Poetry & Songs, by Charles Carreon

Identified as a trouble maker by the authorities since childhood, and resolved to live up to the description, Charles Carreon soon discovered that mischief is most effectively fomented through speech. Having mastered the art of flinging verbal pipe-bombs and molotov cocktails at an early age, he refined his skills by writing legal briefs and journalistic exposes, while developing a poetic style that meandered from the lyrical to the political. Journey with him into the dark caves of the human experience, illuminated by the torch of an outraged sense of injustice.


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Is It Thunder?, by Charles Carreon


Somewhere between the gold and the black
I lost you --
You fell from my hand
Like a card from the deck,
And you're gone--
I can't retrieve
the things that we had
I can't reclaim
the hours that have slipped away--
There is nothing left
But an empty horizon and you.

Like the sun coming out from
Behind a cloud--
A dream that couldn't be true,
You were a vision in sunlight and lace,
Never was there another face
Like the one
That you wore--

But now that you're gone
I sit alone and I wonder,
Is it the sound of the rain
that I hear? Is it thunder?

Come back again in my dreams if you can,
You're welcome if ever you choose
To join me there,
I don't have much company
These days,
I stay in the same old place,
And I sit alone and wonder,
Is it the sound of the rain
that I hear? Is it thunder?

(Dedicated to my mother, Eloise Carreon and the Choir of the Sacred Heart)
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Island, by Charles Carreon

She beckons to you
Come, come --
Come to where she lies,
Her body like a curving island
Lapped by foam
Springs of fresh water flow,
Warm ocean breezes blow,
Ripe fruit droops, waiting
To be picked,
Bright plumed birds watch from
hanging branches;
More brilliant even than the
fragrant orchids
Come, she beckons to you,
Come, to where she lies,
Her body to a slope of glowing amber
Turned by sunset dyes.
A voice, as mystical as that
of circling seabirds
Sounds in silence
As ponderous as the sound
of crashing waves,
Come, she cries
To the end of the earth --
Across the sea of curling waves
to me,
To where all treasure lies,
And beckons with her silent eyes.
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It's a Predatory Civilization, by Charles Carreon

Well I look up in the sky
What do I see?
A 747 beamin' down on me
I'm driving down the freeway
What's that ridin' up my ass?
A fuckin' Winnebago wanna take my gas!

It's a predatory civilization
Sometimes we call it "the land of the free"
We got a predatory civilization
Every President's a Reagan if you ask me

They're dropping fire from the heavens
In the Holy Land
And preachin' resurrection on the other hand
You better kill or get laid
If you wanna get paid
Here's your towel and your Gatorade.

It's a predatory civilization
With convenient banking from sea to sea
It's a predatory civilization
A world-class heroin democracy

Well the books have been cooked
The bribes are paid
Time for a ride in the motorcade
Ever since the towers fell
The whole damn country's
Gone to hell

It's a predatory civilization
There ain't no freedom in the land of the free
We got a predatory civilization
Every President's a Reagan if you ask me.
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It's Gonna Get Worse (Before It Gets Better), by Charles Carreon


Well the flood came down
Took the house away
Wouldn’t you know
That the porch would stay
On that beat up couch
With the cigarette burns
I can just sit here
While the world turns

And it’s gonna get worse
Before it gets better
I heard the guv’mnt lady say
Before she drove away
In her guv’mnt car
She was a real go-getter
But she never came back this way
I hope the neighbors didn’t catch her

Well eventually they brought some trailers in
Of formaldehyde, plastic and tin
I moved indoors one summer day
Now they wanna take it all away
I signed all the forms
And said what can I do?
They said maybe you can stay
A month or two

But it’s gonna get worse
Before it gets better
Money doesn’t grow on trees
And people aren’t honeybees
Yeah it always gets worse
Before it gets better
That’s what they always say
Forever and a day

Like Napoleon said at Waterloo
When the story’s wrote
Then you’re through
You can bitch and moan
You can cry and weep
Sign a gov’mnt loan
Get a repayment sheet

