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Case in Point: People Randomly Mentioned in Lurid Events

PostPosted: Mon Dec 01, 2014 8:32 pm
by admin
Many people find themselves thrust into the glare of the media spotlight due to the crazy actions of others. Imagine for example, a witness to a police murder of a citizen. Their name is public record, splashed all over the place, and immediately their credibility and honesty is the target of the Conservative trolling mob that claims to believe that all cops are honest public servants "doing a tough job." Their lives may be threatened by other rogue police. The FBI "wants their story," even though that story will never turn into a civil rights prosecution of a killer cop. And the mainstream news media endlessly recycles pictures, videos, and recorded statements attributed to this person, who should be put right into a witness protection program.

There are many other ways to be thrust into the target zone of an ongoing media melee, as always, being held for fun and profit, while reputations are burned and lives destroyed in the hateful orgy. Victims who have found themselves thrust into the media spotlight are encouraged to tell their stories here. For anti-trolling screening purposes, please send your story to: Tara_Carreon "at"