt all your internal and external organs in accordance with that sphere in which the process of existence of beings with such a brain-system as yours is destined to flow.

"'To illustrate this, take your own "donkey," now tied up in its stall. Even in regard to your own donkey, you abuse the possibilities given you by our Common Creator, for if this donkey is compelled to stand unwillingly in your stable, it does so only because it was created two-brained; and it was created two-brained because that organization of its common presence is necessary for cosmic existence on the planet. And therefore it is according to law that the possibility of "logical mentation" is lacking in your donkey's presence and, in consequence, it is according to law that it should be what you call "dullwitted" or "stupid."

"'As for yourself, although you were created for this same purpose of cosmic existence on planets, you were created also as a "field of hope" for our Common All-Gracious Creator, in other words, with the possibility of coating in your presence that Higher Sacred for whose arising the whole of our now existing world was created. Yet in spite of the possibilities given you, that is, in spite of your having been created three-brained and thus capable of logical mentation, you do not use this sacred property for its preordained purpose, but manifest it as "cunning" toward His other creatures such as, for example, your own donkey.

'Apart from the possibilities given you of consciously coating this Higher Sacred in your presence, your donkey has the same value for the common-cosmic process, and consequently for our Common Creator, as yourself, since each of you is predestined for some definite purpose, and all these different purposes, taken together, constitute the meaning of everything existing.

"'The only difference between you and your donkey lies in the form and quality of functioning of the internal and external organization of your common presence. For instance, you have only two legs, whereas your donkey has four, any one of which is immeasurably stronger than yours. Can you on those two weak legs of yours carry as much as that donkey can? Certainly not, because your legs were given you only for carrying yourself and the little that is necessary for the normal existence of a three-brained being as foreseen by Nature.

"'This unequal distribution of power and strength, which at first sight may appear unjust on the part of our Most Just Creator, was made by Great Nature solely because the surplus of cosmic substances granted you by the foresight of the Creator and by Nature for the purpose of personal self-perfecting is not given to your donkey, but instead of this Great Nature herself transforms this surplus of cosmic substance in the donkey's presence—without, of course, the donkey being aware of it—into the power and strength of certain of its organs for its present existence alone, thus enabling it to manifest that power incomparably better than you.

'And these manifestations of the different powers of beings of diverse forms constitute in their totality the exterior conditions that alone make it possible for three-brained beings like yourself consciously to perfect the "germ of Reason" placed in their presence to the required gradation of pure Objective Reason.

"'I repeat: all beings, large and small, of all brain systems without exception, existing on the Earth, within the Earth, in the air, or beneath the waters—all are equally necessary to our Common Creator for the common harmony of universal existence.

"'And since all these forms of beings, taken as a whole, constitute the form of the process of universal existence required by our Creator, the essence of each being is equally dear and equally valuable to Him. For our Common Creator all beings are only particles of the existence of one whole Essence spiritualized by Himself.

"'But what do we see around us here now? One of the forms of beings created by Him, the very form in whose presence He has placed all His hopes for the future welfare of everything existing, taking advantage of its superiority to lord it over other forms, destroying their existence right and left and, what is more, allegedly "in His Name."

"'These monstrous and sacrilegious acts are committed in every house and on every square, yet it never enters the head of any of these unfortunates that those beings whose existence you and I are destroying are just as dear to Him who created them as we ourselves, and that if He created those other forms of beings it must also have been for some purpose.'

"Having said all this to my friend, the priest Abdil, I went on: 'And the most deplorable thing is that every man who destroys the existence of other beings in honor of his revered idols does so with all his heart, convinced beyond any doubt that he is doing a "good deed."

'If any one of them should become aware that in destroying the existence of another being he is not only committing an evil deed against the true God and every real saint, but is even causing them, in their essence, sorrow and grief that there should exist in the Great Universe such monsters made "in the image of God," who can manifest themselves so ruthlessly and without conscience toward other creatures of our Common Father—I repeat, if any one of them should become aware of this, he would certainly agree with all his heart never again to destroy the existence of beings of other forms for sacrificial offerings.

'Then perhaps on the Earth also there would be observed the eighteenth commandment of our Common Creator " ' "Love everything that breathes."

'Destroying the existence of His other creatures as an offering to God is just like some vandal breaking into your house and wantonly destroying all the "goods" there that have taken you years to collect and cost you so much labor and suffering.

'Think—but I say again, think seriously Picture to yourself what I have just said and then tell me would you like it? Would you thank the shameless vandal who broke into your house? No! A million times no! On the contrary, your whole being would be outraged, you would want to punish the scoundrel, and with every fiber of your psyche you would try to find a means of revenge.

"'You would no doubt reply that all this is true enough and so on and so forth, "but after all I am only a man " Yes, indeed, you are only a man It is fortunate that God is God, and not vindictive and evil like man Certainly He will not punish you or take revenge upon you, as you would have done to the vandal who destroyed the goods it had taken you years to collect.

'It goes without saying God forgives everything—this has even become a law in the world.

"'But His creatures—men in this case—should not abuse His all-gracious and everywhere-penetrating Goodness, it is their duty not only to watch over all that He has created but also to maintain it.

"'Yet here on Earth men have even divided beings of all other forms into "clean" and "unclean." Tell me, what guided them when they made this division? Why, for instance, is a sheep "clean" and a lion "unclean"? Are they not equally beings? This also was invented by men. But why this invention, why this distinction? Simply because the sheep is a weak being, and moreover stupid, and they can do just what they like with it.

"'But men call the lion "unclean" only because they dare not do what they like with it. The lion is cleverer and above all stronger than they are. Not only will the lion not allow itself to be destroyed, it will not even let people come near it. And if anyone should venture too close, this Mister Lion would give him such a crack on the noddle that our hero's life would fly away to regions concerning which the less said the better.

"'I repeat, a lion is "unclean" simply because men are afraid of it; it is a hundred times stronger than they are, a hundred times superior. A sheep is "clean" because it is much weaker than they and, as I said before, much more stupid.

"'Every being, according to its nature and the gradation of Reason attained by its ancestors and transmitted by heredity, occupies a definite place among beings of other forms.

'To clarify what I have just said, a good example is the difference between the presence, already definitely crystallized, of the psyche of your dog and your cat. You have only to pet your dog a little and get it used to anything you please, and it will become affectionate and obedient to the point of abasement. It will follow you around and cut every sort of caper just to please you. You can take liberties with it, beat it, be thoroughly mean to it; it will never turn on you, but only grovel still more at your feet.

'But try this sort of thing on your cat. Do you think it will respond to these indignities as your dog did, and cut the same humble capers for your amusement? Never in the world! Even if the cat is not strong enough to retaliate at once, it will never forget how you treated it, and sooner or later will get its revenge.

'There are stones of cats that have pounced on a man while he slept and bitten his throat, and I can well believe it, knowing what the cat's reasons may have been No, the cat will stand up for itself, it knows its own value, it is proud, and this is simply because it is a cat, and its nature is at that gradation of Reason which belongs to it according to the merits of its ancestors In any case no being, not even a man, should be angry with a cat for this Is it the cat's fault that it is a cat, and that owing to the merits of its ancestors its presence occupies that gradation of "self-consciousness"? A cat must not be despised for this, nor beaten, nor humiliated, on the contrary it should be given its due, as occupying a higher rung on the ladder of evolution of "self-consciousness."'

"By the way, my dear Hassein, on this subject of the mutual relations of beings, a famous former prophet from the planet 'Desagroanskrad,' the great Arhoonilo, now the assistant to the Chief Investigator of the whole Universe on matters of objective morality, once said 'If a being is higher than you in Reason, you should bow before him and try to imitate him in everything, but if he is lower than you, you should be just toward him, for you once occupied the same place, according to the Sacred Scale of Reason of our Creator and All-Maintainer.'

"So, my dear boy, this last conversation with that Earth friend of mine, the priest Abdil, made such a strong impression on him that for two whole days he did nothing but think and think In short, the result of it all was that he began to cognize and sense almost as he should have about the custom of 'sacrificial offerings.'

"Several days after this conversation of ours, one of the two big religious festivals in Tikliamish took place, the festival called 'Zadik'; and in the temple where he was the chief priest my friend Abdil, instead of delivering the usual sermon at the close of the ceremony, suddenly began speaking about 'sacrificial offerings.'

"I happened to go to the temple that day and was one of those who heard him speak. Although the theme of this sermon was unusual for such an occasion and such a place, it shocked no one, for he spoke better and more beautifully than ever before. He spoke so well and sincerely, and illustrated his theme with so many vivid and persuasive examples, that many of his listeners began to weep.

"His words produced such a strong impression on the whole congregation that although his sermon lasted into the next day, instead of the customary half hour or so, nobody wished to leave; and when it was over, everyone remained standing for a long time as if spellbound.

"In the days that followed, certain passages from his sermon began to circulate among those who had not been there to hear it.

"It is interesting to remark that it was the custom at that time for priests to exist solely on the offerings of their parishioners, and this priest Abdil had been receiving from his flock all kinds of food for his ordinary existence, for instance the roasted and boiled 'corpses' of beings of various exterior forms, such as chickens, sheep, geese, and so on. But after this famous sermon of his no one brought him any of these customary offerings, but only brought or sent him fruits, flowers, all kinds of handiwork, and other such products.

"My terrestrial friend became overnight the 'fashionable priest' of Koorkalai. And not only was the temple where he officiated always crammed with the citizens of the town, but he was also in great demand to preach in other temples. He delivered many sermons against sacrificial offerings, and the number of his admirers kept on growing, so that soon he was famous not only among the beings of the capital but throughout the whole country of Tikliamish.

"I do not know how it would all have ended had not the whole priesthood— that is, men-beings of the same profession as my friend—become alarmed by his popularity and I begun to oppose everything he preached. Obviously his colleagues were afraid that if the custom of sacrificial offerings were to disappear, their own excellent incomes would disappear also, and their authority would soon totter and finally crumble away altogether.

"Day by day the number of the priest Abdil's enemies increased, and they spread new slanders and innuendoes about him in order to lessen his popularity and destroy his authority.

"His colleagues began delivering sermons in their temples proving the exact opposite of everything Abdil had said.

"At last things came to such a pass that the priesthood bribed various beings with 'hasnamussian' properties to plan and commit all sorts of outrages upon this poor Abdil. And indeed these terrestrial nullities tried several times to destroy his existence by sprinkling poison on the various edible offerings brought to him.

"In spite of all this, the number of sincere admirers of his preaching grew daily.

"Finally the whole corporation of the priesthood could stand it no longer and one sad day my friend was brought to trial before the ecclesiastical high court, which sat for four days. By sentence of the high court, this Earth friend of mine was irrevocably expelled from the priesthood, and at the same meeting his colleagues also organized further ways of persecuting him.

"All this, of course, had a strong effect on the psyche of the ordinary beings, so that even those who had formerly respected him the most began to avoid him and to repeat all sorts of calumnies about him. The very ones who the day before had sent him flowers and other offerings, those who had almost worshiped him, were soon affected by the constant gossip and became his bitter enemies, as though he had not only insulted them personally but had slaughtered all their near and dear ones.

"Such is the psyche of the beings of that peculiar planet.

"In short, my friend's sincere wish for the good of those around him caused him only pain and suffering. But even this would hardly have mattered, if in a crowning act of treachery his colleagues, aided by other 'godlike' terrestrial beings, had not brought all this to an end; that is to say, they killed him.

"This happened in the following way. My friend had no relatives at all in the city of Koorkalai, as he was born in some distant place. And the hundreds of servants and other terrestrial nullities who had flocked around him when he was in a prominent position gradually left him when he lost his importance.

"Toward the end there remained only one very aged being, who had been with him for a long time. To tell the truth, this old man had stayed with him only on account of the infirmities of age which, owing to abnormal being-existence, are the inevitable lot of most of your favorites—in other words, owing to his complete uselessness for anything required in the ordinary conditions of being-existence there. He simply had no other place to go, and that was why he did not desert my friend, but stayed with him even after he had lost his importance and was being persecuted.

"Well, this old man went into my friend's room one sad morning and saw that his planetary body had been hacked to pieces. Knowing of my friendship with him, he ran at once to tell me about it. "I have already told you that I had begun to love the priest Abdil as though he were one of my own kin. So when I heard about this terrible event, there almost occurred in my presence a 'skinikoonartsino,' that is to say, the connections between my separate being-centers were almost shattered.

"But later that same day I became afraid that some unconscionable being might commit further outrages on my friend's planetary body and I decided to ward off at least that danger. So I immediately hired several suitable beings for a large sum of money and, unbeknownst to anybody else, had his planetary body removed and placed temporarily on my 'selchanakh,' or raft, which was moored not far away on the Oxoseria River and which I had kept there with the intention of returning on it to the Colhidius Sea, and to our ship Occasion.

"This sad end of my friend Abdil's existence did not prevent his sermons and exhortations from having a strong effect on a growing number of beings. And indeed the quantity of sacrificial slaughterings began to diminish perceptibly and it became evident that, even if this custom were not abolished, it would at least be considerably mitigated. And for the time being that was enough for me.

"As there was no reason for me to stay there any longer, I decided to return at once to the Colhidius Sea, and then to consider what to do with the planetary body of my friend.

"When I reached our ship Occasion I found an etherogram from Mars, informing me of the arrival there of another party of beings from the planet Karatas, and asking for my speedy return.

"Thanks to this etherogram a very strange idea came into my head, namely, that instead of disposing of my friend's planetary body on the Earth, I might take it with me and give it to the presence of the planet Mars.

"I decided to carry out this idea, for I feared that in their hatred, my friend's enemies might make a search for his planetary body; and if they happened to hear where it had been returned to the presence of their planet or, as your favorites say, 'buried,' they would no doubt find it and perpetrate further outrages upon it.

"And so, on the ship Occasion I soon ascended from the Colhidius Sea to the planet Mars, where the beings of our tribe, with the aid of several kind Martians who had already learned of the events that had just taken place on the Earth, paid due respect to the planetary body that I had brought back with me. They buried it with the ceremonies customary on the planet Mars, and over the burial place erected a suitable construction.

"In any case this was the first and will surely be the last 'grave,' as your favorites call it, for a being of the Earth on this at once so near yet so far and, for terrestrial beings, quite inaccessible planet Mars.

"I learned afterward that this story came to the attention of the Most Great Archangel Setrenotsinarco, the All-Quarters Maintainer of that part of the Universe to which the system Ors belongs, and that he manifested his approval by giving to the appropriate being a command concerning the soul of this terrestrial friend of mine.

"On the planet Mars I did indeed find awaiting me several beings of our tribe, recently arrived from the planet Karatas. Among them, by the way, was your grandmother, who, according to the indications of the chief 'zirlikner' of the planet Karatas, had been designated for me as the passive half for the continuation of my line."
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Re: Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson: An Objectively Impart

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The third flight of Beelzebub to the planet Earth

AFTER A BRIEF pause Beelzebub continued:

"This time I stayed at home on the planet Mars for a very short while, only long enough to see and talk with those who had just arrived, and to give certain instructions of a common tribal character.

"Once these obligations were taken care of, I descended again to your planet with the intention of pursuing my aim, that is, to uproot from those strange three-centered beings their horrible custom, which they considered a sacred duty, of destroying the existence of beings of other brain-systems.

"On my third descent to the planet Earth our ship Occasion did not alight on the Colhidius Sea, now called the 'Caspian,' but on the sea known at that period as the 'Sea of Beneficence. ' We decided to alight there because this time I wished to go to the capital of the beings of the second group on the continent of Ashhark, the city of 'Gob,' which was situated on the southeastern shore of that sea.

"The city of Gob was then a large city, and was renowned over the whole planet for its production of fine 'fabrics' and what are called 'precious ornaments.' The city spread over both banks of the mouth of a large river, called the 'Keria Chi,' which rose in the eastern highlands of the country and emptied into the Sea of Beneficence. On its western side another large river, called the 'Naria Chi,' flowed into the same sea. And it was chiefly in the valleys of these two rivers that the beings of the second group on the continent of Ashhark existed.

"If you like, my dear boy, I will tell you a little about the history of these beings," Beelzebub said to Hassein.

"Yes, Grandfather, please! I shall listen to it all with great interest and gratitude!" replied his grandson.

So Beelzebub began "A long, long time before the period of my present tale, and even long before the second great catastrophe to that ill-fated planet, while the continent of Atlantis was still at the height of its splendor, one of the ordinary three-centered beings of that continent 'discovered'—as later became clear through my investigations—that the powdered horn of a being of a particular exterior form then called 'pirmaral' was a very effective remedy for all sorts of 'diseases,' and this 'discovery' was afterward circulated far and wide by various 'freaks' on your planet At the same time there was gradually crystallized in the Reason of ordinary beings a directing factor, of course illusory, which later contributed to the formation in the common presence of each of your favorites, especially the contemporary ones, the 'Reason' of their so-called 'waking existence,' and this factor is to a large extent the cause of the frequent change in their convictions.

"Owing to this factor, crystallized in the presence of the three-brained beings of that period, it became the custom that anyone who 'fell ill,' as they say, of some disease or other had to be given a dose of this powdered horn to swallow.

"You might be interested to know that pirmarals still breed on your planet, but the contemporary beings take them merely for one of the species they call 'deer' and have no special name for them.

"Well, my boy, the beings of the continent of Atlantis destroyed so many of these pirmarals for the sake of their horns that soon not a single one was left there Then certain beings of that continent who had made a profession of hunting pirmarals went to look for them on other continents and islands.

"This kind of hunting presented great difficulties, for it took many hunters to round up and capture the pirmarals, so these professional hunters always took their whole families along with them to help. One day several of these families banded together and set off to hunt pirmarals on a distant continent then called 'Iranan,' which later, after the upheavals caused by the second catastrophe, was called the continent of 'Ashhark,' and today is known by your favorites as 'Asia.'

"For my further tales concerning these three-brained beings who have taken your fancy, it will be useful for you, I think, if I emphasize here that because of various disturbances during the second terrestrial catastrophe, certain parts of the continent of Iranan entered within the planet, while in their place other land masses emerged and attached themselves to it, with the result that this continent was considerably changed, becoming almost as large as the continent of Atlantis before the catastrophe.

"Well, my boy, one day while this group of hunters and their families were pursuing a herd of these pirmarals, they came to the shores of the water space later called the 'Sea of Beneficence.' This sea, with its rich and fertile shores, pleased them so greatly that they no longer wished to return to the continent of Atlantis, and from then on they remained in that region.

"At that time this country was indeed so marvelous and so 'sooptaninalnian' for ordinary being-existence that no being in his right mind could help liking it. Not only did great herds of the two-brained beings called 'pirmarals' exist there, but the shores of this water space situated in the middle of that country were covered with luxuriant vegetation, including vast numbers of fruit trees of many kinds, whose fruit then still served your favorites as the principal product for their 'first being-food.'

"And there were also such multitudes of the one-brained and two-brained beings called 'birds' that when flocks of them passed overhead, the sky became, as your favorites say, 'quite dark.'

"The waters of the Sea of Beneficence so abounded with fish that you could almost catch them with your bare hands "As for the soil along the shores of the sea and in the valleys of the two great rivers flowing into it, every inch was so fertile that it could be used to grow anything you like.

"In short, the country and its climate so delighted the hunters and their families that none of them had any desire to return to the continent of Atlantis. So they settled there and multiplied, soon adapting themselves to the surrounding conditions and existing, as is said, 'on a bed of roses.'

"At this place in my tale, I must tell you about an extraordinary coincidence that had important consequences both for the first settlers of this second group and for their descendants down to recent times.

"It seems that when the hunters from the continent of Atlantis decided to settle by the Sea of Beneficence, there already existed on the shores of that sea a being from their own continent who was very important at that time and who was an 'astrosovor,' that is, a member of a section of a 'learned society,' the like of which has never again appeared on the planet Earth and probably never will.

"This learned society was called the 'Society of Akhldanns.'