But it always gets worse
And it rarely gets better
There’s a bigger force in play
I heard that preacher say
Before they burned his church
And the weather got wetter
There’s always hell to pay
At least ‘till judgment day
‘Cause it’s gonna get worse
Before it gets better
So I take five shots a day
And now you’ll hear me say
It was worse
But now it's gotten better
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It's Tantra Baby, by Charles Carreon


If your life is plagued with discord,
and you can't get out of bed,
If you're hungover with sadness
and wish that you were dead,
If you've got a forty-five
pointed up against your head,
Then you might as well
become a Buddhist
And save a little lead.

Well if you dig the Mahayana
You don't have to cut your hair
And if you chant a little now
You'll have nothing to fear
When death comes strolling down the aisle
And extends his hand to you,
You'll say "my ticket's paid today,
So what more can I do?"

The Dharma's just for losers
At least that's what the Siddha said
When he rolled the final snake eyes
With the eyeballs from his head
And dakinis started cackling
Like buzzards in the sky
Then he clicked his heels
And grabbed his chick
And flew away on high.

It's Tantra, baby, on the hoof
Too hot to try to sell,
And if you don't believe me
We'll discuss it all in hell.
The family is twisted,
That's known around these parts,
The men will steal your car
While the women break your heart.

The crossing signs are switched up
All around this place,
When you play it, it's a Joker,
Though you swore you drew an Ace,
And the hit men play with apple pies
The girls are made of stone
And every word that flies about
Is sure to break a bone.

The guides have all gone crazy
In this place where travel's free,
There's nothing more amazing
Than to see one in a tree,
Laughing like a psycho
With his head inside a box
You'd swear he'd never heard
That little kids get chicken pox.

It's Tantra, baby, grab a bite
And hang on to your hat,
We'll feed you magic potions
And lay you on a mat,
We'll dance around you wildly
With flowers in our hair
And when you wake in our place
You are a billionaire.
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Jail Tale, by Charles Carreon


When I was a little boy
On my daddy's knee
He told me we were livin'
In a democracy

Then I went off to high school
And took a civics class
They said the three-party system
Kicked socialism's ass

Now I'm paying taxes
And voting like I should
Won't somebody tell me
Why it don't do no good

We got a nut in the White House
Who thinks he's Jesus Christ
He thinks he died already
And this is paradise

Well you can call up the Congress
But it don't do no good
They're totally useless
Like a gun made of wood

So I went to the courthouse
And the Chief Justice said
That the Bill of Rights
Was officially dead.

Well I went to the preacher
I said this cannot be
He said son do not say that
It's perilous, you see

He said you see that statue
It's got a hidden bug
It's not the good Lord watchin'
The hawk has killed the dove

I said is nothing sacred?
He said not that I know
So I took my donation
And said I had to go

Next I went to the doctor
I said what's going on?
Has everyone gone crazy?
Don't tell me nothing's wrong

He said I ran all the tests
The results are sure
Everyone's stone deaf
And there is just no cure

So I went to the banker
Said what's the price of gold?
He said we don't stock that
It's under central control

But if you want some credit
I'll give it to you cheap
And then he smiled like the devil
Gave me the terminal creeps

So I went to the girl
Who walks the neighborhood streets
She said don't bother asking
I'm all out of treats

I said you must be kidding
At least you could be real
She said I'm giving up now
There's nothing left to steal

So I went to the airport
To get a ticket to fly
They said hey no way man
He's on the list, all right

They called security quickly
They put me in this can
And now I'm so glad to see you
We need to make a plan

Yeah but don't let 'em hear you
Here, just give me your hand
When night-time comes we'll make some plans
When the guard's asleep we'll make some plans.
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Land of No Sun, by Charles Carreon

I was lost on the great highway
With the Southern rose of violence
Blood red was the sky that day
And the dawn it came in silence

Far across the field they lay
Enemies with bows and horses
With an axe I was armed that day
Just a boy from the fields of fortune.