"The circumstances that had brought this member of the Society of Akhldanns to the shores of the Sea of Beneficence were as follows:

"Just before the second catastrophe those genuinely learned beings then existing on the continent of Atlantis who had founded that truly great society became aware that something very serious was about to happen on their planet So they set themselves to observe very carefully all the natural phenomena on their continent, but in spite of all their efforts they could not find out precisely what was impending. Somewhat later they sent certain of their members to other continents and islands, in the hope that by their combined observations they might learn what the anticipated danger was.

"These members were to observe not only natural processes on the planet Earth, but also every kind of 'celestial phenomenon.' One of these members, the important being I just mentioned, chose the continent of Iranan for his observations and, having migrated there with his servants, settled on the shores of that water space later called the 'Sea of Beneficence.'

"One day this learned member of the Akhldanns chanced to meet some of the hunters on the shores of this sea and, learning that they too had come from Atlantis, he was naturally very glad and began to establish friendly relations with them.

"Thus, shortly afterward, when the continent of Atlantis was engulfed within the planet, this learned Akhldann, having no longer a place to return to, remained with the hunters in that future Maralpleicie.

"Later, the group of hunters chose this learned being, as the most intelligent, to be their chief. Still later, this member of the great Society of Akhldanns married one of the hunters' daughters, named Rimala, thus becoming the founder of the second group on the continent of Ashhark or, as it is now called, 'Asia.'

"A long time passed.

"In this country, generations of three-brained beings arose and disappeared and, as everywhere else on the Earth, the general level of the psyche of this group underwent many changes, sometimes of course for the better, sometimes for the worse.

"As their numbers grew, these beings gradually spread more and more widely over the country, though always preferring the shores of the Sea of Beneficence and the valleys of the two great rivers that emptied into it.

"Only much later a common center of existence was formed on the southeastern shore of the sea, and this city, named the city of 'Gob,' became the chief place of residence for the head of this second group of beings, whom they called a 'king ' This position of 'king' became hereditary, beginning with the first chief they had chosen, the learned member of the Society of Akhldanns.

"At the time to which my present tale refers, the king of the beings of this second group was the grandson of the great-grandson of that learned being, his name was Koniutsion.

"My later inquiry and investigation showed that this King Koniutsion had introduced a most wise and beneficial measure in order to uproot a 'terrifying' evil that had arisen among the beings who by the will of fate had become his subjects.

"And he introduced this measure in the following circumstances:

"One day King Koniutsion observed that the beings of his community were becoming less and less capable of work, while scandals, robberies, and acts of violence were on the increase among them, as well as many other unpleasant incidents, which had never occurred before or only in quite exceptional cases.

"These facts surprised and grieved the king, who became very thoughtful and resolved to get to the root of this sorry state of affairs.

"After lengthy observation he finally came to the conclusion that the cause lay in a new habit of the beings of his community, namely, the habit of chewing the seeds of a plant then called 'gulgulian.' This surplanetary formation still arises on the planet Earth today, and those of your favorites who consider themselves 'well educated' call it 'papaveroon,' but the ordinary beings simply call it 'poppy.' As I have just said, the beings of Maralpleicie had a passion at that time for chewing the seeds of this surplanetery formation, which had to be gathered only when 'ripe.'

"In the course of further observation and impartial reflection, the king realized that these seeds contained a certain 'something' which, when introduced into these beings, had the power to change completely, for the time being, all the established habits of their psyche, so that they saw, understood, sensed, and acted quite otherwise than they were accustomed to do. For instance, a crow would appear to them to be a peacock; a trough of water, a sea; a harsh clatter, music; good will appeared to them as enmity, insults as love, and so on and so forth.

"As soon as King Koniutsion became thoroughly convinced of all this, he dispatched some of his closest and most trustworthy subjects throughout the land to issue strict orders in his name forbidding all beings of his community to chew these poppy seeds; he also arranged that those who disobeyed his orders should be punished and fined.

"At first, thanks to these measures the use of these seeds appeared to diminish in the country of Maralpleicie. Very soon, however, it was discovered that this was not so; in reality the number of those who chewed the seeds was even greater than before. On realizing this, the wise King Koniutsion decided to punish still more severely those who persisted in this habit; at the same time he increased the surveillance over his subjects and enforced punishment with even greater strictness. He himself began going about everywhere in the city of Gob, personally examining the guilty and meting out punishments, both corporal and moral.

"In spite of all this the desired result was not obtained. The number of those who chewed poppy seeds rose steadily in the city of Gob, and reports from other territories subject to him showed a daily increase.

"It then became evident that many three-brained beings who had never before indulged in this habit now took it up merely out of 'curiosity'—one of the particularities of the psyche of the three-brained beings of that planet which has taken your fancy—that is, merely to try out the effect of those seeds whose use had been prohibited by the king and punished with such relentless severity.

"I must emphasize here that, although this curiosity had begun to be crystallized in the psyche of your favorites immediately after the loss of Atlantis, it never functioned so blatantly in the beings of former epochs as it does in the contemporary three-brained beings there, who have more of it, I dare say, than there are hairs on a 'toosook.'

"So, my boy . . .

"When the wise King Koniutsion finally became convinced that he could not root out the passion of chewing 'gulgulian' seeds through fear of punishment, and saw that the only result of his measures had been the death of some of those punished, he repealed all the orders he had previously issued and once again began to think seriously about how to find a really effective means of destroying this evil, so lamentable for his community.

"As I learned much later thanks to an ancient surviving monument, the great King Koniutsion then retired to his chamber and for eighteen days neither ate nor drank, but only very seriously thought and thought.

"According to my most recent investigations, the king was particularly anxious to find some means of uprooting this evil because by that time all the affairs of his community were going from bad to worse. The beings who were addicted to this passion had almost ceased to work; the now of revenue into the communal treasury had entirely dried up; and ruin stared the country in the face.

"Finally, the wise king decided to deal with this evil indirectly, by playing upon the weaknesses in the psyche of his subjects. With this aim he invented a most original 'religious doctrine,' corresponding to the psyche of the beings of that time, and he propagated this invention of his by every means at his disposal.

"In this religious doctrine it was held, among other things, that far from the continent of Ashhark lay a large island on which there existed our 'Mister God.'

"You must know that in those days not one of the ordinary beings was aware of the existence of any cosmic concentrations other than their own planet Earth. They were certain that the scarcely visible 'white points' far away in space were nothing more than the pattern on the 'veil of the world,' that is to say, of their planet; for in their notions the 'whole world' consisted, as I have just said, of their planet alone. They also believed that this 'veil' was supported like a 'canopy' on special 'pillars,' the bases of which rested on their planet.

"Well, it was asserted in that ingenious doctrine of the astute King Koniutsion that Mister God had intentionally attached to our 'souls' the organs and limbs we now have, in order to protect us against our environment and enable us to serve Him effectively and profitably, and not Him alone but also the 'souls' already taken to that island of His.

"When we die, and our 'soul' is liberated from all these specially attached parts, it becomes what in reality it should be, and is immediately taken to this island where, in accordance with how it has existed with its organs and limbs on our continent of Ashhark, our Mister God assigns to it an appropriate place for its further existence.

"If the 'soul' has fulfilled its duties honestly and conscientiously, Mister God leaves it to continue its existence on His island, but the 'soul' that here on the continent of Ash-hark has been idle or discharged its duties indolently or negligently, existing only for the gratification of the desires of its attached parts, or finally, has not kept His commandments, such a soul our Mister God sends to a smaller neighboring island for its further existence.

"Here on the continent of Ashhark exist many 'spirits' attendant upon Him, who walk among us wearing 'caps of invisibility,' thanks to which they can constantly watch us unnoticed and report all our doings to Mister God, or inform Him on the 'Day of Judgment ' We can conceal nothing from them, neither our actions nor our thoughts.

"This doctrine also said that our continent of Ashhark and all the other continents and islands of the world were created by our Mister God only to serve Him and the meritorious 'souls' already dwelling on His island All the continents and islands of the world are, as it were, places of preparation and storehouses for everything needed for this island of His.

"This island where Mister God Himself exists with the meritorious 'souls' is called 'Paradise,' and existence there is just 'roses, roses.' All its rivers are of milk, and their banks of honey, no one there needs to toil or labor, everything necessary for a happy, carefree, and blissful existence is to be found there, supplied in superabundance from our own continent and the other continents and islands of the world. This island of 'Paradise' is full of young and lovely women from all the peoples and races of the world, and any one of them belongs for the asking to the 'soul' that desires her.

"In certain public squares of that superb island are great heaps of jewels, from the most brilliant diamonds to the deepest turquoises, and every 'soul' can take anything he likes without the least hindrance In other public squares of that beatific island are piled huge mountains of sweetmeats prepared with essence of 'poppy' and 'hemp,' and every 'soul' may help himself to as much as he pleases at any hour of the day or night.

"There are no diseases there, and of course none of those 'lice' or 'fleas' that give us all no peace here and blight our whole existence.

"The other, smaller island, where for the rest of their existence our Mister God sends the souls whose temporary physical parts have been lazy here and have not existed according to His commandments, is called 'Hell ' All the rivers on this island are of burning pitch, the whole atmosphere stinks like a skunk at bay Swarms of horrible beings blow police whistles in every square, and all the 'carpets,' 'chairs,' and 'beds' are made of fine needles, with their points sticking out.

"One very salty biscuit is given to each 'soul' once a day, and there is not a single drop of drinking water on the island There are also innumerable other torments that the beings of the Earth would not wish to undergo for anything in the world, or even to imagine.

"Well then, my boy, when I came to Maralpleicie for the first time, all the three-brained beings of that country were followers of the 'religion' based upon the ingenious doctrine I have just been telling you about, and this 'religion' was then in full bloom.

"The inventor of this ingenious doctrine, the wise King Koniutsion, had undergone the sacred 'rascooarno' long before this, that is to say, he had 'died' many years earlier But his invention, owing as always to the strangeness of the psyche of your favorites, had taken such a strong hold that not a single being in the whole country of Maralpleicie doubted the truth of its very original tenets.

"From the day of my arrival in the city of Gob I began, as usual, visiting the 'kaltaani,' by this time known as 'chaikhanas.'

"It must be noted that although the custom of sacrificial offerings was also flourishing at that period in Maralpleicie, it was not being practiced on so large a scale as it had been in Tikliamish.

"I set about looking for a suitable being, in order to make friends with him as I had done in the city of Koorkalai. And indeed I soon found such a friend, but this time he was not a priest by profession.

"My new friend turned out to be the proprietor of a large 'chaikhana', and although I came to be on very good terms with him, as they say there, I never had that strange feeling of 'kinship' toward him that had arisen in my essence toward the priest Abdil.

"I existed for a whole month in the city of Gob without reaching any decision or undertaking anything practical for my aim Accompanied by Ahoon, I simply wandered about the city visiting different 'chaikhanas,' including the one that belonged to my new friend.

"During this time I became familiar with the manners and customs of this second group and also with the fine points of their religion And by the end of the month I reached the decision to attain my aim, once again, through their religion.

"After serious pondering I resolved to add something to the religious doctrine already existing there, and I counted on being able, like the wise King Koniutsion, to spread this addition of mine effectively among the beings of that country What I added was the notion that those spirits who, as was said in that great religion, walk among us wearing 'caps of invisibility' and watch our deeds and thoughts are none other than the beings of other forms existing among us It is Just they who watch us and report everything to our Mister God.

"But we men not only fail to pay them due honor and respect, but even destroy their existence, both for our food and for sacrificial offerings.

"In my explanations I particularly emphasized that not only should we cease destroying the existence of the beings of other forms in honor of Mister God but, what is more, we should try to win their favor and beseech them at least not to report to Mister God all those little evil acts that we commit involuntarily.

"And I began to spread this addition of mine by every possible means—of course very cautiously To start with, I did so through my new friend, the proprietor of the 'chaikhana ' I must tell you that his 'chaikhana' was one of the largest in the whole city of Gob, and was famous for its reddish liquid, of which the beings of the planet Earth are very fond So it was always filled with customers and was open day and night It had become a meeting place not only for the inhabitants of the city itself but also for visitors from the whole of Maralpleicie.

"I soon became quite expert at converting all these customers, some individually others by speaking to them in groups.

"My new friend, the proprietor of the 'chaikhana,' believed so firmly in my invention that he was beside himself with remorse He was in constant distress and bitterly repented his former contemptuous attitude toward the beings of other forms and his treatment of them.

"Becoming day by day a more fervent advocate of my invention, he not only helped to spread it in his 'chaikhana,' but began of his own accord to visit other 'chaikhanas' in the city of Gob to proclaim the !truth' that so agitated him He held forth in the public markets and even went several times to the outskirts of the city to visit holy places, of which there were many at that period, established in honor or in memory of somebody or something.

"It is interesting to remark here that on the planet Earth, the stories that give rise to the establishment of holy places usually come from certain terrestrial beings called 'humbugs.'

"This disease of 'humbugging,' or lying, is very widespread there. On the planet Earth people lie both consciously and unconsciously. And they lie consciously when there is some personal material advantage to be gained; and unconsciously when they fall ill of the disease known as 'hysteria.'

"Besides the proprietor of the 'chaikhana' there were a number of other beings of the city of Gob who began unconsciously to help me, as they also had become ardent supporters of my invention; and soon all the beings of that second Asiatic group were eagerly spreading this invention of mine, and persuading each other that it was an indubitable 'truth' that had suddenly been revealed to them.

"The result of it all was that, in the country of Maralpleicie, not only did sacrificial offerings diminish but the beings of other forms even began to be treated with unprecedented attention.

"Such comical scenes were enacted there that although I myself was the author of the invention, I found it difficult to refrain from laughter.

"We witnessed for instance farces such as these: a highly respectable and wealthy merchant would be riding to his shop one morning on his donkey; on the way a motley crowd of beings would pull him off his donkey and maul him within an inch of his life for having dared to sit on it; then, bowing low before it, the crowd would escort the donkey wherever it chose to go.

"Or what is called a 'woodcutter' would be hauling a load of wood from the forest to market with his oxen. He too would be dragged from his cart and beaten, and then the crowd would very gently unyoke the oxen, and escort them ceremoniously wherever they wanted to go. And if all this had happened in a part of the city where the cart might hold up traffic, the crowd would haul it to the market themselves and leave it there to its fate.

"This invention of mine soon led to the appearance of quite new customs in the city of Gob—for instance, that of placing troughs in the public squares and at all the street crossings, where every morning the residents could leave their choicest morsels of food for dogs and other stray beings; and also the custom of going at sunrise to the Sea of Beneficence to throw in all kinds of food for the beings called 'fish.'

"But the most peculiar of all was the custom of paying attention to the voices of one-brained and two-brained beings of various forms. As soon as your favorites heard the voice of a being of any other form, they would begin praising the name of their god and invoking his blessing. It might be the crowing of a cock, the barking of a dog, the mewing of a cat, the squealing of an ape, no matter what ... it would always arouse them.

"It is interesting to remark here that on these occasions for some reason or other they would raise their heads and look upward even though, according to the teaching of their religion, their god and his assistants were supposed to exist on the same level as themselves, and not where they directed their eyes and prayers. It was extremely interesting to watch their faces at these moments."

"Pardon me, Your Right Reverence," interrupted Beelzebub's devoted old servant Ahoon, who had been listening to these tales with the greatest interest. "Do you remember, Your Right Reverence, how often in that city of Gob we ourselves had to flop down in the street at the cries of beings of different forms?"

"Indeed I do remember, dear Ahoon," replied Beelzebub. "How could I ever forget such comical impressions?

"The fact is," he continued, turning to Hassein again, "the three-brained beings of the planet Earth are inconceivably proud and touchy. If someone does not share their views or agree to do as they do or criticizes their manifestations, they are very offended and their indignation knows no bounds.

"And if one of them should happen to have some power, he would order anyone rash enough to criticize his conduct or to behave differently from himself to be shut up in the sort of place usually crawling with 'rats' and 'lice.'

"And if the offended one should be physically stronger, and no one were looking—at least no important power-possessing being with whom he happened to be on bad terms—he would simply give the offender a good thrashing, as the Russian Sidor once thrashed his favorite goat.

"Well knowing this aspect of their strange psyche, I had no desire to offend them and incur their wrath. Furthermore, as I was profoundly aware that to outrage anybody's religious feeling is contrary to all morality, I tried when existing among them always to do as they did, so as not to be conspicuous and draw attention to myself.

"Here it will do no harm to point out that, owing to the abnormal conditions of ordinary existence there, the only beings of that strange planet, especially during recent centuries, who become notable and are therefore honored by the rest, are those who manifest themselves somehow or other more absurdly than the majority. And the more absurd their manifestations, the more stupid, mean, and insolent the tricks they play, the more celebrated they become, and the greater is the number of beings on their own continent, or even on other continents, who know them personally, or at least by name.

"On the other hand, an honest being who does not behave absurdly has no chance at all of becoming famous, or even of being noticed, however kind and sensible he may be.

"So, my boy, when our Ahoon mischievously reminded me of our ludicrous situation, I was speaking of the custom of attaching significance to the voices of beings of various forms and particularly to the voice of 'donkeys,' of which for some reason or other there were a great many in the city of Gob.

"On that planet the beings of other forms make their voices heard, each at a definite time. For instance, the cock crows just before dawn, an ape cries in the morning when it is hungry, and so on, but donkeys bray whenever it enters their heads to do so and, in consequence, you may hear the voice of that silly being at any hour of the day or night.

"Well then, it became customary in the city of Gob that whenever the sound of a donkey's bray was heard, everyone immediately had to flop down and offer up prayers to their god and their revered idols I must add that Nature has given the donkey a very loud voice, and its braying can be heard a long way off.

"So, as we walked along the streets of the city and saw the citizens flopping down at the braying of every donkey, we had to flop down likewise, so as not to appear different from the others, and it was this ridiculous custom, I see now, that tickled old Ahoon so much.

"Did you notice, dear Hassein, with what venomous satisfaction our old friend reminded me, after so many centuries, of my comical situation at that time?"

Having said this, Beelzebub, with a smile, went on with his tale.

"Needless to say, in this second center of culture on the continent of Ashhark the destruction of beings of other forms for sacrificial offerings entirely ceased, and if isolated instances did occur, the other beings of that group settled accounts with the offenders without compunction.

"Having thus become convinced that I had succeeded so easily in uprooting, for a long time to come, the custom of sacrificial offerings among the second group of beings on the continent of Ashhark, I decided to leave.
But I had it in mind, in any event, to visit other large centers inhabited by the beings of Maralpleicie, and I chose for this purpose the region of the river called 'Naria Chi.'

"Soon after making this decision, I sailed with Ahoon to the mouth of that river and began to travel up it against the current. At each of the large centers we came to I was able to verify that there had already passed from the beings of the city of Gob to the beings of these places the same new customs and notions concerning the destruction of the existence of beings of other forms for sacrificial offerings.

"We finally arrived at a small town called 'Arguenia,' which in those days was considered the most remote point of the country of Maralpleicie. It was inhabited by a fair number of beings of this second Asiatic group, who were engaged chiefly in extracting from nature what is called 'turquoise.'

"In this small town of Arguenia, in accordance with my usual procedure, I began to visit various 'chaikhanas,' pursuing there, as always, the fulfillment of my principal aim."
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Re: Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson: An Objectively Impart

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CHAPTER 21: The first visit of Beelzebub to India

BEELZEBUB continued as follows:

"One day while sitting in a 'chaikhana' in the small town of Arguenia I overheard a conversation among several beings seated not far from me.

"They were talking about traveling by caravan to 'Pearl-land' and deciding when and how they should go.

"Overhearing their conversation, I gathered that they intended to go there to exchange their 'turquoise' for what are called 'pearls.'

"Here, by the way, let me draw your attention to the fact that in former epochs your favorites liked, as they still do today, to wear pearls, turquoise, and many what are called 'precious trinkets,' for the purpose, as they say, of 'adorning' their exteriors. But if you would like my opinion, they do this simply by instinct, in order to offset their inner insignificance.

"At the period to which my present tale refers, these 'pearls' were very rare among the beings of the second Asiatic group and commanded a high price. In Pearl-land, on the contrary, they were plentiful and could be bought quite cheaply, for at that time pearls were obtained only from the water spaces surrounding that country.

"The conversation of the beings sitting near me in the 'chaikhana' in the small town of Arguenia immediately interested me, as I myself had the intention of going to Pearl-land, which was the place of existence of the three-brained beings of the third group on the continent of Ashhark. And the association was at once aroused in my thoughts that it might be better to go directly to Pearl-land with the caravan of these beings than to return to the Sea of Beneficence by the way we had come and travel from there to Pearl-land in our ship Occasion.

"Although this journey, in those days almost impossible for the beings of the Earth, would take a great deal of time, I reflected that the journey back to the Sea of Beneficence, with its unforeseeable contingencies, would perhaps take not much less time. Moreover, an association arose in my thoughts because long before this I had heard a great deal about the peculiarities of nature in the regions through which the proposed caravan route lay, and in consequence a certain 'being-love of knowledge' that was already crystallized in me, having been shocked into functioning by what I had overheard, at once imposed on my common presence the need to experience all this myself directly with my own organs of perception.

"That is why, my boy, I purposely went over and sat down with those beings and joined in their discussion. As a result, Ahoon and I were included in their caravan, and two days later we set off with them.

"We then passed through some most unusual places, unusual even for the nature of that ill-fated planet, certain parts of which, by the way, had become so strange only because this planet had already undergone two what are called 'transapalnian perturbations,' almost without precedent in the Universe. From the very first day we had to make our way through gorges overhung with rocky 'projections' of unusual forms, containing conglomerations of all kinds of 'intraplanetary minerals.'

"It was only after a month's travel, according to their time calculation, that our caravan from Arguenia came to places where Nature had not completely lost the possibility of producing surplanetary formations in the soil, and of creating corresponding conditions for the arising and existence of various one-brained and two-brained beings.

"After all sorts of difficulties, at last, one clear morning, we reached a summit and suddenly saw on the horizon the outline of a large water space, bordering the shores of that part of the continent of Ashhark then called 'Pearl-land.'
"Four days later we arrived at the chief center of existence of the third Asiatic group, the city then known as 'Kaiamon.' Having arranged for a place to stay, Ahoon and I spent the first few days simply strolling about the streets of the city, observing the specific manifestations of the beings of that third group in the process of their ordinary existence.

"It cannot be helped, my dear Hassein! Now that I have told you the history of the arising of the second group of beings on the continent of Ashhark, I shall also have to tell you about the arising of the third group "Tell me, tell me, dear beloved Grandfather!" cried Hassein eagerly. Then, with reverence, he lifted his arms and said with great sincerity.

"May my dear and kind grandfather become worthy of perfecting himself to the degree of Reason of the sacred Anklad!"

Saying nothing to this, Beelzebub only smiled and continued as follows:

"The history of this third group begins shortly after that period when the families of the 'pirmaral' hunters had first come from the continent of Atlantis to the shores of the Sea of Beneficence and, having settled there, had founded the second group of Asiatic beings. In those remote days— infinitely remote for your contemporary favorites—that is, not long before the second transapalnian perturbation occurred to this ill-fated planet, certain consequences of the properties of the 'organ kundabuffer' had begun to be crystallized in the presences of the beings of the continent of Atlantis; and this aroused in them the need, among other needs unbecoming to three-brained beings, to adorn themselves with various trinkets and to wear the famous 'talismans' they had invented.

"And one of these trinkets, much prized then on the continent of Atlantis as everywhere today on the Earth, was this 'pearl' we have mentioned 'Pearls' are formed in certain one-brained beings breeding in the 'saliakooriapi' of your planet Earth, that is, in the part called 'hentralispana,' or as your favorites might express it, the 'blood of the planet,' which is found in the common presence of every planet and serves the actualizing of the process of the Most Great Common-Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat, and there on your planet this part is called 'water.'

"The one-brained beings in which 'pearls' are formed used to breed in the 'saliakooriapi,' or water spaces, surrounding the continent of Atlantis, but on account of the great demand, so many of these 'pearl-bearing beings' were destroyed that soon there were none left along the shores of that continent Thereupon, when those beings who made the aim and sense of their existence the destruction of these one-brained beings—that is to say, who destroyed them only to procure that part of their common presence called 'pearl' for the gratification of their absurd egoism—found no more in the water spaces near the continent of Atlantis, these 'professionals' began to look for them in other water spaces, and gradually moved farther and farther away from their own continent.

"Once during this search, their rafts were unexpectedly earned by prolonged 'saliakooriapnian displacements' or, as they say, 'storms,' to a region abounding in these 'pearl-bearing beings,' where conditions were extremely favorable for their destruction.

"The waters that these destroyers happened to reach, and where these 'pearl-bearing beings' bred in large numbers, were precisely those surrounding the country then called 'Pearl-land,' and now called 'Hindustan' or 'India. '

"For the first few days, these terrestrial professionals gave free rein to the inclination, already inherent in their presences, wantonly to destroy these one-brained beings of their planet, but later, after they found out, also by chance, that almost everything required for ordinary existence grew in abundance on the neighboring land mass, they decided not to return to Atlantis but to settle permanently in Pearl-land.

"Thereupon a few of these destroyers of 'pearl-bearing beings' sailed back to the continent of Atlantis, and after bartering their pearls for articles still lacking in the new place, they returned to Pearl-land, bringing with them their families and those of their comrades who had stayed behind.

"Later on, others among those first settlers in this country, still 'new' for the beings of that period, visited their native land from time to time to exchange pearls for various articles they needed, and each time they brought back with them more of their relatives and kinsmen, or simply laborers indispensable for their extensive activities.

"So, my boy, from then on, that part of the surface of the planet Earth became known to all the three-brained beings there, and especially to those of Atlantis, as the 'Land of Beneficence.'

"Thus, many beings from Atlantis were already existing on this part of the continent of Ashhark before the second great catastrophe occurred to the planet Earth, and when the continent of Atlantis was engulfed within your planet many of its inhabitants who happened to be saved, chiefly those who had relatives by blood or marriage in Pearl-land, gradually collected there.

"With the 'fecundity' proper to them they multiplied steadily, and began to spread over this part of their planet.

"At first they populated only two particular regions around the mouths of two great rivers, which flowed from the interior of the continent of Ashhark and emptied into the vast water space just where many of the 'pearl-bearing beings' bred But as their numbers continued to increase, they also began to settle in the interior of the country, although their favorite regions were still the valleys of the two rivers.

"Well then, my boy, when I first arrived in Pearl-land, I decided to attain my aim as before by means of the 'havatviernoni' existing there, that is, through their 'religion ' But it turned out that at that time the beings of this third group of the continent of Ashhark had several peculiar 'havatviernonis,' or 'religions,' each based upon a quite independent 'religious teaching' having nothing in common with the others.

"In view of this I began to make a serious study of these 'religious teachings' and, having ascertained that the one founded on the teaching of a genuine Messenger of our Common Endless Creator—afterward called Saint Buddha —had the most followers, I devoted all my attention to its study.

"Before telling you more about the three-brained beings breeding on that part of the surface of the planet Earth, I think it necessary to remark, however briefly, that ever since the custom arose of having independent 'havatviernonis' or 'religions,' there have existed and still exist among your favorites two basic kinds of 'religious teachings. '

"One kind is invented by certain three-brained beings in whom, for some reason or other, the psychic functioning proper to a 'hasnamuss' has been developed, and the other kind of religious teaching is founded upon detailed instructions revealed as it were by genuine Messengers from Above, who are indeed sent from time to time by certain of the closest assistants of our Common Father to help the three-brained beings of your planet destroy in their presence the crystallized consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer.

"The religion then followed by most of the beings of Pearl-land, to which I devoted my attention, and about which I now find it necessary to tell you, arose in the following way:

"As the three-brained beings of that third group multiplied, many of them were formed with 'hasnamussian' properties and began spreading ideas more maleficent than usual among the other beings around them, so that a special psychic property began to be crystallized in the presences of most of them, engendering a factor that greatly hindered the normal 'exchange of substances' actualized by the Most Great Common-Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat.

"Well then, as soon as that lamentable result—again issuing from this same planet—became known to certain Most Sacred Individuals, they graciously vouchsafed that a corresponding Sacred Individual be sent especially to that group of beings to regulate their being-existence in a more or less tolerable manner, in accordance with the existence of the whole of that solar system. The Sacred Individual who was sent to them was coated with the planetary body of a terrestrial three-brained being and was called, as I have said, Saint Buddha. This actualization took place several centuries before my first visit to the country of Pearl-land.

At this point Hassein looked up at Beelzebub and said:

"Dear Grandfather, more than once in your talks you have used the expression 'hasnamuss. ' Until now I have understood, merely from the intonation of your voice and the consonance of the word itself, that by this expression you designated certain three-brained beings you always set apart from others as if they deserved 'objective contempt. ' Be kind, as always, and explain to me the real meaning of this word."

Whereupon Beelzebub, with a smile peculiar to him, replied:

"As regards the 'type' of three-brained being for whom I have adopted this expression, I will tell you at the proper time; but meanwhile know that this word designates the already defined common presence of any three-brained being—whether consisting of the planetary body alone or already coated with higher being-bodies—in whom for some reason or other data have not been crystallized for the divine impulse of Objective Conscience."

With no further explanation of the word "hasnamuss," Beelzebub continued:

"Well, my boy, during my detailed study of that religious teaching, I also discovered that when this Sacred Individual had become coated with the presence of a three-brained being of that planet, and had seriously pondered how to fulfill the task laid upon him from Above, he decided to accomplish it by the enlightenment of their Reason.

"Here it must be noted without fail that at that time there had already been crystallized in the presence of Saint Buddha, as my detailed investigations made evident, a very clear understanding that during the process of its abnormal formation, the Reason of the beings of the planet Earth becomes 'instincto-titillarian,' that is, it functions only under the action of corresponding shocks from without. In spite of this, Saint Buddha decided to carry out his task by means of their 'Reason'—so peculiar for three-brained beings—and he began informing that Reason of theirs with objective truths of every kind.

"First of all, Saint Buddha assembled a number of the chiefs of the third Asiatic group and spoke to them as follows:

'Beings with a presence in the image of the Creator of all things!

'My essence has been sent to you by certain Enlightened and Most Sacred Final Results, who guide in perfect justice the actualization of everything existing in the Universe, to serve as a helping factor for each of you in the striving to free yourselves from the consequences of those abnormal being-properties which, because of important common-cosmic needs, were implanted in the presence of your ancestors and, passing by heredity from generation to generation, have reached you also.'

"Saint Buddha spoke about this again and in a little more detail, but only to certain beings he himself had initiated. "This time he expressed himself in the following words:

'Beings with a presence designed to actualize the Hope of our Common Father!

'Soon after the arising of your species, there occurred in the process of the normal existence of the whole solar system an unforeseen misfortune which entailed serious consequences for everything existing.

'In order to avert universal disaster it was then considered necessary, according to the calculations of certain Most High Most Sacred Individuals, among other measures to make a change in the functioning of the common presence of your ancestors, namely, to implant in them a certain organ with special properties, owing to which everything external perceived by their presence and transformed in them for their own coating would be manifested not in accordance with reality.

'A little later, when the normal existence of your solar system had been stabilized and there was no further need for various intentionally created measures, our Most All-Gracious Common Father did not fail to give the command to annul certain artificial measures, and among other things to remove from the common presence of your ancestors the now superfluous "organ kundabuffer," with all its special properties. And this command was immediately carried out by the corresponding Sacred Individuals who superintend such cosmic actualizations.

"'After a considerable time had passed, it suddenly became clear that, although all the properties of that organ had indeed been removed from the presence of your ancestors by these Most Sacred Individuals, nevertheless a certain cosmic result flowing lawfully from these properties, namely, the "predisposition" that arises in every more or less independent cosmic presence from the repeated action of any function, had not been foreseen and destroyed.

"'And so it turned out that as this "predisposition" passed by heredity to succeeding generations, the consequences of many of the properties of the organ kundabuffer began gradually to be crystallized in their presence.

"'As soon as this lamentable factor in the presence of the three-brained beings breeding on the planet Earth was ascertained, a corresponding Sacred Individual was sent here, with the all-gracious sanction of our Common Father, so that, having been coated with a presence like your own and having perfected himself by Objective Reason in the conditions already established on Earth, he might indicate the way and show you how to uproot from your presence the already crystallized consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer, as well as your inherited "predisposition" to new crystallizations.

"'During the period when this Sacred Individual, coated with a presence like your own and already at the age of a responsible terrestrial three-centered being, was personally guiding the ordinary process of being-existence of your ancestors, many of them did indeed free themselves completely from the consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer, and thereby acquired being for themselves personally or became normal sources for the arising of a normal presence in future beings like themselves.

"'But even before this Sacred Individual's appearance here, owing to the many abnormal conditions of ordinary existence created by you, the duration of your existence had become unnaturally short, and consequently the process of the sacred "rascooarno" had to occur very early to this Sacred Individual also—that is to say, he too, like yourselves, had to die prematurely, without having time to accomplish the task assigned to him. After his death, everything gradually became as it had been before, partly due to the same abnormal conditions of ordinary being-existence and partly to that maleficent property in your psyche called "wiseacring."

'Thanks to this property in your psyche the beings here, even of the second generation after the contemporaries of this Sacred Individual sent from Above, gradually began to change everything he had explained and indicated, until ultimately the whole of his teaching was completely destroyed.

"'Again and again the same action was taken by the Most High Common- Cosmic Final Results—and each time with the same fruitless outcome.

"'And now, in this present period of the flow of time, when the abnormal existence of the three-brained beings of the Earth, particularly of those on that part of its surface called "Pearl-land," is becoming a serious hindrance to the normal harmonious existence of the whole of this solar system, my essence is manifested among you from Above in order that here on the spot, together with your own essences and in the already established conditions, it may look for some way to uproot from your common presences those consequences still existing in you owing to the "lack of foresight on the part of certain Most Saintly Cosmic Final Results."

"After this, by means of various talks with them, Saint Buddha first clarified for himself and then explained to the others how the process of their existence should be conducted, and in what order their positive part should consciously guide the manifestations of their unconscious parts, so that the crystallized consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer, and also the 'inherited predisposition' to them, might gradually disappear from their common presence.

"And indeed, as my detailed research made clear to me, during the period when the inner psyche of the beings on that part of the surface of the Earth was guided by this genuine Messenger from Above, Saint Buddha, those consequences so maleficent for them once more began to disappear from the presences of many of them.

"But to the sorrow of every Individual with Pure Reason of any gradation whatever and to the misfortune of the three-brained beings of all succeeding generations who arise on that planet, the first descendants of the contemporaries of this genuine Messenger from Above, Saint Buddha, fell victim to that evil property of their psyche, namely 'wiseacring'—still one of the chief results of the abnormally established conditions of ordinary being-existence there— and began to wiseacre about all his indications and counsels, and this time to 'superwiseacre' so thoroughly that all that reached the beings of the third and fourth generations who arise on that planet was what our honorable Mullah Nasr Eddin defines by the words:

'Only information about its specific smell.'

"Little by little they so completely changed these indications and counsels of his that should their saintly author reappear there and for some reason or other wish to learn about them, he would never even suspect that he himself had given these indications and counsels.

"Here I cannot refrain from expressing my essence-grief at that strange practice of your favorites, which in the course of many of their centuries has gradually become, as it were, lawful in the process of their ordinary existence. This peculiar practice, already firmly established there, served to distort all the true indications and exact counsels of Saint Buddha, and thus created yet another factor for the dilution of their psyche.

"The chief characteristic of this long-standing habit is that a small, sometimes quite trifling cause is enough to change for the worse or even completely destroy any 'good' outer or inner tempo of ordinary existence— 'good,' that is, in the objective sense of the word.

"Certain details of the arising of the trivial cause that led to the distortion of the true explanations and indications of this genuine Messenger from Above, Saint Buddha, may provide you with excellent material for a better sensing and understanding of the strangeness of the psyche of those three-brained beings who have taken your fancy. And so I shall speak of this at length and explain the exact sequence in which this peculiar practice arose and was manifested there, bringing about a certain sad misunderstanding, particularly in evidence today.

"I must tell you that I cleared up this misunderstanding long after the period to which my present tale refers, namely, during my sixth descent there, when it became necessary, in connection with a question concerning the saintly Ashiata Shiemash, about whom I shall soon tell you, to investigate a certain fact about the activities of that genuine Messenger from Above, Saint Buddha As it turned out, the source of the lamentable misunderstanding was, unfortunately, certain authentic words spoken by Saint Buddha himself.

"One day while instructing some of his closest initiates, Saint Buddha spoke in very precise terms about a means for the possible destruction in their nature of the consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer, transmitted to them by heredity.

"Among the things he said to them was this:

"'One of the best means of rendering ineffective the predisposition in your nature to crystallize the consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer is "intentional suffering"; and the greatest "intentional suffering" can be obtained in our presences by compelling ourselves to endure the displeasing manifestations of others toward ourselves.'

"This explanation of Saint Buddha, along with other definite indications of his, were circulated among the ordinary beings there through his closest initiates; and after he had undergone the process of the sacred 'rascooarno,' it began to pass from generation to generation.

"As I have already told you, my boy, from the time of the loss of Atlantis the property called the 'psycho-organic need to wiseacre' had become fixed in the psyche of your favorites. And so—to the misfortune of all ordinary three-centered beings of that period and of all succeeding generations up to the present—the beings of the second and third generations after Saint Buddha began to wiseacre and superwiseacre about this counsel of his. As a result, the very definite notion became fixed in their presence and also passed from generation to generation that this 'endurance' could be produced only in solitude.

"Here the strangeness of the psyche of your favorites showed itself, as it still does today, in their failure to grasp the obvious fact—obvious, that is, to any more or less sane Reason—that in advising them to practice that kind of endurance, the divine teacher, Saint Buddha, meant of course that they should do so while continuing to exist among beings like themselves. And he advised this in order that, by frequently producing this sacred being-actualization toward the displeasing manifestations of others, there might be evoked in them what are called 'trentroodianos' or, as they would say, the 'chemico-physical results' that engender in the presence of every three-centered being those being-data necessary for the arising of one of the three holy forces of the sacred being-Triamazikamno. And in beings, this 'holy force' always becomes affirming toward all the denying properties already present in them.

"Well, my boy, from the time when the mentioned definite notion had taken root, certain of your favorites deliberately withdrew themselves from the established conditions of ordinary being-existence, in the midst of which their predisposition to the crystallization of the consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer had become more intense in their presences. Yet of course, as the divine teacher Buddha had foreseen, it was in those conditions alone that this 'endurance' of the manifestations of others displeasing to themselves could crystallize in their presence those actualizations of 'partkdolgduty' required from all three-centered beings in general, without which 'self-perfecting' is impossible.

"And so, for the sake of this famous 'suffering' of theirs, many of the three-centered beings of that planet, either singly or in groups—that is, with others who thought as they did—began to withdraw from the society of their fellow beings.

"They even founded special colonies for this purpose where, although existing together, they nevertheless arranged everything so as to produce this 'endurance' of theirs in solitude.

"It was then that their famous 'monasteries' first came into existence, which continue down to the present day, and where certain of your favorites go, as they say, 'to save their souls. '

"Well, when I first visited Pearl-land, most of the three-brained beings were, as I said before, followers of the religion based upon the supposedly exact counsels and indications of Saint Buddha, and their faith in this religion was unshakable.

"At the outset of my study of the doctrinal subtleties of that religion, I was still uncertain just how to make use of it to attain my aim. But when in the course of my investigations I happened to clarify for myself a particular notion shared by all the followers of that religion, which again was based upon a misunderstanding of certain words actually uttered by Saint Buddha, I at once decided how to act through this peculiar havatviernoni, or religion, of theirs.

"It transpired that in his explanations of cosmic truths Saint Buddha had told them, among other things 'Each of the three-centered beings existing on the various planets of our Great Universe, and of course on the Earth also, must in reality be nothing other than a particle of that Most Great Greatness which is the All-Embracing of all that exists, and the foundation of this Most Great Greatness is there Above, the better to embrace the essence of everything existing.