I saw the moon on high
Behind a cloud like a closing eye
My fate was somewhere written
And I afraid to know it

Shall I run or shall I fight
Oh that it were a dark dark night
Far away from this place I'd run
To a land where there is no sun
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Last Week, by Charles Carreon


In a movie last week
A man spilled soda on me
And I think his eyes were laughing
Like the forests of the moon
As the dictionary rambled
At the dawning of last week

Walking down the street, last week
I saw children on the sidewalk
Drawing pictures of their mothers
Purple chalk on quiet concrete
I ate sherbert mixed with sloe gin
During midday of last week

Turning on my room light last week
The wood floors burned with crimson
And it seems that they were laughing
Like the joker's mask of mourning
Chanting hymns of quiet sadness
In the evening of last week

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Law Firm, by Charles Carreon

I went to a law firm the other day;
They said to come down right away
So I ditched all my classes;
I put on my suit,
And applied some Aqua Velva to
my face to boot.
I borrowed the car
from my dear roommate,
Cause I knew that he wouldn't
want me to be late.
I took the elevator to the thirty third floor
And walked through the huge
oak double-doors.
It was a law firm,
A real big place,
With chrome decor from outer space.
It was a great big place,
With lots of magazines
And a woman with
a face from the fashion scene
brought me a cup of stale caffeine.
While I was chokin it down,
This guy came around;
Well he was tryin' to smile
But it looked like a frown.
He was lookin' around
and sniffin' about
Like maybe somebody
Didn't put the cat out.
It was a law firm
A really big place
With the big time bucks
That the big boys make.
The first guy I talked to
Was an a-sso-ci-ate;
Didn't say too much,
And his favorite line
Was "Excuse me, what?"
Then he took me down the hall
To this real stiff chick
With some real cold hands
And clothes that really fit --
She looked at my shoes
And she looked at my face,
And that second look said
"Boy are you outta place."
She talked about "the firm,"
And she talked about clients;
She looked me in the eye
And said "They're all corporate giants."
Yeah it was a law firm,
A scary place
Like a bad disease
Of the human race
So I said goodbye, ma'am,
I really gotta run,
Cause I'm a bit too young
To give up havin' fun
As I was walkin' out
They met me at the door,
And looked like they might pitch me
Out the thirty-third floor
But they were so polite
And said "We really understand,"
While what they meant was
"Boy are you outta hand."
It was a law firm
Ya know the kinda place --
They'll give you a job and
Think they own your face --
It was a law firm
A dangerous place
A bad disease
Of the human race.
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Let's Go Back to the Days of Dialup, by Charles Carreon


I grew up without the Internet
And I ain’t never found a use for it yet
Yep, a horse and buggy is good enough
For a person who needs to move their stuff

Yeah, let’s go back to the days of dialup
We’ll get all the citizens riled up
Remembering about the good old days,
Good enough for me is the way it should stay.

When I get a look at that Internet porn
It makes me wanna blow my horn
It’s mighty hard to look the other way
When every pretty face just wants to play

So let’s go back to the days of dialup
The folks around here are all riled up
It wasn’t this way in the good old days
So let’s turn back the clock and quit the rat race

Yeah they’re all wrapped up in this fiber net
Never seen no good from it yet
Too many bills already to pay
What’s a poor local fellow to say?

But let’s go back to the days of dialup
Me and my friends are all riled up
You don’t need nothing we don’t understand
And we all agree it was a terrible plan

They say there ain’t no solution, we can’t fix nothin’
Can’t fire nobody or get an answer to a question
They must think we’re stupid or just don’t care
How much we pay for light and air

So let’s go back to the days of dialup
All say “aye” and stand up
Don’t have to understand when you know what you’re doin’
And I’m pretty darned sure it’s not myself I’m screwin’

We’re headed back to the days of dialup
Better get used to sayin’ “giddy-up,”
’Cause the past was fast, but the future will be slower.
You can honk your horn, but we won’t pull over.
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