"'This Most Great Foundation of the All-Embracing of everything existing constantly emanates throughout the whole of the Universe, and on the planets it coats from its particles certain three-centered beings who have attained in their common presence the capacity to have their own functioning of the two fundamental cosmic laws of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh and the sacred Triamazikamno, so that these particles form a definite unit, in which alone divine Objective Reason has the possibility of becoming concentrated and fixed.

'And this has been foreseen and created in this manner by our Common Creator so that when these particles of the Great All-Embracing return, now spiritualized by divine Reason, and reblend with the Prime Source of the All- Embracing, they should compose that Whole which, in the Hope of our Common Endless Uni-Being, may actualize the sense and striving of everything that exists in the entire Universe.

"And it seems that Saint Buddha said to them further "'You, three-centered beings of the planet Earth, endowed with the possibility of acquiring your own functioning of both fundamental sacred laws, have also the full possibility of coating in yourselves this most sacred particle of the Great All-Embracing of everything existing, and of perfecting it to the required degree of divine Reason.

'And this Great All-Embracing of all things embraced is called "Holy Prana."'

"This precise explanation of Saint Buddha was well understood by his contemporaries, and many of them began to strive with eagerness to absorb and to coat in their presences the particles of this Most Great Greatness, and afterward by this means to make manifest divine Objective Reason.

"But when the beings of the second and third generations following Saint Buddha began wiseacring with their peculiar Reason about his explanations of cosmic truths, they introduced for future transmission the definite notion that this 'Mister Prana' is already in them when they first see the light of day.

"Thanks to this misunderstanding, the beings of that period and of all subsequent generations, including the present one, have imagined that, without fulfilling any being-partkdolgduty, they are already particles of that Most Great Greatness, as Saint Buddha himself had so specifically described.

"So, my boy, as soon as I had realized what this misunderstanding was, and had ascertained that the beings of Pearl-land were all, without exception, convinced that they were already particles of 'Mister Prana' himself, I decided to make use of this misunderstanding and to attain my aim, here also, through their religion.

"Before saying more, I must not fail to point out that although Saint Buddha had supposedly said that a being already has within himself at his arising a particle of the Most Great Greatness, my detailed investigations quite clearly showed me that he could never possibly have said that.

"And he could not have said this because, as my investigations quite definitely showed, when he happened on one occasion to be with his devoted disciples in the locality of 'Senkoo-ori,' what he actually said was as follows:

"'If this most sacred Prana is crystallized in you, with the conscious or unconscious participation of your "I," you must without fail bring the perfecting of the individual Reason of this totality of most sacred atoms to the required gradation, otherwise this most holy coating, changing from one exterior coating to another, will suffer and languish eternally.

"Here it is interesting to recall that the beings of that planet were given the same warning by another Sacred Individual, also a genuine Messenger from Above, Saint Kirmininasha, who expressed it in these words:

"'Blessed is he that hath a soul, blessed also is he that hath none, but grief and sorrow are the lot of him who hath in himself only its conception. '

"So, my boy, when I had made all this clear to myself, I at once decided to make use of this error of theirs for the accomplishment of my aim.

"Here in Pearl-land, just as in the city of Gob, I first invented an addition to their religious teaching, and then began to spread this invention of mine by every possible means.

"I spread the idea that the most sacred Prana, of which our divine teacher Saint Buddha had spoken, is already present not only in us men but in all beings that arise and exist on our planet Earth I said that a particle of that Most Great All-Embracing, the most sacred Prana, settles from the moment of its arising in every form of being on every scale, whether breeding on the surface of the planet, in its waters, or in the atmosphere.

"I regret to have to say here, my boy, that more than once I was constrained to emphasize that these words came from the lips of Saint Buddha himself.

"Several beings of that country with whom I had established friendly relations, and who were the first I persuaded to accept my invention, believed in it immediately without question, and from then on very effectively helped me— unconsciously of course—to spread this invention of mine. Here, too, my friends went about, zealously and passionately proving to their fellows that this was just so and could not possibly be otherwise. In short, my second invention brought about the desired results in Pearl-land more rapidly than I could have expected.

"Owing simply to my invention, your favorites so changed their essence-relations with beings of other forms that they not only ceased to destroy their existence for their famous 'sacrificial offerings,' but even began very sincerely, with the whole of their being, to regard them as beings like themselves.

"If only they had stopped at this point, all would have been well, but here, just as in the country of Maralpleicie, they soon fell into their habit of wiseacring and began to manifest many comical aspects of their havatviernoni.

"For instance, within a few of their months after I began spreading my invention, at almost every step you could see, when strolling down the street in the city of Kaiamon, beings walking on what are called 'stilts ' And they walked on stilts so as not to risk crushing some insect or other, a 'little being just like themselves,' as they now believed.

"Many were afraid to drink water that had not been freshly drawn from a spring or stream, fearing that tiny beings might have fallen into it and that without seeing them they would unwittingly swallow these 'poor little creatures like themselves.' Many took the precaution of wearing what are called 'veils' lest the 'poor little beings' existing in the air should accidentally enter their mouths or noses. And so on and so forth.

"From that time on, in the city of Kaiamon and its outskirts, and throughout Pearl-land, societies began to spring up whose aim was to protect 'defenseless' beings of various forms, both those existing among them and those they called 'wild.' In all these societies there were rules prohibiting not only the destruction of these beings for sacrificial offerings, but also the use of their planetary bodies for 'first being-food. '

"Eh-h-h-h-hkh . . . my boy!

"Owing to the strangeness of their psyche, the intentional suffering and conscious labor specially actualized for them by that Sacred Individual, Saint Buddha, who had been coated with a planetary presence like their own, have ever since hovered in vain over this planet, without producing any of the real results that could have been lawfully expected; but they have engendered only all kinds of pseudo teachings, like those existing there today bearing the names of 'occultism,' 'theosophy,' 'spiritualism,' 'psychoanalysis,' and so on, which, now as before, are simply means for 'obscuring' their psyche, already obscured enough without this.

"Needless to say, of the truths indicated by Saint Buddha himself absolutely nothing has survived and reached the beings of the present time.

"Half of one of the words he used did, however, manage to reach the contemporary beings of that unparalleled planet. And this half word reached them in the following way.

"Among other things, Saint Buddha explained to the beings of Pearl-land how, and in what part of the bodies of their ancestors, the famous organ kundabuffer had been implanted.

"He told them that the Angel Looisos had by a special means made this organ grow at the lower extremity of that brain that Nature had placed in their ancestors as well as in them, along the back, in what is called the 'spinal column. '

"Saint Buddha added, as I also made clear, that, although the properties of this organ had been entirely destroyed in their ancestors, its material formation had remained at the lower extremity of this brain and having been transmitted from generation to generation had also reached them.

"'But this material formation,' he said, 'now has no significance whatsoever and can be completely destroyed in the course of time, if your being-existence proceeds as is becoming to three-centered beings.'

"However, when they began wiseacring and inventing all sorts of forms of their famous 'suffering,' they also played one of their usual tricks with the name of this organ.

"To begin with, as the root of the second half of this name happened to coincide with a word that in the language of that time meant 'reflection,' and as they had thought up a means for destroying this material formation rapidly—and not in the course of time, as Saint Buddha had advised them— they also wiseacred about this word with their bob-tailed Reason, ruminating as follows:

'Of course when this organ was in action, its name must have contained the root of the word for "reflection," but since we are destroying even its material basis the name should now end with a word whose root means "former". And as the word for 'former' in their language was then pronounced 'lina,' they changed the second half of this name, and instead of 'kundabuffer,' they obtained the word 'kundalina.'

"Thus it was that half of the word 'kundabuffer' survived and, passing down from generation to generation, finally reached your contemporary favorites, accompanied of course by a thousand and one different explanations. Even the present-day 'learned beings' have a name made up of abstruse Latin roots for that part of the spinal marrow. Today the whole of so-called 'Hindu philosophy' is based on this famous 'kundalina,' and around the word itself exist thousands of occult 'sciences,' secret and revealed, which explain absolutely nothing.

"And as for the way in which the significance of that part of the spinal marrow is defined by contemporary terrestrial beings, learned in what are called the 'exact sciences,' that, my dear boy, is a profound mystery.

"And it became a mystery because several centuries ago this 'definition' suddenly, without rhyme or reason, entered the favorite mole of the famous Scheherazade, which that incomparable Arabian fantasist chanced to have on the right side of her adorable navel.

"And there this 'scientific explanation' has been preserved intact down to the present day.

"When I was quite convinced that I had succeeded so easily in destroying, perhaps for a long time, that terrible practice of sacrificial offerings among the beings of this group, I decided to stay in Pearl-land no longer, but to return to the Sea of Beneficence and rejoin our ship Occasion.

"We were just ready to leave when the idea suddenly occurred to me not to return to the Sea of Beneficence by the way we had come, but by another route quite unusual for those days.

"That is to say, I decided to return through the region later called 'Tibet. '"
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Re: Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson: An Objectively Impart

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CHAPTER 22: Beelzebub in Tibet for the first time

"AS THE ROUTE proposed for the journey through Tibet was very rarely used by the three-brained beings of those days, and we could not count on joining one of their caravans, I had to organize one of my own, and I began at once to make preparations and to lay in all the supplies we would need along the way.

"I procured some scores of the quadruped beings called 'horses,' 'mules,' 'donkeys,' 'Chamianian goats,' and so forth, and hired a number of your biped favorites to look after them and to carry out the semiconscious work required for this mode of travel.

"As soon as I had got together everything necessary, I set off, accompanied by Ahoon.

"This time we passed through still stranger regions, where the nature of that ill-fated planet was even more extraordinary, and we encountered, or rather there came within the field of our vision, a much greater number of the various one-brained and two-brained beings which are called 'wild,' and which at that time came there from remote parts of the continent of Ashhark in order to hunt for prey, that is, to procure their 'first being-food.'

"These wild beings were then particularly dangerous, not only for the three-brained beings but also for the quadruped beings that your favorites, with the cunning proper to them, had already made their slaves, compelling them to work solely for the satisfaction of their egoistic needs. And these wild beings were particularly dangerous because just at that period there was being crystallized in their presences, again due to the abnormal conditions of being-existence established by the three-brained beings there, a special function about which I shall tell you at the proper time.

"It was chiefly on account of these wild beings that the regions through which our route lay were almost inaccessible to the three-brained beings of that period It was possible for them to pass through these places only, as they say, 'by day,' that is, when in the atmosphere of their planet the process of Aieioiuoa takes place in the active element Okidanokh.

"They could travel by day because during this time of the 'krentonalnian' position of their planet in relation to their sun, almost all the wild beings were in the being-state called 'sleep,' that is, in the state in which the energy necessary for their ordinary existence is automatically elaborated in their presences, and this takes place in them during just this time, whereas in three-centered beings, on the contrary, energy is elaborated only when that same sacred process is not occurring in the atmosphere, that is to say, during what they call 'night.'

"And so, my boy, your favorites could pass through these places only by day At night great vigilance was required and they had to erect artificial shelters to protect themselves and their 'belongings' from the wild beings, for during that period of the krentonalnian position of the planet Earth these wild beings are wide awake and take their first being-food.

"And since by then they had become accustomed to using for this purpose chiefly the planetary bodies of weaker beings of other forms arising on their planet, they would prowl about at night and seize such beings in order to make use of their planetary bodies to satisfy this need.

"These wild beings, particularly the smallest ones, were already perfected to the highest degree in wiliness and cunning, of course also owing to the abnormally established conditions of ordinary being-existence of the three-brained beings there. So all along our route we, and especially those we had hired for the semiconscious work, had to be extremely watchful and alert at night in order to protect ourselves, our quadruped workers, and our supplies.

"A pack of wild beings would gather around our camp at night, having come there to pounce on something suitable for their first being-food, they were rather like a' mob of your favorites on the 'floor of the stock exchange,' or at an 'election of representatives' to some society or other whose nominal aim is the common pursuit of a means to a happy existence for all their fellow beings, regardless of their notorious 'castes.'

"We kept huge fires burning all night to 'scare away' the wild beings, and our biped workers, although forbidden to do so, destroyed with poisoned 'kilnapara' arrows the ones that came too near our camp Yet not a single night passed without some of what are called 'lions,' 'tigers,' and 'hyenas' carrying off one or more of our quadruped beings, so that their number shrank daily.

"It is true, my boy, that this way back to the Sea of Beneficence took us much longer than the way we had come, but what we saw and heard during our journey of the strangeness of the psyche of your favorites fully justified the extra time spent.

"We traveled under these conditions for more than a month of their time and finally came upon a small settlement of three-brained beings who, as we learned, had only recently migrated there from Pearl-land The name of this settlement was 'Sincratortsa' and later on, when the surrounding region was populated, this place became its chief center The whole country also came to be known by that name, though afterward the name was changed several times, and it is now called 'Tibet. '

"As we came upon these beings just when night was falling, we asked them for 'shelter ' And when they gave us permission to stay in their settlement, we were very glad at the prospect of a night's rest, for we were all so exhausted by the constant warfare with the wild beings that it was imperative for us, especially for our biped workers, to spend at least one night in peace.

"In the course of the conversation that evening, it transpired that all the beings of this settlement belonged to a sect, well known in Pearl-land under the name of the 'Self-Tamers,' formed by followers of that very religion which, as I have already told you, purported to be based on the direct instructions of Saint Buddha.

"In this connection I might mention that the beings of your planet have yet another particularity that long ago became proper to them alone, which consists in this, that no sooner does some new 'havatviernoni,' or 'religion,' arise among them than its followers begin to split up into different camps, and each of these soon forms what is called a 'sect' of its own The strangest thing about this particularity of theirs is that those who belong to such a sect never call themselves 'sectarians,' as the name is considered offensive, they are called this only by those who do not belong to their sect And the adherents of a sect are 'sectarians' for others only as long as they have no 'guns' and 'ships' at their disposal, but as soon as they get hold of enough guns and ships, what had been a particular sectarian doctrine at once becomes the dominant religion.

"The beings both of this settlement and of many other districts in Pearlland had become sectarians after having broken away from the religion whose doctrine I had studied in detail, and which later was known as 'Buddhism ' This sect of the Self-Tamers arose owing to that distorted understanding of one of the principles of the Buddhist religion which, as I have already told you, they called 'suffering in solitude.' And it was in order to give themselves up to this famous 'suffering,' without hindrance from others like themselves, that these beings with whom we spent the night had settled so far away from their own people.

"Now, my boy, everything I learned that night and saw the next day of the devotees of that sect made such a painful impression upon me that for many of their 'centuries' I could never recall it without 'shuddering.' And so I should like to tell you in some detail about what I then saw and learned.

"During our conversation that evening I learned that while still in Pearlland, before their migration to this isolated place, the leaders of this sect had invented a special form of 'suffering.' They had decided to withdraw to some inaccessible place where other beings, not belonging to their sect and not 'initiated' into its 'arcana,' would be unable to prevent them from inflicting upon themselves this particular form of 'suffering' they had invented.

"After a long search, they finally found this place that we had come upon by chance, and saw that it was well suited to their purpose. As they were already solidly organized and materially secure, in the face of great difficulties they migrated with their families to this place, which was almost inaccessible to their ordinary countrymen and which, as I have already said, they named 'Sincratortsa.'

"At first, while they were settling down in this new place, they existed more or less in harmony; but when they began actually putting into practice the special form of 'suffering' they had invented, their families, and particularly their wives, having discovered what that form of suffering really was, rebelled and made a great outcry, which resulted in a schism.

"This schism had occurred not long before our arrival at Sincratortsa and already small groups were beginning to migrate to new places that they considered even more suitable for an isolated existence.

"For a better understanding of what follows, you will need to know the principal cause of the schism among these sectarians.

"It turned out that the leaders of the sect, while they were still in Pearl-land, had pledged themselves to withdraw completely from beings like themselves, and to stop at nothing in order to attain liberation from the consequences of the properties of that organ of which the divine teacher, Saint Buddha, had spoken Their pledge committed them to exist in a certain way until their planetary bodies were completely destroyed, in other words, until their death, and the purpose of this special form of existence was to 'purify' what they called their 'souls' of all the alien deposits due to that organ kundabuffer which, as Saint Buddha had told them, their ancestors had once possessed And having freed themselves from these consequences, they would acquire the possibility, as the divine teacher had also said, of reblending with the all-embracing Holy Prana.

"But when they had settled down and begun to put into practice this special form of 'suffering,' and their wives on learning its true nature had rebelled, many of these sectarians, under the influence of their wives, declined to carry out the obligations they had assumed in Pearl-land, and as a result they split up into two independent parties.

"From then on these sectarians, formerly called the 'Self-Tamers,' began to be called by different names Those who remained faithful to the obligations they had taken upon themselves were called 'Orthodoxhaidooraki,' while those who had renounced certain of the obligations assumed in their native land were called 'Katoshkihaidooraki' At the time of our arrival in Sincratortsa, the sectarians named 'Orthodoxhaidooraki' had established, not far from their original settlement, a well-organized 'monastery' where their special form of suffering was in full swing.

"The next day, on resuming our journey after a restful night, we passed very near this monastery of the Orthodoxhaidooraki sect of the Buddhist religion. And as it was the hour of day when we usually made a halt to feed our quadruped workers, we asked the monks to allow us to stop for a while in the shelter of their monastery.

"Strange and unusual as it may seem, these beings who bore the name of 'monk' did not refuse our objectively just request, but admitted us at once, without any of the swaggering that has become proper there throughout the centuries to monks of all doctrines. Thereupon we unexpectedly found ourselves in the 'holy of holies' of this doctrine, just that sphere which the beings of the planet Earth, from the very beginning, have been so ingenious in hiding from observation. In other words, they become so skillful at wiseacring and making a 'mystery' of something, and then so thoroughly concealing this 'mystery' by all sorts of means, that even beings with Pure Reason cannot penetrate to the heart of it.

"The monastery of the Orthodoxhaidooraki sect of the Buddhist religion occupied a large square surrounded by a massive wall, which protected those within from beings of their own kind and from wild beings. In the center of this vast walled enclosure stood a large, solidly built structure that formed the main part of the monastery. In one half of this building the monks carried on their ordinary being-existence; and in the other they practiced those manipulations that were the special feature of the belief of their sect, but which to outsiders were 'arcana.'

"Along the inner side of the encircling wall, and built solidly into the wall itself, was a row of small cell-like compartments, set close together And it was precisely in the nature of these cell-like structures that lay the difference between this monastery and monasteries in general on the planet Earth.

"These sentry-box structures were entirely walled in on all sides, except for a small opening near the bottom, through which, with great difficulty, a hand could be thrust. It was within these 'cells' that the 'deserving' members of the sect were to be perpetually immured, and there they were to occupy themselves with certain manipulations of what they call their 'emotions' and 'thoughts' until the total destruction of their planetary existence. And it was when the wives of these sectarians known as 'Self-Tamers' found out about all this that they raised their great outcry.

"In the religious teaching of this sect there was a full explanation of just what manipulations had to be practiced on oneself, and for how long, in order ultimately to merit being immured in one of these 'cells,' there to receive once every twenty-four hours a piece of bread and a small jug of water.

"When we were admitted within the walls of that terrible monastery, every one of these monstrous 'cells' was occupied, and the care of the immured, that is, giving them once every twenty-four hours through the tiny opening a piece of bread and a small jug of water, was undertaken with great reverence by other sectarians, themselves candidates for immurement, who while awaiting their turn existed in the large building in the center of the monastery square.

"Your immured favorites did indeed remain in those monstrous sepulchers until their motionless and half-starved existence, so full of deprivation, came to an end.

"As soon as the companions of the immured learned that one of them had ceased to exist, his planetary body was removed from the improvised sepulcher and at once, in place of the being who had thus destroyed himself, another unfortunate fanatic of that maleficent religious teaching was walled up. And the ranks of these fanatical monks were always being filled with other members of that peculiar sect constantly coming from Pearl-land.

"In Pearl-land itself all the adherents of that sect already knew of the existence of this specially convenient place for accomplishing the 'crowning act' of their religious doctrine, which was supposedly based on the exact instructions of Saint Buddha; and in every large center they even had what are called 'agents' to help them get there.

"Having rested and fed our biped and quadruped workers, we left behind us that melancholy place of sacrifice to the wretched organ which, according to the ruminations of certain Most High Cosmic Individuals, for some reason or other, had to be implanted in the presence of the former three-brained beings of that ill-fated planet.

"Eh-h-h-h-kh . . . my boy," sighed Beelzebub, "as you can imagine, it was scarcely with agreeable sensations or happy reflections that we departed from that place.

Mummified Monk Sits Inside Ancient Buddha Statue
by Rossella Lorenzi
February 23, 2015


Image: A scan reveals the body of a nearly 1,000-year-old Buddhist monk inside the statue of Buddha. Credit: Drents Museum.

Researchers at the Drents Museum in the Netherlands made a shocking discovery when they imaged an ancient Chinese statue and found a nearly 1,000-year-old mummy inside.

Sitting in the lotus position, the mummy fits within the statue perfectly.

"On the outside, it looks like a large statue of Buddha," the museum said in a release. "Scan research has shown that on the inside, it is the mummy of a Buddhist monk who lived around the year 1100."

Corpse of 200-Year-Old Monk Found in Lotus Position

Glowing through the statue's golden cast, the human skeleton is believed to belong to Buddhist master Liuquan, a member of the Chinese Meditation School.

To further investigate the mummy, the researchers took the statue to the Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort and carried out an endoscopy and additional CT scans.

They found out that Liuquan's internal organs had been removed.

"The mummified body hidden inside the buddhist statue is sitting on a roll of cloth," Buddhism expert Erik Bruijn told Discovery News. "On this cloth are Chinese characters written in black ink, mentioning the name of the venerable monk: Liuquan," he added.

According to Bruijn, the name means "Six Perfections."

"It refers to the virtues perfected by a being who seeks buddhahood through the systematic practice of the six perfect virtues but renounces complete entry into nirvana until all beings are saved," Bruijn said.

The museum speculates Liu Quan Liuquan may have "self-mummified" in order to become a "living Buddha."

Practiced mainly in Japan, self-mummification was a grueling process that required a monk to follow a strict 1,000-day diet of nuts and seeds in order to strip the body of fat. A diet of bark and roots would follow for another 1,000 days.

At the end of this period, the monk began drinking a poisonous tea made from the sap of the Japanese varnish tree, normally used to lacquer bowls and plates. The tea caused profuse vomiting as well as a rapid loss of bodily fluids, possibly making the body too poisonous to be eaten by bacteria and insects.

A living skeleton, the monk was then placed in a stone tomb barely larger than his body, which was equipped with an air tube and a bell.

Never moving from the lotus position, the monk would ring the bell each day to let those outside know that he was still alive. When the bell stopped ringing, the monk was presumed dead, the air tube removed and the tomb sealed.

After another 1,000 days the tomb would be opened to check whether the monk had been successfully mummified. Of the hundreds of monks that tried this horrifying process, only a few dozen actually became self-mummified and venerated in temples as a Buddha.

Researchers aren't certain when or how this monk's organs were then removed.

The Buddha statue is currently on display at the National Museum of Natural History in Budapest. It will remain there until May.

"Continuing our route toward the Sea of Beneficence, we again passed through a region having high projections of many different forms, with conglomerations of intraplanetary minerals that had erupted to the surface from great depths.

"Here I must say something about an exceedingly strange fact I observed concerning that part of the surface of your planet. The first time I passed through this region, now called 'Tibet,' its peaks were, it is true, unusually far above the surface of the Earth, but did not differ particularly from similar elevations on other continents, or on the continent of Ashhark, or Asia, of which Tibet is a part. But during my sixth and last personal sojourn on the planet Earth, when my way took me once more through those memorable regions, I observed that in no more than a few score of their centuries the whole of this region had projected so far above the rest of the planet that no heights on any of the other continents could even be compared with it.

"For instance, the principal chain of peaks in the region we were passing through, which the beings there call a 'mountain range,' had in the interval projected so far upward that some of its peaks are to this day the loftiest of all the abnormal projections of that 'vainly long-suffering planet And I dare say that if you climbed one you might perhaps be able, with the aid of a 'teskooano,' to 'distinguish clearly' the opposite side of this peculiar planet.

"When I first observed that strange phenomenon taking place on your highly original planet, I at once thought that it very likely contained the germ for the arising of some future misfortune on a great cosmic scale Later, when I made a statistical study of that abnormal phenomenon, my first apprehension grew all the more And it grew all the more because in one section of my statistics it was shown that the height of the mountain chain increased from 'decade to decade ' The same section also showed when and how terrestrial 'planetary tremors' or, as your favorites call them, 'earthquakes,' occur as a result of the excessive height of those Tibetan peaks.

"Although planetary tremors, or earthquakes, are often provoked in that planet of yours by other intraplanetary disharmonies resulting from the two great transapalnian perturbations, whose causes I will some day explain to you, nevertheless most of the planetary tremors there, especially in recent centuries, have taken place solely on account of those excessive elevations And this is because, due to these excessive elevations, equally disproportionate projections have arisen in the presence of the atmosphere of that planet, in other words, what is called the 'blastegoklornian sphere' of the atmosphere of the Earth has acquired, and in certain places continues to acquire, a materialized presence that projects too far to permit the 'reciprocal blending of the results' of all the planets of that system Thus, during the movement of the Earth, in the course of the process known as the 'common-system harmony,' its atmosphere 'hooks on,' as it were, at certain times to the atmospheres of other planets or comets of that system And owing to these 'hookings-on,' 'planetary tremors' or 'quakes' occur in corresponding places in the common presence of your planet.

"I must also explain to you that the region of the common presence of the planet where these 'tremors' occur depends upon the position occupied by the planet itself in the process of the 'common-system harmonious movement' in relation to other concentrations of the same system.

"Be that as it may, if this abnormal growth of the Tibetan mountains continues, sooner or later a catastrophe on a general cosmic scale is inevitable. However, if this menace I perceive becomes evident, the Most High, Most Sacred Cosmic Individuals will no doubt take the proper measures at the proper time. "

"Please, please, Your Right Reverence!" interrupted Ahoon, and he rattled off the following: "Allow me to report to Your Right Reverence some information I happened to pick up about the growth of those Tibetan mountains you have deigned to mention Just before our flight from the planet Karatas," continued Ahoon, "I had the pleasure of meeting the Archangel Vilooar, the governor of our solar system, and His Magnificence condescended to recognize me and to speak with me.

"Perhaps Your Right Reverence remembers that while we were existing on the planet Zernakoor, His Magnificence the Archangel Vilooar was still an ordinary angel, and often used to drop in to see us.

"So, during our conversation when His Magnificence heard me mention the name of the solar system where we had been exiled, he told me that at the last, most high, most sacred reception of finally reintegrated Cosmic Results, a certain Individual, Saint Lama, had had the privilege, in the presence of all the Sacred Individuals, of personally presenting at the feet of our Endless Uni-Being a petition regarding the abnormal growth of some of the elevations of a planet belonging, apparently, to that solar system And our All-Gracious Endlessness, granting his request, immediately commanded that the Archangel Looisos be sent to that solar system where, as one already familiar with it, he might clarify on the spot the causes of these projections and take appropriate measures. That is why His Conformity the Archangel Looisos is just now hurriedly winding up his current affairs in order to set off for that planet.

"Good, good, dear Ahoon," commented Beelzebub, and he added "Thank you for this information Glory be to our Creator' What you have just said will undoubtedly help to destroy the anxiety that arose in my presence when I first noticed the abnormal growth of those Tibetan mountains, namely, my anxiety that the precious memory of our wisest of the wise, the infinitely revered Mullah Nasr Eddin, might completely disappear from the Universe. "

Having said this, and allowing his face to assume its customary expression, Beelzebub went on:

"We continued our journey through the region now called 'Tibet,' encountering hardships of every kind, and we finally came to the source of the river named 'Keria Chi ' A few days later, sailing down the river to the Sea of Beneficence, we regained our ship Occasion.

"After this third descent of mine to the planet Earth I did not go there again in person for a considerable period, nevertheless from time to time I observed these favorites of yours attentively through my big teskooano.

"And I did not go there for a long time for the following reason: soon after returning to Mars, I became interested in an enterprise that the Martian three-brained beings were just then carrying out on the surface of their planet.

"To understand what this undertaking was that I became interested in, you must know that the planet Mars is for the system Ors, to which it belongs, a 'mdnel-haootian link' in the transformation of cosmic substances; consequently it has a 'keskestasantnian firm surface,' that is to say, one half of its surface consists of land presence and the other of 'saliakooriapnian' masses or, as your favorites would say, one half of it is land in one continuous continent, and the other half is covered with water.

"So, my boy, as the three-brained beings of the planet Mars use only 'prosphora' or, as your favorites call it, 'bread,' for their first being-food, they always sow 'wheat' on the land half of their planet. But since the wheat derived the moisture it needed for the 'evolving djartklom' only from what is called 'dew,' the yield from one grain of wheat was only a seventh part of the total process of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, that is to say, the entire yield was only one-seventh.

"As this amount of wheat was insufficient for their needs, and in order to get more they would have to utilize the planetary saliakooriap, the three-centered beings there had been talking ever since our arrival of bringing the necessary quantity of saliakooriap from the opposite side of the planet to the side where their being-existence proceeded.

"Several of their years later, they finally decided the question and made the necessary preparations, and just before I returned from the planet Earth they set to work digging special 'canals' for conducting the saliakooriap.

"This undertaking, my boy, was extremely complicated, and to carry it out the beings of the planet Mars were constantly inventing all sorts of 'machines' and 'appliances,' among which were many original and ingenious ones, and as I was always interested in any new invention, I was very much taken by this work.

"By the courtesy of those kind Martians I spent nearly all my time at these works, and that is why during this period I very seldom descended to the other planets of that solar system.

"Occasionally, however, for a rest, I flew to the planet Saturn to visit Gornahoor Harharkh, who meanwhile had become my real essence-friend, and to whom I am indebted for such a marvel as my big teskooano which, as I have already told you, increases the visibility of remote concentrations 7, 000, 285 times."
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Re: Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson: An Objectively Impart

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Part 1 of 2

CHAPTER 23: The fourth personal sojourn of Beelzebub on the planet Earth  

BEELZEBUB continued thus:

"I descended for the fourth time to that planet Earth at the request of my essence-friend Gornahoor Harharkh.

"First of all I must tell you that when I had become friendly with this Gornahoor Harharkh, I would always, during our 'exchanges of subjective opinion,' share with him my impressions about the strange psyche of the three-centered beings of that planet of yours The result of these conversations was that he too became so interested in your favorites that he even very seriously asked me to keep him informed, if only in a general way, about my observations of them; and thereafter I sent him, just as I did to your uncle Tooilan, copies of all my notes on the particularities of their psyche.

"And how Gornahoor Harharkh came to be the cause of this descent of mine occurred in the following way:

"As I have just told you, after my third descent to your planet, I occasionally, for a rest, ascended to the planet Saturn to see my friend During these visits I became convinced of his great learning, and one day the idea came to me to invite him to descend to the planet Mars on our ship Occasion, so that there on the spot he might give me the benefit of his knowledge concerning the details of setting up my observatory, which was just then being completed.

"Here let me emphasize that if this observatory later became famous, and was in fact the best of all the installations of its kind in the whole Universe, I am indebted chiefly to the learning of this essence-friend of mine.

"Well then, when I mentioned this to Gornahoor Harharkh, without thinking long he agreed, and at once we began considering how to carry out our intention The problem was that the route from the planet Saturn to the planet Mars passed through cosmic spheres that did not correspond to the presence of Gornahoor Harharkh, a being who had as yet only the possibilities for an ordinary planetary existence.

"The result of our deliberations was that on the following day his chief assistant began, under his direction, to arrange a special compartment in our ship Occasion, and to equip it with every sort of apparatus for elaborating the substances that make up the atmosphere of the planet Saturn, to which the existence of Gornahoor Harharkh was adapted by Nature.

"One 'khrkh-khr-khroo' later, when all these preparations had been completed, we set out on our journey in the direction of the planet Mars, where we arrived safely at my house And there on Mars, which has almost the same atmosphere as the planet Saturn, my essence-friend very soon became acclimatized and began to exist almost as though on his own planet.

"It was during his stay on Mars that he devised the 'teskooano,' or 'telescope,' thanks to which my observatory became so famous throughout the whole Universe The teskooano he constructed is indeed a marvel of being- Reason, for, as I told you, it increases the visibility of remote cosmic concentrations 7, 000, 285 times, both during certain processes taking place in cosmic substances in the atmospheres surrounding almost all cosmic concentrations and during certain processes which the cosmic 'ethernokrilno' undergoes in interspatial spheres.

"With this teskooano I was sometimes able to observe from my house on Mars almost everything taking place on those parts of the surface of other planets of that solar system which, during the process of the 'general system movement,' were at that moment within the field of vision of my observatory.

"Well, my dear boy, one day while Gornahoor Harharkh was staying with me as my guest and we were observing together the existence of those favorites of yours, we happened to notice a fact, which became the subject of a very serious exchange of opinions between us about the three-centered beings of your peculiar planet.

"The result of this exchange was that I undertook to descend to the surface of that planet and to bring back to the planet Saturn a number of the beings your favorites call 'apes,' in order to carry out certain experiments with them and elucidate the fact that had astonished us."

At this point in his narrative, Beelzebub was brought a "leitoochanbros," that is, a sort of metal plate on which is recorded the text of an etherogram received from somewhere or other, the addressee having only to hold the plate to his organ of auditory perception to hear everything communicated in it.

Having listened to the contents of the leitoochanbros, Beelzebub turned to his grandson and said:

"You see, my boy, what coincidences occur in our Great Universe. This etherogram refers to your favorites in connection with the 'ape-beings' I just mentioned. It was sent to me from Mars and informs me, among other things, that the three-centered beings of the planet Earth are once more troubled by the 'ape question.'

"I must first tell you that on account of their abnormal being-existence, there was long ago crystallized and there is periodically intensified in the presence of those peculiar three-brained beings arising and existing on the planet Earth a strange factor, producing from time to time a 'crescendo impulse,' under the action of which they wish to find out at any cost whether they have descended from these apes or the apes have descended from them.

"Judging from the etherogram, this time the question is agitating chiefly the biped beings who breed on the continent called 'America. '

"Although this question always troubles them somewhat, every once in a while it becomes for a long time, as they express it, the 'burning question of the day. '

"I remember very well that this 'agitation of mind' over the origin of the apes occurred among them for the first time when their 'center of culture,' as they also like to express it, was the country of Tikliamish The starting point of this 'agitation of mind' was the wiseacring of a certain 'learned being of new formation' named Menitkel.

"This Menitkel became a learned being because, in the first place, his childless aunt was an excellent 'matchmaker,' and mixed a great deal with 'power-possessing beings', and because, in the second place, at the age when he was on the threshold of being a responsible being he was given as a birthday present a book entitled Manual of Bon Ton and Love-Letter Writing. As he was financially secure and therefore quite free, thanks to an inheritance from his uncle, a former pawnbroker, he compiled, out of boredom, a massive and erudite work about the origin of these apes, in which he 'cooked up' an elaborate theory supported by all kinds of 'logical proof,' but of course such 'logical proof as can be conceived and crystallized only in the Reason of those freaks who have taken your fancy.

"This Menitkel then 'proved' by his theory that their 'fellow countrymen,' the apes, were descended from none other than people who had, as they say, 'gone wild ' The other terrestrial beings of that period, as had already become proper to them, believed implicitly this Auntie's darling, without any 'essence-criticism' whatsoever, and from that time on this question, agitating the strange 'Reason' of your favorites, became the subject of disputes and fantasies, right up until what is called the seventh 'great planetary process of reciprocal destruction.'

"Thanks to this maleficent idea there was fixed in the instincts of most of the unfortunates of that period another abnormal so-called 'dictatorial factor,' which began to engender in their common presence the false feeling that these ape-beings were sacred. And this factor, which engendered such a sacrilegious impulse, passed by heredity from generation to generation and reached the instincts of many beings even of the present time.

"As for the false notion cooked up by that 'pawnshop progeny,' it held its ground for nearly two of their centuries and became an integral part of the 'Reason' of most of them. But due to various events growing out of the seventh planetary process of reciprocal destruction, which lasted nearly half a century, it gradually faded away and completely disappeared from their common presence.

"But when their so-called 'cultured existence' became concentrated on the continent of 'Europe,' and when the time again came around for that peculiar disease known as 'wiseacring' to manifest itself with maximum intensity—for this disease, by the way, had long before become subject to the fundamental cosmic law of Heptaparaparshinokh, according to which its intensity had to fluctuate with a certain periodicity—then, to the grief of three-brained beings of the whole Universe, that 'ape question,' or 'who is descended from whom,' once more arose and having become crystallized again became part of the abnormal 'Reason' of your favorites.

"In this instance also, the 'ape question' arose from the stimulus given by a learned being, of course again a 'great' one, but of an altogether 'new formation,' by the name of Darwin. This 'great' scientist, basing his theory on that same logic of theirs, set about 'proving' exactly the opposite of what Menitkel had said, that is, he 'proved' that it was they themselves who were descended from these Mister Apes.

"As for the objective reality of either of the theories of these 'great' terrestrial learned beings, I am reminded of one of the wise sayings of our esteemed Mullah Nasr Eddin:

"'Luck smiled on them both, for they both managed to find the authentic godmother of the incomparable Scheherazade on an old dunghill.'

"In any case, bear in mind that for many centuries this question, among others just as ephemeral, has provided material for the kind of thinking your favorites consider the 'highest manifestation of Reason.'

"In my opinion your favorites could get a correct answer to this question that always agitates them of how the apes arose, if only they really knew how to apply another of the maxims of our dear Mullah Nasr Eddin, who often used to say:

'The cause of every misunderstanding must be sought in woman. '

"If they had made use of this wise maxim to resolve their enigmatic question perhaps they would have finally discovered the origin of these fellow countrymen of theirs.

"As the subject of the genealogy of these apes is indeed exceedingly complicated and unusual, I shall inform your Reason about it from every possible aspect.

"The fact is that neither are your favorites descended from apes nor are apes descended from them, but the cause of the arising of these apes is in this case—as in every other misunderstanding there—their women.

"First of all I must tell you that none of those terrestrial ape-beings now arising there in various exterior forms ever existed before the second 'transapalnian perturbation', it was only after this disaster that the genealogy of their species began.

"The cause of the arising of these 'misconceived' beings —as well as that of all events more or less serious in the objective sense that occur on the surface of that ill-fated planet—stemmed from two sources totally independent of each other.

"The first, as always, was the same lack of foresight on the part of certain Most High, Most Saintly Cosmic Individuals, and the second was, once again, those abnormal conditions of ordinary being-existence established by your favorites themselves.

"The point is that during the second transapalnian perturbation, besides the chief continent of Atlantis many other large and small land masses entered within the planet, and new land masses appeared in their place These displacements of various parts of the common presence of this unfortunate planet lasted several of their days, accompanied by frequent planetary tremors and manifestations that could not fail to evoke terror in the consciousness and feelings of beings of every kind.

"During that period many of your three-brained favorites who, together with one-brained and two-brained beings of other forms, had chanced to survive unexpectedly found themselves upon other newly formed land masses in places that were entirely unfamiliar to them It was just then that many of these strange 'keschapmartnian' three-brained beings of active and passive sex or, as they say, 'men' and 'women,' were compelled for a number of their years to exist apart, that is to say, without the opposite sex.

"Before continuing to relate how all this occurred, I must tell you in a little more detail about that sacred substance which is the final result of the evolving transformations of every kind of being-food and is formed in the presence of every being without distinction of 'brain system ' This sacred substance, elaborated in the presence of beings of every kind, is almost everywhere called 'exioëhary,' but your favorites on the planet Earth call it 'sperm. '

"Through the all-gracious foresight and command of our Common Father Creator and according to the actualization of Great Nature, this sacred substance arises in the presence of all beings, without distinction of brain system or exterior coating, in order that by its means they may consciously or automatically fulfill that part of their being-duty which consists in the continuation of their species But in the presence of three-brained beings it also arises in order that they may consciously transform it for coating their higher being-bodies for their own being.

"Before the second transapalnian perturbation there, which the contemporary three-brained beings refer to as the 'loss of the continent of Atlantis,' in the period when various consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer had already begun to be crystallized in their presence, a being-impulse was gradually formed in them which later became predominant.

"This impulse is now called 'pleasure', and in order to satisfy it they were already beginning to exist in a manner unbecoming to three-centered beings, that is to say, most of them gradually began to remove this sacred being-substance from themselves for the satisfaction of this impulse alone.

"Well, my boy, from then on most of the three-brained beings of the planet Earth were not content to carry out the process of the removal of this substance, which is continuously elaborated in them, only at those periods normally established by Great Nature for beings in accordance with their organization, for the purpose of the continuation of their species Owing to this, and also to the fact that most of them had ceased to utilize this substance consciously for coating their higher being-bodies, it came about that when they did not remove it from themselves in ways that by then had become mechanical, they naturally experienced a sensation called 'sirklinimana,' a state they describe as 'feeling out of sorts,' and which is invariably accompanied by what is called 'mechanical suffering.'

"Remind me at some opportune moment about those periods fixed by Nature for the normal process of the utilization of the exioëhary by beings of different brain-systems for the continuation of their species, and I shall explain this to you in detail.

"Well then, they like ourselves are only 'keschapmartnian' beings, and when this sacred substance, continuously and inevitably formed in them, is utilized normally for the continuation of their species by means of the sacred process 'elmooarno,' its removal from their presences must be accomplished exclusively with the opposite sex. But these three-brained beings who by chance had escaped disaster were no longer in the habit of utilizing this substance for coating their higher being-bodies and, as they were already existing in a manner unbecoming to three-brained beings, when they were obliged to exist for several of their years without beings of the opposite sex, they turned to various antinatural means for the removal from themselves of this sacred substance, exioëhary.

"The beings of the male sex had recourse to the antinatural means called 'moordoorten' and 'androperasty' or, as the contemporary beings would say, 'onanism' and 'pederasty,' and these antinatural means fully satisfied them.

"But for the three-brained beings of the 'passive sex' or, as they call them, 'women,' these antinatural means were not sufficiently satisfying, and so the poor 'women-orphans' of that time, already more cunning and inventive than the men, began to seek out beings of other forms and accustom them to be their 'partners.' Well then, it was after these 'partnerships' that there began to appear in our Great Universe those species of beings which, as our dear Mullah Nasr Eddin would say, are 'neither fish nor fowl.'

"As regards the possibility of this abnormal blending of two different kinds of exioëhary for the conception and formation of a new planetary body of a being, it is necessary to give you the following explanation:

"On the planet Earth, as on other planets of our Universe where 'keschapmartnian' beings breed and exist—that is, three-brained beings in whom the formation of the sacred exioëhary for the creation of a new being must take place exclusively in the presences of two beings of distinct, independent sexes—the fundamental difference between the sacred exioëhary formed in the presences of beings of opposite sexes, that is, in men and women, consists in this, that in the exioëhary formed in the presences of beings of the male sex, the localized 'holy affirming' or 'positive' force of the sacred Triamazikamno participates, while in the exioëhary formed in beings of the female sex there participates the localized 'holy denying' or 'negative' force of the same sacred law.

"Thanks to the all-gracious foresight and command of our Father of everything existing in the Universe, and in accordance with the actualizing power of Great Mother Nature, in certain surrounding conditions and with the participation of the third separately localized holy force of the sacred Triamazikamno, namely, with the 'holy reconciling' force, the blending of the exioëhary formed in two separate beings of distinct, independent sexes during the process of the sacred 'elmooarno' taking place between them brings about the arising of a new being.

"In the case I was speaking of, the abnormal blending of two heterogeneous kinds of exioëhary was possible only by virtue of a certain cosmic law known as the 'affinity of the numbers of the totality of vibrations,' which began to act owing to the second transapalnian perturbation on this ill-fated planet, and which then still continued to act on its common presence.

"Concerning this cosmic law, it is important to tell you that it arose and began to exist in the Universe after the fundamental sacred law of Triamazikamno had been modified by our Creator in order to render the Heropass harmless, and after its holy parts, until then entirely independent, had become dependent upon forces from outside. But, my boy, you will understand this cosmic law in all its aspects only when I shall explain in detail, as I have promised you, all the fundamental laws of world-creation and world-existence.

"Meanwhile, you should know that on normally existing planets anywhere in our Great Universe the exioëhary formed in the presence of a three-brained being having organs of perception and transformation for localizing the 'holy affirming' force of the sacred Triamazikamno, in other words, the exioëhary formed in a three-brained keschapmartnian being of the 'male' sex, can never be blended— owing to that same law—with the exioëhary formed in the presence of a two-brained keschapmartnian being of the opposite sex.

"On the other hand, when a special combination of cosmic forces occurs and this same law of the 'affinity of the numbers of the totality of vibrations' begins to act, the exioëhary formed in a three-brained keschapmartnian being of the 'female' sex can sometimes, in certain surrounding conditions, blend quite well with the exioëhary formed in two-brained keschapmartnian beings of the male sex, but only as the active factor in the actualizing process of the fundamental sacred Triamazikamno.

"In short, during those terrible years on that planet of yours, a phenomenon very rare in the Universe appeared, that is, a blending of the exioëhary of two keschapmartnian beings of different brain systems and of opposite sexes, and the result was the arising of the ancestors of these terrestrial 'misconceived' beings now called 'apes,' who give your favorites no peace, and from time to time so agitate their strange Reason.

"But when this terrible period was over, a relatively normal process of ordinary existence was reestablished on your planet, and your favorites of different sexes again began to find each other and exist together, and thereafter those 'ape-beings' actualized the continuation of their species among themselves.

"And this continuation of their species was possible because the conception for the arising of the first of these abnormal beings had taken place according to the same external conditions that in general determine the presences of future keschapmartnian beings of active or passive sex.

"The most interesting result of this highly abnormal manifestation of the three-brained beings of your planet is that there now exist a great many species of the descendants of these ape-beings, differing in exterior form, and each of these different species bears a striking resemblance to some form of two-brained quadruped being still in existence there.

"This came about because the blending of the exioëhary of the keschapmartnian three-brained beings of the female sex, which brought about the arising of the ancestors of those apes, proceeded with the active exioëhary of the various species of quadruped beings that exist there even until today.

"Indeed, my boy, during my last personal stay on the planet Earth, when I happened in the course of my travels to come across the various species of apes and, in accordance with a habit that has become second nature, I observed them, I ascertained definitely that the whole of their outer functioning and the so-called 'automatic postures' of each 'species' of these contemporary apes are exactly like those in the common presence of certain normally arisen quadruped beings there, and their 'facial features' are even exactly the same as those of particular quadrupeds As for the 'psychic features' of all the different species of these apes, they are absolutely identical, even down to minute details, with those of the psyche of the three-brained beings of the 'female sex' there. "

At this point in his tales Beelzebub became silent. After a long pause he looked at his favorite Hassein with a smile that clearly expressed a double meaning.


My Friends, who I, in my body and soul, feel to be the children and sons of these primeval enemies of the apelings, let us hold in the highest regard the most precious heritage of our fathers -- our blood, our seed -- as something Divine! We do not wish ourselves to be regarded as angels, the blood of each and every one of us is more or less mixed with the water of Sodom. But from this point forward a halt should be called to this mixing. Mankind is unequal, and a deep moat that cannot be overwhelmed surrounds Walhalla -- a moat that no apeling must be allowed to jump over. In the struggle against the apes of Sodom each one must begin within himself, especially in the choice of his wife, then he can fight against the apes of Sodom which surround him ... Victory will be ours -- ancient, divine oracles speak in in our behalf. Among our foes is the ape, in us and for us is God -- the all-knowing, all- powerful entity of the original cosmos. It follows from many passages in the Bible that the European white man -- in short, the Germanic man -- is the Son of Heaven. He is the white stone (Rev. VI.8), the White Rider who conquers the colored people, he is the Logos (Rev. VI; XIX). Also in the Koran (VII,43) it is said that Paradise is certain for the whites. The original homeland of the white man is Germania -- kings and heroes have been coming from there since pre-history. Up to a certain time only ape- and beast-men lived outside Germany. For this reason the Germanic peoples eagerly took up an exalting doctrine, such as the teachings of Jesus. But the Sodomite spirit of Rome and Byzantium could not let the Gothic folk live. That glorious folk of the gods was ripped apart by the ancient pagutu- and udumu-brood, to the rest of the Germanic peoples a counterfeit Christianity was preached, and their powerful arm of the gods bound by the cord of the "commandment of brotherly love." Rome and Byzantium extirpated the ancient scriptures, for they would have documented our divine origins and their simian descent. For over a thousand years the "Welsh" [= Romanized French] and the Slavs, along with the rest of the mob of apemen, have been a constant danger to our culture, they are our bitter enemies for whom no act of malice or violence is too terrible to use in order to destroy us! Woe to the brood of Sodom when we settle our accounts with them! They are more dangerous now than ever before. We have ourselves bred them upward. The wheat-fields of mankind have become sallow and over-ripe. Both ''wheat'' and "weeds" have grown up (Mt. XIII.30). The linen- wick of Sodom is still glimmering, the reed of Sodom is not yet broken. From the chalice, which the adulterous "foreign" wives of our fathers' fathers mixed, from which they slurped the frothing mellow- wine of raging Sodomite lust -- from this we must now drink the bitter dregs. The time has come about which the Sibyl (II.154) spoke: "But whenever ... children are born with grey temples from birth, then affliction will overcome mankind; fools who do not notice that when the female of the species no longer gives birth, the harvest of mortal men has come. The time is here! Women cannot, or do not want to, bear healthy children! Those women who would have been suited to have been mothers lament their existences as old maids, the whore gets married and rules over our domestic and public life. The whore in the whorehouse is no sin, there she fulfills her purpose. But the whore in the marriage-bed is the downfall of peoples and states. Pleasure-apes burn down the city (Prov. XXIX.8). We must finally start to "breed humans," The experiments which the landed proprietor Rashatinov performed in Perm had surprising success. As early as the second generation he obtained persons of virtually divine beauty (pol.-anth. Revue, Eisenach). Obviously this example merely concerns Slavic material. What a race we could breed from our Frisians! The kind of force a race can be has been proven by the Boers.

The strictest pure-breeding standards are necessary. We may not cast the pearls before the swine, we have to keep the salt for ourselves (Mk. IX.49).

Obviously the Kingdom of Heaven will be reached through intervention in the sexual life of man. Those of lesser value must be exterminated in a gentle way -- by castration and sterilization (Mt. XIX.12). Origines interpreted this passage literally and castrated himself. This exegesis, proven in practice, is more authoritative to me than that of the present-day pastors. The Jesuits too hold fast to a literal exegesis in their order policies -- and history shows what a gigantic force this idea has. Also the restriction of sexual indulgence is advantageous for spiritual men. To one is given the ability to generate beautiful and good children, to the other to create immortal spiritual works. Women can only make up for the sin of Eve through reasonable love, devoid of its ape-nature. (Tim. II.15). Woman indulged in more Sodomite lust, therefore she must suffer more today -- especially at the hands of the sons of the Sodomite lovers of her mothers.

Adultery by wives and their quite strange preference for lusty, satyr-like -- so-called "interesting men" -- must be obviated as much as possible. "Abstain from lascivious beings." (I Thess. V.22). A precipitin-reaction will make clear to each and every individual how closely or distantly his blood is related to the blood of apes. Bastards are usually physically and culturally poor. Among the Persians when someone commits a crime an investigation is made as to whether he is a bastard. (Her. 1,137). He who is of God cannot sin, while he who is of the beast-men must sin (I Jn. III.8). Juvenile delinquents should be castrated without mercy, or sterilized (by radiation). The invention of a functional sterilization device or agent would be the greatest boon for mankind. I am certainly not against condoms. They should be increasingly distributed. Only noble men alone, men with a heroic way of thinking, who know what it means to raise and support a child, only men who cherish children, only they will then engender children. But those who seek out copulation only for purposes of lascivious enjoyment, the nymphomaniacal baboon she-creatures afraid of birth pains -- they will exterminate themselves, will strangle themselves with the rubber.

All that remain in Zion shall be holy, for the filth of the daughters of Zion and the blood-guiltiness of Jerusalem have been purged away by the fiery blast of judgment.

-- The Prophets of Israel and Their Place in History to the Close of the Eighth Century, B.C., by W. Robertson Smith, LL.D.

Everywhere and always we must protect the institution of marriage, for it is the secure refuge of the race, the warm nest of the young phoenix and the future God-Man. If a man and woman want to love each other without engendering children and they are free, then marriage is not necessary. Marriage is there for the sake of children. Marital fidelity must be required of all women in all circumstances, because adultery on the wife's part adulterates the family. But marital fidelity on the husband's part is also necessary. Marital infidelity by the husband is actually not a sin, but is an act of stupidity that is usually severely punished. because a strong man can barely satisfy one woman. Besides course eroticism plays a subordinate role for a racially pure Germanic husband. He only enjoys coitus when his chosen wife meets all aesthetic requirements and he enjoys it only insofar as he gives his beloved wife the highest enjoyment in this way. As regards women these men are uncommonly choosy -- a worn down shoe, a bad accent, or bad personal habits cause many men to be impotent for women who otherwise possess every possible charm. It is just this characteristic of the man of higher race -- of his being incapable of immediately servicing any and every women -- that must be further developed and expanded in a systematic way so that husbands will only be potent with their own wives, and with all other women they will be impotent in the literal sense.

For the sake of the "Kingdom of Heaven" we must become eunuches. -- As highly as we honor the wife in the family and in the home, we must just as intensely fight against the intrusion of women into public life, because the ultimate outcome of these efforts would be, and to some extent is already, unilateral women's rights, which would make the world into a big brothel in which everything revolves around penises and pussies in a silly and absurd satyrs' orgy while the proper wife, the loyal mother of the house, and the healthy strong troop of children will be mercilessly driven out of the chaste and legitimate home. No one other than those women with their lascivious ape-like natures destroyed the cultures of antiquity and they will bring down our culture as well if men do not stop and think soon.

The adulterous and sensual woman belongs in the whorehouse, the honor of motherhood is withdrawn from her and her name is blotted out of the book of life. Likewise criminals, the mentally ill, or those with hereditary diseases should be prevented from reproducing. If we only allow fit persons to reproduce, the hospitals, prisons and the giant criminal justice system will become superfluous. Pure- breeding is the priority for true disciples of the Logos, who abhor all bastardizing mongrelization as both contrary to law and Godless. (Const. ap. p. 168). Do not drink of "strange" (apeling's) water, drink from your own well (Prov. V.15)! Hold yourself back from the "stranger" (= apeling) (Sibylline Oracles II)! Avoid Sodomy and copulation with the hobgoblins of pleasure, rear your own species (Sib. III,762). Every man should avoid marrying a woman who has whored around a lot if he wants to generate descendents. The male semen has an effect on the woman such that the child, even when it comes from a legitimate father, still inherits characteristics from all those men with whom the wife has had premarital or extramarital intercourse. It is for this reason that the old laws favor marriage with virgins, the privilege of the first-born and draw a sharp distinction between the sexual rights of women and men. Just as different races of men have unequal rights, so too do men and women have unequal rights. The old custom of law which allowed the lord of the manor to sleep with every virgin first proves that the ancients knew that it is the man who is responsible for breeding the race upward.

Dear ladies, tell me honestly, whose wives would you be today if noble men, if god-like Siegfrieds, had not torn you away from the Sodomite monsters, if they had not put you in warm nests, if they had not defended you -- sword in hand -- throughout thousands and thousands of years against Slavs, Mongols, Moors and Turks? Choose between us and those sons of Sodom, have yourselves sexually serviced on the mound of corpses of your husbands who fell in battle -- as so many of your mothers' mothers did! Take them to your husbands' houses, so they can make harem slaves of you, so you can become the mother of a brood of lascivious, bloodthirsty beasts, who know no motherly or wifely love! What woman is today she has become thanks to the sword and power of man. Man wrestled woman from the apes of Sodom, and for this reason she is his property! --

The man must assume leadership in the up-breeding of humanity, the woman must follow him. The man is the head and object of woman; Christ, the future God-Man, is the head and object of man (Eph. V.23; Col. III. 18). Woman still today loves pleasure-apes and makes the effort to breed humanity downward. The so-called "modern woman" of free love finds herself depressed by melancholy and vague longings. She longs for the burning "tender Sodomite pieces of wood," for all those completely wild lascivious beasts. The chalices of Sodom are going into decline, "all have become pieces of wood in their houses," the wells of Sodom are vanquished, for a new, strong human species is growing which seeks something else in a woman other than a diversion for his sexual parts. The modern woman, however, is, fleeing the Germanic man and would rather make children with Slavs and Mediterraneans (E. Key Liebe u. Ehe, p. 468)

A nameless longing is unconsciously driving hysterical women into the churches and to the pastors -- to the one-time groves of lascivious hobgoblins and the one-time temples of the dealers in Sodomite apes. The savage and unbridled human sexual passions are harmful and unhealthy. Husband and wife must get closer to one another and love each other in a cooler way, yet in a way which is all the more spiritual and freer. In the Logia of the Lord it is said: "When you trample the garment of shame with your feet and when the two become one and man is neither man nor woman with his wife, then the kingdom of heaven will he upon us." In the Resurrection there will be no more marriage, humans will once more be angels. i.e. -- hermaphrodites (Mt. XXII.30; the state of bees and ants!). We will no longer generate men by means of carnal intercourse, but rather perhaps by means of radiation. Jesus came to abolish the work of woman (Logia). We will once more become similar to the electrical God-men physically as well -- we shall again become pure Gods. We must take off the dark pelt of the ape and put on the shining breast-plate of the God-Man (Rom. XIII.12). We come from God and to God we will return, that is the great secret of the transmigration of souls, of the process of becoming man, of the suffering, of the death and of the Resurrection, the return, and of the great Supper (Jn. VI.35) of the Gods. Christ is the original-man of the past and the evolved-man of the future, he is the A and the Ω, beginning and end. Women must have themselves "baptized" in the holy temple-well of Siloam, the "waters" of which bubble coolly and softly (Jn. IX.7; Is. VIII.6). Cold Boreas must again sweep through the withered garden of mankind and Nordic blood extinguish the southern ape-rut. (Cant IV.16).

Agape, pure love devoid of any ape-nature, yet love in an entirely sexual sense, is the innermost kernel of the doctrine of Jesus. Only in this way can the otherwise theologically inexplicable pagan portrayals of the lust-filled revels (agape-feasts, Eucharists = love between men and women), cupids, and couples embracing in love found in the catacombs be explained. Our blond-haired baby Jesus is certainly no one other than Bacchus, Cupid and Skeaf! Cupid and Psyche (Fig. 38) are even seen quite often in primitive Christian iconography and between them is usually the basket (kepos) with Sodomite bread which they have refused (while the lascivious naked woman in Fig. 37 cannot separate herself from the Sodomite basket in her lap.

So let us lay off playing the harps of Sodom and play the harps of men (Clemens Al protrept.), so that Apollo's holy swans can return and we can again become a congregation of Gods. German men, play on "human harps," love the strong loyal, Nordic woman in whom the divine electron still slumbers. Knowledge, Gnosis, is very valuable, but more valuable still is love [Ger. Minne] devoid of ape-like nature. Gnosis plants, but Agape builds the house (I. Cor. VIII.1). In Agape all the elect of God will be brought to full maturity (I Clemens Rom. ad Cor. XLIX). We must guard our bodies as temples of God. If we all love [minnen] one another among ourselves we will all come into the Kingdom of God (IT Clemens Rom. ad Cor. IX). Agape is the path that leads us to God (Ignatii ep. ad Ephes. IX). Jesus is Cupid, is Frauja, the Bridegroom of the Soul (Psyche). "God is love devoid of the ape-like nature (agape). He who abides in love devoid of the ape-like nature (Minne), abides in God. and god in him." (I Jn. IV.16).

-- Theozoology, or the Science of the Sodomite Apelings and the Divine Electron, by Dr. Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels

Then, still smiling, he said:

"The text of the etherogram I have just received also indicates that this time, in order to settle once and for all who is descended from whom—they from the apes or the apes from them—these freaks, your favorites, have decided to carry out 'scientific experiments', and several of them have already left for the continent of Africa, where many of these apes breed, with the object of bringing back the number required for these 'scientific investigations' of theirs.

"To Judge by this etherogram, the beings of the planet Earth who have taken your fancy are once again up to their usual 'tricks. '

"From all I have learned about them during my observations, I foresee that this 'scientific experiment' will unquestionably arouse the serious interest of the rest of your favorites, and will for a time serve their strange Reason as material for endless discussion and argument. And all this will be quite in the order of things there.

"Concerning the 'scientific experiment' itself which they propose to carry out with the apes brought from Africa, I can say in advance with certainty that, at any rate, the first part of it will succeed with flying colors.

"And it will succeed because the apes themselves, issuing from what is called a 'titillarian result,' are by nature very fond of occupying themselves with titillation, and before the day is out will no doubt play their part and enthusiastically assist your favorites in this 'scientific experiment.'

"As for the beings who propose to carry out this experiment, and as for any benefit to be derived from it by the other three-brained beings there, you can get a good idea of the whole thing if you remember the profoundly wise saying of our honorable Mullah Nasr Eddin 'Happy is the father whose son is busy even with murder and robbery, for then he will have no time to teach him titillation.

"It seems, my boy, that I have not yet told you why and by whom, ever since I left the solar system Ors, I have been kept informed by etherogram of the most important events taking place on its various planets, and also of course on your planet Earth.

"You remember that my first descent in person to the surface of that planet of yours was made on account of one of the young beings of our tribe, who afterward did not wish to stay there any longer but returned with us to the planet Mars, where he later became an excellent governor of the beings of our tribe dwelling on that planet, and eventually of all the beings of our tribe who, for one reason or another, still dwell on certain planets of the system Ors.

"Well then, my boy, when I left that solar system, I made him a gift of my famous observatory with everything in it, and in gratitude for this he promised to report to me once a year, according to the time calculation of the planet Mars, all the important events occurring on the planets of that system And so he keeps me accurately informed of the most important events on all the planets on which there is a being-existence, and, knowing my great interest in the three-brained beings breeding on the planet Earth, he does his best, as is clearly evident, to send me information concerning all their manifestations, thus keeping me constantly in touch with the whole process of ordinary existence of these three-brained beings, although I am now inaccessibly remote, even for their featherweight thoughts.

"This governor of our beings gathers all his information about the three-brained beings of the planet Earth either from his own observations through the great teskooano I left him, or from reports communicated to him by those three beings of our tribe who chose to remain forever on the planet Earth, all three of whom at the present time on the continent of Europe have substantial enterprises of their own—indispensable for everyone existing there under the prevailing conditions.

"One of them has an 'undertaker's business' in one of the large cities, the second, in another large city, runs a 'bureau for marriage and divorce', and the third is the proprietor of a network of agencies founded in various cities for what is called 'currency exchange. '

"However, my boy, owing to this etherogram, I have wandered a long way from my original tale. Let us go back to our former theme.

"Well then, on this fourth flight of mine to the planet Earth our ship Occasion alighted on the sea called the 'Red Sea ' And we alighted on this sea because it washed the eastern shores of the continent of Grabontzi, now called 'Africa,' where I wished to go, and where the ape-beings I needed then bred in greater numbers than on any of the other land masses on the surface of your planet, and also because this sea was particularly convenient for mooring our ship Occasion, but above all because it bordered the country known as 'Nilia,' now called 'Egypt,' where at that period those beings of our tribe existed who wished to remain on that planet, and upon whose help I was relying to collect the apes.

"Having alighted on the Red Sea, we left our ship Occasion and reached the shore by 'hippodrenekakh', and afterward, on camels, we came to the city where our beings existed, then the capital of the future Egypt. This capital city was called 'Thebes.'

"On the very day of my arrival in the city of Thebes, one of the beings of our tribe there told me, among other things, that the Earth-beings of that locality had devised a new system for observing other cosmic concentrations from their planet, and in order to put it into effect were then building the required structures, and, as everybody was saying, this new system offered advantages and possibilities hitherto unparalleled on the Earth.

"When he had told me all he had seen with his own eyes, I at once became greatly interested, for from his account of certain details of this new construction it seemed to me that these terrestrial beings had perhaps found a way of overcoming a difficulty to which I myself had just been giving a great deal of thought while completing the building of my observatory on the planet Mars.

"And so I decided to postpone for a while my original intention of immediately going farther south on that continent to collect the apes I needed, and to go instead to the place where those structures were being erected, in order to find out all about it for myself.

"Well then, the day after my arrival in the city of Thebes, I took as guide one of the beings of our tribe who had many friends there, among them the chief builder of those structures, and accompanied of course by our faithful Ahoon, I traveled this time on what is called a 'choorteteff' down that great river now known as the 'Nile.'

"Near the place where this river flowed into a large saliakooriapnian area, those great artifacts were just being completed, certain parts of which especially interested me.

"The district where the work was being carried on—both for this new 'observatory,' as they called it, and for other buildings designed for the welfare of their being-existence —was then named 'Avazlin'; a few years later it came to be called 'Caironana,' and today it is referred to simply as the 'outskirts of Cairo.'

"These great artifacts were begun long before my fourth flight to the Earth by one of their 'pharaohs'—a title given to their kings by the beings of that region—and at the time of my first visit to this place they were being completed by his grandson, also a pharaoh.

"Although the observatory that interested me was not quite finished, observations of the visibility of cosmic concentrations could be made from it, and the results issuing from these concentrations as well as the reciprocal action of these results could be studied.

"At that period on the Earth the beings occupied with such observations and studies were called 'astrologers.' But later, when that psychic disease of your favorites called 'wiseacring' was finally fixed in them, and these specialists 'shriveled and shrank,' becoming 'specialists' only in giving names to remote cosmic concentrations, they came to be called 'astronomers.'

"The difference in value and significance for the beings around them between the professionals of that time and those who supposedly follow the same occupation today may show you the extent of the decline that has steadily taken place in the crystallization of data engendering 'sane logical mentation,' which your favorites as three-brained beings ought to have in their common presence; I therefore find it necessary to explain this change for the worse, and help you reach an approximate understanding of it.

"At that period, the terrestrial three-brained beings of responsible age called 'astrologers,' besides making observations and investigations of various other cosmic concentrations for the purpose of a more detailed study of the branch of general learning they represented, took upon themselves several other definite essence-obligations toward their fellow beings.

"One of their fundamental obligations was to advise, as our 'zirlikners' do, all the conjugal pairs in their 'flock,' according to their types, about the time and form of the process of the sacred 'elmooarno' for the purpose of a desirable and corresponding conception of their results And when these results were actualized or, as they say, 'new-born,' the astrologers had to draw up for each of them an 'oblekioonerish,' that is, what your favorites call a 'horoscope ' And from then on they or their deputies guided those young beings during the whole period of their formation up to responsible age, as well as during their responsible existence itself, giving them corresponding indications on the basis of the oblekioonerish and of the cosmic laws, constantly explained by them, relating to the action of the results of other large cosmic concentrations on the process of being-existence on all planets.

"These indications and, so to speak, 'warning counsels' of theirs consisted in the following:

"As soon as a function became disharmonized in the presence of any being, or was only just beginning to be so, he would apply to the astrologer of his district, who, on the basis of the oblekioonerish and of the variations expected according to calculation in the atmospheric processes caused by the action of other planets of their solar system, would indicate just what the disharmonized being should do with his planetary body at certain definite periods of the krentonalnian movement of that planet, as for instance, in what direction to lie down, how to breathe, what movements it was preferable to make, with which types of beings to avoid relations, and many other things of this kind.

"Besides all this, the astrologers assigned to the beings of their flock in the seventh year of their existence, again on the basis of their oblekioonerish, corresponding mates of the opposite sex for the purpose of fulfilling one of the chief being-duties, that is, the continuation of the species or, as your favorites would say, they assigned them 'husbands' and 'wives.'

"Justice must be done to your favorites of that period as long as these astrologers existed among them, they followed their counsels very strictly and entered into conjugal unions only according to their indications.

"Therefore, at that period, in regard to their conjugal unions they always corresponded to each other according to their types, just as they do on all other planets inhabited by keschapmartnian beings Far as they were from knowing many trogoautoegocratic cosmic truths, the ancient terrestrial astrologers made these matches successfully because they had at least a thorough knowledge of the laws governing the influence of the different planets of their solar system on the beings breeding on their own planet, that is, the influence of these planets on a being at the moment of his conception, for further development as well as for his complete attainment of the being of a responsible being.

"Thanks to the practical knowledge acquired over many centuries and transmitted from generation to generation, they knew which types of the passive sex corresponded to which types of the active sex. Thus the pairs chosen according to the indications of the astrologers nearly always turned out to be corresponding, which is the opposite of what happens there today when your favorites are united in conjugal pairs who almost never correspond in type; so that throughout their entire existence about half of the so-called 'inner life' of these couples is spent on what our esteemed Mullah Nasr Eddin expresses in one of his sayings:

" 'What a good husband he is, and what a good wife she is, whose whole inner world is not taken up with the constant nagging of the other half!'

"In any case, my boy, if these astrologers had continued to exist and practice there, they surely would have acquired such experience that the existence of the beings of this unfortunate planet would gradually have come to bear some resemblance, at least in their family relations, to that of similar beings on other planets of our Great Universe. But this beneficial practice, established in the process of their existence, your favorites have thrown—as they have all their other good attainments, without even having had time to make real use of it—to the 'gluttonous swine' of our venerable Mullah Nasr Eddin.

"As usually happens there, these astrologers began gradually to 'shrink,' and finally, as is said, they 'vanished.'

"After the function of the astrologers had been abolished, other professionals in the same field appeared in their place, but this time from among the 'learned beings of new formation,' who also began to observe and study, as it were, the results issuing from the various large cosmic concentrations and their influence on the existence of the beings of their planet. But as the ordinary beings around them soon noticed that their 'observations' and 'studies' consisted merely in inventing names for various remote suns and planets—meaning nothing to them—among the milliards in the Universe, and in supposedly measuring, by a method known to these professionals alone, the distances between the cosmic points seen from their planet through those 'playthings' of theirs, which they also call 'telescopes,' they gave them, as I have already told you, the name of 'astronomers. '

"Now that we have mentioned these contemporary 'ultra-fantasists,' so highly esteemed by your favorites, it will do no harm to enlighten your Reason as to their real significance.
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Re: Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson: An Objectively Impart

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Part 2 of 2

"First of all, my boy, you should know about the existence of a 'something' that is actualized for these terrestrial types, as it is in general for every cosmic unit, and that serves for beings with Objective Reason as an 'initiating factor' for comprehending the sense and meaning of any cosmic result This 'something,' which serves as an 'initiating factor' in evaluating the significance of these contemporary terrestrial beings, is a wiseacring 'map'— named by them, of course unconsciously, an 'inventory of the heavenly spaces. '

"There is no need to draw any other logical conclusion about this 'initiating factor' actualized specially for them, the very name of this map of theirs is enough to show that its designations can only be relative With the means at their disposal, even though they rack their 'esteemed brains' in devising names and calculating various measurements, your favorites can see only those suns and planets that, fortunately for them, do not change too rapidly the course of their falling in relation to their own planet, thus making it possible for them over long periods of time—long, of course, as compared with the brevity of their own existence—to observe and, as they pompously put it, 'mark down their positions.'

"In any case, my boy, whatever may result from the activities of these contemporary representatives of 'science,' please don't hold it against them. If they bring no good at all to your favorites, at least they do them no great harm After all, they have to be occupied with something.

"It is not for nothing that they wear spectacles made in Germany and special smocks sewn in England Let them be! Let them be occupied with this, God bless them!

"Otherwise, like most of the other freaks there who are concerned, as they say, with 'higher matters,' they will, out of boredom, busy themselves with the struggle of 'five against one ' And everyone knows that beings who are occupied with this exercise always radiate vibrations very harmful for those around them.

"Well enough! . . .Let us leave these contemporary titillators in peace and return once more to our interrupted theme.

"I think, my boy, that before I continue to speak about the observatory and other structures erected for the welfare of the being-existence of your favorites, you should know that the 'conscious power' of the three-brained beings manifested in the creation of those great artifacts that I saw with my own eyes—unparalleled before and after that period—was also a result of the attainments of ordinary three-brained beings, members of the learned Society of Akhldanns, which was formed on the continent of Atlantis before the second great terrestrial catastrophe, and so it will be appropriate if I first tell you, even though briefly, the history of the arising of that truly great learned society. "It is absolutely necessary to inform you of this history, because in the course of my further explanations about those three-brained beings of the planet Earth who have taken your fancy I shall probably have to refer more than once to that society of learned beings.

"And I must tell you about the history of its arising and existence so that you may realize that if something is attained by the three-brained beings on your planet thanks to their being-partkdolgduty'—that is to say, their conscious labor and intentional suffering—not only are these attainments utilized by them for the welfare of their own being but also, as with us, a certain part of these attainments is transmitted by heredity and becomes the property of their direct descendants.

"You can perceive this law-conformable result in the fact that, although abnormal conditions of ordinary being-existence had begun to be established even before the disappearance of the continent of Atlantis, and although after the second great catastrophe they worsened to such an extent that the ableness to manifest the possibilities proper to the presence of three-brained beings was soon totally crushed in them, nevertheless, at least part of their scientific attainments passed by inheritance, even though mechanically, to their remote posterity.

"I must first tell you that I learned about the history of this society through what are called 'teleoghinaras,' also found in the atmosphere of your planet Earth As you probably do not yet know exactly what a 'teleoghinara' is, try to transubstantiate in the corresponding parts of your common presence the information concerning this cosmic actualization.

"A 'teleoghinara' is a materialized idea or thought, which after its arising exists almost eternally in the atmosphere of the planet where it appeared.

" 'Teleoghinaras' can be formed from being-contemplation of a quality such as only those three-brained beings have and can actualize who have coated in their presences their higher being-bodies, and have brought the perfecting of the Reason of these higher being-parts up to the degree of the sacred 'Martfotai ' And a sequence of being-ideas materialized in this way concerning a given event is called a 'korkaptilnian thought-tape.'

"The 'korkaptilnian thought-tapes' concerning the arising of the learned Society of Akhldanns were, as I found out much later, intentionally fixed by a certain eternal Individual, Asoochilon, now a saint, who became coated in the common presence of a three-brained being named Tetetos, who arose on the continent of Atlantis and existed there four centuries before the second great transapalnian perturbation.

"These 'korkaptilnian thought-tapes' are never destroyed as long as the given planet remains in the same 'tempo of movement' as at the moment of their arising, and they are subject to none of those transformations, whatever the cosmic cause, to which all other cosmic substances and crystallizations are periodically subject And however long a time may have passed, every threebrained being who has acquired in his presence the ableness to enter into the being-state called 'soorptakalknian contemplation' can perceive these 'korkaptilnian thought-tapes' and become aware of their contents'.

"And so, my boy, I myself learned the details of the arising of the Society of Akhldanns partly from the texts of these 'teleoghinaras' and partly from numerous data I gathered much later when I made my usual detailed investigations concerning a highly important fact that interested me From these two sources of information it became evident to me that this learned Society of Akhldanns, which arose on the continent of Atlantis and was composed of three-brained beings of the Earth, was founded 735 years before the second transapalnian perturbation.

"It was founded on the initiative of a being there named Belcultassi, who was able to bring the perfecting of his highest being-part to the Being of a Sacred Eternal Individual, and this highest part of his now dwells on the Holy Planet Purgatory.

"In the course of my investigation of all the inner and outer being-impulses and manifestations that led this Belcultassi to form that truly great society of ordinary three-brained beings—'envied' in its day throughout the whole Universe as 'worthy of imitation'—it appeared that one day while this future Sacred Individual was engaged in contemplation, according to the practice of every normal being, and by association his thoughts were concentrated on himself, that is, on the meaning and aim of his existence, he suddenly sensed and cognized that the functioning of the whole of him had been proceeding until then not as it should have proceeded according to sane logic.

"This unexpected realization shocked him so profoundly that thereafter he devoted the whole of himself exclusively to becoming able at any cost to unravel this and understand it.

"First of all, he decided to attain without delay the 'potency' that would give him the force and the possibility to be absolutely sincere with himself, that is, to be able to overcome those impulses which had become habitual in the functioning of his common presence from the many heterogeneous associations arising in him from all sorts of accidental shocks, coming from outside and also engendered within, namely, the impulses called 'self-love,' 'pride,' 'vanity,' and so on.

"And when, after incredible what are called 'organic' and 'psychic' efforts, he had attained this, he began, without mercy for these being-impulses that had become inherent in his presence, to think and recall just which being-impulses had arisen in him on just what occasions in the course of his past existence, and how he had, consciously or unconsciously, reacted to them.

"Analyzing himself in this manner, he began to recall exactly which impulses had provoked this or that reaction in his 'independently spiritualized' parts, that is, in his body, in his feelings, and in his thoughts, and the state of his essence when he reacted to something more or less attentively, and how and when, in consequence of such reactions, he had manifested consciously with his 'I' or had acted automatically under the direction of his instinct alone.

"And it was then that this bearer of the future Sacred Individual, Belcultassi, having in this way recalled all his former perceptions, experiencings, and manifestations, clearly realized that his external manifestations did not correspond at all either to his perceptions or to the definite impulses formed in him.

"He then began to make similar sincere observations of impressions— coming from without as well as from within—at the very moment they were perceived by his common presence, and he made all these observations with the same exhaustive, conscious verifications of how these impressions were perceived by each of his spiritualized parts, when and how they were experienced by the whole of his presence, and for what manifestations they became the impulses.

"These conscious observations and impartial verifications at last convinced Belcultassi that in his common presence something was proceeding not as it should proceed according to sane being-logic.

"As it became clear to me during my further detailed investigations, although Belcultassi had become convinced of the accuracy of his observations of himself, he doubted the validity of his own sensations and understanding, and even the normality of his own psychic organization He therefore set himself the task of verifying first of all whether he was in general normal in sensing and understanding everything in this way and not otherwise.

"To carry out this task, he decided to find out whether others sensed and cognized things in the same way he did. With this aim he began inquiring among his friends and acquaintances, trying to learn from them how they sensed all this, and how they cognized their perceptions and manifestations, both past and present—doing so of course very discreetly, to avoid touching those impulses inherent in them of self-love, pride, and so on.

"Thanks to his inquiries, Belcultassi gradually succeeded in evoking sincerity in his friends and acquaintances, and as a result he learned that they all sensed and saw everything in themselves the same way that he did.

"Now among these friends and acquaintances of his were several serious beings not yet entirely enslaved by the action of the consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer, and they also, having penetrated to the gist of the matter, became very deeply interested in it, and continued to verify what proceeded in themselves and independently to observe those around them.

"Shortly afterward, again on the initiative of Belcultassi, they began to meet together from time to time to share their observations and findings. As a result of prolonged verifications, observations, and impartial conclusions, this entire group of terrestrial beings became absolutely convinced, as Belcultassi was, that they were not as they ought to be.

"A little later many other beings who also had such a presence joined their group. And still later they founded the society which they named the 'Society of Akhldanns.'

"The word 'akhldann' then expressed the following concept: 'the striving to become aware of the sense and aim of the Being of beings.'

"From the day of the founding of this society, Belcultassi himself stood at its head, and the activities of its members were carried out under his general guidance. For many of their years the society existed under the same name, and its members were called 'Akhldannsovors'; but later, when for purposes of a general character they divided up into a number of independent groups, the members came to be called by the names of their different groups.

"And this division into groups took place for the following reason:

"When the members of the society had become definitely convinced that there was something very undesirable in their presence, they began to search for every possible means of achieving its removal from themselves, in order to become able to be what they ought to have been according to sane logic, and thus to correspond to the sense and aim of their existence, the elucidation of which they had determined to carry out at any cost as the very basis of their task But when they began to put into practice this task decided on by their Reason, they soon realized that in order to fulfill it they must first collect more detailed information in various special branches of knowledge.

"And as it proved impossible for each of them individually to acquire all the necessary specialized knowledge, they divided up for convenience into a number of groups, so that each group could study one of the special branches of knowledge required for their common aim.

"Here you should note, my boy, that it was then that genuine Objective Science arose there for the first time, and developed normally until the second great catastrophe to their planet—certain of its branches even developing at an unprecedented rate Consequently, during that period many objective cosmic truths, great and small, gradually became evident to those three-brained beings who have taken your fancy.

"The members of this first, and perhaps last, great terrestrial learned society were then divided into seven independent groups or 'sections,' and each of these sections received a specific designation.

"The members of the first group of the Akhldann Society were called 'Akhldann-fokhsovors,' which meant that they studied the presence of their own planet and the reciprocal action of its separate parts.

"The members of the second section were called 'Akhldann-strassovors,' and this meant that they studied the 'radiations' of all the other planets of their solar system and the reciprocal action of these radiations.

"The members belonging to the third section were called 'Akhldannmetrosovors,' which meant beings occupied with the study of that branch of knowledge similar to our 'silkoornano,' corresponding in part to what your contemporary favorites call 'mathematics.'

"The members of the fourth group were called 'Akhldann-psychosovors,' a name designating those members of the society who made observations of the perceptions, experiencings, and manifestations of beings like themselves— observations that they verified statistically.

"The members of the fifth group were called 'Akhldann-harnosovors,' which meant that they were occupied with the study of the branch of knowledge that combined the two contemporary terrestrial sciences called by your favorites 'chemistry' and 'physics.'

"The members belonging to the sixth section were called 'Akhldannmistessovors,' that is to say, beings who studied all kinds of outer events, whether actualized consciously or arising by themselves, and further studied which of these events were erroneously perceived by beings, and in what circumstances.

"And as regards the members of the seventh and last group, they were called 'Akhldann-gezpoodjnisovors.' These members of the Akhldann Society devoted themselves to the study of those manifestations of the three-brained beings of their planet proceeding in them not as a result of various functionings coming from impulses of different kinds engendered by data already present in them, but as a result of cosmic influences coming from outside and not depending on the beings themselves.

"The three-brained beings of your planet who became members of this society actually approached Objective Knowledge to a degree that had never been reached before and perhaps will never be reached again.

"And here it is impossible not to express regret that, to the great misfortune of the terrestrial three-brained beings of all later epochs, just at the moment when, after incredible being-efforts by the members of that great society, the required tempo of work had finally been established—both with regard to the conscious discernment of themselves and the unconscious preparation for the welfare of their descendants—just at the height of all their efforts, as I said, certain of them ascertained that something serious was soon to befall their planet.

"In order to determine the character of the serious event they anticipated, they dispersed over the whole planet and, shortly afterward, as you already know, the second transapalnian perturbation occurred to that ill-fated planet of yours.

"Well then, my boy, after this catastrophe, a number of the members of that great learned society who had survived gradually came together again and, having lost their native land, first settled with other surviving beings in the center of the continent of Grabontzi, but later, when they had somewhat come to themselves after this 'cataclysm not according to law,' they jointly decided to try to reestablish their society and perhaps to resume and fulfill in practice all the tasks that had formed its basis Unfortunately, on that part of the surface of the continent of Grabontzi the abnormal conditions of being-existence already established before the catastrophe had by this time begun to 'boil furiously'; and so these surviving members of the Akhldann Society looked for another place on that continent for their permanent existence more suitable for carrying on their work, which demanded complete seclusion.

"They found a suitable place in the valley of the large river flowing northward on that continent and they all migrated there with their families, in order to continue in seclusion to fulfill the tasks undertaken by their society.

"The entire region through which this great river flowed they first named 'Sakronakari.' This name was afterward changed several times and today that region is called 'Egypt,' while the great river then known as 'Nipilhooatchi,' is now, as I have already said, called the 'Nile.'

"Not long after these former members of the learned Society of Akhldanns had settled on this part of the surface of the planet Earth, all the beings of our tribe then existing on that planet migrated to the same place. The relationship of the beings of our tribe with that part of the surface of your planet, and also with those former members of the Society of Akhldanns who by chance had survived, came about as follows.

"I once told you that, just before the second transapalnian perturbation, our 'pythoness' during a prophecy had insisted that for the continuation of their existence on that planet all the beings of our tribe should migrate without delay to a definite part of the same continent, now called 'Africa.' The part of the continent indicated by the 'pythoness' lay near the source of the river Nipilhooatchi, and the beings of our tribe existed there during the whole of the second transapalnian perturbation and also later, when things became relatively normal and most of the surviving terrestrial beings had almost forgotten the catastrophe, and had again formed—just as if nothing had happened to them—one of their famous 'centers of culture' in the very heart of the future Africa. And while the former members of the Society of Akhldanns were looking for a suitable place for their permanent existence, they chanced to meet several beings of our tribe, who advised them to migrate farther down the same river.

"Our friendly relations with many of the former members of the Society of Akhldanns had begun on the continent of Atlantis and went back almost to the founding of that society Do you remember, I told you that when I descended to that planet for the first time, the beings of our tribe were assembled in the city of Samlios in order, with my participation, to find some way out of the difficult situation that had been created? Well then, those general meetings of ours were held in one of the chapter halls of the principal 'cathedral' of the Society of Akhldanns, and from that time on good relations were established between the beings of our tribe and certain members of that society.

"And there, in the future Egypt, where both of these groups of beings had migrated as I have described, the relations of the beings of our tribe with those former members who had by chance survived, and also with their descendants, lasted without interruption almost until the departure of our tribe from your planet.

"The hope of the few surviving members of the Society of Akhldanns that they would be able to revive the society and carry out its tasks was not fulfilled Nevertheless, thanks to them alone, there was preserved in the presence of the beings of several generations after the loss of Atlantis the sense and 'instinctive conviction' of the need for what is called 'completed personal being.

"It was also thanks to them that certain attainments of the Reason of the three-brained beings there survived as long as their Reason remained normal, and after a while began to be transmitted mechanically from generation to generation, reaching the beings of quite recent periods and even certain beings of the present day.

"Among the results of the scientific attainments of the members of the Akhldann Society, transmitted by inheritance, were also unquestionably those imposing and ingenious 'structures' that, during the fourth descent of mine to your planet, I saw being erected by the beings breeding on that part of the present Africa.

"Although, when I saw this new observatory with my own eyes, the expectations I had formed about it from everything our countrymen had told me were not justified, nevertheless this observatory and the other architectural works of the beings of that region proved to be exceedingly ingenious, and aroused in my common presence data that enriched my consciousness with a great deal of productive information.

"So that you may clearly represent to yourself and understand how these structures were erected by the three-brained beings of this region for the welfare of their being-existence it will be enough, I think, if I explain to you in as great detail as possible how the particularity of their ingenious and practical inventions was manifested in this new observatory, on account of which I had decided to visit that place.

"To begin with, I must inform you of two facts related to the change in the common presence of these three-brained beings who have taken your fancy.

"The first fact is that at the beginning, while they were still existing normally in a manner becoming to all three-brained beings in general and while they still had what is called 'olooestesnokhnian sight,' they could perceive with their own eyes the visibility of all great and small cosmic concentrations existing beyond them during any process of the Omnipresent Okidanokh taking place in their atmosphere up to a distance proper to the vision of ordinary three-brained beings.

"Moreover, those who had consciously perfected themselves and who had thereby brought the sensitivity of perception of their organ of sight up to what is called the 'olooessultratesnokhnian state,' acquired, as do three-brained beings everywhere else, the possibility of perceiving, at that same distance, the visibility of all cosmic units whose arising and further existence depend upon crystallizations coming directly from the sacred Theomertmalogos, that is to say, from the emanations of our Most Holy Sun Absolute.

"And when the abnormal conditions of ordinary being-existence had become fixed there, and when, for reasons I have already told you about, Great Nature was compelled, among other restrictive measures, to degrade the functioning of their organ of sight to what is called the 'koritesnokhnian' level—proper only to the presence of one-brained and two-brained beings— from that time on the three-brained beings there were able to perceive the visibility of any great or small cosmic concentrations situated beyond them only when the sacred process of 'Aieioiuoa' proceeded in the 'omnipresent active element' Okidanokh in the atmosphere of their planet or, as they say, according to their understanding and perceptions, in the 'dark of night. '

"The second fact, also related to the degeneration of their sight to the 'koritesnokhnian' level, is based on a law common to all beings, namely, that the results of any manifestation of the Omnipresent Okidanokh are perceived only when the organ of sight is in immediate contact with the vibrations formed in beings which actualize the functioning of that being-organ, enabling it at the given moment to perceive the visibility of cosmic concentrations situated beyond them, that is to say, the results of any manifestation of the Omnipresent Okidanokh are perceived only when they take place within certain limits—depending upon the quality of perception attained by the given organ—and beyond these limits what is called the 'momentum of the impulse' dies down; or, to put it otherwise, these beings perceive the visibility of objects only when they are almost next to them.

"But if these results take place beyond the mentioned limits, this manifestation does not reach those beings in whose presence the organs of visual perception have been formed only by the results of the totality of 'itoklanotz.'

"Here it is opportune to recall one of the profound sayings of our Mullah Nasr Eddin, which very neatly fits the present case, that is, the degree to which the visual perception of your contemporary favorites is limited. This wise saying of his, seldom used there, consists of the following words:

'Show me the elephant the blind man has seen—and then I will believe that you really see a fly.'

"Well, my boy, thanks to the artificial devices for the observation of other cosmic concentrations which I had seen, and which were being constructed in that future Egypt on the initiative coming from the Reason of the remote descendants of the members of the learned Society of Akhldanns, any one of these unfortunate favorites of yours, in spite of the 'koritesnokhnian' sight that had long before become inherent in them, acquired the power to perceive freely at any time, as they say, 'of the day or night' the visibility of all those remote cosmic concentrations which during the process of the general harmonious movement fell within the sphere of their observation.

"To compensate for the limitation of their organ of visual perception they invented the following: instead of placing their 'teskooano,' or telescope, on the surface of the planet, as was the custom in those days and still is, they placed it very deep within the planet, according to an idea which, by the way, had also come down to them from their remote ancestors, and carried out their observations of cosmic concentrations found beyond the atmosphere of the Earth through specially hollowed-out 'shafts.'

"The observatory I then saw had five of these shafts Each of them opened toward the horizon from a different point in the space occupied by the observatory, but they all converged at a small underground hollow, something like a 'cave ' From there the specialists of that time, called 'astrologers,' made their observations for the purpose of studying, as I have already told you, the visible presences and the results of the reciprocal action of cosmic concentrations belonging to their own solar system as well as to other systems of our Great Universe.

"They made their observations through any one of the five shafts, which looked out in different directions toward the horizon, according to the given position of their planet in the process of the 'common-cosmic harmonious movement' in relation to the cosmic concentration being observed.

"I repeat, my boy, that although the chief particularity of the observatory erected by the three-brained beings of the future Egypt was not new to me, since this principle had also been applied in my observatory on Mars—the only difference being that my seven long tubes were placed not within the planet but on its surface—nevertheless all their innovations were so interesting that, for any eventuality, I even made a detailed sketch of everything I saw during my stay there, and later made use of some of it in my own observatory.

"As for the other large structures there, I shall perhaps tell you more about them later Meanwhile I shall only say that all these separate, still unfinished structures were laid out not far from the observatory itself and, as I learned upon examining them under the guidance of the chief builder, a friend of one of our tribe, they were intended partly for the observation of other suns and planets of our Great Universe, and partly for determining and intentionally directing the currents of the surrounding atmosphere so as to obtain the 'climate' desired.

"All these structures occupied a fairly large area in that locality and were enclosed within a special lattice fence made of the plant known there as 'zalnakatar.'

"It is very interesting to note here that at the main entrance to that vast enclosure they had erected a rather large stone figure—large of course in comparison with the size of their presences—called the 'Sphinx,' which strongly reminded me of the statue I had seen on my first descent in person to your planet in the city of Samlios, just opposite the enormous building belonging to the learned Society of Akhldanns, which was then known as the 'principal cathedral' of this society.

"The statue I saw in the city of Samlios and which greatly interested me was the emblem of the society, and was called 'Conscience.'

"It represented an allegorical being, each part of whose planetary body represented one part of the planetary body of some definite form of being existing on the Earth, which, according to the notions crystallized in the three-brained beings there, expressed to perfection one or another being-function.

"The mass of the planetary body of this allegorical being was represented by the 'trunk' of a terrestrial being of definite form called 'bull.'

"This bull trunk rested on the four legs of another form of being existing there called 'lion'; and to the part of the trunk called the 'back' were attached two large wings, similar in appearance to those of a powerful bird-being breeding there called 'eagle.'

"And at the place where the head should have been, there were fixed to the bull's trunk by means of a piece of 'amber' two breasts representing the 'breasts of a virgin. '

"When I became interested in this strange allegorical figure on the continent of Atlantis and inquired about its meaning, one of the learned members of the great society of men-beings gave me the following explanation:

" 'This allegorical figure is the emblem of the Society of Akhldanns, and serves as a stimulus for all its members constantly to recall and awaken in themselves the impulses corresponding to those it represents.

"And he went on to say:

" 'Each part of this allegorical figure arouses in every member of our society, in the three independently associating parts of his common presence, that is, in the body, in the thoughts, and in the feelings, a shock calling forth corresponding associations for the separate realizations which, in their totality, alone make it possible for us to rid ourselves little by little of the maleficent factors present in every one of us, both those factors transmitted by heredity and those we have ourselves acquired, which gradually engender within us undesirable impulses, as a consequence of which we are not what we might be.

" 'This emblem of ours constantly reminds us and indicates to us that it is possible to attain freedom from those factors only if we unremittingly compel our common presences to think, feel, and act under all circumstances in accordance with what is expressed in this allegorical figure.

" 'And all of us who are members of the Society of Akhldanns understand our emblem in the following way:

'The trunk of this allegorical being, represented by that of a bull, means that the factors crystallized in us, both inherited and personally acquired, which engender in our presences those maleficent impulses can be regenerated only by indefatigable labors—those labors for which, among all the beings of our planet, the "bull" is particularly fitted.

" 'That this trunk rests on the legs of a lion means that these labors must be performed with the awareness and feeling of courage and of faith in one's 'might'—that property possessed in the highest degree, among all the beings of the Earth, by the being to whom these legs belong, the mighty "lion."

'The wings of the strongest and highest-soaring of birds, the "eagle," attached to the bull's trunk, constantly remind the members of our society that, during these labors, and while experiencing this inner psychic property of self-respect, one must meditate unceasingly on questions not concerned with the manifestations directly required for ordinary being-existence.

'As regards the strange image of the head of our allegorical being in the form of the "breasts of a virgin," this means that "love" should predominate always and in everything during the inner and outer functionings evoked by one's consciousness—such a love as can arise and exist only in the presence of concentrations formed in the lawful parts of every whole responsible being in whom the hopes of our Common Father are placed.

" 'And that the head is fixed to the trunk of the bull with amber signifies that this love should be strictly impartial, that is to say, completely separated from all the other functions proceeding in every whole responsible being.

"In order, my boy, for you to understand the meaning symbolized by the material known there as 'amber,' I must add that amber is one of the seven planetary formations in the arising of which the 'omnipresent active element' Okidanokh enters with its three separate, independent, and sacred parts in equal proportions, and, in the process of planetary actualization, these intraplanetary and surplanetary formations serve to impede the independent flow of the three separate streams of these three localized sacred parts.

At this point in his tale, Beelzebub paused for a moment, as if pondering something, and then continued:

"While I was describing to you what I then saw on a part of the surface of your planet still surviving today, where there existed certain direct descendants of the members of that truly great learned Society of Akhldanns, there were gradually revived in me—as a result of the manifestations of my being-Reason and due to the effect of various associations aroused by the visual impressions of the environment of that region—all the scenes and the whole series of associative thoughts evoking a certain being-experiencing of mine that occurred during my last stay there when I visited contemporary Egypt and was sitting one day absorbed in thought at the foot of one of those ancient structures which have chanced to survive from that period and are called today the 'pyramids.'

"And in the general functioning of my Reason there proceeded, among other things, the following reflections:

"Good! . . . If not even one of the benefits for ordinary being-existence formerly attained by the Reason of the beings of the continent of Atlantis has come down by inheritance to contemporary beings of your planet, this could perhaps be logically justified by the simple fact that, for cosmic reasons neither issuing from the three-brained beings there nor in any way depending upon them, the second great cataclysm not according to law occurred, in which not only this continent itself perished but also almost everything existing upon it.

"But Egypt! Was not its magnificence still quite recent?

"There is no denying it.

"As a result of the third small catastrophe to that ill-fated planet, and of the fifth—about which I will speak later—this part of its surface was covered with sand. Nevertheless, the three-brained beings dwelling there did not perish, but were only scattered over various other parts of the same continent, and so in whatever new conditions they found themselves, there should have been preserved in their presence the crystallized results of the factors perfected for normal 'being-logical mentation,' transmitted to them by heredity.

"Well, my boy, after these distressing 'alstoozori' of mine or, as your favorites would say, 'sorrowful reflections,' I wished to clarify for myself the true cause of this lamentable fact, and as a result of careful investigations I finally understood and became aware with my whole being that this abnormality is due exclusively to one aspect of the chief particularity of their strange psyche, that particularity which has become a completely crystallized, inseparable part of their common presence and serves as a factor for the periodic arising in them of the 'urgent need to destroy everything outside themselves.

"For when this particularity of their psyche—horrifying for every being with Reason—reaches its climax and those three-brained beings begin to manifest it outwardly, that is to say, when they begin to carry out the process of reciprocal destruction on some part of the surface of their planet, then, at the same time, just in passing, as it were, with no deliberate aim and even without what is called 'organic need,' they also destroy everything that comes within range of their organ of sight. At the height of these psychopathic paroxysms, the beings between whom this terrible process takes place destroy not only each others' intentionally produced objects but also works of the beings of former ages that have chanced to survive and reach them intact.

"And so it was, my boy, that at the period of my fourth sojourn on the surface of your planet, and after my arrival in the country now known as 'Egypt,' I stayed there several days among the remote descendants of the members of the learned Society of Akhldanns, and became acquainted with certain results of their being-partkdolgduty that had survived for the welfare of their descendants. Then, accompanied by two members of our tribe, I went to the southern countries of this continent where, with the help of the local three-brained beings, I captured the desired number of ape-beings.

"Having accomplished this, I signaled telepathically to our ship Occasion, which descended to us, it must be said, on the first very dark night And when we had loaded the ape-beings into the special compartment of the ship that had been arranged for Gornahoor Harharkh under his own direction, we reascended to the planet Mars, and three Martian days later, taking the apes with me, I ascended on the same ship to the planet Saturn.

"Though we had decided to carry out the experiments on the apes only in the following year, when they would have become thoroughly acclimatized and adapted to their new conditions of existence, I ascended to the planet Saturn without delay, because at my last meeting with Gornahoor Harharkh I had promised him to be present at a family solemnity that was soon to take place.

"This family solemnity, called a 'khri-khra-khri,' was the consecration by the beings around Gornahoor Harharkh of his recently arisen first heir.

"I had promised to attend this family solemnity in order to take upon myself toward this first heir of his what is called the 'alnatoorornian being-duty.'

"Here it is interesting to remark that the ceremony for assuming this being-duty also took place in ancient times among the three-brained beings of your planet and has even come down to your contemporary favorites but, just as in everything else, they have kept only the external form of this serious and important procedure The beings who, as it were, take this obligation upon themselves are called by your contemporary favorites 'godfathers' and 'godmothers.'

"This first heir of Gornahoor Harharkh was then named Raoorkh."
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